In the history of our world, nothing compares to the disease and destruction of a university education: while it has been responsible for value/ it is also the creator of extinction by the most vile means possible. It is responsible for the endless traps and pollution and poisons and changes; that have made it possible to destroy our own world.

Men being men; live between the extremes of either most vile/ or most valuable; while the human animals (I want what I want) live as a herd following one or the other. Mediating that with the disguise of “not so bad/ versus yes we can”. The basis of humanity is then governed almost entirely by want; and want is the basis of every lie. If you don’t want something/ or don’t want to avoid something; you won’t lie. It is that simple. So human society is built upon lies, and the chase of pride to achieve “trophies/ toys/ or trinkets”; as those who can and those who can’t believe they can make rules in order to judge the others; and thereby make the others pay: for their own unhappiness. As is: YOU have to be unhappy too; just like me/ as is humanity made me this way; and I pay you all back; same.

So the question is: WHY do people make each other unhappy? And WHAT can we do, to stop that reign of terror on us all? Answer: they want, and that want either drives them to get what they want/ or take what they want, away from you. That is done with pride (the game of winner or loser)/ and with power (I can judge you; whether you like it or not); because at a minimum, “I can gossip, ridicule, or in other ways lead the rest to believe whatever I want them to believe”.

Religion steps in; and shapes the decisions society makes according to their rules; which may or may not be of benefit to society itself. Dependent upon beliefs. Therefore it is very important what you believe is true! Because the foundation of belief is: “we can’t all be wrong”. Or for the most arrogant/ apathetic/ or disrespectful it is “I cannot be wrong”. But that is rarely true, and fails life and world miserably; because only truth survives, and leads to a more secure, justified, and fair life/ where living is happy for all.

Why then do people become unhappy? They believe life is unfair, because they do not have the same. They believe life is unjustified; because they want to belief they are the superior ones, who deserve more. They believe in money; will prove whatever they believe is true. They believe power can force you into obedience to them. And they believe fear is the answer; when demanding control over you. Fear is pervasive; and can infect with: I am lonely because of this/ I am without friends or family because of this/ I am going to lose what is precious to me, because of this/ I am judged because of this/ I am abandoned to death, no value left; because of this. Fear is then the “bottom feeder” of life, by taking from the living their desire for life and truth.

We see in that definition of human behaviors: that it is belief that functions to propagate what is either good or bad. But it is a distinct human decision that turns your direction for living into “love or hate”. Regardless of the others, that will always be true; as you form the foundations upon which you live, work, and value life. To believe, is to let what you want decide the direction of your life. Therefore what you believe is essentially the foundation upon which you build what will be your destiny or future as life/ or the cost of hate, as descends into the grave of your failed existence. Because as we all know; time for a human body will end. What we do not know by experience, and therefore the expressions upon which we do depend for our living: what happens to life itself, when the body ends.

Therefore the form of our decision, and the realities of our identity in truth: consist of the information by which we define the potential of where does life belong? Or more distinctly: if the body removes your identity as time/ WHAT will be left to form the creation of “something else”? That is only truth, because only truth is, what it is! And within that truth is the dimensional trait of living; which is formed by love or hate. So we ask: WHAT HAS value in life? The reality is: we search for love as the treasure which makes living a value. But we discard hate, as the reality which changes life into fear; making it, the least desirable truth in this universe; and is consequently removed to the chaos of destruction (never again).

We then ask: WHY, do more people not choose love/ but hide in their beliefs as animals do; that merely want is enough? The answer is: because society lives for greed (I want yours too) and selfishness (nothing is more important than me)/ rather than truth (the basis of life) and values (the creation of love, through discipline, order, balance, and respect) beyond self. Self is the element of time, which allows for you “to play god” with life/ by forming the games through which pride (let me make you less) and judgment (now I can be more) arise.

But more than a simple decision is the reality of time itself; and the costs of survival; become the median which aligns with hate, more than love. Or more simply: because jobs do come to an end/ resources falter and die. The reality is now: that what I used to survive has failed me. Therefrom “taking the very last one, which destroys the future”/ genocide; removing the competition so you can have more as is stealing by war/ and university which means to change how nature works; to enable men to play god: which is the worst of the worst, that can be.

To remove these things: we must guarantee to each other a job, with a fair wage and realistic conditions to be shared with all the rest. That cannot be accomplished outside of “limited capitalism”. Because unless we contain the game of winner or loser; there is no foundation to live beyond money.

