It is, the eloquence of time, that grants a value within self, designed by the grace of becoming what we have created by the decisions of our own identity in truth.

Of these decisions, which do separate us into the variations of our own possibilities; the value of what we choose to do, assigns the potential of what we will be allowed to do; if environment and realities give to us, that right; as is formed by freedom.

That understanding requires: that all of humanity should ask of freedom, “let me, be me”. But instead all of humanity plays the game of let me, tell you what to do/ because I am the superior one. Separating and dividing the grace of life and living/ by the behaviors of animals, fighting within the herd or pack of predators; to be “the leader/ the one who stands out”.

There is a difference; between I, an the majority/ as is formed by the following description. From a child: I looked around, to see miracles (things beyond human abilities)/ that gave us a body to use, talents to achieve, senses to appreciate, ergonomic designs, and everything we could possibly need to be happy; at that time on earth. But I live among the animals (human across the earth); who could not see the same thing; and have spent their time fighting or playing “to be the winner”, in their own mind. A reality I find extremely foolish and blind. Not only are miracles consistent with truth and reality; through JESUS the guarantor we were not simply created and forgotten; but also invited into the creation of thought, which allows love alone is the treasury of life. Therefrom love is the journey, but passion becomes the destiny. Which lifts the environment of life, by the ascent of truth; to become disciplines shaped by trust, order refined by happiness, and balance the expression of our respect, for life and world.

In contrast; for the animals, there is only trophies, trinkets, and toys to play with/ until they die. Which makes them angry, and unwilling to tolerate anyone “who might have more”; so they war against them, to prove “we are the superior ones”. To your shame.

Into that gridlock of reality (I WANT WHAT I WANT) versus life, miracles shape the creation of my own existence. The foundation of the majority rule; has endlessly sacrificed all life and living and planet; by the war, to have more. Thereby proof “I win”/ by costing an entire living world is lost; because of your consequences. And yet people; continue to shout and scream, I WANT WHAT I WANT; even though they are guilty of destroying the world they need to survive. Which proves the only thing you actually won, was your own extinction. But the only testament to your life has been; you killed this whole creation, and destroyed the future of every child. To your shame.

NONETHELESS; there are rules to living and to life; and for whatever time is left to survival before the gates of hell enclose upon us all. The tiny group of honestly living humanity, as is, beyond the grip of self alone; should remember these things.

  1. That hope is essential to life and living; as is proven without hope, people commit suicide. Therefore accept the limits and boundaries of what you can do. Do that legally with grace, so that your own testimony is shaped by love; and never surrender the last of what hope will allow for you to be. Your living depends upon that; and it is your duty to live; until life itself, takes that away.
  2. BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL about what you believe; because belief is the foundation of every lie; and that begins with want; an abyss that cannot be filled. There are two distinct types of belief: common throughout society (I WANT WHAT I WANT; GIVE me what I want)/ and religious belief: which seeks to understand, “what is life/ what is death/ and how do we live in a way, that is beyond simply self”. The best religions worship love as their decision to participate beyond self; but few are able to sustain more than “just a little bit”. Belief is a prison you build around yourself to keep life and living away: “I only want what I want/ and I only accept that what I want is true; therefore I need no other evidence than what I want to be; my truth”. See all the “I<I’s? But the even greater threat is: that in building a lie to escape within; IS NOT simply the result of what you choose; but what the others who surround you choose to help you believe. Giving to them the power, which can cause your hope to disappear from life. Making suicide seem “as if it were your own idea”/ when it was not. A tragedy for all. Live only in truth; never want. Because truth survives, and wants cannot.
  3. As to living and death: the foundation of life itself is “what do, these miracles prove to be true”? We begin with body; the arrangement of literally trillions of independent organisms created and arranged to do a specific work; in the elegant expression and experiences which transform time (an atomic reality) into the completed definition of freedom for you and me. By understanding, not only are these things part of us; but they must also live within themselves and with each other in what we call our own body of life. Death is the end of hope, which begins the cascade of consequences ending in the dissolution of body. But LIFE is the result of freedom, which all these things provided to our own definitions of living. Freedom as well as life itself, are relationships with thought. Therefore thought is the existence of life, rather than body the existence of time. So the critical test is: does thought live without the body/ because we know that the body does not live without thought. That foundation of merit; is a dimensional conception of energy decides this. And we know that energy merely transforms itself from one form into another; unless it dissipates from an environmental definition into space which is not. So the critical question is: as the energy leaves your body, can you go with it; even holding together what is valued enough, to sustain life, by the freedoms of thought? While we cannot prove the dimension of our own existence: we can prove the identity of our own truth; which is dimensional in its element of “our construction of thought” decided this.
