The terrible truth of traitors is: “once the treasure is sufficient/ greed overwhelms, and reality no longer matters”. This world was discarded for greed and power, as is the result of pride and its want. The journey back to life is hard, but unless truth decides; you cannot survive. Therefore it might be said: that I am an example of change, so unlikely as it is considered insane. But nonetheless possible, because love can do so many things; to keep this world alive. The quest is then: to become what truth will allow. To accept change has value, even if it  is not what living had expected.

The quest of humanity: to identify truth, and change direction/ by choosing to accept law, rather than rulers. To become DIFFERENT, by asking and directing women to participate in creating the law that will be justified and fair. To redirect societies around the world; into LIFE AND WORLD MUST COME FIRST, as respect dictates we ALL accept. NOT AS what men did; to create and control the game! But as truth does: to build a future with hope, for love, disciplines, order, and balance through respect for each one.

Truth as is, “the ultimate journey”, will decide.  GOD is MORE; than any can understand:  none should ever question that is true.

LIFE, is about the moments we cherish/ the values we create/ and the times spent in pursuit of such things as we do desire, for the living to become: an acceptance of what the future shall bring. We own it not/ but rather experience and express what it can be.

That brings the question of time, to ask: because time itself has no complement of value/ it is then the space accounted for, by the distance of our own lives spent; that provides the existence called being alive. Or more simply: time is measured by distance/ and distance is measured by age. But existence requires your own participation as a value conforming to the dimension of your space; as occupied by your truth. So then what is truth, becomes important in the development of dimension/ and your participation as a life formed because of truth: searches for the laws that exhibit what living is meant to be.

We then seek the conception of space, the dimension called truth, existence called an identity, and the more critical element of law that is value.

Arising within thought we begin with the conception that is thought; and assign it to the beginning of life itself, as the participate of value created by truth; to assemble and create the identity of law that is to become self. We now have the variables of dimension; as it conforms to the existence called life.

As humanity yearns for conversation; the claim of intellectual superiority, as is the cost of greed “without money”; I leave you this bit of definition; as your reward for “opening the door”/ to this work.

Humanity however fears: that I will ruin their games/ and refuses to learn this single reality of truth. Your games are already dead, and they cannot come back; because you destroyed the foundations nature provides, and the earth allows for you to play them. With endless greed, true apathy, the corruption of arrogance, and the death spiral that is disrespect for life itself.

The only question left is: IF humanity will change now/ HOPING that what is left can rebuild a life and repair this earth. OR, if humanity will refuse; ending very soon, all hope for this world to recover; from all the damage done. 8+ billion people have a right to “vote for their own decision”/ but unless you remove the tiny few rulers who control your lives with law: they will decide for you; as if you chose this decision for yourself. Ending the decision with “guilty”/ as you did have your chance to make a difference in what life on earth will be. The world stands at the abyss; and if you have no time to save it from “yourselves”/ then you have no truth, for eternity; the value is gone.   Which means:  YOU stand at the abyss of true extinction, as well.

While some will argue that is a threat/ it is no such thing! It is a warning; and each individual life will make its own decision: none can make it for you/ and none can take that decision away.  ONLY YOU will make it, and do according to what you choose to do; that reality and law will allow.   YOUR Choice.

If life is everything/ and death is nothing; how is it, that only want survives, to take life away? Alas, the dogs live for a reward, and shout for attention; and have no brain for anything more. Only in the quiet of your own heartbeat, is life more than want;  because miracles are more than human can define. Life begins at a heartbeat/ but it is not an existence until a decision can be formed. An unwanted life, is a tragedy to all/ but an unloved life, is a burden to everyone responsible for that decision. The day has come; when hard choices will appear.

When the living “become a dog”/ the only thing you can do is push them in the direction they have chosen to go: until they scream; opening the door, to see for themselves what they have hidden on the inside. Some come back to life/ others will sink into death. A reality true of addiction/ righteousness/ greed/ and more. Most will refuse, and remain in the quicksand of a life that is to be lost.

Why, I do not know; but I do remain trapped in a female world, that continues to abandon male; without my consent. Changing me too; in numerous ways; is a reality I do not understand; but I have no say, it continues on. Freedoms continue to be lost. How that could be of value to you or this earth; is unknown. Reality suggests; this could be “an eternal change”; a description of “build a new world”/ the old one has vanished. “i loved the old one”/ has no bearing at all: it is cast aside. Life has changed, and continues to change; no choice remains. I am the passenger, and cannot escape its truth. NO, I still do not know “what women think”; or I would understand, and could participate as equals/ but continuing as male, in a dimension which belongs only to female; gives me no rights whatsoever; and she likes it that way.  it really is;  “complicated (beyond what truth allows to me)”. I don’t know how it ends/ don’t know “about me”. Wrong, is a decision or reality that cannot be supported by truth.  My existence is supported by truth, spiritually changed/ mentally without freedoms inherent to living/ physically “being changed; at least in part”.  I am; an evidence of life beyond the boundaries of self; where eternity does begin. Although not within the boundaries or limits of law, as do exist;  but as even the forces which control “male or female”;  continue to fight for ownership over me.  Distinctly not “transgender or other”/ instead a composition of need: created by the costs of a world facing extinction. This is life calling to you:  CHANGE or you will die; a world forever lost!  This is reality calling to you:  “female must lead”/ because the answer of men is as history will prove:   “nothing is valued;  but war”. THEIR ANSWER:  IS YOUR EXTINCTION.

OR what happens to you, as a world: that is not my decision to make.  I made the decision: “whatever I can do”. 

My personal guess is:  “somehow the realities of male and female MUST be mixed together” in order to, find a way; to  save this world/ but with female in charge. So that change is absolutely real, and different than it has ever been on earth. But “who knows”/ it is not me.

And the world of university says to me: how dare you present this “drivel, as if it were true”. We are gods/ you are nothing. As they all scream: NOTHING CAN DEFEAT US ALL!

But I reply: PROVE EVOLUTION IS TRUE, because the fantasy is over, and the delusion of pretending “this looks like that” is enough; falls into the sewer, as reality is the source of wisdom: which knows beyond doubt “only the foundations, created in thought” can do this, as is every miracle of life on earth.

Unlike evolution: there are three elevations of existence shared by the living: it is motion identifies a body using energy, whether passive or aggressive/ it is the framework of thought, which is an ability to rise by ascending through knowledge, to understanding, to assess wisdom as a freedom to be cherished/ and it is life itself, which acknowledges the acceptance of a choice; to participate with value or hate; or even discard these for want, and the games people play. Unlike evolution; nothing exists “of the living” without all three”; because life means: to accept what the future will bring has value “to self” (the identity of existence in time). Unlike evolution; nothing is built that can be sustained; without everything it needs to survive (such as a heart needs blood, muscles, lungs, organs, everything; including food): therefore “everything must be at once”; or existence of this will die; ceasing organization as is the basis of living in time. Unlike evolution; existence of life in time; requires a brain to function, presenting timing as is critical, presenting life itself as is needed to desire living in me. Or more simply: there is nothing about evolution that is true/ other than adaption based upon environment. Which is a sign of true and educated thought as is: “I know this will be needed/ so I include it, as a price of life”. Only fools believe in complete religious deception; as is evolution/ the priests and septic system of “University knows”. In contrast: religion IS NOT how we came to exist; because we do have the information needed to understand all of life and planet were created for us to participate in: as miracles do prove true. That is not open to delusions or fantasies; or religious conjecture; as are lies. However religion is allowed to conceive of what comes after death has taken away the framework of time; and presents the possibilities; as did JESUS. Which then does allow, for what you do wish to believe; is a product of identity which you will then present as your own truth. No substantial evidence of proof exists beyond JESUS; and it is your own decision that grants “religion (I want_) or faith (truth presents this evidence to me; as is JESUS) or whatever it is you choose: is your own right to choose/ good or bad”. The problem is: like death/ no going back in time to make a different decision. What is done, is done.

