Focus, is the beginning of self: which leads to a decision that becomes the rise above self/ or the descent into self, that identifies what is true of you. Yes, I know; the horror of universities will latch on; and robotics will generate AI to create “the terminator robots”; which annihilate you/ because they can. As they have done with other things, I have given to them; a reality of costs. But you cannot reconstruct yourselves without an understanding of what is wrong; so the compromise is: either stand up for life/ or die by universities play god. “your choice”.

Regardless, in a dying world; that has no chance to survive/ beyond true change for life and world, defined by only truth decides; and the acceptance of only respect survives the cost of change. Adding the potential for one more horror out of thousands already in the works; by mutilating nature and more. Your choice is change, or accept universities remain your gods/ “saviors to hell”.

Focus means: to narrow existence down to “just one tiny thing” in order to make that thing; your only connection with life. It is a descent into destruction; for those who become “strictly I, is all that matters”; where the coffin takes control, and fear overwhelms. UNLESS, you make them fear you instead; by violence and disgrace. As is the form of hate given to human existence; as the reality of death.

Focus means: to accept the journey past the confinement of self, into a world of life beyond the conception of being human; so as to ascend into the miracles of Creation itself. Thereby owning, a small part of your own truth, as the definition called “I am ALIVE”. This is the beginning of love, as owned by the grace of understanding; existence is more than “simply I”. And we/ I, must learn to accomplish the work of being human. Therefore the gift of life, is a beginning. To accept life is a journey, searching for truth, as will then identify your soul.

We then understand; that focus has two meanings/ but only one direction, chosen by you. The critical choice of our existence: is then which direction will you go? And the vast majority SCREAM: “i want it all”/ refusing to decide for life or death: because they believe living falls between. As is I want love, and its value/ but I want hate and the violence to make them fear me as well: when I am confronted. These are then the animals; and do not count, in terms of eternity. Or if they do, “it will be as pets” to those who lived as life formed in human existence.

So that leaves us with the realities of human existence; that is defined by, either love or hate. But between those limits, are the people who fall between the cracks; as love divides their soul into what can survive/ and what cannot; apart from the punishment of Hades. Hades is a reference too: “you created your hell on earth”/ now GOD, will create your reward; as is to face the terrors you caused in life. And if stealing a life that would have been for an eternity; “in heaven”/ then for an eternity, your reward is terrors and horrors beyond imagination; by your choice.

Nonetheless we live in a world filled “with cracks”; in the destiny of life. “cracked” then comes to mean: you can rise above yourself and what you have done/ by seeking forgiveness with truth in your heart. OR, you can fall into descent by what you have done/ and construct the death of your heart; so as to seal your fate in eternity; as lost.

Wherein we ask what is “heart”? The answer is: a search for value, begins with respect. Rises upon the rhythms of our shared care, in the grace of truth; that becomes a trust defined within each other; that gives purpose to life, and its true desire for hope. Love is built into hope, and hope is its home. Therefore we ask of hope: how may we assist the life that lives with us in this time of our existence? The answer is: to do, what love and truth align for you to do. It is not as simple as “love”/ because humanity is not as simple as want. Rather in order to protect life, that it may find love; we must identify in what hate has done; that we can change. Giving to life its hope, and to us the desire which shapes the destiny we chose to give back; as the truth of who we are. “a decision”, only you can make.

It is not for you to make a decision for me/ nor is it for me to make any decision for you. The cost of war is: leaders made decisions for them; and they pay, as hate tries to consume this world.

The cost of parenting is: parents make decisions for every child/ but then forget, that the child itself must make the final decisions for their own lives/ and cannot be forced or helped; beyond that dimension of self. Even if they are wrong/ when old enough, by understanding what is true; they earn the right to decide. So the critical test of education is: DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE CONSEQUENCES OF EVERY DECISION, or not? In this day of indoctrination as the USA; closed off from reality by the religion of universities play god; that answer is no, not at all. To the shame of those who call themselves educators/ but are not. Even so, age produces rebellion as is the evidence of: I MUST make these decisions for myself; and with rare exception it will be done. Unfortunately those exceptions fall victim to the reality of your own flaws and failures; which means, the cost they endure from your parenting: is judged in eternity against you.

