Human existence is marked by: the distribution of love or hate, relies upon this. Belief is demonstrated as the finding, “of whatever this, is”. But belief exists based upon individual experiences or individual expressions; and does not reflect the reality of what other people believe or accept as the determining value of their own lives. Consequently; people believe and judge according to their own versions of truth/ accept actions or reactions based upon their associations with love or hate among the rest. And define the basis of humanity is: whatever they decide it is. Therefore: they can and are judge, rather than human/ a reality that lends itself very easily to hate. Because love does not judge, it lives within the values of truth, respect, honor, and hope.

Few attain these values; and rest their lives in between love and hate; as is constructed to be “whatever I want, life or people to be”. Because want is the primary motivator of people; as does become pride and power as it progresses to the conceptions of hate, violence, and revenge.

LOVE is not associated with hate: these are opposite dimensions of life/ and they do not mix together. Love exists as your decision/ OR hate exists as your decision. The middle ground is for all those who have not yet permanently decided: that they choose love/ or ITS OPPOSITE direction of hate. Therefore the middle ground fails life, because eternity only lets love or hate decide. Love being the essence of life established by truth. Whereas hate is the essence of death, and its terrors; established by your own truth. One or the other is all you get/ those who failed to choose honestly; are bound by the curse of disintegration; as is, “found worth less than value, to life”/ but not cursed to eternal death.

So the critical question is: DOES LOVE SAVE YOU, from death, and its extinction of value; beyond time?

The critical answer is: “truth survives”/ regardless what it is! Therefore the identity of that truth, becomes real in the foundations of what law can sustain.

LAW “limits and binds” this universe, in a compilation determined by what is real, and how does energy and mass interact “here and now”.

The critical answer to life however is, more than existence; our relationship with life is based upon the distinction of our identity created within thought. Therefore thought is the translator of “who I am”/ while law is the essence of “what and where and when” shall I be found.

How we interact with truth, determines the consequences of what will become our destiny. Love builds/ hate destroys. Simple as that.

So the eloquent meaning of life itself is, to understand regardless of presence; we are to love, a life being shared with me; a reality of caring that is my gift to you. Constructing the home from which we rise to become our gift to each other. The disciplines of order, achieve balance; where love leads us, to be happy.

The laws of existence provide how.

The rise of truth in purity, conceives of eternity; because within the grace of purity our love turns beyond self; into family. Where life waits, to join you as chosen, by love to live within truth.

Beliefs, “can never learn”/ because they already know “everything, they need to know”. The consequence of that is: humanity decides to believe; and everything is based upon “what they know”. Regardless of truth.

Beliefs are based in the description “we cannot all be wrong”/ therefore its safe to believe this road leads to where I want to go. But that is not true, as the reality of the majority is: “to live huddled as a herd”/ wanting love and hate; so as to be appreciated, but also feared. To want pride, but also power to rule, as the superior one. So there are games, and the herd does play; sharing the same fates that consequence will bring. The most common of which is war, and depression; as is “you cannot be a winner/ without making others the loser”. You cannot be right/ unless someone else is wrong. You cannot lead, unless someone else will follow. These are the base level demands of a herd: same as me, but I am better. That herd then believes: as predators (in small groupings)/ whereas in prey, (we want massive/ you cannot get to me, in the middle) realities.

To disband the herd: requires “that we cannot all be right”/ or more distinctly: we must choose for ourselves, because at the end of life; I am responsible, for who and what and why “I am”. Not you/ me. That results in a path beyond the others, to recognize and identify what is “me/ self”.

The herd does not like that, because it believes: together we are safe and strong/ separated we are weak & prey. Therefore everyone must be same; so that we all work together as if we were just one creature, moving and thinking alike. To keep the predators at bay. As is the basis of collecting an army; which cannot, or will not; think for itself.

But that is not “an individual life”/ and it is by an individual life, that we die, and enter into eternity. NOT A RELIGION in the world can avoid that/ and not a single one of them can save you from your truth. Religion can however guide you with rules of behavior, elements of thought; which then lead back to the truth: this, as is life and eternity: is a decision you must make for yourself. What is right, or wrong: and the consequence you will endure.

