NOT; the dead have risen: to demand “KING”

the oath of office:  “…and will to the best of  my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of the United States”. SWORN to the nation!


The employees return: to obey the law/ or fear us instead. Because redress is our answer, to your failures. Our nation/ our vote/ our future.

NOT A SINGLE ONE; owns this democracy/ not a single one rules this government: WE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO MADE LAW OUR RULER.

AND WE DECIDE: what our constitutional law and purposes are.

NO court/ NO president/ NO GROUP of any kind.

There is NO PROTECTION, or immunity: from declaring yourselves god.

NO immunity from the declaration of war: that is DEMOCRACY no longer matters.  IT IS, an insurgency: to demand only the expert decides!

EVERY SINGLE employee: is merely a former classmate.

“just like you and me”.

And we can take back our nation:  with whatever redress (we the people judge you now/ as owners here);  demands SHALL BE CHANGED.

LET TRUTH DECIDE/ but make no mistake:

WANT is dead/ the earth decides; and it is dying before our eyes.

No matter which direction you go.

Work ends for me, starts for you.

GOVERNMENT is: our constitutional contract! Our employees, are limited to the oath they swore to that content/ and bound by the purposes and desires of its structural intent; preamble, bill of rights, and declaration of independence. “beyond as was covid; I call Nazi”. Beyond as is “inflation: taxation without representation”, I call treason. “because, state, federal, social security, property, sales, extra, and the declared cost of inflation”: add up for _____: to 75 percent of income. TAXATION!  With one hundred+ trillion dollars of debt chosen (one million per each/ of one hundred million workers) extra/ and well over $600 trillion dollars in currency created by thieves/ and medical extortion plus so much more: we are BANKRUPT! As is IL. “stock market”? IT WAS; pay one dollar/ get fifty dollars of stock (got mutual funds); if you have something to lose! Stock up two dollar=one hundred dollars return. Pure fantasy money, used to bribe: “DON’T say or do: nothing”! As the entire nation is dissolved.     REDRESS “first amendment law”; means, WE THE PEOPLE!  As owners, take control over our democracy; by investigating the charge, “NOT within your duties/ choices allowed”; by law. JUDGING FOR OURSELVES;  If this is the constitutional intent, you swore to uphold. CHANGING for ourselves: What our society shall be: IF THIS, as the evidence shows; IS FOUND NECESSARY. As is controlling the bankruptcy for ourselves!

only during good behavior; is a judge protected from expulsion

ONLY, during  “good behavior”.  Are ANY judicial official protected from expulsion.

By leaders who wrecked “everything”/ in worship of university “experts”, decide! Instead: we need to, LET THE LAW LEAD/ not, the employee! Legal REDRESS;  IS OUR ANSWER!  LET REALITY DECIDE, for our future. Because surrounded by REAL WORLD THREATS OF EXTINCTION; it cannot be as it is! DO, whatever you LEGALLY can.  Because we cannot go back! “It is, what it is”.  But only truth survives.

THE JUDICIARY MUST OBEY THE LAW/ they have no power over the constitution at all!

IT MEANS:  THE JUDICIARY HAS NO POWER, OVER THE CONSTITUTION: they must obey it by law. Which includes the demand for redress is not optional IT IS THE LAW!

GOVERNMENT is: our constitutional contract!  Our employees, are limited to the oath they swore to that content/ and bound by the purposes and desires of its structural intent; preamble, bill of rights, and declaration of independence.  THERE IS NO OTHER RULE OF LAW.

Reality knows; many scream at this world/ and there are many valid causes for that. This site and its workbook site www.justtalking7.info discard the quest for followers/ believers; and insist that you must think for yourself, because the world, and life itself; needs you to have faith in the solutions given by truth. That does not exist in belief. Consequently; nothing is written with the intent to allow you to follow or believe; only to talk, with things of value/ decisions you must make. Realities include: critical evidence of intelligence, conception, and value/ the curse of threats we must identify, as well as the cost of being wrong; the insane lead. Insights to understanding of how did we come to this place; are here. The work is lengthy, learning requires it. Because after 45+ years: I regard this work to be a one time (find your brain/ don’t follow_) decision for you. So it had to wait, “for the best I could do”. That day is here.

