Constructive energy, is the measurement called time/ as time is the measurement of distance. This achieves the definition of life, by ending that distance traveled with death. Critical mass in this environment of completion; identifies what exists, by what has been established as truth. While living energy is the function provided by thought, which achieves the decision, established by freedoms; called a choice. The elevation of that moment, when life, and time, and mass congeal to constitute a human being rises when we understand, that freedoms provide options/ but only rights produce the distinction called an individual life. Everything else is an animal or other. So being human is called being justified; to conceive of, and create the rights upon which our lives, as a form of distinction: shall create the essence of our own version; known by the fact: “of miracles”.

The animals want power and pride, its what they do to recognize superiority; by which they claim the prize of “playing god” with our lives. Being human alive in the essence of miracles, requires us to resist that flagrant violation of truth, to assist in the laws of what is valid for our living, and our world. Thereby we do understand: that it is the law of WE THE PEOPLE, which shines out, as our version of reality; as a nation or world, or other. When the law is truth identified, to create the justice upon which our lives will then depend; by protecting the individual rights we do have every right to own. Then reality has created the foundations upon which being human will rise above the animals. However when superiority has preyed upon the people, and the poison of playing god has erupted into: only the few have rights/ and they use hate, to enforce fear upon the rest: that the curse of the predator has come upon us all.

We live on a planet; granted the choice: “to do, what humanity chooses to do; by our own decisions”. Unfortunately, the plague of superiority, has reached epidemic levels of arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for life and world/ and the predators now seek to destroy life itself, by their constant decision; as a cult herd formed by university leadership/ to kill this world. As is consistent with the religious term of Satan (destroyer of worlds). Therefore we do stand on the edge of our own extinction: as predator after predator conceived by superiority rises, to play Satan; and threaten the truth of our existence. By evidence so clearly driven with extermination; that none will survive; without true change.

If you war with weapons/ they win: extinction will come quickly now. If you fail to stop the spread of poison that is superiority wins (university plays god; of death): then extinction will slow a tiny bit; but extinction will come with horrors and terrors beyond your imagination as their curse unfolds to be “Satan on earth” (there is no escape; all die in “hell”).

ONLY ONE METHOD OF LIFE REMAINS ON EARTH exists as your choice: TO ESTABLISH BY LAW, OF WE THE PEOPLE, shall enforce this on all human lives. THE CLEAR AND PLAIN DECISIONS OF US ALL; TO PUT LIFE AND LIVING FIRST, for more than just humans/ AND TO PROTECT THIS PLANET FROM ALL FURTHER DAMAGE; by doing the best we can, to resurrect a living planet for life. By stopping superiority with law/ removing weapons of mass destruction/ ending extreme experimentation/ USING the penalty of death, for any further mutilation of genetic life/ remembering the future MUST remain possible/ and ten thousand more consequences of death and destruction: the result of “universities play god”. The greatest curse of life, history has ever known/ pushed to be damnation of life and planet; by media propagation of “let the liars, fools, failures, plague of hate, putrid vomit of superiority, killers, devils, and dead; decide! As they have been doing”! So says the evidence of extinction, which surrounds us all.

As it is with the atomic bomb: the most visible evidence of our coming extinction (quickly)/ truth knows, it is only one of many; courtesy of “university knows”; as is biological weapons of mass destruction (with horror and terrors unimaginable). And then the list or plague of catastrophes; goes on and on and on, as drinking water will end/ food supplies will end/ cannibalism will take over; and extinction is a guarantee.

But the most visible curse in all of that is: MEN, and their cadre of leadership, “specific to all things hate”/ have refused throughout all of history; to accept peace, justice, and the values of life. SO THE CRITICAL TRUTH of keeping this earth alive: forms on the backbone of “lets replace them ALL with LAW”. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE CHOSEN FOR OURSELVES: TO RULE, over our lives and world, and leaders.

