no clue

The reality of our lives is very simple: “the universities changed numerous things”/ and the world said hurrah! WE GET MORE/ WE GET WHAT WE WANT/ we, can play god with life. But as with dumping poisons 60 years + ago/ IT ALL ADDS UP, and there are consequences, to everything that has been done.

Such as plastics: all shouted, “what a great invention”. But after 70 years or so of mass production/ the trillions of tons of biological damage, is irreversible; and worthy of being considered “just another threat” to our own extinction as a world lost.

All shouted: we have more food: hurrah. But that became an increased human population doubling in roughly 50 years; and now threatens every living thing on this planet in countless ways. Is “just another threat” nearly irreversible/ that is guaranteed to make our world, and everything in it: extinct.

Then we have medicines; which do help sustain us all with the initial round of antibiotics and vaccines which worked. That are now being overrun by the con artists and swindlers of this day; whereby as throughout the history of humanity: someone is always selling “snake venom” as a new cure. As with covid: opening the door, to horrifying change/ whereby nature dies within itself; because of what humanity did do. A guaranteed extinction scenario; and soon, because they know not what they do. Parasites, but all say hurrah; because believers are believers.

The curse of money; always opens the cage door: so the criminals can go free. Killing the future/ killing all forms of peace/ killing the securities/ surging throughout governments with corruption/ cursing the world with weapons of mass destruction/ causing harm, wherever it goes. Because the one certainty of money rules this world is: MEN WILL WAR to get it/ and women will scream, “go get more”. Alas: another certainty of extinction, as war will prove true.

The indoctrination of children: to worship the cult of universities know/ is a constant of every religion (believe what we tell you to believe). As is cult: NEVER question your leader/ he or she has a book; and since “they own the media”; universities propagate anything they want. Including who will be allowed to run/ or to win the election. Gateway to HELL.

Or more simply: “we have much to declare, the universities did this; as all the people shout, hurrah”. Altering every source of food/ poisoning every source of water/ cursing nature itself/ even trying to ignite this planet into a sun: by propagating what is clearly complete delusions and fantasy; “without a brain”. As is the constant of those who call themselves, so smart: as to be, “gods”. Over you and me.

You have been told: change or die. Stop the insanity or you will enter HELL. Step back from the edge or extinction, as universities experimentation guarantees! PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, AND LET TRUTH DECIDE. But as has been “fifty years” now/ the masses of humanity scream: WE WON’T CARE/ and search for more resources to throw in the trash. Thereby insuring their own child is dead; assassinated by their own parents; who whore, after trophies, toys, and trinkets: so they can make “trash mountains”/ instead of life goes on.

And all the world says: YOU AIN’T PERFECT EITHER.

But I simply say: that is irrelevant/ because I am not your savior/ not your enemy/ not your religious leader or its horror/ not your anything: so I don’t matter. And you are merely distracting from the truth: that it is people who dug their own graveyard. People who built their own caskets. And humanity itself: now entering inside to close that lid on this entire world of life lost: “because of you”.

As to me: I have been looking at the results of a lifetime. Finding, little has been accomplished; because you would not care. But that is not my fault; and I do leave you to your own delusions and fate.

As to me however: the entire “spiritual reality of entering the female dimension” raises an infinite round of questions as to the cost of such a decision. To find an answer; that would keep this world alive. As is law/ not leaders. But you won’t share that decision or value; because you want/ rather than think beyond self.

Nonetheless; the critical conception of me (not you), is now a “male life” consumed by female in charge. Basically nothing is left; over the last 18 years or so; the war to take what she wanted has culminated in: “she took what she wanted”. And I am left with: a world divided into what is now female/ and what is no longer male. A reality I would never have predicted or considered even possible, at all.

So the question is: WHAT now? And the answer remains: I have no clue/ could be “ten thousand things”/ none of which do I have any say over whatsoever. Changed, even though, I would never have guessed: my own future would be this. I do accept; that some degree of value resides in the work and realities of this “change”.

As mediator (significantly; understanding both), is the elemental term for “place between male and female”, is realistically accurate; in the cost and rise of what is fair to be.