To accept heart: requires courage, and trust. To understand value, respects the miracle of life. To bind disciplines with order and balance the truth with law, is a decision; built upon wisdom. To walk the foundations of love, and find peace; lifts happiness into, the truth of, “being ALIVE”. Where soul exists: to separate those who can be eternal, from all the rest. Who say of themselves: “all I need is want (its mine, all mine), pride (life is a game), or power (never enough/ so I judge you)”. Or sex, whereby your value is “addiction”. Live for truth instead, because it never lies.

While all videos, and inventions (a dead world has no value/ therefore permissions for every part of videos; were deemed unnecessary). These: have a limited value, and should create something useful, for conversation; most (not all) are “light and fluffy”, to compensate for fear in threats. The constant, proven over the decades is: that is humanity does not care, and runs away; screaming don’t tell me nothing; SO, you can’t blame me. Which then overrides the intent to be “the best it can be”. To simplify; open the door instead.

WHY bother: examines life in crisis or death/ extinction, of a world threatening; and so “whatever can be done”, must be done. Simple as that.

The search is: “will anyone care, about anything”? Or is greed “all you got”. Few read today, and with universities aligned “playing god”: the “LEADERS; ALL HAVE A DIPLOMA, bad”: and cannot hear! The cult of university is god, controls & rebels against any examination of facts.

You must think/ not believe media, or what you want, is true; it is not. REDRESS LAW, is the solution; we the people decide now, for democracy.

So each video; is a simple conversation tool, for all parties; who might care to view. No intent to be perfect! Because without true change in humans; this world is going to be extinct soon. Inventions are the same; “open the door, to thought”; because life and world need to be changed correctly. Or our world will die.

A reality of the evidence, and its truth: not a game or delusion. Just like global warming; “can’t buy an expert” anymore.

The foundation of all “government” is: WE ARE NOT YOUR SLAVES! Your job is to make our lives better, by controlling what society does do: as is don’t let anyone wreck our lives, or steal our work! Let us be free, with rights that are inherently a “human truth”. Let us all decide what liberty must be; so that our world, our society survives itself; with values governed by fair play and justice.

That means: as with the constitutional contract of this USA; which unites us all under the conditions agreed too! That constitutionally guaranteed REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES shall be upheld; or its treason against us! That with REDRESS, OUR DEMOCRACY IS ENFORCED; as it proves we the people will decide now: what is justified, in what our leaders have done/ or not. And the LIBERTY to change course (by the law of this land as is redress); formed by democracy as it was intended to do! To establish and prove: when a need arises, WE THE PEOPLE, SHALL NOW become, the law of what is true. OUR CHOICE/ our decision/ our vote.

And humanity said: WE CANNOT force our leaders to be fair/ they have armies and prisons and courtroom rules! BUT TRUTH SAYS; that we the people, are their armies/ by creating our own foundation law, they have no rules/ and we can enforce compliance: when we refuse to comply with taxation/ UNTIL our law has been recognized and respected as THE WILL OF THIS PEOPLE, is greater than you!

Media went from “university is god”; throughout the decades, to now god is university! As their reality was “evolution is great/ weapons of mass destruction are our saviors/ hide the counterfeiting, disgrace, and destruction of US economic health, infrastructure, and currency, because the universities “have fantasies”/ let universities have all the diseases and poisons ever known (they will be our saviors; alas covid)/ let universities redesign life with genetic chaos, in worship of evolution/ let universities decide where we put all their poisons and pollution with experts/ let universities ignite “lets burn atoms; just like the sun”; and prove we can be god. “As Satan” would do! Because, with media; as priests of the cult, & owned by a very tiny few: they cannot question their god.