To remove genocide; the entire solution depends upon population control (this earth is full; and we must demand reality decides not you). But that is a female thing, and no man is allowed to decide for them. Men however shall pay for permanent solutions to pregnancy particularly beyond two children; permanently done, unless there is a very good reason. The second part which cannot be denied is WORLD LAW, as enforced same upon all (taking leaders to court, enforcing a ban on all weapons of mass destruction). Forcing stay WITHIN your borders for every single one/ throughout this world. Because nothing less can contain the men and their wars.

The universities: CANNOT be allowed to make ANY DECISION on their own/ from this moment forward; because they cannot control themselves; as is proven true. Their changes; have literally made extinction possible and likely; if not unstoppable even now. WE CANNOT ALLOW THAT; nor can we allow their playing god with anything on earth. ONLY what has value to life and earth; will be left by our decision, as humanity on earth: you do have a vote. IT IS your life and world; which gives you the right: TO CONTROL THEM.

The form of government that works is: BY THE LAW, WE RULE OURSELVES! Therefore it is the law, that makes life and living possible in society, and WE MUST MAKE THAT LAW for ourselves. Because we live it/ live by it/ or are cursed by it; because someone else “sold us out”. As is the endless list of excuses employed in this USA and this state of IL; by which the employees of government all say: “we can’t/ so we must: therefore all lies and stealing is good”. But reality accepts no lies/ theft ends in war and failures all around/ and government is not “your mommy”; and without the honesty of limits and boundaries keep us all safe: there is no future/ as is the truth of this day.

So then we must make our own laws, and once they are completed: they will last for several hundred years or more; because being human is being human/ until Armageddon takes that away (as is the universities intent; to be creators themselves). Yet reality proves “they cannot create one blade of grass/ not one single biological element: without stealing it from nature; and even then they cannot construct one breathe of life”. So the only thing universities can do: is strip life down to its basic parts and pieces/ and then kill us all, because they cannot put it back together; as is the essence of nature in chaos; the meaning of Armageddon.

Without limits and boundaries and realities that decide by truth, being fair to all: there is nothing in our future but war and hate and starvation. That is the truth/ it is that simple. The apocalypse is war for water; “just a single step away”. HELL the foundation of failure that overcomes all sense of justice, and forms hate to take control over all life: stands at the door, of all your lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism and worse; as universities have proven true to being Satan (kill a world). So we are all involved as a world, because there is no escaping from ourselves. This is what you chose/ this is what all your lies have brought us too/ this is the end result of treason, theft, betrayal, and a “thousand more elements of hate” as does rule this earth. Finding your “saviors” in weapons of mass destruction; makes you the most foolish generation to have ever lived. The cult of the damned; oozing disease and destruction upon life and planet. Willing to gamble life and world, even to the extent of trying to ignite a nuclear fire “just like the sun”; giving authority over life and world; to the very people who brought you to the edge of your own extinction: because you are BELIEVERS; to your shame.

So what now? The answer is very clear and very simple and very certain: the only chance we have left is A COURTROOM TO INVESTIGATE AND EXAMINE THE CRITICAL TRUTHS of every threat we face. A foundation of values that shape life and world from here; formed by humanity: in defense of their world and all life on earth. Resurrection the future for every child. OR THE OPPOSITE WHICH IS HELL ON EARTH, ending in extinction of this planet. Because you chose to do that; with your failures, the cult worship of universities as god; to your shame. REDRESS IN THIS USA is the method; it is the law; and as the foundation of law by constitutional government; it cannot be refused by our employees. Unless they prove treason against us all/ and there are legal rights by oath of office, which provide punishment to each one for that. So we the people can enforce it/ the world must be invited; and it must be a courtroom; “as best we can”/ to remove all doubt and complaint and refusal to accept what is true. Simple as that.