That would significantly help “women fight for this world”; because they cannot be “merely replacements” for men. It will not be so; law removes leaders, by creating justice is this! But that assumes women would care/ and it seems they do not; as not a single sign of truth, aligns with “they are still alive”. So we abandon what does not have value/ and reassign the question is: “what now” for me? The answer remains: “not a clue”.

As to you: “with ten thousand threats of extinction piled against you”/ with horrors intact and growing. The answer of life on earth remains: extinction is coming soon/ that is not a guess, but a reference to the evidence that is true of you; and what the universities did do. An entire world about to be lost.

Unless our CREATOR decides to save it/ no thanks to religions. Instead saving this world “might include such things as disease unleashed (you made it/ you should have it)/ or the yellow-stone super volcano erupting/ or other consequences of your shame as might save a few.

If not that: then as is the predictable reality of humans on this earth/ the curse of universities “going to save the species” lies, by tracking and so forth. Will simply insure “every single one” will be killed for food/ as cannibalism takes over this world/ and the wars for water will be so intense; as to insure; humanity kills every single one as well. But then as the cascade of nature is destroyed, intensifies to the horrors beyond imagination; the pain beyond tolerance. If there could be any mercy left: the universities will get their wish; and ignite “atoms on fire”/ turning this earth into a sun. so that the end can come quickly/ and even the solar system as it exists today, will be lost in remembrance of how truly horrible you were.

But then: as believers/ nobody gives a damn, right! CAN’T PROVE NOTHING, until it is too late to turn back now. A world: that crucifies, itself.

So the question is: do you crucify me too/ just to prove “I can’t make you fear/ but you intend to make me instead”? WILL that intensify your fate, as regardless of the reality of “male or female”/ it does remain true: that as the evidence proves true by my education, I did come as a messenger of your Creator (as these are, the last days of earth). To say: CHANGE OR YOU WILL BECOME EXTINCT. As for me: no clue.

So we ask of religion: WHAT do you believe, “because that is what you do”? The response: “we are gods,  children” doing exactly what we are suppose to do: absolutely nothing! But alas, “believers can be wrong”/ as is the case of “save the children”; which merely translates to curse the world and all its other life. By multiplying humanity, in places which could not support less. The reality should have been: insure birth control works/ and only then help. But that “would not put more human faces in the pews”/ turning the demand to build an army for us: into reality decides instead. So what does religion say? Get rid of him/ or just ignore, so that we can pretend “innocent”; so that absolutely nothing, “can go on”.

While the universities gods have spoken: “there should be no differences in the humanity of groups/ as with everything else: MAKE SURE, there is only one kind of human: what we design/ not life”. Or in lesser forms of this: the constant curse is multiply the competition; by enforcing all species of human should intermix. Yet nature teaches us all: that among no other species is that true/ and it is not true of humanity either. As history proves: one group attacks the other different groups/ if they can. But tries to avoid “killing themselves”. In nature the reality if: separate, or they will cause each other to be victims; because none “work/ walk/ run/ or think alike”; causing chaos and death. As with all independent species types; different groups doing different things ENHANCES nature, by allowing each has his own version of “doing ok”.

NOT segregation/ but as history proved true: different nations; as is dividing up a nation/ into smaller independent pieces; so that groups can recreate their own identity. And are responsible for their own chosen problems/ portion of the world/ and other realities of time. In that way, not only does the competition become less: because its “family against family”. but world law becomes far more simple; as international policing (all of us enforcing the law all of us made; to insure our world is at peace) is required, and allowed:  to be more specific.

Or more distinctly: you can take 99% of everything the universities have changed/ and remove it, to build a better world; as it should have remained. Because nature not man: is responsible for life. Because man, not nature; is responsible for cursing the world, and causing extinction of all kinds, to occur. Because they say: “yes we can”. Regardless of the consequences; which fall on deaf ears, which greed removes; because want controls, and pride yells: “ITS ALL MINE”. As power adds: DAMN YOU, its all MINE!