EVERY NATION has its own brand of “Nazi/ predator pack”; those who don’t have power/ but want power to control the others, and make them beg from fear: as is WE NOW own you instead of you own us. Hate wants power, and uses whatever form of possibilities that exist: to invade and take control over that power: possible for Hitler, because of the consequences of world war 1. what is important about that is: that governmental leaders who use power to control people, are using fear, by isolating someone for an example to the others, that screams OBEY: DON’T QUESTION THE CULT of we are gods over you; BELIEVE, we are the superior ones. How many weapons, and their intent to produce fear decides: the decision of society to participate or not: determines how far they can go.

Until none can be trusted to help; as is the reason for collecting endless data about each one: so the search for opposition can be complete; all dead, or an example.

IN CONTRAST; IS THE RULE OF LAW; which then focuses on the law breaker, and whosoever aids and abets that lawbreaker; to keep justice from keeping peace in society.

Breaking the predator pack apart; by leaving them no place to hide: WE CAN find you now!

OR MORE DISTINCTLY: the purpose of law is to remove the game and the gang of insurgents, from hiding behind the mask of “government”/ and revealing who it is that did break our laws. NOT THEIR LAWS, BUT OUR LAWS, as defined and created by WE THE PEOPLE DID AND DEMAND THIS. Do you see the difference? Power and hate rule by hiding the truth with a cloak of “government, university, etc” (can’t defeat them all_). WHEREAS LAW removes the cloak they hide behind, and says of the evidence proven true: THAT YOU, ARE the lawbreaker, whether that be president, dictator, or other. Allowing the truth of society is: WE THE PEOPLE CAN DEFEAT YOU. And we can enforce our law, on anyone who fails our law as society itself created this: to be our guardian, “against you”.

The formation of what will then be OUR LAW, is then absolutely critical; to the values and purposes of OUR FUTURE AS A WORLD. Whosoever organizes the vote, will decide the future. Whosoever joins for peace and justice: WILL CREATE OUR SURVIVAL AS A WORLD. And whosoever chooses hate instead; will be its Satan.

The foundation of all human behaviors and decisions: IS EITHER, for love OR, for hate! Everything else is based upon animals behaviors, that live within want/ and the decision “I can have whatever I want, including love or hate”. But love is the opposite of hate; and they cannot “walk together” as one direction to living life. If you try, chaos erupts! Either for love of heart and soul, in the rhythms of respect and the honor created by miracles. OR, for hate, as is the manipulation and commands used for “fear/ believe/ obey”; as create judgment (I measured you), and therefrom violence; I am superior. Animals are animals, and cannot attain the values of a human life; in time or beyond/ all they can achieve is want: as presents the basics of predator or prey.

Religion will shout: YOU cannot condemn our beliefs! But I do reply, there are no beliefs in religion; because you can believe anything you want too/ who can take that away from you? Instead religion is about: how life began/ or what happens when you die! Beyond that the religious advise each other, that these are the rules we accept as being helpful to living a life with honor/ to removing the chaos, with rules, to allow; please try again. there is no real conflict other than: to accept only truth can be “the superior one”; which lets us identify what is then real/ as are every living miracle of life.

More critically distinct is: Accept only truth can be “the superior one”: law represents, the purity of our truth. What you want; divides and separates you from the realities of your choice/ thereby the creator or “devil”; of every lie is “your own want”. Which does make you: the elemental definition of purity as in love shared, because I care; respect formed as is proof/ OR, the foundations of selfishness as in hate erupts from this.

The current summary of “you” is: YOU DON’T CARE! Simple as that/ because you WON’T make any change necessary to keep this planet alive. Simple as that!

