Life and living in time, let’s you decide who you are going to be; as is the truth of what desire identifies in you, and the purposes to which you will commit or deny. Respect is a path formed by honor, the honesty that defines what you are not, willing to corrupt; for whatever reason you give. Love is the value, that makes life worth living, by sharing what you care about with others; as does include their life. But eternity resides in: the moment of purity, that ascends beyond time, to inherit what will become your home. The existence of heart (I live with this) and soul (I love for this). As is your, “own truth”.

Today, it seems that male has died in me/ a reality I could not imagine would exist. But even so, male appeared strongly in my mind; again offering as always, “a verbal/ written club, demanding you had no right to destroy this earth”/ and after a short time, suddenly faded away and vanished. Leaving for the first time, “am I a girl inside now”? Yes, I know: the reader says, “he is insane/ out of his mind with fantasies/ lacking the stability of values, and so forth. Or as some “university zealots” demanding attention do: has decided to shout “look at me/ look at me”; claiming transgender, etc. None of it is true, except I feel like male might have died in me. Male is primarily “an expansion of potential energy, used to force survival in one form or another”. As would be consistent with: the continued use of language to demand “stop this/ you have no right/ and so on”; as is true.

Instead, realities now surface in me, that demand this is NOT a valid method for change/ war is not a suitable method to bring back life to safety/ and what must be told; are methods which pull people back to the moment we can agree: this has gone wrong for us.

So, we will review insanity: and establish the primary cause is “to want, what you know you cannot have”. While this is not yet insanity; when you push yourself to get, and find a way to achieve what you cannot have. The realities of addiction (escape), denial of truth (I must be wrong; I will win), hiding in fantasies (I have won/ I was looking wrong), believing “if I had or were this” (demanding I have been cheated); and all the other elements of a mind which has lost control do appear. Because want controls the animal, and when that want dies; the human animal believes “in one way or another it is surrounded by death”. If you do not stop believing/ there is no way out, but “insanity; my life is attacking me”.

We then review fantasy and establish: this to be where truth does not live, as the imaginary environment where anything you want, can be true; if you accept this lie. These elements of insanity avoid the consequences of reality, and deny there is a truth to being wrong; has a cost. The universities live in that fantasy/ I do not.

The search for stability does begin with values; because without an anchor to prove truth exists: that element of instability proves to be mold-able, by manipulation or temptations to become what others want you to believe. The sign of a cult (Only the leader owns the decision) is working here. As is universities and their lies, theft, and outright failure to our world and all its life.

So while it is true; that I too am very unhappy with the cause of why our world is facing extinction and horrors due to universities believing they can play god. The difference of my life, to the past is: nothing will be gained (as proven by “50” years of effort. By attacking people with truth. Instead they must be pulled into the truth, as the law will reveal it to them in ways they can accept; require change.

we then begin again in the new ways of heart, rather than hand; or female rather than male. To understand that we must examine what is being done, with a soul to explain: this can be done better, if we do, as a society/ as a human being alive, in this place of miracles: choose to care/ establish sharing, and respect, as our choice.

It seems to be of value: that we should begin with the children; as this starts the framework of our existence in time and its creation of ourselves. Therefore the critical influences on life as a child; must be understood as a choice.

I have been foolish; forgetting for a moment the current crisis that is: humanity curses the world itself, and all of life. As is “the stamp of male” left behind/ and the claim of “its a man’s world”.

So, instead of looking or writing for a world that could survive/ we must return to the world as it is: which cannot survive. Asking what is wrong, instead of demanding stop being insane.

The first element of that is: to get where we are today, there has been a war attacking at the very foundations of what is life and world. That intellectual war is from “universities” and their maze of failures, collapsing on you; as the intent of war creates the battlefield is now: when we make them fail to trust their own anchors of life. It is then that we can manipulate them; rob, cheat, and steal from them; tempt, enslave, betray, and terrorize them; by insuring “they believe/ fear/ and obey” what we tell them too. By attacking every foundation of reality: with the fantasies of an intellectual game, to prove “you don’t know everything”. By injecting doubt, with the delusions of only fools choose this.

The consequence being governments fail/ schooling fails/ business fails/ society fails/ nations fail/ nature fails/ and even the world fails; because the foundation of lies and liars/ thieves and cheats/ terrorists and traitors; does not survive. Or more distinctly: YOU MUST FIND YOUR ANCHORS OF TRUTH, SO THAT YOU CAN THROW THE ATTACKING ARMY OF UNIVERSITY DELUSIONS OUT.

