live or die
  1. Once again: NATURE IS GENETICS, “the builder of every body of life on earth”. MUTILATING IT; CLAIMING EVOLUTION gives you the choice to inject chaos; MUST BE REVOKED.   make them prove;  their religion is more than “this looks like that”.

  2. Once again: THE INTENT TO IGNITE, the bond in ATOMS ON FIRE(just like a molecular fire burns that bond between molecules). “just like the sun”. MEANS; IF THEY FAIL, to understand: then the result of wrong is: OUR EARTH BECOMES A SUN! You willing to take that risk/ NO going back: FLAMES, ONE MILLION MILES LONG!Science: does it every day; until ignition proves life or death of our world. “don’t worry” they say: not enough gravity on earth; so it will just extinguish itself! THAT IS: “THEIR PLAN”.

  3. This world is dying, and you are surrounded by “a thousand university designed threats of extinction”. ARE YOU PARTICIPATING IN THAT CHOICE; BECAUSE YOU DO HAVE TO ENDURE THEIR RESULTS.

Life is not a game. It is, the creation of what you will do, with the freedoms, rights, and realities that nature and humanity grants within your purposes of time. The desires of your own heart. And how you will or won’t identify yourself as a participant in love or hate/ or as the majority do: avoid truth, to that there is “lets just have fun (whatever that means to you)”. The common herd response is: “WE WANT/ OR DON’T WANT; as that is the life we intend to live”. Simple as that, no thought/ no life beyond self/ no conception of consequences; only want, its child called pride, and the judgments associated which become power.

That of course has been intensified by the cult called “university knows”/ who openly indoctrinate their religious followers with schooling specifically directed into and controlled by: YOU WILL NOT question your leaders/ YOU WILL NOT disobey their purpose/ YOU WILL NOT accept any belief but what we tell you/ and YOU WILL accept the manipulation, temptations, control over you, jealousy, or anything else we design: to prove “mimic, memorize, and repeat”. Or we throw you away/ with debts you can never repay. As is the cost of most who go to college: where 70% never find a job for which they incurred that debt.

Nothing is more truly evidence of that: than was covid, the extreme contempt of a biological weapon released by universities in order to benefit financially. The extreme propagation of failure and lies; as was media involvement pursuing absolute compliance throughout society. The extreme destruction of democracy by the political army of “university is god”/ as did fight and war against any who might exhibit a mind of their own. FORBIDDEN, and vile: demanding OBEDIENCE to your god of university/ BELIEVE WHAT YOU ARE TOLD/ AND FEAR WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW.

BUT, as with all things university chosen: the evidence is absolute: the consequences hidden by greed and betrayal; are now seeking the light/ and the end of life on earth is within view. Because the religion of universities: has been prove false; by their own hand. Or we would not be surrounded by threats of our own extinction; found throughout this earth. Their army fights to prove: YOU SHALL NOT QUESTION YOUR LEADERS / but with the end of life in sight, the loss of our entire planet to extinction; the cult begins to fray. The disease of “believe damn you believe”/ lacks substance: when reality proves them false.

So the question is: with a mountain of failure standing on your back/ the curse of “the snake” reaching in from every hole to attack you/ and rats the only company you can find: WHAT IS humanity to do?

Unfortunately, the disgrace of fools who lead/ the blind who follow/ the deaf who obey/ and the dead who fear everything that exists or does not exist; based upon cult worshiping. Leaves us with little room for reality to participate in the reconstruction of truth decides: NOT you.

Even so: there is ultimately in this USA, one final step to be taken: in order to bring truth back to life. One last attempt: to hope it is not too late, to save what we can save of all the miracles this earth was/ which universities did their best to exterminate.

That would be FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; OUR LEGAL RIGHT, already in place. That gives power to the people, NOT to take control by aggression. But to establish a courtroom: WHEREBY THE EVIDENCE IS EVALUATED BY OURSELVES, and we the people make our own judgment about what is true/ and the cost of being WRONG; is ours, to decide alone. Experts testify/ but if found to be a fraud: punishments shall be earned.

