There has been a change in my direction/ much to my surprise.

Of things elemental to life is the truth: that while life is on the inside/ living in on the outside. The difference is: foundations exist on the inside/ while experience and expression of what does exist, will be viewed on the outside; as time is the discovery of life itself, by living according to the foundations of our law. Male and female are different elements of energy, and exhibit different laws as a result.

Life, seems to have “swallowed male up”/ forcing change to occur suddenly. Or more distinctly: I have experienced a sudden force pushing against me/ which caused anarchy (the overthrow of what governs here), and its chaos of insurgency confronting the reality of what exists. Ending with the foundation of female is now in charge. Or somehow I have become “the spiritual woman inside”. While looking out at a body with the wrong parts and pieces, that is just plain ugly, to the concept of being female. How strange life is.

No there is nothing homosexual; all men or fantasies of man are once again reminded: STAY AWAY sexually from me. This is entirely about “female and I”/ nothing exists sexually, for male here: other than the terrors assigned by HADES; if you don’t.

No, I don’t know why me/ or what this means; other than life has changed. NO it is not “a miracle of change”, as would be necessary to claim “girl” now. But an alteration of life, that is going to have an impact on living; because male no longer has control.

No, I don’t know what that really means “to the living part”/ but I can clearly tell; changes have been made to the life part.

No, I don’t know why? No, I cannot escape; that seems forever gone. No, I have no real predictions for the future “its not my job”. Life is a woman/ but living is not: how is that possible? I plainly don’t know. Its complicated, and I have no keys.

Life is feeling completely backwards, or something/ and I have been put on a diet; “not one bite too many”. To my own distress/ which simply adds: WHY me?

No, this is not “imagination/ delusion/ or fantasy”; it is a life thing. The separation of which “from life to living” is determined by the spiritual world/ not by want. Which means it is a basic change in truth. There are no “voices”/ no images/ no imagination” involved. It is “enveloped by thought”; a reality you do not understand.

The truth of it seems to be: since male declared he was done/ he is removed from the work.

What is female begins with: the primary element involved in every form of behavior that fails value, and constructs a cause “such as suicide, rape, sexual intensity, hate, bigotry, racism, greed, selfishness, and more”. Are all, the result of focusing on one tiny thing. To remove that element of society: requires that you must stop focusing on one small reality or relationship of desire “starts here”. And change it into “the whole person”/ rather than the distinction of a specific want; or its pride, or its power for revenge. Ridicule, gossip, and the like use “one tiny little thing” to describe how you can focus on what is not functionally important.

Value shapes us by what we do, rather than what we want. But your ability to control your own decisions; demands the discipline necessary for order to rule your world. Balancing desire with truth, identifies who you are; and therefrom purpose aligns with respect to produce the hope that comes from trusting “your own truth shall bind you with love; over any other choice”. Happiness comes from letting the heart go free, but peace knows: freedoms cannot sustain a life/ while truth, and the values of trust can. Hope lifts the heart; and where two or more join in hope, “the orchestra of our lives shared, in the rhythms proven by care”; becomes a home.

If you close your heart to others; the song of life “stops playing”, and you lose your way. Unfortunately, the curse of greed, arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for life and world; are a plague. Courtesy of “university knows”, and all those who worship it.

In order for you to survive, lessons must be learned. These begin with focus; as a conception understood, by the definitions of “standing on one spot/ and turning completely around in a circle”. Knowledge says: what you see, is the expansion of self, into the disciplines of truth. But the central reference point: is reduced by focus, to the existence of self, as your own ownership of life. That focus begins with body/ but intensifies, as body gives way; to the fundamental foundations that are life itself. It is useful here, to understand: the orchestra of body, is functionally referenced by all the players doing what “the orchestra leader” demands of it. Or more simply: you give the command to your body; and your body does the rest; which aligns with “the law of body; has many participants”. While life itself, has only one. So the creation of balance; forms the backbone of life with body. When that balance fails; the focus of life beyond self, fails as well.

Therefore the foundation element of gender is: to refocus life beyond self; to attain an elemental grasp, of more than an environment of me.

We then begin the journey beyond self; as the introduction which expands life; by the essence of miracles; to become the distance between where existence meets eternity. Proving that the balancing of life without participation “within gender dimensions”; is to accept “the universe itself, is waiting”.

It is here that elements of my own life have been changed. As the quest to conceive of eternity meets the boundaries and limits of the spiritual world that decides what our truth has become. Having accepted the journey beyond self; has limits. The boundary of truth in time; has forced me to turn around; and go back; because I am not eternal; and therefore may not proceed any further beyond self.

Turning back reveals an entirely different view; and to my great surprise, that has entangled with “an entirely different orchestra” operating body, rather than what I have known to be “me”. No, I do not know how this ends; but it is clear, the laws of my living have changed. I feel a bit like a “hockey puck”/ no rights, no freedoms, no choices, no options; not a spectator; but not a participant either. Simply here. So, life demands: accept the law; because truth is not going away. It seems a bit like a quagmire; as choices depart. “she” decides, not me!

I utterly/ honestly feel like, I am starting over, from the beginning of life; “with the wrong body, and a mind that does not communicate with me”. Frustrating is not sufficient. Not a rebellion; but clearly “an overthrow”, of everything I use to be. I feel evicted. Nonetheless, eternity with value; is only for those who are invited. I will hope for the best; that life can be for me. Honestly accepting: that day will come.

Whatever that turns out to be. Life is a gift; the living is, what it is; because the journey is on the inside/ not the outside. The value of life is not as male or female; but as love exhibits truth.

AS FOR YOU; the lesson is, EXPAND YOUR WORLD BEYOND SELF; and learn without balance, life will crumble, and eternity will be lost. LEARN THAT MIRACLES ARE TRUE, and they PROVE GOD is your CREATOR! Which removes the game, humanity plays as the result of what men do. THINK, don’t believe/ but make no mistake: the evidence is always tainted by those who want you to believe. Or you must search for yourself, to participate as a living example of what being human alive, does mean. FIND THE TRUTH, by choosing to CARE. Or let the decision remain unsolved; until you can SHARE what law does teach; and find your solution. When all the lies, and wants; are removed.

As to individual people: the focus of your life, determines the direction that you will go, the foundations of what you do believe is true for you; where hate or love defines. A very narrow focus of anger, (I found the enemy) illustrates the intensity and purpose of hate and control. While the expansion of life, beyond self; identifies the desire for justice, and the value of life as is created by love.

The critical failure of life, in service to greed, selfishness, and disrespect for this living world; establishes extinction. You must change that to survive. I am NOT your savior, etcetera. Just the messenger, delivering “change or you will die”.

As to me; life says, male shall never be back. While reality itself, as is body, mind, and soul are shifting; to communicate “female now”. Not with clothes or makeup or other details which do not matter; but with law and life and living, creates the future. “a new life” built upon trust, rather than hope. No, I have no clue! “say whatever you must say”. But everything male has been wrecked or thrown away (nothing male as soul, is left. Gone and buried). I guess the body itself will decide on “what is left”.  And there is no other choice, for me. But to begin again: it is LIFE, from a very different view!

 The result is simple: LIFE, elementally defined by soul; “has changed its mind”. I guess, “the message, of real world extinction”/ no coming back for you: needs something different. NO, that is not an excuse you can use; fantasies and delusions are not allowed in spirit; and living will prove “we are not, same”. Only truth, survives in the spiritual world. Nothing less will.