So then we must ask: what is an individual life?

The first test is love and respect for those who gave you birth, and keep you alive; some with value and love/ some a complete disgrace to life; thereby hoping you survive. The end result of it is: we are not born as equals, not by environments, not by mental or physical abilities, not by aesthetics of face and form and skin. We are individuals, granted time to work within the realities of what life gave to you. Some things are a blessing even when they seem not/ some things are not a blessing, even when the rest want what you have. The end result of it is: we must accept, “this is me”. Truth starts here. Some shout unfair: but the end result of it all is, that in order to be “individual lives/ recognized by the others as “you”. There has to be differences/ and today that means “over 8 billion differences in this world”; to identify “you”/ from the rest. Added in with: male and female represent the freedom of their own choices.

From here; the conceptions of male and female arise to become a classification by definition: we are different! Sexuality then appears, and the chemicals which allow for sex to be pleasurable; interfere with truth. Truth says: that sexual means, governed by the grace of happiness, as we learn within respect to be truthful and trusting in the intimacy of a relationship; beyond the meaning of self. Where the difference is more than physical; a participation beyond time, where heart and soul appear as choice.

Unfortunately: the vast majority “worship the middle ground”/ where lust forms into a chemical addiction in/of bodies; instead of truth in life, as heart lifts us, to become soul. Sexuality as an addiction suffers an endless assortment of failures that cost us all; in abuse, used, lies, cheating, stealing, revenge, jealousy, mayhem, manipulation, temptation, violence, and even murder; as lust transforms being human into being animals instead. Universities applaud that alteration of value; from, human to animal; and scream: evolution is your god/ there are no consequences for your actions/ CHAOS is your blessing; all worship us; because we are the superior ones. Little in life as time; is more fundamentally wrong.

Nonetheless, the heart knows truth; and when two or more, share the truth of life inside; they can form into a value given the grace of family. Sexuality is not a form of entanglement or ownership. It is a gift we give to each other, as a value shaped by how we give to each other; as care. With discipline and values, there is order in sexuality; the balance of “only we share this one thing”. Without that, there is chaos; hearts are broken as trust disappears; and failures begin to destroy what was built with value. Because the foundation of our lives, the hope that is our future as one; is now broken. Even so, life is more complex than simply saying: “only we can share”. Because lives can be broken; and realities of hope can be lost; and in the end we must choose; based upon “what is a life worth”? The answer is; far more than any of us know. But even so; when sex will fix a broken heart; it is only because your love goes with it; and that means “you shall NOT own that love anymore”/ you chose to give it away, and that is real. You chose to gamble; with limits and boundaries VERY hard to keep/ lives that NEED happiness to survive/ mental realities that must then deal with the consequences of these choices; and may not survive. The list is long/ but it is not fair; to be truly simple. Life is not simple, “it is fundamentally love or hate”/ so we must choose; as best we can. Remembering a lie; IS AN attempt to steal/ and stealing lives in the beginning realm of hate. Let truth alone decide; but make no mistake, every truth has a consequence. One of those is: “I am not your trophy or toy/ not your trinket or possession”: I am who I am, as truth defines that to be. NOR are you mine. Which means; I own my heart; life owns my soul; and destiny constructs the path we share as one. Or the place we must divide, as two. When want governs, chaos will follow. When you govern your heart to complete your soul as love; the disciplines which follow, cannot give in to want; as only truth can decide. Want is not love, it is the desire to be happy in time. Love is not want, it is the desire to share the destiny of miracles; as best we can. Sexuality fills a void in time, when life searches for hope. Intimacy in the journey beyond ourselves; creates a step to ascend beyond heart; to become the value called soul. Time and eternity share only truth.

Humanity lives by want; that is the essence of time/ we have needs that must be met in order to survive: and that does shape the realities of life, and heavily impacts love. Because survival comes first. So the critical question of society is: HOW do we limit the needs of survival/ and still participate in love as happiness binds us together; in order to, we have achieved both justice and respect. The answer is the boundaries of law. We have chosen: this is what FAIR PLAY, means to us all.

