Reality knows: that as animals trained and indoctrinated by university as a cult/ you have no means to understand the basic threat of who they are. Enemies through and through: as is seen with weapons of mass destruction/ mutilation of genetic nature/ experiments which destroy the planet itself/ resource annihilation/ water and life poisoning/ food destruction coming: sterilizing plants, destroying pollinators, dependent upon only one genetic strain (ending diversity), opening the door to pandemic plant diseases, which can destroy an entire species “such as grass: wheat, oats, corn, hay, rice, more”/ habitats destroyed, humanity everywhere/ incubators of life polluted or executed/ extinction of life everywhere/ overpopulation of humanity (kill a million people: ONLY ONE, in every 8,000 humans) endless chains of life which give us survival being destroyed/ ocean life ending/ buried under a mountain of “you made trash”/ currency destruction which grants only civil war/ the end of human opportunities; “universities own them all”/ manipulation of media to insure “believe/ fear/ obey”. The takeover of governments, by installing puppets who live for bribes/ takeover of lives as in “we make ALL the decisions”/ takeover of work, let the power of robots take your job; your right to work/ constant propagation of “believe/ fear/ obey”, the universities are god:  lies and betrayal, to overtake possession of property and business/ shipping all business and industry/ knowledge of how to work; to foreigners. Endless devaluation of humanity in media and entertainment: showing “humiliate yourselves for money/ humiliate others for “fun”: as is “no value here: just a toy. Learn to be stupid, vile, and without respect; by believing “you can be gods too/ sell your soul (no miracle here) for money”. Student indoctrination for cult worship only; not life, slavery. The invasion of religion to change it into universities are god. Robot armies, to enforce your slavery has no options. Traitors such as is seen in covid. Terrorists as is seen in “fusion” the claim of we are gods; we can control the sun. Fools who believe, “the television is their brain”. Turn the world into your trash did this/ shouting; KILL the future, for a toy. And more. Only skims the surface of your failures. Satan (killer of worlds) is among you/ and yet you don’t know it; because as a university animal/ instead of a human being alive in miracles. They stole your brain: as proven by “frozen in time/ you can’t move”:  or you would help me sustain life and world. YOU DO NOT; because you are a cult of fools, driven to extinction by “universities are, playing god”; with life and world.  As you: WAIT for the television to tell you what you think; as is slave, or less.

The end result of that is: I must now refer to your greed/ the constant curse of selfishness/ and the failures of life itself; given over to bribes (that is what we want). Even at the loss of your lives and world and child. To your shame. NONETHELESS, I will now give to a true organization OR groups of organized women, joined together in this purpose, as one legal entity:

WHO ARE willing, able: and WILL IN FACT CHOOSE WITH VALUE, to fight for life and world/ WITH HONEST ACTIONS OR REACTIONS: TO BUILD A DIFFERENT WORLD FUTURE, that does not include threats as seen above + more.

the opportunity to own and control. “A USEFUL invention”; that will generate electricity in a way; that you will desire to build for yourselves. I consider it to be worth “a billion dollars” or so to me/ but a dead world has no need or use for money whatsoever. And if you will not identify the tragedy of threats which surround us all/ then we are dead; each and every one.

The rule is: you need not commit to anything beyond, “the money will be used only, for life and world, living in peace and harmony”. The money is expected to be used for women; so that they may gain an equal footing with men. Together with men; you will fight to create the law that will serve that purpose in truth and justice for our world. Simple as that; I require a signed statement of purpose, by your organization: that establishes, this is what we will do.

The rule for me is: I will provide a useful invention or more/ with a signed contract, your organization becomes the owner: UNDER THE ABOVE CONDITIONS OF USE.

Although I can do the work; I simply do not like to do it; and what I offer is worth the price. You will provide a suitable “artistic person” capable of doing excellent mechanical patent drawings; should take a little over a week/ if they are professional. For your benefit: people suited to protecting what will be your patent, should be found by you.

I will demand one percent of the earnings; as my own as I decide by my own discretion how or why to use for my purposes without you. That will be mine/ not yours. Should the invention fail/ or you find it less than expected: you will return that entire ownership to me. To do with as I please. Should you desire to help reconstruct it, into something honestly/ significantly better; my ownership is reduced too, not less than: one half of one percent.

But I remind you; as is consistent with this work. That I have proven a base level of intelligence, that is rooted in reality. And I do expect NO complications, of any kind.

OR, to elevate that fact: one of the more interesting constructions, which universities have participated in. Describe light, as a presence that not only appears as a force/ but exists “even from billions of years” in the past. As is their contribution; as a concept of the universe by astronomers. The question then exists: “if we do become elevated by light, into the presence of a force: are we eternal?” Is life, an association with light/ or is it the presence of force; that aligns with an environment shaped, and even reaching out; by contributing “presence”?

Where there is defined shape, there is discipline, and order, and the laws which keep these things in balance. Each of these, is a relationship with, or by thought. So the question “rotates”; to become what is, “the presence of life”?

It is the interplay of forces, that give light its definition: of forces pushing out/ balanced by forces (necessary for staying together) pulling in. As is the result of a singular, “straight line” beam, that stays, traveling together:  “for a billion years”.

