We ask of life: WHY, should eternity be valued?

The critical answer is: “there is nothing/ or there is life: which do you prefer? Because eternal death is not a value, or a desire.

And people say: “but I am sad/ I am unhappy with who I am”?

Reality replies: as it is with this earth, where you are born or who you are born too: “matters”. Because the living of humanity on this earth is the result of human decisions; what these who came before cared about, or cost the planet itself. And we are born into their decisions, and then contribute our own. So whether happy or sad: the critical reality of that is, or has been: a human decision/ because even genetic failure is due to what humanity chose.

As to eternity; the example of life and living is as this earth does prove true. Endless diversity, and a place for every living thing; when balanced as intended. While predator and prey exist to accomplish that balance/ it also exists to present to life, the cost of being without respect for what living needs. So the rhythms of our existence do revolve around “what living needs”/ as is an elemental respect for the forces involved in energy. Time limits that force to an action or reaction. But eternity cannot limit the forces we encounter; and as such there must be boundaries which then keep us safe. The reality of that is: a destiny without respect, is no destiny at all; as you will be “disintegrated” in an instant.

So we turn once again to ask the question should we value eternity, and desire that this form of living should be our own? The animals will scream: “no such thing”/ but this earth proves them wrong; with every miracle of life that does exist. Because none of it, can be accomplished by humanity or any form of life on earth/ and particularly not chaos, as is a fools dream.

We then turn to express or experience: WHAT is life?

Finding in that direction, the ascent of purity confined by truth, to become an evidence of separation so refined; that it cannot be undone.

We then ask, WHAT IS LOVE, that we may enter into those disciplines, and achieve the balance called order within our own lives; even here on earth?

Discipline knows: that every decision we make is based upon the knowledge of our own participation with life and world; becoming the evidence of what we do accept as our own level of truth. While order and balance form the steps we will take; it is love, “the building of a life shared, because we chose to care”. That forms in respect for each one being transformed into a value beyond self. Therefore we know, that beyond self is a destiny, because value is an expression of our soul, and the experiences of our heart. Listen to the heartbeat, and know: this is your lifeline in time. Whereas in eternity, the values of love will express and experience “the lifeline” that becomes your eternal life. If you are willing to respect the foundations of “what GOD has done”.

Humanity then functionally asks: WHY is this “value”: simply “not free to all”?

The answer is: all are not worthy or able to commit to the critical decision: “only truth can decide”/ not your want.

The functional truth of life is: by accepting respect as our guide, the ultimate truth of living becomes “we share, this living world”/ regardless of form. Even though some are eaten, the place we are given in that scale of life (want); should not be questioned but by justice. Nature is “always correct”/ even if it does not hold mercy in high regard. Therefore our own mercy is tested, and we become a participant in that justice. The lives we eat, are by nature’s choice/ and without balancing “the production of lives”; there will be chaos. Too many; allows for survival. But predator and prey balance that, so there can be a future for both. When we change that; we must change ourselves to adopt; what is now our truth.

As to health of body; IT IS important to do your part. But it is also true, that “with ten million or so things to go wrong”/ it is unworthy of your lives to worry beyond what is true. Do not add to that, nor accept the cost of failure that is “university knows”.

In all other ways: “what was male in me said a week ago; that this is sufficient to stop”; and it was so. But what is female in me said: “this is cold and analytical; and lacks heart so as to touch people in ways truth simply cannot”. So we have spent a week or so; to add in heart, sprinkle in spirit and soul, identify this is not a game; and provide one last chance to do more than run away to hide/ or shout “we believe the cult of university” instead; as is the constant human reaction; to anything they don’t want. Your life/ your choice/ your future/ your eternity; as truth demands it will be. I cannot help you with that; as it is simply “your choice”.

For life itself; this seems to have finally bridged the gap between male and spiritual female in my life; making it possible to conceive of the other side. Because I have been forced to recognize what life from the opposite view really is; and understand that too, is not a game. But a creation of life that lives beyond self. Love builds that bridge, through understanding and its functional respect. So the question for me now is: if fundamentally love translates the existence of two lives into “just one life spiritually”: how can that be true/ unless one life or the other is lost, so that only “just one” can remain? But it is not so dramatic as that; finding in the “valley of compromise”; that it is possible to take from both, and build a new structure for each to participate as equals. Giving the grace of truth, its earned and due trust to make a decision; that is for life, rather than self.