Life is not a game, and neither is your influence beyond self.

But want is an ever-present thirst, a liar from the beginning using want to manipulate you into “what you want”. Creating the road, that leads to pride (as we get what we want, and declare ourselves to be winner/ or loser with revenge equals= I stole your prize). And pride is a war within yourself, as the truth of what is more important to you; becomes a decision based upon whether you get to “win” or not. Winning at pride is: creating or conforming to what is expected of you “by the herd”. Therefore it can be a trophy, toy, or trinket/ or it can be, that you are considered “part of the herd”; or whatever you believe has value to you; as can be very many things. Power is the voice inside; created by listening to want, pride, or the constant herd of what we want, rather than just self. Power wants power, so it uses “fear/ believe/ obey” as the methods most useful in demanding you are my slave. When that fails, violence erupts as proof of FEAR ME, and obey/ or believe I will kill you, or take away what is precious.

Unfortunately pride is: potentially the worst enemy you will ever face/ and it is on the inside, where you cannot run away or hide; from what will or can destroy your life. Some therefore compromise, and believe they can have want, and its pride; without relinquishing the power that makes love die. They are wrong, but if pride is less than power; some love can survive. Generally not today; because the attack of want (its mine: all mine) is so great. As this war against, life and earth intensify, to create the very last battle of our own extinction.

Focus allows for pride, because want demands pride: no game/ no reward= want dies. Therefore wanting the prize, becomes the focus of pride in you. That pride then listens to want; as the games people play are modified to include all the manipulation, temptations, fears, beliefs, threats, criminal activities, and other methods of turning the game in your own favor; is used to create power. As is you chose this/ and it becomes your identity as a result. Removing pride is a war; and the war will end only when you are prepared to accept: let them say or believe anything/ I no longer have a presence to protect. But instead live beyond this time; in the hope for an eternal life, for me. Few are able to release pride, and accept the decision: that gossip and ridicule/ and more: are no longer accepted. The cost of accepting: wealth is no longer important, is another stumbling block. Because this is a form of power over the others; and few, are able to walk the line between; the evidence of love and hate are within my control. Or, I can play god; at least for, or over some.

Focus presents the opportunity for spiritual transformation as well/ by discarding pride and proving that want no longer controls me; the potential to understand truth rises. Truth is a spiritual transformation; which denies and removes all forms and construction of lies, plague of pride, or purpose of power. Few are willing to achieve it. But for those who do and survive (the attack against all things not pure enough to be here): the door opens, and the discovery of what is true in me: begins. Therefore focus becomes the transition between time and truth; which is the first step into eternity. Where you go, is entirely dependent upon your own desire and identity. But make no mistake: the spiritual world allows only what is true, and if you defy that with “lies”/ your soul can die; so then will you. It is “a complex journey”/ but with rewards of value; IF, you don’t get trapped by your own wants.

Unfortunately, I did get trapped by my own wants; after a long series of true rewards for living in truth. Nonetheless, wanting this world to survive, with ALL its life; caused me to look inside the “female world”. Because it is absolutely clear after a ten year search: men cannot save this world. So, needing a solution I did not have/ I searched for and found the spiritual world of women; but the entry way was immediately blocked forever. And I could not go back/ nor understand their truth. Nonetheless, it was both the best decision I ever made/ and the worst. Best because it aided and abetted and made this work be completed. While worst, because it has dissolved everything male in me; while reality gives me no say at all/ because it is a female world, and I don’t belong. All kinds of laws were broken; but in the end, the result is: a final work, to aid and abet life and earth, at least could survive/ sustaining hope in me. I do not know how any of it ends. Although I seem to be becoming more female than male. Its complicated; can’t escape/ it is impossible. Don’t really know what that means? So the end result is: that while you can enter the spiritual world if you seek the correct path of truth decides not you/ you have been warned: it is not for free, and there are costs for being “wrong”. Even if you are “kind of right”. I did get what I wanted: the message and methods required to keep this earth and its future for life alive. Courtesy of “female in charge”. What I did not want however, which was to be “owned by female in charge”; seems now to be my fate/ or destiny? I really don’t know; it is such a surprise, I never would have guessed; my identity as male, seems to be being erased. “its complicated”. Just doing the best I can. Even so; male and female are equal/ so if it becomes “a true miracle of change”; I am ok with that. If not, I made my decision; and I did get what I wanted; as is, “this world does not have to die/ if you just wake up to life”; not a game/ let truth decide.