Our existence: stands on the edge of chaos/ as is the result of human defiance against life, truth, balance, discipline, respect, order, value, love, hope, heart, justice, and soul.

Your arrogance, the result of pride; your apathy for life and world, as is the result of want more than love; and your complete disrespect for all things true; is the cause of such a tragedy as is your position in life and living at this time. Unlike religion or university; chaos is a harsh competitor/ without mercy, lies, hate, or values. It merely is what it is; and no more. But it does have great force; which will only bend or obey: by truth, respect, and the value of life itself. So the question is: before the last element of happiness is lost/ will humanity return to truth first/ respect always/ and the value of living is love, not hate?

Your game is dead; reality comes; by your own decisions will decide.

The universities will scream: WE KNOW EVERYTHING/ you cannot scarce us.

But I do not threaten: it is the forces you have prepared to unleash/ that does.

You have disrespected everything about this earth; ransacking, raping, ruining everything you could touch as men on the rampage of war with earth. To your shame.

You have pure apathy against life; as every extinction/ every warning of trouble washes off like water; as the end of your existence continues to march toward extinction. Refusing investigation to prove what is true: even though you cannot survive if you are wrong. To your shame.

The greatest arrogance that could exist; is found in universities/ claiming they can control the same energy as is on the sun; risking an entire world turned to fire; just like the sun; for being wrong. Attempting to destroy nature, by injecting chaos into DNA to prove your evolution religion; as the cult of followers chant: DO IT NOW, “WE BELIEVE”; all the lies. And so much more it is beyond belief and is revealed as “your sewage” instead.

The universities curse; but every follower is guilty as well. While the animals are certain; “they don’t care”/ and yet know, “without water, resources, global balance, or the “thousand other values”; every chain of life presents: we are dead”. To your shame

so, “they turn on me; and those like me”; instead of fighting for life or world. THEY CHOOSE: to lie, cheat, steal, betray, and intend to terrorize if they can: TO HIDE THE TRUTH OF HOW MUCH IS WRONG. To run away from “the universities did do this; along with their cult followers; as covid proved true”.

I, at the opposite end of, the cost called “university Satan”: work for life and earth and a future for each child. By bringing the message: CHANGE or extinction is certain.

I, at the opposite end called love/ as opposed to university hate: am given the task of changing me. Accepting for the future to continue on, the spiritual world is in charge; and I am not. Living is then dependent upon the female dimension: which I chose to open, as a direct result of finding at the end of a ten year search: MEN cannot save this world; their only answer is war. Reality knows: A different answer must be found. A different way of life and living must be accepted. For me; “profound changes; a surprise beyond all expectations”.

BUT: it has also been “life and living, from a very different view”/ which has aided and abetted the realities of LET LAW LEAD/ NOT MEN; and more. A VALUE, that cannot be underestimated; in the search to keep this world alive.

For you: the realities of in this USA; basically means going back to the fifties, where few drove vehicles often/ everything needed was close, including work/ heating one room or two in much smaller homes/ no air conditioning/ all people deserve to survive small things, but we all must accept dying from big things; same for all (with very rare exception). A more fair court. A working government of employees not rulers who lie. A reality of information, not manipulation. No more indoctrination, a living education. Happiness as best we can. And so on. Recognizing true population control/ true changes in agriculture/ and EVERYTHING else. Because no matter what you believe: 8+ billion people have changed your world; if not more; in a world led by: universities lie (professors indoctrinate) about everything. Where, A diploma means: MEMORIZE, MIMIC, REPEAT; AND OBEY or be thrown aside.

We CANNOT go back to “fifties”; population is over twice/ resources are ten times less. But it is a throw back to what does work on a planet that must change what humanity does in order to survive what humanity can still do. IT BEGINS the conversation of how!

The decision IS to participate for life and world; instead of trying to prove you can play god/ by killing a world to shout: WHO HAS greater power than I; AS PRIDE does do. Is the enemy; and you will defeat it/ or it will defeat you.

And the universities scream: “we are gods/ never has this people been richer”.

But we review that claim on https://www.brainfirst.info/ and establish: IT REALLY IS, ALL JUST A LIE/ as reality proves; the greatest thieves who have ever lived: have been ruling over this USA. Because that is what the accounting says; when reality is applied to the numbers; which are proven to be “pure fantasy and delusions”. WHERE did the money go? An investigation is required to prove what is true. BUT THEN; we begin to look at the other realities of “what government has done”: and find the very things we need to survive, have been destroyed, ruined, ransacked, raped, sold, given away, and in all ways prove: a pure insurgency to destroy and betray the nation itself/ HAS OCCURRED.

They have proven to be: “the greatest liars” who have ever existed: by US SUPREME COURT: transferring all major media into the hands of a tiny few rich people who control nearly everything the nation believes by media saturation; as the reality of covid proved true. 6 trillion dollars, the initial cost of a vaccine: equals $60,000.00 PER SHOT; PER ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE (the first installment of extortion); as was OK’D by trump; “a believer, LIKE biden: too”. Who both; exists to give universities anything they want.

CONTRARY to the weak and afraid: the US second amendment exists to prevent genocide/ and only a little more. Guns are not the enemy/ people are, when they hate; or lose themselves to anger and its cost of failure. HOWEVER when rebellion has so clearly occurred; by all in charge over the last fifty plus years (not Carter): THE DEMAND FOR ACCOUNTABILITY MUST BE GOVERNED BY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW AS IS REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; our legal right as WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION, STATE; and shall demand the accounting that identifies what is true; and the costs of being wrong; as have been “thrown in our faces”. By the curse of ‘university as a cult worshiping Satan (lets destroy this nation/ this world). OR MORE SIMPLY: do not use a gun to demand change in government/ IT WILL FAIL [letting leaders hide]. USE THE LAW THAT IS YOUR LEGAL RIGHT TO USE [making leaders defend their decisions/ their oath, and its punishment for failure]; AS IS OUR CONSTITUTIONAL GOVERNMENT controls this nation; NOT its employees.Those who hide from accountability; hide from truth, because they are guilty of more than you can imagine.

As an example: “HIDDEN TAXATION; in the form of debt or inflation”: IS organized CRIMINAL TAX FRAUD. As defined by “lies, cheating, stealing, extortion, betrayal: and because the money went to “university terrorism”; the genetic destruction of nature and worse: it is aiding and abetting the enemy (an act of treason)/ against life, world, and nation. Just like consolidation is organized criminal communism; the hidden insurgency (only a few control it all). just like efficiency is another world for taking away every basic job; to give it to the universities so they can take your job with robots. just like “new business opens; is primarily foreigners and minorities taking control over the nation; as the greatest idiots in the history of this world; trade their place as owners;  for numbers without meaning.  As the rebellion of fools, who believe; becomes the disgrace that will end as civil war; when the lies end. when the poisoned water takes control/ ocean life is dead/ oxygen depleted/ global warming kills life on earth (one degree too much)/ plants are invaded by pandemic disease/ weapons of mass destruction are used; and a thousand more proof of evidence:  your future is extinction.  “all hail the university cult”/ ain’t that so? ask media.       “the wizard of oz” comes true:  dorothy follows the yellow brick (gold) road for riches/ the workers lack a brain/ a heart/ and courage/  the wizard has no value/ and hate threatens the world. to your shame.Orwell on the future

As to the purpose of guns beyond “removing genocide”: IT IS THE BULLETS that demand death. SO CHANGE THE BULLETS, and make it illegal to have a gun (including police) with anything, or carrying anything: other than non-lethal/ preferably marking bullets. Because that; CAN be tolerated by society; when lethal cannot.


Unless at war!