  4. So, we do come to mental health, as a subsidiary of thought, and our dimensional analysis of who we are: either ascends into truth/ or becomes recognized by the following descent. Mental chaos admits: “i don’t know who I am”/ but it is not who I wish to be. Therefore want invades to say; “I can fill this gap/ by fighting to become what other people want to be”; the winner/ or if not, then the loser who wants revenge. Either way, the chaos is held at bay, by what I want; which builds me into a prison cell; to keep what I don’t want out. But hate lives here too, as freedom (the recognition of life) is dissolved to become “what I want” instead. Since what I want is not enough: pride forms, from either winning (the superior one) or losing (I get revenge; the sign of hate has joined in me); but these are momentary, “like winning a trophy”/ and they fall short of identifying life has value. Violence erupts, whenever the trophy loses its value to “shine above the others”/ which means now you are worthless to me; and judgment appears; the power, “to play god”.
  5. To ascend into truth; allows that only truth may decide what life is going to be, what I am going to be, who will join me, or who will not; because the road (anyone can come) has disappeared. To reveal the path of our acceptance, as is a life shared; will be governed only by those who care, as is constructed by respect; the first step into trust. Therefore we see respect as the value which demonstrates the decision; to be alive in miracles/ rather than to descend into “what animals want”. Respect lives from the essence of love, and finds its truth, by accepting the values I find here are worth the price of my own commitment; to a journey beyond self. As is the evidence of a decision to live within respect, as my value proves: I will share and care, “among the miracles of life”; as are the eloquent reminder of me. Which discards time, to become the definitions of our heart; when the value of life is shared beyond self.
  6. Even so, the reality of our living is: that we must share this time, with all those who establish what that time and our environment of living is going to be. The truth of freedom is “free, to decide for myself”; and the cost of human freedom is “i want what I want”. Which always ends in grief for life and earth. You cannot decide what the others will want; it is their life/ it is their decision/ it is their identity/ it is their eternity; it is their choice. YOU are NOT allowed to intervene in their truth, as that would make you responsible for their choices; as is the curse of leadership. Instead, we are allowed to participate by defining what truth can or cannot be; and elevating the knowledge of life with understanding that will create wisdom; when it is searched by life for happiness and peace on earth. Unfortunately, the animals want none of that; and use ridicule, gossip, and other means of hidden hatred to force out any creature, that is not “one of their own kind”. Which leads to war/ which leads to catastrophic events to all life and earth/ which leads to university decides; “to create even bigger weapons of destruction”/ which has led to Satan on earth. Or more distinctly: NOW, humanity especially from the universities: CHOOSE to bring, even weapons that cause extinction to our living world; because they can, and are so doing.
  7. So, the summary of life and living is: that we the living, can do what we can legally do by laws which govern life and those who hate. But we cannot bring those who hate, to love or living; because they have given themselves to the judgment of this world; that is, EVEN THOUGH they cannot hope for love, or even happiness/ they CAN live, by accepting the decision: THEY WILL TAKE THAT FROM YOU TOO. By eating you alive as predators do; to prove nobody needs to be superior; when you can eat the rest for lunch. As is “nothing left but the predator/ an animal”, whose only conception of life in reality; is to kill the other to survive. Which allows them to believe; the prison they live within, does not exist; until dead.
  8. WE TURN, to the elemental trouble; of finding a mate between male and female; as a value which creates “our time as one”. While freedom allows; that you can believe whatever you wish to be true; as is the construction of every lie. Reality decides: by the reality of bodily distinctions; only male and female can balance each other, by the creation of chemicals the other does not possess. Making marriage distinctly hetero-sexual. Balancing a decision to possess each other in a similar to marriage existence; could be called “semi-marriage”/ or something else. But it is not marriage; as is “we balance each other/ we share the conception of heart, which is a journey into soul”. Soul means: as our respect for his work; identifies what is true in our trust, as GOD defines it to be. Being human allows: that in this world, of endless human animals/ the quest for love of any kind, is nothing for you or me to judge. NOT our job. But it is not the same respect for the values found within miracles, that is “true to life”.