This version of life in society is called DEMOCRACY; as is we the people unite ourselves to form a contractual government; whereby no employee shall rule over us. Because we do make the laws for ourselves. While in the past when this nation was created that was done by “voting for someone to vote for me”. It is no longer necessary to let others make our decision/ and thereby voting for a president or other; is now obsolete: in order to make real democracy true.

LAW GOVERNS LIFE, and it is law that identifies “who and what a society shall be”. Which is why all rulers attack the courts to corrupt the law in every way they can. As has been done. It is not gold that decides/ it is the law that decides and thereby controls society. The employees: merely obey our law, and enforce by investigation of the facts: that this society holds up the law to the best we can be; for ourselves. If they fail that: they are evicted. Things like control over the military is determined by law decides: which WE THE PEOPLE chose. YOUR JOB IS TO DEFEND; until the reality of our decision, as society itself: has presented to the military, will now take control. To watch over that: a bill of rights/ duties: for every soldier/ every police/ every media/ politician and public shall be found.

Which is why: the cursed must be removed: in order to provide a courtroom: WHERE WE THE PEOPLE “judge the judge and all legal help” to sustain and prove what OUR JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY TO ALL; shall in fact be. Fail to sustain a value we decide upon is REMOVAL of any judge or lawyer that stands in our way as a society determined to provide: as the preamble states/ as the amendments create.

It is not an election to vote for someone to vote for me: that decides democracy!

IT IS THE LAW WE DECIDE BY OUR OWN VOTE: that decides democracy.

We enforce that law, by proving the evidence has merit. We sustain merit: by judging the judge in open court WITH ALL LIGHTS AND DOORS OPEN/ so that NO back room dealings may occur. Which would be called TREASON, “with penalties”.

Unlike congressional actions to create law: REAL WORLD LAW IS AS SHORT AND CLEAR AND SPECIFIC AS POSSIBLE. The US amendments and preamble are a valued example of that. The biblical ten commandments: which remain intact and valid after thousands of years: are without doubt a foundation to prove what is needed. And it is not as “congress does”.

The IRS is to be disbanded; and leadership is dissolved never to work in government again. INSTEAD private accounting firms shall be voted upon in every location/ and they shall be up for vote once again in periodic cycles as needed. All of the cursed mazes created by IRS and others shall be destroyed; and we will begin again, where value, and truth of actions; can be found. Isolating all taxation into categories from which it cannot be combined with any other: such as a road tax is a road tax/ nothing else.

The currency must be tied to the population count: so that stability is never in question; and WE DO NOT LOSE CONTROL; as has been done to us. NO DEBTS can be assembled by government officials/ but the public can offer to itself: IF YOU COLLECT NOT LESS THAN 3O% OF THE FUNDING + OVERSPENT/ and by vote 2/3 agree THEY WILL PAY. Only then do you proceed. Because the rule is: if you cannot get what you want/ then the price will go down, or the resources simply are not there.

Bankruptcy (promises failed) is the decision: to remove all the lies/ stealing/ cheating/ betrayal/ terrorists/ whores/ failures/ fraud/ contempt/ disgrace/ and propaganda from our lives. In order to return to what can be true. To control that we do require redress: WE SHALL DECIDE AS SOCIETY BY VOTE. IN ORDER to get to that point, there shall be “credit cards” distributed; to every citizen/ and this is the only money you get: until bankruptcy is decided/ SAME FOR ALL. Every form of failure stops. Every form of need becomes a percentage. Every life that respects the reality will retain a job: and a large portion of that will be TO REDESIGN OUR FUTURE/ from disgrace and extinction: to how we will survive change, and what we will do to establish that change in ourselves and our world. WORLD LAW IS FIRST. Because it cannot wait!