As universities around the world scream: DON’T WORRY, WE GOT THIS! HELL, we can make vaccines out of nothing/ we are do damn “god like”/ ain’t nothing going to stop us now. JUST GIVE US YOUR MONEY/ as with “everybody dies of a heart attack”; even though old age does not count. And as throughout history: “the snake oil salesman” never goes away; they just change tactics.

As nature replies: you have no clue/ and can only design HELL IS COMING; with absolute certainty, proving the religious conception of “SATAN is here”.  NOR, do they have a clue:  that this is only the beginning.   PURE CURSE.

And of course, their end result: WE CAN’T LEARN, if we don’t experiment. So they inject every form of life/ with alternate DNA, so as to learn: where the buttons are/ so they can give you a “reptile tail”. Or a mosquito mouth. Or a face inside your ass.   “now ain’t that a hoot”!   claiming: “cause” they are going to “wipe away every tear”/ by being gods to you. Unless of course what they do: is going to crucify all life: INSTEAD.

The question is: since humanity has been claiming to be “equal to god, in one form or another/ and others like universities claiming to be better than god, or will be”. ARE YOU, OR ARE YOU NOT going to believe: “humanity is god”? Because that is exactly what universities teach. Along with: “GOD” is just an illusion.

So instead of life as is THE MIRACLES OF OUR EXISTENCE. What humanity can offer you is what history proves true: universities expanding that. To the reality: men want war/ and women have had little or no voice in life or society. Every phase of history, has men screaming: “we are the superior ones/ now we know everything”. Yet never did they know much at all; as is today. Change is not knowledge, unless truth decides/ instead of want. The universities are entirely about want/ and no truth decides ever; because that takes away the claim, of we will learn. Because consequences matter. As a thousand threats of extinction surrounding us all; does prove true.

NATURE builds the body of life. Universities inject genetic chaos into every body of life/ to destroy it, claiming “yes we can”. NATURE created every chain of life we depend upon to survive/ universities inject chaos into every living thing of nature that we depend upon to survive; killing even the possibility we might survive. NATURE cleans the water and purifies the ground, keeping all things in balance so that everything on earth has an equal chance to do well, and be happy; as best they can. UNIVERSITIES refuse that, claiming poisons by the trillion ton, don’t matter/ pollution’s by the quadrillion ton, don’t matter/ resource losses beyond measure, don’t matter/ because population increases will prove we cannot survive much longer; the earth will die. And weapons of mass destruction will be used. Because that is what the universities chose, with humanity shouting “hurrah, the universities are god”; kill every child, everything/ we won’t care; that is their problem; not ours. Because GREED AND SELFISHNESS rule this world. And media with little refusal: claims “a lullaby” is what you need/ don’t worry, universities are god.

Discipline shapes us all/ order transforms living into the truth of who we will become/ balance identifies justice (for society), love (for us_), or hate (for revenge); because each has its own degree of “fair play”. But the cost of every decision is: a consequence shall be formed, an identity “won (I am) or lost (I failed)”. Of life and living is the certainty: if you do not find someone, to spend your life with/ then you will face the loneliness of old age. Because you failed to bring someone else along/ or they you. People die along the way, and we each will learn the limits of what we can honestly do/ want too or not is irrelevant. The boundary of life is death; and you cannot come back to the living. But that is somewhat wrong, because all things spiritual are in fact “from the other side of that line”. Where truth divides, and reality insures: the consequence of what you chose, shall remain as your truth.

There is, “a passage” between life and death; which allows for participation in the spiritual world/ beyond the limits of time, where truth decides if you can stay/ or will be evicted because a lie remains. The critical consequence of that is: you do surrender control over what can be your truth. Because the spiritual world becomes the owner of what is true in you; the price of letting you live. To return is to enter the human world of change is possible. But the owner of your spiritual truth remains the same: owner of your heart and soul: as GOD allows for that to be. Because crossing the line; between life and death: creates a consequence, and you must pay it. Hate cannot cross/ but found a liar; those who try, by their own choice; enter the world of fraud, lies, theft, and betrayal did this. They are removed from life/ let them go.