IN ORDER TO DO THAT: YOU MUST ASSEMBLE THE LAWS OF SOCIETY AND WORLD, FOR YOURSELVES; without their experts, media, or influences beyond “you are just another citizen here/ and nothing more”.

In doing that: THE MAZE, then disappears, and truth becomes visible as to who the real enemies are.

The crisis of humanity throughout history is: that without a war threatening you: society quickly learns, they don’t need a leader or his army. So there is always a war, to protect the leaders from doubt. To enforce: WE WILL CARRY WEAPONS TO CONTROL YOU/ as is the design and purpose of hate.

WORLD LAW CHANGES THAT; with laws that enforce the leaders SHALL OBEY US, instead of we obey them. WITH INTERNATIONAL ENFORCEMENT; and a four year replacement cycle to insure NOBODY gets the idea, of using this force against the rest. Along with the clear separation of weapons, so that nobody can threaten unless the law requires you to do it.

Once that is in place; the law of society will rule, because a warlord is now abhorrent and wrong. Displacing hate to a world that will separate and divide those who refuse the law is our weapon against you now.

But as with all things: it is overpopulation that rises to undo all law, all values, all attempts at peace, exterminating life and property and world: because THIS IS A FINITE WORLD/ and we cannot overcrowd it; without war. And war is not an answer; because there is no place left to push the other people too. Or more distinctly: EVERYTHING “BEYOND THE DEVIL OF UNIVERSITIES”/ IS ABOUT OVERPOPULATION. And that means; no more tears for the children who are starving/ UNLESS, their mothers accept permanent sterilization, AFTER one child. Because we are so many people across the entire planet: there is no other choice except extinction. Believe it or not; that reality cannot be denied; without lies. So prepare for universities lies and liars, because they will come; as the maze is intended to stay/ and they need an enemy to confront. Just as they attack ANY FORM OF TRUTH, that can be found in order to confine you to “the slaughter house”.

YOU CANNOT remove the curse of the “dead cult” that is the maze of universities; UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THE DUTY, to decide for yourselves what our law is going to be. Thereby solidifying through the conversation of identifying what is important to life and nature and world and you and child and everything else: which is then the law which all shall keep.

YOU CANNOT sustain that reality: UNLESS YOU ACCEPT THE RESPONSIBILITY OF FINDING THE TRUTH, AND UNDERSTANDING THE COST OF BEING WRONG. It is that simple, because anything less; will be invaded with the maze of intellectual war; again.

YOU CANNOT sustain the lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, or any of the rest: that is the battlefields of intellectual mischief and war. UNLESS YOU LET TRUTH DECIDE, NOT WANT.

Therefore as is the foundation of life; beyond the impact of being confronted with “this is WRONG”. WE MUST accept the decision to renew ourselves with honesty, honor, dignity, value, hope, love, and truth. Fighting to sustain our trust, in life is worth this fight; because this planet is literally our only home. And it is literally the only home or chance for life in time; every child and living thing has. We are the enemy, by the consequences of what universities did change. But make no mistake, their cult of worshipers; screaming “change this”; as with covid, is vast and must be confronted with their own delusions. To remove the fantasy, that no consequences exist “for universities or their cult”. Every truth has a consequence; EVERY SINGLE ONE. Which elementally proves, that life is no game.

THE LESSON, of “absolute truth” is, that life does not care about what you want/ that is irrelevant. Life only cares about what truth will allow for you today. What your own decision is about that truth, even if you don’t “want it”. Truth decides; not you. As is the basis of living, beyond self. The reality of being identified by your own creation of value in you. I would offer: there is no greater denial of want, that to have gender changed; because a world needs “something else”. But when viewed “from the other side”; the consequence of truth is, that male and female are equals in every sense of the word/ even though the living is different, and the reality is not the same. Still equal, so truth says: there is no right to complain!

In completion of that: there is no allowance for “homosexual, lesbian, transgender, or other types of perversion”. Because what these are, is an escape from reality to form a different method of living: thereby claiming “I don’t have to do nothing you say”. But the reality of it is: that this change means, an influence has already been exerted by others, that made you do, the things you do.

I, for my small part in this life and living; am confronted with the truth: that male failed this world/ he accomplished little. That female and male combined did much better, but still failed to make a difference that would keep this world alive. And it is now time to let what is “wholly female” do the best she can for life and world. Because a living world of miracles, cannot simply be allowed: to die, without a fight that will make a difference.