  9. Definitions, search for answers/ questions search for truth. The difference is; even if you answer is ultimately true to the decisions of your life and living/ the consequence of truth is; we cannot always have what we need or desire for our own lives. “the world comes first”/ because without a world, to exist within; love has no meaning. Death is a “separating world”/ and not the same as time. So we ask: WHAT happens to an infant when they die/ how is that fair? Answer: our lives are a gift, we did not create them; no matter what you claim. Disease and death itself, are foundations which keep this earth alive; because it is a finite world, and there are limits to how many can survive. The consequence of that is predator and prey; which keeps all life in balance; except humans. The consequence of that is war; “we damaged too much/ someone has to die, or move”; but alas, there is no place left to move. Which means war or birth control is our only option, and war is extinction; as proven true by our reality. The infant takes with them into death: whatsoever, you have given them to take (love survives as a treasure)/ hate dissolves into chaos and death. So it is up to you. Beyond that, the cost of disease is: by random realities not governed by humans, but by “earth and its consequences”; nobody knows, how our lives will end. With only few exceptions. That grants the truth: live today, be happy today with what you do have/ because tomorrow may never come. An abortion past the reality of “humanity is revealed” inside that womb; is a decision made. Prior to that no “real world decision” to interfere with pregnancy exists; because the life is not “strictly human”/ even if it lives within the promise of humanity is coming. Even so: one of the worst realities of existence is: a world that refuses to love you/ and if the mother cannot; then the consequence is, “your decision” allows us to make our own decision; which is you cannot do this to another. Simple as that. Birth control is not abortion/ but the means such as “morning after sex pills” is not abortion either; it is simply an alternative to greater decisions later. The greater decision for women is: this planet is full, it has reached its limit; and all must adjust or be extinct. As war will release weapons of mass destruction, that includes biological weapons. Which are now unfortunately; in the hands of millions, with a university degree. Each one of which believes “they can play god; since they are superior”.
  10. It is elementally necessary to accept: if we do not journey with the herd of human animals on their road to the abyss of want/ “there is nothing else, but ME. Then, in contrast to that; we must identify the path which takes each of us who travel there, into the realm of thought, which allows the foundation of miracles to train our lives into the disciplines, order, and balance of respect. Thought is not an intellectual existence; as is the discovery “I can make traps/ or identify traps exist”. Thought is a creation of identity, that elemental rise beyond self; which then opens the door to what exists, that is not simply you. Or, more distinctly the ascent into truth, allows for the laws governing life to form, and become “our trademark” of existence in this world. As someone ALIVE, beyond self. The critical test of that is marked by death; but not as the human animals think. Rather death is the end of time, and the journey into energy that must begin; when our bodies are removed from life as existence formed by self. Or more critically: you must be prepared to live without a body, to form yourself into life beyond the grave. That is done only in thought, as the creation of energy instead; resides in your decision to enter within that energy of life; and be transported back “to where life began”. The failure to participate/ the tragedy of looking back, instead of forward: leaves the existence of self behind as “the ghosting” of what once was, but will never be again. Soon to dissipate forever. The animals shout: “lies, all lies”/ because they want “the end is the end”; no punishment or reward exists, want is dead; therefore truth dies too. But truth does not end, it is what it is; no matter who or what it is, truth remains truth. In that statement there is an eternity of reality. Within that reality, there is a search within truth itself, to be formed by the living expression of where can energy take us, to be free?