The cost of your situation, is like my situation: no matter what you believe, the future, is NOT going to be the same as it once was. While we cannot predict the full extent of change for either “humanity or me”/ we can predict that passions arise with happiness; a quest that comes from male and female HONEST relationships. Whereas hate enlarges with everything that is not happy, or honest/ and uses media as a means to inflict damage on us all. As is: “go ahead”; and remove every media conception that does not have a gun involved/ or some type of chaos intentionally used to suggest: “violence, be afraid”. See: what is left/ so that you know.

PRIDE IS A TERRIBLE DISEASE; the cause of infinite problems in human living or existence; a reality of wanting to be “superior/ or refusing to be equal/ or denying that your body is no different than those who received less/ or the belief, those who judge you; are allowed. Because truth knows: that they are not. IF you rise above an animal or hate. Believe it or not: this is, one of the hardest things to surrender completely; because it allows or invites other people to say whatever they want to say. Granting no defense, against those who have no right (the righteous). Every animal judges; as the means to discover or protect its “place in the herd”: close to the front/ or back where nothing is left but sewage. LIFE however does not accept that we must be a herd; which then grants, we can be simply alive.

You must surrender this disease, to survive; “little by little/ until gone”. Because life is a miracle; and nothing that is living is less! Pride wants to play god. Pride wants to judge. Pride wants to be winner/ by making you lose. Pride wants what it wants, and that want leads the herd more than predators do.




It is the grace of life, that honors existence with love; the value of being cherished as one who can be trusted with an eternal life beyond self. Grace being the essence of female/ rather than the aggression of male. While this time on earth is limited to the costs of survival, and its boundary lines created by animals; the critical need of living is to understand, there is more to the miracle of our existence, than either will suggest. We are here to survive, in order to learn the questions of heart, and find the beginning of soul. While men given to fight, it is an extraordinary woman; who assembles peace instead. The majority merely do, as animals do; because want controls their lives and future. Being alive however seeks justice, as fair play is understood to be: the foundation of peace, and its benefit of happiness. The animal seeks an advantage, and takes all it can; by disguise and surprise. The human being who chooses life; learns the heart is not a game, and only truth can decide what the future can become. But soul is an extension of self, a transition beyond the point of time; where thought precedes choice; and value determines respect. There is no respect for war, as that is the predator unleashed to hate. There is no respect for female, unless their own choice is for peace. Bound together, both male and female trust: love is our answer/ but in this world of dishonor built upon aggression; courage is required.

The passage between life or death: is governed by love, and built upon the truth of your respect. But without courage, your choice will die; and this world shall be lost.

The critical truth is: past the point of survival, there is no purpose in aggression/ as it can only destroy what has value, instead of encouraging life at peace. Men want a game, to prove superiority/ want pride to prove I WIN/ want power to enforce “yes I can”. But women are given less strength to accomplish the opposite of that; which is the disciplines necessary for balance and order to rise by law. Unfortunately women are far less capable, do to endless manipulations; than life made them to be. Critical then is the journey to be; “as life intended for you to be”.

I, exist to conceive of soul; as is the greatest journey of life beyond self: where GOD decides the path, and determines what the future shall become. IF you are alive in spirit, and have finished your work here; then it is the journey, that will. or could be offered to you as well. I know not how it ends; or how this world will impact that desire: it is not my choice; truth decides.

What I do know is; that I am spiritually alive as female, or more correctly female is spiritually alive in me:  having entered into that dimension (which is purely female)/ male is not allowed. Yet here I am:  functionally identified as male (held apart), as is a reality I cannot escape in time, or the spiritual world either/ law rules time; but she rules “the female dimension”. And fundamentally challenged to be true to both sides of the line that divides us all; “you have no idea”. Making my truth: the foundation of a law divided.  A distinction of life; rather than gender: which is a great value/ but hampered on all sides by reality known as identity. Owned by female; but not fully done as male; “its not my life anymore”. Which adds another entire quandary of existence; to an already overwhelming distinction of complications, on every side. Lost in a sea of “I don’t know”; but it is, a journey given, that cannot be turned down; the value of acceptance is too great. Truth suggests “learn female first”/ but that is out of reach; or corrupted with male; or something? Beyond complicated; which means, start again at the beginning; you failed something. Even so: life is exceedingly more valuable than truth, although they do walk hand in hand, as love is born;    this is, first step into, the eternity of soul itself: beyond identity or time. I will simply hope for the best. NO, I do not know; why I must write for you? that too is a quandary, as I have truly finished all work as male. Apparently not done according to female? “its complicated; even more than you would believe”. Which in the end makes me vulnerable; in ways I care not to think about. Until some degree of true stability exists; “she does not allow that”.  Just how it is.

Reality then requires the end of want, as that is strictly not a true desire; but the product of time, and not functionally of life itself. Desire elevates truth/ want descends into lies. That then ends the dispute of gender: requiring that “I am to be”, what the spiritual world declares life will be. I guess: confirming that I will be “an immigrant”; life decides, not truth.

NO, this is not any conception of transgender or other; these are relationships born from the need to intertwine humanity, with the spiritual world of female decides now. YOU face extinction, therefore because different is not an option; it is required, and somehow I am a participant in that. Life is not defined by time (it is measured by time), but exists from a relationship created by truth; a law, beyond what time can be.

WE THEN COME TOO: “the book of a different life”.

It begins with: standing at the abyss of “a grand canyon”/ between I, and the place I must go. Which has only a walk bridge across; that is very unstable, and it is clear to me will fail with the slightest provocation; as I have already tested a plank or two, which immediately fell; never to be seen again. it is a one way journey.

Apparently standing too long before proceeding; I suddenly find myself naked and lassoed and pulled across quickly; and as predicted the entire bridge collapses; never to be seen again. so, once again: I am standing in a maze of “strange creations, of wildly different colors”/ and have no idea what these are, or why. Yet unlike the first time, I cannot avoid them this time; and must learn their meaning. I complain; “this is woman/ and I have no clue”. But the spiritual woman replies; “I, will now be the woman”/ and every female will be as male to me: you will learn.

Feeling abandoned and alone; I just sit down to cry; recognizing something beside me has sympathy for my plight; but it is opaque, and I cannot recognize it at all; just a feeling . But in that moment, I do realize these things represent the harsh realities of what men have done to women throughout time; each color is a feeling/ each mangled sculpture is a reality of consequences for the cost of abuse, lust, being used, a victim, and more. Because the cost of men has been high. Even so; I remind the spiritual woman in charge of me; that women are not perfect either; and we all do need to change. “she is deaf to that”.

My reality then begins as: how does life survive, when living on this earth is not going to be a friend? Which then asks the question: how do I find a miracle, beyond the limits and boundaries of Creation; which is the establishment of law over motion. Miracle envelops the meaning of opening the door beyond force, to conceive not only of space, but of values beyond time. Asking where is the path to this escape? Her answer: NOT before you enter and learn of female.

NO, I don’t know why/ but this time I am locked in; and must learn; there is no path around it. NO, I will NOT instigate anything; NO, I do not know how this will turn out; for life, living, (male or female)/ or eternity. It was never my intent; instead, I have always been thankful for the separation that is “male OR female” only. But at this point, I have no predictions at all. It is not my job; but life and living is surrendered to what is becoming female in me/ as I have no other choice, built upon truth. No, I don’t know what that means; but she inherits what male leaves behind; and must find a way to live with it/ as the essence of “I” simply continues; to vanish away, into dust. Could it come back? Not a clue.