As to changes in government, it is again clear: that what we need are investigators to review and assemble and provide the evidence and realities of people who are, who are not, and who are trying to avoid with lies and failure what our laws have decided. While media is intended to do that/ media with only little reliance on anything of value; fails us all. Because only a very tiny few of the most powerful people in the nation control whatever you hear; and then believe/ because the universities have been studying how to manipulate, tempt, propagate, and control human existence for the last hundred years and more. You are followers shouting “we can’t all be wrong”/ but in fact you are a cult following these tiny few leaders who merely want everything; as makes them your puppeteers. The editor who controls the rest/ is fully controlled by the power of employment; and the expert is found, who sides with power; to ridicule the rest; and since people believe in lies (just give me a bribe). You have successfully chosen to throw life, nation, world, and reality away; in full bowed down obedience to your cult; “all hail universities as god”. Little in history compares; as the descent now begins: by those who have no power, because they did not put in the work or sacrifice or accept truth decides/ now find power in universities whose only purpose over the last fifty plus years has been to tear down whatever stands in protection of life and society; by indoctrinating every child “university is god”/ with the takeover of schools. So they can replace it: with only the universities decide now. To remove the competition of people who did have a say as “the middle class”/ they organized the insurgency; to devalue everything about living; to replace it as with “hate this group”/ as is the true beginning of “Nazi” as replaced life with hate, and a blatant thirst for power; which began with world war 2. A reality of people wanting power/ be it leaders or “the rest”; as is throughout history. Nazi is used as the most prevalent word to describe: when the weak find power (lets war against them all), and then take over the rest (by stealing all they have; OURS NOW); as is being done in this USA; and no doubt throughout the world. BUT that is the curse of overpopulation, a constant of history as well. Because those who came first and worked hard/ do not want to surrender their good life, to “the invaders”. While the invaders must have what they need to survive; one way or the other: the cost of competition to great/ a reality overwhelming what you want is dead. Because you are at the end of water supplies/ food supplies/ resources/ pollution killing everything/ poisons everywhere/ “and a billion more”. Because your leaders, your cult gods who control everything particularly in USA; did absolutely nothing for a future to survive. They, the universities sold you out (even though they knew in advance), assassinating every child; because they wanted more for themselves; right now. SCREAMING “NOT in my lifetime”/ I won’t pay. So to aggravate the situation even more: they played god, to scream “yes I can”. To their eternal shame.

In addition to investigators/ NOT lawmakers. We need constitutional money control: NO MORE government employees of any kind; making money decisions for us. Every tax is specific to a purpose, and cannot be combined with any other. Every government job is: an open bid decides/ but if you fail, you cannot come back to try again. Every judicial job is: by grading every legal case to be decided/ and if they don’t make the grade society has established for their work: they are cast aside. Someone else is then to replace them/ and that is attached to all lawyers as well: fail us, and we remove you permanently. The law we create, is the law we do understand; and can enforce. NO MAZE OF FAILURE to guide us away from the truth: plain, simple, reality, no more games. No more power; you work for us/ “not them”. Back to truth and the values of justice for all. No more (very few) rules; THEY CANNOT overthrow life, and its need to be fair for us all.

The currency is to be: “so many numbers, per citizen/ adjusted every census”/ the employees shall not change that. International currency shall be deliberately linked to something real; such as gold, etc. no more lies. Every nation shall be independent, and do for themselves/ no more international anything but in world law. No more aiding and abetting the disgrace that is trying to overrule nature: as is racing to the starving with food or whatever it is. Because NATURE IS telling them you are too many for this place/ and the only means of adjusting to that is: WITH POPULATION CONTROL COMES FIRST. Otherwise it is war, and the genocide of an entire environment; and the end of every living thing; before HELL erupts as the truth of what you chose.

The list is endless; “failures all around”/ as the cult of Satan proves; the only thing a universities can really do (with few exceptions): is flush us all down the sewer of their idiocy and greed/ the curse of playing god with life, to remove reality, “with imagination”.

The forms of life and society and world; which align with a future we can survive is:

