critical concepts

And the world says: WHO, are you to judge us/ “you, AIN’T NOTHING; but a pitiful example of fraud and insanity, claiming to be “female owned”; when obviously you are not.

My reply is simple: the evidence proves you are soon to be extinct/ and you will not investigate that; because “nothing is more important than you”. AFRAID of change: “you want what you want”/ even if the world dies! Isn’t that so? Not even an entire living world, of miracles can change that.  So profound a delusion are you:  that you have to dig your head into the ground, and bury it in a cult/ not to see those miracles, as true. While it is true, I am neither better or worse than you; as is the reality of being human. I have been taught, as the evidence shows true: in ways you have not. Being led by truth, it is your fraud that claims insane. As to all elements of “female owned”; it is more of a quandary to me/ than to you. More impacting to me, than to you: and I do not ask you to participate, or in any way change your life because of that claim. It is entirely between “spiritual female, and I”.

my job/ my duty: is to inform this world, as best I can: that without change in YOU/ the things you have chosen to do; shall in fact cause this world to be extinct. That is a foundation of pure failure, and a disease in human thinking so bizarre as to be insane. So I ask you to investigate, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE: TO YOURSELVES/ not to me. By the evidence that is untainted with “university knows”/ but is in fact formed through the realities we can see for ourselves. No believers allowed/ no experts to taint the facts or lie (as with global warming throughout the years/ as primary media, and their politicians; laughed and said; we won’t care/ to a nation).

NO, I do not know if  GOD  will save a single one!  “not my job”. But it is my job to inform you:  without change, none of these “university/ human”:  lies, theft, betrayal, terrorism, and pure failure shall continue.  you, are not “god”/ only truth survives. Even you, know that is true.

So elementally: I DON’T COUNT/ I won’t “save your world”/ I AM NOT your leader, etc! As from the beginning: I have said, PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ PREDICT THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ AND use redress of grievances a first amendment law of democracy; as your own weapon to insist WE SHALL KNOW! As “we the people/ we the world: shall decide now”.

As to all things female: it is a quagmire of “truly I don’t know”/ was never my decision; a complete surprise. It is not about “being female, in any way/ shape or form”. It is a dimensional confrontation between forces that form life on earth. It is not trying to be: lovely or whatever it is delusion, or its fantasies; ask for; a penis ends the discussion “ugliest alive”. Not about male: I loved male in me, we were perfect for each other. Not a maze for you to follow; its just a turn in learning I did not expect.

The conclusion: “it is impossible to say, what the future holds for any individual”/ regardless of the past or its path.

The foundations of my existence; being entirely upended and without significant direction/ begin to ask the question: WHY IS, the body and mind of time, with life and without? WHAT IS, the body and mind of gender creates the difference? WHO controls the essence, of what life is? And HOW, do we interchange the decisions of thought, within the body and mind of time? WHERE does ownership reside? And WHO IS, the owner here?

All of these have been challenged: by the interweaving of the spiritual woman and I/ the gap between my life and hers is now gone; and that does leave me without ownership entirely, as the distance, body, and mind of time, as formed by male itself; begins to fade away. Leaving me within the spiritual destination, that is female in origin. I tell you true: a complete surprise/ I would never have guessed. No not transgender or other perversion of nature: instead, she is determined that I shall know; the costs and consequences of being female/ “In what men call their world”. As history proves, for too many; a tragedy of disgrace/ a failure of both heart and soul in men. The reality being: WHY ME? The answer: “just like women throughout time/ NOBODY asked to be abused or used or owned or controlled or discarded or “any of it”/ as did happen to so many. Because of men. While some are “valiant and worthy”/ most are not.

So the expression of existence begins with: “who controls the essence of what life is”? Reality begins with nature, as is the constant of gender decided this/ and asks the question: even though we know, that life cannot continue without both male and female; in their own respective roles: “to build life/ to support life: to sustain each other by sharing the work, and caring for each other”; creating child “alive rather than dead”. As is the function of family. The question being: as an independent existence/ a distinct individual: why does nature require us to share the relationship, that creates a future for this world of living existence? The answer beyond need; is to understand, that we live by the desires of our heart, and form a future within the distinction called a soul. Soul being: the resolution of thought, as does recognize: “there are miracles here”/ clearly beyond what anything on this earth can do.