  11. Of all things true, the living example of life beyond death; is where the essence of love between male and female honestly sharing trust, by respect for what is true; becomes real. “a very delicate dance, of truth, trust, love, and spirit (where law decides what is true)”/ a value beyond time, only a few can find. Or more distinctly: an identity exists from the decisions we make which are true to the reality of who I have chosen to be, as respect for the miracles of life exists, allow. To become an environment which allows for the heart itself (our connection to the rhythms of time), to breathe in, “what a miracle” actually means; in my own soul. The soul is a destiny, and it shapes the dimensions of thought, as it forms within the limits of me. Energy is the transition, between time, and life, and what is true. Therefore as we begin our journey into truth, by the energy we do share. Reality demands; we must abandon time; because it does interfere with the journey of our own creation; as is a heart to share. Therefrom, the boundary of our limits, can be transformed by the dignity of “being loved” as only real truth can allow. Our dimension then shifted, by all we can be when joined, within the energy shared as one, instead of living, as just two. Life is an eloquence of discovery, a shape beyond self; which defines the rhythm of who we are, by the love we share. These are elements of a decision to commit to: truth decides, which allows you to be free, by trusting the law “of miracles”. To not only share living, but to care beyond the limits of self.
    1. It should be noted, that perfection is unattainable in this life/ and my own life has been so drastically altered from “strictly male, is true”/ to a spiritual life, given over to female (I have no clue); even though I remain technically male; divided by both; in time. Which gives both of us access to the alternate dimension of each reality. That I have no foundation to understand female, is real. Or, what is left of the element called “me”. Its complicated, don’t try: BUT if you must www.justtalking7.info is a twenty year+ work describing: I just live, as best I can; doing the work, I am given to do.
    2. More than a little lost, from a place “where life was found”; roughly forty years ago. To now, other than simple living; “strictly between female and I”. “its complicated; NOT gay or other”/ instead, my path was shaped: by an education, that would be required. No clue how it ends, or what now? NO, I am not looking for sex or power or pride or want or other. YES, I remain: “this world cannot be lost, without a fight”. Even if you believe, “I did poorly”/ the reality is, at least, I did do, what I could do. Not a clue, why me? The best, I can conceive of is: “some kind of buffer” between male and female/ the spiritual world and time? But who knows.
    3. YOUR DECISION is: to recognize the evidence all points to extinction for life on earth; and YOUR DECISION is to fight for our world, by legally demanding change. Same as me. But if not; then simply, “be happy, best you can, because time for life on earth; is literally running out”. And that is not a game, the evidence of failure and fools lead, is real. Question: who leads more, “than a university diploma”? Yes, it is that simple. Yes it is that complicated. No, you don’t understand me. But the evidence of threats surround us all; is real, and YOU DO understand that.
    4. So, now we stand in the gap; that is “people SCREAMING I KNOW” versus the reality of everything you don’t know. And understand: that media in particular has made humanity fear “everything except universities”. Which is the primary cause of consequences which will make us all extinct. I with claims of; “there is a spiritual world, life does exist beyond time”/ and the vast majority, who believe what their former classmates say: “we are all just animals”. SCREAMING WANT, is all that matters. In this dying world.
    5. There is a truth: are miracles real/ or, in the sewer of fools that is evolution; do you believe “your car, your life, your house, your living, your life, your child, your everything IS NOTHING MORE THAN AN ACCIDENT; as evolution claims, “didn’t even need a damn brain, or nothing” to create this whole world of existence” just chaos, and a never ending chain of accidents; “to mutilate”! Just picked every organ, every need “off the shelf”/ and magic, put it in place; without a brain. EVEY THOUGH YOU KNOW; “life cannot be built, ONE PIECE at a time”! EVEN YOU KNOW; life and body need it all at once; as is heart and blood and lungs and bone and organs and brain and EVERYTHING, RIGHT NOW. INCLUDING a brain to make decisions, to govern processes and timing, and the software (brain works) that makes life and living EXIST! Or you die.
    6. To their shame religion went along; “losing the monkey trial”/ because all they had was “the bible is god”. CHOOSING to believe “university is now god”. To their eternal shame. When in fact: THE WHOLE WORLD IS EVIDENCE OF TRUTH; every miracle proves, “A LIFE” beyond our own, did do all this. We need not explain why/ we need ONLY to know: NOTHING on this earth can prove it was an accident, or by human hands.
    7. To your shame: NO fantasy can dig you out of your grave/ as the claims of fusion prove true: “delusion is more important than life”. As their “curse of SATAN” (we can make this world extinct, of life) tries continually: to ignite this earth into a sun!
