real world dating

RULES, AND ELEMENTS, FOR DATING “MALE TO FEMALE”; to understand is to begin the journey into truth.

  1. listen more than talk/ but do not be silent”. Understand that first impressions have very little to do with the values of heart, say stop if you need too. Because some will talk too much in an effort to continue being with you.
  2. Tell a joke if you can (prepare one: practice, as with all entertainment; “makes a difference”), smile and be happy; “look for the one who is looking at you, with a smile”. Cherish an opportunity/ but as it has always been true, to find someone you would choose to spend a lifetime with: requires, that you share hope, trust, and courage. Be those!
  3. DON’T pick on the prettiest girl (if she wants to know you she will do it). Men approach women they know will reject them/ to say “I tried”, when in fact they hid in that rejection instead. If you are the woman, lead them to other girls whom might want them. A benefit to all.
  4. Be kind, friendly, happy, and “spend enough”/ but not on booze, or to purchase a date: find a friend instead. You do owe the future, “cleanliness, respect, reasonable clothes, choices, freedom, rights protected, and the opportunities to change your mind.
  5. The rule of dating is: “you will probably meet a hundred people”/ before there is one who stands apart, as someone who walks the same journey as do I. A reality of essence, because if you do not share the journey/ that means you will part ways, or they will change you/ or you will change them. Not a right.
  6. Take something along to start a conversation with; be fair and open with nearly every conversation; even if it is beyond what you can honestly accept. Nearly everyone has friends, and the purpose of dating is to find the one person, “that finds you too”. Dating, is not an ownership of each other/ it is a gift to be shared. And if you are lucky, that gift becomes a home.
  7. Every woman wants to be sexy, so don’t be too shy! Simply respect the boundaries, that she decides how close you can come. She decides: back away now/ “this is too close” for me. DON’T be an addict looking for chemicals or trophies; as only fools and failures do.
  8. NO woman wants to be controlled by you/ even when they do; its a trap. Stand up for yourself/ but stand up for their rights too: so that neutral ground becomes a place you both stand for life, sharing truth, by creating justice and fair play between you. Love begins, where life finds living can be trusted. Accept a different view, “you, are not god”/ and neither are they. Don’t tempt, manipulate, or make decisions you do not own. Share respect.
  9. Life is not a game, and neither is dating; once playtime is over, and the decisions that have meaning to each one take control. Choosing for a lifetime is not easy. Because truth matters more than love. Walk away from liars, and thieves, they will only cause you heartbreak.
  10. Sex is, or should be restricted to trust; because it can be a minefield, which traps you “in the bedroom”/ refusing to let you go. Pregnancy is a threat, as are all sexual diseases. The chemical addiction of sex is a threat; as some cannot handle the truth of it or control the reality of it: because they remain a child inside. Others don’t want to accept reality, and become rapists or even less. Sex can keep a life near you/ but it stops the fundamental relationship, and denies a growing friendship. Because its purpose is to do the opposite: to balance changing each of us in marriage/ so that we blend together as love allows. Without that commitment, sex will deny you the future.
  11. Marriage is about truth, not a trophy, security, or reward. Respect demands more than sex is desired/ more than money decides/ only what is fair should be done. We owe each other our work, and our mutual companionship; as if there are no others. But make no mistake; DON’T destroy relationships (not your right or your job. Don’t ), find a way to improve them, and they will improve your life too.
  12. Religion is important, so be patient, respectful, and kind. You don’t have to agree/ but you do need to accept this is “part of living for me”. DO, remember this: we all die/ and we must all then decide: “what happens next, for an eternity”. YOU don’t get to decide, for them! NOR can they decide for you.
  13. Always search for the time and the truth, “I want, to be with you”/ as is evidence of a value we can share. WANT is, a very eloquent method of revealing what the future is going to be/ because want controls the life of most; and it will greatly affect the living you are about to share. “as I want what I want”/ invades your life too.
  14. Be cautious and protect the one you are with, as best you can. Settle it in your heart: they chose to walk with you, and your answer must be; I will respect that with honesty, as is we share a life in this moment.
  15. Find a way, “to walk in the values of time, toward caring for each other, as respect becomes solidified in your truth”. Accept truth decides the future, and understand; lies destroy everything you have. Friendship is the beginning of more/ but lies are the end of what is real, and you have nothing, if it is not real inside, where respect grows or dies.