We then conceive of: “WHY IS, the body and mind of time, with life and without”? Would it not be better to live without death? The answer is: without death, there is no room for life to continue. The answer is: time is not eternal, and cannot be sustained as if it was. Therefore the essence of “life or death”; is to identify, and support: the framework of a choice, that allows for your thought, as you desire them to be: choose for you. Whether or not: you can be eternal? Because an eternity with those who choose hate/ is chaos. An eternity with those who choose to be “animals”; is limited to time dies, and want then decides. Want leading to pride and power; with are enemies of the living. So the path is certain: that our choice, builds the body of our truth; and we become the essence of what our true desire can be. As is “ultimately fair”. While time is not fair/ eternity is fair, and justified by your own truth.

We then ask: WHEN does eternity become a foundation upon which we can depend; that lives and living have achieved “an identity worth keeping”? The answer is: we do not own the right to decide that. Because so long as you live in time; change can happen. The critical consequence of living for love/ or living for hate/ or allowing time to be “your animal aware”; is for you to decide, protect, and defend. Because eternity is not benign, but vibrant and aware. We each must then do simply: ‘the best we can/ as your own decision requires: WITHOUT sacrifice/ as is never accepted. You CANNOT buy your way into eternity; regardless of what you do/ what you claim/ religion or not/ absolutely nothing beyond your own truth of love; shall decide.

The question: HOW, do we interchange the decisions of thought, within the body and mind of time? Or more distinctly: because thought is an ascension into the essence of eternal existence; there must be a path to get there/ which is called truth. Therefore truth is the passage, but love is the door: to eternal life/ rather than eternal death or its “brother” which is to dissipate and vanish as if never born.

The critical question is: how do we recognize what is true, how do we relate to the environmental conceptions of thought within us, and how do we participate as love, in a world that the VAST majority; defines itself as animal (the cost of time/ the reality of survival/ the desires called want)? What is true, reveals itself by what is called “common sense”/ living within this environment has taught us this. Universities have invaded that space; and scream: there is no such thing as “common truth”/ there is only the universities are god, and they make all the rules; they are the expert of everything/ and the fools who you went to school with: behind closed doors so you cannot question them; claim to be superior. But truth by the evidence has proven this: nothing the universities say can be trusted/ nothing the universities do can be considered without consequences; some being HORRIFIC AND SATANIC at best/ nothing the universities are; can be considered valued: because the end result of their reign on earth is. WE LITERALLY FACE OUR OWN EXTINCTION HERE AND NOW; because of what has been done/ and because of what has not been done. And we know that every decision; throughout everything in this USA; has been made by a universities diploma; for the last fifty plus years. EVERYTHING, including theft, lies, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, SATAN WORSHIP, as is the reign of this cult/ as is everything as universities prove by playing god with our lives, and propagating they are “the expert”; by media crucifying anything beyond “university rules”.

So we ask of our own environmental concepts in time, to explain what is true, of our walk through this life? We begin with simplicity: that those who want the money badly, and prove that/ will become traitors if the opportunity presents. Those who lie; constantly believe they are superior to you/ and therefore you cannot catch them, or make any complain stick: because they can manipulate you; as media constantly does. Those who steal, believe in the beginning that you owe them; and they are “just getting even, with everybody/ and especially you”. Those who terrorize: want to play god/ and pretend they are gods by making you cry. Those who cheat, are abusers; who attack, because they want more/ and pride lets them take what they want to prove; they can make you cry. Revenge is the beginning of hate, whereby the curse of death: weighs down, the demand to get up. Those who cannot rise/ fall into their grave. At more complex levels of time; the assembly of choice is recognized as love, hate, or animal; and the disciplines needed for love/ the justice needed for order/ the balance required by fair play to construct a value to life and living; is known by those who are alive. Whereby those who have fallen in their grave continue to fight for violence and revenge/ but disguise themselves to keep the lies of what they are really doing; from being found. The animals merely want what they want/ and don’t want what they don’t want; and have no time, or life; for anything else. “life and planet be damned: I WON’T CARE”; let someone else/ I got bills to pay, I WANT WHAT I WANT; and ain’t nobody going to stand in my way. While religion says: everything this planet or its life needs, “is up to GOD”/ so I don’t have to do NOTHING. Not one damn penny of time or effort or living; “it ain’t my job. All I got to do is “say amen/ and put a little money into collections” to insure my life. “just in case”.