As for me and the rest who become participants in what will become our eternity; the critical question is: LOVE must choose to participate. Because love is the home of both heart and soul, by the decision of respect. So it seems: that I may in fact become “female to eternity”/ while in fact we wait to see, if time shall be changed. Regardless of that definition of dimension and its force; only GOD knows what will come. But I choose respect for my life, and its decisions.  For whatever is to come (I have no clue); as a servant of  “my CREATOR”.  But find only in love, the home I would choose for an eternity (nothing less would do, it is my true choice; as best I can honestly create). Love is not defined by “male or female”/ it is, a decision of the heart. IT IS TRUST IN   “GOD”  that is my hope, forever, without doubt.

But as I look into the future of living with “dramatic change”, I do:   realize that true change, is a new beginning/ a rebirth into what is innocent once more. To be rid of all the realities of living that were less than love would have built them to be/ is to start once more; and that is a foundation for better, than I have been. While there are NO elemental failures in my living or life/ there are numerous realities of living; that did not allow for what I would have chosen; if not for fighting for this world comes first. Change is then “a good thing”/ regardless of what that change is. Which leads to the most profound of all human existence: WHY, do people not choose to change themselves, when in fact they know: it will aid and abet their lives, their future, and their own eternity; to do so? The critical answer is: all the interference of human existence, as is the endless stories and methods of human behavior and expectations get in the way; to lead them to what people want/ rather than what people need to create a life worth living. They listen to the wrong influences, and build on foundations of “human sand”/ rather than life itself. Even so; we all make mistakes; and must live with the consequences of those decisions; whether a little/ or horrifying. To change is “to repent”/ and seek a better life with your own choices leading the way. To pretend; is to lie, and disguise the truth, for another round of failure; as is the consequence of every lie, theft, betrayal, and more.

Just so its clear: while the reality of critical and real change is “humanly on the order of a trillion to one”/ and it takes real world evidence to prove what is true. The alternate of that is simply: nothing living in this world, “is humanly possible”. Each is a miracle in its own way; as is elevated by “only thought” can do this; combined with numerous other realities of ability. So while I regard it as impossible to change/ the other side of that coin is: OUR CREATOR can do anything HE might choose to do. There is no reason to doubt. ONLY the evidence however can prove, what only a miracle (not humanly possible) can do. Religion requires rules/ truth only requires the evidence is real. I HAVE no prediction; as “regardless of the outcome”, it is not my job to know; as I have no ability to interfere.  Whatever will be, will simply be.

Reality then says: “you, can fantasize all you want/ create the endless delusions of people who claim to be superior”. But since we both know: that not a single human being on earth can create a life: not a single human being can know, what is, or is not truly possible for our Creator to do. The evolutionist says: “chaos built the world by accident”; yet every single one of you know, that is not true. You cannot build an eye, or an ear, or any body of life, or conceive of how does “the software to make it all work appear” OR ANYTHING; that clearly ONLY thought, and critical understanding/ abilities beyond our own conception; can literally do. “Making the fantasy”, is yours. DID CHAOS, build your car? WAKE UP “dead head: your insanity is showing”!

There are “no images/ no idols/ no books/ no individuals/ no elements of mystic circumstances/ OR ANY OTHER thing” that allows for us as human to say: “here is our Creator, “GOD” or whatever you call the critical influences of life placed upon this earth”. WHAT WE DO HAVE IS: the miracles of thought, as are evident in this Creation of a living world, balanced and formed within the laws which let us survive, and be happy. PROVING it is: the ascension of thought; that provides our invitation to understand more, than simple living does. LIFE IS THOUGHT, as is evident; because without thought: YOU have no reference to living or life at all! So the critical question of eternity then becomes: “can you live as thought”/ rather than the body of time? It is not a question of intellect. It is, a definition of your heart. It is not a question bound by this world, or its challenges to you: but a destiny surrounded by soul, shall lead here. Such is the evidence of “what I perceive” as: “the elegant world”.   

The place, where we begin: “our own search, to create the life we earn”!