  16. Accept the truth: dating does require “the interview”. To understand what life, work, home, living, future, and more would be with you. That will include, sex, as it is in partnership with time and a future to come; when needed to know. Too soon reveals the chain (I want sex, more than you)/ or it reveals the need (my life is lonely inside)/ or the heartbreak (another stole my love, and I cannot trust anymore). Be fair. Know sex has no simple solutions, but many traps.Those who find a “forever with you”; understand the journey begins with finding the time, to share time. Those who remain “safe”, find a way, to include others; until reality reveals itself. Those who take excessive chances; fail themselves, because like snakes hiding in tall grass; you cannot see the threat until it is too late. Acceptance drives the relationship forward/ respect builds a life: failure to respect “life”, opens the door for hate. Lies, are a clear warning to you. But caring is also a clear sign to you; beware the liar. Choose simple and plain; because we are what we are, shapes the future. Nobody is perfect.
  17. Remember this: that although love can be simple and plain/ finding a partner to share a lifetime with, is not. Truth alone decides if we share the same journey or not. While love only asks for your respect, it delivers the intensity of what we can share; because we do care. But it cannot become a future, unless reality knows “this is my home”.
  18. Remember this: men and women lie, some for sex/ some for a chain to keep you close/ some for financial gain; but all of it is for control. Because they want to play a game, and find out how far they can go. “testing the limits, and pushing out boundaries”. Unfortunately, that many times ends in chaos; as failure then walks through the door; because you chose what reality would not let you do, without lies, theft, or other. On the other side of that is: women use sex to gauge if you want them enough/ tests if you love them enough/ and strategies to conceive of your value to me. In contrast is the truth: can you stand, without hate, where you need to be; in order to survive? None of that is unimportant.
  19. Life passes us all by, and therefore we make decisions based upon the time that is found in living. As to dating, that means: if this is not the right one for me/ then it is better to end this now, than continue on; tears or not. Because if your heart lives somewhere else/ then that is, where you must go; even if love will fail; because it cannot go along. That is part of my own life: this work of life or death for our world, took precedence over everything else; because it is “the important part” of my life. Even though I would have preferred other choices; a dead world cannot be changed. So love lives, but it cannot simply stay, unless you walk the journey given to living; with me, or I with you.
  20. Freedoms bring happiness and joy, it is a foundation for living that must not be destroyed. But it is not free, because there must be limits and boundaries/ and even the liberty of us all; “to remove the human termites and cockroaches” that infest our lives with hate. Peace is tied to justice/ and justice is tied to fair play. In this USA where the serpent of university hate and arrogance took away all control for value and truth; substituting their greed and imagination for fantasies instead. The curse of their cult has all but destroyed this nation; as is seen in every threat we face/ and all the things “they swept under the rug”; so you could not see them. As media hides every truth, and cuts deep into every life on earth with their university born delusions. Our world is in trouble and about to die; because truth did not lead, and respect was used as a curse word, by the corrupt, who conspire “to steal it all/ with counterfeit money” as is the american dollar in real world: can’t pay these debts. SO, KILL the children instead.
  21. I will suggest to you: that the realities of kissing, are not “to consume”/ but demand “that we meet in the middle, and share the disciplines of orderly balance and truth”. Respect does that, on its own; when we both know “equal, but different”. Do NOT use a woman’s body, “for your rubbing post”/ STOP loving your penis; and love the woman you are with, who shares the hope of joy. Sex is not about “ANY form of measurement”/ it is only, to prove the care of what my respect for you, can be. Of destinies found, both life and living demand, “that the invisible world of thought” must be found; as it is the critical link between life and existence. Living within that existence, gives us a dimension to our lives; that cannot be created without thought. We call it love, when values and respect arise! We call it hate, when the abyss of want opens up, and swallows its victim. We call it time, when all you have or expect, is a body destined to die. The ascent into thought as love reveals, that love can be “boundless”/ but truth cannot. The descent into hate consumes the soul. And time merely extends as measured to be judged. The values of being alive are intensified, when male is desired (not want or lust) by female; giving to both, the secrets of moments beyond the limits of time, where soul can be found. Soul is, “the universal environment of thought”; where all life beyond the boundaries of time, find participation from every living thing of value. It illuminates the words; “we leave this world behind”, to conceive and create from within every living thing, the miracles of a living existence; as does establish freedom and rights within boundaries and limits: as the laws which keep life, alive. To balance the joined lives of male to female/ female to male; as balanced and ready “to become as if just one”. Thereby lonely no more. The treasury from which that does arise is trust, but hope is the bridge that connects