Which leaves us, the living: with how does love survive here/ and what should we be doing; as best we can? The very first element of that is: “just because you can/ does not mean that you should”/ as applies to every aspect of living a life that respects the work and the rights of every: “just being human”. That does not mean: you surrender your choice/ does not mean you become broke or broken by others/ does not mean, to give away your future or your life or sacrifice anything; as is trying to buy. Does not mean: you are in charge and everyone must listen/ there is no pride in love; it is a passage between our lives; where power is evicted; and all want is limited to the values of who we are. Listening is more valuable than talking; usually. Happiness shall not be quenched/ unless it is built upon less than love. Freedoms must be supported, so that happiness can come. Justice is a value we must all strive for. Fair play is the foundation of a society at peace. Religion must not control: because rules are not life/ but a beginning, in your own search for order and truth. The disciplines of religion have value/ but they cannot own your own truth. That is your decision alone.

WHERE does ownership reside? Within the true relationship of life and body, there is an arena “of competition”. The decisions to be made which align with love, hate, or animal; are defined by purpose. To accept the purposes of love, requires you to share and care, within the values of respect, justice, equality, and fair play. To accept the purposes of hate; requires you to abandon life, thereby you can play god, with what will come next. The realities of want, as is the basis of animal; form into jealousy, as the basis of revenge (I didn’t get my fair share)/ pride as is the basis of making life into a game (I will win/ when you lose)/ and power; as is constructed within the elements of “believe/ fear/ obey”. Life itself, has a view; as does living in time; to the creation of your own decision in these individual decisions. What comes out of it; determined who owns you, as is your relationship with love/ hate/ or animal.

WHO IS, the owner here? Is an alteration of that; dependent upon what is true. As life itself is divided by truth, and separated by desires which are then born from the values within your heart. So the critical question is: WHAT DOES your heart value most? Love shouts: I am alive, in the realities of a miracle; and all it can be or become. Hate shouts: I will have my revenge, as the heart dies: BECAUSE OF YOU/ power using that for violence. While the animals scream: both, I will die and turn to dust/ therefore the predator shouts; I want what I want; and I WANT IT NOW. And the prey whisper, “I better not take any chances”/ and pay the price of eternity, with religion. So that someday, I can be happy.

We then arrive at death: with the certainty of our own truth, and within the spiritual world; that truth is transformed into the identity it will create: for life/ or as a second death. Only the living matter. No mercy to the rest.

But that leaves me, separated and divided from the rest; in a quandary: as the spiritual world now owns the truth of my existence. Changed in time, because that is allowed by laws governing existence: were removed due to the extreme disgrace that is our world “faces its own extinction”. So the elemental task of determining if GOD will intervene: has been given to women/ to prove they can and will take charge with values not revenge. So I have been given to women/ as male, but under female control. As woman lives, but through a man’s eyes. Or more simply: “everything is upside down/ and turned inside out”. Not as a game, but as the example defining “what would women do”? And the understanding: men shall NOT do this anymore. So it seems: women are allowed to be “men” with me/ and I am required to be “woman”. To prove what is true. As “best I understand it”; at least in this day.

Reality says: should the women desire to do nothing; this world will end/ and the living of my own life, will remain _____________? or more simply, “I have no clue”/ not to any of it; as it is not my decision to make. And I am not allowed to understand women; beyond what they teach me is true. “its complicated”.

I GUESS: the real question to all women is: are you willing to fight for the laws that will then rule this world/ or, are you just interested in revenge against men/ or is it something else entirely? Because seriously speaking: I truly do not know? HOPING, that we will search for the validity and value of law, and a true respect for life and earth; by building for a future for every child, all life on earth. But it is not my choice. It is yours. NO, I DON’T know why me/ it is baffling?

NO,  I don’t know for certain:  not even whether I am to be considered male or female?  “lost, in a sea of I don’t know”/ all clear anchors lost.  but “I do” consider male and female to be equals; so, I guess it really does not matter.  ITS COMPLICATED!

As with all things to be organized: “foundations must exist/ before a true concept of change can go forward”. In this nation USA, and this reality of time; as is a crisis of failure which surrounds us all; even if you doubt that, “you CANNOT BE WRONG”/ when life or death of a world is the price.

No one is asked to believe anything but the evidence; and enough evidence does exist to prove: “with wars and population and poisons and resource loss, and ocean catastrophe coming/ species extinction, habitat loss; and a thousand more; all pointing to extinction of our world”. YOU ARE ASKED: to discard your fears/ and search for what can be proven as true. YOU ARE ASKED: to make your government employees, “OBEY THE LAW”, AND ESTABLISH REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as it is our turn now to decide the fate of this nation, and if in time and truth/ then the fate of this world. By understanding: WE MUST LET TRUTH DECIDE/ not want. And we must know the price of being WRONG; as is constant in making a decision that is in the best interest of us all. Therefore, using the current “potential for trial” as is given to you for that purpose: GO DEMAND YOUR LEGAL RIGHT, AND YOUR DEMOCRATIC AUTHORITY, BY CONSTITUTIONAL COMMAND upon our employees. To provide the courtroom, and establish the foundations needed for our own decisions now. So that life, world, and nation can be protected from a future; no one will survive. As is the cost of being truly wrong.

