critical choice

We come to the construction of human time; and our relationship with life by choice. The most critical of these, confronts the decision of how much do we value life or love?

I begin, by conceiving of life and love as the two realities of our existence here in time; which influence and sustain our living most. Because we are tied to these, making time the third element in our survival. LIFE, is the knowledge of our experiences, expressions, freedoms, thought, rights, and the construction of our choice. LOVE is the elemental transition between “human miracle” or: animal: the tragic impact of strictly here to survive, and then fall into the dirt as one less. A human miracle knows the value of life, experiences the understanding of choice, and expresses with honesty and truth, the value of sharing and caring and respecting those who honor us with their presence in this our time. While time itself, merely measures existence, and describes the days which grant a choice. Some will fall into their grave (time, with value; ends here) early, and choose hate.

The critical choice between “love and hate/ is not less than the critical choice between survival as life, or death”. While time demands our needs shall be met, “consistently” or we die. The reality of that produces choices that are not consistent with love or hate; but define survival as a decision limited by what we chose in the past. The boundary between love and hate, is then tested at these times to determine: where your truth of life will go. The most unfortunate reality of that is: there will be deaths, because unless the battleground of living earns the right to survive. This earth can only support a limited population of anything living. That which will “eat its way into extinction”/ requires a predator: or it is a predator that has no valid number of prey, and must fight. In these elements humanity finds itself confronted by choices between: love and hate.

One of the most critical is: the rights and realities between male and female individual lives/ and the cost of being unable to defend yourself from the opposite sex. The value of life lives in love, and there is no greater version of that; than what can exist between male and female as equals, sharing their time in life as truth; earned by respect reciprocated by both. But in opposition to that is survival, and when life loses its value (except my own)/ the curse of selling each other as slaves; rises above the dirt to reveal you chose hate.

The question is WHY, do men want women? Women want men to stabilize and secure their lives; so as not to starve, but survive. While men want women to prove a trophy or toy, and pay with only trinkets to achieve that goal. But then comes the dirt of male behavior; and it wants to instill fear; just as men make other men fear them. The worst of what men can be; want women to fear them: thereby claiming “I too” have power over life. The element of sex arises to prove: you have no choice. Hate produces violence, and then judgment; which ends with abuse: to the consequence called murder.

Sexuality is then a game of “toys and trophies”/ or it is a descent into the worst of what humanity can produce. Those male who rape other male bodies; can only be considered vile, as power is pushed into hate. Those who surrender “to failure”; are called “gay”; to hide the delusion. Those deceived by the failures of: “university cult”; into believing “all you need is fantasy and imagination”/ are fools.

BUT make no mistake: it is, their body/ their life/ their choices; BECAUSE the purpose of our existence, is to prove what is true in you or me or us. Truth is truth, and it needs not your blessing or curse. YOU are not its judge! “animal sex” is not greatly better. However LOVE, as is make a better choice; is part of my own testimony to life, and living with truth. As nature demands: shapes a value worth keeping pure. As best you can. It remains true:  NO male or fantasy of male shall come here to me for anything sexual/ as the warning remains:  “it will become hades (eternal terrors)” for you. All other aspects of male interactions, remain the same, as always. 

LOVE does know the difference between what nature provides, and what humanity distorts into something else. LOVE does know the difference between “animal sex”, and its alternate experience; that expresses sharing, caring, and respect; with the dignity of being alive in this moment which binds us as one. They are “very different experiences”.

LIFE does know every choice is not your own/ and some must be endured; because there is no escaping what time can enforce. That is true of death, and it is true of many other things; which require our endurance. The critical choice is: WHAT DO YOU CHOOSE? For life, or world, or self, or child, or reality? The answer of most is: I WANT WHAT I WANT; TO HELL with all the rest. No need to care, as is this descent into extinction; as “universities lead”/ anarchists take control over governments, by destroying currency, cursing the future, and making weapons as: your choice.

TIME ends soon, without true change in humanity. That is functionally undeniable; without lies and liars and traitors and terrorists and thieves, cheats, whores, bastards, fools, failures, and all the rest who have chosen the grave rather than life. Criminal takeover of the courts, propaganda to incite civil wars, leaders who divide to conquer, arrogance so vile it wants extinction to come. Religion so apathetic; it worships the universities as their cult/ just to prove they can, to avoid being involved in life or death of this world.

