As my reality begins to shift, from “what is female/ to female is”; the consequence of that adds clarity to the purpose of this existence. Which is to identify as with female: that to remove leadership MEANS; there is no one to declare war/ allowing that only law can then decide what is fair.

Men want war, when law fails them; in their pursuit of “want/ pride/ and power”. So that chaos can reign in order to unseat the power that took control/ so that all can then start again. pride sees an opportunity, and the thirst for power takes control: to produce “what was yours is now mine”. The cost and consequence of world war 2. Because not only did “the winners want revenge”/ the losers (Jewish group) who had the opportunity; saw the crisis of money, and flooded in to take away the nation itself. Evicting those who were there.

BUT, THEY HAD NO NATION OF THEIR OWN; and were desperate.

So the critical truth is: to sustain peace: EVERY GAME OF MEN must die/ and reality take control, by understanding: that we will share by law/ and we will control the curse of want by limited capitalism/ and we can contribute to value by discarding pride; because caring is worth “a million times more”. And we will eliminate power by examining what is true, and finding the cost of being wrong: will no longer be allowed. As is the removal of hate from our lives and society. Established by separation, and boundaries that will not be crossed without death. Peace and life on one side/ death and war by chaos on the other: no crossing the line/ as enforced by all means possible.

The end of war means the end of all weapons of mass destruction, and that does include invading every laboratory around the world; and all that conceives of the potential to hold anything “lets play god”/ against us; that could become biological warfare such as covid did do; to us. Reminding each curse: we will now judge you, and return to ourselves what is fair.

The beginning of peace REQUIRES: that we judge the judiciary, and remove all but the legal participants who desire to make life better, by establishing what is justice, and what is fair to us all. You will grade them, and if they fall below the level you have set: that will be replaced, and potentially punished; as the warning you provide describes.

There is no option but world law to survive; because men cannot control their leaders/ and their leaders will insist on war; demanding weapons; so they can war. Consequently IT IS WE THE WORLD LAW, that removes their ability to do that/ and consumes their power to control the hate that is needed, to force war on the others. That means: you will control the currency by “constitutional law (none will touch this, for any cause or reason)”. The currency shall be tied too: the population count of the nation; so many numbers per citizen/ and no more. Ending the power to create or control debts by the government official in any capacity is over. Because with debts that cannot be paid/ or currency that can be counterfeited (such as declaring assets which do not exist/ or incomes that are pure fantasy); the power to create war begins. Currency between international economies will be given over to only REAL WORLD VALUES; as agreed upon/ proving a tax upon the richer/ shall provide the steps for a poorer nation to compete for life is better now.

But only if the proof of: population control to zero rise or less, now exists.

NO IMMIGRATION IS ALLOWED; UNLESS, you have proven true population control as a nation/ and only then, a trickle until it is clear; this is a decision that will survive the test of time. Immigration is not to be an invasion of the others/ as you have no right. But once the population is stable and NOT before: there shall be a re-division of land, as is suitable and fair/ to let each group provide for itself; as is critically necessary. Because “same is basically same”/ and life needs to depend upon: what is consistent in their own lives. To remove the chaos of differences, ending individuality/ instead of the university way: that is, make them all the same; animals. Because in a panic; they will kill themselves. There is NO MORE “WE WANT or WILL TAKE MORE”. There is only truth and reality; as is the end of your want; and the beginning of “humanity matters, because friendship and truth” are better than “your mountains of garbage”/ as is the end of life on earth.

SATAN IS DEAD; because you will immediately move to dis-constructing all forms of the intent: “ LETS IGNITE THE SAME FIRE HERE AS ON THE SUN”! BECAUSE THAT IS AN ATOMIC FIRE/ AND YOU CANNOT CONTROL IT! Ignition (JUST ONCE) means; this earth becomes another sun/ because the plasma is self sustaining. And your fools of satan on earth; cannot hide in their delusions and fantasies anymore. Tear their world apart, and leave them with nothing; as is consistent with threatening an entire planet of life.

THE DEVILS CORPSE of genetic mutilation throughout all of nature ENDS NOW; or Armageddon comes. Which means HORRORS beyond your imagination shall be unleashed.

REALITY COMES; which means you will rise up and protect your water sources/ world from heat/ oceans from collapse/ habitat from extinction/ ending pollution, and protecting resources from the curse of men and their want. Finding in life itself: the decision, WE WILL NOT LET THIS WORLD DIE.

AS IS: the beginning of resurrection, from your extinction of life on earth/ as chosen by the gods of university; who failed you.

SO we review: to find it is the games men play, which defeat the majority/ and then in retaliation, they resort to war; in order to get something of what they lost back. Or it is war that says: “our group” is far more valuable than your group/ so we won’t care, what happens to you. As is the rise of genocide; when the weapons are to be found only among “just one group”.

