The dismantling of this USA, the anarchy against democracy, the deliberate insurgency against constitutional law, the rebellion which destroys both currency and resources to make defense impossible, the curse of propaganda and manipulation so intertwined with media confrontation; that only the cult of university owns a say. The damnation of every organization, thereby destroying the foundation of life in this nation; by using covid to remove us from ourselves/ and construct slaves instead. Are all part of the intensity of delusions, that make the cult of university worshipers believe: “they are gods/ over us all”. Or more diligently: the plague of failures, the disease of arrogance, the blight of apathy, and the pure poverty of disrespect: are all fundamentals ingratiated into our lives by the educational, indoctrination programs of the religious cult that is “university plays god”. Their primary objective is to remove truth; and gain control through beliefs which have no substance; as is evolution. The obedience to that delusion of universities play god: is purely identified by covid, the claim without proof/ the disgrace of evidence so tainted with the disease of “universities did this”; that the realities of mutilating genetic life, as is nature itself. Have been given to the universities as god. Even though, they are the originators of that disease, and its purpose is to gain control over every decision/ all the money/ and create complete control over this society. By removing every choice; so that only a tiny few control the nation; and do with it whatever they want; regardless of our laws.

The term “nazi” fits the politicians: who used covid as their purpose in tyrannically taking over democracy/ and enforcing the blight of human born disease: that is “we can play god”. Using business to curse anyone who resisted. Using the force of their position to inflict the disease of covid vaccine (soon to be realized). Using the purpose of law; to destroy democracy itself/ and deny freedoms from all; by pretending the defense of a nation. When our employees are not government (but play Hitler) as is the term Nazi in real life overthrow of our values, purposes, rights, and foundations of government. Little is more poisonous to life and world; than those who did all these things: as the evidence does prove true. The curse of corruption/ the conspiracy to deny and destroy constitutional law from our courtrooms (as is redress)/ the collusion of overthrowing democracy itself: to give all the power to just a few, as they have proven to dismantle our government, our economy, our schooling, our resources, our everything: and give it away for free to foreigners “so we cannot resist”. Because there is nothing left to fight with; as they stole it all/ and then used our money; to build robots, computers, and biological weapons; even more for enforcing obedience to their will. To the curse of fools in government employ; who are spinning around in circles, because everything is a lie/ a theft/ a failure/ a fraud/ a curse/ or a war against life itself. As is “the cult called university; forms the resurgence called Hitler & soon to be holocaust”; in our midst. As reality does become the truth: these killed our world.

Their delusion of success: is built entirely upon raping (TAKE it all), ravaging (let nothing be saved), ruining (pollution everywhere), fraud (lies upon lies, propagated by media and more), theft (counterfeited currency), failure (debts which cannot be paid), poisoning (nothing is sacred, kill it all), cursing (MAKE THEM FEAR), destroying (KILL this world), denying reality and its truth (mutilate nature itself as is genetics): to steal the future from every child (dead_as the cannibals eat them). Thereby creating HELL (nothing is left), because we cannot live; in a world without resources or water or in a reality of nature in crisis/ the destruction of every chain that makes living possible. The Armageddon of “nano-particles” plugging every biological system (your body will die slowly from the inside; cutting off all supplies). The Apocalypse of war for drinking water. A dead ocean, pollution everywhere. Or weapons of mass destruction; because humanity cursed itself with population rise. And then we turn to examine the true cost of university imagination: which is the Satanic reach, to play god with the same fire as is on the sun/ here on this earth. AN ATOMIC FIRE, which burns the bond in atoms for fuel. On a planet: WHERE EVERYTHING IS THEN FUEL; and their description of the sun is “million mile long flames”. Which would be four times farther away, than our moon. Their delusion: “don’t have to worry/ not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”; so a million mile long NUCLEAR FIRE will just extinguish itself. “THIS is your god at work”; the reality of letting the cult own your soul. WAKE UP.

In this democracy: THERE IS NO HUMAN GOVERNMENT! They are ONLY employees; hired and sworn to obey our law as is “constitutional government” described by “WE THE PEOPLE”.

Any who would declare otherwise: describe TREASON.