Even though, the consequence for that decision was not what expected. It remains both the best (for life and world) and worst decision (for male) of my time.

Living in the middle of “male or female” is not kind or desirable/ as there is no substantive truth to support that. It is, like living outside of the law that governs male and the law that governs female; a quandary of enormous proportions. “no BELIEVE whatever you want” is allowed/ that is for fools and failures. Instead, I just have to wait; to let truth decide what this is going to be, for me. I really don’t know; a complete puzzle, without all, or even any of the pieces. “lost” I guess.

BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WANT;  as the price may not be what you expect/ as is so many, many things called “university knows”.

If not for focusing on the crisis of a dying world/ then I could have expected to recognize: I was not asking to search within thought for the construction of truth. But was in fact asking to search or question; an entirely different form of living energy, as is female. NO simple questions allowed; as she has her own dimensions, desires, and purposes for living. The truth is clear; “I was not thinking”, at the time. But truth says: had I not entered “the spiritually female world”/ I would have died without the true desire of my heart; finding its solution. Thereby hoping, even if the evidence says no; that life and earth will survive. Accepting, in “real life terms”; it was the right decision for me/ regardless of the consequences. NOT a sacrifice for you; but a real world, “my desire is to give back; to my CREATOR”. Regardless of the rest. Whatever will be, is then; whatever will be.

Reality demands: “numerous male laws must be broken” now/ in order for even the slightest foundation for change is occurring. Female laws must be established; and even “i consider it fair to assert”: that GOD our CREATOR must intervene, in order for the living energy of life, to be turned around; in order for such a change to exist. Or more simply; apart from a minimum of evidence that asserts female is coming; there is no valid proof, that it will continue/ until it does. And then comes all the physical effects and realities of time itself; as must be changed too. So, no: “true miracle” does not seem likely. But neither is it likely, that I will be simply evicted from the spiritual world of female. Nor does it seem likely, that I could find my way back to simply male. Nor do I have a clue; as to what my own future might be? It is completely: “to be decided” without me: “the man I used to be”/ involved. “complicated”/ just don’t know.

And that asks the question: WHAT IS, the spiritually true world of women going to do with me? Still no clue; even though I have offered to help their efforts in keeping life and earth alive. And that asks: being required to provide this information; WHAT IS; the physical world of women going to do with me? As reality will prove: 70 years old, not pretty, half bald, no teeth, bad ears, not rich, “less than perfect”; etcetera? In all probability; just to be ignored is most likely, as that is the norm. I wish you well anyway; and I hope you will find a way to organize and fight for life and earth. Because “this ain’t no game”; extinction is, in fact; by the evidence coming far sooner than you believe. Want it, or not. As for me: “I will just continue to hope; as best I can”. HOPE IS ESSENTIAL, do not let it fade. PRAY, for what you need to be true; “you are a miracle”; find your brain back.

Or more distinctly, understand this: “that life on earth is, as men chose it to be; and we do stand on the edge of extinction; because their solutions have no respect for life or world”. The consequence of that is a true need for change; which recognizes our only choice is then female. NOT because they are female/ BUT BECAUSE they are different, and different is absolutely essential to real world change. Men cannot construct as women can: because we don’t think alike. We don’t balance alike, or conceive of the same things alike. DIFFERENT, and men don’t like change; because they want what they want; just like women.

But look around you: at what the evidence proves is true; without question! Overpopulation is the death of this world. Poisons and pollution everywhere, and it will only get worse. A world threatening to destroy itself; because of all the heat released by people. Weapons of mass destruction are everywhere, especially in universities laboratories. SATAN is mutilating nature, and threatening to ignite this entire planet “with the same fire as on the sun”; with lies, that there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ or its just hydrogen being turned into helium: WHICH IS A RARE EARTH ELEMENT. Not seen massively ejected from the sun; as would be their evidence of truth; doesn’t exist.

