It is the consequence of living in america; that proves without doubt; these are the least of any human beings ever born. Because as a union of cult worshipers; they gave away their entire nation to the insurgency of “university knows/ university is god/ university decides: as media declares; this is what you think, and all the people say, we believe”.

The university diploma; has sold you out. Removing every resource/ removing every title and claiming the last in these days/ removing the future from every child, even assassinating them, by destroying their resources/ removing every manufacturing base/ removing every trade and tool needed to continue working today/ letting the world take every thing you need away/ removing the people who know how to work/ removing the real world money, to replace it with lies and numbers without meaning/ removing even the potential to survive, by mutilating nature/ removing the atomic stability of this planet at CERN/ removing even life itself, by trying to ignite atoms on fire. Destroying every asset, letting the claim of property be sold to foreigners hiding behind hidden ownership with corporations, failing every life, every student, every worker, every american, everything with politics that hide the terrorists within; and keep them operating by destroying the courtrooms with “you cannot question the university; they are gods”. Conspiring to collapse the union with civil war, by inciting through media compulsion. Cursing the nation with endless languages. Designing death with a million plus people now capable of mutilating a disease into something worse/ and collecting trillions for it; as was covid. Destroying life/ destroying nations with weapons of mass destruction/ destroying the future with robotics and AI/ destroying the sanctity of life with chemical contamination responsible for nearly every problem of health we face. Destroying the oceans with methods so vile, no life is certain. Destroying the water supplies with “trillions of tons of poison” dumped and spread around so that it creates sewage in the water/ that is diminished so badly aquifers shall end. Overpopulation so horrifying; so possibility exists to survive. Cursing the world with pollution/ cursing the world with oxygen depletion/ cursing the world by ending the balance of forests that keeps our atmosphere in place. Cursing the world with ozone ending/ cursing the world with habitat loss, and species extinction. Cursing every aspect of life: screaming “university knows”. As is the recognition of Satan (destroyer of our world) on earth.

All of that, is just the beginning of traitors in charge of life and nation and world; as the men in charge continue to believe “nothing has changed” and they can continue to war against each other/ to steal from each other. And rebuild without the resources to do it; as is a fool.

And the people say: media will tell us what we think. As they saturate the nation and world with “covid worship”/ so as to ruin and pillage, and rape every organization of humanity; which might try to find a brain of their own. Religion worships too, as it was entirely taken over by university is god/ and teaches every one: to be a fool. Because as indoctrinated fools and idiots as is consistent with cult worship/ they know not anything of truth or reality. Buried in the garbage of cult confiscated their brain.

So what is to be done; in a world clearly defined by “in the valley of death now”. A prediction of the bible in psalms 23. Not what people believe; but a description of Satan on earth instead. And religion screams blasphemy; because they want what they want, and bind themselves inside the prison they create; to hold out truth or reality or questions that confront. Nonetheless, lets review:

at the beginning: the reference is you are “an animal”/ not human; being made to lie down “not your choice”. Do you not see a conflict here? If you go into nature and find quiet water: if it has set for any length of time, without flow; it becomes a putrid mess of things which do not allow for drinking; even adding a stench so you know not to drink it. Do you see a conflict? The soul remains with you on this earth/ therefore it is not returned; because it is your invitation to eternity, IF you respect it. Only death can steal it; from those who do not survive. Righteousness is the term used by those who are constantly judging others/ are you judge? The valley of the shadow of death: belongs to Satan/ devil; and it is not where the living go. “the rod and staff, which comfort me”; represent a beating and a sacrifice of will; to say I will obey and fear and believe what I am told. Do you not see a conflict?

It then turns to the opposite: as is “you prepare a table, in the presence of my enemies”; as is I will survive even here. Because I am doing the best I can; in a place where the living are few.

The cost of that is: that I am confronted by the truth of what you do; and the constant failures of your cult. To refuse the partnership with male; and turn to female, as the only decision left for life beyond the cult. Because men are men, and as history proves true: they always return to the vomit of their ways, and eat it again; to produce the very same results: again and again and again. they cannot change of their own accord; as history proves it is useless to try: because they use war, as their answer.

So the end result of that is: we must look to female as “truly different”/ and thereby a different result, if they can refuse their indoctrination and training by media to not be female. Letting truth decide instead.