Life is then changing; and the value of love is increasing; as I “a distinction no longer limited to male OR female”; contributes what I can; for an eternity to share.

As for you:  “change or die as a world; is true”.

As for “female tits” which have grown to the point of “can’t be hidden anymore”/ I guess its so I don’t forget, or maybe just couldn’t understand without them; or will never be allowed to forget: don’t know; “its complicated”. As for predicting “anything about the future of life and living”/ I was certainly wrong in so many ways. So don’t get too excited or determined; let life lead. However the evidence of your own lives and this earth are not complicated: you have chosen badly, followed fools into chaos, and destroyed the future with true greed and pure disrespect. CHANGE or die, is true.

But “for me”/ these are guesses too, because the reality is: as predicted in Revelation 12 (a new life for this world; world law governing leaders/ limited capitalism governing society) & 17; 3 (man will be controlled); the spiritual woman therein came into my life roughly 19 years ago. And did do as predicted. The result: “I seem to live in the spiritual world of female/ just as it is true, she is functionally taking control over my physical life on earth”. So, maybe male stays as part of me, or maybe he does not. As reported: I cannot predict the future for me; “it is female driven”/ and I have no real access to what that really, or truly means? Just have to hope for the best. “she” really is; my only lifeline to the future. I have no clue.

Alternately, I am reminded: that I shall cooperate with women if they desire it; in a real world effort to solve the problems that threaten the very extinction, of ALL LIFE, from this earth. It is not a game or a joke/ and requires a clear, distinct, and true resolution to accomplish what is needed for life and world. It requires; the logistical realities, fundamental traits of “an army” using law as its weapon, and the organization required to successfully negotiate: what our world law and critical laws for society should become.

Because it is a guarantee: that men cannot save this earth from themselves; as history proves true. Their only real answer to everything: IS WAR. And world war “standing ready: will be extinction”; as every weapon of mass destruction proves true. The end of “universities play god”/ the end of extreme experimentation/ the end of “male dominance”/ the end of money rules life/ the end of “killing the future; for your greed, pride, or power”: MUST ALL COME TO AN END. Or “we will”; as the evidence does prove true. Which means you must use REDRESS to prove what the evidence is/ to prove the cost of being wrong; and to establish a firm grip on CHANGE IS REQUIRED. How that is to be; is up to you. I am simply given over to the purpose of letting you try.

LITERALLY nothing less than “a world of women”; will make this happen. But if you are willing: “the spiritual world of female is too”/ and this man shall NOT get in your way. He has, “traded places: with woman”, and he cannot escape.

OR MORE SIMPLY: IN THIS WORLD OF 8.2 BILLION PEOPLE (to a tiny few leaders); it is our turn to say to every leader/ YOU SHALL NOT do this anymore. As the law we create; SHALL JUDGE YOU, with crime now. By WE THE WORLD; with international forces taking charge over:  ALL leadership by OUR law.

BY CHANGES WE THE PEOPLE CONSTRUCT; to govern our own lives; for justice and truth alone decides. NOT you.

THERE IS:  ONLY ONE QUESTION, with regard to every threat/ and especially the threat of sun fire here“/ or genetic chaos to force evolution.

  ARE YOU WILLING TO LET THESE [former classmates, who were never gods as they pretend to be]  PEOPLE BE WRONG:  SIMPLE AS THAT!  because there is no going back/ no do over/ or start again! Wrong is incineration/ wrong is; the body of life, becomes horrifying; as order fails our existence. for example:   THEIR TOY.,estimated%20to%20be%20about%20X45.

THIS IS THEIR TOY! When talking “Lets ignite the same energy source here on this earth as is on the sun”. NOT A GAME, fantasies are for fools.

IGNITION IS THE END OF LIFE ON EARTH; as in reality WE KNOW; that the only source of energy capable of producing “sunshine” IS AN ATOMIC FIRE.  Nothing less in PROVEN SCIENCE can come close.  THEREFORE IT IS:   “AN ATOMIC FIRE”!

