I started my journey, at nine years old: during the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 I believe. Accepting the work that was: THIS CANNOT be allowed to continue. But instead of helping to end human caused catastrophes/ universities just kept adding to them. With the aid of government officials who gave away their own decision to “universities decide now”. Tragedy and disgrace followed; and the years proved: only the tiniest little bit of value comes from a university diploma. While this computer has a value: when compared to the extreme threats they have made possible against our entire world. That value ends, as will life. Same is true of everything, as reality turns the page; and the cost of being wrong causes our own extinction. So I have worked hard, for life and world; finding it true early, that believers cannot be turned from their beliefs: unless I defeat the universities with truth. The courts cannot be turned from their thirst for power/ except by the constitutional law (particularly redress); which they refuse. The politician cannot be turned away from bribing their constituents, because it is too easy/ and they won’t face truth, because it is too hard. Religion cannot be defeated by truth; because they made universities their god/ even though they don’t admit it. People want to be rich/ and counterfeit money still spends; so reality does not count. People believe whatever they want to believe (just like global warming)/ because they want to believe it; and reality does not matter/ only the herd shouting “we can’t all be wrong”. Yet, just like global warming now proven true; yes you can; because more than anything else, “you want what you want”; to hell with the future/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT. Is your demand.

But only truth survives, and that means all your lies are fading into the past/ while all the truth you shoved out of sight, begins to overwhelm and overtake this world. Weapons of mass destruction will be used: “kill a billion people/ still 7 billion+ to go”. Ocean life is all but dead/ your scientists are flooding genetic nature with chaos/ your scientists are trying to ignite atoms on fire. You politicians have made you bankrupt. Liars plague you with deceit. Media tries to ignite a civil war. Religion just wants what it wants/ NO DAMN fighting for life, or planet; will we do. And a thousand more.

So as the decades went by, I quit several times; but it is life or death of this world/ by human hands. A greed beyond reality/ a selfishness so horrific, your own child will die because of you/ lust and sloth and theft and treason and terrorism and failure; are just the beginning of your descent into the abyss of life lost on earth.

Hard to accept: but you insist, as believers who cannot accept what the evidence does prove. “because you want what you want”/ and that does not include truth.

And all the people say: “YOU ARE A FOOL”/ spending your life for nothing; destroying everything of value you could have had; by joining as one of us. We are like gods; we are so rich! We would not trade you lives, “for a billion dollars”.

But alas, you have only numbers; the resources which do have value, you threw away. As only fools do.

As to life or death of this world; all things die. The ability to survive, depends upon what is true. What is true is, “that Noah’s biblical flood” has been proven true: by fossil fuels. Which had to be gathered together before being buried in such mass as we know did happen. There is no other way/ and there is much more evidence of that flood. So the world all but died once before; when it was written that GOD became disappointed with humanity. Surely today as well. It is also predicted if the world ends again: this time it will be by fire, humanity chooses to create. As is the intent to ignite a nuclear fire; just like the sun, here on earth. To your shame you don’t care enough; to even accept the evidence of their fraud. Because as believers in a cult which worships universities; you cannot question your leaders. So you will die, by their hand/ as they create Armageddon (nature in chaos) with genetic mutilation/ Apocalypse; the fight for water/ HELL, which means man did this to themselves; no way out. And more; as it is unclear how fast a nuclear fire will engulf this earth. What is certain is: the moon will ignite and crash into earth. The radiation will be so intense, it causes you to boil if above ground. The people will be sucked into a “10 million degree fire” (a fire that heats your life and planet from 94 million miles away through space); as is they lie about everything. But you don’t care; because you are believers; to your shame. And ten thousand more; all because you want what you want, and any method that allows for you to steal what you want from the future of every child: IS WHAT YOU DO.

I tell you true: that I would not trade places with you either/ just as you would not trade places with me. Because we both cannot be correct. You with your beliefs/ and I with truth to decide, rather than want or me, as is the basis of life.

As reality proves: “I could have/ should have/ or would have: but did not”. Has no value at all. As eternity comes near, you will know that is true.

As to the life I have become; the question of “a spiritual connection” is real/ believe it or not. Truth allows, nothing else matters. You should however “thank” the spiritual woman who joined me; as the balance required to finish the work/ the impetus that kept me working, regardless of my own choices; although it is hard to tell what could have been without her. I know for certain: that it would be different.

