OR more distinctly: unlike the sewer of “university knows”; where every fantasy is a truth that cannot be proven but by theory, or computer illusions.

IN THE REAL WORLD: EVERY TRUTH HAS A CONSEQUENCE/ and if there are no consequences: then there is no truth found. The development of critical construction in truth, as this repeats as a consequence EVERY SINGLE TIME; designates it as LAW.

The law of atomic energy is: that an energy in motion cannot be sustained as such/ unless it exists within a balanced state; which requires the opposite form of energy. Making the proton a kinetic energy (heat motion)/ and the neutron “dark energy” (cold stability). The energy contained by an atomic energy atom: is located in the kinetic motion (mass times speed) of spin established by the proton mass. TIME is the result of bleeding off that speed by electron interference; a very tiny bit at a time; as results in electricity. No more spin (death)/ or slowed (old age). The law of the sun is: that it consumes an energy source, which is released as heat (onto this world)/ which has nothing to do with the fools of physics and their delusions. Instead, the controlled chaos of protons in spin being “bumped together” caused a frictional loss of that energy with each collision: resulting in “sunlight and heat”. While the neutron released from its enclosure as an atom: results in the dark energy focused on the core/ which then becomes solar gravity, the ability to hold planets in orbit. “fantasy deleted/ delusions throw away”. Every consequence has a truth, and it does not include “theory, based upon the human sewer of ignorance”.

DATING; is a celebration of differences, between the lives, and living that is: being male or female. What begins as the simple truth, “now I know, these differences have meaning; turns into now I know, that life itself has meaning, where the disciplines of hope rise above our grip on survival.

So, we search for what is missing, and find in the opposite sex an answer that is not judgment; but the understanding of order does this: to express and experience what being alive is intended to be.

The university Satan, destroys these values in every possible way; by spreading lies, failure, the disease of distrust, the traitorous acts of pretending we are merely animals and nothing more, theft, violence, abuse, and worse. As is the cost of arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect associated with those who refuse to value more than themselves. The cursed who demand to play god, with life/ world/ and you; by indoctrinating every child into the delusion; of “university knows”. The maze of fantasies, that have no truth other than what university says; as is the foundation of every religious cult; ever formed.

TO DEPART; from the horror of fools, as above/ and define the living experience of being alive, within the miracles beyond any human approach. We must accept the realities of truth decides, not want or the illusions of Satan as formed in university. While it is a religious term: the cost of university is exactly the same as Satan: which means destroyer of worlds; as is arrogance, apathy, and disrespect for both life and law.

To separate the truth of law/ from the fantasies of cult worship: we must accept, that there are limits and boundaries, identifiable with life, by the evidence of “consequences”. Satan worships the claim of “no consequences for us/ we are gods”; and the evidence of their leadership is, a world tilting on the edge of extinction, because everything they changed: HAD CONSEQUENCES. And truth brings those consequences into our lives as a reality, which has surfaced to demand change or die.

So lets look into the world; and recognize the consequences that will make us die/ if we don’t change them. To understand with knowledge, the difference between what has the value of order/ and what is chaos, disgrace, deceit, denial, and will become destitute of life and even existence; because that is what the universities chose for you, as your cult leaders do. The result of a corrupted court/ corrupted government/ corrupted media/ corrupted schooling/ corrupted everything; with the ease of “refusing to care/ denial of law and its existence/ curse of life, and its mutilation; or threat of incineration and more.

But because life, “is the creation of life”; the foundations between living, and being alive; as is represented by “dating”/ are presented in contrast to the display of playing god over life, as is the satanic world of Universities.


WE BEGIN: with life, because it does have the value of miracles beyond human comprehension. As is proven by: absolutely none, can accomplish anything like: life is!

To which the universities say: WE WILL DO IT/ by injecting chaos into genetic nature; by controlling the same power of heat that is on the sun, HERE. so to prove their cult of religion, as powered by evolution can do what they say. Their decision is: to destroy nature/ and gamble with this entire world, by realities that will incinerate us all. Because their toy, and disease; of creating illusions and fraud; are in defiance of everything that is truth or law. But the cult worships them; because they want what they want, and universities gave them that/ as all screamed: “NOW, NOW, NOW,,,,,,,NOW DAMN YOU NOW; TO HELL WITH THE FUTURE; RIGHT NOW/ so I can scream MINE, ALL MINE”. Just like the universities do. And the cult shouts “believe/ fear/ obey”, as media leads them to be.