  1. we must share the natural resources, with an honest respect for what the children will need. You cannot abandon their world, or force their extinction; because of your wants.
  2. In order to do that: this world must adopt “limited capitalism”/ and the assertion: BY OUR VOTE, we the people of this nation or world shall accept the limit we choose for the least paid/ and most income per year/ and the boundaries of ownership we allow to exist (not less than three times more; (least to most).
  3. THAT, now means to can trade with each other fairly at least in these resources/ which nature made; and humanity did little to change. As a world, that makes the reality of need simple to enforce: as each nation is the “workers” who do this work. By creating limited capitalism; we apply that to the workforce/ one nation to another: my work is graded equal to your work; by these means. Doesn’t matter which nation you live in; because we all have needs and realities, outside the limits of what we have. The future cannot be dissolved, because you want more: BE FAIR is the rule.
  4. In order for world law to establish a fair and disciplined earth, participating with each other/ to seek our future from the grave of universities disease (we want it all/ we play god; no rules or consequences for us). We must divide larger nations into their own respective groups; with new boundaries and rights; as is consistent with our reality. In order to enforce that world order by law/ through we the world shall bring our leaders to court; who fail us all. We must limit and remove all weapons of mass destruction/ aligning protections with international (replaced entirely every 12 years or so); policing! Thereby removing the endless expense, failure of resources, and costs associated with killing each other, without restraint. TRUE INTERNATIONAL POLICING to protect every border/ and refuse every claim: you did this to yourselves/ and you will pay for your failures: NOT US. ENDING immigration, with only extremely limited by cause allowance for exception. You build/ you stay/ you own: nobody crosses the line. Because this world is full; what you want is dead. Protect your world or die is left.
  5. It is the failure of leaders who ransack, rape, ruin, ravage, and steal with war: to evade their own failures/ and remove the right to investigate what went wrong by the people; because they now fight to survive. World court and world policing ends that; and leaders will complain. Because it is the power/ NOT the job they worship. Removing that power to make them obey the law of our world: ends the fun of it/ causes the pride of it to fail/ and destroys what people want, because wants always force their demand with rules on the rest. You cannot: ends the game.
  6. Large nations exist to protect their own borders from assault by others. Even smaller nations pose a threat to world peace as was seen with Japan and Germany in world war 2. The lesson of that is; NOBODY GETS TO MAKE WEAPONS. That day is done. By law we enforce peace, or the leaders will be crucified to prove: NO YOU CAN’T. A reality proven necessary, “BY MILLIONS DIE”; IF YOU don’t contain the curse of people who want to play god.
  7. It is credit and banking that form the basis of failure throughout this world/ the endless demand: “ I WANT WHAT I WANT FOR FREE”{ IS for fools, that does not exist; and we all do have to participate or it is your turn to die}.
  8. To provide for jobs for us all, we must share the work, and the realities of our world. Which has changed due to overpopulation and the universities changed this; humanity sold itself out, to worship greed, selfishness, and graft is in charge. GET YOUR LIFE BACK TO REALITY/ discard your want/ AND LET TRUTH DECIDE WHAT IS FAIR. And yes it is true; if everyone has a job/ ONLY A VERY TINY FEW; get to be rich. Because rich means “:you have slaves”/ and that is generally UNFAIR and ought not to be done.
  9. The review of WHAT WE DO INTEND for our world to be or become in the future: BY OUR DECISIONS, as a world. NO MORE DEAD ROTTING CORPSES decide, as is universities curse us all with “Imagination”. We CHOOSE, by truth/ not by fantasy or delusions or failures of imagination as is the cost of so many theories delivered by fools shame us all.
  10. The critical truth of humanity is: while there is love, and all that has value arises do to that love/ there is also hate; and all that is lost of life, and the chaos associated with death; is determined by that hate. The majority of humanity “just wants what it wants”/ and believes they can have both love and hate as part of their living. These are called animals, because they cannot rise to the purity and truth of love. Nor do they wish to lower themselves into the grave of failures as is hate. But want is not enough to belong to love. Love exists only within the desire, this is “going to be my life”; because it is where I find the value of living. While hate judges everything/ love does not, only the law judges, and only when it is truly necessary. But animals live to play the games both men and women play; letting want decide how best to lie, cheat, steal, betray, destroy, terrorize, and play god; as the superior ones. Thereby “look at me/ listen to me/ do what I say” and so on. It is the animals who form the mob, that is like war in every conception: we will take what we want/ by judging them less/ we will prove “yes we can”; as is the basis of what a dog pack will do.
  11. In order for life to survive, the curse of human overpopulation/ the cost of universities picking apart life and planet into tiny pieces so they can rearrange, playing god; what does build and protects life on earth. We must change! Because the earth can no longer simply rebuild itself, from the constant human damage of taking all you can get/ leaving life and earth destroyed by human arrogance, apathy, and disrespect. Today humanity will realize: everything is NOT about them alone. And understand: without the chain of life/ the sanctity and sacred rights of every miracle in our existence as a planet: we too will die and become extinct. Because every form of life is built, upon the so called lesser lives; we consume to build our own bodies of living in time. And you don’t know; what is critical/ because things you do eat, are built upon the things they eat; and what they eat is built upon the things that keep them alive; which is built upon the things that keep them alive; and so on. The human disgrace of arrogance (nobody lives but me)/ the human destruction of apathy (I won’t care about nothing)/ and the human disease of disrespect (I am the superior one; to hell with you): end with extinction. Because we are so many people; today even a one percent rise in human mouths to feed; equals another 80 million + : MORE people on earth. And a three percent rise has occurred making it a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed over deaths per year; and they grow needing more. What you do, and have done, including the dead walk of universities in charge; MUST CHANGE.