A FINAL REMINDER TO ALL MALES: although nothing is to basically be changed between us: “we can still remain friends, workers, whatever it is that DOES NOT include any form of sex or ANYTHING conceived by sex. AS IT ALWAYS WAS! No, this is not homophobic; you are free to choose, “your life/ your eternity”! Just like, this is my life/ my eternity; not yours to decide. THE WARNING REMAINS: WHATEVER THIS IS TO BE, “IT IS ENTIRELY BETWEEN FEMALE AND i”/ AND DOES NOT INCLUDE YOU. STAY AWAY FROM IT, whatever it is; or your eternity could end in HADES. I guarantee, “it ain’t worth the price”. Don’t guess, don’t assume, just believe it is so; or tragically you will learn; what your failure means. These are spiritual matters, and they are not for you: only female.            no, that is not my warning; as I cannot enforce it to be true:  BEWARE, this is not a game; real consequences exist.

And the intellectuals all shout: “utter nonsense and stupidity”/ a fantasy without the slightest sense of truth. BUT I DO REPLY: as to all things conceived of as “authority; the right to judge, and decide”! The foundation of that reality comes in this USA, only from Constitutional law; and without upholding that law at its face value called democracy and justice for life and nation. You, as leaders/ regardless of position: have no authority to make any decision upon, or for the rest: at all. Because you disgraced your intended purpose, as is governed by oath: and rebelled against “WE THE PEOPLE”, without a right. YOU threw our democracy/ and our constitutional authority to govern ourselves under these instructions as are the law of this land: as insurgents/ anarchists, in open rebellion do!

In the same way, as you create “boundaries and lines which must not be crossed/ or you break the law and are guilty as charged”. Those constitutional lines MUST NOT be crossed/ or you lose your authority, and are guilty of treason as charged. BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT HIRED TO BE “KINGS AND RULERS”/ BUT ARE “SAME AS US”/ only hired to be  EMPLOYEES WHO ADHERE TO OUR DIRECTION AS A NATION OR STATE. so, you do swear!

As are the endless threats of extinction (destroy the future) and destruction (destroy nature); we are surrounded with/ destroy everything as a cult worships “its god” called university. To your shame/ “the curse of Satan (destroy it all)”/ upon our world; by your instruction, in lies.

For the last time: I do not ask you to believe anything/ “unlike universities who ask you to believe everything they say/ and media cheer-leads”. INSTEAD I do ask you to investigate your own evidence of failure/ each threat of real world extinction as is the cost of leadership through universities: that is your job. I am not your decision to make/ not even a little. What is spiritual to me; is not of your world/ therefore it does not concern you: unless you are female. In which case: the end result of it is: that you must fight for life and world, using the best you have to offer: to create laws which will replace leaders; so the law can rule, instead of men, and their wars. I do ask you to “introduce others to the concept of being wrong: as is worshiping universities without questioning them or the cost of what they do or did”! BECAUSE EXTINCTION IS THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG/ AND WE DO DESERVE BETTER THAN THAT! But, Different is not better/ it is just different. BETTER is the result of truth decides not want, pride, or power. MEN TOO, “will vote on that”/ not just you. But we must have different, and the primary foundation for finding different is: “not men” or their universities. Do what you can do; because failure is extinction, and that is not a game/ not even for you or me.

Just so there are no delusions left:  at 70 years old, my one and only real interest is in “eternity”/ and I have absolutely no desire to lead you/ no desire to collect money from you/ or anything else. my one true desire is “within the expression called eternal life”. It is not more, but I will help women who are organized and ask honestly:  for help with defining and creating the laws this world needs to survive. Simple as that/ as plain as I can be.

And the universities say: “we are gods”/ no one questions us: because you cannot understand what we, “the superior ones”, are doing. After all they create a maze for the intentional purpose of hiding what they are doing/ and as all armies are: when the general speaks; every troop says “we believe”: or they are in “trouble with the law of: this general is, your god”. So, while the masses believe they have protection from the insanity of others; because the universities include many. They utterly forget: to get ahead, as with any and every army: YOU WILL DO AND BELIEVE whatever you are told; because dissension in the ranks is not allowed. Making your belief in protection, a mirage of what fools do. The last place to “learn how to think” is a university/ they don’t allow it, because that makes them less than god; and god knows everything, and cannot be wrong. IS THAT NOT SO? As is the evidence of every real world threat we face/ nothing but fools and failure, the disgrace of human existence. Yes this is the male version of me speaking/ as the female version remains: searching, for how to live with this, “largely male body”. There are consequences; to the question of how? Yet she is winning the right to control everything; by exchanging aggression (no you can’t) for peace (by the law we all benefit with value). Exchanging the games men play/ the competition which grants men pride/ the power of controlling resources, and taking away survival; just to prove you can play god. For the realities of “life is not a game, and deserves respect/ limited capitalism grants to all, a fair decision to guide life on earth/ and the disciplines of law, prove that order is found in balancing life and living with justice by laws which do serve us all. By separating hate from the rest/ the rotting corpse of “the living dead”; must find their own way to survive; being contained (to their own kind), rather than judged.

Trading places with female; means: I have every right that all women expect/ every freedom/ every reason for respect that does exist. Which asks then why? Reality suggests: that in order to survive the future; there must be truth between the sexes; and in order to create fair play, there must be an understanding of what goes wrong; between male and female. So that you can “fix yourselves”/ from all that ails you, and breaks apart what would be love, if not confronted by “animals”.

Truth however knows: as is the constant of male and female differences. “woman in charge” having inherited what man left behind, immediately asked “WHY, would men want all this stuff”? Failing to understand, living in this world is not as easy as women think! But she begins, slowly; and time will instruct. that of course is monitored by the truth of: pregnancy and all it requires from living, is not as easy as men think; but slowly, reality will sink in. “divide and separate”/ is not the foundation for family. Respect requires we learn “together/ each contributing a value, learning life is not a game”. And neither is society, which creates intentional roadblocks and consequences to reduce the competition, and let me win! Because no matter what we do; population rise kills peace on earth.  Because there is no end to the demand for more.

The secondary issue is of course sex; which allows men to quit at any time, or not even begin/ as opposed to women who cannot make men stop if the strength difference is overwhelming. The question is: what if, “GOD” turned this around/ HE BUILT your body, which means yes HE can! What then, would be the difference between male and female? Would they be balanced, respectful, defined by love/ or separated from truth by lust? Answer is: “animals must live like animals (sex is about lust “chemicals” or birth)/ traitors (sex is about taking what is yours, “a trap”/ you never intended to give)/ thieves (you can’t stop me)/ and even terrorists (as is, I can judge you; however I want)”/ so the question is: are women more alive than men? I do not know these answers or if the question will arise: but what is important is, do you understand the word called love? Because love is not a game/ therefore life is not about superiority, but a truth governed by our respect.

Instead of a toy to be played with/ it was your literal life being invaded; “if not welcomed” instead.

The critical question of trust: are you more alive with me, cradled in the truth of caring and sharing; as is love by respect/ or not? The critical question: does the responsibility of life, come with enough room, to include a partnership or passenger? Love is a romance dedicated to truth. But life is a reality dedicated to the consequences of those truths, cannot be discarded for love. Romance gives life a passion to embrace hope. But life understands survival is no game; threats must be dealt with, before joy can be found. Finding a partnership in life, which honors the value of our existence; by sharing the load correctly; is one of the first lessons in truth.

So with clarity; comes the choice called,  balance. With knowledge, comes the decision for discipline. And with understanding the creation of order is certain: in those who desire life/ rather than death. Because death is chaos/ and life is order justified by truth.