Over the decades: apart from a VERY tiny few; NO ONE cares about weapons of mass destruction (old news, except…). NO ONE cares about global warming/ NO ONE cares about the mutilation of all living things by universities play god/ NO ONE cares about extreme experimentation; even though it is the end of the world; by all evidence defined by provable truth/ NO ONE cares about the oceans or its life; even though a billion plus people will soon starve/ NO ONE cares about the loss of resources/ poisoning of this earth by chemicals (salting the soil)/ NO ONE cares about drinking water losses, and coming WAR beyond anything you can imagine (rivers of blood)/ NO ONE cares about the atmosphere detaching from the planet/ or extinction of species/ or habitat losses/ or human overpopulation which will soon be cannibalism to survive in hell. No one cares in this USA, nor among any immigrant population as were found; because everyone wants what they want. Which includes the young; who shout: I WANT WHAT I WANT TOO/ AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME PAY FOR WHAT THEY DID DO. While all the elders scream, “not in my lifetime” as if; no possible punishment could exist: courtesy of “University knows, and media cult creation”. NO ONE CARES about the money, debts, counterfeiting, or any other reality of life: so long as “only the children have to pay”. Or ten thousand more; because arrogance makes the heart hard/ and apathy proves, “AIN’T NOTHING” getting in here. Where disrespect for life and planet exist without cause. In this world of miracles. Reality destroyed by evolution, with religion helping; the greatest lie of living ever told/ although not the greatest lie of humanity; as is all the catastrophes of “university plays god”; to become the evidence of Satan on earth. As is “surrounded by threats of extinction” everywhere you look. And yet humanity says: NEVER, I WON’T SURRENDER NOTHING/ I WANT WHAT I WANT; and you can’t make me want anything I don’t want. Both young and old; “because you want what you want”/ even though your world has changed, and your garbage fills this earth. Genetic mutilation and chemicals changing you, and your future “allergies, autism” just to start. Horrors on every side; even if you cannot see them yet; they are coming.

Even your planet being ignited in fire (thick smoky haze; a thousand plus miles away) by terrorists; “hidden by media, to insure they burn as much as possible”/ won’t make you care.

Methods to help you exist on videos provided; look for fire fence of similar. 1, 2, 3, 4, be a little patient, move ahead if you must.

There are “countless homeless people; including veterans”; people to fight the Canadian fires and more; are available/ and need very little instruction for the majority of physical work. There are lots of loggers capable of making a difference/ and more. As for the money; this is USA, where there has not been a “for real dollar” for decades (counterfeit more/ or just take it away from the dead meat called: university covid is great; recipients). OH WAIT, I know; you don’t care/ because you will just go to the store and get more; even though those resources for 8 billion people who want more; do not exist.   A LINE OF HUMANITY ONE METER APART: WHICH EXTENDS FOR 8,000 million  PLUS kilometers long.

End of creatures, end of life; a barren world; which means they start burning your cities next. CARE, that is what you can do; with honest respect and work, for life and planet, as will participate in making things better. DO, what you can legally do/ and stop making excuses, for you. Or you inherit a dead world; the cost of Satan (universities) in charge.

So, I am here with this singular message: CHANGE YOURSELVES AND DO WHAT LIFE AND PLANET NEEDS FOR YOU TO DO; or you will soon be extinct. Because the evidence will prove that true; whether you believe it or not. What you believe could not be more irrelevant: what is true, will take control.

While I am given to be your excuse as well: conceived with “the spiritual woman inside/ as predicted by Revelation 12, & 17; in the bible. Even issues of male versus female taking over, in me; females leading life by creating laws for society: complicated/ you would not understand. Even though you know: men have been continually at war, for thousands of years, and now approach the ending of all life; with weapons beyond their sanity OR, they would not exist. BUT, The reality of evidence that proves extinction outweighs my life so heavily; you cannot use me, or abuse me, or kill me to make a difference. You are extinct/ unless true change comes “immediately”. And all the world says: “we don’t want too”. But reality says: you have no choice; except to let HELL consume you, because you just would not care; about life or planet; to your shame. Simple as that. “your choice”/ no excuse/ no going back: one direction or the other/ life or death.

And all the leaders say, which media propagates; as all military policing does: to prove they have a right to declare. DON’T WORRY/ BE HAPPY; we can’t be wrong. NOTHING bad will happen for a hundred years/ and we will all be dead. But as with all takeovers of government and society; established by Nazi purposes (we want it all)/ any media member who does not: report exactly what the universities tell them is true/ will be removed. Because it is the universities that rule this USA/ not government puppets. Rather trained and indoctrinated by universities since childhood: a diploma means: YOU DID, “mimic and memorize and repeat and believe and obey whatever you were told”; as good little slaves must do, to inherit as mice do “a little food from the serpent”/ or rats; who want more; so they insure hate exists to evidence fear.