Realities are, what realities are: simple as that. My job, as male; is done. What spiritual female has decided is not known by me. And universities, etc: say, “HE IS INSANE”; because their concept of death resides in a body that has no value, without life. So the question is: WHERE did life go/ and WHY? The answer is, as life demands it must be: that thought itself is the essence of living. While all forms of that living does revolve around the force that provides motion. It is not energy, as is a result of that force/ but the foundations which enable energy to exist.

As to this site: as shown on the initial homepage on the bottom: it started out as a relationship site/ NOT a dating site; although that is a potential of meeting someone of the opposite sex. Relationships are formed by the bond we find within our own decisions, with those who have similar desires. So questions explore that realm of possibility and weed out; those who clearly are not similar to us.

As to eternity: thought is not linked to a brain/ which functions to measure and provide for our decisions to be experienced or expressed on this earth. Thought itself, is a universal existence; which can be entered into; if invited. While the force of energy, can also be entered into; before it becomes, shaped by time. Our participation in these things: is entirely dependent upon our CREATOR. IT IS that simple.

The foolish believe in evolution, the religion of university; and its priests as are media. But evolution offers you nothing except “this looks like that”/ along with endless time, as does not exist. You cannot build a life body, “one piece at a time”/ you need it all at once; or it dies; as you well know. No blood/ no life; no heart/ no life/ no organs/ no life; and a billion more just like that. YOU ARE NOT JUDGE, nor are you gods/ nor are you children of GOD on this planet. Nor can you decide if you are children of GOD in eternity; as that is NOT your decision to make.

But we are confronted with the evidence of miracles, and a living planet that has more value than you can imagine: as proof, more exists in this place, than we can know.

But universities scream: “they know all they need to know/ and will learn the rest; by destroying life to see, how it was built. As is what they do. Failing life and world to prove “genetics are just a paint by numbers” everything in its place kind of thing. SCREAMING HOW WILL WE LEARN, if we don’t tear life/ energy/ everything: apart? Answer: a wise man knows: you may learn as you go/ ONLY IF you know, for certain: what you must not do. The unwise and arrogant; with only pure disrespect as the evidence of their ways: “is called university”. And humanity shouts: THEY GAVE US WHAT WE WANTED/ we worship them, because of it; because people have lived who would have died. But as we search for truth: the evidence shouts, “all things you changed/ are now producing the consequences, which will become our extinction”. Not because of that change; but because you refused to adjust your own reality when changing what you changed to accept; unless we do this, there will be BIG trouble in our future. All refused, shouting like religion: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING!

As we search further however: it becomes clear, that university means simply: the place where your former classmates, who did not fit in/ went to hide from life. Not a single “god” among them/ but many are the spoiled children, who believe “now we know; everything”. Yet as reality proves true; “not even a little of everything” do you know. Yet people want a leader, so they have someone to blame; if things go bad. Because they do not want; to do the work for themselves/ and some are so badly damaged by “human interactions” they cannot. This is a world without respect; as is orchestrated by media throughout 24/7 365; every single year.

Happiness, is the difference between knowing what is true, and living within what is true; by accepting the journey, that we must share our world, to experience the expression called love. Love shapes desire, with caring. Respect identifies passion with trust; because it is, what it is. Passion is not lust. Passion is letting truth decide where the promise of romance can lead.

Very, very little is romance today; because want rules life, and it has no room for hope; only greed, selfishness, lust, lies, theft, and what will fail. Romance is about hope, and its value as is governed by time. Hope sees the destiny of thought, as the decisions we share together as one. While thought sees the essence of who we can become, as the destiny of our love. Love is an environment we share, because trust has opened the door, to respect what life can be, when we are, truly alive. By being bound together, with joy.

Happiness, extends from truth/ and truth expands the definition of respect, by adding trust.

The descent from happiness and its essence as is identified in truth; is the road to measuring life, by the standards you set into place. Nothing is more disastrous to you: than to measure another life/ which then allows you to make judgments upon that life/ which then allows you to decide: that you can play god with this life, because it does not measure up to your own expectations/ and thereby becomes worthless or less.

That forms the descent into hate; as when judgment becomes an action you cannot take back, against another life/ reality judges you, and then hate says, “this is all your fault, to the one you have judged”. Which means NO, it is not their fault/ but is yours instead for measuring them. Hate screams NO; and the separation of life from life begins.