These are realities each society needs to address for themselves; although they will be similar throughout the human world.

Life begins in time with “blind destiny”; the realities of choice, that are entirely your own to decide. As you make each decision, they rise into the disciplines which will bring happiness/ or fall to the fate of leaving your life behind to enter into self alone, as is the basis of hate. Therefrom we know: that every single decision, every action or reaction, has a cost: as is subtracted from love to become an invisible consequence of fate.

NO ONE is perfect; and I too am guilty of making poor choices from time to time/ as are we all. Of those; pushing away a couple of people, by inflicting a cost on someone else; as is “the work cost too much/ or the quality was lower than they expected”; establishes they did not deserve that. There is no honor in forcing someone to fight your battle; even if it is just saying “don’t hire him”. But I needed my life back/ somedays, the intensity of my education required “leave me alone, please”. And humanity wants what it wants; until you show them what they want is not going to happen. This work came first for me, and even life pushed some people away; as would be evidenced by “I know/ but can’t; restricted”. Its complicated. Nonetheless, I have to live with: should have confronted the problem (even tolerating the tantrums); but did not. Should have done better, but could not; just how it is. Anyway, ‘One life to live”/ identifies death stops all of that; and only the truth you created of you: then matters. Mercy allows the balance of love to decide.

So the critical truth is: IN DIRECT DEFINACE of!

“university knows” which grants there is no life/ its all an accident. There is no such thing as order, its all chaos decides. They are the only gods you need to worry about; and of course they can play god and do anything to this world or its life; they want too. IS ALL THEIR LIE, to prove they can hate you. As is the cost of arrogance, apathy, and pure disrespect for our world.



 Proven by complexity, in EVERY BODY OF LIFE/

THE REALITIES OF EARTH; way beyond human comprehension

as is a fact; without any flaws.

The consequence of that is: your every decision matters, to you/ and to your eternity. Because while they can shout and complain: the universities cannot prove anything other than the fact they were wrong. By investigating evolution; “which means, their only fact base evidence is: THIS looks like that”. Which has nothing to do with evidence, and is merely an observation. They have no evidence/ no proof/ no value/ no wisdom: only religion shouting “university is god”. As a cult, which does not allow for the leaders to be questioned/ as media culls and kills all opposition, along with governmental puppeteers hiding their cult worship with NOBODY questions the cult.

STOP BEING BLIND. STAND UP FOR LIFE AND WORLD; by removing the blindfold; and investigating the cult of universities play god; to your shame.

truth allows, that our life in time is a direct introduction to eternal life/ and all the various levels in between life and death. Outside of love, there is loneliness. Outside of friendship and values; family does not exist. Outside of truth: there will be chaos and death. Deliberate actions: that rob life of “an eternal, child of GOD” will receive their due reward. Those who chose not to come; will find themselves as they chose; abandoned to their own version of fate. So the question is: HOW, can we all be certain, “of life”, beyond time exists?

Fools yell the universities are god; and suggest they know; as all believers do. Yet they do not even know that evolution is a lie/ as blatant and stupid and worthless as it is. So there is no evidence of a brain in them; only arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for life and world; as is proven by all these threats of our own extinction; due to their actions or consequences of their decisions. These shout and scream; “the world was not built in 6 days; a biblical reference”. But that is not what it says; as would be “designed in six days”; just like you design before you build; so as to know.

So where does the envelopment of thought begin, to transform existence into the evidence, proven true: that are, all these miracles of life?

The answer is: the universe that we know, exists upon the framework of 7 individual things. Mass is not life/ energy is a motion transferred to life/ space is the existence of dimension/ cold translates into the greater power/ heat translates into the lesser power/ order conceives of time/ discipline confronts time with laws/ and the consequence of these is: that balance offers the potential for choice. Where life does begin. NOTHING exists of order, balance, or discipline, without thought. Life itself does not exist without the laws which govern that reality of choice. The environmental needs of an identity construct the values of energy must be present. Without substance, as is mass; no conception of humanity exists. While space opens the door of a potential beyond ourselves. It is heat and cold which underline the difficulties of being alive. So then loneliness explains the reason why/ and realities beyond our comprehension identify the purity of thought, which designs our bodies and living in time; could have done far less than everything we needed to be free. Within ourselves.