truth with love, as only truth can rise in purity, to become as one with life itself. “the essence of eternity” now in us. Want is an evil thing; betraying trust to steal, or worse.NO, it is not a miss statement “when male is desired by female”; together they journey to find in soul, their truth of love. Just as it is true: men begin the existence of a child, by desiring female in time. To go beyond this existence, the key is given back to female; that in order to journey beyond time into “a new truth of life born again”; female must desire male; with honesty and truth. While it is also true, that some are left behind by humanity, or close themselves off to humanity: MERCY knows, and will compensate where love exists.Of destinies lost; “the great mystery” of my life is: what happens now, to me? As reality points out; “you are not male or female at this time”. It will not be “the man I once was”/ as that day is gone, and seems forever lost. Guessing is NOT what I accept, similar to belief; it is not useful or wise. So, I wait; wandering/ but without a clue. There is only one certainty: “there is absolutely nothing sexually desirable about men”; strictly “friend, worker, etc”.Nonetheless, life itself has been “one surprise” after another; to learn what I needed to know. That I might deliver this message to you; as a servant working. Doing what I can do, for life and earth. Initially, I was certain: “they don’t understand/ this cannot take more than ten years”. But I was wrong; you, the masses of humanity itself; simply did not care: GREED had taken over. With more threats “everyday”; the only things I could do, I did do. Even though different choices could have been made: “anyone who knows me, knows I am NOT perfect”. So I made the choices I made, and leave it at that; “best I did do”; simple and plain.IT IS, the truth of life, that we do love those we cannot have/ worshiping what we want, instead of accepting those who are willing to try. I have faced numerous tears, when saying goodbye; hearts breaking because of me. So I quit romance; because truth would not let life choose, “anyone, over a world”. The lesson: that love is a passage, but life is a journey, and we must make our journey before we can live for the moments which matter most. To belong to life is to love, to find romance is to heal trust finds a way; to accomplish marriage is to understand, truth will decide once we have made this commitment. So the value of our participation, is in our truth. While the truth of our love, is captured; by what we desire most. It is not the fleeting glimpse of romance that defines our soul, but the trust we accept, to be our truth. I would not have caused a single tear by choice/ but it is by my own choice, that tears did fall. The lesson is: we cannot own each other, thereby we cannot lose each other; because love is a passage beyond self, into another living world, where happiness is always free. But living is not; and we must pay the toll: which for me was always, “this world cannot die/ at least not without a fight, even if, I am the only one”. The door into that world, is by the truth of miracles, and the respect for Creation itself. GOD is real! And reality says: “nobody gets to be everything; we must choose all”. Thereby proving what we do desire most! IT IS, ultimately essential: to understand “who you are, at the intimate levels of your own existence”. Otherwise, you cannot offer someone to share your life; because you don’t know what your own life is. Critical to that is truth, and the trust in your own identity; as is the decisions that you made, prove your choice. I no longer know, “any of that”/ other than the foundation of my life is: “this world cannot die, without a fight”. So, until the entire reality of definition; is established: there just isn’t room to share the work, of living. Otherwise, it is a game; and I don’t play games with reality. Love is precious, and it needs truth to survive: so first that truth must be found. Its complicated. Not female/ but not male anymore either; “utterly swirled together”, and without the anchor of “gender specific”. No clue how it ends; but absolutely certain: “there is no surgery/ no uniform decides/ no claim that is not gender specific” and functionally in need of a miracle. One way or the other; as nature proves true; “one way, or the other”. But I am no longer in charge.
    1. I have debated this reality; and find myself, “wanting to want what I have lost, which is an independent reality as separate from the spiritual world of female”. But I also reflect upon the truth of eternity itself, which provides that male and female shall bind together; in order to establish no more loneliness for either. Which does make me understand: that I do not wish to be lonely “for an eternity”/ and the reality of “being the passenger” rather than in charge, is not so bad. What she predicted for me, has come true: we have at its core essence; traded places. I get to understand what female in time means now/ and she gets to take whatever it is she desires, to prove to women they must stand up, and fight for this world. Because as we both agree: this world cannot die without a fight, and men will simply turn to war; as history proves true. So my life has truly changed; and although I conceive of a life in eternity with more freedoms. Here on this earth, it seems the lesson will remain: “female now”. Still no clue; what that really means/ certainly NOT “sexy”/ NOT transgender or homosexual/ NOT trying to be female; “just adrift” in a sea of I don’t know. Providing one last warning to all: that insofar as all male and delusions of male are concerned: never try anything sexual with me, as the reality of my life is NOT for you. Your only reward: is HADES (eternal terror)/ and we both know, “I am not worth that price”. As every miracle proves: GOD IS REAL.
