Brain First

The men have chosen: universities shall ignite nuclear fire/ establishing a self sustaining plasma (can’t turn it off) which they call fusion; but is clearly not. Claiming they know what happens within the core of a sun; which clearly they do not. Claiming they can control the fire that by the standard of atomic versus chemical energy release is at 4 million times more; add it up a one inch candle flame equals? which clearly they cannot. Gambling this entire world; by igniting the same fire here as is on the sun; which clearly they will lose.

A foundation of life is: YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM TRUTH/ you can only hide from yourself; and that means you do refuse to repent, and accept only truth can decide for life. Proving even if you do run away from reality; truth knows your truth. Your life cannot be changed: UNLESS you accept the decision “to be yourself”; as truth defines. Love lives/ hate dies: choose.

 Next big test at NIF where increasing energy is now over 180 million degrees Fahrenheit/ at 500,000psi (pounds per square inch)_ slated for March 2023. Their statements:

no going  back.  NO the claim “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire” will save you.   THE FIRE IS: THE ENERGY SOURCE OF SOLAR GRAVITY.  which will pull you into the fire “rapture”/ not what you thought. Which will burn the oceans as fuel. Which will kill everything within a thousand miles instantly with heat and radiation/ and cause the skin to boil, for those on the back side of earth; as they die of oxygen starvation due to the atmosphere being ejected into space. While the declared million mile long flames of fire on the sun; pull the moon into this earth, and thermal heat differences cause earth to explode.         so who cares; RIGHT/  “let them do whatever they want”: RIGHT?         WAKE UP OR DIE;  RIGHT?

that equals:  a 4.78 megaton nuclear bomb exploding “in a billionth of a second”: onto their ENCLOSED TINY;  NIF target.

ALL OF THAT ENERGY, enclosed in a basketball sized environment; with 192 lasers/ UNTIL atoms ignite, and prove:  WHAT 4  MILLION TIMES MORE;  really is! So, lets guess: are the flames on the sun really one million miles long? 

CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR/ TURN OFF THE UTILITIES/ GO TO COURT, AND MAKE THEM PROVE THEIR LIES. along with all the other “university plays god” terrorist sites around this world.   LET THE WORLD WAKE UP/ ain’t no going back. BECAUSE THIS ENTIRE PLANET IS MADE OUT OF FUEL; AS IS “BURNING ATOMS”.

So, “feel lucky today punk”/ or are your religious: this is the eleventh year since their first attempt 4/1/2012.  Maybe you want to wait after all, “its not the twelfth year; so your safe, right”.  WAKE RELIGION UP;  DO IT NOW; THIS AIN’T NO GAME.

There is nothing so true, as the cost of what is, “truly valued”; when it is forever lost. This earth stands at that threshold: it is no game! “Humanity the cause/ humanity the solution”; no second chances, last choice. Life, or death.

NOTHING is more descriptive of that: than the threat of igniting a nuclear fire. “burning atoms/ just like the sun”!

Reality will prove: it CANNOT be extinguished.

Make them prove a hot core in the sun exists; & does not use fuel. Because: THEY CANNOT: see through their own claim of million mile long flames, exist on the sun! HEAT, is the evidence of a kinetic response: which means to PUSH OUT, as is radiation/not “draw in, as is gravity”. FORCE them to define an atom; by its energy! Make them prove where the energy is in an atom, “is anything other than sustained spin”. Because WRONG; ENDS LIFE AND EARTH; with one ignition. Make them prove, ”their fantasy element: graviton” exists: without lies, and that means in the real world; NOT computer claims. Make them prove what gravity is; as is known by a black hole. Make them prove a spinning atom can be combined with another spinning atom: or proof of their “magic”. Make them prove a molten core; does not become unstable (it ain’t the earth; where cooling through the sphere is possible). Make them prove thermodynamics are not involved. Make them prove they are not hiding the truth of: 4 million times more heat than chemistry on fire. THE COST of making a candle flame 4 million times larger!

IN THE REAL WORLD; the energy contained in an atom spins: two spinning atoms pushed to touch each other, create fire from the friction; and that spreads to create its own self sustaining plasma. SO IT DOESN’T GO OUT. The balancing energy is then released as solar gravity! “just like HOW the sun, really works”.


