The passion of life is, to find your truth, and express the experience of your own desires. Having found what that is, we then begin to live the decision that becomes our own identity, as is shaped by the environment life has given to our existence on this earth.

Some die, finding no purpose within; they discard the brain, and seek nothing more than “chemicals” to remind them of a life they lost; thereby using the body of someone else, even murdering someone else; to prove they are not yet dead.

Others shout: “we can’t all be wrong”; and participate as a herd, wondering through life barely able to recognize they are alive; because they forage to survive and get more; all day long. Believing the best they can do: is push the others, to take theirs; as animals with size do. So they pick on the creatures who are smaller; to prove they can get more.

Some fall down: in the misery of I cannot compete, they cheat me/ they steal from me/ they ridicule me, and make me afraid of living my life. So they become “cowards”; afraid of pain/ becomes a life none wish to live.

Some become predators; believing they are intellectually capable of trapping and killing the others, so they can take whatever they want. By enforcing death, to what you want. Finding in war; whether by words or weapons; that others will fall, if they enforce “Yes, I can”.

Some are lost to chemicals; trying to escape reality or loneliness; by the invasion of things which isolate you from your life in time. Granting a short reprieve from truth; so that your own claim of “greatness”/ can be chemically enhanced by fraud and lies.

Some fail to find happiness or lose it to life; and without hope they turn to suicide or hate. Suicide makes you a murderer of yourself/ while hate makes you the intent of murdering someone else; both of which seeks the ending of a life. Because you lost hope in the value of living/ or a future worth the price of being alive.

Some use religion as their belief in what they want will come true/ identifying in a specific version of a religion: what they want to be true. So they believe, and that ends the need for a brain; because now they have the answer/ and lock the door to any version less or other than what they want. As do so many humans, in so many ways throughout all of life and living and world.

Nearly all use time, as their version of “I have love and hate”/ I am winner and loser/ I want, but I am more than an animal: but forget that only truth survives. Making everything you believe an enemy rather than a friend. Want is not enough. Truth is truth, as the evidence will prove.

A few become alive in the essence of love, which allows that truth must decide/ even though excuses are made, and realities fail us all. Love is found in the basis of trust, and trust is only “cemented in”/ where truth leads us all. That requires respect, and few own that value in their lives. Because the vast majority want hate too; because they believe it will protect them from fear/ by making you fear too. The curse of that however is: hate robs you of life, and kills your hope for the future/ making it your enemy, never a friend. But alas hate is also a disguise, because people know enough to stay away; if they don’t.


Within this environment of human behaviors, we all encounter the decisions we each must make; in order to participate as best we can. Love is the only method by which we can or do make friends/ and it is in very short supply in this day of humanity on earth. Media leads by offering tiny tidbits of what we should be aware of/ in order to make you believe: leaders know/ so they must be doing something about it for us. But leaders have become liars, failures, frauds, thieves, cheats, whores, traitors, terrorists, bastards, fools, cursed, devil, Satan, university, and more. So they are not doing anything to keep this earth alive/ and media insures that the vast majority of humanity are not doing anything to keep this earth alive either. And our world dies, making it impossible for a future for life and living to exist much longer.

Hidden beneath the surface of we won’t care/ is the foundation truth of life itself: which is you know, life is dying. Therefore it is your own betrayal; when you don’t intervene for a living world. But the liar forms belief: to escape truth. The consequence being: they begin to fight with the other group, so as to evoke “I am not afraid”/ even though they are. The end result: society itself divides into the disgrace of we are not friends, and will throw away what we are in order to prove what we believe. A tragedy of failure. A reality of this USA, to your shame; you want money (greed is best), even though it is worthless (selfishness don’t care); more than life or nation or child.

And the world does the same; because they want what they want/ and believe whatever they believe; and sink into hate, as their own means to escape the fear inside. By creating an enemy they believe can be defeated. As is the constant of human existence.

Into that malaise of human debris oozing throughout this earth; is the reality of death. Life cannot survive what you have chosen to do/ making extinction certain without true change. But the world shouts back “university is god”/ and we won’t care, unless you make us rich. Adding on: “I won’t pay/ not in my lifetime; and you can’t make me”. As is “let the children pay, or die; we won’t share.”

So then failing to resurrect your lives from the sewer of your beliefs/ this work resides as a “whisper in the dark”. The last voice of sanity, in a world going insane; which looks for those who will “sign up for life and earth”. To shout: let us go to court, where we will learn the truth as best we can/ where we must identify the price for being wrong/ and where life itself can rise above the claims of humanity; to become the respect we need to survive.