In all things: to measure another life, is to measure against yourself/ by the foundations you have set for your life to be. While you may create the boundaries and limits of your own life/ you may not set the boundaries or limits of another life; except by law justified and fair. It is then the law that judges/ never you. Or you “fall off the wall”, and into the abyss of playing god. As is “I trust only me”/ I am the only important one/ nothing matters but me; and so on.

Hate does not account violence as “your own decision”/ but explains that violence you chose, as the result of what someone or something else did do. Thereby you are innocent; and further as judge you did what you needed to do: as is revenge. Revenge does not explain itself/ but relies upon the devaluing of life by another form. To accept: “this, whatever it is”/ is the sign of violence and hate, to you. Whether that is instilled in you/ the result of what you did do/ or the realities of what someone else did do to you or another you cared about. Revenge exists because you have accepted “this sign” is evil coming to attack you. Revenge then exists; as your predication, to kill a predator first. Even if “they have no clue/ and did absolutely nothing to you”; they hold the sign, whether that is color, size, gender, group, or whatever it is as can be simply “wrong place/ wrong time”. Revenge needs so very little to assume; that almost anything will do/ because the foundation or revenge is: “I will never leave this alone/ it stays with me always; as evidence of war”. So even if you have no clue: war has been declared.

Life requires forgiveness to escape revenge! Simple as that, no you cannot hold onto whatever it is, that made you believe; your judgment is fair. NOT even if it is fair; that is not your right to judge/ because in the end we all make mistakes, and we all are far less than perfect. And in the end: what is true (cannot die or be changed/ it is, what it is) is carried with you into eternity, and it is there; that reality will decide what is fair. Forgiveness means: you have removed the complaint from your own heart/ and accept that whatever judgment might be needed; in favor of you/ will mediate those complaints which are against you; as balance explains of life. We are all subject to failures; there are any number of realities where I could have done better/ should have done better/ would have done better; but life confronted with chaos, finds little room to share love or joy, as would otherwise be true. Chaos means, life is being tested, within the definitions of love: to assemble limits and boundaries that are real. That I am confronted with 3 or 4 serious consequences of living; and must choose now to survive; does happen to me. Which means: no other person or life is intended to be affected, but kindness has been shelved/ even if that is a failure. While love will wish it could go back, and be kind. The honest reality is: that I have no “extra love” to share/ and I must protect the very last little bit for life shared, between “my CREATOR and me”. Or more distinctly, I have spent too much (love is a value, and a gift); and become poor, but that is by my own decisions. The consequence: sorry, I could not help.

Chaos means, within the definitions of hate: that there will be violence against another, revenge will escape, and other forms of judgment will be expanded to include abuse and other realities that do affect life beyond self. Hate will believe it should be able to go back and judge even more; proving “they want, to be god” over you. See the difference? As chaos sneaks into every life, at least for a short time; to prove who you are. Which grants: be kind/ because others may need to be kind to you. Which grants in terms of hate: the law is our protection, and must be protected by our own decision to respect that law, and those who do honor its purpose; for life and society and even world.

Each person holds a duty to the future of our lives, our society, our nation, our world, every living thing, which includes the children; and the planet itself: because these are the things which make living possible, and life itself an adventure of hope. To fail that duty and destroy the future; is to choose chaos; as do the universities; in their plague to incinerate and defile every living thing/ to destroy life and living and planet and child and nation and world: in order to play god. As is the elemental religious description of Satan. To join that Satan, and worship fear believe or obey its purpose; is to commit life to chaos, as has been done/ particularly in this America. And no doubt so many nations around this world as well. Chaos means to destroy by hate: the only thing that matters “is you”/ as is the price of choosing to play god. “the world be damned”. Until it is. In that moment you will turn back to life/ but life will be gone.

The tragedy apart from hate; is life becomes a game to win or lose, as love or hate will allow. Making life into an animal/ rather than a living miracle of existence shared by life. The descent is real; because miracles earn the respect of being ALIVE inside.

While the curse of animal is want. Want hides the value of living, inside what you want/ by making life a game, which you can then win or lose. The resultant “predator and prey” effect of a game; removes life, by claiming winner or loser instead. Therefore the cost of love, or the realities of hate; need not apply. As all things become: I am the superior one/ or you are not.