    2. half the worlds population is female; “so, I guess, at the core essence of existence (how force decides) itself;  why not me”?   WE ARE, ALL EQUAL! Even though different.  to understand the difference in force/ to better understand our relationship to each other; it is, necessary to view life from the other side. THE MOST critical question of life beyond time is: “HOW, do we live with force”? There is: both “push and pull” which are constructively opposite, but work as one if you understand the concept of living. So, being instructed in this question, WILL lead to a better understanding of what eternity itself, can become. I DO, begin to realize, “I should be thankful”. Its complicated: “when my tits are taking control”/ everything male, just functionally disappears. I don’t know how, its not a choice. And they never leave me completely alone/ not for the last 18 or so years. Believe it or not, I have absolutely NO control over my tits; at all! They do whatever they want, whenever they want; and I have to live with it; no choice. So, no its not a game. No, I “didn’t do nothing”; no drugs or whatever. I opened the door to the spiritual world of female; and later, found myself with tits; that one week or so later started producing chemicals. When told to touch them, KNOCKED ME OUT, for an hour or two; and utterly changed my life, over the next day or two; trying to cope. NO, I am not trying to influence you, or manipulate you, or lead you, or tempt you; or anything else: as indicated by this story of my life (not yours): which you can easily degrade with ridicule and gossip; as always. My story is, what it is; plain and simple a search beyond self, which extends beyond time. I think, “I am done”.   yes I know:  “its a strange story, few will believe”/ that is not my concern. But I am not the decision you get to make; of no real importance!  YOUR DECISION IS:  WHETHER YOU WILL SAVE THIS WORLD AND ITS LIFE, from humanity/  OR NOT?     Because the evidence is real, and you know:  TRUTH exists in that evidence; and you know,  YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO BE WRONG!   because there is NO COMING BACK from;  its  “extinction now”.    only a true fool;  turns away “from life by choice/ or extinction by “university knows”.  THREATS surround us all;   AS IS, just one percent rise in human population is 80 million more people per year.  80 NATIONS MUST then make room for one million more each, per year. and that is only the beginning.
  22.  whether you can come back to life itself; as is more important than dating/ to save this world. Is a decision only you can make. Is a reality of truth, in the composition of your own destiny; that will decide for your own eternity.
    As is “the best you did do”; simple and plain.Not because I can’t continue, “this daily newspaper”; but because you can’t continue as you are. Your world will end, and horrors will begin. So, it is time; to surrender this world to you. Humanity is the problem, humanity is the only solution; you cannot hide in religion: YOU WILL either save this world, FROM YOURSELVES/ or go extinct. Because you chose not to care. As to me; “male, seems to be going extinct”/ but I have no say, and if a new and different life should arise; “I WILL say, “thank you, to GOD”! Because it is not the gender nature provides; but the life GOD blesses us with, that gives joy to our existence. While it is true hate tries to steal that joy, and succeeds wherever hate is real. However: the foundation of life is thought, and what you are willing to accept, as love; defines your life. I have no say in what my future will be; and I accept that; because love is real. Love says: your life is going to be different; but offers no description of “how”?  not even “good or bad”? What I can say to you is simple: “the spiritual woman and I” work largely in harmony, even if she does insist and prove to be completely in charge. Her only concern is “female” by law/ my only concern is “life and earth” sustained by law. Together we both know: I failed, to move you/ but it can be said, “she is doing her best”: to make you understand, “this is no game”. As to you: “your own destiny awaits”/ to belong to life, or to death. IT IS your choice! But there is no going back in time. Thought is a destiny shaped by forces which must be controlled; that is a universal law. Entry into that force, is by truth/ control is by law/ the dimensions of our existence are created by love and its joy. But the foundation of it all is GOD who provides “LIFE”. To me and you. “same for all”/ even if time has been altered by human decisions.  IF YOU wait until “death stalks us now”/ you will not escape. Making this decision: “now or never”/ so choose, or be swallowed; “and then shit out”/ by the tragedies, of what will come. And the people say: “we are free to make up our own mind”/ you cannot make us do anything;  and so it is. But all the consequences of living without respect; all the tragedies of worshiping arrogance and greed, stealing and more; and the catastrophe’s coming of failing law and life because you just didn’t care enough: truly do represent what “universities did do” for you/ along with an endless list of experimentation, which includes mutilating nature into chaos/ trying to ignite the “same fire here as on the sun”/ endless pollution and poisons/ and more.   HAVE BEEN BUILDING UP FOR YEARS; due to the propaganda of media hiding every reality of truth, that existed to warn you of:   HELL is coming. 