Massive changes must occur! In every area of life and living/ because we do face extinction. And that must be proved true: as best we can: in a courtroom/ so than none can say; “this can’t be true”/ when the evidence is clear, and the cost of being wrong is absolutely certain: WE ALL DIE.

THIS IS YOUR CHOICE! MAKE IT AND LIVE/ FAIL and you are extinct; because every threat is real/ and there are no exits to escape. LIVE OR DIE; your only choice.

to establish REAL CHANGE: requires, “LIMITED CAPITALISM”/ to remove leaders; who use money to buy hatred, in order to rule over you. By vote we decide the limits of income/ by boundaries we decide the reality, you will stop here. Giving to all the rest: their chance, to sustain a choice.

TO CONSTRUCT ORDER AND VALUE; you will not participate in redesigning the future with ANY METHOD currently being used; as is a worthless maze, cursed by universities and their cult.

DISCIPLINE IS REQUIRED: each and every single one who can or will contribute to the discovery of what our society or world can be: SHALL PRODUCE a short statement of their purpose and design. So that all the rest can then redefine and alter that statement until THE BALANCE OF US ALL; working together for the benefit of all. HAS ESTABLISHED: THAT THIS IS IN FACT, the best we can do, at this day and time. By vote we then establish that as OUR LAW, and it will be enacted as constitutionally valid: when you have 2/3 who agree by their vote in public forum: proven true. If necessary, you will begin with less/ but that vote returns “year after year” until a 2/3 or greater majority have accepted it as “our democracy in action”.

The internet will prove must useful in this endeavor. How long you take, is entirely up to you.

And the whole world said: YOU DO THE WORK/ TAKE ALL THE RISK/ ACCEPT ALL THE DERISION AND EXCUSES; and whatever tidbit fails, WE WILL ALL blame you for not doing enough. Just like its been for nearly fifty years. Well not really; because in the beginning especially: there was only, DON’T DO NOTHING/ WE ARE ALL, AM SO DAMN GREEDY; “we will kill you”/ because we want what we want!

DO YOUR OWN WORK; TAKE YOUR OWN RISK; DO MORE THAN FIND EXCUSES OR FRAUD; and accept the responsibility you deserve.

And the world said: YOU are insane, as is proven by any and all talk of “a spiritual woman (biblically predicted or not)” inside your life/ taking control. We need no more proof than that! Even though, the foundation of it is: the answer of men is war, as history proves/ while the answer of women is restricted to law, because reality will not let them war; to any real degree. World war will use weapons of mass destruction/ and it will be guaranteed: your extinction. As are so many of your threats.

So, as I have for fifty years: I reply, I am NOT your decision to make/ not your leader/ savior/ religious anything/ or other. INSTEAD, as from the beginning I ASK YOU: TO INVESTIGATE THE TRUTH OF THREATS, which now surround you all/ prepare and answer the question of WHAT WILL HAPPEN, if your gods of university are WRONG; and let truth decide what your future is going to be. Instead of those who created nearly every threat that exists; which can cause your extinction/ in this real life world. NOT a game. ALL LIFE, deserves to know what is true; as best we can/ before the point of no return, when every decision you make WILL BE WORTHLESS. A HELL impossible to stop; because of you.

So the decision is: as simple as, LIFE OR DEATH. Because I am not “the question”/ merely the messenger.

And the human world says: “I JUST WANT, to have a little fun”!

But this living world replies: there are consequences for what you have done. Extreme arrogance fails life/ extreme apathy fails living/ and extreme disrespect insures the descent into HELL.

So we stand apart: those screaming, “I WANT WHAT I WANT”/ and took that without constraint to law or duty. While the earth itself cries; for what has already been lost/ a foundation for failure, and therefrom extinction; already laid.

You played god/ and you lost.