As to more simplified realities: I am functionally female spiritually/ physically male, but owned by female/ living primarily in the realm of male, but not joined to it/ and fundamentally changing into whatever “female in charge” is going to do. So, I regard it somewhat as chaos; with a blend of “I just don’t know”. Hoping for the best, but make no mistake: there is NOTHING HERE, with regard to male. Nothing sexual/ nothing called an attraction/ nothing dreamed about, or in any possible way: less than the warning you have already been given. COMMON AND CONSTANT methods of “business, friendship, happiness, work, or other: as man to man, ARE FINE! BUT more distinctly nothing has changed: EXCEPT DON’T come here as male for sex of any kind. Your own eternity will fail if you do/ as that would be a one way trip to HADES (eternal torture). This life, is given to female; and that does not include “the interference of male”. WHATEVER it is to be or do or “who knows what”: it is between female and I. No, I don’t know why? It just is, my life has been given to her world. there is no escape.

Spirit means: “at the core of it all, is truth”/ because truth by law, is the foundation of life itself; just as the truth of identity shaped by you; is the essence of what your life beyond time will become.


All the evidence proves that is so; and it has been listed “in sufficient threat”; to prove your decision matters. Each one. Because without change, tomorrow is going to end.

At the core of life or death for this world, is the truth: that female MUST WORK to redesign the laws that let us live. Until that day has come, or women have defined an organization to do it: the realities of living and reshaping society for a future, lack truth.

You must identify a value beyond men, in terms of leading this world away from its own extinction. A reality simplified by the fact: they have chosen to create extinction, and led the world here to its gate by universities lead life and world.

The realities of truth MUST BE IDENTIFIED; as requires a courtroom, to establish THIS IS THE BEST WE CAN DO; without any form of taint tolerated. Simply: “it is, what it is”/ and this is the cost of being WRONG.

Nothing less will keep this earth alive: because the answer of men, when confronted is WAR. AND “WAR”, will be extinction of life on earth. As every weapon of mass destruction testifies too.

This is now YOUR WORLD AS WOMEN: “ALIVE OR DEAD”?   (because men defeated themselves: by creating extinction)  Choose and accept your decision is real. Because there is no going back.

And the women say: WHY, should we become targets of men/ they will never let us lead! But reality replies: IF YOU BUILD THE LAW, WHICH SERVES BOTH MALE AND FEMALE around this world! They will have no choice, but to accept, this is your work; and you do deserve the right to enforce it; for us all.

That means: to acknowledge, only truth can decide, with respect for what has value; by law.

While it is possible for you to do that on your own. It is more likely, that you will succeed “with help”. But only if you ask/ because I have asked “women”, and they all refused to help. It is your turn to ask me. IF, you wish!

MOMENTS; decide the destiny of us all, what we choose within our heart “which is, the valley of your respect”/ define the identity we chose to create. Within that truth, eternity exists; because truth cannot be changed. Therefore the question is: does your soul, “which is thought (not intellect)”, know you are alive?

If it does, then you know, your heart belongs to GOD , and the world itself, ceases to be your home. ALIVE means, I choose to help and participate, as best I legally can; in the heartbeat of those who can survive, if they choose love before self. Judgment is for others to do/ but the law is for all to uphold: when we know, this is justified and true. To rise above self, is to accept only our own truth matters; and you alone are responsible for that.

The day will come, when each one dies: truth then decides what will become of what cannot be changed.

In this time, on this earth, the foundation of our existence is both defined and redefined by whether you accept being a “predator or prey”/ because these are animals, and animals are not conceived to be human. Human alive, is built distinctly to recognize; that truly only thought, “along with the tools required”; can build life on earth, and nothing less will do. The universities hate that; because if you accept chaos is your “creator”/ then they can play god all they want, by injecting chaos into life; as they do every single day. So the difference is want; because want is an animal, and life then becomes a predator or prey.

Whereas the salvation of JESUS; divided and separated those who were just animals or hate/ from the truth of love does this, as your own distinct choice. When people stop being animals/ when they do separate themselves from hate: then and only then, can they become the living examples of life beyond self. Where heart learns from respect, and soul becomes intertwined with the disciplines of order, and its balance formed by respect. Knowledge creates a foundation/ understanding builds upon that foundation to ascend beyond self, as an elevation of truth decides not me/ and wisdom takes from the contributions of both; to construct what law will bring into our lives to create peace, happiness, hope, and the dignity that is “being a living miracle on this earth”.