Truth for me is: that I have stepped across the line dividing male from female in the elemental path of nature itself. Beginning the journey that is not male, to search for what is a value to life and earth; beyond self. Within that understanding, I have come to realize; it is female now in charge of everything male once had or inherited. And the question begins: “what, would I do”? From the perspective of change; how would this world be better off: if only the law were leader? Elements of that are participating; but it is a very long way to go. It is, a very confusing decision; as the war is over with “the spiritual woman inside”/ but now, this journey begins with a male body, owned by female truth, and occupied by the beginning of female experience/ even altered by the expression of female tits. NO, I do not understand them, or know how it all ends. Which does not include male at any part of the reality; other than “simple work, friend, or NON sexual expressions”. No liars accepted/ NO, fantasy or delusion or fool; will be allowed. YOUR ETERNITY is at stake in HADES/ if any male, fails to heed this warning. This is about female, and it is not about male; as the end of that experience or expression, has begun.

Nonetheless, it is an elemental task; to start at the beginning; so that realities can be structured correctly to the task. The most fundamental of these tasks is: to accompany force into the elements of time that dictate features of identity, and environmental integrity, that separate: between genders. We restate that simply: as male expresses the expansion of energy positive magnetic force” as would be the energy created in an atomic proton/ and the contraction of energy, as would be female energy “negative magnetic force”, balancing the energy of motion proton contained within whole of an atom to create time, as would be called a neutron: separates time from space. Electrons are elementally scavenged from the binding between the two: as such they are functionally “a shadow feature, accelerated by  both/ spinning to avoid attachment”.

To understand the recycling of time/ as the rebuilding of an atom which is the basis of time. We courtesy of “universities” know that supernova events occur. The exploding star; constitutes an environment called a sun; that begins to consume itself “at an intolerable rate”/ which means the balance of energy has been lost; and it goes into a death burn. The explosion of that event if at the proper level: releases an outgoing proton (not an atom) of “dust”. While if the internal core of the exploding sun ignites too soon: it will fail to release the energy fast enough/ and must then turn back upon itself to “find room”; which becomes the “black hole” of a neutron pulling (not an atom); being an energy formed by opposite effects.

The black hole sucks mass inside itself, and grows bigger in the process of accumulating energy: to be the solar/ controlling gravity of both solar systems and galaxy formations as well. The neutron force does so by eliminating space. Condensing what was mass into a much smaller area, by removing all that is not dense by its own substance; no space equals no motion. But to remove space collisions produce holes in that substance, to punch anything movable out into the core of the black hole. At this stage the black hole becomes a pulsar (courtesy of universities) because the end result of condensing mass; to maximum density; is to release that space into the center which must now at repeated levels be pushed back out along a fracture line. Which is the ejection of neutrons at beyond conception speeds; which then impact and wrap, the movable protons to form atoms. Or opposites attract, so to speak. We repeat this, to enable the more critical construction of atomic theory which is to understand that gravity is found here as well.

As with the black hole: when mass encounters and collides with, a neutron; the outer skin balancing energy within the proton; to contain and sustain the energy, shall remain stable (balanced) as is time now exists. Occasionally an electron will be bounced into the neutron; forcing it to release a tiny bit of space into the area between the neutron and proton; which is fundamental by separation to keep the machinery going.

THIS functions as an electric motor”, because the proton is in motion the space between works as the conservator of motion. The base reality of atomic energy that has been stored; and is then, to be released by stopping or redirecting that motion to create heat or kinetic force. Because if it were to simply spin within the vacuum of space: the cold “an attachment demanding neutral” would strip that motion of its energy. Because motion carries with it the function needed for heat; cold becomes a heat sink to take it away. The neutron isolates heat from cold of space; by focusing energy in balance with motion due to spin. Spin is a function of multiplication: the motion of the proton ejected by a supernova/ and the motion in contrast that is ejected from a black hole. Actual speed of spin can be calculated from an atomic bomb: you know the mass of the explosive/ and you know the result: therefore spin as is atomic power released into chaos: is the kinetic “atomic” energy released. Thereby a composite of speed can be predicted as is contained in a spinning mass.  Because as “planetary objects are consumed” by the black hole; the impact of these objects causing stress fractures into the core; where space removed, under beyond extreme pressures, will go. Building, until the pressure must be released as with a pulsar blast; at velocities well above the speed of light. The atom proton (kinetic “hot”) is not entirely perpetual motion: because the neutron (“cold: as is opposite”) gets a small energy boost from the cold of space; thereby sustaining speed even with very slight heat transfer, that dissipates, to the cold; from the motion inside. less than cold means: time or its atomic motion will slow and then stop “die” eventually. the speed of light is not limiting, as proven by a supernova/ nor is the claim that vacuum does not exceed the values of space. In a black hole they do. And that means your claims of time and space in this universe and beyond are entirely wrong; as is the persistence to refuse: “the singular spot” in this universe sky, which contains the least material, is where the big bang occurred; and as with all explosive events: the parallel plane of that expression occurred due to the structure of the material being exploded; and in all directions within that plane of expression. not less than cutting your time frame in half/ and again in half or thereabouts due to speeds higher than light.