You chose: trophies without meaning, which are simply thrown away, because they have no real value. You chose toys, which quickly lose their value; because unless you have an honest friend to play with you; abuse becomes the norm, as winner turns to judgment instead. You chose trinkets; which simply gather dust, and people try to steal; even though they are merely decorations; and won’t make you happy. You chose “to have fun”; which simply means “surprise me, just a little/ scare me, just a little/ encourage me, “a little”/ listen to me, a lot/ deny the rest, and choose me a little: so I can be the superior one, to you/ entertain me a little/ and teach me to do, what I cannot otherwise do”. But real love has no trophy, we are not toys for each other to use/ and equal because we are; does make us happy. The value of love, expands to family; when family accepts each other as “worth more than money”. But even so: when thieves, liars, cheats, etc; are attacking as is constant in this USA; reality knows choices must be made. Truth decides, as best we can. Simple as that; because the failure of youth, the price of life; can be overwhelming to some. Bad choices bring bad results.

But, the question remains for now: is this whole world lost as well?

The answer to that: will be defined by what is true.

Love is a value beyond “endless failures”/ therefore it does not take “great numbers”; to make a living world worth keeping. That reality is: what keeps this world alive! Therefore the question is: are you, or are you not, “true love”?

Time exists to determine if you can sustain that love, or not. Hades exists: to punish those who kill true love, {you cost eternity a life of love} before it blossoms into eternal life. [therefore you will pay death; the curse of failure; by the eternity of terror in your life]. Animals are simply animals; and do not find eternity.

So the question is once again: IS THERE LOVE ENOUGH, to keep this world alive? Because if there is: then “GOD” is likely to intervene. But if not/ then nothing will survive; because without love, it is simply a barren planet; and has no meaning.

The foundation of that summation: comes from the work called “JESUS” (as referenced, from the Christian bible).

some times”; love is harvested before it will be lost/ because what is coming will cause that life to fail. The critical cost is: a level defined, but nonetheless a happy one. On occasion: a life is harvested with love, because those who will be touched; have a different job to do. None may know; “it is not your job”.

And the world screams back: “WE BELIEVE, WHAT WE WANT TO BELIEVE”/ until media tells us to believe something else; as with covid and its cult of universities are god. So, “to hell with you”.

But alas: HELL is the result of arrogance, apathy, disrespect, and playing god/ so whether you believe or not: the end result will be “you/ not me”.

And the world screams back: “YOU CANNOT MAKE US FEAR”/ WE BELIEVE IN OUR CULT of university knows best”. But the evidence once again reminds you, as by its truth: you do, “have every right to fear” what will come/ as the consequences of human decision.

And the world screams back: WE OBEY OUR CULT; because we want a life without consequences/ a life that discards reality, “to just have fun”.

But your fun is ending, and your consequences are here. Because truth survives/ but lies do not.

And hate screams back: WE CAN KILL YOU! As is the constant of every war, to consume the lives of others; so that their chaos, is your own version of legalized theft, rape, and ruin of others. Without hate, there is no army; only defense. Without hate to enforce fear: there is no obedience in the military; only defense. Without hate to cause violence; there is no great reason for policing or the military; because what is the elevation of life in society; comes from understanding anger has a cause/ hate does not.

So we examine the fate of armies, and its leaders: to find, it is now simply true, the military has lost its primary position of protecting the leaders of hate; from due justice; by enforcing obedience through death.

Reality states: with new weapons of all kinds: it is the leaders who can and will be targeted for destruction: and literally nothing in this world can stop it from being true. Without the leader, “the snake” loses its head; and the war ends. Because while the military is created to lose leaders and remain viable. The reality is: once the primary leader has been dissolved of its power to control; the reason armies band together has ended as well. Unless they accept someone else; enforced by hate; unless they defend, because they defend themselves. Alas; small nuclear device or whatever it is: can be delivered to wherever “the enemy resides”. Israel is now a perfect example of that; while hate curses life with hate and its genocide: those who valued those lives believe they have a solution. As both sides SCREAM: you can’t stop us! Even though radiation costs will be high: so long as “you don’t get it”; the end result is predictable. The end of leaders; is the only solution to genocide. The end of hate; by separating those from all the rest: is the only method of finding or sustaining peace or happiness on earth.