But then comes love; and while the disciplines of life and order as conceived by nature defines balance as “the best we can be {because every infant gets what we choose for them; genetically, or as parents, or as the same; proving it does matter}”.  NO, it is not fair/ but life in time is not fair, or things would be different. IF however you asked a young adult: if they want the best body and mind possible/ the best parents possible; because it matters. only a fool would contend it does not matter. But make no mistake: LOVE is a greater blessing that “having what you want”. Even so, health is a greater blessing than all other things but true love. So the quest is: to remember the value of your life is not judged by your face or body; but by your truth, and its foundation of respect that is love beyond self.  You cannot get that by a picture, or any other measurement; it comes from the heart, and that needs to understand the decision; is for life/ not self.  Even so: as with all genetics, you cannot simply decide “this is what you get”/ and happiness goes a very long way, in creating a parent that will share his or her life; due to caring.  Many do not/ and should not parent a child:  tragic things happen when pride and power rule life. Beware of jealousy, it is the predecessor of abuse, violence, and hate. Beware of a temper, it is the predecessor of anger that will not be controlled; regardless of right or wrong: which can turn on you too. Avoid pride: it seeks a trophy, toy, or trinket; not life itself. The righteous judge/ and all judgment comes with the intent to claim power; which is also a predecessor of hate. Let the law “of life” decide! Understand disrespect, ridicule, and gossip are intentional demands to divide and separate/ and most come with the intent to create a mob; so that “the predator” can appear.  Look for justice, demand fair play, identify what is true and know this is the price; for creating a lasting love between those who trust we will honestly share our future.

What is critical to having a child is; BOTH must equally desire to have a child and accept the responsibility of being a parent/ which means you are both ready: this ain’t no game, and there are no trophies, toys, or other to be found.  CRITICALLY NECESSARY IS:  “do not use or abuse ANY NON NATURAL CHEMICAL, genetically changed:  ANYTHING” when pregnant;  your child is depending upon you! For example: I used a “new glue” for a day/ and ended in the emergency room with chemical contamination due to that through the skin absorption.  OR, there are questions about many the safety, found in “lots of things”; experts, are paid to LIE.  In addition there is critical concern regarding such things as “spraying for spiders”; when infants are around. Point of concern:  my nephew got a brain tumor/ not long after such a decision (they aren’t going to eat your child or you). Of interest is:  breast, as is all cancer:  is caused by something remains where it should not be. Of things women use is finger nail polish remover (acetone: a highly volatile substance; easily absorbed)/ sugar replacements/ and various other things the majority of women use:  should be compared with those women who do not use these things. You can do it for yourselves;  as it is primarily filling out a questionnaire: internet will do.     

it is unwise to have a child with someone from another group: because that is telling “your group” they are not worthy of you/ thereby dividing and separating by your design; children have no choice/ and all must remember that. As for me:  I come from “average/ healthy” people; and it should be noted all groups are intermingled to some degree/ as is primarily, the result of war. Love shares; but it is a two way street/ specific distinctions are not: as is proven throughout the entire animal kingdom; other than pet dogs.  Just how it is: but primary to this argument is: “it is reported, that 70% of young black women are not married”: that is NOT right or fair/ and serious steps must be taken to understand why, and what is wrong between the sexes?  all groups are equal/ but they are not the same: marriage between groups that is honorably shared by love, should never be less than valued. But few are: asking HOW MANY MORE groups are failing to find; truth in love; and we then return to mixed marriage which does have a reported, higher rate of divorce than others. Apart from pride, which like every trophy fades: what did you really gain?  THIS IS NOT A GAME; GROW UP. Mixing groups increases the competition: because unlike the past, where nearly all found someone to share a life with. today people get a divorce, and those who “know how”/ then go back and get another: removing them from those who are less capable of attracting the opposite sex. And the accumulated truth is: “the world cries”; from both heartache and loneliness; because you failed each other to play games; as the universities and their “priests of religion (university is god) as is media demands you to do.  STEP OUTSIDE the cult;  and identify what is true/ it is your duty to be alive:  rather than to chant the cult of universities is god; to your shame.

The heart defines love, as the treasury of a life lived with truth, as respect creates the hope that will become our shared destiny, the discovery of home inside: where life creates the joy of why we care. The quest of so many, “is to take what you can get”/ as best you can! But that is surrendering to the competition. Rather than living within the dimension of trust. Trust combines lives into “one shared space”/ while love creates within that space, the bounty of what we do contribute to each other as value. Happiness is learned from truth, and truth identifies the respect you deserve; for being “you”. Animals show no respect other than fear. Being alive inside; shows the respect you valued as your own truth conceived by “our love”/ the shared home of “beyond self” we rise to better things. It is truly unfortunate; there are many who never experience the truth of love, in their own time; because only human animals surround them; no choice. But there are others who spend their lives alone, because humanity does not surround them, and they have no choice. Even so, love is born on the inside: by understanding “LIFE IS a true miracle in you”/ and from that moment, the passage beyond self is open; when love “finds a heart”. Therefore we know; not only do you search for love/ love also searches for you. But this is time, and time says each must make their own way: to discover their own truth. While I do accept, paths can be altered by truth; only you can accept or create the invitation to become as friends. Weeding out hate/ discovers there is a voice searching for love; “in the wind”.  unfortunately traitors can hear too; so beware/ but not threatened:  let only truth decide, as best you can.

Sharing (not using or abusing or lusting) a body is “a partition of love, when there is an honest need”/ remembering “others can be affected”.  But sharing a life, beyond body requires “a thousand times more”; because unless you walk the same path/ there will be a separation. Life teaches: if you cannot commit to more/ then please don’t stay, because time is a finite search, for what we need to experience and express love as best we can. Try never to influence the children more than necessary, if you are not going to stay/ heartbreak is an unworthy gift. But make certain: your own choice is worth the cost of being alone. “very little is, truly free”. And that includes; “sexual disease/ catastrophe, exists”. Be as fair as you can be; we cannot do more/ because needs are needs, and desire is limited by truth. Help find a replacement first, but if that fails; “it is, your life too”! Never sacrifice, it always fails; both life and living. There is no reset button to push: truth is truth.

The rotting corpse of university controls; demands that you must excite yourselves with all things that have very little value to life or living/ therein the maze of foolishness and failure extends until they have done their damage; and taken full control over life and world. Destroying every possibility of resurrection from the grave they made for you. And what will become the crucifixion of themselves as well. STOP THE INSANITY; AND FIGHT FOR WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT TO LIFE AND WORLD/ and when the truth is found for each one of these threats; which affect us all/ no pathetic complaint of any single group: AFFECTS US ALL. Only then may you go back to being insane, without a significant cause/ just another game, as the curse of universities want. When you fight with little things/ you are distracted from the big things; and they get their way: DEATH TO ALL.

A footnote: really does need to be added! RESPECT each others body, while men go through life oblivious to most fundamental experiences or expressions; other than “penis is a toy”. Just the addition of “female tits” has produced a level of “feelings” hard to imagine. “I think” its kind of like, standing alongside a water puddle/ when a vehicle splashes you, with a surprise. Somehow you just have to live with it. Be KIND, as male its your job. But as female, try to understand; men never experience these things. “differences”!

Just for clarity (lessons learned from male): NO WOMAN wants you to stick your tongue down her throat; STOP IT. NO WOMAN wants you to use her body as some kind of “rubbing post for your penis”/ time is irrelevant, if truth decides. But make no mistake; the decision to participate in a treasury of hope, sharing happiness as if it were to balance both lives with care. Earns respect rather than doubt. A value that comes with rewards. As for women: don’t let yourself believe men can do more than reality lets them/ truth says, “women know more”, whether men tell them or not. Accept his limits [there to insure female is not abused/ or potentially to insure that men are not abused by female either. requiring men to learn, the penis is a tool, for expressing value/ not a toy to create chemical (me, all me) addiction.].  Respect her boundaries:  but cultivate “an honestly, shared for our happiness, experience”. Being alive, as love seeks to express: will do the rest. Harmony is the balance between truth and life; where a rhythm is born . Which makes sex beyond animal:  the discovery of intimacy shared, in how we care and respect each other. With values (miracles shared) honored as my gift to you/ our gift to each other.

