ending point

We come again to an ending point; I have done enough for you/ threw away an entire lifetime of what could have been. For the cost of a dying world, with all its life facing extinction: CANNOT be lost without a fight. Best I could/ regardless if you believe you could have done better. Then end result is: this is what I did do. Blockaded “in a thousand ways”; from doing anything else/ this is the apparent method, needed by you. It is, “a whisper in the wind” so to speak/ IF YOU DON’T “EXPAND IT”/ the words are lost. Whereas I would have preferred “an avalanche of noise shouting STOP KILLING THIS WORLD”. BUT you are men, its a man’s world; and most women hide; your only response then as is the constant men rule; throughout all of history is WAR/ you can’t tell us what to do; as animals in a herd, who only hear their leader.

Having chosen the university evil, for your gods; you have sank ever deeper into the abyss of want, pride, and power/ cursing the future at every moment of your existence; to your shame. Evolution does not exist; it is your pride that accepts it/ as the voice inside your head exists as pride, fueled by want/ it then turns to the righteousness of rules or we cannot be wrong: even though you are wrong. Because power comes with judgment, and judgment comes as a direct result of pride, by using want as your excuse. Pride is the cause of alcoholism/ but chemical addiction is the reason addicts exist: you must say SPECIFICALLY: “NO, I WILL NOT”. To escape that.

But humanity as an animal: wants to be a winner/ and when the dog pack (yes we can/ truth and justice, be damned; a mob) arises, even the “little weak ones” will climb on so they can shout “me too/ me too”.

Today however, the reality of our world is: everything horrible is at the door/ everything foolish has been done/ everything failure has been done/ anarchy rules, and will soon take control; because you live on lies, theft, and betrayal. Extinction rates soar/ habitat losses explode/ population rates expand the damage, because every child grows and needs more of everything. Your world dies, consuming more oxygen than it can produce. More heat than it can dissipate; one degree too high/ and all life dies. You poisoned every water supply, and what is still drinkable is ending/ aquifers collapsing never to fill again. the cause for war is everywhere; you stole my money/ my future/ my life; we need more: so to hell with you. Religion has been crushed, “with a university expert”. Governments have been crushed with “university knows better”. Society has been crushed with media propagation and university expertise. Life has been crushed with no place left to go; only zero population rise might help. The world has been crushed: attacked, let the future be damned; we want it all. And everywhere you look; that university has been/ is a tragedy of unequaled proportions: mutilating all of nature, to play god “like their religion evolution”/ gambling we can control the sun, “like gods” / creating weapons of war so heinous they say “nobody is that insane”; yet they all are, and life knows it. Even if humanity refuses to admit it; because they want power; to claim “I am god”; to their shame.

I did what I could, with very little success: as every person either hid and ran away/ or believed the universities and media could not be wrong. Accusing me of “true arrogance” for believing I might be right/ when so many, “with a diploma”, stand against me saying wrong. Yet I never said I was right/ only the evidence will prove this; which is in contrast with those who claim to be right. Truth decides is not the universities way/ power decides, as they hide behind their closed doors, and attack society as a herd with whatever a fool can do.

And the people say: we have healthcare/ we live longer. But that was due to antibiotics and vaccines of the fifties. The rise in food supplies, and awareness of contamination, along with refrigeration. Very little has actually been done since. The aid of biological chemistry, and technical computer aided visualization have helped. But in the end the result was over population by humanity; which now threatens our own extinction 70 years later. Even so; without antibiotics I would not be here; but a primary immune deficiency issue, as a child/ was largely responsible for that. Which today It is clear: that being a bottle fed baby is why; things in breast milk aid development of immunity. With that being so, the crisis is: “inadequate change, a failure to respect the knowledge needed: did not bring honest change”; and I nearly died. Just like, the world is dying now. VERY necessary work must be done; respect must be found; truth must decide; or life ceases to exist.

The people say: money buys me everything I want, DON’T CHANGE NOTHING. But the future is dead because of what you do. The resources are dead, because you threw them all away; onto your garbage mountains; screaming we will just go get more. And the end result of it is: greed controlled your lives and your world; as all shouted MORE/ MORE/ MORE: NOW/ NOW/ NOW. To your shame, the children are dead; because of you.