And the people say: “we will take control now”! But that is false, because you don’t know how; and education is intended to indoctrinate/ not free people, but enslave with, our decision/ NOT yours. WHICH means two things must occur: the investigation of what is true, “as best we can”; by defining the cost of being wrong. In clear and complete “knowledge for the people”. SO THAT WE ALL KNOW, what the decision is, that we can make! And identifying a true bill of rights; for every soldier, police, public and so on. To remove the rules of how we are contained by tyranny speaks; and owns the prison or war. WITH LAW (everyone the same; NO exceptions) WE RULE OURSELVES/ with rules they contain us; with claims “you crossed this line”/ and now we are your judge.

RELIGION SAYS: “GOD” WILL SAVE US/ so we don’t have to do anything! But GOD did not save us from world war 1-2/ did not save any nation from wars or realities of starvation or anything humans do. BECAUSE FREE WILL is free will/ and if you were to be “attacked” every time you did something wrong: that would not be free will. SO WE KNOW, that humanity is responsible for itself. YOU made the problem/ YOU FIX the problem; is a fair assessment of our reality. Which means: all the threats of extinction that we face: which come from human hands and minds. ARE THE RESULT of human decisions: which must then accept the law that is, WITH TRUTH, THERE ARE CONSEQUENCES. Life is not a game, and your free will is not free.

Truth then states: it is elementally true, that throughout history, men have failed the respect for life and world, fueling the deceit of corruption, the corrosion of failure that exists, across this world. NOT every man, as is evident by me. But enough of hate continues to insure what is best for life/ will fail: due to the impact of conspiracies and corruption; that do not fail, because power wants power/ and failure turns governments into a game; which pride always wins, and power is always the result; as turns to hate, and then revenge; as is the evidence of war.

The consequent decision is: “that female must try”/ BUT NOT, by the ways of men; as are severely flawed. But with real world, let women try to identify/ justify/ and create fair play; BY LAW: for life and world. So that peace will be sustained. MEN have had thousands of years to try; and could not/ will not, because their answer to every hard question is war (lets take theirs)! Therefore the question is: CAN WOMEN do for life and earth, LAW VALUED ENOUGH to enshrine as our “humanity on earth”; whole truth/ WHAT MEN, clearly; could not? There is only one way to find out: let them try!

To the world I say:  we cannot let them be wrong”! But the world said back: “we are believers, media tells us everything we need to know”, and you are nothing [even though your experts are merely former classmates, you probably didn’t even like]. “i agreed”; but said: it is the EVIDENCE, not me:  the experts; that define a level of   gambling with this world. THAT IS BEYOND BELIEF; because our entire world dies by; an atomic (lets burn the bond in atoms) fire [the ONLY PROVABLE method of sun fire, and its heat]. (earth fire; “burns the molecular bond”) SO:  if they are wrong.    our earth becomes a sun! And the world said: “that can’t be true; media didn’t tell us”/ but the evidence of our reality proves it is.       Extreme experimentation is  OUR CONCERN as a world!   REALITIES which can never be undone; exist. By universities playing god, and taking control over governments so they can; as with covid; control our lives! By stealing our currency and creating debts; not even the children can pay. Gambling they cannot be stopped; before they prove “we are gods”.    as is claiming:  “they can control the sun, and its FIRE”.

lets be simple, about threats: that our atmosphere can be detached from the planet is clear: by measurements already done on Venus (700 mph) and others. Our planet is at 24,900 miles at the equator: which means our atmosphere turns with it/ or the winds never end. Global warming is like adding hot air to a balloon which then rises higher. Detaching the atmosphere: is the result of adding mass at a higher level; which then requires more energy to move it. Which acts as an anchor to the atmosphere itself; as the planet begins to lose its grip on our air supply. Cutting down trees, which were the primary means of connection: ends that connection. There are consequences.

once the atmosphere quits rotating with this earth/ WE CANNOT STOP IT.
OUR ATMOSPHERE is in danger of accelerating/ due to human decisions

OR MORE DISTINCTLY: “THE EXPERT”, is not defined by a diploma/ but exists only within the elements of what truth can prove. We can prove: that a nuclear fire is capable of being a sun. But we cannot prove any theory of universities, about the sun; because the facts do not exist. Fantasy elements and theories without foundations, which violate known laws: is not enough. To GAMBLE our earth. There is no going back: ignition decides the fate of life and world. It is an all or nothing threat. “they want what they want”! Truth does not matter to the believer.  ONLY to a human who remains outside the cult of university; where a brain still exists.