Make them prove their numbers are not delusions: Its the sun, NO GAMES ALLOWED! Where ten million degrees establishes how; our planet is heated, from 94 million miles away. Make them prove a supernova event: establishes MORE FUEL HAS ENTERED THE FIRE; to make it grow/ just like on this earth. impossible, if all the fuel is already being used in a hot core. And when that sun becomes unstable, by overheating the sphere: it then explodes as thermodynamics applies the law. Make them prove their heaviest object in the solar system is made out of hydrogen. Make them prove their claim of fusion which is: TO MAKE HELIUM in extremely large quantities by that fire. When in fact helium is a rare element, and almost nonexistent in their claim of “sun facts”. SO WHERE IS THE HELIUM; across this universe; because if every sun makes helium; then it must be: is the most prevalent element in this universe.

MAKE THEM PROVE CHEMISTRY; IS NOT the result of how the balancing of energy called an atom: is not the kinetic energy of motion (supernova effect/ positive energy_)/ wrapped and isolated by the opposite energy of “dark matter”; as is the result of pulsar ejections (negative energy). HOW those kinetic particles are wrapped, in what direction it encounters the pular ejection, and to what degree it is completely confined, or not; to become distinct shapes, which establish elements; is wrong. Because if a balance does not occur to contain kinetic motion as is the atomic energy to be released/ then it dissipates, and cannot be sustained; ending time itself.

Before there can be a future: there must be change. Establishing the final biblical predictions of : those who kill this world, shall be thrown into the fire of HADES/ and that nation directly responsible “immigrants and all”; at the very bottom of the pit; where even terrors die, to become the weight of every tear of life and future life as did die by their own hand. Because you didn’t care; and gave away your world: to fools, who cannot even get beyond the brainless delusion of evolution. To your eternal shame.

The core element of this work, this life: is to understand, those who have failed us, “claiming they are superior”. By the evidence have proven to be: the clear threat of extinction, as a consequence of their claim. The cost of being WRONG; our law (we decide), must lead us now/ not “our leaders”; as is a true foundation of democracy.

The beginning of world peace; by taking control with LAW GOVERNS LIFE, and WORLD. Not employees, or their weapons. RECOGNIZING: while order and discipline are required for defending a nation/ an army ordered to attack another nation; HAS NO such obligation. “there is no duty, to be mercenary, killer, or thief”! THE DUTY of in nation fighting is: to separate both sides, in order to facilitate and protect; “within a courtroom of law, we all decide/ not just you”! IF SOLDIERS TURN from war INSTEAD; to order the general to stand down; AS IS THEIR RIGHT. Those leaders become just another man claiming to have power/ but does not. NO soldier or citizen should die or be mutilated: for the pride of tyrants and fools”.     NO THREAT exists;       that cannot be returned:  TO YOU, as leaders; failing society!   AS AN ENTIRE;  ARMY OR NATION, KNOWS.   LAW IS, THE WEAPON, of choice!    Remembering, whosoever makes the law/ then rules the nation or world.   WE THE PEOPLE own the law of our lives and world/ not rulers.  WORLD LAW, brings leaders to trial; for justice!  Armies do not:     CHOOSE.  

Which includes CONTROL over leaders; who assume forcing business, or any other part of society; to be their weapon. Can be tolerated:   NOT SO:   REMOVE the leader instead! Government describes truth, as the union of who we are as a nation; therefrom “governed”. THE EMPLOYEE, by oath: describes whether justice by law, rules or not. LAW shows no favoritism: as is truth in unity: OR treason exists. Traitors are tyrants/ not leaders. Religion has no voice; life decides.

NO NATION/ NO LEADER: HAS THE RIGHT, TO GAMBLE “their university gods”; can control the same fire as on the sun! IT BURNS YOUR SKIN IN SUMMER; FROM 94 MILLION MILES AWAY!   WAKE UP.     shut them down!  FORCE TRIAL, and then decide for yourselves.

NATURE which is genetic structure and integrity; gave us life. THE EARTH as it was, kept every single living thing in balance. We survive, by the laws that establish what is true, in all things, including energy. BUT it is man, and his university animals, gone insane: who believe they can do better. Than our existence, as a living Creation, formed by miracles! LET THEM PROVE IT; because all the evidence of their work is: EXTINCTION comes for us all.

STOP screaming: “me, me, me/ now, now, now” and understand: the future is decided by your truth, NOT your want. Want is a fog/ Pride a drug/ Power a fool. By what reality will humanity allow;  RISKING THIS WORLD OR ITS LIFE“?  STOP THEM;  or you chose/ to let the others play god”/ and you will pay when they fail. NO games, truth decides.  NO excuses/ NO going back, as is NO second chances; anymore.  GO TO COURT:  FIND TRUTH AND LIE: AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG;  STOP THE INSANE.