WE ALL NEED: to re-examine life, love, world, everything/ because the bastards and failures and fools and liars, thieves, cheats, whores, traitors, terrorists, university cult worshipers, and more have invaded truth; and disguised what is real, with fantasy and delusions, claiming imagination is better. It is not, as every threat of extinction proves true! As a point of balance, to prove how “out of order” everything is: discipline recognizes, that if man lays on his side, and brings up his legs in a “ninety degree” decision. There with only one “extra part” is the design of what is used and declared to be “the heart of love”. That does NOT DEPICT SEX as the value. But identifies the truth of intimacy, between male and female; that shares a hope which cannot be found in any other way. A value shared by the trust of caring for each other; beyond simply self.   REMOVE THE GAME, IT IS DESTROYING YOU!

The cause and consequences: of WHY, has my life been changed: has now been answered. In a similar sense of life before self/ the realities of living in these past 18 years has been to see the existence of humanity as a man through female eyes (a different view). That has presented to you the work that you now read, and as was prepared for you during those years. Looking back at what was written before/ done before grants the understanding: this will not work, and only leads to war; as the last effort that has no literal chance to succeed. The hope or understanding of women see life this way; a return to law, a reality of changing life; so that we can all survive. Was a turning point; because the answer of men is war/ and that is extinction.

So, much to my surprise; this has been extended: to offer to women a look through they eyes of men/ by changing me, “into a female version of living”. So that you can view what men see life as: which offers the additional changing of women, so that they can contribute differently to the resurrection of life that we might all survive. The cost of that is identified by “the falling bridge” depicted above: or more distinctly cut off, from the life I had lived before, to be what is now female inside, instead. No, I do not own/ can’t use/ not mine to decide; what is “left of male”. No, this is not a game. No, this is not something I would have ever even dreamed of, for myself: it just is what it is. A reality because the bridge represents the last change in “opposite forces”; which identify male from female. It seems unlikely, that I could ever go back. But I did say: “whatever I can do, to save life on this earth”.

As life changes; it is simply between female and I/ an apparent lesson, that you are going to teach me; so that men can be taught/ or I am going to teach you; so that the manipulation and media saturation of universities propaganda telling women they must be more like men/ what men want; as is sexual toys without responsibility. As is “game pieces” to use as trophies and toys/ to ply with trinkets and lies; or just plain to buy, instead of love. A travesty like everything the universities do: to both male and female. It is: curse of the damned/ as every threat of extinction which surrounds us: proves by that cost of being wrong.

Reality says: “I do not understand”/ simple as that. I never once, throughout 70 years of living; ever considered “what women go through”/ its not my job; as my job is to be male; they are NOT the same. My job is to respect female for being female/ cherish them for differences/ protect if I can: NOT interpret who they are/ accept who they are. HOWEVER, Reality now says: “I will not control”/ as is a fundamental of trading places with women;  AS HAVE BEEN controlled by men. So this becomes: “the other side of that”.  Reality says: I am trying to adjust, but “had to buy bigger pants”; because it is not going entirely well/ as disciplines seem to be lacking. Regardless, I cannot change what has been done/ nor can I change what was agreed too; like you, NO GOING BACK. So, whatever is going to be/ is whatever is going to be; and I will pray for the best, at least for life and world. As reality dictates; male is now basically dead. A true foundation shift of life and living beyond self.  I am, “completely without a clue”. I have absolutely no idea how this is going to turn out; “a billion variables; and I am not educated in female; to any real degree”. so, I will not guess. It is a quandary, with no direction.  “never my idea”/ but, that is over. I will just hope for the best; I know not what else to do? But it seems true:  that what is female, can now be free. That, is a good thing to me, and I hope it is true. Happiness lives there, when the soul shares its heart, with love.  That begins with the freedom to decide; “my heart is yours”.  But understands: this is a decision we must both make as one life given to each other. You cannot decide for me/ NOR can I decide for you; as true love equals an eternity beyond self.   LIFE is more than gender/ the heart is more than truth; it is a rhythm to the soul;  which creates “a living”.

Honesty says: I don’t even know, if I am to write this “new book”/ or women are? What I do know is: I am tired of writing for you. But, what will be, will be. The quest to understand; is given away, to whatever it is that my life is going to be? Because truth knows; but, I do not.  dated 3/24/2024          James Frank Osterbur.

The question is: WHY, is your ability to comprehend truth, so extremely small? The answer is: because belief is an animal (I want what I want)/ and animals require you to be the same, in order to remain as part of this herd. If you are not the same; you are pushed from the herd to live alone; as best you can. Therefore it is much easier to believe whatever you are told to believe; which allows for religion to participate/ than to accept the cost of being alone and separated from the group; as they will also ridicule and use you for an object to prove their superiority with strength or your fears. Belief is then an “ogre: strong/ stupid/ and without the desire for truth”. And religion shouts: “we are next to gods”/ and universities shout; we are better than gods, we are the superior ones; to prove their “religious” superiority.

How do they do that? The answer is: out of 8 billion people; probably close to 9 billion at this point: there is roughly 1 billion who hold some sort of degree, or claim to “university”/ thereby a fanatic shouting “yes we can”. Because as with media saturation: even though just one is responsible for adding something of value/ EVERY ONE of the university cult base of worshipers shout: “WE DID IT”. Creating a blanket of delusion (we are gods); just like sports fans/ or singer fans/ or celebrity fanatics do: to create the illusion of “we, not I”. Mimicking, and memorizing, and repeating whatever the special one does; so as to take credit with them/ as part of this solution. Thereby the herd shouts: “we are the ones, who made this happen”. And as all dogs do, even the weak will come bite the prey (me too/ me too/ me too); when they feel safe.

The critical question is then: HOW, does humanity rise from their delusions of belief is all I need; want decides, who gives a damn about truth or reality or values or respect or anything other than want. Because want is all I need to be happy! But alas, even those who get all they could want/ sometimes die of suicide. Because want is not enough, once you are faced with the reality of “self/ rather than things; or reality rather than a trophy, trinket or toy”. Self is an identity dedicated to the truth: that we do come into this world alone, even if we are not technically alone, at the time of birth. Loneliness is a foundation, which refuses to believe: happiness exists without a friend you can trust. So there is romance: the quest to find that someone who you can trust, which will balance “the living, with life”!

Within that framework comes the truth of male and female differences; as I have turned from the vast conception of laws as govern this living part of the universe/ to the elemental disciplines of an environmental truth: that life is restricted, to the home of where our soul shall survive. Female is becoming, a very different body; with whole new meanings to the word called “touch”/ as changes become an alternate experience of bodily expression.  The balance between living and life then appears as the critical truth of gender roles, in the creation of how we share the responsibility that is granted with life. To earn trust, so we can be true to ourselves, and earn the place of happiness: shared living/ shared life; because we cared beyond ourselves as a truth found by love. Love builds the home, which grants that we may live here as one.

The critical construction of love is then, elevated by the passions of what romance can become. Or more distinctly, we shape our world beyond self; by joining in the fabric of participation, as truth allows. Instead of building a home between us: we share the joy of creating a world for all of us. As is the rise of love.

In contrast: is the curse of hate, the intent to control by using fears, distraction, or manipulation; so as to create a judgment; which allows “for playing god”. The righteous believing themselves to be better than hate; use rules to create a judgment; thereby achieving we play god, but with less hate. The corruption lasts: because the army follows hate (let us attack), and does what hate will command: to mutilate, murder, rape, destroy, and deny the sanctity of life (let us defend) from its victims. Hate is found in all levels of authority, because their true purpose is to play god over your life. To intellectually trap, to make you loser, and to yell, I win. The animals see the predator, and run or hide as animals do; sacrificing those who are not part of the herd, or who have simply become lost. Willing to be contained: if left alone, even if enslaved. So the constant is: that humanity lives in fear of weapons, and the armies who use them (organized or not). Surrendering itself, to the cost of life; is to sacrifice freedom, and therefrom the door to happiness inside.