I have been blocked from the courtroom: both state and federal/ or I would present it as trial. But they insist: “we will not deny the law anymore”/ giving courtroom evidence that is true. Let them prove it is not so!     LET THE WORLD SAY:  “IT SHOULD BE SO”; and participate with truth!

The critical concept of all these things; the work and realities of my own “last fifty years” or so: everything that is, and is not important to life itself: is built upon the association of people who desire to keep this planet alive, and save from extinction our entire world. By replacing leaders with law. By replacing money with limits and boundaries for all. By replacing “university is god”/ with truth. And by understanding: we must work, and even fight for our right to live now. Because we are surrounded by threats so severe: “we cannot be wrong”.


IF YOU do not agree/ then the world itself is bound to the conclusions of what has been chosen. Far more grievous than you can imagine: the cost of no respect/ the arrogance of people playing god with life/ the apathy of a world that cannot die: even though everything you do, proves that is no longer so.

I remind each one: THAT BELIEF IS NOT ENOUGH; when our world Is threatened. As religion says to every other religion: “we are right/ while every other religion says; you are wrong”. The foundation of truth is not what you believe: but what you can prove is true. While we cannot prove “an absolute”/ WE CAN PROVE: WHAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG, would be. And that is enough to claim: we must change what we do, because the world itself is in danger; from humanity. To religion: “GOD does not save us, from ourselves”; we must choose. To the rest:

you know only, “a very little”; because you want “to be innocent of the consequences”. The consequences of a dead earth, AN ENTIRE LIVING CREATION OF LIFE IN THIS UNIVERSE of so much “wasteland”. Will be called entirely: HUMAN FAULT, “are you not human”?

THIS IS: YOUR JOB/ YOUR CHOICE/ YOUR FUTURE/ YOUR CHILD; “it is not mine”. WHAT YOU DO/ OR FAIL TO DO: is entirely upon you/ NOT me. I did my work; and have become a pawn, to women; “so to speak” in the realities of your decision. Because life decided it would be so.

I AM NOT here, to lead/ not here to be your anything! I am here, to tell you: WITHOUT CHANGE WITH SIGNIFICANT TRUTH OF LIFE/ there will be an end to this world you cannot escape. I did do that job/ your refusal to accept the evidence; has nothing to do with me. I am NOT your savior; etcetera.

I am, just a “messenger”; proven by the education I present: “this is no game”/ there are no second chances/ and there will be no mercy; if you fail to realize: WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE, HELL WILL COME/ EXTINCTION WILL FOLLOW. And it will not be long before that occurs.

THE EVIDENCE of global warming/ weapons of mass destruction/ population explosion/ poisons everywhere/ pollution’s everywhere/ death of the oceans; PEOPLE CRUCIFYING NATURE/ PEOPLE TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE/ PEOPLE TRYING TO DESTROY THE ATOMIC STABILITY OF THIS PLANET; “UNIVERSITIES PLAYING god; AND A WORLD WITHOUT RESPECT.

Cannot be misinterpreted as:    WE ARE,  IN TROUBLE NOW.


Which brings us: to a final word of warning: if you believe this nation of 340 million people cannot present to primary candidates of more value than two old men who have no particular value of any kind/ you are a fool. MEDIA makes them a candidate; as is the propaganda used for failure IS: “all you need is: WANT/ WANT/ WANT/ WANT/ //////AND MORE WANT”; to go along with extreme pride; and the thirst for power to rule “those other bastards who want to rule you”. So say the animals. Because: Belief makes the predator (yes I can)/ fear makes the prey (hide or run, never fight)/ and those who want the middle (the righteous) demand; we MUST all OBEY the rules, and then, we will be safe. LOVE seeks truth. While hate seeks to steal that truth, and make you fear, by using violence to make you obey.

Those who support trump want their nation back/ and believe like Nazi; that they will take it one way or another. While those who support biden believe they will take over this nation, once it falls down; as intended/ by the traitors who hide behind every door: one way or the other. “look for those in internet media/ etc; who work for life”. This is a nation invaded: by anarchists/ terrorists/ traitors/ thieves/ cheats/ liars/ whores (only money matters)/ failures/ fools; and the blight or plague; of university “experts” shall rule.