The UNIVERSITY experts say: ALL LIFE COMES FROM “accidents and chaos” [NO proof]/ that “Noah’s flood”  video 1:01:41 minutes”; could not have happened “trailer 2.25   2   5:16 [REAL PROOF; as is fossil fuels DO exist]/.

the examination of possibilities for Noah; does not include “sawmill lumber” or building a boat. INSTEAD it looks to the real world introduction of what did happen; by the evidence of a flood: which gathered together “the forests; and so on”. So they could be buried together in order to create fossil fuel; at depths no other possible real world method exists to explain. Trailers one and two give a short introduction. This video requires your personal acceptance to think; rather than simply believe what you are told.

Their claim: that atoms are formed by forcing other atoms together (as with their claim; fusion) [PROVEN WRONG, at lawrence livermore labs (focusing: 180 million degrees @ 500,000 psi) 2012! The sun does not produce helium; as is the demand/ requirement; proving “fusion”]/ and no matter what they do to life; evolution will fix it “in a billion years or so”. Gambling with IDIOTS: is EXTINCTION. But, they won’t surrender; “their job or its money”; as is THEIR power! So the lies continue.

As with all intellectual wars: it is the maze of delusions and denial that form the basis of threat. The claim of “trophies” for you/ does NOT negate the reality of consequences; for being WRONG. Deception is the format/ saturation of propaganda by media and schooling is the method; and evolution is propped up as the religion which cannot be proven wrong: their law to prove we cannot be questioned or stopped. BUT REALITY SAYS: that evolution HAS NEVER BEEN PROVEN TRUE/ and they have no proof beyond “this looks like that”; to offer you; beyond fantasy and theory which are lies. Just like they have no proof of the sun or how it works: beyond fantasy and theory, as are the delusions used to justify the claim: “yes we can”.  “look at the sun/ feel it on your skin”: and then decide how much you are willing to lose: IF THEY ARE WRONG? “their claim: the sun is made of hydrogen”; should give you pause: because all they can see “is the ash cloud”; only smallest & fastest atoms survive the fire. Because they cannot extinguish a nuclear fire; which is exactly what they are trying to create.     MAKE THEM PROVE ME WRONG!  “ITS YOUR LIFE TOO”.

Expert means: to deny the value of our own knowledge or understanding; IN ALL OF US! By claiming this one is superior.

THE RESULTS, of more than fifty years of this :

are as the nation and world as is.

{poisons by the trillion ton/ pollution’s by the quadrillion tons/ global warming/ infrastructure collapse/ weapons of mass destruction; which includes covid/ resource losses/ habitat losses/ extinction of species/ dying life in every ocean/ a world threatened by NUCLEAR FIRE; NATURE THREATENED BY CHAOS; every currency counterfeiting, with extreme debt lies; and more} DEMOCRACY attacked: “you happy yet?”

THEIR CLAIM OF FUSION: WAS PROVEN WRONG IN 2012; lawrence livermore labs [trillions spent]! THEY NOW CLAIM: “WE CAN BRING THE SAME FIRE HERE AS IS ON THE SUN”;   theorizing, “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; so a nuclear fire (lets burn atoms), will just extinguish itself.  THAT is the plan, and there is no other.   they claim “we are close“/ claim its fusion: but show no proof of helium: “their magic potion”. Demand proof: why does the sun not produce enormous amounts of helium? Because the tomak reactors cannot do anything other than ignite atoms on fire; just like the lasers at lawrence livermore, cannot either.