Nonetheless this is:  gravity in and of itself, as that function of the atomic process releases another electron which then escapes at the axis points of the atom to join the rest of electrons, or scattered as reality demands; in orbit and in order: same as a black hole (but limited). Again: how the neutron wraps around the proton/ what size the proton is/ how many wraps/ how circular the proton is/ which direction the wrap will occur/ if the wrap is complete or not/whether the proton to be is moving directly at the pulsar blast/ away from it/ or at an angle to it/ if a protrusion exists (radioactive) that did not get removed; and other miscellaneous details all contribute to the elements of our periodic table; as is called chemistry. CERN did not create any type of form of atomic element; and merely create the illusion of a lie to cover the fact they do nothing but endanger the planet itself. chemical elements are held within a distinct weight limit: because the spin of kinetic motion attained by the proton/ CANNOT be sustained beyond a certain size and weight limit.

So RETURNING to the construction of what is female versus what is male. REQUIRES us, to accept in simplified terms: that male is the outward force of gender/ while female is the inward force of gender. Both joined as one, creates the balance of time that is then uniform and capable of sustaining the experience and expression of laws in motion.

Life itself is the result of motion, therefore the laws which govern that existence; are elemental to us all. More is not certain, as I debate the wisdom of this decision.

As is evidenced by your cult worship of fools, failures, traitors, thieves, liars, tragedies, and terrorists. You are clearly better off knowing nothing more; as fantasy and delusion lead your lives.

Today, as I look “from an opposite point of view”; I do see a glaring error in the male development of human history. The critical truth of male failure is GREED; as they nearly all shout, “GREED IS god”/ GREED is king”/ GREED is ruler/ GREED is banker/ GREED IS OWNER/ GREED IS slave owner/ GREED is the ruler of women/ GREED IS the god of war. Etc”.

Or more distinctly; it is greed that causes hate to be hired/ gives hate a disguise/ lets hate be leader, or its “hidden voice”/ gives cause to violence/ lets people be mauled by numbers/ mutilates nature/ betrays all people/ and terrorizes the world. “just to start”.

So the critical question is: WHAT IS GREED, that it has such power over men/ and as a consequence of that, over life and earth? The answer is: greed is “the believer”! Or more distinctly: greed lets humanity believe that whatever they want, makes the superior to the rest; and if they get what they want, they then believe in “YES WE CAN”/ take anything we want. Because we want it, as is the basis for most war. Greed then seeks out: HOW to make you fear “me/ us”; and OBEY, so that only we are the owners of greed. The historical standard is: control their resources, so they die; if they don’t do what we say/ give us whatever we want. Today however: that control is much less obvious, as media saturates human existence with endless claims of “university superiority”, saturates human existence with FEAR every disease, every weapon, every hate, every human; DON’T get out of your house, FEAR LIFE and believe: “only the universities will save you”; as with covid, and the trillions they collected by releasing a biological agent of warfare against you. “extortion works”/ particularly when exhibited and coerced by governments.

