The greatest disgrace/ or the greatest value of life and society is found in the courtroom. UNFORTUNATELY as with america; the greatest disgrace is the constant/ because power rules the courts, and its policing. BUT WE MUST HAVE LAW, AND ENFORCE THAT LAW WITH JUSTICE; or society itself will fail, and then all you have left is war. The greatest vale of life and society is: in making the laws which serve us, “for ourselves”/ as is the function of redress when things go awry. To enforce upon the court: THEIR OATH OF OFFICE; opening the courtrooms to every camera and method of establishing “this is what we do, to the public at large”/ keeps power from ruling over the court. By insisting without question: that we the people OWN THIS COURTROOM, AND YOU WORK FOR US. Thereby if found guilty of not producing what is justified by our laws and our purposes as defined in constitutional government; which removes the leadership, to create our employees. Then we the people have an inalienable right: to remove the judge/ and find someone who will obey their oath of office to both state and nation. AS DOES PROVE: WE THE PEOPLE, BY DEMOCRACY in charge.

Innocent until proven guilty, is a valid measure for life and living; even if you are certain/ unless the evidence is real, instead of imagined; you cannot be sure. So stay vigilant and careful when necessary; but remember to forgive where you can/ and even forget if real repentance is true. Do not assume, it is tragic. Do not believe, where there is no sufficient evidence to convict. Do not judge, you have no right; let the law do that, if it must. Because freedoms, which do not significantly harm another: are more important than your beliefs or expectations. Let each decide their own way, but caution them when it is appropriate, as to where even an innocent decision, or people who seem “ok”, might go; and the consequence change their lives. Do not accept someone else is superior/ or less; it is not so: we are equals, and it is the law that judges when necessary, not you. Do not overrule truth with want; that then turns into a lie you chose. Do not want; of life or property or person/ what can be yours, will find a way; but everything has its price, and be sure of what you do spend your life upon. Because time is measured, and nobody gets “everything”. Some who are extra pretty find their lives to be a burden/ some who are extra “less than pretty” find a life that is their blessing; what seems good like money, can turn to eat your heart out. As excess money does for many; it steals joy and happiness, to give you back pride (I am winner/ you are loser) and power (I am judge/ which means you are less). The greatest gift of all is love, and love exists because we share, and accept the disciplines of caring that matters; even if it costs too much, respect aligns with what is most important to you. I have worked hard, throughout life and living; few knew, or cared; because they wanted what they wanted/ and I chose life and planet and the future instead. Interfering with the demand; I want to be rich; which means making the others poor (can’t be rich/ unless someone else is poor: you lose).

We only have this one planet/ it only grants to each this one life in time/ we choose our destiny by truth, and what we choose to value most; as is love reaches for joy. Eternity matters, but those who want what they want; don’t care, because they are busy doing whatever they want. Which always turns to pride, power, or the behaviors we align with hate. Love shares a destiny in truth, by accepting that truth will survive; even though we know the body will not. So the question is: if truth survives/ then who will know? That then turns to love, and says: our acceptance of life beyond self, will remember.

So we ask of miracles, as is the evidence of this living world: where true love grants, this is no accident. That respect aligns with the truth as seen in miracles: where there is love in evidence here, there is life. But the question remains: were we created, and then simply left behind? JESUS is the evidence: no we were not, but by his teaching; we are invited into eternity, by our love.

So the question turns to become: how, do we survive beyond death/ and why would that be true? The answer: thought gives to us all our lives, because without thought there is no recognition of life at all. Therefore thought is life, and life is a relationship with soul. Soul being the transition between time and eternity; as we begin to understand; even though life is a miracle, as is evidenced in this world. Unless there is love to guide us into true happiness and joy; we lose our desire for living. True for all of life; therefore love is the greatest treasure of this universe. Finding that in you or I; gives us hope; eternity will remember as well.

But people scream: I loved/ and am now heartbroken; because I wanted what I wanted/ and I needed what I have now lost. It is love that does this too me; and I am angry, it has cost so much! So the question is: would you have been better off without love or its joy in your life/ for the length he or she, was here? Your choice.

The end result of it is: that humanity screams: I WANT MY FREEDOM TO CHOOSE/ and so you received it, along with its consequences; as is the result of time. No going back; freedom is freedom. Therefore hope is life, and the consequences of your own choice; become the identity of who you are. Or more simply: your truth, is in fact your own truth/ no blaming the rest; it is the human way of life and living. Just as the current “lets kill this entire world, with apathy, arrogance, and disrespect”; has a cost beyond what you expect.