Our former classmates: were not hired to rule over us. OUR LAW does not entitle them to bankrupt us/ counterfeit currency/ declare or describe debts which we cannot pay [one trillion dollars = ten thousand dollars per each of one hundred million workers]. Does NOT entitle them to remove our freedoms, rights, or make decisions for the nation which dismantle constitutional law or democracy. Does NOT entitle them to assume or worship “university as god”. Does NOT ALLOW them to instill evolution as the religion of this nation/ indoctrinating every child. Does NOT participate in biological warfare against us as was and is covid. DOES NOT authorize ANY FORM of experimental biology to mutilate NATURE ITSELF. Does NOT allow or entitle these leaders to discard the future of every child; to serve themselves or the greed of others. DOES NOT allow the credit or responsibilities of this state or nation; to serve only one group/ as does their purpose of cult worshiping universities as god; letting whores, the dead corpse of disease, and university failures STEAL FROM US, for their own games.

OR MORE SIMPLY: THERE IS NO GREATER ENEMY TO THIS USA or its states: THAN THE CURSE OF UNIVERSITIES ARE IN CHARGE HERE; hiding behind the puppets of politics; so they can manipulate and propagate our descent into chaos. By the actions they took: to insure we die. Both as a nation and world lost forever; because of the filth that is people “who believe they can be gods”. And those who worship them; “for a bribe”.

THE LAW IS OUR ARMY/ THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ DEMOCRACY CONFINES ALL TRUE AUTHORITY TO DECIDE: AS WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION, STATE, so on. We have the right to require redress of grievances; as is first amendment law/ 5th amendment law in this state of IL.

THEY REFUSE; because it ends their power over us/ an illegal act. BECAUSE WE DO OWN this state and nation.

Believe “don’t rock the boat”; do you? Add up your taxes: federal, state, social security (has been spent), local, misc, property tax, inheritance tax, sales tax on everything you buy; and even though that adds up to 80% taxation/ IT IS STILL NOT ENOUGH to hide all the delusions of playing the rich gambler; so horrendously in debt/ organized crime (hide the truth) “owns their soul”.

The only method back to reality: is truth. No matter what it costs/ TO DIG YOU BACK OUT OF YOUR GRAVE.      WHERE, “universities laid you to rest”/ as they cursed your world.

There is, “a traitor in our midst”/ a corruption so vile: that their purpose is to see us all die. Nothing less could describe: both our nation and our world/ the very nature of our biology as a planet under attack. As is proven by the cost of EXTINCTION comes next. Do to the realities, of what has already been changed. The trillions of tons of poison/ the quadrillion tons of resources wasted/ ocean life in a stew of disrespect and tragedy/ extinction of all species, habitat, and more. Global warming, atmospheric depletion of oxygen, ozone, and the ability to remain attached to the planet itself. Or more simply: EVERY ATTACK THAT CAN OCCUR against life on earth/ has been implemented to remove the foundations upon which we depend as a living world.

That is the truth of your cult: the Satanic king of universities play god. Satan being: that which destroys life on a planet.

Traitor means: to assemble and pretend an allegiance or alliance to one group/ which is then turned to the opposite of what is promised as your participation here; for a bribe. It is selling out, “family; for payment by fraud to or from the enemy”. The fundamental practice is: that the traitor has measured what he or she had with one group/ and declares it to be not enough; when measured against the bribe or trophy created by another group, for your treason. People fall in: WANTING more than they can even imagine. PRIDE thirsts for “winner”/ no one can beat me now. And POWER assumes; that with money or the prize of another kind; that all their wishes will come true. Reality however proves: what you did do, is betray love, and that promises you will be alone; and cannot trust again; because of who you are.

The politician wants to win/ wants to be the superior one/ wants the power to make a difference. But in this USA; is then confronted with the reality of lies, upon lies, upon lies; which are covering theft, after theft, after theft; which is used to betray this nation or state of IL; by worshiping the cult of university as god. Therefore every fantasy they have is funded/ every imagination of lies, every foundation for a future discarded/ every human life abandoned, every propaganda used to indoctrinate and control the people through mass hypnosis in media. Everything that is the pandemic of a nation in collapse; confronts this people with: YOU DON’T want to pay the price for what we have done. SO THE UNIVERSITIES GO FREE, to corrupt, and conspire, and destroy; even life itself. Because the dead meat of a rotting carcass; cannot be approached without the disease inherent there, infecting you.

the ABYSS is waiting, because you fail life and world.