As to how GOD exists? There is no sustainable answer; but that is irrelevant/ because the organization of life and universe demand “HE DOES”. JESUS is an offering of proof; that not only does GOD exist; but there is hope, with love we can be invited to go beyond time; where life itself does originate; as a family of love did this.

So the foolish yell: you can’t prove nothing. But that is irrelevant, because I need not prove anything/ nor can you prove your claims; other than a body discarded in time/ remains in time to rot. But that does not prove life, as raised the body up from the dirt to become a miracle in our presence; is any less present. Until time is discarded/ as is required, in order to be eternal. Only the dead inside; will accept evolution. Because there is no other explanation for “the birth of life”; than a miracle of thought did this. And a miracle does not stem from this body of time; without the existence of life added in. “go ahead, pick up a handful of dirt”/ and prove evolution builds life. And the universities yell: WE WILL SOON/ as they seek to dissolve genetic nature, in order to believe they will be gods someday. But will only create Armageddon (the bodies of ALL life, dissolving into chaos) instead.

Time is said to be; “the most elemental thing, humans have/ because without time, we have no body of life in this world”; it destroys itself/ so that the new can have their own place in existence. But they are wrong, as time is merely a measurement; distinctive to distance and the measure of energy, which determines how long it takes to move mass; in order to get, “to its end of journey”. We arrive on this earth, as a moment defined by life; as best we can, that expands until death takes this body away. The quest to use energy as is motion, to control mass as is body; defined by the freedom of choice; as is elemental to thought. Confined by body it is the measurements of brain; which create our connection with time.

Thought however is not connected to time; and participates as “our spiritual connection with life”. Therefore within the environmental conceptions of living on this earth: we are confronted with body needs and desires/ while being introduced to the construction of life beyond self; the destiny shaped by truth. Critical construction asks: WHAT is truth as a spiritual world?

The elemental definition is “force”; the foundation of what makes energy turn into motion/ as guided by thought. Therefore the critical assembly of that force guided by thought is: life. The critical relationship of life into time, is “the creation” of truth. Therefore the spiritual world is truth, and the basis of our existence; is built upon forces we do not control. They control us, as life or death. As life we participate at some level of thought, based upon your own decisions. As death we either “ride back” the force of life that gave us time to its beginning; in the instant of our death. Or we are left behind, to evaporate into forever gone; as laws allow.

Little in life is more vile than a universities diploma trying to play god; and they will take these words and attempt to murder nature. So I say to you: stand up, and fight for your world/ or it will fail, and the tears will be horrific. Yes, I am pushing you: because time is running out/ and you have not moved.

The consequence is: that today, I am stepping on the edge of disaster with you/ by providing more information than is wise. The list of that has grown from: you are a curse, to the fact; information allows you to become Satan; even more. “anger is a moment/ devil steals a future/ but Satan tries to destroy our entire world”; as is the cost of “university” identified by the cost of threats so severe; they will cause our extinction. Wake up or die, I have said numerous times; but today that become “forever true”/ as realities of failure and disgrace, continue to exterminate even the possibilities there can be hope.

I did do what I could/ I did make exceptions to every rule, in order to wake you up/ I did open the door into the spiritual realm of female; and found myself trapped; no longer in charge. I did discard time, friendships, and happiness; in order to fight for this world. While all you did and continue to do is ridicule me, and hide or run away; to your shame.

What I hope will be the last words to you is: past the point of no return/ there is no coming back; you do, become the living dead/ and will enter “hell”. Until extinction consumes you all. MAKE A BETTER DECISION; WAKE UP and fight for life and world; because you owe it, for your life. Women even more than men (this is, the best they did do); because you are, “the last hope; as is different stands a chance”.