While true change will buy them time; YOU have trimmed off, “who knows how many thousands of years”/ before the one thing they cannot live without is gone. Even so; you owe them their time; whosoever is left. But you refuse to acknowledge reality, and you continue to believe whatever you want to believe; as media feeds you lies and lullaby’s to keep you asleep. The world you wanted, is it not? Because after all: “YOU, ain’t going to pay one single penny”/ let the other bastards pay; now ain’t that right, for the vast majority. As you barter, pray (to your servant_) and beg to be rich. Or, like Israel and Palestine: who have been fighting for genocide of the other for thousands of years: they BOTH; want hate to prove YES WE CAN. Does not every other nation as well, using “group identification” as their excuse. But if not that, then something else will do, to ridicule and pronounce: as is the way of men/ WORTHLESS, now we can war or take all their stuff, or enslave or rape or ruin or whatever we want. Because hate remains the refuge of those who I, WANT MORE/ DAMN YOU, for not giving me what I want.

I did do more than expected. I did enter the spiritual world of female, “it was a surprise/ kind of”. Changed a dozen times, to rebuild again; and find myself faced with “even where I live” has been wrecked; because the spiritual woman of Revelations; did not let me be me. Its complicated, but real.

So, life is now: a long list of “I don’t know”/ where this will go, what happens now or in the future; because men have been dethroned (whose real answer is always WAR_)/ and it is time for women to have their say in whatever the future can be; because their real solution is law.

I then repeat: I don’t lead animals who want what they want/ it is pointless. But I will help women who organize themselves into a purpose designed to help this world and its life to survive by change. To accept: WE MUST BUILD AND DESIGN OUR OWN LAWS, TO RULE OUR WORLD/ TO RULE OUR NATION; instead of leaders. Who will be brought to court; if they fail us all. To rule over humanity itself REQUIRES; nobody gets to be “horrendously rich”/ as is governed by limited capitalism. We all decide by periodic vote.

That is my last effort for you; if the spiritual woman allows it/ or if not; that will be that, and I go on in some form or measure. She is in charge; as she proved in the summer of 2017 just after my mom died; “I did not get to do enough for her, ex-wife, or others/ always too busy with this work”. So, I said, they will never listen/ let me go. But I didn’t listen; and ever since, she has torn my “living world” apart. Leaving it in shambles, by forcing NO YOU CAN’T. So, to say I am done/ as in the past; is not my decision. Even if, “i am done”. I guess what is female takes over. Life is past my point of experience or expression, as male; she is in charge, believe it or not. As it is with the whole world, my home is now, a small mountain of work, to put anything back together. Not certain I, if “I even exists/ I feel different”, wish too. Because you are so close, to ending life and earth forever/ making it pointless, to do what others will simply destroy; other than it is something to do; and we should all do what we can do. But, life should never lose hope, because that “kills you too”. Reality has changed; female in charge/ perhaps she will do better.

As is the current crisis of drinking water for Mexico city; and its 22 million + people. Expected to run out of water before 2024 is over. No water means an Apocalypse (extreme war_), as the reality of no water becomes real/ and all those people run to wherever water can be found. Which then runs out of water, because there are too many people to drink. One such place is America; where the border will be overrun/ and everything will stop; because it is a crisis without an answer, and war will spread/ because your answer will be war. And all the immigrants who belong to their group, will shout WAR/ and the entire nation will be engulfed in chaos. Because water ends all the games people play/ and a dead aquifer means: there is no going back, so these people have nothing. And the next place they go will have nothing, and the next and the next and the next; and the world will take note. Understanding they will be next. Because fools lead, and universities poison; to end life on earth.

Rain follows the path of cold/ cold as in glacial & ocean ice for summer; also pushes the jet stream, thereby moving rain around:  which is why summer is drier than spring. But it also forms raindrops on what is an aerosol of tiny plant releases, which allow for the weight needed to collect. You are, well on the way to turning this world into a desert; with apathy, arrogance, and pure disrespect; that started from accepting evolution (a fools paradise), and the fear of atomic weapons, which then surrendered to the claim of superiority with medicine. None of which provide a future, “to life on earth”. However it does submit to the coming cannibalism; as reality proves “its you or me”.