Do not assemble judgment for yourselves or anyone else; law does that/ not you. The righteous hate that, cursing you with rules; so they can judge. But do not fall into their trap: we are free, and in that freedom, our bodies belong only to ourselves; to do with as we please. But the price of that is: you are responsible for what you choose/ the cost of consequences even beyond what you expected there to be. Such is my life as well: free to choose, I needed an answer/ and opened the door to female; because the only answer in male was war/ and it was no answer at all. There were consequences to the spiritual world, beyond self, where only truth decides. But even so; the body is not “a temple”/ it is a house for you to live within, and experience or express the life you wish to create. Whether it is “a great house” or a house divided into two distinct genders by forces beyond this world; like mine . It is your house, respect it with health (the greatest of all attractions)/ respect it with discipline not image (a foundation to understand; help to survive is within)/ respect it with order; as is LOVE IS THE GREATEST TREASURE in this universe (when it is within you)/ but we still must survive, or it fails to be delivered to those who care. To balance our lives in this world, means we will share with those who have love/ but understand, without the proper choices; there will be only costs, not friendship. Love is a commodity, “it can be exchanged between those who have it to give”. What you must understand however is: that once you give your love away, it now belongs to that person who received it. And if they did not give it back; you will be heartbroken; because your gift of value, is no longer within you. Protect the very best for GOD ALONE. It is essential to do that, so you can recover. But understand for those like me; when you have given away all that can be given away; and only a tiny trickle came back. Then truth does not allow, for more than “what is left”. Cherish those who love you honestly, share with those who care, be gracious to life because we are all “close to the same”; you cannot expect to receive, if you give nothing in kind. Stay away from pride; it is the primary cause for all things bad in human behavior. And it is in this real world; one of the greatest enemies you can face: because the price of removal, is to let all of humanity say whatever they want to say, “about you”. Without regard for its cost; as is separated from the rest who are animals. Because a life without pride is evidence of being “human alive” instead.

Pride does not exist without want; which makes want the predecessor of all that is evil; the guide to what is wrong. While truth allows, “the little voice inside”, is your pride talking to you, as an enemy propagates a delusion, for their own purpose. Your life is valuable; your love is precious: hate uses it to survive; by dragging you into their coffin of failures.

DO NOT fall in, accept life is, “the best we can do”/ and allow forgiveness to those who repent (honestly try to do better); because we all fail. The living learn, “part of life”/ the dying learn hide & predator. ACCEPT; that we know not how or when we will die: but UNDERSTAND, when the “living life” departs from your body of time. IT LITERALLY IS, “YOUR RIDE” INTO ETERNITY, if you fail to get on board, and leave this world behind: you will be abandoned to this world, and dissipate into forever gone. LIFE IS YOUR RIDE, into eternity; a body is not.

Pride instigates “BELIEVER”; the second most destructive enemy of our human existence. NOT the religious conception; but the real world conception which is very close. BELIEVER MEANS: “I HAVE heard enough/ I have made my decisions/ I want what I want, and refuse to listen to any other argument; BECAUSE NOW, I OWN, my own answer”. Shutting out everything but what you want. While religion offers a slightly different version which is: I cannot know/ therefore I must believe; or admit: I cannot know, therefore I must search for faith; which is let only truth decide, not me.

Never make decisions for someone else; it is not your right/ they must be responsible for what they decide, not you. Children need your guidance, not your “ownership”/ listen to them, or they will not listen to you. Wait to have them until you BOTH; know, we are ready now. They are not “a trophy, toy, or trinket”/ and they are not your solution “for what is broken in you”. YOU are to be their solution, for how best to live. DO NOT lead your husband or wife/ they are not animals. DO NOT engage in credit or debts beyond what is absolutely necessary; and will pay you back: IT IS ENSLAVEMENT, and you will be sorry. Some will fall into insanity; one form or another. Teach your children, they need to know; prepare them for the world, rather than protecting them for yourself (unprepared). Respect religion: it is the accumulated knowledge of humanity itself; in their own search for what is truly important; even when they are wrong; at least they did search somewhat.

Value time, it is the distance of knowledge collected, that forms the understanding we have achieved. Wisdom follows, in only a few.

WISDOM KNOWS: that the evil of universities, seek complete control, by setting your life apart from all sources of love: screaming “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”, through media and beyond. One such method of doing so is the advertising: “heart disease is the number one killer in america”. Which is a lie, hidden by a truth: while the heart may surrender to OLD AGE/ if none die, then none will live; is the foundation of our reality on this planet. They seek POWER OVER YOU, by making you believe “they are your savior”/ as with covid; the curse of human existence by “university knows”/ and media saturation.