LIFE SAYS: being alive is an experience of truth and consequences; the foundation of motion, which displays the cost in “joy or pain” as the case may be. But time departs from truth and consequences, to align with the foundations of value; that depict LOVE versus hate/ or the animals who merely want what they want. LOVE seeks meaning in life, and accepts that we are functionally “not complete”; until we do find in the opposite sex; what is missing. Thereby the elemental creation of time shared: becomes complete, when the order of our lives expresses the value of our experience as one “not just two”; is the purpose of being alive as a living beyond self is destined to be. Where what is hope, becomes happiness/ and what is life becomes love/ and what is truth isolates a passion that accepts the disciplines we need to achieve, in order to balance our lives with truth. The foundations of dating, are intended to begin the process of completing life with truth.

Unfortunately; the curse of media and most of its entertainment: is designed to do the exact opposite, by creating a maze out of truth/ and disrupting the value of gender differences; by cheating life into believing “we are animals” instead. While there are human animals, who merely want what they want: as is the curse of lust demanding sex/ rather than the blessing of respect identified by “bodies shared” with love. The tragedy of human disease that is “university born”; seeks to devalue every form and facet of life and living into the chaos of evolution; their religious god of delusion and death.

We then identify that life and universities: are two completely separate realities of existence. Life is life, as nature created our existence; our experiences and expressions of value, by its truth and consequences of living.

Then there is universities: as created by dissolving everything true, as built upon throughout millennium; and recorded by religion and governments. So that they could create their image of god; by displacing what is real/ with the fantasies and delusions of evolution and universities is god instead. The illusion of value being healthcare, without consequences: as now threatens extinction with overpopulation of humanity. The illusion of genetic food manipulation as now threatens the widespread pandemic of disease associated with extinction of life. The illusion of poisons have no consequences as threatens worldwide crisis for water and more. The illusion of weapons of mass destruction have no consequences; “cause we know better than to use them”/ pure sewage. The illusion of pollution/ global warming/ and every other threat as does exist; which includes more than you can even imagine. All at the hands of “university provides, what you want: with no consequences for us”.

But alas: the consequences, covered over by “want/ want/ want; NOW DAMN YOU NOW: begin to appear. “they are endless, massive, include basically everything; and without change; WAR, at best”.

But I reply instead: does not death protect you, from a body that is becoming worthless? What could you gain, from living forever if not; by the value of a body that does work properly, and give you motion? Death is the removal of body/ just as life is the understanding of thought, is what gives us “the living/ called, ALIVE”.

Time is measured by distance, the motion encapsulated as you; by the force granted to your own body. But time offers very little in terms of value/ it merely delivers as your body does: the evidence of experience and expressions, that are not found in other ways.

VALUE instead: surrounds us with life, just as love identifies the joy of sharing what life can be, when we choose to care; with respect. The identity of this world of living existence is; “diversity” resides in its design/ so that each one has a choice of some kind to make. Proving it is freedom that grants the authority; to prove your own truth. These are elements of thought, and its transition beyond self; which enters the environment of life beyond time.

What is living, is then to be determined by what is true. What is true is: this world does not exist, but by thought/ as we know, it is no accident; and chaos merely destroys everything complex. Proving that has nothing to do with life; other than “the liars exist”.

What is true is: THIS CREATION OF LIFE is by design; the opportunity to find inside yourself, the decision to participate in what is true; to uncover the discovery called respect, which leads to love beyond self. JESUS is the guarantor that we were not created to be abandoned. But have within our own selves, the choice to participate in living as love cherishes: the miracles which surround us, as gifts to our own existence.

Hate destroys all things; therefore look around you, and see the hate; you chose instead of respect for life itself. ‘universities lead”/ but they lead to HELL.

The body of time; cannot go on past the motion which gives it, the identity of life exists; to experience or express what being alive is to you.

LIFE however is the identity of our Creator, and it does not leave this world; without a destiny shaped by what you did with your choice. Death means: LIFE returns back to its Creator. THEREFORE you must go with that life; or be abandoned to the dissipation of an energy which no longer exists.

the WATER SHORTAGE; is beyond your comprehension.Mexico City water crisisJust like;  global warming and everything else: is beyond your comprehension of tragic and horrifying.

When the aquifer is dry; it loses the space held apart by that water/ and then collapses for form rock: ENDING its ability to be an aquifer forever.

SO, IF MEXICO CITY fails to stop “right now”/ there will be no aquifer in the future; as they are already complaining of ground settling. MAKING IT NECESSARY for 22 million people to MOVE and immigrate wherever they can. Or die.