and the world says, “ I WANT to be free”/ but they chain themselves to possessions, and cannot walk away, from what they want instead of freedom. Because the choice is real. Freedom is not “to enslave so you can have people do things for you”/ that is tyranny. Freedom is, to examine this earth, and find in that element of thought, the essence of what is life; thereby the basis and truth of what is free. The consequence is; in order to search for the freedoms of thought, we must surrender the want of time. Allowing only truth to decide what is real, and within the limits of the cost being human is. Truth is a path, that seeks honor; because without respect for life, and the miracles of every gift that is called nature or world; you cannot become free. But the world says: I want it all/ and the only way I can have it all, and keep it: is to be rich; so the slaves can do for me what I want, while they cannot “be rich”. The world calls this, the division of: class boundaries, of people! Dividing and separating by money, what each one wants; with war of varied levels and purposes. Men “rule this world”, by that power over others; invoked by fear/ believe/ or obey, as is judgment (you are less) or pride (I am more) by any and all means. So the critical question is then: how free can you be?

The answer without war is, as inheritance will allow: as is true for me at this moment in time/ the value left behind to each child, is from “200 years or so of, family work”. Without inheritance of that work and those decisions, we have only ourselves to experience our own work/ and express our own decisions with regard to work and money or its possession (the chain, which requires protection). Men get tired of the work, and the wait “for more”; and turn to gambling, which fails them/ so they get angry and war. But today, you have no such option; as reality proves: there is so very little left humanity wants from nature/ so very little nature or resources left, that can survive your touch. And the war of overcrowding will begin; as truth knows, the cost of all freedom, is more than, just time.

The cost of extinction however; is the cost of war, and all you did to remove even the possibility life here could survive. As is, the evidence of every battlefield.  if there is no food or water, you cannot even steal it, with a gun.

The critical question to every life is: that while we can choose to be not alone, here on earth as time allows for that to be the truth. It is within ourselves that we know/ we do stand alone, in both thought and deed. So people herd together, to believe they are not alone. But death will not be kind, unless you chose soul.

Thought is both kind and terrorizing dependent upon your relationship with soul/ same as is true of love or hate; is a choice you make. But eternity has no choice, it is within thought we must survive, or vanish, as is forever lost. Soul is the transition from being human, into the path that is being alive. It lives within the rhythms of heart, but defines life by its desire for love, and the values of respect. Whereas hate proves itself to be the enemy; removed and separated forever lost in terror, because thought is not allowed to end.

To participate with GOD as is, the inheritance of soul; we must accept the lesson, that freedom will recognize, “by truth and law” we exist. Therefore the limits and boundaries of that law, lets truth decide what we can or cannot do; even in a universe crafted for life. Thought is “a participation with GOD “. it is not harnessed to freedom/ but it is discovered by “family”. The quest beyond self, to belong to what has truth.

And people say: “YOU CANNOT PROVE THAT”. But lets review: truth survives, because it is the very essence of reality itself; similar to “space is space”, and you do understand the description, of a discipline; which simply means: this exists as real. Law is the cradle of everything defined by order, because this is repeatable, and thereby known for its steps toward life or everything else of value. Thought is a balance shaped by forces which comprehend the changes being made/ create the disciplines and order of a value constructed by truth, and its participation in law. While force is the presence of GOD in all things; as force in fact creates motion, and motion creates what we call as time. We then assemble what can be inherited; but defined as soul. Which is to encounter force, by using the truth of law, understood as thought. To present freedom with value, is to accept the presence of truth. To accept GOD is within this truth, is to identify the miracle that is: our contribution to respect, as is the key, to open that door with love: “lonely no more”.

And the righteous will scream: that is not proof, but a conclusion of your own!

While I will suggest: “you need only, to prove me wrong”!

CONSIDER: the force that gives energy its motion/ [IS NOT the result of that motion called kinetic]: But is the potential to move; as constructed by order. The habitat of thought, is order: but the reality of force is not. The greatest force in this universe is cold/ but the most extreme element of energy is heat. The question of thought resides “in between”: thought presents existence/ rather than is conceived of (use of thought), or considered to be; an existence. There is a difference, “it’s called acceptance”! Death removes heat/ but it does not remove cold. So the question is: because life is thought (no recognition of existence/ no life), how is that somehow changed when time, the reality of motion, the extreme element ends. Or, more distinctly: explain how the essence of thought itself, (not human intellect; as is measurements in time). Is a participant of human distance (lifespan) called energy lost (no motion) as in death. The potential is governed by identity, because if you are not formed by truth, within the environment of thought, by the laws of life; you are not sustainable as thought. And will dissipate and fade away.