Reality proves: that there are “at least a million” university terrorists, with access to the worst poisons, the worst biological diseases that humanity can mutilate nature into. Anyone of which can unleash a “army of death” far greater than anything in history on us all. They simply cannot ‘pull it back”/ or defend themselves, as of yet. So the work to find a vaccine: to kill the rest, but let us live; continues. And until they have found their “silver bullet”; the world remains as it is. But once “the antidote” is real: all things change. And no leader is invincible/ and no computer network is without its access; as artificial intelligence will prove true. Even if it is not the leader who demands ATTACK; who will know?

And the animals say: “we will defend our leaders/ you can’t attack us”. But the nuclear bomb says: just one thrown into the ocean: will cause a tidal tsunami that takes the lives of nearly everyone along a one hundred mile coastline. Ending all life for a thousand miles in that ocean. Or the universities “million people”strong; says, we can solve this problem; and kill them all with HORRORS that last for all time. And the universities elite say: WHAT A GREAT BLACKMAIL/ EXTORTION SCHEME; we can be rich. They cannot defy us; leader/ ruler/ NOTHING, because we will curse them. Particularly when we have nothing to lose. And the world will shutter, because its true.

but don’t worry: they already know, as trillions for covid (anything they want_); proves true”. As soon as they want more; “another disease will appear”/ and media will again prove the greatest threat to human existence; that any insurgent can be.

So the only surprise that is left is: who kills who first?

Or, do you suppose that the leaders of hate: wants to see the destruction as a fireball? Because a single missile; carrying “ten atomic bombs” released in sequence for maximum destruction: IS A GUARANTEED: “LETS turn this earth into a sun”! Alas consequences, you cannot control; by hate has no brain; so it knows not to care. “decisions/ decisions; right”; after all who does not want a leader to make these decisions for them; right? As China prepares to take over the world; and unleash hate without regard for life: “how many more”/ as we examine the state of this USA: to find it removed of all devices and resources needed to defend. Not a single steel factory left; how will you build; “oh wait” I know, you will import it from china. As is “fools beyond fools/ followed only by insurgents who want nothing more than to end USA itself”; as their revenge. Because you got more; when world war 2 devastated everything across the human planet of time.


So then I find that my own future at 70 years old; has been replaced with: a spiritual reality beyond my own control, as life and body are now separated by the terms of: “you chose/ and these are the consequences”. What will or will not turn out to be true; is then up for debate.    I have no clue. But I am confronted with: “not my body anymore”; and all the consequences that could bring. I am however, starting to become cognizant of at least the periphery, that is a female experience. And that means, I KNOW, my life is being changed. But I don’t know, where that will stop; or what living will become. It is a quandary, of things I do not understand. not a choice, for me; don’t know why.

The truth of it is, “that I feel like my old life has been thrown away (EVERYTHING is gone), and what is left, is like dust on the floor; waiting to be sweep up.” So, I am saying to “humanity”; whether you care or not: that change has a price. Which demands: only time will describe as “valued/ or not”. Perhaps some kind of example/ or not? I literally have no clue, or prediction for me! “laugh all you like”. BUT TRUTH KNOWS: YOUR decision is much less UNCLEAR: the evidence is certain, the threats are extreme, you are surrounded with realities of extinction; and if you do not change. The cost will be beyond the value of life itself/ as horror is replaced with pure terror; by the choices you have made.

 The same is true for you: as the consequences you chose; begin to control you. The future you expected, is no longer viable or real. The consequences “not your world anymore”; exist as an epitaph: of all the vile things universities did do; and the cult which worshiped them, “without question”. Because media made them believers!  CHANGE will now decide what lives or dies; because it can.

You too, are however, starting to become cognizant of the credible truth, that evidence does provide: Stating without doubt, extinction could be real. That means YOU KNOW: the decision is real!  You need to understand: no going back in time, no start over or mercy will exist for you. Truth will decide, not want; and you played god, with life and world. Poisoned everything/ cursed everything/ mutilated everything/ and more.

