In favor of life; the values of our existence are determined by the shape and kind of our freedoms. What we can do, what we can be, what we must endure, and whether this is “my decision” or not; are all fundamentals of human happiness. Fantasies are allowed in your imagination/ but not in life, as reality will prove “in the real world”. Delusions of fraud and failure; as is the constant of universities and their claim to be gods who can do anything they want without consequences; is for fools. What we can do: is appreciate the life we are given; as it is a gift/ and we are not allowed to choose “rich or poor/ white or black/ short or tall; abilities and a whole body or not”. The reality of our parents and their choices present the gift of nature, as modified by the realities they endure; because chemicals matter, nature can be horrified, as genetic mutilation occurs.

In the favor of life over death; we must conceive of rebirth: as the decision confronting the biblical description of JESUS; when reality surfaced as greed beyond sanity. The constant human condition of betrayal, because you wanted more. He was put to death; because he turned over the tables of the “peddlers in the temple” who were getting rich; because of HIS work, and HIS LIFE. What the story says HE did do; which no one else has ever done, before or since. So the critical truth of that lesson is: the traitors of human disgrace, are born out of greed, and become insane within themselves as they look for rewards they did not earn. While honesty if faced with the curse of hate, when greed takes over life/ and cowardice takes over the court. We cannot change ourselves beyond what nature will allow. We cannot avoid our own truth, when reality decides: it is real life/ and the vast majority of people in this world, “want imagination and greed, instead”. Because real world truth has no place for liars, no room for thieves, teaches the cost of hate over love, and warns that eternity accepts only truth, trust, respect, and love. So the question of many is: HOW do we prove an eternity exists/ because THEN they would make choices, and pay the dues, to earn a reward they want? The answer is: we are not allowed to prove eternity exists (even though the miracles of life do that); because then the people; who do not belong, would make choices that mercy allows beyond time. So our world exists; as people decide/ as their own truth exhibits to prove what they choose; and the end result of it is: that eternity will only welcome “real life love”. Inside your truth, the foundation decisions of your life: these become real. To prove what freedom will be; in you.

If we examine our own reality for greed and hate/ or love and truth? At least in this USA, where the evidence I use exists; you have graduated to “the priests of death/ that convicted JESUS of a crime he did not commit: because their greed leads, and selfishness decides”. Same as did they. As in that day; some do better, and will eventually pass along the value of love is greater than hate. But in this day; you have no such time for changing a world slowly. You have chosen to crucify yourselves/ a reality of arrogance (you cannot stop us)/ a reality of apathy (we won’t care, not even if our own children are eaten by cannibals; nothing left)/ a reality of disrespect (such as is the evidence of evolution; a fools dirty diaper of filth and disease). So to avoid the truth of life; as with all believers; you hide (evidence, truth, reality, “nothing can touch me in this cage; to hole you out”) in the cult of universities decide/ so you can claim innocent when things go wrong. Which is fraud, because you chose; as freedom allows for you to do. While I have worked for forty plus years: truth says, today you are on your own, and if you cannot climb beyond the pit of your delusions; to understand life is more important than your greed, arrogance, disrespect, etc. then there is nothing more that I can do for you as a world. The minimum work is: to encourage others to view this work. But the minimum reality of that choice is: once they know/ they cannot go back in time, “and not know”. Which proves the innocence is gone, and you must make your own decision. So I have stopped inviting people to “walk with me”; in this knowledge, and define the understanding of consequences beyond recovery will be soon; if not already true. Because you have done so poorly; in favor of universities are god/ rather than truth and life know better.

In favor of Christmas; as the true holiday of celebrating the one man who has remained the clear and only true description: between love OR hate. The value of that sacrifice is beyond university delusions; as such their cult has remained arrogant (we can be gods), disrespectful (nothing matters but us), and aloof (we are the superior ones)/ demanding evolution (this looks like that; is enough), demanding Noah’s flood did not exist (even though fossil fuels prove it true)/ demanding that “saving this world, from falling further into hate”; had no value. Because as Satan on this earth: their choice is extinction. LIFE is bigger, LIVING is grander, and LOVE is better; than anything the universities provide. Because as miracles do prove: this is no game, and we did not make ourselves.