  12. And as all leadership proves true: simply throwing food to the swine (hate is enough); is not enough/ you will go extinct; and even the earth could be dissolved to remove your memory from this universe. Without love, and therefrom life comes first; you have no chance/ because only truth survives; and everything of value is built from truth. That includes eternity; where truth reveals “YOU”. Time is the opportunity to decide what your truth is/ thereby creating the identity of your existence as a life “worth keeping/ or to be thrown away: or to be allowed to dissipate until it is vanished from existence, as is the human herd”. Love survives, as miracles prove true. We did not rise from chaos or accident/ but by thought conceives and built this: because nothing less can. Thereby we know that is true. Whereas evolution does not even give you a brain; until all life by fantasy magically appears: the universities religion. For fools follow here. JESUS is the guarantor; that we were not built, and simply forgotten/ but by love do have the opportunity to join our Creator beyond time; if the purity of your truth is enough to survive. While the animals cannot understand: the greatest treasure in this universe is love; because love replaces loneliness, with a value that gives joy, through respect. A reality of honest kindness and caring; the desire to share life “with a friend”, that is: completely unknown “to the arrogant/ apathetic/ or disrespectful”. As is, “the human animal”.
  13. To survive: the games people play must disappear. The trophies no longer exist, or will soon end; you chose, to throw them all away, as with everything else. The wants must end: because there is no further room to drive people out; this earth is full; humanity stands at least one on every acre of agricultural land/ and the oceans are dying; no water to spare.   8,000,000,000+ people reach out their hands EVERY DAY; wanting MORE.  We can only live with life, by sharing what has value with each other; and be happy, by choosing kindness rather than competition. But that will require; removing hate/ to be separated unto itself. Or more simply; it is hate that drives human existence into wants/ because it steals, destroys, or manipulates violence into war; to remove, what love would, or does do. We cannot have weapons of mass destruction or large armies; or leaders, to propagate “fear/ believe/ obey”; we must have truth decide as best we can learn to do. RESPECT decides if you will war, and finish killing this earth. DISRESPECT decides if you will let the universities finish killing all life and planet, with their arrogance, apathy, and failure to accept “you aren’t god”; on earth. It is a choice.
  14. The reality of global warming is real; and it is due to the release of heat humanity causes in all ways and things: simple as that/ an intense amount of change is required. Too much heat/ no ice left to cool the planet/ no trees left to keep the atmosphere connected to the planet/ poisoned water/ failure no matter where you look; as the evidence does prove true. No you cannot fix that with electric vehicles (the best you can do is strictly personal/ not bigger; plus a whole lot more). No you cannot allow robotics or artificial intelligence or genetic mutilation: without severe and true oversight; making it absolutely clear: this ain’t no game. No you cannot remove all physical money, which gives power to the few. No you cannot continue to create numbers as if they represented reality; they do not/ they make life into a game; so that the future can be assassinated by “the winners”. You cannot have your lives or future back without reality, and that means ending the games; and all their lies, stealing, cheating, manipulation, the blind disguise that is media over you/ cult worshiping universities; and so much more. You must control the bankruptcy: AS WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE NOW. You cannot continue “anything” you are doing, with only a few exceptions; because it is all lies; discarding life or world. You cannot punish people as you do: the more correct method is, “to make them walk”/ over a distance that is comparative to the injustice they did do. Without aid, presenting water or food ONLY at certain distances if they make it. If they die, “too bad”. Thereby teaching: this is about you and your living/ just as our living is also about how we struggle too; and living as best we can; the vast majority. We do not owe you anything other than a job at realistic pay; so you can participate honestly too. But people fear and they believe injustice breeds hate; as it truly does do; so they buy guns; “as media prompts and manipulates them to do; is not the answer in media; a gun”? USING non lethal ammunition/ using identification in every bullet; to track it: using chemicals (dies, smells, specifics tracked to you) which track and identify “You were here”. Remembering skunks are very effective at turning back predators. Turning highways into railroads/ opening roads to place utility or transport tunnels under them; building the road up another level if utilities must be added too. Making everything self sufficient. Ending nearly all plane traffic; that day is done/ no more easy access. And lots, lots, more. Not because you want too; as it is true you do not! But because we are so many people the words are true: KILL A BILLION PEOPLE, and there are still over 7 BILLION MORE TO GO; and they are multiplying; and want more. WAR is now a putrid and cursed failure to life and world; you will not survive it/ so it must end.
  15. no population control, no future. no world law, no future but hell. no limited capitalism; to keep life and living “FAIR”/ and you will fail. no justice and hate will rule. it is that simple.
  16. I will advise you: that only eternity matters in truth/ because your own truth will tell on you; after all, “its your memory”. So the critical concept is: if you have destroyed a life, that would have become eternal love; joining the family of GOD / because you chose to take that life away for an eternity; you will pay with your own life; as the chaos of hate, you represent dictates. Extreme arrogance says: “we know”/ ain’t no god. But miracles of life and planet prove you wrong. Claiming billions of years, proves you wrong; as the reality of our sun WITHOUT FANTASY; is it burns fuel (as is the heat and light given to you). Which means; the sun was much larger and this planet too hot; until recently. Fossil fuels and much more; prove Noah’s flood did exist/ no other means possible to gather all that floating debris together and sink it together as we know exists. The claim of universities is: NO consequences for us/ but that is not true, and will soon be realized. Your Time, will end; as the body does prove in death. But life is a presence, and like every star in the sky; existence matters. Time is the measurement of energy in motion; not more or less. When the motion stops, so does your time. But life is an existence defined by thought; as is the recognition of freedom, the choice of truth. These are not functionally measured by motion; and exist by different laws of definition and dimension. Our time begins as a fetus (growing measurements) but it is not life until thought transforms the grace of that existence, with knowledge. Therefore what you know, is an element of what you become. What you choose, becomes the identity of your truth. There are costs beyond time; as death will prove. Choose your destiny/ or fall into your fate; it is still a choice you will make on your own. There is no escape, from what is true. Only mercy.
  17. Death represents the evidence: you can’t take time with you/ to be eternal.I will advise you of this: that beliefs (I want what I want), are often wrong/ and have no valid place in human living other than religion. Because all things enter in: such as “the little voice inside; which mimics whatever society itself has been teaching”. Judging people by what you believe is true, is merely letting gossip & ridicule decide; these are based upon lies, failures, and only a tiny fraction of what is true. The foundation of living is truth; but that can only be achieved by searching for it yourself. Some form of direct participation is required of you/ unlike the television which “tells the vast majority” everything they know; as is the same form of cult worship (our gods) that is constant throughout history.