Making the decision true: life or death of our earth, is now up to you.

And, the voice of leading humanity says: “he is a thousand different things/ all bad”; devil or its equivalent. Make him die.

Because hate is hate, and unless they can make of you or me an enemy: they have no method of remaining in their disguise. When hate becomes revealed: the animals fear/ and even those who are alive know to stay away from these.

So the critical test is: does hate continue until extinction controls the future; which will be very soon?

OR, can truth save your lives; by honoring the existence of a brain/ as does search by investigation (not belief); for what is honestly, and proven by reality: true!

The answer is literally: up to you!

I DO NOT ask you to believe anything/ nor have I ever. INSTEAD I ASK YOU: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ BECAUSE BEING WRONG IS YOUR EXTINCTION. That price then determines the state of our existence: as life or death for our world.

And the universities say: “we are gods/ don’t listen to him; EVERYTHING IS GREAT”. And the disease of media screams: “fear/ believe/ obey”; as is the insurgence of a partition; to prove you cannot unite against them.

But as we search for truth: the foundation becomes, when finding the cause of threat, the disgrace of government: each and nearly every cause of extinction is found at the doorstep of universities changed this.


EVEN SO: your former classmates are not gods, and their decision protects what they want or believe; rather than what is true. As is evidenced by the simple test of evolution: their religion. Roughly one hundred years of “university later”; and they still cannot find a brain among them all. How is that not shame on you? And if not on something so limited and disruptive and disrespectful of reality,  that is evolution: HOW MUCH MORE IS WRONG? Answer, because it is their excuse; to do anything the universities want to do. It is their claim outright, to play god; as the people who formed this religion called evolution.

Or more distinctly: evolution says: chaos is god/ every living thing is an accident/ brain is last in line; their evidence is, “this looks like that”. NOTHING else has any capacity to be believed at all.  Religion agrees: because they too worship the universities as their god as well. WANTING, “we can be free”.  But as with all lies, truth will decide your fate.

The scopes monkey trial: was merely the decision of religion to test their theory that “the bible” could not be proven wrong, as the perfect word of GOD in human hands. Or more simply: their only chosen defense was: you can’t question our cult. So they lost, but “this looks like that” has no basis in life forms because of this. The bible offers two distinct concepts: the design work took 6 days to accomplish/ while the building of life on earth took a great deal longer, before man stepped onto this earth. They also choose to laugh at Noah’s flood: which has now been proven absolutely true, by the evidence of fossil fuels. Which we KNOW exists only because life was gathered and buried together; and then covered with sand and rock debris; to create oil, gas, and coal; along with other evidence of a world wide flood. No doubt the result of a planetary object passing by, close to this earth.

Yet even a mosquito brain; would be active enough to know: ONLY THOUGHT CAN BUILD LIFE. No accident is involved, human universities cannot even begin to build a life (with rock and water and heat). Chaos, by its own definition; is the descent into death/ not life. Without a brain; nothing can be chosen; at all. This looks like that just makes building possible; as proven by your own mass production. Or more distinctly: 220 bones or so; which build themselves individually, transport themselves independently, grow uniformly for life, couple muscle structures, bend an lubricate, support a body in movement; and a quadrillion more realities of thought did this; CANNOT be wrong. Damn fool; is “university plays god”.

Society exists, by proving what we can agree upon, as does unite us all. Society dies: when insurrection creates a division, which is not allowed to find its solution. Proving weapons, are what we want.

Religion exists, by providing the rules which create a platform; by which we allow disciplines and order to recreate ourselves, when we accept balance, with respect/ rather than a fall into want.

War erupts: when the leader can no longer hide the theft and failure of what he or she has been doing. Therefore they attack someone else by using fear to disrupt the investigation into what they had done. Giving to society, “a bigger problem” than me.

Universities live by imagining fantasy (yes we can) and delusion (we don’t need no damn truth; as is most theory) to illuminate the religion of “fear/ believe/ obey”; as enforced by media propagation of “university is god; our savior; our leader; our cult of worship (never question your leader)”. All schooling being run by universities: is then the indoctrination of society; as reality is consumed by imagination (not truth) rules now.

Life ends on earth: because only truth survives, and without respect, no peace will be found.  NO RESOURCE/ NO LIFE!  to your shame.

A leader does not lead; unless he or she unites society as we bring justice to fight for us/ rather than war. In this USA; none of the participants are willing to do that/ but demand “winner” instead of life. Two sides of the same coin; fighting to create a war/ when reality proves, their decisions are worthless and wrong.