But people are people; and the vast majority surrender their lives to the herd, wanting to participate with the rest; so they all compete; letting fear and want choose; rather than live in the values of respect. When love is lost: they all blame someone/ and if they let hate climb in with them: that hate becomes a participant in their home, as truth is discarded for what I want instead. Families are torn apart, friends are torn apart, gossip leaves a tear that can become infected, beliefs enter in, and separate reality from truth; so that war can begin in you. Rather than truth decides “as best we can” for us/ me, instead. Hate breeds in want, and has the children called pride or power; who have no use for love. It is an ugly descent into lies become life; and then the cost to repair those lies is excessive; and the people shout “I won’t pay”; hiding what they have done, from the rest. But alas: truth is truth, and no lies will survive in eternity leaving only what you did do, and what you did choose for you. The cost you applied to someone else, as is your lost soul. Participating with life, requires love; or you fail.

Be fair/ be kind/ accept and give love when it is honest and true. DO NOT believe in want; and remember each person is entitled and must make their own decision for themselves. YOU cannot make it for them; as their own eternity is decided based upon what they chose. Would you want to be responsible for their eternity? If so, you are a liar/ or filled with hate; as love would not. We must choose for ourselves.

We must identify: HOW BEST TO GET ALONG WITH EACH OTHER: because we are faced with a lack of resources now. And the overabundance of humanity; who has no job or prospects for a future they desire. Absolute certainty is the path that creates for us all: NOT just for you. So the critical steps are: to assemble protections for how we eat and drink; understanding what is true decides. NO GAMBLING OR RISKING what is necessary to play gods! Learning how best to enable happiness through community and sharing the work as well as its benefits to all. Identifying the law rules us now, rather than want or leadership; as a world. Thereby removing all weapons of mass destruction; and with it wars; as the world by our own laws, will now rule “those who call themselves our rulers”.



In order to make community possible: you MUST recognize the fundamentals of human behavior. The critical truth of friendship is: that in order to have a friend, we must share our time and talents with the friend; because that is the price. WHAT IS critical about that is: in order to share time with a friend, we must take that time or talent; away from those who are already our friends; because we are “only finite people”. Just so much, and there is a push back,”to save me for myself”. Which means simply: if someone seems not to be friendly today, it generally means, they just don’t have enough time to let you in. When those who are mean to you, are simply intending to drive you away; they don’t want you to share your time or talent, with their friend; which makes them less able to share time with that friend, because now you are here too. So the critical truth of friendship is: not only do you need to make friends with someone/ you also need to make friends with their friends; and even then, some will decide “we have all the friends we can stand/ there is no more time to share with you.” so move on.

If you do have a lot of friends, or people insist upon making friends with you: as is the reality of nearly all “exceptionally pretty women”. That costs a lack of privacy; always on display/ which results in “fighting back”. The better alternative is: to use your opportunities, to direct those men to other women that you know. So they will want to remember you as friend; and the men will have no excuse at all, not to accept your decision is: someone else.

People who do not accept “Love is the answer”; choosing hate instead, when young are often looking for someone to prove how violent they can be (fear me). So with intent to be visible, they do pick on other people; so they can be noticed; by fighting with you. Use the law instead, as best you can. When hate gets older, IT HIDES; but lets out ridicule, gossip, and whatever might influence you into “losses”; so they can ride over you with fear. Hate lives for fear; by consuming you; from the inside.

The people who fall between love and hate; are given over to want, because that is what is left. Want defines a life, by providing selfishness and greed or lust. It is called animal, because the real world value of respect is missing; and without respect, there is no functional truth inside. Which will always end with trouble, lies, misplaced trust, heartbroken, and so on.

It should be recognized; that as with me, sometimes life is a bit overwhelming; and what is being fought with on the inside, overruns what is happening on the outside. As with the young person I hired a few years back. My mom had just died, several other things were influencing me; and the end result was, I turned inside for a bit; which removes the constant of value from us all. Or more simply, I forgot that I was not the only one having “issues”, and failed to provide a value. Failed to understand at that moment that others have their own set of problems which they must face inside as well. Or more directly; “we all have bad days/ and then regret, never going to be as perfect as I would like to be”. Sometimes you can fix it/ sometimes you can’t; life goes on. So, forgive what you can/ try again if it seems like a good idea. Always remember; everybody has a bad day sometimes; and go on with life as best you can.  DON’T lie, and use your parents for an excuse: they don’t deserve that. Always be fair.