A reality facing the truth of human existence: AROUND THIS WORLD/ because they all are facing “ a dry well”. No water/ no life: WAR, because we cannot share, the little we have left.  TRUTH, AND ITS CONSEQUENCES! Money has no value/ when compared with water, when in need: as is another truth/ with consequences.

Of the limited realities we can do: send tankers to Greenland or other places where glacial melt is massive/ install more filtering factories to remove salt from ocean water; or explore the machine conceived of at


other things at;


The universities led you to discard. “plenty plenty plenty; let media sing them a lullaby/ and the politician hide: because people WANT what they want; TO HELL with the future/ NOW DAMN YOU NOW. Becomes extinction is a predator.

When the temperature is a degree too warm:  life ends/forever gone.

And then we have in this nation USA; the production of ethanol/ to remove water supplies. The injection of trillions of pounds of toxic waste surrounding every water supply. The removal of structure, to destroy water supplies. The poisoning of water supplies by military experimentation or denial. The consequences of any major earthquake releasing those poisons. The complete failure of “government”. And of course: at an international level, the use of fishing trawlers so large and effective today: that they take every single last one/ which ends reproduction of that life; along with destroying every habitation on earth; both land and sea. “just to start”, a very long list; courtesy of “university knows”.

AND THEN: a one percent population rise, adds at least 80 MILLION MORE MOUTHS TO FEED, each year/ and every child born in the last 16 years or so continues to grow, and need more. Making the reality of this earth: a horrifying truth, without a future. Making change: the only possibility left.

You, are a world “without a brain”/ as the descent called “university knows” has drained real life away, in their curse to make you dead; just like their leaders. If you had a brain: you would not be listening to media tell you what to think; but search to understand the cost of global warming and all the rest that threatens all of life and world with extinction. You do not do any of that; and have not for decades; as the reality of “university is god” takes control. Collapsing every attempt to find a brain in you: within the reality, you won’t care/ about anything “life”; so it is utterly worthless, to talk, or exert any effort to make you understand. Abandoned, until reality returns, as is: when the world dies, everything I love will die with it. So back to the scourge of people who have no brain; which has produced in me: there is no cause to care what you think, because you do not think. Even so; the tiniest bits of effort must survive; as hope is essential to all living things; not already dead.

So, I write for you/ because anything more, irritates me too much to even give you a chance to be more than “the living dead”. As decades proved true.

GIVEN THAT STATEMENT OF FACT; we turn again to the realities of life, and try to find “a damn hole in the cult worship of a rotting corpse, sucking the life from you”. To their shame, and yours.

RESPECT IS THE BOUNDARY LINE; between what has value, and what has no value. Thereby it is the difference between love (all things valued): and hate (all things discarded, mutilated, raped, ravaged, ruined, violated, abused, violence, cursed by foolishness, failed by delusion, led by ignorance, and so on.

So what is the matter with this human world? The universities led you into disrespect (nothing had value, but me)/ cursed you with arrogance (nothing is superior to us)/ denied you life with apathy (worship the cult called university: OBEY/ BELIEVE/ FEAR; because we have taken control as gods). To your shame, and theirs.

THE PATH BACK, IF IT STILL EXISTS in you, the shame of all history: is to accept RESPECT IDENTIFIES THE WAY/ TRUTH BECOMES THE PATH/ LOVE EXHIBITS HOPE/ AND YOUR OWN IDENTITY testifies to the value of life itself. Because in death, as is the purpose of hate and its universities called Satan/ there is no hope, love, life, truth, or passion to exist; beyond I will take in this war; as your god rapes; because we want.

LIFE IS BEYOND THE CURSE OF “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”; where the sewer feeds the graveyard of your discontent. The place who cultivates, “let the dog packs form”/ so they can terrorize the rest into abandoning life itself.

By turning this world back:  into “predator or prey”/ as it was, before JESUS came.    WHERE A TRUE REALITY OF DECISION:  WAS IDENTIFIED,   “by this is love/  and this is hate”; and it is YOUR CHOICE!

In that day; they slowly turned to law, to remove the predators/ turned to law to separate hate from life in society; but hate remained close to governments, so they could declare war. Today this is a dying world, an overpopulated world, a world attacked through universities control; with threats of extinction the evidence proves to be real: and you cannot turn back slowly. Soon your world will die (hell is coming; as every chain of life is removed)/ or you will be incinerated (lets burn atoms_HADES) with those who play god prove themselves WRONG/ or your world of nature will descend into chaos, Armageddon, because the religious fools of evolution went too far/ or as Mexico city now proves: without water, the apocalypse (extreme war) will prove true.