The foundation of men in charge of this world, is: MONEY! BUT, when the money has allowed too much greed to end in too few hands: their answer is WAR, to take back what they gambled with and lost. Simple as that.

The foundation of change is: REMOVE THE MONEY, “WITH LIMITED CAPITALISM”; so that all can share, and be paid an appropriate amount; which means for some; NOT LESS than 3 times more. Because they earned it. But then comes hatred and its need for war; because that disguises the reality of “those who surge against us behind closed doors; as rats and mice find the food”. To remove that: REQUIRES LAW MUST RULE, NOT MEN or their leaders.

To enforce these changes and retain them into the future: REQUIRES A DIFFERENT VIEW OF LIFE; than men. Our only choice for that is women; and it is their turn to try. NOT like men who have failed this earth. But as women will choose, when left to decide for themselves: by creating the law which will serve to bring justice, truth, and happiness. Instead of hate, and war, and failure through the cult of universities know and play god; to form what religion calls “Satan”, here on earth.

So the first job of women is: to remove the call for war, by criminalizing actions taken: to be resolved by international court, and all nations cooperating to prove this is OUR LAW. Instead of the current: making them war crimes against nations, so we can take all your stuff, and prove how ferocious we are.

That is done by insuring: “from one nation to another”. IF YOU come here to war; our first action, and our intent for every reaction is to be: YOUR LEADERS, and the very rich who put them in power: ARE GOING TO DIE. By conventional means if possible, and if not by whatever means this world now provides. One way or another: your leader will die, or be brought to trial, in international court. BY OUR LAW, AS WE THE WORLD!

Without a massive army to do its bidding: population/ society, control within nations, will turn to the values we want our society to be. NOT you/ we now decide. Which does open the door; to a whole new world.

To achieve that: WOMEN MUST LEAD THE WORLD, in creating the opportunity to make a change for ourselves. By understanding: the difference between leadership and rights: is justice and equality for all. Which will deflate and encapsulate the university core of “satan”; so as to remove this threat as well.

These are all things: which cannot be done without men sharing the decision. So you must be FAIR.

TO THE WORLD ITSELF: I TELL YOU TRUE, THIS IS, “YOUR ONE AND ONLY CHANCE”; to change this world from extinction into; “a new world order” of life and truth. From the beginning of law, to the expressions of justice. As love would align with value, by deciding all things shall be done for “LIFE AND WORLD”. Instead of greed and want; as men have done.

DO NOT believe: PROVE WHAT IS TRUE! In this USA, that will require redress to inform your leaders; that we the people, shall decide now!

The message given to me for you, as a world:

YOU HAVE A CHOICE: LOVE, JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, AND TRUTH! As is the passage into a new world; regardless of the cost or your want.


HATE, WILL RULE YOU. And this world will dissolve into unending chaos; because humanity chose to build with lies, mutilation, claims of playing god, theft, betrayal, terrorism, arrogance, apathy, and true disrespect (etc);

for all of life and world.

NO GOING BACK/ one direction or the other, is final!

What you believe is irrelevant!

What is true: shall decide!

Love shapes us, into who we are. Life shapes us, into who we will become. The disciplines within your heart call upon respect, to find the harmony of living in this world of change. As order defines law, and humanity uses chaos to defy the law, they create the trials and tribulations of want, hate, games, and power.

Every element of love whispers, of happiness, hope, truth, trust, and justice form within the heart called respect. Respect is the heart of romance in life, because it sparks, when love is found; as if the world has granted a new life. The value of that creates a decision, that becomes our own identity. To walk as two, requires an acceptance of duty; the respect of letting truth decide, “the best we can be, as/ or if: as one”.