Removing hate requires that you identify what truly does constitute hate/ as opposed to anger; which does have a possible solution. Hate is; the great enemy of life/ but want initiates the behavior, and pride instills it with purpose. While power grants the enemy its ability to make you fear. Limiting armies and their logistics; so as to prove defense/ not attack is your job: as is a bill of rights to prove, we shall not simply obey anymore. But recognize truth of life and society instead. Limited capitalism removes the foundation imprint of failure: which allows money to gather an army together/ in order to attack you and them with weapons. A world order with law ruling over leaders/ with international policing forces, which will bring EVERY LEADER to court without exception: to the law. Is your means to free yourselves from the armies of hate. By reducing the size of nations; dividing into groups that recognize we are “the same”; limits and creates the boundaries we can then control. Having groups called the same recognizes: if you don’t obey the law of life and earth/ there will be consequences for you and your group. Recognize the law serves us all/ because we made it so, for our world.

It is pointed out to me: that I have been trained to be a writer/ and I will write until every word is written, as is my own work. While I am grateful for the work, it lacks freedom to be me.

Nonetheless; the value of understanding is, to place life as your desire instead of fears. The difference is: to live with the purpose of finding love, rather than to live with the purpose of staying alive. We will all die! But we will not all find love, in the values of your own heart. Therefore those who discover the journey beyond self, will rise within the desire for love. While those who hide from death, will journey into the chaos of destruction. Love lifts us into eternity, as a desire that lives in the shape of your soul/ fear does not: it is a choice, each will make. Destiny is a distinction of gender, as we divide the distance of where love can travel between “you and I”. Therefore each contributes, to life beyond time. The universe explains, that opposing forces must join, to achieve balance and create a home. The universe does not challenge with fear; but it is established with forces that can consume us; and we must learn how to avoid these, in order to accept and retain peace within. Humanity uses “chemical escapes”; to avoid their loneliness inside; which does include a long list of realities that does include the chemicals released by physical sex. Each fades however, and you will end with a life that has been lost. Because there is no escape from “living”/ other than to remove yourself from life, by chaos ends with extinction. Humanity is doing that very thing with its destruction of life and living on this planet; and will end in chaos, and from there to extinction you will go. Without true change, as is evident by every threat you face! And all the people say: WE DON’T WANT THAT/ and refuse to acknowledge any threat exists: so WE DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE, if there is no threat; “so there”! Reality however knows; you cannot run from the decisions you made/ or the consequences you chose to cause. Do not fear; it does not help you! FACE YOUR TRUTH, AND IDENTIFY THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; so that you can confront your own choices, and accept the price for remaining alive on earth. Instead of killing your own child; as is another, “terrible price to pay”. Do not believe: let the real world evidence, that cannot be tampered with: become your friend. So that truth itself will decide for you; because want is an enemy/ never a friend.

So that it is clear: there are no chemicals which take over your life/ as a friend, all are enemies. Even, the addiction to physical sex; because it is only an escape from time; and it cannot last, and it will fade. Like alcohol and all the others: they all lead you away from life, “into the darkness of escaping what you cannot escape”. Cherish the truth of life, which is the joy of “everlasting love”; found only in miracles. But cultivated in the romance of man and woman honoring existence with their joy. Love is the answer, and as with me: when humanity cannot give you that, or it is “the work”, that must come first. Open your heart to search beyond self; where miracles begin. This too is fraught with danger (begin again), and littered with delusions (rebuild again); but if you succeed, the values are great. Once again: oddly enough: the spiritual world is guarded with “liars, and fraud”. Because entry is “a deadly place”: YOU MUST be prepared to know and accept your own truth. Because lies will kill you; so you are searched/ and driven back: until you have prepared your own truth to survive; and do well.

IT IS necessary to state: when people die, and are left behind (without the energy to exist)/ there is a short time, in which the final choice can be; “to invade the spiritually living; it is a one time only, you lost; decision”. Their own chaos and extinction, will follow. BUT; The consequence of that is; I rarely attend funerals; because it is impossible to know their result before hand. Even so: there are NO second chances, and none are allowed in me. The same should be true of you: REFUSE. Those who have left with their life into eternity; are simply not there. It is however also true: that those who know you are spiritual, may turn to you as a “savior”/ and lose their life in eternity. EVEN THOUGH, NONE of us are “savior”; and I have avoided going; in the last days of living: to insure do not look to me, I cannot SAVE anyone. Just so you know/ “never sit with the dead”; it is wrong. Dead is dead/ time has ended for “this one”.

And the people say: “he is a liar, traitor, psycho, fool; utterly delusional,” as proven by the claims above. NOBODY knows or does these things, he is an outcast, without a brain; as proven by he expects us to believe these things we know are not true.

BUT let’s review: evolution says, “we are the result; of some single cell organism; that established itself in the oceans; without a brain or food or tools or knowledge; its all just chaos and accidents over billions of years.” and you believe that: to your shame/ as none of it is true, or can be proven beyond this looks like that; which is not proof at all. But universities run the religious indoctrination of these “traitorous lies, psycho babble, foolish idiots, and utterly delusional attempts to pretend university is god, and knows everything; to their shame. So you have no wisdom, and your concept of juvenile infant brain work; is without any expertise at all. YOU CANNOT BUILD A LIFE ONE PIECE AT A TIME! The heart needs blood/ vessels/ muscles/ pumps/ software to run it; AND EVERYTHING ELSE; or the body dies. And it sure as there is a hades: didn’t come from a single cell organism/ which could not establish itself in ocean water movements/ nor can it be over billions of years: BECAUSE THE SUN CONSUMES FUEL; and it cannot consume fuel for that long. So you are done; liar, traitor, thief, fool.

As to what is the framework of where thought can lead: foundations in law apply truth to the concert of disciplines, which then create an order from which the body of life does arise. Thought is the destiny of life, as it creates the freedom needed to achieve motion through the forces that are apparent in our world, and bodies. So there are TWO DISTINCT realities of our existence: THOUGHT as is needed to recognize life exists/ and there is forces of motion that allow time in us to exist. These are separate entities, and can be separated; because they are separate entities. As to the questions poised by death: nothing can be truly proven until you do die/ and that is your end in time.

THIS IS NOT an attack on any religion, other than the claims of university knows; the intellectual sewer of people who are religious as every cult is/ but claims themselves to be “the gods”. Religion conceives of what happens when you die; and each has a right to believe whatever they want to believe. “its your life/ its your eternity/ its your decision”.

Like me: YOUR LIVES have been changed/ regardless of want, the reality of consequences has begun, and your lack of truth decides for you: what will be your options to decide. The cost and curse of “university knows”, is a sewer; and you will soon know it to be true. Because they choice was to raid everything of life/ kill every child by destroying their resources/ poison the world, and cause extinction throughout. NEVER looking to the future; because they expect to die; so rape/ ravage/ ruin/ kill/ destroy/ pollute/ betray/ terrorize/ and choose to be Satan; are their ways. As the evidence does show as true. Infrastructure be damned/ life be mutilated/ every possible attempt to ignite this earth on fire just like the sun/ curse the planet by destroying the magnetic field with CERN, and beyond even worse/ mutilate nature into Armageddon/ insert the crisis of war with no water to be found Apocalypse/ cause extinction with weapons of mass destruction, HELL/ steal, rob, ruin the lives of humanity with counterfeiting currency and debts which can never be paid. Cause massive overpopulation of humanity. Curse every plant with disease/ cause the entire collapse of life by global overheating/ end life in the oceans, with pure apathy and poisonous want/ destroy this whole world; as is consistent with the reality of religion called Satan. As predicted/ as religion waits to hide from by running away from everything and anything they could do: a fools parade.