So the foundation question of today is: WHAT DO THEY INTEND TO DO WITH THEIR “BELIEFS”? Answer as is exhibited by the universities playing god. They want to prove they can be gods, by mutilating nature into chaos; which their religion believes will then, simply produce something else. They want to prove they are so powerful; they can control the same fire as is on the sun; here on earth; trying to release “one million mile flames” HERE; as would be 4 times farther flames and radiation; than the moon is to our planet. Gee what could go wrong? WITH PURE DISRESPECT for life and world; they have released trillion tons of poisons onto and into this earth/ cursed every resource/ destroyed the balance which keeps us alive/ dumped quadrillion tons of garbage; proving their intent to assassinate the future, and every child. Utterly attacked and dismantled “this USA” democracy; proving a cause for insurrection (which is not a sustainable charge “on Jan 6”); because anarchists are in charge; and trump is one as well. Making the nation of this USA surrounded from within; by traitors.

OVERPOPULATION DEMAND RESOURCES; and as always prejudice will claim: “its you or us”/ and we choose us. As with China and its growing population which demands more resources: SO THEY DO INTEND TO TAKE WHATEVER THEY WANT; WITH WAR; across the world. And while fools will constantly scream “surrender”: as with every such event in history, the slaves will die; because we just don’t need you anymore; and we don’t want you either. MORE FOR US.

So life is on the edge of extinction; whether you believe it or not; is irrelevant; truth is truth. AND THE DAY OF DECISION is here; because unless you accept only truth decides: you will be extinct, as will this world. Because nothing you are doing is sustainable or wise. Particularly not: “letting universities play god” as is the literal version or prediction of “Satan, thrown down to earth”. Its a Revelation 12 thing. But religious or not: the horrifying truth is: they curse us all into a grave they dug.

So the solution is world law, to remove the armies and their leaders from attacking us all, and ending life on earth. WE THE WORLD DECIDE AND THEN ENFORCE ON LEADERS; simple as that.

The solution is: ending the grip of money on life on earth! Thereby destroying the grip of men and their weapons; to inflict damage and distress: by letting law lead. And by letting resources determine what is fair; for all who work.

THE DIFFERENCE IS: WE THE WORLD OWN THE RESOURCES, AND MUST make our own decisions with regard to how these will be used: WITH THE FUTURE in mind. Rather than as is money; the game, and the power: to curse the rest, create armies;  & GET IT ALL, “just for me”. as is “the essence of hate”.

The solution is: to let nations be redeveloped; so as to separate groups from other groups. Because they are not “an enemy, we can separate” if it is ourselves we attack. With real threat boundaries to prove: don’t do it, with an international army; same for all. That will enforce if necessary.

The solution is: TO LET TRUTH DECIDE, what we can and must do; to protect our world, and save life on earth. TO THEN SEARCH FOR; AND IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE; AND THE COST FOR BEING WRONG; is elementally the foundation work, of all that can be considered necessary to a “new world”/ or hopefully returning this world; “to the best of what can be done” by resurrecting it from the coffin, and cult claims: of “university knows”.

I, for my small part: am now realizing, there is more “different” to change; than I had hoped for. “in a thousand ways”. One of the bigger ones is: that I had apparently been “thinking too much” with regard to female tits. As they now are simplified; as “flags, waving in the breeze to indicate physically ready, and able; for sex”. What is now concerning about that, with growing tits of my own: is women might attack me. Although 70 years old/ bad ears/ no teeth/ half bald/ not pretty: or simply nothing here to want; all done “got tits” (don’t look good for male) “got penis”( don’t look good for female). Just a mixed up mess, “too many chemicals; apparently from tits”; less disciplined/ not orderly or balanced. Out of the frying pan (school is out) and into the fire of human behaviors, again:; to identify what is and is not critically true.

“ugly, to a degree; as is OLD”,  plain human being. So surely not a real concern; troubles of my own.

I need more tolerance, “feel weird/ overrun, again”.

My advise to humanity is: RESPECT YOUR LIFE/ RESPECT YOUR PLANET/ RESPECT THE FOUNDATIONS OF ALL EXISTENCE/ RESPECT THE FUTURE/ RESPECT YOUR CREATOR ! And identify “the savior of our world, as is JESUS”; biblically preserved, in the Christian version. Because HE DID show us all, the real world differences between love and hate: so that we could choose our own path. Even providing the reference: that love can be eternal, with joy.

I do not find that “religious”. But consider it the evidence of faith; as is formed by “let truth decide”.