A footnote: while I failed to properly do my duty, getting irritable when it was my own fault for not teaching properly. When confronted with numerous realities that had nothing to do with the day. It is never acceptable to physically take advantage of a child or any other person. Seek help when you can; forgive if you can; remember the body is part of time, but your life is part of eternity; “the body will not go with you”/ so in the end summary of time, just do the best you can. Only your own truth; as it involves love or hate, is all that really matters most. Let love be your guide/ let law take control over hate, and its consequences; so that you are not lost to forever. As to “traitors and terrorists”; policing is the answer, because fear is not. There is more threat in not telling the police, than in accepting fear: BECAUSE now, you are a witness, that can put them in jail, for a long time. Even though you did nothing wrong.

Remembering when you remove your own wants: then you never have a “winner or loser” day; because you don’t play the game. If you are not playing a game, then life is, what it is; and life is a miracle; to all who recognize, “I am Alive”.

Jealousy means: you cannot compete with this one, in this area at least; and that makes people change who they are, to protect what they believe is too important to lose. Do not accept it; but do understand it, as a reality that can turn love into hate. Or explains; that you are important to me, and I do wish you would stay. Love that is evident; needs no such thing. Truth shows.

Of the thousands of things which influence our individual lives; we can only touch on the most common definitions caused by time. One of those is the cause of dating, and the influences of finding a mate to share your life in time with. Of the most basic realities is: that the claim of marriage is for a lifetime, your lifetime. And it is without doubt, a very serious commitment to what will have value in your life; or take it away.

Young women look for commitment/ while young men look primarily for freedoms: both look for sex, as hormones command it to be. The constant is: can you control your hormones or not? Some can/ some can’t/ some fail life and accept drug addiction/ some lose/ some value celibacy/ some value playing the games; with trophies, toys, and trinkets to prove their pride and power over others. Regardless of the reason: sex is used to alter the conversations between man and woman; so as to discard the knowledge needed to understand where life will go, based upon the truth of our lives. Sex masks over all those questions, and pregnancy fills the gap, if you threaten to leave. But the end result of it is always: when searching for how you will live your life, it is best NOT to interfere with their choice. As they will blame you; if it is not as they expect.

Accept the truth; as is, I cannot commit at this time: life calls me to do other things! Women in particular seem to hate that, and refuse that, and try to change that; even though it is not their right. You must have patience, to form and find a lasting relationship. Not by want as interferes constantly, but by truth, as is evidenced only by love searches inside of us both, for what we can share, and how we will care for each other. It is not a game, and never should there be manipulation or lies. Nothing is fair about war/ only truth is fair, when conceiving of love. Don’t do, what cannot be undone; these are life choices, and each needs the freedom to decide on their own. You owe that to them, just as much as they owe it to you.

I think”; that perhaps one of the most critical lessons in life is: “just because you can/ does not mean you have a right”. Or more simply: most of the behaviors associated with the failure of society, are all based upon the same conclusion as those who create war. “as is: just because you can/ does not mean you have a right”. The same is true of sex/ the same is true of money and power/ the same is true of pride, and its intent to make someone else loser. To have a right: means, I am equal to you (both male and female same)/ because GOD gave me life, as is this living miracle of existence. One does not live without the other: Be equals/ be fair/ choose respect/ and love will not be far away from your heart. Even if there are none to share it, with life.

The primary lessons of sex are: “the penis is NOT your toy/ it is a tool, when used effectively can bring happiness to your world/ or tragedy if it is not. The lesson for female is perhaps: all is NOT fair in love and war; only truth is justified, only fair becomes a path by which, our trust can be born”. For both: no respect equals no relationship. No truth means: you will be having heartbreak soon. No sharing, means love is not here, only lust. No caring reveals, that you are alone: caring means you are not.

Universities destroy that, by claiming you are nothing more than an animal; as is the sewage of evolution. Yet there is no substance or proof of their claims; it is literally all a lie. Adaption is merely the proof of “an intelligent design”. Unlike university and its chaos, by accidental collection of one single thing at a time. BODIES NEED ALL OF IT AT ONCE; or the body dies. It cannot be living as pieced together, without all the parts you need to survive. And you know that is true. What value is a heart without blood/ or life without a brain/ or literally a billion more; and that only starts the reality of what a living body is. Proving without doubt: LIARS exist in evolution/ and humanity pays with their eternity. Every living body is a kaleidoscope of chemicals, made entirely within the body for your own purposes out of the chemicals other bodies of life have already prepared for you to use. YOU cannot do that/ UNIVERSITIES cannot do that/ life will soon lose its ability to do that; because of universities playing god with genetics; because you don’t care. Until life is dead, and Armageddon (nature in chaos) has arrived; and cannot be undone. Which means: you are the living dead, and your world is extinct; because that is what you chose. And proved by arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for truth, by the evidence of our own existence. Shame on you.