And even I, being reduced to: whatever it is, that female will do. To me, or with me as an evidence of life or death for this world. I am shown “the bill of sale”; which describes “a male body, stripped of all male protections”. As is the same fate of history: for too many women. Even though, I am 70 years old and not a trophy of any kind/ it does cause me some concern.

Just so its clear: I have female tits (not by choice; but what female[weird has changed to homey; whatever that means] would want that). And you can’t “climb on” and expect love to result. Sexual happiness comes from living with care, to share life with respect, to identify and create the harmony of rhythms that will enhance our experience, so that love is expressed in the values we each define as our choice is heart. You cannot find that as animal “slam/ bam/ thank you ma’am”; as most women know. Disciplines are inherent, values are required, balance is orchestrated as “equals”, order is found to be, “within our souls, as we join”; to be one.

HOWEVER, reality also states: that with female choices, to help sustain and elevate this life from its grave by men, and their universities. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE/ AND CHANGE THIS WORLD. It is a choice, only women will make.

Because men and their universities brought us here/ and they are abandoned as leaders by law. BY LAW ALONE, will women lead. There is no other way. Therefore the question is: “life, or death”: as women prove to be “same as men”/ or completely different, as nature does demand.

DON’T be like men: who insist they are in charge, “know nothing or not”/ and when proven wrong, just leave so they don’t have to admit it. Or take charge, just to prove they can; regardless of the consequences; as seen in all the threats surrounding us all.

ACCEPT THE TRUTH; ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE; nothing less accounts for survival of life on earth, or eternity. LAW IS justified and fair/ it is not less than equal, disciplined, balanced, or orderly; as respect demands it must be. PEACE lives in justice, and war dissolves through respect and the resultant “fair play”, as is the purpose of any courtroom throughout the world. GOVERNMENT; forms the basis of how we protect ourselves from intrusions into our lives, homes, values, freedoms, etc. Therefore every decision is deliberate to rise above want; so that what we choose is true to life and earth. LAW lifts all/ governs all the same. RULES focus on one, and are constantly evading the truth; so that the righteous can claim their victory; as winners. CHOOSE LAW/ not rules.

DON’T BE, like “universities”; which believe they are gods, and can do anything they want; because NOBODY can stop them/ as they have proven their control over the currency, media, government, military, banking, agriculture, and every other purpose of men. NEVER BE LIKE “America”; which destroys democracy to instill the damnation of a society diseases by just a tiny few now control everything/ having bought it all: BY STEALING/ BY FEAR (as with covid)/ BY BELIEF; as with the cult of university is god (never question your leader); BY PROPAGANDA; as with media knows, and none can doubt; because they (the tiny few) own 24/7 by 365 manipulation of all communication. WAKE UP, or your dead as a world/ forever lost.

Don’t be: as men are, constantly looking for the next thing they can ravage, rape, or steal. A reality that hides in a great many things. Such as refusing to build what is needed for life to survive/ and destroying/ ravaging, what has value to society; to create “only the rich” own it all now. Don’t be; as is advertised “you can make money, just by using a fan to push humidity into beans”: a reality that does absolutely nothing of value to life or world. Adding global warming through electrical usage/ resource depletion, and pollution; as its cost. And as reality proved in past generations: the cheap method is to run water on it/ which ends as entire ships docking with spoiled grain. Costing billions or more! But alas, “the intellectual baby”, has no real understanding/ only wants. Don’t be the rapist; claiming no pollution for electric vehicles/ when 80% of all electricity is generated by coal or natural gas.  or the marketers demanding “use a dishwasher every night”/ to sell “soap”: as if water nor electricity was used. It is pathetic. Or more distinctly; STOP BELIEVING! Simple as that, and let the evidence decide/ NOT the claim of expert; as did lead the world in “you CAN’T prove global warming”/ throughout the fifty years of media propaganda which is now proven wrong. Because the money buys you any expert you want/ and they all want power, not life.

