The liars club, is a constant within history and its humanity; as the certainty of greed never dies. The realities of selfishness fails life and living nearly everyday; for us all. The decision is simple: “if I take everything/ then I will be the superior one; who gets to play god, savior, or whatever it is”. Leaders lie/ believers manipulate truth, to be what they want it to be/ thieves constantly shout: you owe me/ traitors will always claim “they know better”/ and terrorists just don’t care; they want you to fear. So the end result of it all is an assault on trust; because trust forms a family/ and lies, theft, etc; tear it down. Making the end result throughout history: we cannot trust each other; and love fails/ letting hate arise. The common description is then: “I will hide in want”: because the barrier to trust cannot be climbed/ but I will try to evade hate, because life is worth more than this. Which means: we cannot rely on “mental awareness”; because greed attacks us all. So for the vast majority, the world is defined by a level of mistrust, that will not go away. Which makes them fight, “to be rich”/ so they can be separate, and yet have everything they want, without facing “you”. But rich always means; someone else must be poor or enslaved so you can have more; and the cycle of failure is sustained.

The believers, “want what they want”/ and will bend anything to suit their purpose which is, to accept, that I am now safe and secured by this belief. Right or wrong does not matter; what I believe is what I believe, and nobody can take that from me. As is the state of religion in society; therefore rules to enforce what I believe shall occur. And those who believe in something else; must define their own rules and beliefs accordingly; because that is what security requires. We can’t all be the same; because want drives belief, and what we want is not the same. Unfortunately want is the foundation of every lie: because you won’t lie, “unless you want something/ or don’t want to endure something” so you pretend and mix values with fantasies, to create delusions and use imagination. Unfortunately, added to that is “the little voice” inside; which is everything you have learned, or been told by society; with regard to this decision that needs to be made. If you listen, want decides; because society with only rare exception; simply wants.

The thieves, are always hiding from the truth/ so that it does not influence them by bringing to bear “anything but me”. As is, “I alone: in this world/ want what I want, and I deserve what I want; because I am the superior one”. Criminals give up this clamor, to discover I can steal simply because I want too. So thieves are hiding the truth, they know; to sit on the edge or create crime and make excuses: is at the cost of their soul. But they do it anyway, “because they have an excuse (caring, is failing)”. Criminals discard the excuse: nobody cares about you. This is a world, where thieves outnumber the living; because they refuse to share. Which includes the constant, that is dating: and the excuse: “all is fair/ in love and war”; a liars choice.

So we come to traitors, and realize: the constant is pride, I want to win! In order to do that, there must be a game (yes, I can_)/ or there must be a war (to remove the penalties of taking what you want). And there must be a leader, to assemble the rules so that pride can be revealed in society; without shame. That is met with revenge; as is I lost but now I want to win anyway; so I will take revenge on you. Which is responded too with power/ as is I won’t let you take revenge, and to remove it from my life; yours is submitted to violence and hate. The cost of that is, a world that will not care; because power wants you to fear.

The terrorists worships fear as their resolution to obedience to me; or don’t get in my way/ or I will “terrorize you”. Leaders who fail society, fall into that category of failure to life. Power is their desire, and to keep it hate is found; to prove you will obey. Consequently there must be rules, to enforce obedience on individual people. Because unless you can demonstrate fear/ the people get complacent, and fail to submit “that you are god”. That brings war or slavery/ and slavery ends all commitment to justice; because peace and happiness have failed. Such is the world we live in/ but it is now modified by universities; to become the playground, of those who can now end this world with extinction for all life and earth. That fact modulates around the consumption of “news”, and the belief “this cult of superior people”; is our savior, and friend/ instead of the definition; of a reality changed, that is called “satan (together we can); the destroyers, of a world”.

The foundation of sharing is caring/ the critical truth of trust is love comes first/ the value and respect for our world revolves around the acceptance “life is a true miracle”; which humanity can only destroy. And the decisions, that shape our lives with truth decides; not our want. Because truth knows, if we destroy our world/ we all die, and love will end.

And the people SCREAM: I MUST PROTECT MYSELF/ MINE! And I cannot do that by sharing or caring about the others. But there is no justice, peace and happiness will fade away, if we do not care about each other; because that makes us divide into groups that compete; where war begins. Without truth, life dissolves into disrespect, and cult worship begins/ as is the end of reality shows us how. Without trust love dies, and there is no resolution of truth or value or respect, without that finite choice: to share, beyond self.

The greatest failure of life and self; is the people who create war on the others/ separating truth from reality, to claim their prize is all that matters; life does not. The constant of that is: human intellect, as does envision and then create the traps, which form a reason/ which then allows violence to erupt. War is not about who ignites this tragedy first/ but who illicit s the demand for action, based upon their decision to force a change. One such event, is described as the Cuban missile crisis; wherein the best evidence available says, “it was Kennedy who secretly, put missiles on the USSR border first”. Or in a more public viewing: it was Kennedy, who initiated the “lets go to the moon”/ in order to hide the true reason; which was to build an intercontinental missile to deliver “the biggest bombs” possible. Because his intent as proven by Vietnam; was to invade and take away the nuclear bomb from the USSR. Because he wanted all the power of that weapon. Little did he know; it was already far too late/ but people are believers, and they do believe whatever they want to believe; regardless of how utterly, stupid and vile can you be. The one certainty of history being: behind closed doors, the intellectual is building traps; to influence and control the rest. “they are called, leaders”. Few among them; have true value to life or world. Unfortunately for the leaders “hidden or not”; who use their decision to enforce a war: is the truth, “eternity is waiting”.

Because time; is about people having the freedom to make their own decisions. Unfortunately believers never do, because they want what they want; and they don’t want to stand in view of people who will hate them. So they hide from reality, and believe GOD will not let anything bad happen. History however proves otherwise/ even to the point of these people are not worth saving. As was Noah’s flood; a reality proven true, by the evidence of fossil fuels/ which could not exist; by any other method of physical truth.

The essence of a spiritual life is truth, because truth can be trusted/ and nothing less can. Therefore the quest of life beyond self; is to learn what truth is. That is a decision: which lets only the evidence shall decide, what I can accept as valid/ as honest respect will allow.

The essence of a life as family, “young or old” is: DON’T make decisions for me/ instead help me to understand what the cost and consequences of these decisions are; so that I can then make a better decision for myself. Because the end result of life is: I cannot escape the truth, of what I chose. A caveat to that is: puberty means, “new toys” have arrived/ and until you understand, “these are tools” not toys; and you must respect the reality of it/ rather than gain the pleasure of it. To achieve being an adult. Because sex carries with it, an addiction to these chemicals; and you must adhere to the disciplines that are: LIFE comes first. Because harm will result, if you do not. Do not accept excuses: YOU are in charge of YOU/ RESPECT each other, and life will define the order that balances love with truth. IF, that is your choice.