As to me: “I am, overrun; spiritual female in charge”/ she leaves absolutely no doubt. I don’t know why; just how it is. No clue/ no choice?    NO, not violent/ NO not insane/ NO not a game; from the beginning it was her intent that I should KNOW;  all the things women have endured because of men. “traded places”;  but surely the work is done; but it seems I am not. Truth of life, leaves me where I do not belong; “in a spiritual woman’s world”. The laws of life do not apply here, “to male”/ its complicated; who knows how it ends? I do not; but violence is not part of truth in the elements of love/ so it will not be that. Lessons learned however are. It is a woman’s world, and I am not allowed to know anything; as even that, can be taken away. This work would have failed without her/ I guess its fair? My work, for this world, “since 9 years old/ the Cuban missile crisis”:  was most important to me. Women are most important to her, along with the world they need to survive. Being treated as equals, “with honest, fair play”!  So, it appears likely:  there will be something; for that need, demanded of me. I don’t know what/ when/ who/ where/ how; or even “why me”. Time will decide, and prove what is true. 

WAKE UP, or all will die. just how it is!

Things are changing, for me; becoming more aware of “female, an essence of life/ rather than a description of time”. She is altering my life, “feels like chaos” to male. But it is just disciplines and order rearranged to conceive of life; from a different view. Adding construction, to complication. I do hope, there is some degree of value (even for me); at the end of it all. Do I have to tell you: yes I do; its required of me. Lost control. I had a vision once; as hurricane Katrina went through New Orleans/ a few hours later, “it seemed to go through me”/ the place of men was annihilated, where I use to live. Is no more. But, time will tell.

I would have to say; the primary difference between male and female in me at least, is: female requires endless “patient endurance”, no you can’t, or even yes you will. Whereas male is just go do what you want. “not anymore”.

No, it is not mind control or insanity or whatever. Instead reality says and proves: as it is between husband and wife/ decisions are made; and we must go together or separate. As is a constant of history; that was a very hard thing to do/ so the end result is: stop whining, and do what you are told. Because survival is more important than “winning”. Reality knows that is true; but the real problem is, she interferes in everything, including what is only my concern: and that is not survival. “playing god” with my life is a reality that kills happiness in this relationship. Men are not “god”; a reality you must acknowledge and learn; we are equals/ even if primary decisions are made by the one who does the work. A better method is to come to a conclusion together; letting the one who “pays the most”; make the decision/ as best we can. But, that is not the lesson of my life; as is, “she has proven to be in charge”; and does not need my approval. No doubt as is the constant of history; between the vast majority of, men and women. And the people shout: “fraud”. But reality says: “plain and simple; and you know this is a reality between male and female that is true. “my job to live it/ explain it/ change it/ endure it,,,,,who knows; it just is what it is.”

This is now “a couple weeks later”; and I really do, feel different/ body feels different/ life feels different; changed. I guess instead of a work/ this is now a blog “to discuss feelings”; just changed, lost control. Don’t know how it ends: “different”/ just different, doesn’t feel like “me”.

People will laugh, ridicule, gossip, accuse, deny, believe what they want, and more; because that is what they do; and I am an open target. But this is not a game, and that makes their denial of consequences: a graveyard they dig for themselves.

As for me: I gave my life in time to this work (by far, most of it; including people; even an ex wife of two years; biggest cause? “she threatened pregnancy”; and we stopped having sex; as that changes life and the future; it is not a game; choices must be made.).

Because although this started due to weapons of mass destruction; that is only one of many realities; that now threaten our extinction. Because you didn’t care, and worshiped greed instead. Disrespect is what you offered in exchange.

The end of it is: time has run out, as world war stands ready/ as the planet threatens us all with global warming/ as ocean life dies/ and ten thousand more. Including doubling the human population in fifty years: cannibalism is next/ believe it or not.

So I predict the collapse of life on earth; as you worship your gods of universities; and they destroy life and earth; to give you what you want/ and hide from you what they want. Which turns out to be “Satan: kill the whole world”.

If not/ THEN YOU WILL CHANGE FOR LIFE COMES FIRST, AND THE PLANET WILL BE RESPECTED; even though you hate giving back or giving up all you stole from the future, and each other with arrogance, apathy, and complete disrespect. The choice will not present that option much longer/ and then extinction shall rule you. Time for earth to live, will end.