People lie: “like CERN”, when claiming to have created elements. They NEED you to believe; or their job disappears! “elements are formed” when atoms are formed/ not destroyed. Just like oxygen is released, not made!

just like the biosphere 2 experiment (university knows): “if we just had a bigger spaceship/ then we could go”. 7 million cubic feet/ 7 people: ran out of oxygen in 2 months; and broke out. Of numerous contingency plans: NOT ONE, included what to do, without the correct percentage of oxygen. A reality soon to overtake our planet; “for every form of fire 8.2 billion people choose; everyday”.


WHY: because every job will be lost; removing trillions, and costing

“your cult worshiping belief”. as is don’t question your leaders. WHAT, would you do for “a great job”? for pride,  many thousands of people. We spend trillions.   “the constant answer:  WE BELIEVE”. And they want: “to be saviors of our world”; so the only thing that matters is:  “yes we can”.


Every life on this planet is at risk.

TRUTH SAYS, that the grace and values of life and living, are a gift. That only thought can create, as is proven true in your own lives (nothing comes by accident, and chaos destroys all things complex). The foundation of miracles, “beyond our comprehension”; is everywhere. Even though you lie to yourselves, because you want to force the freedom to choose; instead of accept truth decides instead. So, life lets you decide/ and truth establishes the consequences for what you chose. Today however: we have come to the crossroads of either life or death: for our entire world. Because the universities have discovered ways to make us all extinct; and have no brain not to do it. Which does mean: each life is involved. Which does mean: it is necessary to understand the cost of being WRONG. It is critical for you to stand up and be counted; as someone who demands to KNOW WHAT IS TRUE. In this USA; that cause and that “open the courthouse door; to our own decision”. Is granted legally by first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; the LEGAL right, to obtain the evidence; and decide for ourselves. What is and what is not: true. To identify, as WE THE PEOPLE; rather than those who are ruled, as tyrants do.

So, before the final judgment: that decides if “we the world and all its life” should burn in “lets bring the same fire here as on the sun”; is accomplished. ONE FINAL TIME: I DO ASK YOU TO THINK, RATHER THAN BELIEVE. ASK FOR PROOF; “this cannot go wrong”; before the reality of igniting “atoms on fire”; seals our forever.NO GOING BACK; this whole world is fuel.  REALITY SAYS:  AN ATOMIC FIRE IS, “THE ONLY KNOWN ENERGY SOURCE” capable of being our sun! NOTHING else exists.    and no matter what they tell you: THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY TRY TO IGNITE!

And that: is merely the most horrifying decision, “that universities have made”. Many more exist; as they choose to play god with our lives, and our world. Claiming an expertise they do not own. They cannot guarantee you anything; but let them try, “with words you do understand”.

THE VALUE of our democracy, is determined by your choice to defend it/ or not! No greater threat exists: than selfish greed decides by want/ because want does not need justice, and greed does not need fair play! Without these, there is no government; because it is “every man for himself”/ or more distinctly: the end of society, the denial of union, and the purposes that will turn to hate. As is the current failure of this USA. Aborting life, truth, and nation/ even the world: to shout “winner”. But alas: “you won extinction, by horrors”/ or you will change, and accept only truth can decide.

Democracy means: “we rule ourselves by creating laws that govern us, instead of rulers”. To enforce that government: the constitution rules the nation (not the employee). As the laws in broad and simplistic terms; are identified and enforced as FAIR: that then unite us as a nation. To govern us all with JUSTICE; by striving to keep the purpose of freedoms (amendments) and its desire (preamble) to govern ourselves (clear decisions for life and living, worth fighting for); as pure, as we can. FAIR/ JUSTIFIED/ TRUE/ EQUAL (not same)/ HONEST/ RESPECT/ HOPE/ EVIDENCE (not experts)/ SUSTAINABLE/ SURVIVABLE/ CHOICES BY LAW (which grant value to all), not rules (which isolate individuals for punishment_). VALUES that match our truth, and ENFORCE DEMOCRACY itself! As are the foundations upon which we rise above: “the claim of failure, called: rulers”.