AT LEAST 50 MACHINES are trying to ignite “same fire as on the sun/ here on this earth”!  some are getting very close/ and that means:  JUST ONE SECOND TOO DAMN LATE;  and our planet becomes a sun:  because when atoms are the fuel/ THIS ENTIRE PLANET IS GOING TO BURN; including you.

regardless what you believe:  “your scientists” cannot prove more than what is visible to the naked eye. their claim of mostly hydrogen is based upon a physical instrument: that literally only sees the “ash cloud” of that fire. their assertion that the core is hottest:  defies every law of science itself/ which demands they are wrong. thermal expansion requires THE LAW rules/ not men. Their claim of gravity starts from the core; which is made from a fantasy element they cannot prove exists; is pure puke and vomit. they refuse the obvious:  that instead of burning molecular bonds as is fire on earth/ the sun burns atomic bonds as its fuel source for fire/ NOT FUSION; which has been proven not to exist at Lawrence Livermore labs in 2012; THEIR FIRST experiments.  they refuse that atomic power is the spinning kinetic motion of a proton/ as can hold the energy we know does exist: whereas they have no clue.  THAT MOTION cannot be sustained to create time:  UNLESS IT IS BOUND by an opposite force of  “dark energy”/ to keep it, isolated; so the electrons can bleed off a little at a time. IT IS THE OPPOSITE FORCE RELEASED BY THIS BURNING OF THE BOND BETWEEN NEUTRON AND PROTON OF AN ATOM:  THAT IS SOLAR dark energy GRAVITY.   they are fools, leading you to HADES (eternal torture).

THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF “fantasy elements” coming from CERN:   “one millionth of a second; based upon computer aided sensors” PROVES ONLY ONE THING:    LIAR.  because they want to keep their job, money, power over society, pride, etc.

as to the release of an atomic bond:  EVEN THOUGH the order of dark energy has been removed (as is death of body)/ the force of that energy in existence; remains (as is life, beyond body).  OPPOSITE, as required for balance, MEANS:  while the force of kinetic energy PUSHES OUT/ THE FORCE OF DARK ENERGY;  PULLS IN.  as is seen in solar gravity as we know it exists; proves this true.

THESE ARE KNOWN LAWS IN FORCE ON OUR PLANET, THAT WE CAN PROVE TRUE.  IN CONTRAST;   “your former classmates of university is god”; OFFERS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF IMPORTANCE OR TRUTH;  MERELY THEORIES they cannot even begin to prove are true/ pure fantasy; and the price for being wrong is:   THEY INCINERATE EARTH/ INCLUDING EVERY LIFE, on this planet;  EVEN yours.






Geneticists scream:  “we are like gods/ changing the food supply; by making crops like corn produce more: to feed the world”.  BUT WHAT THEY DO:  is actually reduce the immunization realities of each crop so changed/ thereby reducing the impact of that defense mechanism; so as to release it for more production.  THE ALTERNATE REALITY however is:  that by reducing the immune response to EVERY MAJOR DISEASE possible. they open the entire species to extinction from a disease pandemic in plants.  since corn is a grass crop/ ALL GRASS crops are then implicated in that scenario of an unstoppable pandemic. Which includes: wheat, rice, oats, barley, and a whole lot more!  so, be thrilled for now:  because reality is coming soon, and it won’t be turned back.  gone is gone.

HUMANITY; “UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF CULT WORSHIPING UNIVERSITIES”; is literally risking all life on earth/ in every possible way. which includes overpopulation of humanity, as ends with genocide and cannibalism: “without doubt”.  its not just the fantasy of fusion.

trillions of tons of poison/ quadrillion tons of pollution/ global warming “One degree too much” and all life will die. end of water supplies, resource devastation, and much more; as is every ocean dying from the sewage of chemistry, that is human caused. Planetary atmospheric destruction; it can detach/ oxygen losses/ carbon dioxide;  more. robotic war “push of a button/ they change direction”. universities holding: “endless biological, and chemical weapons”/ like covid; to be released as soon as they find a vaccine (to protect themselves). more. After all: trillions of dollars collected/ and all the decisions in their favor they could think of:   as the world under media saturation yells:  FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY.            WAKE THE HELL UP/ or go there!