The reality of both leaders is: “they counterfeited trillions of dollars in assets/ laundered through universities and wall street: which don’t exist other than by numbers which you are intended to pay: by robbing you with inflation (hidden, as is so much; or otherwise). And they both created trillions in debts; which the young are intended to pay (sacrifice them); if they were to survive; which is not real. Media of course knows; but reports nothing. Because that would spoil the game of pretending its a fair election.  Both will run away instantly: if confronted by the realities of a job/ that can no longer be done with lies.

Who just like Israel: “will find a way” to incite a small group wallowing in hate/ to then sacrifice a few: so they can commit genocide on the rest. Civil war is coming to this nation/ followed quickly by world war; and its extinction of life on earth. Because that, is what you are about to choose; by being animals, covered in want, and wallowing in pride. Biden/ once dead; means another puppet will come. Because truth allows: that anyone can be threatened, if they want badly enough. As seen in GW bush; who let fear, cause a war; and millions were severely affected; as is the cost of every leader. ONLY LAW PROTECTS/ nothing less.

As for me, at 70 years old; going to die anyway/ and literally, “eternity follows that”; no matter what you believe it is”; so a few more days on earth are irrelevant. And I don’t want those who extend death “for the money” to have a say”; if I cannot live my own way/ it is time to go. So threats don’t matter. While family can be attacked: but as for me, the reality is, IF YOU DON’T CHANGE/ in all probability HELL and EXTINCTION WILL follow. So life is life; as with all of time: it is going to end/ with children sacrificed, and humanity cannibalized. An end to everything: AS WAR PROVES TRUE: with nothing left to rebuild with: becomes pure insanity, until it ends with extinction. “killed it all”.

As for me, “when space is removed; you created mass”; because the atomic order of things is now close enough to bind the materials together. So the critical concept of change, is now certain; but the reality of what can life become from here is not. So far beyond me, not a clue. Some will argue: “he wants/ its all a disguise”. But the element of being ALIVE, is enough for me, and I am grateful to have known it; and do desire, the potential as given by JESUS; to find an eternity “lives in me”. So that is my reward/ it is certainly NOT “to join in your games”. Whether life can become female is not up to me (I cannot/ simple as that); its not a game, nor is it in any way transgender etc. Miracles exist throughout this planet; EVERY life is one: so who am I to say, what can or cannot be. I don’t know! And neither do you.

Universities however claim to know “everything; as of course playing god” requires. These are the frauds and failures, the story tellers predicted: you were warned not to belief. But failed.

One such story is their claim of beginnings: what we do know is, like the moon where humanity did step: the earth was barren; rock and gas/ light and day/ water and ocean. But with an atmosphere, which is a “mass (weight involved) contained by gas”; that moves at different speeds than the planet; as is proven by places like venus, jupiter, (hundreds of miles per hour) etc. so for life to have enough atmosphere to survive: IT MUST REVOLVE WITH THE PLANET, locked in motion. To accomplish that: life must create “dirt (the dead decompose)”. To accomplish that on a rock planet: the plants must be very stable and aggressive (to survive the wind, and slow it down). To feed those plants: water is the primary source of delivery; and that makes the presence of water in the atmosphere extremely important; so they can grow and survive “everywhere”. Particularly at a time when the sun delivers much more heat: the water absorbs that heat through the day, and releases it at night; to present a balance for life to exist. Once stability exists; in order for life to participate; there must be “an opening for the sun to shine in”. The dinosaur is then the perfect example of how can this be done. With “a lawnmower” on the surface/ other life can then be introduced; and a living world begins. But in order for a more balanced and peaceful world to exist: there must be change.

A large planetary object, passing close by; having massive gravitational influence: would cause “the rain to fall, an the atmosphere of water (fog) to end”. It elongated the solar orbit, and tilted this earth; to create a temperature range; which then maximized life on earth. But that kind of gravitation would also “vacuum” whatever could be moved: to the surface as is underground water to create a flood of world wide proportions. Proven true, by fossil fuels!

As is “Noah”. The type of raft he used/ and how the living came to it; are provided in www.justtalking7.info/videos look for “fun with Noah”.

The biological matrix of living existence, is dependent upon the flow of energy, between the spaces that constitute a mass. When that energy; force of motion; fails, the result is called death. So the critical concept of how did life begin: originates with how does force, become an energy? Or more distinctly, what can cause mass or movement to change its shape? The answer STARTS; “with thought”/ becomes identified by truth/ and originates with law. Therefore the question is: WHAT, begins the translation of force into Creation, and WHO shares; so that we can survive? Because unlike the mental state of body, which only measures: without thought, there is no force, for life.