    8. BY BURNING ATOMS FOR FUEL; A FIRE THAT CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED; as this whole planet is FUEL. As their CULT of fools, SAYS “hurrah”. Let’s play god. Reality however is quite clear; although recent experiments have produced a tiny net gain; IF YOU REMOVE all the energy it took to create the experiment.
    9. The reality itself is NOW; VERY SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND. NOW, they intend to “THROW MORE FUEL” ONTO THE FIRE/ AND THAT will result in an out of control REAL WORLD FIRE, “that literally is just like the sun, here on earth”.
    10. A fire that will consume this planet; because all the imagination of “its magic” on the sun/ is a lie. NO SECOND CHANCE; they are real world,
    11. literally trying to burn the bond in atoms/ just like a chemical fire here, is burning the molecular bond of holding elements together, as is chemistry.” SOON, OUR WORLD IS DEAD/ if not from nuclear war or other first. BECAUSE THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG; IS EXTINCTION.
    12. THE COST of this work is: that you MUST CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY. In support of that demand. Information unwise was released, because time is running out. THE END is now in sight, as physics becomes acquainted with; reality. That reality includes; other than lies; THEY HAVE abandoned their claim of fusion (pure delusions). INSTEAD THEY DO, work only within the realities I have provided. THE ENERGY OF AN ATOM; IS HELD WITHIN NUCLEAR SPIN. THE ENERGY RELEASED BY THE SUN; IS FORMED WHEN ONE NUCLEUS COMES CLOSE ENOUGH TO ANOTHER NUCLEUS; TO ESTABLISH THE FRICTIONAL RESPONSE OF KINETIC HEAT. The reality is simple: in order to contain the spin of a nucleus it must be balanced by an opposite form of, what is called dark energy. BECAUSE the energies are so extreme, and the density of that environment is demonstrated to be “disordered”. When atoms come close; the neutron (dark energy) is rubbed off/ before the nucleus is abandoned. Some of that dark energy is pushed out as solar gravity/ and some which is the opposite of kinetic heat energy is drawn into the mass that is the sun within the fire; to cool it. And thereby control the fire from within. YOU CANNOT DO THAT; period. BUT YOUR SCIENTISTS CAN IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE, and that means, this earth does become a sun. BECAUSE IT IS MADE OF ATOMS; THE FUEL, AND IT DOES BURN AT ROUGHLY 10 MILLION DEGREES. Recognized before all the lies; to keep you stupid and unafraid. WAKE UP OR DIE/ INCINERATED. And oh lets not forget “the rapture” of religion: which in reality is a suction so great; that the solar fire draws all life into that fire. Including water, atmosphere, and more, as is the TRUTH.
    13. SEARCH THEIR CLAIMS OF KNOWLEDGE; “its all magic/ and claims of reality that cannot be proven/ and elements which cannot be proven to exist/ and without a clue as to where atomic energy comes from”. AND PURE IGNORANCE as they “want what they want”/ rather than limit their claims to reality; instead of “imagination rules here”.Critical values include: THE CLAIM that there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ is WRONG (THEY DON’T know what gravity is). Because all indications of evidence are: it is the fire that creates solar gravity. THE CLAIM, THAT THE SUN operates from a massive core fire of HEAT (kinetic energy)/ is WRONG. As this would DE-stable the structural reality of that sphere/ and the fuel used to create that heat would be consumed quickly. THAT CLAIM of a super-heated core defies ALL THE LAWS OF THERMODYNAMICS; and just throws them away. A reality beyond comprehension WRONG. THAT CLAIM OF “there must be an unidentified element” that makes up the sun; which is 15 times larger than the element of lead. Or compared to a lead marble; there fantasy is a bowling ball; WRONG. That claim of the sun is made out of hydrogen is pure vomit; as they cannot see within a million mile long flame WRONG/ and the only thing they can see is: THE ASH CLOUD, being thrown from the fire. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF UNIVERSITY CLAIMS; regarding the sun, can be proven true. YET THEY RISK OUR WORLD ON THEIR EXPERIMENTS. Because what we do know: IS THAT A NUCLEAR FIRE IS POSSIBLE/ AND WE DO KNOW; that such a fire which burns atoms/ rather than explodes them; is capable of releasing the evidence of heat we know exists. WE DO KNOW that burning atoms is a sustainable fire such as is the sun. WE DO KNOW; that radiation from the sun is EXACTLY what we would expect from burning the bond of an atom. WE DO KNOW; that once an atomic fire is ignited: NOT ONE THING ON THIS EARTH CAN BE DONE TO EXTINGUISH THAT FIRE. BECAUSE IT BURNS ATOMS FOR FUEL/ AND EVERYTHING ON EARTH: IS MADE OUT OF ATOMS. Including you/ water/ air/ rocks/ more. WE DO KNOW; that a million mile long flame encompassing an entire planet of rock: PRODUCES ENOUGH SUCTION, to vacuum up that rock; so that it becomes atomic fuel. WE DO KNOW that thermodynamics pushes the flame above its fuel source; because the heat forces it. We do know that the regulation of that fire is: the more fuel being burned causes the fire to rise by thermodynamics/ which causes the fire to die down in heat/ which brings the fire closer to the sphere that is the sun/ where the cycle of more fuel is being suctioned up is repeated in the eleven year cycle we know exists. AND WE DO KNOW MORE THAN THAT; because reality proves it so. NOT, UNIVERSITY FANTASIES, TERRORIST ACTS, AND TREASON TO THIS EARTH.