But your choice is: to believe the universities are better than nature/ better than the disciplines, order, balance, and truth of energy/ better than you, because media convinces you so; without truth or substance: without the knowledge of consequences or real world evidence. Or more simply as was back in Jesus day: the curse of greed fought to remove their greatest enemy; as is love/ and won. Cursing life/ but love did find a way to bring back truth; as is see the evidence/ not your beliefs. You have no such time to rebuild a soul. Instead as humanity dives into the abyss of horror, that is “universities; got a vaccine for everything/ etc”. The reality of displacement will occur, and all that life has been for what we know to be thousands of years; will fail, to prove the curse of Armageddon is now here/ because nature will fall into chaos with you; as is the cost of playing god (without a clue). To your shame: you know, that medicine or universities heal little/ because if the body does not endure their help, it does not recover. Making nature the key to all life and healing. To your shame you know: that weapons of mass destruction are no friend to you/ and must choose world law instead. But you refuse. To your shame; you know, that poisoning the earth, killing all its life and ocean life, causing massive extinction/ destroying every resource, overheating the earth and multiplying “like cockroaches” is BAD; choices you made, by avoiding reality and living in your own fantasy world, with all the delusions media can provide. You know; that drinking water supplies are failing; and “a thousand more realities you cannot survive exist”; but choose to take all you can get/ instead of fight for life and child.  You know that hate is your enemy, not “anything else”; because hate rules over all that is bad. YOUR hate, fails life and world/ yet your refuse to change; screaming “I want what I want”. To your shame!

You even know that “the great plagues” and things of the past; were caused by human indifference to their own sewage; the failure to respect life, and world; because greed consumed their lives. As to death itself: if not for that, this world would already be ended; because of human consumption, pollution, and many other failures. So while antibiotics and the originating “nature inspired” vaccines did change our world/ humanity did not change with it; and we all face extinction because of that fact. Which is simply proven true by the math: 8 billion people which no one doubts is real x a one percent increase in child birth over death: is another 80 million more mouths to feed this year, than last. EACH YEAR; OR more simply that is ten children more than deaths being born per one thousand people. As always; humanity produces more; and only true population control can give you a chance to survive. A reality of choice: only women own/ no man. But then there are ten thousand threats of men; on top of just that one little thing; and their own delusions about getting more children to create their own army. As is the constant of the catholic religion; just to start. Change means change; and “you have a thousand miles to go”/ or just lay down in the grave you dug, and let universities horrify you into extinction. “the choice is yours”!

And throughout the decades; nearly one hundred percent all said, “ DON’T TELL ME NOTHING/ I WON’T PAY/ I AIN’T DOING NOTHING, NOT ONE DAMN PENNY; I DON’T WANT TO KNOW: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ make me rich, or leave me alone. Because NOTHING matters but me. And just for clarity, there are a lot of immigrants here, and I use to travel some.  While every courtroom said:  YOU CAN’T QUESTION the universities;  “they are god”; the expert who knows it all. Religion offered;  “this is against the government” and we won’t do that, they are god.  The politicians offered: “we want what they want; leave us alone”. and policing decided as did so many:  “you cannot change nothing”, and they did not want change; because as with all the rest:  GREED CONTROLLED THE DAY.  Just like it did on the day Jesus died.

Some ask WHY should we care? The answer is: you can’t get greedy and make it pay/ unless you are stealing from someone else. The consequence of that is: for decades the citizens here have been stealing from the future; as led by universities know. The answer: is a maze, “give them what they want/ and they don’t care; about anything else”. And when confronted by all that theft (let the children pay/ make them slave), the counterfeiting of currency (let fantasies pay, destroying every resource the future requires to live)/ debts which cannot be paid (let delusions lead, pollution, heat release, genetic mutilation, lets ignite atoms on fire here just like the sun/ more); and a life that must be changed to keep this world alive (the dead can’t fight back, a nation destroyed from the inside; has only weapons of mass destruction, with fools in charge). BUT; THE PUBLIC: ALL SCREAM NO; BECAUSE REALITY IS then truth, takes away all the lies, ends theft and every claim of riches, destroys imagination of fools, and denies the universities their cult of playing god with life; and more; as is the list of consequences; which surround us all with real world extinction. Thereby removing the claim of “I am rich”/ and clarifies; you sold your nation out; for a poverty we will not escape, without truth. BUT TRUTH SAYS: YOU WILL FACE YOUR TRUTH AS A NATION AND WORLD OR: you will face reality, and become extinct as a world; because that is, “the consequences, of what you chose”.

GREED SAYS: HELL NO, you can’t prove nothing/ UNTIL we cannot avoid that truth, WE WILL take what we want. BUT REALITY SAYS; in that day, change will not matter, because you are, by your own choices “the living, dead skeletons of failure and death”. Who will go insane as a world, cannibalizing everything. Because there is no going back in time, to undue what you did do to life and earth. The curse of anarchy is upon this USA; the insurgency of “university leads”; has removed all manufacturing of substance/ denied the schooling of all defensive measures as is we can build our own/ poisoned and polluted every water supply with trillions of tons of toxic waste/ cause annihilation of the future with resource depletion/ attacked every form of nature and food with genetic chaos/ risked our entire world by trying to ignite a nuclear fire they cannot control/ gave every form of business, to the monopoly of a tiny few/ propagated universities as god, giving them free access to indoctrination of every child into their religion; cursed them all with the delusion of evolution/ denied truth on every level/ and invaded the very identity of human existence, with the claim of vaccines used only to threaten and destroy life and world. While the cult of puppets forced into leadership by university knows, and media decides; uses us all as slave.

