court failures

The courts are challenged to commit: because I have presented several cases to the courts/ throughout the entire state court system of IL, and federal court systems of this USA. Only to find: that democracy is dead in the courts/ replaced by “universities are in charge now, and they deny and defy the constitution as our law; by simply remaining silent refusing to admit there is a constitution or any law is presented by the constitution. Claiming I filed frivolous lawsuits; when the opposite is true. Denying me access when they know they cannot win. Threatening with extreme financial penalties, and their own criminal actions for using tax as an incentive to make them take me to court. Felony actions in state court systems to confiscate a ten thousand dollar truck for five hundred dollars; claiming I owed the rest. Discarding courtroom rules; so the judge took over jury selection, to ramble on for an hour: in order to make me pay $400.00 for the transcript needed in appeals/ which they then tried to give me a paper copy of that. Which would have meant, I had to pay it again if not insisting on a digital copy: which is the only thing the appeals court will take/ and then charging me; $250 for touching a button to email it to the appellate state court. Which they had already proven: was useless for law or justice; so I refused. Discarded me in the 7th federal court of appeals: by claiming this is about “religious christmas ornaments on the courthouse square in some city way beyond reality”; in a case that had none of that at all. Or the US supreme court and the ethics panel of congress notification: having sent them a “are you going to let this appellate court do that?” Believing some degree of justice existed: but they proved me wrong. Discarding every demand for: THIS CAN GO WRONG IN EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION: with “they cannot question the universities”/ even when wrong is a dead earth. And more, refusing the law/ media mice/ one man in news was better; but his editor was not. Using the court to steal property, with claims of inspection; that was absolutely theft.

SO DON’T tell me, that I am too afraid to file. The only case I didn’t pursue was the one they suddenly turned around on: and at that point, they could not be trusted to do more than charge me with contempt; which breaks all the rules of law, and gives my life to a prison. Where one man in this area spent two years of his life/ the claim: refusing to do what the court demanded. So no I didn’t go for that; this work was too important to me. And no I didn’t finish a courtroom trial, about being paid for my work: because the state of IL throws your claim of work away after 30 days/ and if challenged in that manner it takes more than thirty days, to rearrange and begin again. Nor did I accept: the only notice OF COURT; I received was from the defense attorney claiming “I could come if I wanted”; as is the matter is already resolved. NOTHING from the court/ at all. So, they claimed, I didn’t appear: because it was irrelevant. I DID appear: I went to the court/ I paid the money/ I presented written testimony/ I created cause; and I expected some degree of justice; to find the court does not even notify me of the proceeding; but the defense attorney does. signals I will end up paying (the exorbitant cost of pure robbery in the courts) the man charged with destroying our contract, costing me “the next job”/ threatening me, and his curse of an attorney who has no use for justice or fair play. The defendant (because it was no longer simple); would have been ruined/ and that made me a target for revenge. This work meant more than that; even if humanity refused the reality of extinction is coming. Corruption throughout, and under every single claim of justice as is denied. The purpose and the only purpose of the courts in this USA this state of IL: is to insure the power, gets to remain in power; unquestioned and subservient to the universities are in charge now. The rebellion and takeover, is nearly through; as covid so clearly proved: dead meat, nearly all.  but hey people are better right? After all you threw away a world/ throwing away a nation/ throwing away every resource/ throwing away a planet/ throwing away every child; and more:  just to shout “look at me; WINNER”.  to your shame.

And because I gathered evidence of all that evidence of treason: they blocked my entrance into the courts both state and federal. So that I could not gather more; which was irrelevant/ because there is enough. Even so, this is about medical injustice/ gross enough to make me return; but still about you, MORE than me. Unless I need medical attention in the future; who knows? YOUR JOB/ YOUR WORK/ YOUR NATION/ YOUR TRIAL/ YOUR FIGHT TO MAKE DEMOCRACY HAPPEN/ YOUR COURTS; because as of covid, this is no longer state or nation to me. Even though I do live, and was born here. Is that clear?