The foundation of life and living: is about resources/ no resources, no work, no want, no nothing= the end of life. So what you do with resources decides what your living will be, and what your future is going to be; because we know that our lives do depend upon resources.

Universities in charge of everything; for the last fifty plus years: has produced endless garbage and toxic waste dumping/ poison injection in, around, and under all water supplies/ endless destruction of all manufacturing that matters as is the production of steel (a base source of work parameters)/ destruction of all infrastructures, to destroy the future/ curse of everything by creating debts (they are the superior ones who get everything they want)/ and they are the indebted ones; who were duped into believing a diploma will get you everything; but ended with a lifetime of debt to the college instead. They have bought and funded every toy, every trinket, every trophy they could imagine; leaving all the rest enslaved. So to alleviate the complaint: media propagates “everything is fine/ believe in numbers not truth”. As that manipulation of reality continues in the courtrooms which gave away the freedom of information; to a very tiny few of the richest people who own it all, and tell the editors exactly what they will do.

LIARS AR  E ALWAYS LIARS (as proven by covid); its what they do! THIEVES (as proven by the reality of numbers) ARE ALWAYS THIEVES; its what they do! CHEATS (destroying your world, and your future), TRAITORS (sticking a knife in your back; just to prove they can), TERRORISTS, TRAGEDIES OF FAILURE AND DISGRACE; are born in the cult worship of universities play god. NOTHING GREATER THAN; those who pretend they can defeat nature, by mutilating it. NOTHING WORSE THAN: those who pretend they are gods, and can control the same fire as in on the sun; here on this earth: TERRORISTS ONE AND ALL. Total MSW Generated by Material 2018

without steel, worldwar2 would have been different. SO WHERE ARE YOU TODAY? Answer: you are not suppose to defend  yourselves.  instead as covid proves true: you are just suppose to lie down and cry, whimpering as [as media trained you to do] as foreigners displace you from the nation.. Or locked in civil war, as the reality of propaganda to insure “constitutional law is dead”/ proves, you cannot fight your enemy demands. But don’t worry ,the universities have a plan in case you resist: “they will unleash another biological weapon [after all what else could government be for?] against you like covid/ or just the threat will do; as you have no resistance at all . the constant of a cult: as is “the university is your god”/now ain’t that so?  indeed it is.Largest 15 crude steel producers in 2022


add itupU.S. GDP forecast 2023add it up   26.24 trillion dollars:  REQUIRES, THAT ONE HUNDRED MILLION WORKERS MUST GENERATE    $262,400.00  EACH to account for these numbers.      MOST OF WHICH: IS CLAIMED TO BE DEBT.      which they then sell as derivatives ; to the people who believe, “If I can just collect a small amount of this/ I WILL be rich”.     because numbers don’t need no damn reality.

SO WHAT DOES THE UNIVERSITIES LEADERSHIP BUY?  “WITH their imaginary numbers”? ANYTHING BUT TRUTH!  “like superman fantasies”, they want an escape route to “mars, and beyond”/ for when they have destroyed this earth; or humanity turns and wants to destroy them.

WHAT HAS NOT been consolidated into:  “just a tiny few own it all/ and decide every option you are allowed”? the only reason “everything needs to be hooked to the internet”; is so a tiny few can control it. the puke and vomit of manipulation is everywhere;  as constructed by ” FEAR YOUR HEART (at seventy years old, the average heart has beat 2.757 TRILLION TIMES: and their death squads believe they can do better)/ give us all your money, and don’t say a word”/ as is BELIEVE the university is your savior;  only a mastectomy will keep you alive (look at the numbers, and understand: in court they win, if they took it all)/  OBEY DAMN YOU OBEY;  covid is out to get you (fraud and lies without mercy; OBEY damn you OBEY). GIVE YOUR MONEY TO US.  OBEY damn you obey SO SAYS MEDIA 24/7 365 DAYS A YEAR WITHOUT END; UNTIL you OBEY. letting nature in you, and your child; be sacrificed to their fantasy of playing god.            FEAR THE FRAUD, AND BELIEVE THE CURSE OF DEATH; IS HIDING IN THEIR DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR.