    1. so your decision is now:  LIFE/  OR,  DEATH.  nothing more or less!
    2. Real world change means: that all the tragedies of male and female behaviors must be dealt with. Because change removes the game, and without a game to win or lose; humanity proves to be restless, and without direction. The alternative to a game is real life love, the commitments of sharing and caring and respect. The values of hope and love, created by truth and trust. The heart “of a miracle”/ and the soul that accepts destiny is within love itself. Beyond that is the truth: without the interference of excessive money, nor its power we can build a new life. Without jealousy, which turns pride into hate; the path toward an eternity; rather than death begins to shape life into an adventure/ instead of a cost. Without religion as is believe what you are told; the search for clarity in the evidence we can prove: will join us all together, by the evidence of love. But there is no room for “playing god”. No room for extreme experimentation or excessive risk in anything. The disease of welfare is removed/ and there will be a job for each; you will share the work, and rebuild with a future for every child; as best we can. But there will not be extreme medical intervention; no one dies from “little things” we can do/ but no one gets to receive; “everybody pays for you”. If you can eat, drink, and survive; then your needs are met for the first few months; because a long list of very important decisions in law; must be made. As these become conquered, you will move on to lesser things; until the value of our decisions is becoming clear and supported by the majority of us all. I AM NOT your savior; these are decisions and realities you must face for yourselves. I can help “an army of women” if they choose it honestly; to find answers as best we can.
    3. NOT “your servant”/ but hers; the cost of helping me, “was change”; she decides not me. Reality knows, “it was well worth the price”. While I cannot predict my own future; other than to say, all the evidence predicts, there can never be “going back to the man I was”. There is still room for “options; such as understanding women better”/ removal of war/ and what has value to life, rather than simply to male. Its complicated, but at 70 years old; my job “as male (fighting for your survival)”, is complete. OR, maybe I will just finish growing tits (however big that is), and live that way; or actually become female, as only miracles can do. Or simply get killed. I have absolutely no idea: it is not my choice.
    4. The cost of that however is: “she tore apart everything that was strictly male/ like an army destroying a city: leveled into the dust”. A reality of chaos, that felt like drowning; but when I rose to the surface, it was into a world that belonged only to female. And even if the conclusion of that, as is now real: even if it is completely obvious to women; I am not female, and don’t have a clue. “its complicated”: WHY, the body is left male except for tits/ but apparently spiritually just female now? Not homosexual/ not transgender/ none of it: the question constructs thought, “by a different view”. Just don’t know, complicated! I literally hope for the best. Change has occurred; life says to me, “you are now female”/ what was male exists no more: none of it; forever gone. Or more distinctly: “you have traded places with female/ and will back into your future (not knowing what will come); as if all physical solutions are gone. Proving: “you will know, what women endure”. There is nothing here; “for men; as with women, who see one of their own captured; all you can choose to do is watch”. And the people say: “we don’t believe you”/ you want something more! My reply is: what more is there, than to keep life from being mutilated into chaos/ fighting to keep this entire world from entering into HELL/ understanding law not war is the answer. And accepting the truth: all I can do, is deliver to you the reader this message of change or die. That is my work/ that is my contribution; and it is no more! Because you, are the enemies of life and world/ making only you, the reality of life or death; by your own choice. No prize to claim/ no trophy, trinket, or toy/ no purpose to lead (who would wish for that; as my purpose in male; intended to make you understand: when your only desire was greed, selfishness, and war). NO, I WILL NOT accept any responsibility for your choices/ THEY ARE YOURS. ETERNAL LIFE, the essence of love established; is its own reward.  “that; is strictly” an individual only, thing.