By altering life into winner or loser, the quest for knowledge dies, by letting the game be survival itself. If you win, generally you get rich/ if you lose generally you get poor; so life divides along those lines, at the various levels humanity chooses to apply.

Survival however has nothing to do with games, and constructs its battleground entirely based upon truth. Where truth survives, life does. Where truth dies, so does your bond with the living who do participate with you. When life dies, the essence of your own participation with the one who was lost; is now measured and judged, for love or hate/ value or truth, by the respect that life became for you, or in you. Love lifts truth to elevate life into the miracles that gave us existence; allowing for the trust that is, “may we find each other once more”. Hate descends from truth, into the abyss of lies; that is as an animal dies and the body is then ravaged to prove the end is in fact here and now. The question is not life or death/ but won or lost. The critical conception being: is life a body/ or is life something besides a body, that reveals a truth of more?

The critical answer is: if life is a body/ then the body knows what life is. Whereas if life is beyond the body itself/ then if life abandons the body, it still exists in the truth of what gave life to a body. Reality is judged, as existence built upon thought and its function; to move and create time in you. So the question is: WHERE does life go, if it remains an identity shaped by time, as truth? The answer is: confined by truth, the definition of spiritual begins. Whereas the purpose of spiritual is to remove what has no value; so the purity of what does exist as truth will appear in desire.

So the critical definition of truth itself: appears as, if this is life/ how or why, are their lies? Elementally, it is part of living that: we cannot make our own decisions about what is or is not true within ourselves; until faced with the freedom of making that choice real, and accepting the consequences of what we chose as true. So truth defines us/ while time grants the freedom to exercise what is “right or wrong” within us, as our own identity. But life itself remains within thought, and its desire to consist within the boundaries of love, by limiting the realities of truth; to our own individual construction of existence is this, for me. The force of motion is a participant beyond truth and thought, which allows for time to exist or die.

Here, an understanding is definitive in the differences between “university and I”: they say “E=MCsq’d or energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. While they did establish with an atomic bomb; the amount of energy that is stored within the atom. They did not establish where that energy comes from, or how it is contained within the atom itself; as did I. With the clear certainty demands: a force of energy pushing out/ CANNOT be contained within any structure, unless an opposite energy exists to hold that force of energy in motion; in balance. Which brings us to the spin of a nucleus called the proton= equals mass x “an almost infinite speed”, to produce kinetic energy found therein/ and its balance point of existence; the pull inward called a neutron which is dark energy as found in a black hole. How that happens has also been previously identified. There is no other way for this energy to exist: other than as universities say, “its magic/ and imagination; fantasy rules”. While reality prove that is time identified; by the use of electrons siphoning energy out, to be used as life or mass needs it. There is no definition of how energy of motion in fact exists; because you cannot assume “it just exists”/ anymore than you are allowed by truth to assume an atom exists, just because you believe it does. Realities must exist to produce that atom in its composition as time (the containment of energy, in a state of equilibrium); and that is due to forces which instigate and control the foundations of push (heat)/ and its “dark component of energy” as does pull (cold).  When released by either explosion or fire/ the resultant forces separate heat as radiation/ cold as solar gravity. Which then functions, as the energy needed:  to keep objects like the sun, from overheating and becoming a supernova; far beyond the expected range of existence. Even so;  a billion years is not likely for any sun in this solar system to exist: fuel becomes exhausted/ or overheating is caused by a breakdown in stability of the structure; which causes the explosion: which then creates a mass, that will become the proton when encapsulated by the dark energy ejection of a pulsar.

The elemental construction of “a universe”/ has been developed some years back; and is available to read if you can find it. I believe it is on www.justtalking7.info/ or it may be an earlier work as is linked through that website; on websites/ on a homepage or one of the links on one of the homepages; or a link that became as long as a homepage, but is not titled the same. Up to you to find them/ I will not look or write it again. I wrote a short book on that subject as an introduction about that time;  if you look on amazon kindle publishing; James Frank Osterbur;  you should find the date and that will help you find the work. things like editing for space or black or cold or big bang should help as well.  up to you.

More distinctly to this work is: that gender represents these components of time as well: by making male “push”/ and female “pull”; life becomes balanced and able to sustain itself in very long distances of existence. So the eternal question is then: MUST male and female balance each other out, to form the basis of eternal life? It seems likely, however I do not know, with any definitive truth.