Disciplines enable the path that is human to life/ life to eternity is created by order. But the balance of truth, establishes what we trust. The foundations of hope, arise only in love; because only love has true value to life and its living. Respect forms the path, but identity releases our own decision to participate as human “alive in miracles”; or animal (life is a game, of predator and prey).

The cult indoctrination of humanity by universities is so nearly complete as to be the cause of your disgrace/ the abyss of your want/ and the failure that is “fools all around”. As being surrounded by extinction proves true.

Therefore we search by the values of truth; for those few who remain alive in the essence of what thought does reveal. As is the human body (you do know); gives you life by its movement/ keeps you alive “by a trillion realities of body”, which you have no clue, how this works. It builds for you the body of your time, where life does exist. It creates for you the food which allows you to survive; by disassembling other life forms, in order to get the biological elements which you can then use for you. Body allows you to get what you need/ excrete what you don’t/ transport all the basic materials that keep your body alive/ interweave oxygen by methods of transportation and distribution beyond the scope of your understanding. Builds 200 plus bones; which design, grow, and distribute in unison for you, to create a balanced body that works. Allows the inner workings of how to operate this biological machinery from your beginning. Grants sight, sound, sex, movement, taste, touch, voice, smells, and more; so that you can achieve happiness in this gift of “fundamental joy”. As is the human experience or expression, where love exists.

Yet the pandemic plague of universities; have deluded you into believing “its all chaos/ and accidental”; by claiming “you can’t prove what a billion years would do”. And yet that is what they try to prove with absolute insanity. And the massive delusions of playing god, they chose for themselves. Because they want; to be the superior ones/ so that you must obey them. Human failures plague history. Human lies, deceit, fraud, war, blight of behavior, curse of beliefs, betrayal of living, and all the rest that animals do; makes it hard to say, “this generation is the worst” that has ever been/ as you do have so much competition for the disgrace of human existence; as led by men. But it is true; as led by universities; extinction surrounds us/ and that means, you are indeed the WORST who have ever lived.

And they all shout “we are gods/ we are the best who have ever been”! But extinction will prove you wrong. The trophy called “evil” is yours. AS is, the reality:  you stand by, refusing to do anything in defense of life or planet; thereby, letting this entire world of living miracles die. because you choose to be “worthless”. The fool shouts, “I am rich/ I DON’T have to do nothing”/ but all you have are worthless numbers you stole from the young; to enslave them. The religious shout:  “I am a believer”/ therefore a child of god guaranteed an eternity, because “I say so”. But in the realities of love;  your claim betrays the truth, you are here as a servant of your Creator/ and FAIL all descriptions of that work. While the cult itself screams:  “dirt to dirt/ you can’t scare us”. Yet truth identifies MIRACLE, as a reality beyond your understanding; and without the claim of knowledge in you. as is evolution proves nothing, “but this looks like that”/ and that is “the best you got”; proving the sewer of human delusion, leaks.

GENETIC NATURE IS “OUR EVERYTHING ALIVE”/ and you let the dead man, seething with diseases; play god with that life; even mutilating your own body with their pretend vaccine/ giving away the future with cult worship as is indoctrinated with media consumption. OUR PLANET IS OUR WORLD/ and yet you let what is obviously SATAN (destroyer of worlds) enter into your cult, and deliberately stand back; while these devils of disgrace try to ignite a nuclear fire.  to force this planet into becoming a sun/ which is guaranteed to explode and send the solar system itself into chaos; as is their plan.     YOU have no brain; but don’t worry, after all “you are busy” and cannot be bothered by people deliberately with tools paid for by you: that intend to make this a dead world.  while you fight for numbers, that have no meaning/ in a world, that intends to cannibalize and destroy its own “every child”.  SHAME is not a big enough word.