Yes it is harsh; because as has been the last “fifty years”/ you refuse to surrender your pride enough, to be alive as humans; cursing the world with want, as animals: refusing to let this world survive with hate, leading to death. Throwing this living world away, with “beliefs/ fears/ and obedience to the devil who brings you to death”; and kicks out the plank; abandoning you to the abyss of failure is all you have left. WHO LEADS YOU? WHO SATURATES YOUR WORLD WITH “lullaby’s (don’t be afraid/ shut your eyes, and forget EXTINCTION is real”)?           EITHER GO BACK TO LAW AND REALITY, BY ITS TRUTH THROUGH THE EVIDENCE PROVEN REAL, and untainted as best we can.   OR BE EXTINCT.  the only choice you have left.

IS THEIR HOPE? Find respect for life and world: PUT IT FIRST/ and begin again by changing all that is wrong. As the evidence here suggests.

And people say: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ DAMN YOU, for trying to take that away from me. But reality replies: I have taken nothing from you/ by simply presenting the evidence of your failures: you recognize/ OR LIE, about what you, or your cult of universities; did to yourselves.

And the people say: I DON’T GIVE A DAMN; I WANT WHAT I WANT/ LET THE FUTURE DIE, so long as I get what I want.

But reality replies: for the last fifty years you have been saying that/ and it is now time to pay up, as the cost of what you did, and did not do; HAS MULTIPLIED. You said: let the children die; they inherit whatever is left/ just like us. But reality replies: YOU STOLE their world, making them inherit nothing but your descent into HELL.

And the people say: WE ARE HAPPY/ and that is all that matters to us; the children benefited, “with more stuff”: so they have no right to complain.

But reality replies: all you can buy is pride, not happiness which is part of love you do not own. Your pride fails: unless you can continue to buy “everything you can”/ and your world, which is a very finite form of space/ CANNOT SURVIVE what you do; as 8,000,000,000 people [a line MORE than 8 million kilometers long, of human, one meter apart, touching human] search 24/7 FOR GIVE ME MORE, DAMN YOU I WANT MORE; TO HELL WITH THE REST, I WANT IT ALL! As reality proves: your descent into the abyss of want that turns this world into HELL, has already begun.

The last days begin; as a witness to your greed.

Which makes the reader here: the final stand, between life and death of this world. Without true change, nothing survives.

And the world says: “the universities are our savior/ healthcare so we don’t have to die”. But reality says: these maker of poisons, which invade the body of life; are also the primary cause you need healthcare. the primary cause of all birth defects.  As is proven by my own example; “after using a new glue product, over an eight hour day/ I suddenly found my self in the emergency room; because the glue had entered through the skin; and was attacking organs in me”. A reality that would not have existed: “without the glue”/ or at least sufficient warning to insure I knew!  but alas; GREED rules/ truth, life, and world does not. How is that different, THAN UNIVERSITIES RULE; creator, of all the things which do affect you tragically, as well? Because like smoking; most don’t experience a problem with it, for forty years. And they all say: I don’t care/ until they do.

And the “dead” will shout and scream: WE CAN KILL YOU; because they believe, what they believe; and without fear, you are not their slave. Consequently the value of life says to you: CHOOSE?

So, let’s review: the living dead scream “CHARGE, we will take what we want/ rape who we want/ and leave nothing for a single child, because we are the superior ones; as is universities lead/ and men shout WAR.

OR, being alive requires you to accept the responsibilities and duties of being respectful to this whole world, and living within the law; so as to create justice, peace, happiness, and fair play for all. Which does remember every child has needs just like you.

Their way: can be seen on any battlefield devastated by their choices; where starvation is rampant, and tears flow like rivers.

OR, building the value of respect for our living world of miracles, makes life worth living; by understanding it is the law, which gives us peace, happiness, hope, the time and treasury of love; and all that becomes the destiny called soul.

IT IS, your choice.

And the world whispers back: I don’t want to change, because that proves I was wrong; and I want to believe I was right! “as my mom and dad, both did”. Because even a little change, proved to be too much; because belief in what you want/ the pride of being “in a herd”; is more powerful to most than truth. They both found mercy; but that does not mean you will. The destroyers of a world, “are called Satan”; who then are you?