“I accept; it will do no harm to add a bit more”. That force (an identity of truth) is “THE CREATOR” of our universe, and everything in it. That thought, is in fact the child of force; expanding “beyond self”, as is the beginnings, where love is born. That biology is the mother of life; being intensified by both thought and force, to establish the foundations of order, discipline, and balance absolutely necessary to the rise of life, as we know it. Time is: the beginning of energy in motion. And energy is the measurement of time, so that a value can be placed: as is then distributed by law. You should never believe: that this is a conception of GOD/ as it is not. Rather it is the critical outline of what must precede the creation of law.

Your ascension beyond the point of crisis as is this day: REQUIRES that you accept what law can do/ and order your lives accordingly. Choosing discipline to enforce that law. Choosing balance to justify “fair play”. And choosing freedoms within the framework of a value shared by all; are fundamentals you must accept as your own. There is “no free lunch” so to speak/ you must participate within truth. And limit force, to only what is needed to preserve what has been built of value.

I have absolutely no desire to lead you. HOWEVER, I will help “a realistic organization of women”; who honestly seek to defend life and world; in their own efforts, to identify and create the laws which will serve us all.

To women: I absolutely cannot hurt you/ as all freedom of choice, has been taken over by “the spiritual truth, of woman inside”. ITS COMPLICATED: but, You will know, it is true. I do not seek sex from you; I do not seek power through you, over you, or in any way the consequences of pride or want. I HAVE NO ULTERIOR MOTIVES.  INSTEAD: AS reality will prove true, I spent my life; working to keep life and earth from dying: because humanity does not care. That is my intent; and I will not change it. So long as hope can survive. “its a complicated world”, and that is as simple as I can be.  Reality says:  if men cannot/ then women must try.   it is, that decision: which led me to “searching”:  for what would women DO?

However you should BE AWARE OF THIS; that high among the list of “absolute necessities”; is the fact, that population rise MUST be quelled, and in fact go down even below zero rise to sustain life on earth. That is: ENTIRELY a woman’s decision; but it is not without real world truths. “whether you like it/ or not”. I will only remind you of this duty; I can force you to do, or not do; absolutely nothing. It is not my choice; want or desire/ rights or freedoms; even more: is without options. “its complicated”. Let us simply “do the work of life and earth”; and perhaps things could change; for us all.

I suppose for honesty sake: that partly: I would truly like my freedoms back, so trying to do what “she desires me to do”; is one way of saying please give me my own life back. Reality says “won’t work”/ but it is all I have. As to other issues of life, as this is predicted by Revelation 17;3 (male being the beast); I am not a religious (follow the rules/ believe what you are told) man. But I am distinctly defined by faith (GOD IS REAL; as is JESUS): to let truth decide what is real or not; as the evidence will allow. Miracles are in fact miracles (no human did this); and the evidence is absolutely overwhelming (beyond doubt). Even so: “all life and world” is so far beyond “greater than me”; that no comparison could be made. What is needed, “for life and world”; rules. I did it “my way”/ and it was useless. it is: HER turn, and like it or not, I do understand that means: no longer my choice.

And the world says: “we won’t care”. Because the end result of being human, REQUIRES YOU, to make changes that will end  your easy time;  [KILL the future, KILL the earth, KILL EVERY CHILD, even DESTROY NATURE;    LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ BETRAY/ TERRORIZE,  because we can]”   on this earth; is over. Fighting to stay alive, by choosing peace and law, justice and fair play; is simply not as much fun as blaming each other and screaming about how righteous you are.

But the end of choices becomes this simple: “what is male, has been overridden to become female inside”. Because DIFFERENT MEANS DIFFERENT; and the reality of life or death; challenges   GOD to choose /     whether HE will let this entire planet of life, be exterminated by men. So HE has decided to let women have the final say: to prove what they would do, if they ruled this world. To prove if they have any resolve or reality of justice; that is more than male can do. To prove if they choose revenge or fair play. To prove: if humanity is worth saving or not. This male is given to female; captured and without escape. To prove if women deserve a chance to keep this earth alive. If you don’t care/ then you have made your decision! Because if not: the question becomes: who is going to die/ or will this earth be lost. Women cannot claim: “we won’t trust”, as reality proves true: at 4+billion females to “just this one”/ there is no claim of fear.  The final say: WOMEN will decide.