And for those too swollen with arrogance to understand it: TO IDENTIFY THAT FACT, is to bring “JESUS back to life” on this earth. Because his testimony was that important. To us all!         the reality: once again, humanity is faced with  CHOOSE:  LOVE OR HATE!    THERE IS; no middle ground; because even the animals are at risk of extinction today.

Instead of “beating you with a club” to enslave with fear/ today they “beat you with counterfeit money” to enslave you with fear, by creating “believe this as is covid”. JESUS was killed; because he overturned the money tables in the temple/ and greed demanded revenge, as power took control in the darkness. Today the rampant lies, governmental thefts, cheating the workers with numbers that are not real, threatening with every form of “weapon of mass destruction”, destroying life and world with disrespect, arrogance, and apathy: as is ONLY THE LEADER is superior, and the claim in support of that is “university is god”; and cannot be questioned. As enforced by media saturation, 24/7/ 365 days a year. Is no different than it was; power remains, and returns by corrupting the schools; with the arrogance of things like evolution (a fool babbles, with an infants brain). Destroying religion (let us remember) with the apathy of disrespect for life, world, and truth. Your leaders will not like [they are believers], this foundation of reality; which identifies “not power rules/ but pride fails the living”. Because want takes a bribe, and that makes you slave; because you settled for lies/ to let them destroy life and world.

The challenge of life, is the challenge of truth/ you cannot sustain one without the other. Therefore only truth counts, to the passage of time or eternity.

The conception of value; begins within the disciplines of moments; because order knows, you will balance the decisions which become your identity, as the truth; “between, whether YOU:  love and hate”.

As to “tipping their money vaults over”/ I did not do that, because none follow me; a proven fact. However that will not be true for you; as reality demands an accounting; and those who have betrayed you, will continue to refuse. And may surrender to violence, if not enough witness for the law shall decide. As does mean in this USA: REDRESS, “as is let the people decide for themselves/ after discovering the evidence, and insuring as best we can; what is true, is true. YOU, are your witness to the world. TOGETHER, you can become “the leaders to law serves us all/ truth will keep us alive”. That does not mean power; because power corrupts with only a very rare exception. Instead what life requires is respect for its truth/ caring for its living miracles/ and the decision NOT to let them sacrifice this earth or its miracles. “by playing god”. Ending that reign of terror; by removing the cause of HELL comes now.

Power will not like it; not anymore, than they did in JESUS day. But reality gives you the opportunity to organize and understand: we have very limited time left, to even hope this world will survive.

Truth then asks, once again: LET TRUTH DECIDE/ LET THE LAW BE WHAT IT WAS GIVEN TO BE/ LET DEMOCRACY STAND AS OUR GOVERNMENT “not theirs”. Let religion decide: “alive or dead”?

let no one tell you this is a game; it is not.  “THE EVIDENCE IS REAL”, and it demands extinction will be soon; as the cost of everything being done. Overwhelms the facts of what does keep us all alive.

the critical cost of hate is: that you cannot fix, what is truly broken! therefore the quest to remove hate, is aided: when the opportunity to war against those who hate you back is presented.  Which then becomes a dedicated area FOR WAR; between the two sides: governed by international forces. Which then presents those who hate with their chance to hate those who hate them. International forces will place whatever weapon is decided upon; in the middle of this battleground. Either end hate with a treaty that is real/ or end hate with death; because there will be no medical assistance:  just as it was “a thousand years ago”.  because “hate is hate”, and it has not changed since the beginning.

After “fifty years or so” of trying to ignite in you; some degree of passion for life and world/ rather than greed and selfishness. Granted a “new life” so to speak; it seems only fitting, to define it with order, to balance a new beginning with discipline. And attempt to at least try, to redefine living with work. As best I can.

I did for you what could be done, as male. I did for you “enter into a change” that has no clear outcome; because the world is far too precious to lose. But you have not chosen me “to help”/ and I clearly have not helped you to understand; this is no game. “you want what you want”/ and I have absolutely no interest in your beliefs.

So learning will come, but as always participation must be allowed; or truth will fail. I know not how it ends, or when. But it seems simple enough to say: different ways/ need different moments, in order to achieve an identity. If possible (allowed to stop), I leave you to your fate/ not because I would not help. Because you would not care, or share.

NO, that is not “dress up/ etc”. It is simply, “let truth decide, what truth is”. Because honestly, “I don’t know”. NOR, do I know your fate or destiny; as it is not my decision to make.          GOD AND:    “you” will do that.