Anarchy means: to remove the choices we have made (war against democracy)/ to install over us (corruption), the authority of rules and realities (conspiracy) that cause democracy to fail. Such as: destroying the values (lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism: collusion) and means of survival (the communist/ university: we are the superior ones) party decides who we can vote for/ make them fear: “only these”, for the nation itself. As control over the nation expands into; the disgrace of no choice at all/ as is the constant of rebellion (make them obey); as is two for president today. Make them believe. Proven by: no attempt is made to honor or protect constitutional intent by the courts; saturate the propaganda by media manipulation. A thirst for power, destroying the money and the realities by which we live (let me decide/ the ruler) instead AS PROVEN with covid. Indoctrinate every child, by taking control over education. Because when all you have left is: BEG THE RULER (university is god, your savior)/ then the ruler does whatever he wants such as trying to ignite atoms on fire, and uses us all “for a toy; as is genetic chaos injected into life; to destroy nature itself”. Claiming evolution will fix it.

Redress means: the accepted LEGAL proof of our democracy (by FIRST AMENDMENT law), is enforced by establishing trial over our employees/ and the direction of our “living nation”. Trial to determine if: the oath of office is kept. Judgment of the citizens themselves, over their employees. IS DEMOCRACY in action: to determine if the purpose and desire of governing ourselves by law; has been overthrown by employees; who must be changed. “by cleaning house”/ of those who have created havoc, rather than truth. Using betrayal (not our government intent) as their weapon. The first element of that: is to take away their power to decide: as is redress! ENFORCING our right, as owners to make that decision for ourselves: TO UPHOLD OR CHANGE OUR CONSTITUTION/ not you. Our right as owners: to reinvest in democracy; and form a new version of how we accomplish and protect: what we need to survive; as a nation or world.

As would be WORLD LAW/ and its companion called “limited capitalism”: so that no one gains control over us all. We the people then choose by vote: what is fair and justified! NOT, what is selfish, greedy, or beyond the limits of what we do allow our lives, or our world to be. To keep this world alive/ and to establish: the children, “life on this world”; shall NOT die. Therefore arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and hate: are to be treated as the enemy. We CANNOT allow: what we cannot pay for/ as is extreme experimentation; “no going back”.

World law is the governing of leaders; by international forces who as a first law of life demands: IF YOU start a war/ then YOU, the leader: will be our first target. Either for court/ or for death; and if your nation refuses to surrender you: we will not care/ you created war, you deserve the cost of war: which is our law decides, not you. Because as with all governments everywhere: every leader, is merely a former classmate/ and not one is “god”. Law is the authority, not you; and if you cause a weapon of mass destruction to be used/ then your nation will be concentrated into live or die. Because the military; is just men who chose to follow that order/ and threaten our world. Just like universities threaten our world with biological weapons: and they become targets too. As is the second law of our world: no mercy, for terrorists.


For roughly 45 years: I have said to you, “LIFE is more important than this”/ as greed multiplied and people screamed hurrah. “there are consequences”. But you said no; and I searched for answers you would understand, but failed. So, Life said to me: “heart and soul is lacking in your work”; therefore, I have sought to intertwine what is true, with what is real. To give you; a definition called human, that you can use. Because conversation is the key to communication. And without true communication: we cannot stop the terrorists from gambling with our world. Or letting us die; because they were, and can be proven: wrong. Same as is true of evolution; the geneticists “bible”; because they believe injecting chaos brings new life: instead of catastrophes, as is true.

A LEGAL MORATORIUM; is required “by the world”. So that we can investigate as a world being gambled with: IF THIS IS IN OUR OWN BEST INTEREST. Because we do HAVE TO PAY, with our lives, and even our world; if they fail.

MORE  https://www.brainfirst.info/best-we-can/

FUN WITH NOAH VIDEO; slightly over one hour long