The challenge of being human: is to avoid the endless traps, as are a cost of the endless games, the consequences of chosen disrespect; that then become the reality of those who do not care/ because they would not share. But even so: others have a definable impact on our own lives, by what they choose to do. Therefrom it is a participation called “adulthood”; to separate and divide what has value, from what does not. To understand, the dignity of being ALIVE, is far greater than our faults; if we repent of failure. But truth limits repentance, to what is honest in you. No repentance from, responsible for harm/ means no forgiveness will come.

There is loss in life; a reality of expressions that are not marked by choice. The experience of loneliness, is the cost of knowing what love is worth. Love lifts our soul, into the path that ascends beyond self; to realize we are surrounded by miracles, which cannot be denied by any measure of truth. That we are indeed Created by thought; and that we are indeed: created by “our CREATOR”. Because it is true, so says the evidence of life beyond the scope of any human explanation; other than lies, liar, fool.

The foundation of thought identifies: that this time is given, to the decisions we make, in order to create within ourselves: the identity we choose; even for an eternity. Making each: the judge of your own life/ but not by your measure! By the reality of: living with you, for an eternity; or not. It is harder than you think; and as such even love needs a friend; which is why male and female (chosen as one) will bind each other together, by forces which will not let go. While there are so very few who can be defined as such in this world; we depend upon mercy to identify who belongs, beyond this time. Do not give up; because love will share the way, and caring will open every door.

UNLIKE the fantasies and delusions of “the university religion: as is, we are the superior ones/ we know; because we believe”. The realities of this world can prove only one thing beyond all others. That everything here of life, is an act of thought; joined by force to create the foundations upon which all living begins in the chains that create life itself.

Thought is not an element of the brain; as is the corruption of “university knows”/ but an aspect of the integral “nature of force itself”. A reality of immersion that exists throughout the universe, which then forms the links between life and living; as differentiates between life and death. Force is a truth, not an energy; as is the existence of time itself. Therefrom force originates energy by the methods already discussed/ and life comes from force, rather than energy.

So we begin the journey into eternity, by recognizing thought is the path, and life is the purpose beyond desire; which is to be happy. Each ascension into the values of life, begins with truth. Each truth is assembled by the realities of evidence as these teach us the basis of what law can be. Trust forms in the truth of law, and life forms in the truth of love. Therefrom when love finds trust, it also finds the source of soul: “destinies beyond self”.

The quest of discipline is to learn, from the dignity of life and living: what has value and a purpose consistent with our own desire for love. Male and female in love; represent the greatest element of what can be found in that search. But not all will find it; even though they try. Simply because humanity builds traps, plays games, lies, cheats, steals, betrays, terrorizes and in all ways accumulates disrespect in every possible way; as a means to destroy your own ability to be “more than they are”; where love is real. Love is: the greatest treasure of this universe; because it is the foundation of all true sustainable happiness. Therefore our search should never end, until we do find that solution to our existence; as happiness can be shared. While I have earned little of that; being defined only by this work for life and world/ it remains true; regardless of me. Work and life to help protect this world; is greater than self, and must be done first. Even if you fail; “nobody is savior”/ and doing the best you can legally do: is your testimony to the fact, this is worth doing with my life, and my living; because we are essential to love. The others are not.

Thought expresses the boundaries of what we know, and understand: from which wisdom will then arise. It is not found within/ but exists beyond self, in the translation of time proves we are miracles. Therefore Created. And in that element of truth, the search begins: to examine and prove what life has done. Not the religious accumulations of belief/ but the foundations which describe laws did this. Every truth is a door, and every door is a path beyond self into the basis and foundations of how truth exists, and if you earn the intensity; how laws are then formed. But it is no game, and if you enter into the laws of life/ you will not be allowed to escape, unless you do understand these truths, involved here. Unfortunately or fortunately (dependent upon how you view), I did enter the female environment of law; believing that I could understand it. I needed an answer men did not have. But found in that instant, “an entire world so different than I”/ no understanding or knowledge or reference to what is true existed. So this is your warning: even if you believe you can understand a truth/ if you fail, there are very serious consequences; nobody escapes, unless you learn. I have not, nor am I allowed.