As with all serpents (cunning enough to hide and slither in slowly, so as not to be noticed); there are only a few, whose influence controls everything else being done. Only a few, who control the books, and tell media what they will or won’t say. Only a few who direct the footprints of every high government official. Or watch over the courtrooms; to insure the constitutional law, and its democracy are void; and without authority. Only a few whose actions behind closed doors are now influencing our world; with hate.

Evidenced in covid: the proof of influence, with no evidence at all. Extends to let them have trillions of dollars and anything they want; as those who worship their god, will do. Ending the trail to find the truth; because they do control this nation and especially its media. In world war two; “they called that nazi”.

But like global warming, which is now becoming obvious; and yet they still say “nothing to worry about yet/ in another fifty years or so, its going to be a problem”. While truth identifies instead: even if it is just a few days with extreme temperatures a year so far. That is more than enough to FINISH killing every chain of life we depend upon for life. Soon the air conditioning will fail/ and millions will move north; ending water supplies there too/ creating war/ the fraud of money will be exposed and war will ensue “you stole my life”/ but the money was already gone, for at least fifty years; universities spent it/ and gave you nothing but garbage in return. Or genetic mutilation or sixty years of dumping trillions of tons of poison; OR ESPECIALLY SEVERE: “LETS IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE,      JUST LIKE THE SUN”/      we can call it fusion, after all whatever lie works/ that is what we want; to claim trillions. Just like covid to claim trillions. Or anything else we want, with media submersion of truth: WE CAN TAKE IT ALL; as they have been doing. Giving back trinkets and toys/ trophies and weapons for fools; who fail life and planet, for their greed, and the coffin they have created for our world.   But hey, why worry:  “its just, LIAR/ TRAITOR/ THIEF/ TERRORIST/ DEVIL/ DESTROYER/ PLAGUES/ AND FOOLS IN CHARGE”.  what could go wrong?  answer the question/ because there is no place to hide, or run away.  this is ALL or nothing.  PICK A DIRECTION, and live your truth.

AND WHAT IS: the better method of making decisions, rather than depending upon the “experts of universities”? Who have proven to be: tragic to life and world!


Or more distinctly: ONLY THE EVIDENCE, really matters; because it is our connection with what we can understand is true. THEREFORE it is the evidence of our reality, considered and conceived by the understanding of what is true; that guides our path beyond the claim “we can’t all be wrong”. When time and time again, throughout ALL of history; that was proven false.

The evidence did not support covid/ and it still does not support the claim of covid as a pandemic; nature did not allow it. There is NO EVIDENCE their vaccine mattered as in confronting their released biological weapon. But horrifying evidence; of what mutilating human genetics can do. To their shame. In other words: STOP BELIEVING/ DON’T DO IT. STOP BEING AFRAID/ WE ARE 8 BILLION PEOPLE; AND WE ARE IN CHARGE IF WE WANT THAT, TO BE TRUE. STOP OBEYING what you are told; and find your brain back; as is evidenced most dramatically; by the SATANIC purpose of “igniting atoms on fire/ same as on the sun”; which is the only thing a tomak reactor can do/ or any of the other 50 or so machines; built or being built: INTEND TO DO. Claiming “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”. WRONG IS OUR PLANET BECOMES A SUN; because in fact that fire which burns your skin from 94 million miles away in summer: BURNS THE ATOMIC BOND THAT HOLDS THE ENERGY OF AN ATOM “AT NEUTRAL/ IN BALANCE”. Because as you were told; it is true; for every action there must be an equal reaction. Therefore given the power of an atomic weapon: THERE IS AN EQUAL OPPOSITE ENERGY holding that atom in balance; until released. Which on the sun means: this dark energy; is SOLAR GRAVITY/ the power to hold planets in orbit.