And the universities and their cult followers say: “we are doing great”/ yet the reality is in real world terms: these insurgents have rebelled against democracy, corrupting the courts/ denying our constitution unless it suits their purpose/ claimed to be “government” but are only employees/ ruined the currency/ cursed the population with debts/ denied the sanity of being prepared on any level for defense (as is “the university man” stands with a computer, saying I can attack you with this/ while the “prehistoric man” stands with a big club saying I can attack you with this. So the reality is: who wins, if the computer comes unplugged, or the room is small? Every form of failure possible has been used by this insurgency of rebels; who do want this nation dead. Those tiny few elite who hide behind closed doors; and run the rest through their maze of illusions. Such as politically correct/ or transgender/ or nobody has to pay (let the children die instead_) as is the cost of what they do. The universities conspire to take over this democracy/ collude with each other to delude and take over the courts by corruption; deny reality matters; curse us all with the release of biological weapons as is the truth of covid: sending workers throughout the world, to find the most insane and horrific diseases and poisons possible; to use on you/ to make you fear/ and enslave or let you die. Because in an overpopulated world: SOMEBODY does have to die: says reality! The brain dead are lost in the maze; a reality just like the long 1040 tax form; which is intended to make you turn enough: to become lost and give up. Giving the criminal element of organized crime; its power. Wake up, the dead are eating your soul.


GREED SAYS: HELL NO, you can’t prove nothing/ UNTIL we cannot avoid that truth. BUT REALITY SAYS; in that day, change will not matter, because you are, by your own choices “the living, dead skeletons”. Who will go insane as a world, cannibalizing everything. Because there is no going back in time, to undue what you did do to life and earth.

THE DEAD (let us HATE) SHOUT:“war, as is their only answer”. But as reality proves true: there is NO HONOR, in war/ only destruction (cursing life and world), rape (cursing human existence), mutilation (cursing the body of life), death (cursing time with violence), and ruin (cursing the world itself). THE DEMAND: “KILL or be killed”; makes the army. Because by distracting you with war (the law is dead); those who are responsible for the criminal acts which caused war, by their tragedy: go unpunished! And even continue, hidden by that war; to make you pay their debt. HATE, “WANTS it all”; so they attack, and enforce “with us/ or against”.

REAL LAW: the decision of us all; WILL refuse war, because it lets our enemies go free; releasing hate onto life. So the question is: are you, “for law”/ or demanding hate? Real trouble is: we are too many to survive; and someone has to die.

The difference between “sanity and insanity”: is determined by whether you can release your focus:  “screaming me, damn you ME”; in time to save your life. That decision depends upon balance, and balance depends upon the reality of a disciplined and orderly view; based upon respect.

The difference between fantasy and reality is: the consequences are real, not delusion removes the truth.

HATRED means: “I fell into my grave, and cannot get out; so I blame you/ not me”; for this failure. Usually the result of falling into the abyss of want. Or crying; “I lost and want revenge”. The end result: some decide “this is, the power of their home; make them fear: becoming liars, thieves, and traitors”/ some find a way out by repenting for real, as is I will make amends, as best I can/ while others sink into terrorism, and blame GOD for giving them life; becoming truly violent, and without shame. Even though they hide; so as “like predators do”; they can attack at their decision, not yours. So, lets review: the universities want you to fear, attacking with all forms of disease and vaccine; buy now. The universities want you to believe; attacking with all forms of “give us your money for our research; your heart is dying/ your breasts are going to attack you; etc”. While the pharmaceutical business screams OBEY: TAKE OUR MEDICINE, it will be GREAT; will offering the blanket deception of a legal get out of jail card; by whispering, “could be big trouble”. A REALITY proving THEY KNEW some will die, or receive grave injury because of this: but did it anyway.

