Critical Relationships

People who join with the intent to establish critical relationships.

critical relationships as defined for this service: respectively build by.

ACCESS to identify: Within these “living parameters of how we meet each other”: the opportunity to simply identify people who are willing to talk to each other.

This, Socially constructs: there are conversations and questions: which allow, for a more accurate view of who we are as an individual truth, to each other! These end the trial period of trying to understand what “hides beneath the surface”.

Describing in words, only you control: to be established by “you have answered our fifty questions”. Which then leads to, A glimpse: allowing you to construct the decision, ARE WE, capable or not; of sharing life and its living “between, me or you”.

THIS WARNING, RISK IS REQUIRED/ NO GUARANTEE OF SAFETY EXISTS: this service IS for access, THE identification, or whatever you assign to each other: IS entirely; FOR YOU TO DECIDE.

Those who belong to this group: will be given a badge/ to prove you did answer fifty questions for you to consider: IF they allow you to!

THIS BY ITSELF: “limits time spent”; in the deduction of personal opinions aided and abetted to determine; as best you can. “What our lives and living could be.”

TO AID your own securities: YOU, Agree to be graded by the other members, in an opinion only vote of confidence. As indicated in these rules.



You must answer all of the fifty questions within each of the ten color primary interests; categories given. Other INITIAL PEOPLE asking for membership; will be seeing your answers; with NO specific personal description found to identify you; in that information: will grade you. Averaging that number will then appear on your badge. Each member asking to join: AFTER responding to all fifty questions and saving your work: will then grade the answers of at least 3 other separate potential members; before becoming a member themselves.

Once saved; your own answers cannot be changed for one year; only on renewal/ once you choose to declare; this is your answer; saved as true. The colors presented: will indicate your primary conversational subject of interest. From those colors and their description you will choose the color that appears on the border of your membership badge. To indicate a direction for conversation, by your primary interest. You may choose a gold border to indicate: all interests are welcomed.

Your zip code/ coded name or number chosen, will be used on your file; to open it. The value of your answers, as are graded prior to membership; without an identity established: show a willingness to work and be honest. Grades by averaging; preferably at least three people (their OPINION grade; will then appear on the opening page of your file. That opening page: will be the only thing allowed to change, your only access. The Discussion answers; are only changed on renewal if you choose; year to year: choose carefully).

There will be 3 questions to grade: first number: 1) was this answered honestly. 2) did the person presenting it, write it? 3) can this person be trusted? Each question= 0-5 points/ all three together “111” no trust/ “555” fully trust; or whatever is in between these limits. That offers a three digit read out.

Particular attention is given to those who have dated; have a separate grade. YOU agree, prior to dating: BY MEMBERSHIP: to allow this opinion, TO BE USED; for this grade.

You agree, this will be allowed on your opening file page. YOUR picture MUST be used, if graded by dating the terms mean: “#1safe or not safe/ #2fair or not fair/ #3fun or not fun”. YOUR opening page allows; a short statement, chosen by you. Grades chosen for you. Your picture. Access to: the Content of the fifty questions you completed for this purpose. Badge, will contain the expiration date; to renew. Year to year answers; will be kept for review.

While anyone can reach the open page, with your permission: to start a more intimate conversation. Access, to your file is; (with your decision to allow: by your coded name or number used).

The page purpose is: to describe the grade of other members given to you on: “truth or lies”/ in our “members opinion”; by your peers. With dating grades also in view. YOUR page, MAY also contain a short description: of your own choosing.

To open the DISCUSSION file itself: the one who owns it, must provide the code; ON THEIR equipment. By sitting, with you/ in order to, allow you to do it.

Opening the DISCUSSION file of answers, will require a different code change from the owner. AND shall not be done unless exchanging information with the other you chose.

You may choose: their access limits (time allowed) and boundaries (how many times allowed)/ for people you choose to share with.

While protection of your file, is to be realistic/ you should understand: it is NOT guaranteed.

Bear that in mind as well. It is the intent to provide for relationship members; the opportunity to file; if you are going further with this person/ what times and dates/ where and so on. Once you allow it, on your opening the initial page. That subset of your file; is so that a record, by your own choosing is kept.

RESPECT REQUIRES: No screaming in anger/ no transferring fear (I have an enemy/ to keep my mind from death); either. Kindly keep drama and emotion within limits. LIARS are evicted; Or at least; you can be removed from invitation; for not less than one year.

this business service; which operates without judgment/ short of hate! Is your decision alone; to join and participate within the realities of real world; “strangers meeting strangers”. For the value that can contribute to our lives. BUT with the understanding: probably “one out of a million or perhaps more”/ will be hiding hate. Your decision is to risk the reality of whatever that number or risk is/ and protect your own self; from those who mean you harm in any other way.

As is the reality of real world, no fantasies allowed: this is life.

one of these four choices in badges: expected to identify a direction to your desire; as is separate from the rest of members/ not interested in this type of conversational intimacy; who are using this business. Along with other information granted by you; on that badge.