Open To Business
  1. Business opportunity links
  3. YOU WILL REMEMBER: that a meal comes primarily within a public restaurant/ these exist to make money. Your invitation to come; includes, “they cannot operate for free”: keep it in mind.
  4. So, this business; will ask for an hour of their time and space, in exchange for you eating, or drinking something. In exchange for using their business. As your partnership, aligned with the participation in this shared response, to life, and living. Remembering, “they need their seats” to make money: time limits are necessary, “so you don’t get banned”. Be respectful, meeting places are necessary.

Suitable environments or activities, as members select; will be allowed to post time and place for you to meet. ONCE POSTED: each member who expects to attend; shall vote if this is OK with the group. You will form your own opinion from that.

That facet of this work is, on their own here: YOU CHOOSE.

Businesses may offer specials just for you if they wish.


BUT YOU shall grant to them, and yourselves: a vote _____ I , expect to attend: therefore sign up, for that service. So they can prepare as needed.

We will not provide or allow, the names; only numbers.

This service also; cannot operate for free: probable charge $________ per year; plus cost of badge $______. But the price, need never be oppressive, and always fair to all; as best we realistically can.

A Future, WE ARE under construction:

This business: www.brainfirst.info

will not be fully operational or accepting money for membership/ badges/ or other for the first 90 days.

UNLESS, a clear PUBLIC desire is shown; making the money spent a risk worth taking. At that time: the site will reflect the decision to operate. Or not. By your vote _________________

Initiation of this service, collection of money, etcetera; will begin when it is deemed enough people have visited the site. To establish a beginning or ending: as is, your choice.

YOUR Voting decides: IF this service, should it go to completion, AND BEGIN.

There is, potentially: an opportunity to participate as a leader; thereby organizing restaurants, messaging times and places, if needed: THIS then becomes a franchise.

Separating groups; and taking (as consistent with) care of “one thousand people” or so per leader: required for this declared service.

Becomes real: only, IF THE MEMBERSHIP desires it, and is willing to pay you for services rendered. The alternate is: everything goes through this site.

To be a leader: You will answer all fifty questions, as expected of everyone else. YOU are to receive a vote of confidence from at least 50 MEMBERS; to be considered for the job as a leader.

At a pay yet to be determined. ALL messaging/ payment/ badge-ing etc: will ONLY; go through www.brainfirst.info DON’T BE FOOLED.


Until the decision to “operate the business” has been made.

It will be ONLY through the www.brainfirst.info site.

Do not be fooled: people make typing errors, and can end on fraudulent sites; this is at your own risk.

To be certain it is my site: you may go to www.justtalking7.info and link through there to www.brainfirst.info as well.