LIFE AND WORLD, SIT IN THE BALANCE; demanding you will choose.

Stand up and be counted/ sign your name and be recognized: WE CANNOT wait any longer. TRUTH MUST DECIDE, no more believing whatever we are told. Simple as that. A world COURTROOM: “best we can”; then a vote, no game allowed! WE THE PEOPLE, CHOOSE!


QUESTION THE GARBAGE DUMP; OF FOOLS, IN CHARGE: or die, because they are WRONG! And the reality is: THEY WANT THEIR JOB, MONEY, PRIDE, AND POWER more; THAN protecting life or world.



as is:   A WORLD TRIAL; only real world, evidence allowed

THE LAW of democracy; “we the people decide”/ IS THE LAW OF REDRESS!

THE LEGAL RIGHT, to intervene,

TO PROVE, rather than believe. Because there is NO GOING BACK!   a bomb is VERY different”/ than a fire!


BEWARE: they hide the truth, in “made up words”/ to keep you blind/ using IRRELEVANT math, to keep you believing they are superior.


The cost of being WRONG; “on a thousand threats, HUMAN caused”;     IS EXTINCTION!

In every war: all sides, and all humanity MUST adjust to their new reality/ because War does not allow, for what you want. THIS IS A WAR TO SAVE OUR WORLD. Traitors are not welcome, failures are not tolerated, fools should never lead. Reality decides by what truth will, or will not allow. ONE WORLD/ ONE HUMANITY/ ONE FATE.  no second chances, anymore! Now, or never.

“LIFE OR DEATH OF THIS WORLD”;  depends upon YOU/ I am discarded. “the animals, want what they want”!

If they cannot prove me wrong with reality, established by known truth. THEN I CAN BE CORRECT, and the cost of failure is: INCINERATED/ NATURE HAS COLLAPSED/ THE FUTURE IS DEAD, AND how much MORE: threatens YOU? Is your bribe worth it? FACE LIFE, because death stalks you, from the shadows; of a university cult.

WHY? Because the final account proves: “they believe what they want to believe/ rather than let truth decide”. CHOOSING, this benefits me today; “to HELL” with tomorrow, I want what I want, RIGHT NOW.

The most critical TRUTH OF LIFE, in society is: that the real power of people is formed “in our hands”; BY MAKING THE LAW, OURSELVES. Not voting for someone to vote for me/ but creating the law, installing that law as fact, and enforcing that law on us all equally; which includes those called leaders.

IN THAT truth of life; we can easily remove the power of money; and give to ourselves the decision of how to divide resources and realities of living: by using limited capitalism as our source of control. By enforcing with constitutional change; that our currency SHALL BE TIED directly onto the population of our nation (citizens here). And removing the ability of our employees to make changes we do not approve: by installing ALL TAXATION collected, shall go to the specific purpose for which it was designed. “there is no one pot for all”/ which lets them decide. There is no making debts that we must pay; that power is removed. Instead government officials; shall be in charge of enforcing the laws we have made/ and investigating whether or not our truth, has been carried out. The courtroom belongs to us all; and if the judiciary or lawyer fails us/ we will remove them.

The cost of life is: the curse of human animals, has been devastating on this earth/ and the debt is due, and it must be paid in order for us all to survive. It is, that simple; or we go extinct. To prove this must be so, and establish the boundaries and limits that must be approved and accepted: REDRESS COURT must exist. To prove truth/ to prove lies/ to prove the cost of being wrong. A moratorium on all extreme experimentation across the world IS REQURIED. Until we the people of this world; decide what is in our own best interest to allow or deny.

There is a final word, to this work: each decision we make, establishes our identity. What then is true, becomes our life. None can escape what is, their own truth; but the value of our own contribution, to love and life; “covers much”. Destiny remembers.

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ORIGINATING COPYRIGHT TXu 2-344-686 companion site to 

The single purpose: is to aid and abet the values of life; found below!

The secondary purpose: most needed here:

is to stop, “a tiny few people” from controlling every conversation throughout society; “liars can claim anything”/ truth decides by the evidence of our reality. Every failed society is wrecked by this method. Media tells you what you think. AS is: no effort to understand covid: ONLY “FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”! Universities, are the experts, which cannot be questioned. Leaders of men choose war (take what you want from them:; when hiding their own failures: with “fight, fear, or die”. Intellectual leaders choose bribes; “lie, cheat, steal, betray the future; deny reality. “let the children pay”! Which is war, by divide  (give to the poor, who will obey/ give to the cult worshipers, who will fear and believe) and conquer the middle by destroying their rights, and committing them to slavery through poverty. NOW, “you will repent; accepting, the universities (the elite/ the superior ones) are god (we have a book; as every religion claims)“/ or be judged: die.