Society itself fighting to destroy unity, in order to shout “yes we can”/ in a battle run to remove policing; rather than establish truth in what we can do; instead of what we cannot. As was proven by the past history “of the old west”/ until the guns were removed from “towns and cities”; there was fear, not peace. But people being propagated by media to believe “guns are the answer/ as is practically every form of entertainment”; failure continues to grow. But the reality of policing continues to be degraded; because corruption fails us all.

In america the debt is not “30 trillion” as media reports/ that is ONLY the debts created by the US congress and presidency over and above what they collect in taxation. Reality is way beyond that as inflation continues to destroy life in america; by leadership as is the insurgency of universities play god, and make every decision; with our lives. While it is fools who tried to prove this was their democracy too/ and liars who try to prove it was more than that. It is the insurgency of “universities rule/ democracy is dead”; that causes trouble. The reality of failure throughout government; that denies them both the right to speak of values or respect; on both sides. Which means society is banned from participation, as the cult of fools take charge. As media continues to hide every form of theft, betrayal, terrorism, cheating, liars, and more. Removing from the conversation: truth by reality, and the cost of being wrong. The corruption of courts proves: rebellion is their choice.

The foundation of change is truth! Nothing less will fix the course of this nation from fool to extinct. That requires democracy to again take charge. Which requires REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as is we the people OWN THIS NATION/ and WE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES, now! By going into a courtroom; where the evidence shall be voted upon by ourselves. Where change as we design, shall occur. Thereby giving back to democracy its voice in the law of who we are; as one people. Not the curse of failure as is governing our lives today.

When animals rule, it is a herd/ not a society! When animals in society compete for the same prize; they turn to war against each other to get that prize, by declaring the others are the enemy. When one side wins the trophy, they immediately move to create “NAZI (another word for those who want: EVERYTHING is mine/ ours)”; so as to control the threat to their ruling life, and taking whatever they want. By establishing “ENEMY”, in our midst. Therefore we can: remove them with violence/ and when any form of opposition becomes real: power takes control, and all freedom ends. Your option for food, water, everything you need to survive; is now theirs/ and you will beg or die. Because they do have the data, to search you out; as the curse of NAZI expands into “secret societies” of hate. While media insures: “don’t think/ BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ FEAR/ AND OBEY; kill those who don’t.” as is their job as cult enforcers for the leader.

do not believe;  let truth decide as best we can enforce only reality matters here.

In contrast to the cost of a “free for all”/ as is the foundation of what became threats of extinction to this world, and every life. The reality of disciplines formed by truth, and order formed by justice; allow for respect to balance our lives; as if united by the fate of what being human gave for us to be. When we choose limiting ourselves to reality, and accepting the boundaries of what life can be; as formed through the basic acceptance of love would choose this. Our world becomes a place which welcomes those do their own part, to help us all survive and thrive with values that shape the heart, into what soul can hear.

While anger must be dealt with effectively: Hate alone is discarded; as reality proves this does not belong. Granting criminal behaviors will depart as well.

When law rules instead of rulers: security is established across the globe. When limited capitalism redefines society by effectively refusing excess wealth to all/ THE FOUNDATIONS of an opportunity you earn, is granted to the majority; based upon resources and realities which must be respected. We are too many people, which requires us all to limit and control population growth; by all appropriate means: because this is a finite earth, and we are not “gods”.

The reality of universities; returns to as it should be: a place for the few, who do earn the right to go there; under our direction and guidance; to prove NO EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION AT ALL/ NO MUTILATION OF NATURE AT ALL/ NO POISONING; AND A THOUSAND MORE, tragedies to life, as are being done today. Bankruptcy is the method back to reality; and it is only the path: if we control that bankruptcy as WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE. By redress of grievances; OUR CONSTITUTIONAL LAW, which gives us the authority of democracy, to enforce we are the owners here, in this USA.

Nothing is free, nothing is decided by want, nothing is allowed to disrespect life or planet or law: we must decide, that life is worth the price of living. And that means we will all surrender what causes our world to die. Across this globe; because it is the price of our survival; and there are no more excuses. Endless work must be done to resurrect this living planet; from the curse of universities play god. Simple as that; it ain’t no game. But extinction looms as truth: if you fail.

Religion should find its way to compromise, allowing for instance: that only thought can build life/ which means, every living thing is a miracle. NO valid religion should find error in that, because it is true. But searching for answers is, what being human alive does mean; and we should all encourage that. But not by belief. By faith in what can be proven true; as best we can.