But that constructs the question: are male and female bound together necessary, to produce the balance of living in time? While that clearly constructs the best alternative to living as value, created by love. The end result of it is: without sufficient truth or love, all things become chaos. As is evident in this our time on earth. Who leads to this chaos? Answer: universities lead everything. Simple as that.

So the elemental question presented to me; identifies, that while male pushed, and failed; for an entire lifetime. Reality proves; it is the female version of life, and even that identity; which is required to change, in order to pull life into the understanding this is no game. Truth demands: we must change from pushing “everything of value” away. Into the alternate identity of all life pulling everything of value: within the boundaries and limits of what we can respect, and sustain as our own blessing to this world.

Within that regard comes the element of change that is “limited capitalism”; as its ability to share the world as life which cares/ rather than compete for the world as life destroyed by greed, selfishness, lust, sloth, hate, manipulation, pride and power and want all choose instead. It is a clear difference, that does not allow for war, where law controls all for life.

So then love asks for this choice: to be shared by those who find it to be true. Which will then allow for the value of our miracles (which are impossible to prove by evolution)/ can become complete. In the reality of living, which finds “we are one world”; and it is on its way to extinction. Therefore we must find within ourselves, the need to make that stop. By legally enforcing our own laws.

We MUST assemble what is true, so we can then understand what is WRONG. And begin the journey into isolating where justice, truth, life, love, value, hope, happiness, trust, discipline, balance, order, joy, living, fair play, equality, honor, honesty, sexual freedom, purpose and desire all join hands to celebrate: our existence “as a world now alive”/ beyond self.

And all the people say: “my hope is money/ to buy everything I want”.

But truth replies: that you cannot buy love with money, you can only aid and abet living without fear of survival with money. The test of that is: the competition is what drives aggression, and it is aggression; the thirst for more; that enables money to exclude you.

The foundation of life is sharing as the living allows. That becomes increasingly hard as resources are raped, ravaged, and plundered: “just so you can shout winner/ before you throw all of it away, in your garbage; so you can play more.

The foundation of peace is caring. But extreme competition precludes that, with greed, selfishness, wanton abandonment of life and its meaning to our existence/ by your death as a whore (only money matters). The cradle of death, being identified as: you don’t care, not even if the world is abandoned to extinction/ little or big doesn’t matter; because you only want, what you want. As is the basis of every liar who ever lived. Want creates the reason, as is purpose, to lie.

Excessive wealth; with very few exceptions/ is the reality of making the others poor. Nothing else matters, but “owning slaves”/ as is the new method of collecting counterfeit money through governmental overthrow. Failure is everywhere in this nation of “university is god”/ the cult of fools. Who believe it is better to throw away the world itself, and every life in it; even your own child: than to face the truth of what has been done, and soon will cause our extinction. Who is: “a bigger fool” than that?

Answer: as leaders intent upon the plague of delusion, should include them as “winners”. The reality of that choice is very simply: every tear you cause, condemns you for your greed. Eternity is watching.

The rotting corpse then shouts: TO HELL WITH YOU, I want what I want. But unlike religion of the past, the foundation of real world judgment is based upon the law of life and living as intended by GOD . When you shout, “that don’t matter”/ and prove it; you pretend to be at war with life’s CREATOR . A reality beyond your conception of terror.

Truth is truth, and it cannot be erased, because it is, what it is. However as is the evidence of mercy; in time, there is an allowance for covering up what has been done/ by changing the cause and purpose of your life, to “the honor of love, and its value as seen in respect”. Lies however will multiply what is true, in judgment against you. A reality of law.

You, “even you”; must choose life, in order to be considered alive. Not death or revenge or hate; as is the evidence of isolation beyond the grave. While there is time, there can be change: because time is the allotment for change/ rather than judgment for every decision that was made. Truth identifies the heart, that will belong to truth; and there is no other method to survive; beyond self.

While the cursed shout: “there is no life beyond the grave”. Reality shouts back: life is a miracle beyond our comprehension, while JESUS is the guarantor; that we were not Created, just to be forgotten. So their way is to scream, “we won’t care”. While the people who are alive do shout; not only do we care, we are willing to share, where respect lives to know “life is not a game”. No respect/ no life of truth or love of value. Simple as that.