Want is: the method of measuring how to: “forcing/ manipulating/ tempting” someone into playing the games men want to play. Gossip/ sex/ ridicule/ fighting/ declaring “its just business, nothing personal”/ and other methods of overriding someone else s life; are all used. Religion rises here to enforce: if you only listen to our rules, pay our price/ the game won’t matter. But often that turns into a game as well; particularly today, where the universities rule religion in order to achieve a greater cult worship of them.

The critical description is “believe”; which is mediated with truth and investigation; rather than being blinded by media telling you what you will believe.

Pride is the method of controlling the rules in order to make certain “I/we win”/ not you. Thereby the trophies, toys, or trinkets belong only to us. Depression, suicide, theft, various levels of crime all arise here.

The critical description is “obey the rules”; which is mediated by taking over the rules as society itself provides. Eliminating “he who has the gold rules/by insuring THE LAW IS OURS; and limited capitalism will decide what a trophy or toy or trinket is allowed to be. Thereby equalizing the game for all players to compete.

Power is the method of judging the winners; by using rules to insure there can be judgment on you. The righteous love their rules: NOW, we got you! Which if not enough, becomes a violence, and then a war on your life; to prove “we/ I, did play god with you”. Revenge seeks to prove; NO, but most often fails.

The critical description is “fear”; which is mediated by removing all weapons of mass destruction and eliminating the excuse of war/ with world law, and justifying society itself: by judging the judge and legal realities of a courtroom; for ourselves.

So then this is basically what men want/ and hate: and need to change, with real world solutions; that do not “play a game” with life, work, or living. And reality says: what happens when some will lose, or throw away their lives or living. Which then demands: we either have to let them die/ or save them from themselves, even if they don’t want that?

The critical test is an education: whereby we are all made aware of the choices we must make for ourselves and our world/ along with the cost of being WRONG; as is so evident today. That the universities, being in control of education: used it to indoctrinate a cult of worshipers; who then let them play god/ because as sheep led to the slaughter house door: they did not know how to turn away.

Therefore I am present: to inform and teach HOW NOT TO BE SHEEP. (by these writings) providing the means: for, Taking back your lives from the ones who hate you, by fully intending to make you slaves; as your universities did do, with the full cooperation of media and politics. In order for you to do that: YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Rather than fear the cult of universities control your very lives and what you believe; by making you fear the lack of obedience; will cost you your future. Or as universities demand: MIMIC/ MEMORIZE/ AND REPEAT; or there will be no diploma. SAY WHAT WE TELL YOU TO SAY; or there will be no job/ only a lifetime of debt and ruin. While media tells you “what you think”/ so that you don’t even have to try.

But make no mistake: I am not your god, or savior, or guru, or any other than simply “a messenger” taught to be a teacher. (can’t save you/ never intend to lead you/ etc). To present to you this option that is: investigate and prove, the cost of being wrong. WAKE UP YOUR MIND, AND YOUR SOUL! Because your whole world depends upon truth. And this current method of living by university knows; as media reports for you to believe: is primarily a flood of lies.

Some value is given: so you don’t suspect the lies, theft, cheating, fraud, failures, diseased soul, or dead skeletons (without any life left inside). But the end result of it is: UNLESS YOU SUBMIT TO THE REALITY OF WHAT HUMANITY DOES NEED TO KNOW/ IN ORDER TO SAVE THIS WORLD; what is left is submission to the dead.

The critical truth is: disconnect the utilities from every university experiment of any size/ so they cannot continue, until we the people; have decided to allow it. The complaint we cannot know what they are doing is negated: by simply calling them into court/ and demanding, we if we not as a majority fully understand/ it is back to prison you will go, until we do. IF, on the other hand you are found to be intentionally lying to us: the door will close, on you.

Lock every door of universities: proving that we the people will defend our world. Stop every insanity/ and understand; when tempers rise, what it means is “the lid to their coffin of nothing but self here, has opened/ and what pride has declared is dead inside is now showing you what is true”. As is true of all hate. Even those disguised; will reveal what is inside; if they believe “I am free, to do what I want/ you cannot harm me”.

When hate is submerged into power: it becomes an empty coffin; as the disintegration or ending; to being human has taken away “life”.  These are:  “the dead skeletons of life”: nothing of value is left.

Remove the blindfold of religion; and construct what is true/ discarding all belief, in favor of “faith in what can be proven true”.

Identify what does have value, what significantly impacts the lives of every child; and teach how best to work within the limits and boundaries of what life does allow.

Create justice, and eliminate the poisons of “university knows/ universities play god”; so that pollution in all its forms; and be contained and managed in a new way; which respects life and earth and GOD .

Search and investigate, as is the breathe of life in us all. Assembling for life, what is true/ by respecting what is real; in you and me, and eternity.

Consider this: that life without love, is without value/ therefore what is true to love, is the foundation of living in happiness. Created by the truth of justice and fair play; bound in laws that will defend life and world. By separating hate, from our lives. By choosing to live beyond simple selfishness; as a blessing to all. Thereby we share, and construct the caring that is family truth. Honoring the elemental differences between male and female, in order to achieve the balance of being “more than I am, alone”. So that true joy might arise, within the boundaries of our soul; as the limit of hearts shared, finds the glory of being as one.