You have been told; LIFE OR DEATH! But, the choice is yours. Because reality says: the blockades have been effective; and only those “who search for anything”; are allowed to breathe new life into this world. Not a game, I am not a toy. This is not my choice; it is simply a duty, given to me; as is this message given to you.      there are:  NO SECOND CHANCES/ past the point of no return; extinction will come.    I do not ask you to believe/ I ask you to investigate and prove what is true!   for the sake of our entire world!

A word of warning: throughout nearly 63 years of living/ I fully expected “life and eternity” to be stable and predictable; being very disciplined, and determined to be orderly and balanced with respect for life. But then all things changed; every part of living as male was torn apart/ every part of a predictable eternity was replaced/ every conception of what life could or would be; was evicted. And replaced with “whatever the spiritual woman decides”/ not me. So no matter who you are/ or what you believe about you; the future will be whatever eternity decides it will be. Your decision is “to love/ or not to love: to let truth decide, or not”. Everything else can be changed. Do what you can do, by law; and let that identify your life.

Don’t get lost “in self”; it is a tragedy to all/ a failure to you. life is beyond “a moment”.

As is the case 7 years ago; when too busy with myself to realize others had needs greater than mine. But “nobody is perfect”/ and what could have been done has pasted. So I just try to do better. Nonetheless; reality now presents me with “this body feels empty”/ a strange dimension; that “female” seems on the edge of taking over. I, feel evicted”/ waiting for a new tenant to take over: weird, without options; don’t know why. Perhaps, its just to prove: men can be overridden by female. I DON’T KNOW. and men all say: “IT CAN’T BE”! but in contrast to that, I have been given “female tits/ with chemicals I cannot defeat”; and they rule, doing whatever they want, whenever they want, however they want/ altering my existence in countless ways. and they would do the same things to you. Believe it/ or not; my tits have been doing that to me: “for a very long 18 or so years”. Plus “female inside” knows my every thought/ and can shock me half to death; at a whim. so, no; its not simple. or “normal”: but its also not me; so I have no clue. But it is absolutely clear: I cannot escape. Simple as that. WHY tell you: “its not optional”.

NO, it is not transgender or other; as is merely delusional. It is a demand: to see life from the other side/ ITS COMPLICATED! To recognize: male and female are different/ and somehow mediate “I guess”; as for too long female has had to deal with the “tragedy” of being considered less. Because men choose war/ rather than life; as hate leads them to do. I guess me: because I have always considered female equal/ or even more capable of love. A value that not only shapes a moment; but leads to eternity. A reality of motherhood; only fools, the diseased plague of pride; who discard as less.

I obviously have no “crystal ball”; and I have no conception of how the future will turn out. Can’t save a single one/ and won’t try. This earth however is predictable: humanity is in the process of killing everything. at no point in history has more lies, grief, traitors, fools, parasites, thieves, whores, failures, terrorists and all the others been so prevalent as today. the constant curse is media; which has access to your home, life, and mind;  24/7/365. to control, manipulate, tempt, propagate, and destroy reality so you don’t understand anything. a plague of failure, particularly caused by the influences of “a thousand groups”; all of which scream “listen to me”. and since the blight of human existence is “all fools want attention/ all failures scream, so you don’t think for yourself”/ it is the fools who lead; and create the maze of stupidity and disgrace rule here. Groups that don’t unite with one language/ divide into chaos rules, until genocide decides. that is:  “who you are”. as helped by media: who gives every idiot a voice/ every dead head and parasite, a say: because controversy is news (we can be RICH), and that makes chaos conversation (so long as its OVER THERE). People hide, and run away: from controversy here; screaming in their fears (I won’t pay/ you can’t make me: LET SOMEONE ELSE). As the universities scream:  “let me lie/ let me steal and cheat; take your money and betray you, and make your decision to terrorize all life and earth (plaguing the world with we are gods)”:  proving that today: we all face extinction, because that is exactly what you did do. Ending with, as reality proves true:  those who want a “new hitler”/ and those who want to kill all those, who don’t want them to be alive; (same/ same: both want to take what they want).  Like rats caged in an overcrowded world: WAR.  BUT, alas it is too late for war/ as will be your extinction. Only law can rule/ only law can provide an answer; we will live with. LAW BEGINS WITH: THE UNDERSTANDING OF WHAT IS TRUE/ “not believed”/ not wanted/ not us versus them/ not tainted with delusions or fantasy or “university knows”; but what reality does prove true; by the evidence we agree is valid and the best we can do. TO ACHIEVE THAT:  IT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, “THAT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES” BE INSTITUTED;  at least in this USA. because you not only have to prove what is true/ YOU MUST convince the others, this is in fact true; in a way they cannot easily avoid.