The road “we can’t all be wrong”; is hard for the dead/ so they distribute their fears onto the rest. Pushing what is to be believed, comes from those who shout OBEY.

The path to life; recognizes “only truth can survive”, beyond the wall of death/ that divides and separates this world from life. Truth knows; that life resides in thought, where reality is born in freedom and its ways. Therefore the question in death is: the force of living has been destroyed/ CAN the miracle of life, be reborn? The answer relies upon: how did the miracle of life begin? It is a question for you to solve.

It is, the pull of hope, that gives love its balance. To understand life beyond self, is about caring and sharing a future that we build together. Because respect for life and world accomplished the same goal in each of us/ in all of us: which is a foundation of truth decides. Not you or me. Hope takes away depression. The removal of want takes away, the claim of winner or loser; and offers the truth of life itself is your reward. Fighting for justice and fair play, is far superior to surrendering life to any form of death/ because what builds a future, is our gift back; for the miracle of what has been given to and for, each life and earth. If we value disciplines: we shape our lives by truth. If we value order: we shape our lives with honesty, to achieve the honor of who we can become. If we value balance: it is love that defines our soul, and lets us breathe as if our hearts become one. Love pulls life, ascending into destiny; because it is purely clear, “that love is, the greatest treasure of all; even in this universe called time”. Lift your heart with love, and the soul will enter: where you belong.

choose hope and live; it is required of us all.

choose to discard want; and you will lose the complaint “I am not enough”/ or the arrogance “I am more than you”.  NEVER judge/ let the law, justified by life; do that.

choose love;  and build the world as it was meant to be.

It seems, that life would make of me “a mother”; as the cost of you is high to me/ but the value of life and earth is worth the price; of my lifetime. Not because you choose well/ as is clearly you do not. But because love has its own value, and if not in you/ then in me, as best I can for life and earth, as is our home. Your failures are endless/ the delusions of your cult worshiping universities is beyond a fanatic/ the disgrace and disrespect as has been taught by universities in charge of your lives; is a betrayal of terrorism; as you will soon know. But as a child, who has lost his or her way; I return to the fact; that your primary failure is want/ the games you play for pride/ and the constant judgment you make on each other and life or planet; is a decision to let life die, as your own contribution to this world.

I cannot defeat that, not even as a mother to you: a conception that is “new”; I cannot defeat the reality of men and their wars; because you choose it to be so. I cannot defeat religion who wants what they want, and believe in the safety of their prison to hold this world out; so they can declare whatever they want is true. I have fought with laws; the courts refuse. Realities of cost, politics and universities refuse. Concepts of knowledge and the price of being wrong media and military refuse. And all other forms of organization or individual choices; that refuse to be educated in the descent of life on earth into the abyss of horror that universities make come true.

So then we all do stand at the gate of extinction; and you laugh, because your world is whatever media leads you to believe/ your fears are anything the universities tell you to fear/ and your obedience to the cult of “university knows”, is literally horrendous and vile.

So, if surrender you I must/ then so shall it be done/ as the one factor left to defend this world is women; and they fail to rise. Defeated by the arrogance of “I want what I want”/ the apathy of religion, which shouts “I don’t have to do NOTHING”/ and the pure disrespect of universities which scream: “NO consequences for us/ we can kill anything, and terrorize everything; because as cult leader, NO ONE can question us”; as we play god with chaos as our choice. As evolution (yes we can) proves the universities are in fact Satan. To your eternal shame.

hard to  do or not;  freedom demands, you made your choice.  it is your price for being wrong.

I leave the door open, “a very tiny crack”; to your change of heart/ because we all need hope to survive. “hope is, the life blood of survival”. That is all that is left/ but it is enough; until the point of no return has pasted.

And the world says: WHY, are you not doing more/ you are responsible, for telling us all, what we are not doing. SO WHY ARE YOU not doing more?

And life inside replies, as is consistent with Revelation 17 (the spiritual woman rides “the beast of man”)/ and he is completely under her control; as she gives away things of value. I have no right to proceed with anything, unless directed to do so. Believe it or not, my freedoms have been removed. She decides. It is that simple; but given that life remains “more male than female”; he, would push/ instead of pull. And that has proven to fail life and world. Women must lead back to life; it is required.