Life is a force, not an energy/ while time is a mass, that exists in living form by the control of energy which is motion dictated by an action or reaction, based upon the potential that can be released. Force is a conception, which allows for energy to form. While the brain is how we conceive of forming that energy into our lives. The result of force is thought, builds in the environmental decisions that become our identity. How we shape that environment by values created; define the direction we shall go. In the search for what is true. Truth survives, nothing less can. Therefore truth decides if you live, or die. While thought elevates destiny through love lives here; into joy, happiness, hope, heart, and soul; all begin with love (life beyond self). While death (isolated into nothing has value but “me”), stalks the rest. Love lifts us beyond their grasp, in the essence of our trust, by accepting only respect changes reality; because it justifies living by law. By granting an eternity, in peace; to those who belong to the grace and truth, that is love beyond self. Family lifts us together as one, the bond between male and female lifts truth into our contribution, that will never know loneliness again. Purity decides destinies: because it limits, and confines the boundaries of where you are allowed to go!

We then ask of the “light of life”: are you limited by the darkness? While the answer returns: where only darkness exists, WHY should we go? Even so, transparency is not regulated by darkness: it is, what it is.

LONELINESS is “the great divide”; establishing the difference between those who choose beyond self; and those who choose “only self; by insisting they are superior to all the rest”. Love, to solution to loneliness; is an expression from within; where joy and heart are formed. Sharing and caring is/are, experiences from the outside, identifying the respect needed to participate in the values of love. Where soul decides your truth. Therefore even in this universe; the value of love; “is the greatest treasure” to be found. This earth exists: to seek, only those who are love; as your own truth defines it to be. This is, “all you get”.

So then: I remind this world, that ALL of life, is a symphony/ NOT a grouping of numbers; as universities assume. LOVE builds/ HATE destroys: NO greater mercenary of death has ever existed: that equals the disgrace and disasters of a university. As proven by those who try to destroy nature with genetic mutilation/ or those who try to ignite the same nuclear fire here as is on the sun. Or those who destroy everything they can touch. Or those who create weapons of mass destruction and distribute them. Or those who use chemical agents to create cancers and mooore. Destroying habitats, destroying species, destroying water supplies/ destroying peace by trying to infiltrate with civil war/ destroying governments by counterfeiting currency/ destroying sanity, with endless debts/ destroying families with addiction/ destroying our planet with overheating and more/ destroying plant life, chains of life, oceans of life, pollinators of life, the nuclear balance of this planet, the ozone layer. a completely unsustainable human population expansion! YOU NAME IT; AND THE DEAD SOUL, of universities, is god; tries to kill it. As is consistent with the biblical description of Satan.   YOUR GAME is dead/ YOUR  want is a cancer , to life and world: predicting extinction: REALITY NOW DECIDES.       by the choices you make!

And still: THE HERD SCREAMS, “WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ MAKE US RICH”! And the universities complied, with KILL THE FUTURE! And the people yelled “hurrah our gods”. To your own extinction.


And the lost souls whisper; “we can’t/ they won’t like us”.

And all of media offers in: “a GUN IS YOUR ANSWER”/ humiliate, deny, destroy, tempt, ridicule, disgrace, disrespect, steal, kill, battle for superiority, lie, cheat, terrorize, and betray; “that is your answer”/ and this society yells; “ok”. As teachers indoctrinate cult worship of universities. Preachers yell: the universities are god “silently, but with determination”. Every part and facet of leadership proves: your life will soon be dead, because we don’t want you anymore. Covid being merely the first test of lets kill them/ steal their future/ their hopes, and turn them insane; BUT FIRST “a vaccine for us”.

I will add this simple thing: “that all addictions” are about losing hope; except for those few, which were unintentional. To alleviate addiction: provide hope, and the passage which allows; time to heal your doubt. The demand is; NO, I WON’T (life is enough; the evidence of miracles proves that true/ the essence of love identifies a value in living beyond self/ the realities of truth, provide for an endless search into the expressions and experience in being ALIVE);  “just say no is not enough”!  The constant as is: “universities are the disease destroying miracles; to scream “animal”; thereby  invading hope; among the vast majority”/ only death awaits, get what you can.  As is greed, selfishness;  and their demand “we want it all”. Nothing for you.

So the bribe is: you get control over a piece of equipment that is simple to manufacture; and can be spread across this globe in a short amount of time; primarily for generating electricity. But used for more.

And I get: you will help me to fight for life and world, for better: than the extinction which leads you by university knows religion, as is a cult of failure, shoving the puke and vomit of evolution down your throat/ proven true. Proven a cult; because you cannot even question the fools who lead you; to your shame!    Along with a small amount for me; to use at my discretion, for whatever I choose. Simple as that.

As is the constant: I do not ask for an organization of any particular color/ race/ size/ religion/ origin/ age/ or other. BUT I DO INSIST; our world cannot be saved by less than respect and cooperation among all people. And YOU will lead in that direction; so as to sustain the basic truth: WE ARE AS ONE WORLD/ whether you like it or not. But make no mistake, I don’t travel well with tinnitus/ and I do expect to participate with you, in your decisions. NOT control or manipulate you: but participate as an outside influence of value.

PROOF, you are the right ones for the job:  is established by bringing redress to this world/ by beginning with medical billing injustice.  The establishment of people willing to sign their name and participate in the legal quest of a class action lawsuit, that is:  CHANGING THIS,  “for humanity/ and then life and world”.  This is no game: prove you do understand that!

REDRESS IS:  LITERAL  “power to authorize and establish change in our democracy/ by our vote”. WHICH IS WHY, those in power hate it;  because you control their authority/ instead of they control yours.