    Let your beliefs be simple: such as “our Creator is real”/ such as Life is a true miracle of Creation; and is no accident or other. Let truth decide the rest; because when you judge, even based upon “we can’t all be wrong”/ you are still most likely wrong, as most wars prove true. Tragedies erupt with gossip; “people screaming I know/ I know; listen to me”. Genocide erupts due to ridicule. Groups form and fail; by believing in their wants and superiority over the others.

    But the end result of it all is: that death will end every game, your trophies will fail you, and all that pride or power claimed; has now ceased to exist for you. The only thing that will make a difference is your truth: because truth is established, by what it is/ and that allows it to survive beyond time. So discard what society thinks/ do not believe in media “knows”/ accept the decision to search for truth on your own, as best you can (no one does better)/ do not listen or create gossip or ridicule of anyone else. Try your best never to judge/ let the law decide for you when needed. Forgive those who do repent, as is consistent with their honesty; but trust must be earned; not given. Love creates value, and value creates happiness in the respect of honest friendship which is revealed by caring and sharing with you. The time to be a friend. Family is the foundation of our time; if you discard it, you will be lonely. Have courage; we all die/ and fear is not worth its price. Obey the justice of law, and seek fair play for all: because only then is society a happy and peaceful place we do all share as happiness, and resources allow. Do not throw everything away as is america today, to their shame: this is a finite world/ and there is no more. Accept life is the important part of living; and “retire, from the games people play”; they are not worth the price of sacrificing your life in time spent “for trophies, toys, or trinkets”. But remember this: that life is life, just as survival is survival; and needs must be met/ for you and all who might depend upon you for their aid. Do what you can, but do not be enslaved. Accept sex has a value; but not as animals do (a chemical addiction)/ but as love enhances life, with the expressions and experience “beyond self”, which share the journey into both heart and for a few; even into soul. It is no game, but shares the gift of our eternal hope; by the expressions of joy; where love makes this alive. That can only be found; where truth is pure enough to become the evidence of our love shared. Want cannot attend.