A primary consideration of this time is: the production of drinking water/ as reality has proven, this will be needed. The most common of all methods we are capable of using is: to create distilled water, by using heat/ and then collecting that water so it can be used. Or more simply; sea water is used to incorporate a system which uses waste heat in the production of distilled water. Salt can be sold to offset the process costs. Things like electrical production waste tremendous amounts of heat and evaporated water. Wherever large amounts of heat are generated. While that water will eventually return as rain, if it falls into the oceans; we can’t drink it. The unfortunate side effect is: where fossil fuels are burnt/ robbing that exhaust of its heat will bring the resultant poisons closer to earth, concentrating them into the vicinity they are generated at. So real world solutions must be found in those situations; such as injecting it into empty oil reservoirs/ empty underground mines, or anywhere an underground fires exist; to extinguish that fire. Whatever is realistic to the purpose.

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