While you can attack me: you cannot change what is true/ unless you do accept the evidence of your own reality; and change yourselves. As is: ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE NOW, and truth is identified by its consequences; not the fantasy of university and their delusions, used to create the maze; so you can be lost in their world of fantasy is all we need.


as for me/ or, I, in my own way (not knowing what the spiritual woman inside will do_)”; stand on the edge of old age, which threatens by the evidence; “a living which either sinks into the quicksand/ or falls down, to end that way”. Your threat of death is limited by these things. As to threatening what I love, that has already been done; by this human world. As for taking from those who are called family; their time. The question remains: would they be better off “now, rather than later”? The answer; is with humanity, not me/ and what you choose to do; with change. Words that have an impact; cannot be changed, with the death of a messenger. It is that simple. Attacking “I”, or those who have lived near my life; will only increase your descent into the terrors, of HADES. As we all wait to see: if GOD will allow this world to be incinerated; as an advanced curse, for being WRONG.

And all the people say: “we cannot trust you/ a mental disgrace/ who claims a spiritual woman is inside of you”. Even though I remind you: it is your evidence of your decisions that threatens you; not me. And while “the spiritual woman and I, are personal (not you)”; you claim it is. But that is not true, and we both know that is correct. As to male: reality says, men are defined by the challenge to subdue other men/ subdue women as a beast unleashed/ or subdue this world, by taking all they can get. I find that tragic and unwise; so the grace of joining “with female”; to find another way, within the law; is better, even if, “I had not expected this”. You kill this world: I do not. That is your epitaph; it is not mine. As I did for you, as male, all I could do for those who refuse to let truth decide.

It seems to me, “the messenger, of my work; is gone”. It seems to me: what is elementally male, has been replaced. It seems to me; life has left its anchorage of male, and is now floating away from what is known. “lost at sea” waiting to find a new beginning. NO, not by “wearing the uniform”; but by the search for knowledge, and its understanding: where the beginning of time, becomes human. As I have no other real “other than tits”; attachment, to what is female? Don’t know how it ends, or even where that “critical journey”, begins. Or, if time will be allowed, for this earth; to let time decide or describe; what my new life will be? It is a quandary, as I lack the basic ingredients to define what this is. Nonetheless; it is, a spiritual journey, into “female lives here too”. Hoping for the best. You are who you are; and I am, who I am: I do not expect you to understand: “my world”; it’s not your job. But same for you, I am irrelevant to your choice: as every threat you face, is the result of being human, cursed by, the freedom to choose: greed, pride, and hate. I repeat the warning: whatever the spiritual woman does to me/ IS NOT the concern of men; strictly between female and I. There is no allowance for male/ unless it is male, who must be stopped;  at the cost of your own eternity. “the cost is terrifying” to you:  nothing “homosexual, or perverted” is allowed.  spiritually defined truth, means:  “it is a female only world”. NO, still don’t know why me? a complete mystery.

“the herd” is more important to you/ than to me. I will not care, “what you think or believe”.

The challenge of dignity: is to accept, the limits, boundaries, and realities of your own decision, as the do become the consequences of your own life. To suggest: that you can be different, requires real change. But that is true for you as well: because this world cannot survive, the decisions humanity itself has made. And that is the truth of your evidence, to you. Life says to me: that change as indicated for me, is beyond the scope of my own identity/ beyond the perimeters of my knowledge/ and outside the boundary of my understanding. But regardless of that; the reality of time, and the consequence of a spiritual world; holds a different key, than my own decisions. Time will prove, what the spiritual world will do. Beyond the wall of death, the dimension controlled by loneliness: the body has no say; because the spiritual world owns all, that life can be. Including what happiness will become. It is, constructive to add: that at one moment in time; “it seemed to me, that I had died (a gray area)”; yet life picked me back up, and I began again. becoming somewhat different, than you. No, I don’t know why, it is not my right to ask!

The discovery of truth, begins with: “I am not the person others made of me/ rather I am the destiny of what, my own truth decides. The journey past discipline, honors the grace of order, to become the variant (as it needs to be) called balance.

Discipline shapes time into a body that we use for life/ honor identifies what value means to me/ grace constructs the truth of how we see respect unfold in what we do or don’t do for life or self/ order is the passion to keep living, alive in truth; because truth is a variant determined by people, when they interfere with the constant of what law demands. While balance forms the journey, of where our heart forms, from the nature of its beat. When shared with life, the heart finds respect, and when loved by the creation of trust; we bind ourselves to what is true. Soul begins here.