They do not know; but they add chaos in worship of their evil religion called evolution: as is you cannot build a body “one piece at a time”/ this looks like that, is nothing but a hidden lie: “believe in us”. As is: the predator curses you.

Wisdom knows: that the elevation of knowledge, to the foundations of truth, come only with understanding what the evidence will reveal. Wisdom is: no want or beliefs are allowed; only truth can decide. No element of “me/ or you” is allowed; because that taints what is true. Therefrom we learn: to call faith in the evidence; that form of ascension beyond the limits of time (ourselves). To accept the destiny of soul as is thought/ rather than the mental composition of intellect; as is an aperture “which only shows the image of what you see”. Immersion goes beyond self, to realize: truth is a path/ law is a door: which leads back toward Creation of life itself.

It is the essence of moments, which open the door into romance starts here: “with just one thing”, makes me believe we can “share life”. That is different for every person; but the woman I married (2 years_no kids/ divorce): was sitting in a window, clearly thinking about life; and that was the moment I chose. But its complicated: at the core of it, I needed to do this work/ and she needed to be “normal”: I could not. Regardless, a writing about “heart” should include something of romance. Therefore understand first: that heart literally means, the rhythms of my respect for life and you. Which identifies we do share a relationship, because respect always cares, and never abuses another living thing. Want tears that apart, and pride learns to “divide and conquer”; if you have a weakness as is “I would not leave you weakened or afraid”. People of the opposite sex, bind themselves to each other by trust. But only truth proves respect, or is the foundation upon which we survive as one. Rhythm describes how we care, and why we share; granting a value shall arise, as proof of the evidence becomes honored with love. The disciplines of how we feel inside, in the home we do create as one. Balancing a world with order, is a shared experience/ but love beyond self is an expression “without borders”. A moment, or “the meaning, of joy”.

It should be said as well: that the heart cannot be bought, even with respect; not even with sex/ it will not produce romance. The heart never seeks a slave, or desires to be enslaved, as is the demand for ownership. Because romance means: to seek only joy between us, and that comes only when love lifts the treasury of our lives, “to spill a little” on each one. Romance requires that you know who you are; so that reality can know if you are the one for me/ and I for you. Reality requires a similar path to share, because anything less will cause us both to split apart, as time goes by. Making the search for “someone special” for me or you; a living, breathing experience; where life opens the door, and our hearts will join. Truth however knows: if life calls you to do the work for which you were born/ that must come first. As for me: “no planet/ no life/ no future/ horrors and hell coming: leaves no room for exit”. Even though I tried, when reality fails to share what truth does reveal.

Respect says: never get between a parent and a child, unless it is absolutely necessary. Never promise what you cannot keep, because truth alone can decide/ don’t make promises, when you know “I cannot” be there for you. Do not interfere with dating for others; it is too serious, for those beyond the game. Let it be, if you must leave; that you don’t take the heart of someone close with you; they deserve, to be let go as gently as possible. In my case; a mountain of learning; had only a little room to share; and it is absolutely wrong “to take love, if you cannot return it: so the door must close”. And in a few cases; those who would not let me do what life needed me to do: were “given less” than they expected. I had to learn/ it was my job.    but it was not “easy”/ as life reveals, both needs in you and others; which can be shared; if only, there was time.

It seems important, to go “where the soul begins”; at the path which love creates. Therefore elemental to life itself, is love: the blessing and courage to transform yourself, from an animal, into “human alive”. Or more distinctly: love is, our journey between the lines of life and death, where the value of our existence is measured by what we do treasure most. Love is an expression of male/ but an experience of female; and when love shares what is missing within each other, the rhythms of our souls shaped by understanding “now, I am complete”, begin. Heart conceives of caring, because this is a value to me; formed by respect for the dignity of being completed by you; as is love born in each.

Hate turns that value into mistrust; the taking of what is value to me; as is selfishness, or “I won’t share”. Thereby separating from life into death. Because life; as formed by the consequences of loneliness: knows the blessing of what we share “is living”. While death assumes what we share is taking/ and then seeks to take more, while giving nothing to the truth of value; as is dying inside.

We then examine love as the essence of environment, the place where intimacy begins its journey back “where miracles begin”; to discover in the passage of time: the reason we share this planet, “lives with love or dies without love: as you choose it to be”. Unfortunately, there are many whose lives are passed by, in the development of “romance: let us be free, in each other”. While I cannot fix that for you, I can tell you; that it is not the body which decides: even the most beautiful body, cannot sustain love in someone else. Because while we all know that body is “the pure evidence of our Creator, and his design”; the reality of living, exists on the inside; where love decides: unless we have an inner connection, we cannot share being alive. Therefore intimacy reveals, if we find that connection or not; because the heart comes with many doors; and only when finding the rhythms which match; can a door be opened. Each door, represents a love released: but if it does not come back to be shared; “the room in your life” is now emptied; and you will cry.