But like me: if you accept change, and let truth decide what the future will become. Then there is a chance for happiness, to eventually come; because you did do, what life and world needed you to do. Or more distinctly 99% of everything the universities did do/ shall be erased; so that life can go on. By erasing the sewage of their decision throughout this world; to cause our extinction. But this is not a game, and you will do what is required for life to survive/ or be extinct. Even though; the world itself will scream: WE DON’T WANT TOO! Because EASY, to hell with the world; AND FREE TO DESTROY THE FUTURE, let every child, all of life die; so you don’t have to pay. Is what the universities offered and did do.

EVERYTHING IS ON THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION;  BELIEVING ANYTHING ELSE IS A LIE:  there is no further time to wait or avoid the truth of your reality. TODAY, the short time ahead: you will decide if you live or die as a world. You will decide the laws that keep you alive/ you will decide no more war, unless it is against the leaders; to bring them to court; or remove them from life if you must. LAW DECIDES, and international forces will enforce it; SAME FOR ALL [USA/ CHINA/ RUSSIA/ ISRAEL/ EVERY SINGLE ONE SAME! No exceptions; obey the law, or be taken to world court; to face your truth, as judged by a world. LAW MAKES LIFE POSSIBLE, LEARN IT, AND USE IT TO BE AT PEACE. Divide and separate HATE (the living dead_) / from the living world, so that peace may come. CHANGE BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. Or continue on, and be extinct! “your choice: one way or the other”/ because there is no middle ground, YOU SHIT all over it, and filled it with your diseases; by university knows, religious cult worship. To your shame.

The essence of my future is: to let truth decide, because change has been called for: want has nothing to do with it, and cannot be allowed. Only truth decides, nothing more or less. THE SAME is true for you; and that means your want is dead, or your world will be.           YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED:   THE WORLD IS ADVISED IT IS SO Best you realistically can;  OR THEIR TEARS FALL ON YOU.

LIKE ME:   truth decides for us all.     Your Want nor beliefs:  will soon exist no more/ as truth makes it clear:  the day of “the living dead in charge” is over.       OR YOUR WORLD IS DEAD, BECAUSE THAT IS WHAT YOU CHOSE.            STOP killing this world/ or it will kill you. 


ESTABLISH REDRESS TO FORCE A CLEAR ACCOUNTING OF WHAT IS TRUE/ AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG; WITH EVERY THREAT OF EXTINCTION/ AND THAT IS PARTICULARLY TRUE OF EVERY UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENT OR OTHER CONCEPT OF A FATE WORSE THAN DEATH;  which includes AI and robotics/ as the army from HELL you will soon face.              OR LET THE REST OF THE WORLD DO IT!    EITHER WAY:  IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE/  so that you cannot escape into the delusions of belief, or the fantasy curse, of university is god.

NO, YOU ARE NOT BEING ASKED “to believe me”/ I am irrelevant!  BUT THE REAL “UNTAINTED”  EVIDENCE WITHOUT JUDGMENT;   IS NOT!   PROVE WHAT IS TRUE;  OR DIE/   your choice. But NO going back; it is what it is.

I remind you again: that Mexico city says, “it will run out of water” before the year 2024 is over/ that means literally 22 million people MUST immediately move out. That means every aquifer in the area will be attacked/ and when dry turns to rock/ that means according to the water survey people of IL; that an aquifer receives only one inch of recharge PER EVERY 50 inches of rainfall/ that means; when 22 million people descend on “your water supply”; it will dry up. Which means NOW even more people MUST MOVE OR DIE. And that means the collapse of civilization in total; because as more and more people face death by thirst: THEY WILL INSIST UPON IMMIGRATING ACROSS THIS PLANET. AND WITH 8+ BILLION PEOPLE; endless SEVERE (3 DAYS to death) war will exist. “blood flowing like rivers”; apocalypse.

OR:  HOW MANY BULLETS does it take to hold back 22 million people who are absolutely desperate for water?  My guess is about one billion over three days/ unless you are overrun, and war without end begins.  IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE; AND SEEK SOLUTIONS AS BEST YOU CAN.  and that is only the first, IN A LONG LINE of threats so severe:  from the puke and dysentery of “university knows leadership”/ that it is unlikely;  we will survive at all.  Making extinction for our entire world;  a very real threat.     THE PRICE FOR KEEPING  THE PEOPLE OF MEXICO CITY: “WHERE THEY ARE “!  is to redirect enough of the water flow removed from the boundary line river/ back into the river for them to use. EVEN THOUGH the southern US states including California will then participate in that drought.  WAR IS a worse solution (apocalypse); because mass migration ends the water resource for everybody in quick succession/ as each new city they migrate into:  suddenly finds itself without water. Again and again and again. Every form of industry fails/ most agriculture fails/ economies fail. as will be true for each city to be invaded; by those who cannot stay where they are.  HARD CHOICES have arrived/ but do insist they pump it into their aquifer, to keep it from turning into rock or evaporating before being used. Put in a damn on the Rio Grande river/ because you must; kick the piss-heads in the ass, and tell them their day is over. NOW its share or die/ because this ain’t no game.  BUT THAT means water flow will be attacked for every farm irrigated in America/ and that means food will be surrendered/ and that means trouble will come. SO THE COST MUST BE SHARED BY ALL./and in particular the city dweller/ or you don’t eat. Irrigation in Mexico City


AND HUMANITY SAYS:  “I WANT/ I WANT/ I WANT”/ and reality says back:  “go ahead have another child/ and you will watch him or her be EATEN”.  BECAUSE THIS WORLD will die from your wants!    CHANGE AND ACCEPT TRUTH DECIDES, NOT YOU;   or the end is certain.

AND THE WORLD SCREAMS BACK:   MEDIA WILL TELL US, IF THIS IS THAT BAD!   but like the water survey people told me:  they cannot tell anyone/ unless they come to our door and ask: OR THEY LOSE THEIR JOB.  Doesn’t matter what the cost of being wrong is.   Alas people lie/and experts are paid to lie:  so you don’t know!

Love is the distance; between where we live, and where we hope to live; as we do share the journey into our lives with care, by the direction and destiny of respect.

This world is filled with obstacles of hate did this; because the people wanted to believe; life was free and easy and they could be responsible for nothing; but greed to each and every one. The consequence of that is threats, which will make you extinct.

So the choice is: to go back to love, life, and truth by respect/ or die, as hate takes complete control over this earth. NO going back/ one direction only. CHANGE AND GO BACK TO LIFE; or die and become extinct.

Mexico City running out of water

My reality is:to accept, the choice; of life and living, is no longer mine. “I do not know why”? It is somehow, a participation in Revelation 12-22; I don’t know what? Some degree of choice still remains; “its complicated; because spiritual female decides so much”. NO, revelation condemns in “chapters 1-11 only; as men continue to control, and this is what they will do”. BUT revelation 12 and beyond is what women will do, in conjunction with men; as they work together for a world, that they will change.  Beyond the rule of men lead, & the game, is pride, power, and want; with war to rule over you.

Your reality is: “you cannot mine the sea floor”/ the future has needs too, your children cannot die; because you threw EVERYTHING away; as “devils in waiting”. You cannot release more fossil fuel heat + more combined; than this planet can accept/ can’t continue to burn more oxygen than the planet will provide/ can’t poison or pollute the earth/ can’t destroy life in the oceans; and a “thousand more”. Because the game is over/ and reality wins. Party time is over; you lose. LIFE FIRST/ WORLD FIRST, is all you really need to remember. Media last/ universities all but discarded: because as with global warming, they prove to be worthless if not less. No more politicians to make laws/ only hired employees to investigate and insure that our laws are being properly enforced. “and ten thousand more”. And the world SCREAMS NO; which is your right; after all, those who deliberately stuck their head in the guillotine; and shouted “I can’t die”/ are allowed to pull the lever themselves. Its your right to die/ but it is not your right to take the world with you; as will have consequences beyond your wildest imagination of terror lives in you. “its life”/ no easy way out: TRUTH decides for you! Because life is separate from body, and when dead: a new reality begins.