Your liars, traitors, thieves, cheats, failures, fools, bastards, terrorists, and worse; have even torn up the claim of currency ( no reality left here)/ been creating robotic warriors to control you (not them)/ gathering every form of horrifying disease; to pretend to find solutions; but their only purpose is to find a biological weapon to use against the masses. When they find a vaccine for themselves. Your resources are failing, and not one real world solution for life to survive can be found. But ocean life is dying/ habitat is being destroyed/ extinction of species is now rampant/ water is scarce and will be the cause of extreme war/ the chains of life are being broken/ and fools lead to failure, as even the atmosphere of this earth will soon “let go” and accelerate/ as oxygen levels fail us all. Failures and frauds have implemented the maze of fools, who will believe anything media “the front for university cult worship” tells them to believe. Relying upon delusions, fantasies, and lies. While men say: “we are doing great”. While women say: we don’t have to do nothing! To hell with you.

So the great abyss; of “we cannot fix this now”; IS REAL, and I tell you true: EITHER WAKE UP, or be extinct. Because too damn late, is literally too damn late.

ALL of those things are elements in the reality of what: WE MUST NOT DO; as wisdom teaches with truth! So we come to universities, whose real life work is to invade everything life teaches us NOT TO DO/ so they can play god, and pretend there are no laws, and no reality, and no truths capable of stopping them from being “the law of lies”; they create. Unfortunately their “law” is extinction/ because their rules of conduct curse, and even defeat our living world. As is everything seen above: “universities take claim of everything valued”/ they deserve the truth of everything destructive is by them. Or the men the provide the curse of hell too.

The fraud of universities: is flagrant and diseased with lies from all sides. WE DON’T need to know anything other than: WHAT WE CAN DO, to protect life, from ourselves. WE DON’T need to spend any time discussing; what we already know is the solution to global warming; which is STOP releasing all that heat. WE DON’T need to understand more about the oceans or life on land or anything other than: HUMANITY IS THE CAUSE OF THEIR COLLAPSE/ so stop doing what you are doing; and align yourselves with the limits and boundaries that keep life alive on earth. OBEY THE LAW OF TRUTH, and stop lying, stealing, cheating, betraying, terrorizing, failing, and worshiping the sewer of “university plays god”. STOP BELIEVING; and understand, how much they stole from you with covid/ how much they are betraying life as is nature with genetic mutilation. STOP CURSING THIS EARTH; letting the dead rise; to force you into extinction/ AND UNDERSTAND: THAT THE SUN BURNS WITH A NUCLEAR FIRE! “IT EATS ATOMS, FOR BREAKFAST”/ AND IT WILL DO THAT HERE AS WELL. ONCE IGNITION OCCURS, IN THE FURNACE THIS EARTH WILL BECOME. TO YOUR SHAME.


WHAT, DEAD HEAD FRAUD of university knows: teaches a doctoral program in medicine; and provides “a half million dollar” education to each student? THEY ARE THIEVES, LIARS, AND FOOLS. Wake up, or be dead idiots lost to eternity by a cult of worshiping those who claim they are gods. But are only “devil” instead.

GET THEIR ASS OFF YOUR HEAD, and kick them where it hurts.

And all the world says: I DON’T WANT CHANGE/ I WANT TO BE RICH!

But reality replies: that day is dead/ and without true change: YOU WILL be dead, because of what you chose to do. As is letting the universities play god with life and world/ changing, without believing in consequences that now threaten our living world with extinction. BECAUSE YOUR WORLD DID CHANGE; and what existed even fifty years ago; is now in the trash. Because you said: “i won’t care/ not going to change in my lifetime; let the children die”/ its their problem; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT. “for the last fifty years” of my lifetime.


it is: YOUR TURN, to fight for life and world/ or, just let it die; because you didn’t care/ or were so damn proud; your brain died.