That fact causes many to hide from love, wanting never to cry again; because love lost, cannot be replaced. Which means, you must rebuild from new life, a shared existence of truth. Only truth comes with “lock and key”/ therefore the elemental rise of OUR LOVE, resides only in truth. If you can sustain that truth, respect will grow; and trust will form, as the value of love begins to share what only the desire to be ALIVE can become. Physical Sex does not produce intimacy; it buys time, not truth or love. However sharing the desire to be alive within a trust beyond self; that opens the heart to hear where souls are born: gives to each a new life of hope, even for an eternal world. Because love is worth the price of knowing we have each other.

It is noted; for the sake of others, that life is “beyond a body of time”. While living is the result of that body in time; loving is not. Respect builds a heart, the heart builds a path called love to connect with our souls; but desire is “funded with hope”, and hope lives in the purpose of your own desire for life. Or more distinctly: hope is the beginning of a journey beyond self. Whereas self, is a destiny shaped by the decisions you have made. Fate like religion offers you an escape into want, the opportunities of rules and ruler. But destiny elevates life into a future created only by you; but without love to share it with another life; all you will find is loneliness and then despair. So we search, and when we fail; religion offers a new beginning with rules as created by time, in the efforts of those who struggled to find a way beyond “just me”. Like all children however, we must grow up, into our own decisions as form the identity called our own truth. Throughout time, I sought to be very disciplined, balanced, and orderly; although that was “less than perfect”. Today nothing is really disciplined, balanced, or orderly; because to my great surprise “female is added to male” and the redistribution of everything; has made these things impossible. So there is a bit of chaos in everything body and mind; because the anchor of gender, is now unknown. A spiritual reality of “no law exists for this”; because life does not intend for it to happen. So, “like a bit of modern art/ while still alive and valued inside; the element of body lacks fundamental truths. Some female/ some male; the owner is spiritual, but not me. Its complicated. But the lesson is: regardless of body issues, “still alive and valued inside”; cannot be known, unless you care. Or more distinctly; it can be said, “that female breasts, if you have a little, is enough”/ while if you have too much, it is more trouble than benefit; but they do draw attention. And that is where every relationship starts; but it won’t hold a single one. So accept what you do have, and respect it. While advise for men is: “that women want safety in any relationship with you; so they seek the advise of other women about you”. Or more distinctly: your ability to find another woman, depend almost entirely upon being respectful to the one who said “yes, I will spend a little time, for you”. Seek truth, and it will reward you with opportunities; because only truth survives.

some people” share sex, and say this is enough; even when perverted and caustic to life; “insanity unleashed”. Some share “trophies, toys, and trinkets” and say this is enough/ until they want to exchange that, for new. Some will whore after money, as if it were life itself/ it is not. While some people will escape into religion, by accepting beliefs which “do the work/ and make the decisions” for them; which is tragic. Your life needs your choices to survive; don’t blame the others, your decision exists “most of the time”. The demand for EASY; permeates humanity/ which then demands, MAKE ME RICH. But rich means: I can and do enslave the others, for what only I want; and that is unjustified at best. Others look at those “who have more”/ and scream UNFAIR; but truth says: that life is life, and freedom creates the choices people make; which genetically identify what you did or did not get in birth. Freedom creates the choices, of poisons and other things which interfere with nature and produce mutilations among other complaints: because humanity said “yes, I can”/ and did. Reality takes a child or lover or other with death; because time is the same for all, and that means: all are subject to the cost of life, here on earth. We are not the result of “GOD did this”/ we are the result of freedoms allowed for us to do this; or must endure the cost of others were allowed to do this, because they too are free to choose their own truth. Making this world, and its living; a place of “human creation”; as time confronts us with the consequences of what that means. Making the future extinct; because of what people chose to do, with “YES, I can”. CHANGING BACK TO LIFE COMES FIRST, AND WORLD MUST BE RESPECTED; begins to fade, as the reality of consequences increase beyond; we cannot go back. Tragedy and failure, as is the result of want, pride, and power; governed with “university knows”; has produced the end of our existence on earth. ONLY TRUTH survives; but as reality knows: very little of that still exists.