Separating groups, gives stability; because whether you like it or not: in an overcrowded world: everything possible to reduce the competition must be done.  EQUALITY however:  decides if you can survive.

THE FUTURE; is not going to be; men will decide:  because after 50 years or so of trying to invite you to help/ searching the truth of men and their means to decide.  I found, the only real solution of men, as history proves:   is WAR.  therefore abandoned, because their decision is war: and war is extinction. NO future here!       so the final days of earth:  are in the hands of female!   “like it or not”.

Because without true change:  this earth will overheat/ ocean life will die/ resources will end/ the poisons will overtake/ water supplies will be lost/ the food supply will end by genetic chaos/ war will come/ the atmosphere will detach/ ozone will fail/ extinction of species will be complete/ drought and flood and failures of all kind will prevail/ it may be allowed: that “your gods” will ignite the atomic bond of atoms; turning this earth into a sun. which will send up “a fire” just like the sun said to be a million miles long/ which will pull the moon into this earth as a fireball. and much more; if you still refuse to care. Still hide from reality, and run away from truth:   simple as that/ care, or die with horror, and no mercy at all.

Unlike “your gods” of universities; I do not try to make you fear (truth is truth)/ I do not try to make you believe (you cannot escape your reality)/ nor do I insist you obey (you do have a right to choose your fate or future). NOR do I try to blind you as media and the politician does. NOR religion offering you belief instead of truth.  NOT even to keep this world alive, for your child or the miracles of this world. Because you are the enemies of this planet; the cult who refuses to care. And it is YOU, that must choose to change your ways; in order to survive. Or all further work, is pointless.

UNLIKE “YOUR gods” of universities: reality proves evolution is for fools. “can YOU: BUILD an organ/ create a lung/ provide immunity against invasion/ create over 200 individual bones, and transport them to where they are needed/ provide the basis of information that allows everything to work together/ create a face, and make individual people/ allow talking, eating, seeing, hearing, taste, touch, smell, MOTION, an independent existence as is an independent decision. Heal keep a skin alive and remaining intact/ produce the chemicals that let food be digested/ produce blood, and the elemental transition between life and death. OR ANYTHING ELSE? THE ANSWER IS HELL NO/ YOUR “living dead: who believe they are gods”. Can’t do anything; but kill and destroy what keep us alive. And yet you believe them; and the pure shit; they do cover you with. To your own shame.        and yet: you say to me,  “THAT YOU KNOW”, when in fact you simply believe/ as is the tragedy of evolution (lets play, “the dead”) in your own life.

THE CLAIM OF EVERY UNIVERSITY IS: THAT THEY CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT/ INJECT AS MUCH CHAOS INTO NATURE AS THEY WANT/ PLAY WITH ATOMIC ENERGY AS MUCH AS THEY WANT/ DISCARD THE LAWS OF LIFE/ AND DESTROY THE SANCTITY OF LIFE ITSELF; REFUSING RESPECT FOR AN ENTIRE LIVING WORLD OF MIRACLES. Because they say evolution proves “its all an accident/ just built by chaos”. And religion says: “we believe our gods/ who teach us to pray; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT”. WHILE the rest say; “just leave us alone/ or give us what we want/ don’t let us die; and we will call you “the damned=going to be gods; to us”. To your eternal shame. WAKE UP, “YOU, children of the devil”. OR BE EXTINCT/ AND OFF to your new habitat “called Hades”.

“devil means= I WILL prove to you: NOTHING, MATTERS BUT ME”. because I can play god, with you.

while SATAN means:  I WILL DESTROY THIS WORLD, JUST TO HEAR YOU CRY/ by hiding in “the devil made me do it”.  All should play now, as media teaches you to do/ don’t worry, have fun!

Where are these things found? WHEREVER HATE, can push its way into power and pride can rule here. And when that disguise doesn’t work/ “the leftovers” become more visible predators, pursuing violence, through direct fear; instead.

IF:  YOU DESIRE THIS WORLD SHOULD LIVE/  then sign your name; and establish, “YES:  ME TOO”/ I do accept that it is necessary:  TO FULLY AND WITHOUT BELIEFS/ using, ONLY TRUTH, as the evidence can prove;  we do need to understand the gravity of what humanity is doing to this earth. and OUR FUTURE in it/ as life on earth. the price of being WRONG MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGED/  and the reality of letting truth decide instead of want:  MUST BE OUR GUIDE.