More simply: critical to life is existence, which requires thought to achieve; as is constant in construction by discipline, balance, and order. The force which gives to energy its motion: we call time. Participates within that energy to sustain the law, which presents us all with motion. Force accepts: then the ability to use thought to achieve the laws of motion. When we enter into soul, it is as a participant in thought; by ascending through the miracle of creation: to inherit force enough, to be “self: the identity of love, beyond time”.

While you must use “your own ability to think”: or more correctly try to escape the cult bonds (can’t question the leaders) of your captors called “university is god”.  FIND YOURSELF, in thought, where life does exist.  In this rendition of “one step” towards greater things in you. What you do with this work, is not my concern/ as it is not volatile enough, in the ways that do you harm. What you fail to do however is: the end of this world, because you chose not to care. Investigate, and find what is true/ NOT what you are told to believe; as the difference is massive and wrong. let the evidence be clear (no hiding anything), simple (no maze of words or math; they CAN do better), and plain (unlike university leads:  demand you cannot make me a foreigner in my own land, with language I do not understand).  OUR NATION/ OUR RIGHT/ OUR TRUTH: YOUR duty to us.   https://www.brainfirst.info/anarchy/

War tears up everything you want to keep/ denying you a future worth having; because you chose to destroy it.

OUR CRITICAL LINK WITH CONTROLLING OUR OWN NATION IS FOUND: WITHIN THE LAW. In this USA that would mean to enforce our constitutional redress by announcing TO OUR EMPLOYEES; no taxation UNTIL you obey the law/ and that law is redress of grievances. The power of democracy to say: we the people will decide for ourselves now/ as is our legal right: to call for trial/ demand evidence and cooperation, which includes punishment: to observe and judge for ourselves what is, and is not true about our nation and our world. To decide if the price of being wrong is worth letting universities etc/ continue what they are doing: or MAKE THEM STOP. This is not for single individual “unless like me/ I represent a chance to say: force them into court; to prove redress for democracy/ or anarchy took control”. Organize and talk to each other; identify, THIS IS: the best way to go, to reset America back: to truth decides/ NOT you.

EVERYTHING male is now done.

But if you want true change: it is women who must organize to create the laws that will govern our nation and our world. Nothing less will do, as different/ requires different; or as men leading life, or the dead weight of universities know: they will adjust a little, and then go right back to what has always been done; as history proves true. Ending in WAR, because that is their answer……. ask any woman, who lived it/ what that really means. And say NO!

FIND A WAY; YOU ARE NOT HELPLESS/ make the decision and WORK, for life and world/ for child and a future that can survive.

OR, YOUR CHOICE IS:    TO LET EXTINCTION BY HELL,  happen to you as well as this entire Creation of life.

THE LAW: “MAKES A PRESIDENT OBEY”/       changing constitutional mandates; LETS US ALL DECIDE WHEN WE WILL GO TO WAR/ denying credit to our governmental employees, strips them of their power; by making them stay within the lines. WE DO HAVE THE POWER AS A DEMOCRACY; TO DECIDE FOR OURSELVES. And the US supreme court has no power over constitutional decree or democracy, as we the people have decided: within constitutional law itself. The foundations of who we are, and where we go from here: BELONGS TO OUR DECISION/ NOT theirs. So don’t let them guide you into their maze of death. WE DECIDE WHAT TAXATION WILL BE; AS WE SEE FIT.

THE ASSIGNMENT OF REAL WORLD LAW; will cause the fantasies and delusions of lies and liars to collapse. Which means you MUST be prepared to take control over the currency; and finish that with bankruptcy: so that reality returns, and life goes on. Part of that decision is limited capitalism; the rest of that decision is: those who work shall be paid, EVERYBODY gets the same; it shall be with a debit card provided by government. Which will be enough to cover base expenses and no more: UNTIL THOSE DECISIONS ARE MADE.

Refusing to do this part; means you let the liars and thieves win: their reward is extinction! So choose!

“can’t understand”?


MAKE THE LAW; THAT WE ALL MUST LIVE BY. It is our decision as WE THE WORLD; because our world is in danger.