Some advise is in order. Discipline says: walk carefully, but with an open heart to those who have respect for life and world. Listening for opportunities to share a moment are key to any new friendship. Offering when you can, what life will legally allow. But understand this simply: that harm done by others, need space to recover. Some times, you will be correct in this person has value/ but they just can’t; “the injuries have not healed”.

But beware and stay away from: disrespect, ridicule, hatred, anger, substance abuse which is escape, lies, stealing, cheating, gossip intended to harm; and all the things which are not substantially “fair or justified”/ because these do harm; and unless you wish to be harmed; find someone else. ALL new relationships should begin with “in the light & in the crowd, where we can share what you are not likely to steal”. But understand this: among men in particular: THEIR PURPOSE is to collect trophies, and having sex with you is a trophy, some will “bait and wait” to trap. Women also collect trophies; which are varied more than I can say; but a baby is one of those trophies, and a chain for man; to some. It is a tragedy, when people are trying to make decisions: only you are allowed to make. The cost is high, even for a lifetime to some.

It is noted: that while the vast majority of my lifetime, has been spent “functionally alone”; it does not condemn me to loneliness. Rather to the critical choice of destiny, that is beyond simply self; is my gain. While it has been a lifetime of work (even though few could see it), I have learned of love, and do express that value with life; even if only in small ways are left. What is inside, cannot be easily taken away/ but what is outside, demands that survival must come first; or “there will be nothing left to give”. So humanity searches, but most surrender to want; because it is easy: I need not “know anything, or its consequence”. Therefore I choose not to care or share, as is the cost of demanding: “me, me, me,,,,,”. We have one life to live, your choices build the values of your truth. But identities search, and only desire does that. So it is elemental, that you must understand desire shapes your soul, by listening to your heart. Where, do the rhythms lead? Only you know the answer.

It is, necessary to understand: that desire (I am more than self) comes from purpose, just as purpose (life is more than a game to me) comes from hope (there is in these miracles, FAR MORE, than I will ever understand). Or more distinctly: “everything is built upon hope”, as the value placed upon future, that can be real; for you and me (shared), because we care.

Those without hope, should be avoided; only helped to understand “life is more than a game/ or a cost”. Because without purpose is where hate finds its roots. Without desire, is where the animals live.

What you honestly believe, designs the environment of your heart, and shuts the door to all things beyond your own want. “be careful” what you believe/ it is not a game, and religion will not save you, from yourself. It is beliefs that form a terrorist. It is pride that forms a traitor (I want it all; look at me). It is power that creates a tyrant, whether that involves a single “household”/ or nations. It is belief that allows the pedophile to exist (I am the only one important here; making you my slave). It is belief, that plays games with others; out of life/ not just for fun, as is the purpose of a fan. It is belief that forms groups, and divides or separates individuals; by whatever measure is used to judge. FAITH or more distinctly the acceptance of truth alone decides: does not believe anything, because want is not enough! Instead truth confronts us with reality by the evidence of laws which will not be broken. “gravity” is one of those laws/ even though the fantasies of universities claim they can defeat it or control it or whatever delusion is they play with today; as with fusion “we don’t have to care”. Faith lets truth be our guide, the answer: when we can justify the law is real. Real love exists only among those who have “true faith; without anger, as is legally we will try”.

Real love does not measure life, because life is a miracle no human being can claim: it is our gift. Not our work, beyond very limited decisions. The majority claim: “not perfect” of the one percent they can find flaws in. while the other 99% of truth; our world, our lives were built with thought, cannot be defeated or measured; because it is simply too precious for that. So when people judge you; simply remember this: they have no real say, and they have no real right. Because just like them: life is the gift we each received, by nature, and by GOD.

Real love does not judge;  law does that! Life is a gift, and nature is the choice humanity gets to make; with sex. When the catastrophe of male behavior fails life as is rape, that becomes a disgrace to all men (beast)/ and there is worse, with hate. But even so; in this world; as it has been throughout history: the human animals want to win/ and they do so, by trashing someone else “to claim I win”; to their shame. So remember this: those who are ALIVE inside, will not judge you/ even if the law must. You are the owner of your body, and your choice is your choice/ it is not mine, it is your choice. So there is nothing to judge! Not even if you go naked, the reason that is frowned upon is “the rest don’t want to see it”. covered is covered/ matters not: but try not to offend”: we live in the same world. Unless you are “pretty”, and then the beast of men may attack; because they can/ claiming you asked for it; but did not. To the shame of nations: women hide their bodies from men: because their men cannot be trusted; and drown in that shame. Or more distinctly; it is want that fails life and mental stability. Therefore remove want, and be free of the games pride will play; in order to claim “i win”. There is nothing to win/ because life is not a game: it is the creation of value, IN YOU: which then becomes the identity you will present to eternity. NO value= no life, when time is done. How do we know? Every miracle supports the truth: “more here than we can see or know of”. JESUS is the guarantee; that more than time exists, for those who find within themselves the love apparent; in all that does exist, with respect to our CREATOR.