Love lifts us, into the passages of truth. Truth lifts us, into the dimensions of life beyond self. And life lifts the purity of that truth into eternity; as if we joined “soul (the place of GOD ) itself”.

JESUS stands as the clear example of what is different and true: about love versus hate! The guarantor of life, beyond the limits and boundaries of time.

Universities stand as the clear example of “human animals/ the herd of man”; trampling life and earth into submission. Without the slightest concern for what the future of these consequences will bring. Becoming by the evidence; an animal that destroyed the humanity from its brain. As is the result of mutilating nature/ poisoning or polluting everything/ and even trying to ignite atoms on fire; “just like the sun”/ here on earth. To literally turn this earth into a sun.

and humanity the animal says: WE ARE BELIEVERS/ you cannot scare us. Yet I do not scare you: I merely report the fantasy and delusion of people who claim they can be gods/ but have only achieved the truth of “Satan” (which literally means: destroyers of a world). As is “university knows”.

I have done my job. I have lived within the parameters of what you have allowed, as the length and breath of my freedoms among you. And you have lied to yourselves/ accepted every lie, without a clue; and live as a cult worshiping universities as god. To your shame.

The reality is: the dead fall of human arrogance believes they can crush me at any time/ so they leave this “little light on”; to steal what they can steal. But, “like a whisper in the wind”; sometimes it is heard; by the living. A reality yet to be proven true, as you whimper and moan: “its not our fault; for being a cult indoctrinated not to care”. Alas; no excuse is allowed: in life or death of this living world. Simple as that.

I did complete my work. I remain to lift “female” to try; fighting back for life and earth: but little hope remains; as the dead weight of your being “anchored to universities”. Becomes your grave.

I remind each, throughout these “fifty years” or so/ my one demand of you was: GO TO COURT AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG! But as with all animals; the bribes are too good/ until death stares you in the face. And then it is too late to change the result. To your shame.

As for me: I continue my journey into the dimensions of my soul, constructing as time goes by: “whatever will be, will be”.

As for universities and the like; the definition is, you cannot disguise yourselves with a diploma/ and claim to know, whatever fantasy or delusion you might have. Only real world truth matters; and the evidence of disaster, because you were wrong: is massive. Apart from that: what does in fact have value without risking this entire world of life/ remains as having value; as is consistent with truth. Based upon the consequences that are evident or true.

As for humanity itself: the foundations are simple, “you changed the world with universities play god”/ and now must face the consequences of death, which surround you “everywhere”. Because change does come with costs; and extinction is just one. This earth has limits and boundaries; and it is not governed by lies, or whatever you want/ reality decides, not you. Overpopulation is just one, of many: that are, the threats you cannot survive; and that is A DISTINCTLY HUMAN CHOICE NOW/ rather than simply, the cost of universities.

As to hate: your only hope is to divide and separate/ letting hope kill itself; because that is their desire. INSTEAD OF WAR; as is complete destruction; make life itself pay. Hate is to be gathered up; faced with the choice of a truce or a war/ and left to decide on their own. As with Israel and Palestine: they have warred for thousands of years. While Israel has no warrant for mass murder/ Palestine would not have had warrant to remove Israel from its borders; to wander the world without a nation either. So the end result of it is: place those who declare hate; in an area outside the cities; with food and water, in the middle/ with nothing more than swords to fight with. Surrounded by “the world”; which demands: EITHER SURRENDER THE HATE/ OR KILL EACH OTHER. You choose/ but no more destroying what life needs to be a civilization. Nobody comes out/ nobody gets help of any kind: until that decision is made for all.

But then we come to the truth of life on earth: that the plague of diseases, that are “university knows”/ as has controlled and consumed this world with the tragedy of “yes we can”. Sits on the edge of extinction, and yet hides as if it is not there; because the cult of universities can play god; makes them believe, they need not fear anything the universities do. As is contorted and controlled, by media screaming 24/7/365 days a year: BELIEVE, the cult is your god/ FEAR, the cult will target you/ OBEY the cult leader; question nothing. And it is likely throughout all of history; you are, humanity without a brain. As the proof of “no consequences for us”/ becomes your extinction. As the older generations all say: “not in my lifetime”, is translated into, “you killed a world/ destroyed its future/ defied truth, and even killed your own children”. So you could scream WINNER. As if no punishment exists. And yet eternity does, as every miracle of life proves true. The corruption of want/ the collusion of pride/ the conspiracy of power; to destroy life and world: is your epitaph. There will be “cost”/ as this living world dies, and all the future life dead as well; because of you. But hey don’t worry, the universities elite “will save you; by changing this world, from life to death”/ now ain’t that right? After all, they played god; because you let them. Doing what they do best: “believing NO consequences for us”.  alas: no brain at  all.