While there were those men, “who said they would follow me to war”/ there were none who even suggested, they would follow or lead to law. And women; although invited to fight for life and world and child “everything”: they “were nowhere” to be found. I did my job. YOU have inherited the work.

I have retired.

I will additionally advise you of this: that I gave up a lifetime for this work, and everything it could have been; or would have been for those who lived as part of my life. But because a world and all its life are too precious to lose; I chose this. You contributed “gossip, jeers, and ridicule, along with disrespect”/ so I don’t intend to contribute anything more. Although the reality is: “not going to be decided by me”/ or you.

I do not say: that I regret it/ as I do not. But I do say, unless I am forced/ I will not be defending you further: live or die, its your choice.

I do say: that I will help women to fight for this world and its life if they ask me/ AND ARE A LEGITIMATE ORGANIZATION, as is needed to do that very thing. While I do not expect you to accomplish that; this is the only door remaining open. I did my part, for life and world. YOU will do the rest, or surrender your world to extinction.    As reality proves:  the evidence condemns you. CHANGE OR DIE.

Summary means: having concluded this work, the primary elements are, for you to understand.

  1. That doing nothing is certain death; you have chosen to wreck this earth/ destroy every living chain/ unbalance the world so that it cannot support life/ mutilate nature/ curse all living things/ and play god with our existence. Because the cult of universities are god, wants to prove they are superior, and own your soul.
  2. This is a physical world, which means your body is involved; but it is your body, and you may do with it as you choose to do: accepting the cost will be what truth decides for or by you. NOT “GOD’S fault” whatever it is.
  3. We do have a mental conception of this world: which then forms the foundation of what and how we choose to live our lives in time. But there are only three true decisions: love/ hate/ or animal driven by wants, as predator or prey. One of these three descriptions identifies you; by your own choices.
  4. We do have a spiritual composition, which includes gender as a function of what nature gave us to work with. It is not a game, and does not include your choice: life is male or female; and you cannot change that with a mental decision or physically altering it with surgery or dress or other. Spirit means: truth! And truth does not allow for lies: however in an odd description of that, “the spiritual world is guarded by liars”: whose job it is, to find your flaws/ allowing for removal. Before you enter the eternal definitions of judgment: as is, where do you belong. The element of judgment is not mercy, but truth. The reality of mercy, is an opportunity to do something defined, which might make a difference in your own eternal consequence.
  5. The realities of life and earth, are clearly based in miracles; and nothing less. Which makes the universities a clear “devil in disguise” with such things as evolution (this looks like that). Fools fall in; because want “the sign of an animal, wants an excuse to claim: no consequences for me”. It is not so, as every truth has a consequence either good, or bad. The simple truth of it is: you cannot build a body “one piece at a time”. You need all your organs at the same time; or life fails; and that is only the beginning of truth.
  6. Time is the opportunity to create the life most consistent with your own decisions. That truth is then transferred out of body; to become the reality of what you chose in time: now identifies you. Making the potential of eternity itself; the result of your own judgment, your own decision. Love exists in one direction only. Hate exists as the punishment eternal, for those who earned it. Animal is left behind to dissipate into “forever gone”; because want is not enough to keep you alive without time. Or more distinctly: life (existence is real) is a composition of thought plus force; while decisions are the constant of every identity, and form the environment we call “a home”. Life knows: that it is not hate or want, that presents to us a value worth keeping for an eternity. Love is the only host of life, within joy.
  7. So we then look at the conception of eternal life; to ask, “is JESUS” right? That we were not forgotten after Creation occurred; and those who choose love, will find in the gap between life and death, the passage beyond time, that is acceptance of soul. The question is then: are there consequences for truth, “both good and bad”; that ultimately decide if life will survive and how? The law of truth is: there will be consequences, because every decision creates a force, that is then translated into what law will allow. That summary of law is then judgment. While we turn to search for thought, as the environment created by soul: to ask, if there is friendship for those who care, and seek to share the respect that will not be denied? I accept truth will decide; as is the function of faith; created by JESUS. A path beyond self, that HE brought to our world; for you and me to choose our way; rather than fall into the abyss of want, and fail. Even so: the choice is, for me: “that I would rather be love”, than any portion of hate or animal; as is the alternative. I would rather be loved, than to find in eternity only loneliness and grief; because there is no joy. I would rather be wrong, and live with love; than any other decision that could be made. Choosing for justice and fair play, being kind and gentle when possible, living for happiness and joy, while seeking truth in respect for all the miracles that are present here in time “to decide”, who we are