As to evolution: pure idiocy is the sign of a cult/ and this is particularly true. Because life itself proves “you cannot build life, one piece at a time”/ you cannot build without tools, or an environment to support life which it lives/ you cannot challenge the fact “bones appear out of nothing; and transport themselves around the body; growing as needed in unison: binding together in joints held together and lubricated by realities no human being can understand. Yet the universities mutilate these things with chaos; because the cult believes chaos is their god. To their shame.

The universities “mimic, memorize, and repeat” what an individual says; so they can shout “now we know”; and form an army to protect their union of beliefs now enforced upon all. But the reality is: “only just one, or a very tiny few: have made their claim of discover (like einstein) for instance”. And all the rest believe; because the way to an impressive job: is to mimic, memorize, and repeat as is “hire me”. It works, because they now control government, and their has been no limit to what they can steal, or betray in order to get what the universities want.  They are after all:  “just like you”.        TRAITORS however view life differently:  so what do you suppose is their plan, “with the very worst of diseases” humanity has cultivated into biological weapons, as with covid?  or their robots, now weaponized, and built into “their own army”?          While of course:  “the actual operator” could be located anywhere on earth/ OR it could be hacked into by artificial intelligence; and whatever comes next?         GEE:  I WANDER;  “is there, a price for being wrong?”

 OR MAYBE:  IT’S JUST LIKE FUSION “LET’S BRING THE SAME FIRE HERE”, AS IS ON THE SUN”:  WHICH CAN INCINERATE YOU FROM ONE HUNDRED MILES AWAY IN ONE SECOND/ OR MELT YOUR BODY DOWN INTO A PUDDLE FROM A THOUSAND MILES AWAY; IN LESS THAN TWO MINUTES!       HELL, WHAT COULD GO WRONG;   when every theory is a fantasy, and every fool has a delusion about playing god with our whole world.  QUESTION: WHY, did they change the temperature of the sun 50 years ago from millions of degrees/ to thousands of degrees? THEY LIE!   WHY, did they change their own prediction of  a 4 MILLION TIMES MORE INCREASE IN ENERGY RELEASED/  to “ten percent”:  BECAUSE THEY WANT YOU DEAD INSIDE, AND NOT QUESTIONING THEIR CULT of people playing god’!  don’t believe it:  WHAT better demonstration of power: than to control the sun?  BUT FAILURE MEANS:  HADES ON EARTH IS RELEASED; AND THE PREDICTED “FLOOD OF FIRE”, HAS BEGUN.   CALL THEM WHATEVER YOU WANT:  “BUT A TERRORIST/ IS A TERRORIST”; BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CONSIDER THE CONSEQUENCES/ or they just want to make you cry;  by saying:   YES I CAN!   the same is of course true:  FOR THOSE GENETICALLY MUTILATING   DNA,   the structural design of every  living thing:  AS IS CALLED NATURE!    or, should I say, “damn fool”/ WAKE UP.                  your “gods” ARE INSANE. and by letting them continue:  YOU ARE THE TERRORISTS, who will enter eternity convicted of killing this Creation with them.     HOW, is that not true?

In an intellectual war: divide and conquer MEANS; to separate society into different groups who believe they are “the righteous ones”. Therefrom if not to war/ then the crush of leadership, will leave a vacuum: that the saviors of universities intend to fill. Thereby becoming rulers; instead of puppeteers; who tell the leaders, “what they should think, fear, and believe”. As with covid; where trillions were stolen/ lives were broken: because “the universities are god”. One of the VERY WORST decisions I ever made was: when confronted, with a question I had no answer too. I then chose to error on the side of caution; accepting what I was told, because I truly did not know. NO DECISION can be made when you do not know what truth will provide as a solution; as in wait until you do know/ no decision is allowed. I recovered, after learning much: but it was still a failure, I never intend to repeat. The reality of that day was: “did I, or did I not own this body”? Answer: it is in fact entirely mine, and whatever I do with it is my decision; as well as my responsibility to accept the consequences of what I do choose to do.