DON’T be, like my dad; “who loved me, until tinnitus ended our working together”/ and then blamed me for any and everything that went wrong; particularly when his two best friends died. He wanted what he wanted; and he wanted his friends back. Me back too: and decided I was just a liar, tinnitus did not exist/ therefore stealing from him; because tinnitus was not severe; as did community believe. After all, I look fine; and my uncles said their ears squealed too; but that did not stop them. Blamed me, for all the stories people made up; because they needed an enemy to make fun of: because they had no other conversation to make. Assumed, contrived, made up or denied; and did not understand why I could not be like all the rest. HATED that I proved the evidence I used; which caused belief to falter/ and that means, “not safe” anymore. The constant of humanity is: “find a flaw (no matter how small) and exploit it/ to prove superiority”. As life would prove, we could not go back. Or mom; who believed I was a cost to her friends too; because I asked her first cousin to control his noise; after 40 years; for months every year/ as tinnitus forced me out. Or sister who believes whatever she chose to believe regardless of the evidence of time and truth. More distinctly: this is a world; love has been taken from, by media. Producing all the violence, deceit, fraud, failures, temptations, manipulations and the rest; people can think of, “for your entertainment”. Which blinds humanity to the truth of what a friend does mean. The curse of your failures, are everywhere; as community dissolves before your very eyes. Rise to identify what does have value/ discard what has no value/ respect each other, and protect life and earth; because as 8 billion people all believe, they can want “everything you can take/ cursing everything you can touch”. As universities say: “without consequences for us”. Life on earth will soon be over; because that is the price for being WRONG. ACCEPT destiny is by the path you choose, and it follows only truth. My choice was:  this world and all its life must come first/ regardless of the cost.

People do hate that; because it is evidence, that what they want, even the herd; does have a price they refuse to pay. Making the result, “their fault too”.

DON’T BE; the curse of a fool; as are those sentenced to jail for “jan 6”. You cannot take back, or reform government drowning, from an inside insurrection: with violence. That only opens the door for idiots to fall in/ leaders without a brain, as was trump. LIFE requires you: to examine the evidence and prove what is true. As would be REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, the legal method of opening the door; and proving what is true/ in a courtroom, where “we the people” are now both JUDGE AND JURY. No hiding, or to prison you will go as a traitor. The evidence must be found. REDRESS IS: THIS UNION FIGHTS TO PRESERVE PEACE AND VALUE/      BY LAW.

The accusation of terrorist: begins with the destruction of genetic nature/ by claiming “the university is god; and can do anything they like. The universities can try to ignite a nuclear fire here on earth just like the sun: GAMBLING OUR ENTIRE WORLD/ WITH DEATH BY THAT SAME FIRE. The universities: NOBODY IN GOVERNMENT fails to have a diploma: THEREFORE, it is the universities who have bankrupted this nation/ and done horrific things/ as their experts created global warming by default and the proclamation of fraud. While media keeps the public contained, and believing whatever propaganda they are told. To their own shame.

“ten thousand threats” go unanswered by universities own this nation: so that all can die in defeat, as extinction invades this world. So says the evidence; and it cannot be proven wrong.





As 4.5 billion females on the planet [4,500,000,000 females] IT IS TIME TO STAND UP AND BE COUNTED; by those tiny few men, who claim they cannot be deterred by LAW.

The greatest enemy you face: IS NOT “their weapons”/ but your own apathy. The greatest terrorists who have ever lived: “is a believer”/ because a believer can believe anything he or she wants; as do those in universities “who used to be your own classmates”. ARE THEY god? NO, just diseased by their own arrogance and disrespect for life; as taught by the “elite of universities”; who claim they are gods. The curse of the damned is a corrupt court; where only power rules. The curse of the dead; is a media plague of propaganda, which rules over life, by the continual dispersion of believe the universities (the expert) are god/ fear the universities will not save you/ OBEY whatever the universities say; as with covid. While they steal your heart & soul. As is Satan (destroyer of a world) on earth. Proven by every threat we face, as it is the universities who led. Proving no matter what they say; as with men throughout history; IF THEY CAN/ then they certainly will. “consequences be damned”.

People believe: because they want an answer, or they need an answer; and they don’t know how to find that answer, or refuse to do the work to construct the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom necessary to identify what is true. Along that journey, those who want an answer “join the herd”. Those who need an answer begin the search, but commonly refer to “I will trust this one, or these”/ even if they are not a herd. Those who pretend they are gods, and create an answer regardless of reality; as is universities know. And those who let truth decide, which is commonly NOT what people want to hear. Because they want what they want/ and DON’T want truth to decide. Because it commonly refuses what they want to hear. “they want what they want/ NOT what truth will allow”. So they throw truth away, and accept lies. 8 billion people living by lies, theft, failure, fool, cheat, betrayal, and terrorist:  as it is across this world/ will find their extinction comes next.