  8. . I suppose; that some degree of development should be identified with regard to the spiritual woman and me. A prediction of Revelation 12 (new life sent down) & 17 (the beast of male controlled). The critical question is: do these elements of “changed”; construct a value that is: altering reality to combine both male and female; but with female in charge now? The end result says yes. Because the foundation of that change is: while new life is the development of female alone/ it is male, that is intended to keep both those: infant and woman, safe enough to survive. Both are needed equally, in the real world of nature created time. In terms of society, which has been devastated by what men do: the balance of power to move society into the ways of law that can keep us all alive. Requires that the beast (tragic violence and aggression) of men shall be devastated, and removed. So that hate can no longer rule, with fear. Given these two functional elements of time will be changed: one way or the other. The construction of what is true: becomes a living arrangement of how do we make that work, for our world? It would seem: that I am somehow that “living arrangement” of both male and female working together; or whatever it turns out to be. Regardless, “it is not me”; and I would have never guessed life would turn in this direction for me. As to what comes next; I am “without a clue”? Lost in a sea of “I just don’t know”; anymore.Or, more distinctly: “she is a spiritual truth identified by female”; and cannot then be changed. Which means, as a participant in time: I must change. Whether anything can be left of “male/ or self/ or me”; remains to be, IF: “a participant”? That seems unlikely, but it is beyond my realm of thought. Truth would suggest: “that I must become her/ and she must become me”; as our souls become just one. It is a level of trust; never found in time; other than by JESUS. To remain alive, we must become so intertwined with each other, that even a mirror cannot tell the difference. Because we found “the same heart”.    It is not “a game”: the essence of change is real, and lives only within the force of life itself. The critical truth is: purity without corruption, must be found, or life itself can fail. Not a quest: it is the ascent of heart.
  9. The elemental search for truth leads to the eternal path that is identified by truth. But caught in the abyss of a world that is dying; I chose to take a detour from “male decides/ which always ends in war”. To the consequence of; searching for, and finding the true environment of female: just to ask a question. But as is the constant of truth in law: unless you understand, you will not be allowed to leave. I did not understand; as it is a truly different world; and does not exist in any reference of male. Lost in a sea of “this is not me”; and there is no escape.
  10. So the warning is: be careful what you choose, as there are many things which cannot be undone. I did not understand, “this would be a sacrifice of sorts”; because how to save this world, affects both male and female same. But like greed, which ruled the last fifty years of why don’t you care? The constant of tragedy, that is, TOO MANY male (throughout all of history) “cursing the lives of female”; is why, I am not allowed to leave. And seem destined to remain forever. I have no idea “as is a fundamental of fact”: what will or will not come next? Absolutely lost, because somehow gender is lost as well. Nonetheless I am not unhappy; wandering, without a clue; but hope “in some solution”; whether male or female, I no longer care. I have always believed: both are equal, its just a different kind of living. Or maybe life remains combined/ or this or that or something else: because there are literally more things possible, than I can imagine; in a world Created. By the one who created this earth and its life. I trust; and that is enough for me.

Thought is the basis for life (understanding freedoms and choice exist)/ but force (the push or pull of energy, as is motion) is the basis of our existence (the living part). Balancing these two elements, creates a “my choice”; and it is within that choice we do identify truth and law of our own existence. “the foundation of life and living”.

So the question for you is: HOW does thought exist? WHAT is force beyond the effects of energy. WHO are you, as constructed by truth?     “the environmental conceptions” that begins eternity.

YOUR answers: become your truth.

“we share this flight” as the earth travels to wherever it will go, as the universe itself shapes into whatever it will become. The question is: HOW do we participate, in a reality that is beyond our grasp? The answer is: force will pull or push us all, into the environment of what our thoughts can be. The environmental home of what we chose to construct by our truth.

GOD SEEKS those who combine love with truth, so that the value of happiness can surround us all with joy. Much like a marriage, those who find love within their home; finds happiness and joy as well. Because we chose it, by the respect we earned, the forgiveness we received, and the values we shared by the acceptance of care.