Which means: stop believing “leaders”, and start thinking for yourself

. AS DOES begin with: there was no pandemic; until media made it so. there was no evidence, until healthcare claimed: “the only problem was covid;colds, flu, everything disappeared in that first year; but covid”. OTHER disease was brought back 2 years later; “to prove their vaccine worked; BELIEVE”.Therefore the evidence hides in the diseases they chose to hide; change in deaths. There was no legitimate right to trillions of dollars, the risk to all: for their vaccine!  Which was: PAID to a very tiny few: proving until all leadership was governed by university diplomas: reality would not allow.  THE CLAIM: “we won”/ has no validity in covid, where reality does not prove what was true. WHAT IS TRUE; is the universities,have been making & mutilating diseases, and experimenting with vaccine: to sell. Which gave them the power;to dismantle lives, business, associations, society, more; “even stealing your face”; by your fears    they chose to create.

This primary service is then: an old school/ old world: members meeting people who are willing to talk, in places scheduled for real world discussions. Meetings identified by people who are willing to meet strangers! Known: By displaying our “badge”: for the realities of real life/ real communication/ real you!  YOU agree: to be kind and polite, providing respect: accepting display of this badge is, the acceptance of that demand.

There are 5 distinct services suggested. Each begins with:

an invitation to talk.

for the purposes of: strangers meeting strangers

The foundation of this business structure is:

we remind you: that you CANNOT, meet a friend/ UNTIL you meet a stranger first.

Each service is a different, independent part of the business.

serving people who desire to meet people, for common conversations; copyright Txu 2-083-110. is this a foundation of what you: desire to share?

Potentially serving people who desire; to be recognized “still living today, not trapped or other: while being invited to meet people”

is this what you desire ?

serving people who desire to create foundation conversations

which are more complex than just screaming at each other

or letting someone else decide for us. By going beyond, what we are told “by leaders”.

As is the slogan: seeking solutions among ourselves.

is this what you desire ?

Serving people who desire to create critical relationships

that are complex and personal. From the beginning of knowledge,

an understanding will arise: so that we may both know

what our future together might become.

With information defined, that suggests; “what our living”

will be like. How the future of our respect, for life and world, may unfold.

is this what you desire ?

Allowing; as is to aid and abet

the guardians of children

to create the rules for themselves

in order to balance and create the opportunities

every child needs, to create friends.

The heart is built and strengthened: mentally, physically, and with hope, by the work and interactions of a child. Making play of all kinds; a vital role in their future.

is this what you desire from this service ?

Your decision is: TO ACCEPT THE RISK:

TO become a member here in the type and kind of participation you choose.

FULLY KNOWING; this service intends, to provide the opportunity for you to meet strangers/ and for them to understand: you will accept respectful attempts to be a friend or find a friend. Or at least participate in a short polite conversation.

if these are valuable efforts which you will support: and accept the risks involved: then become a member. IF NOT: then simply refuse to become a member. 

The secondary reality begins with:

Common beliefs, governed by wants; turn society a herd of animals shouting “we want what we want”. Common beliefs governed by the power of experts: turn democracy into; the failure to understand what pride is doing. Pride is: always an enemy; someone has to lose. Common beliefs; that universities “Know; therefore choose”/ awaits the evidence of life, to prove what is true. That evidence identifies: our world is dying/ our nature is being mutilated into chaos/ our planet is threatened, by those trying to ignite a nuclear “lets burn atoms” fire; just like the sun, here on earth/ our future has no resources, which means only war is left/ and humanity itself has no respect for the truth: THIS IS A FINITE PLANET, and there is room for no one else; as is the result which finds our world now faces extinction. Because of choices, without respect: that were made, by universities, plays god.

And the herd shouts: “you cannot make us fear”/ the universities are god and savior to us.  WE BELIEVE, “reality does not matter”; no consequences for us!

BUT reality shouts back: truth is truth, and it is a fool, who never learns the difference between life and death (even for a world); is built upon the laws which govern what is real. The animal wants;  but a human being alive, is required to think, for yourself.

THIS SERVICE IS NEW: if you wish? Small investors are welcomed/ up to the point where the business has been established: under these terms and conditions.

Frequently answered questions.