THE RULE is: if you want to think like a woman/ then you must be a woman. And I am not prepared for that/ nor did I expect to ask for that: “I just needed an answer, men did not have”. Its complicated, and there is clearly some sort of purpose, “beyond self” here.

Reality also agrees: that I have submitted my future to whatever that is, making this world a secondary event. Which is now entirely up to you, to defend.

YOU CHOSE, to kill this earth and all its life/ I did not.; by cult worshiping “yes we can, the university myth”. YOU are the enemy of life and planet/ YOU ARE the solution if you hurry, “I hope”. Either way, my life no longer is given away: to the consequences of what you did choose to do.

And the universities say: “WE DID GREAT/ we are gods; to HELL with you”. Because the consequences for yes you did; “just like many farmers who believed chemicals were safe”; stuck their hand right in. and years later all died. Because like smoking; some/ many things: take awhile, to establish the result. Their decisions are too protect them and their own interests; which includes, “how do we sell this to you”. End result; after over one hundred years of trying to manipulate you, media has proven to be their decision. As is proven by covid. Asbestos was considered GREAT/ but not so much anymore. MEDICINES were considered great; but reality had a different result; for far more, than mere lawsuits can identify. Claims of “weapons of mass destruction are our saviors”; prove insanity rules you. Etc,,,,,,,and more.

unfortunately:  your universities play a horrifying game, a tragedy to every living thing/ as does their cult who worships them fanatically.  your path is to extinction/ CHANGE or you will die as a world.

Of things found, and not found: are the elements of men, who simply want to win. They are abusive, jealous, violent, and wrong. Because the truth of life is no game; therefore the truly sane, do not play. They cannot be a winner without the game, no matter what it is/ nor can they make you a loser, if you do not play. But without the acceptance of “what must be done”; they will seek to prove you have no value, and are therefore worthless; unless you fight, I win. Even the weak will try; “because they want to say; ME TOO”. Purpose being: “to play the game”. But the game fails: if the whole earth is said, or proven to be dying. Controlling the courtroom is then as simple as: RESTRICTING access, to insure, WE ONLY INVESTIGATE LIFE OR DEATH, here in this place. The duty of us all, to be aware of what we do; or allow to do in our time on earth.


LEGALLY is the method used by value; but with a corrupt court having very little value; it is, an endless descent used by criminals to confuse and extort.

CHANGE IS THEN: a critical truth based upon the foundation of using the law effectively; so that you do not descend into their sewer, and find their diseases. What we must do as society: is OPEN THE COURTROOM, AND INSURE “EVERY LIGHT IS ON”; SO THAT ONLY WHAT IS TRUE SURVIVES as the best we can do. To fight for that courtroom requires an elemental knowledge of democracy. That our employees work for us: are the same as us: and shall not rule over us, as they did in covid: because they do not own that right. WE THE PEOPLE, OWN this nation, and it is our fundamental right to insure: CRITICAL CHOICES shall not be made with less than OUR INFORMED VOTE. Information means: the majority have a grasp upon what is important here; and no media or other influence is allowed to taint the evidence or control the conversation.

CHANGE MEANS: WE MUST IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE, AND WE MUST ISOLATE THE FACTS THAT DO ESTABLISH WHAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG; TRULY WILL BE, or could be; if we have no better. CHOICES are then made based upon knowledge, and the critical truth: WE ALL SHALL MAKE THAT CHOICE. By our vote. Voting for someone to vote for me; has very tiny benefits if at all. However voting on the law we must obey as a society: DOES BENEFIT US ALL. As the basis of knowledge then grants: WE DO UNDERSTAND HOW BEST TO DEFEND OURSELVES. Ruling over the courtroom; by replacing any legal representative that does not fight for justice and fair play; IS MANDATORY.

Corruption of the court is; how nations fall. Corruption of media, is how “nazi; cult of the damned” takes control.  Currency fraud: is a traitor in our midst.