Energy; or more distinctly the force that produces energy of motion: identifies a life in time. Force remains alive in the existence of our universe; so the critical test is: can we join, what already exists? While the body is time, and it dies to time failing as motion derived from energy. The force of life remains, if thought can be sustained. So the critical question is: how, do we open the door, to what is true? Law presents that answer; because it cannot be changed.

There is a “great divide”; between time and eternity. A gap that cannot be crossed; unless truly invited. So the question is: how, do we become invited? While I cannot truly answer that quest; it seems to be, that in some form of delivery; our existence is like the atom which forms from the parts that were ejected into the universe itself. To travel until found, by the opposite force; which then balances both to become a defined existence by reality. It is my suspicion; that we need each other to “become alive” without the aid or dignity of time. Therefore the existence of an invitation; is limited to those who share love, and balance that portion of life with truth. That is not to say: those without romance and love here in time are less; they are not. Like me, who has lived without romance or “interpersonal love”; for a very long time. Our soulmate is not a choice we will make. Truth will do that for us, so each can be: a value they share as one.

DO NOT be a lie/ as that will cause you to surrender your existence to death. We must be as nature made us to be; as that is our truth. Do not be led into the maze of intellectual delusions. Do not accept the fantasies evidence will not prove true. FAITH MEANS: “LETTING TRUTH DECIDE”.

I, for my own small part; having traveled in different ways and means that you: seem to be testing that reality in ways beyond my own grasp. Time allows for change; therefore eternity can change me it that is its choice. But only if I do become “critical true as female, by miracles”; and in no other way. I do not know if that will occur. I know only: “the spiritual woman predicted in Revelation 12 & 17: is part of me/ or I am part of her”. But it is a dangerous place to be; and I give my trust to THE GOD OF LIFE, WHO CREATED US BOTH; AS DOES SHE. Time will prove what the law of our universe, will allow.

IT IS, fair to say: that over the last 18 years or so; we have healed each other considerably; from the costs of time and its consequence of animal behaviors; to become more balanced inside. Even if only one can truly be in charge; the foundation of each remains “alive”. So the question is: “what”, DOES being alive, truly mean?

I think”: that what was very distinctly male and nothing else/ and what was very distinctly female, and nothing else: will need to find a way to join without limits and boundaries between them; to find out. No, I do not know “what that really means, as truth forming life renewed”.

However I do know: that elements of “female inside” are here, and threaten to take, even more control. It is not necessary, to know how this will end, or even why.    “that is not, my job”; life is life!

As for you: the foundation of all participation is, you cannot hide from the responsibility that respects your duty to work for life and planet. This is our world, and it shall not be thrown away to those who want to play god/ but can only be devil instead. Sign your name: establish the truth, “I too demand”; that we must all know the truth of what these threats are/ and the price for being wrong is.

That is not too much to ask of leaders or law; as is the courtroom of our own authority to seek justice, and define what is fair to all/ by the honorable means granted in the US CONSTITUTION: “CALLED REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES”. A world wide open courtroom, where nothing at all is hidden from view: so that the best we can do/ is literally the best we can do, by the evidence of what can be proven true. No theory, it is not enough to believe / no claims without evidence (as is all of evolution)/ no wanting what you want, instead of what life presents us with/ no evading our reality, to hide from the consequences of what has been or is being done. One world/ one life to lose for us all/ one choice; as a world, which demands: WE CANNOT let them be wrong.

It is your duty, to life, and world, and child!

And humanity says: YOU, can’t scare us/ “we are practically gods”, compared to you/ we know everything we need to know, and media would tell us; if we needed to know anything else!

BUT THE LAW OF LIFE ITSELF SAYS TO YOU: that you are not gods, and you know every little or extinction would not be at your door. While media uses every technique; to lull you to sleep.




YET THE LAW SAYS: you will not survive your want, because it is not enough to keep you alive in a sea of lies/ an army of thieves/ and a world filled with threats; saturated by media tell you nothing of importance. But insures, what you hear is: “believe, fear, obey”; the universities cult is god.   “tip toe, through the tulips” and never look for truth.

Life or death has become YOUR CHOICE. Wrong is extinction,  and you will pay it/ or change!