    14. and humanity says to me, ten thousand times: “you know nothing/ the universities are god, savior, etc:  even though they are merely your former classmates, hidden under the veil of delusion, that is a university diploma.  Therefore the quest to save this earth, “from being WRONG”;  BELONGS only to you.
  12. Nonetheless, the quest of this particular website is quite simple. BECAUSE YOU ARE EXTREMELY FOOLISH AND BLIND. But since I cannot change that: “it is your decision”/ and only you can stop being a cult. Therefore; To allow for the creation of happiness, in whatever time is left. By participating in “letting people be, meeting people”/ and offering the simple truth, “you cannot meet a friend/ until you meet a stranger first”. That extends too: if there is cause to feel alone/ then it would help to know, someone else that you have chosen is offering their support. At least in the conception of a phone call matters. If you wish, a number of different “useful sayings” can be used. In people needing people. The foundation for discussing the careful and critical elevations of law and the discovery of truth; rather than simply believing whatever “media, or university says” is a foundation; for society rises, rather than falls into the sewer of those who believe they are superior to the rest. They are not. While the foundation for critical relationships which allow a union to form between friends, lovers, or soulmates; need not take so long, or be at such risk; as is today. If we understand from the beginning, that although none are perfect, at least some will identify the truth; that our journey must match, “at least a little”/ or we will fail. These are the services intended, and the ability for parents to form what they need; in order for their children to not only survive but be happy as well; is elemental to the health and well being of every nation on earth. None of which is small or without consequences for life and earth. Gaining in this work, the needed conception that is: we are, each one, “a value to life”/ if we choose it to be. NO, we cannot save this world by ourselves. BUT WE CAN offer the best we can do, in defense of our planet and all its life; because that is in fact our duty, as the living existence of “life within a miracle”; that is our truth.
  13. HAPPINESS comes, from accepting, “I did, do my part”/ and shared what life would let me share. Love is caring, enough to prove it is so. “sign you name”; which means stand up for what you accept truth requires: that humanity itself MUST CHANGE, or we die. A statement of fact, that is NOT people decide/ but TRUTH DECIDES. As best reality, allows for you and life on earth, to be; among the consequences of what is left for us to decide. No fantasy/ no delusions/ no imagination of fools: reality decides, by presenting the evidence of our truth. And the jury decides, by accepting WISDOM should come first; even before knowledge. Wisdom establishes: LIFE AND PLANET ARE FIRST/ not you. Because we all need that, to experience or express “our time, on earth”. And so do your children. OR THEY DIE.
    1. The laws, which govern our existence as a human “sphere of life”/ are not unlike the realities of governing all human life on this planet. NO YOU CAN’T have whatever you want, because some of that is bad or a death sentence to you. YES you can have what truth will allow. But anything in between these limits; present us all with chaos/ and that ends with hate and war against life itself.
    2. And the world says: within a courtroom, guided by the best we can do as a world; we will know what is true/ and the cost of being wrong. Therefore we have no other choice; but the law.