    5. And all the people say: HOW can you believe in an eternal life/ when the grave clearly proves, “this body is dirt”? The answer is: “can you make dirt come alive”? So we look for the truth of miracles, and find in that construction of truth itself: that while it is clear thought did this, that thought is elevated by A CREATOR; to assemble knowledge, create understanding, and define wisdom by the evidence of life itself. The critical ascension is then to occupy thought, and become acquainted with laws that complete the process of living: by entering within truth. What is true, is basically eternal (cannot be changed)/ which means it no longer acts or reacts as is the evidence of time. What is true, then becomes the foundation upon which we do build a life beyond moments. But what is true, cannot be changed: when the coffin of time closes, to identify you “as this is it”! What is true, then decides by purity of purpose beyond self.
    6. and the world says: “university is our god/ savior/ cult of choice”! But reality notices the evidence, and says: “how many million people” are now able to release a biological weapon against you/ where is your proof “of a vaccine”, that will not damage the MOST COMPLEX reality of life (as is human); while propaganda says “believe/ fear/ obey”. Your currency is trashed, making your claim of riches a fraud. Your world is threatened with the loss of everything by human overpopulation. Traitors are spread throughout leadership in this USA; as proven by “not even a steel manufacturer is left”/ and everything else you need to defend yourselves is gone: leaving only weapons of mass destruction, which are now controlled by artificial intelligence. The hidden military, “like Nazi SS”; are preparing robots, to slaughter and control you. Everything you need ransacked and raped! Yet you call me “stupid”. Because “the blind are blind”/ as is a cult. So, you tell me: what your future is going to be?
    7. And women say: WE WON’T TRUST YOU, or your, make believe “female friend”! It is a lie! Reality however reminds you all: that I am NOT claiming to be “of any great value to you”/ BECAUSE I CANNOT make you do anything; even though humanity is the enemy of this world: it is your choice. Not mine/ my choices have been made. It is your lives that will be raped/ your homes that will be ransacked/ your children who will be cannibalized (because there is nothing left; by war or the collapse of nature itself). It is you that will face “no water for us”. It is your world that will go insane; “because its dead now/ you killed every chain of life that supported this world”. These are consequences/ my prediction of costs, that universities, media, and more kept from you. And not one: has anything to do with me! Whether you believe the evidence or not: is entirely up to you/ not to me. Whether you choose to fight for this world, and all its life with law; or not/ is entirely up to you, not me. Even what you do to me, is entirely up to you; because male has been functionally removed from fighting back. His work is done/ female decides; and that is NOT a “comfort to me”. I guess, “this is how many women feel, when getting married”/ our lives are no longer to be decided by me. Regardless, I do not ask for your trust. I do not “command you to believe” as universities, media, and politicians do. I simply warn you: that the biblical predictions of Revelation 12: (the world is presented with a new life “child”)/ Revelation 17: 3 (“a woman, from beyond time: shall offer valuable things”; & shall take complete control over “the beast, called man”) has in fact come true. And I do say of me: that Revelation is not completely clear; about what is to happen to that man; “which turns out, to be me”. I DON’T know? Simple as that.
    8. A final word is simply: “i truly DON’T KNOW; why me”? Not about any of it, “just a plain simple man; willing to fight for life and world”. There has to be others!
    9. A final truth is simply: love cannot be found, unless you are willing to journey beyond self; into a world that is not fair. To find grace and mercy, in the destiny of life; those who find love, will share a heart that gives both balance and rhythm; to the values of love, by sharing trust. To honor and respect; removes the boundaries, to create a door within soul. And it is soul, that enhances love beyond self, in ways that bring true joy to us both. Live safe, but do not discard risk; as the world holds many lives “behind locked doors”. Those who are worth the risk, prove “they will care”, if they have a chance. But a door must open; or love will fail. I have taken “many risks” with life, but only one “with love”; which proved to be “the end of trust/ and the beginning of this work. So, I will grant simply; “perhaps it had to be so”. I did open many doors, but the end result of it is: I did do, the work that was mine to do/ and I do owe that, “to the spiritual woman who joined me in time”. She gave to me, so I give back to her; and will simply hope for the best; as love itself will allow. “time, shapes us all”!  I have found trust once more;  not because of “realities I do not understand”/ but because love lifts the heart.., and that becomes “our truth”.
    10. I did do what “a man could do” for this world and its life; and she endured me. IT IS her turn to do what she accepts is necessary for this world and all its female life; and I will try to endure whatever that is to be;  it is her choice/ it is her work; it is no longer mine.