Or, in this USA; which no longer stands for united (divided and separated as the universities wanted) states (no longer valid foundations of freedom) of America (destroyed from the inside; no democracy here): as is, the meaning now changed by the cult of university: to ulcer of those who siphon off, the ambivalence of failure, the curse of death; with their greed, lies, and betrayal. WHY? Because you are believers; easily manipulated into accepting anything media tells you. Cursed by universities into denial/ FEAR; AS IS their work is not what it is: the death and mutilation of our world. AND OBEDIENCE; willing to discard the nation, world, life, child, EVERYTHING; for a bribe, you will throw away just to prove you can. Or more simply: the universities have done their deed/ having enlisted “the elite” from around the world: their decision to invade and destroy life in this USA, is all but complete; as every courtroom proves/ as every failure to invest in infrastructure proves/ as the complete failure of teaching anything but obedience to the cult of university is god, does prove/ as are every lie, as is covid (nobody gets a cold anymore, not allergies, not flu to any degree/ not pneumonia/ and almost nothing without covid attached. Even though they declared WORLDWIDE pandemic; “with only about thirty people declared infected in China”; AND LITERALLY THE UNIVERSITIES GOT EVERYTHING THEIR FANTASIES DESIRED; while destroying your lives; with their greed. Covid no doubt exists; search for WHO GOT THE MONEY AND MORE; to find where it came from. But a pandemic it was never/ even though they declare it; and then claim a vaccine cured it (as with all con games: even if they gave you water/ a pandemic not real, so long as they gave you something; can be called hurrah; we are gods). They did not give you water, their vaccine mutilated human genetics; and the cost of that will likely be horrifying. IF GOD does not intervene; to keep you alive. Armageddon nature in chaos/ in crisis; stands ready, if HE does not. Wake up, or die!

recognizing: hidden behind closed doors:  are the enemy, of life, earth, and nation.

We then look: at this nation to recognize, “when all you have left is revenge”/ society has died.

So we ask WHY? The answer is: while the 60’s were led by liars, fraud, and deceit; using “lets go to the moon” as their cover story for building missiles to deliver large bombs; the foundation of that extends from the 50’s where this USA was busy threatening life on earth; by exploding roughly 2000 atomic bombs: to say FEAR US.

The patriots who gave the USSR the opportunity to mediate US disgrace; as is the hatred used to explode all those bombs; to produce fear/ stopped the constant curse of “another hitler” from extending its grasp. But of course that unleashed another “hitler” onto this world and they both overspent (stripping life from truth) to prove power is ours [nazi lives].

The last gasp of life in this USA was president Carter; who tried to bring reality back to the nation. Destroyed by Reagan; who threw away reality, and gave the universities full control over the currency; which then gave themselves “a million dollar raise”; and all the people; said “WE FOUND THE MONEY”/ go get a diploma. Unleashing GREED beyond anything the world had ever seen. How did Reagan succeed to any degree? Answer: he sold all the gold, Americans had earned/ and through media manipulation and propaganda; hid the truth of that decision. “can’t fight back now/ its all gone”. And so begins the journey to the bottom of dysentery and disease as is formed by the religious cult of universities know. Religion being as with evolution: “this looks like that”/ is enough, so we believe what we want to believe; to HELL with truth. Or as the people so utterly entrenched in delusions due to university indoctrination of every child has done: regardless of dating which cannot be proven claiming millions or billions of years; the cult followers believe anyway. Even with real world evidence; those are absolutely wrong.

So as we review the reality of descent/ the cost of universities in this USA; we find they took control; and then discarded everything about life, world, future, nature, truth, energy, child, reality, respect, caring, sharing, values, hope, disciplines, order, happiness, democracy, using the courtroom for corruption, conspiring to overthrow constitutional law, and colluding to destroy the nation itself; as is the insurrection of pure and complete universities, failures and disgrace: so evident in this day. They chose to discard all infrastructure; spending every penny on experiments of their own. They chose to discard the future of life; by poisoning every part of this world with trillions of tons of toxic waste and pollution. They chose to expand biological weapons, intensify nuclear weapons, and place chemical weapons in every large city on earth. Chose to steal all the work, that humanity had done for their own benefit. Chose to manipulate, propagate, tempt, deny, defy, disease, and destroy the foundation of human choice; by creating the maze of media mutilation; that removes truth to entrap those who try to find their way out of : university hell is coming. But failed, because the curse of universities; extend to every single method of banking and currency control; and they feed themselves with fraud, deceit, lies, illusion, delusion, imagination, and pure fantasy conceptions that have no value or truth. But in a nation that has given up on truth; it is fantasy they turn too; in an effort to escape the trap, that is to be their own HORROR. As truth turns from complacent/ into the consequences of HELL and beyond.

So we ask: DID UNIVERSITIES GIVE US ANYTHING OF VALUE TO LIFE OR WORLD OR NATION in these last fifty plus years? Seriously “anything for life: as only truth can do”? Well, we have robots to steal your job: not a benefit. We have computers; used to gamble and destroy all life and world; not a benefit. We have chemicals; the cause of endless biological misery/ cost of cancer and beyond; not a benefit. We have overpopulation; because there is some help in medicine/ and some threat; LIES because nobody dies of old age so they want your money with propaganda to get it: our world is threatened with extinction/ not a benefit. We have greater mobility with fossil fuel use/ as is global warming; a world about to die. We have experts who claim “anything power wants: pay us, and we will LIE”; traitors to us all. We have an endless legion of universities graduates; who will go to the grave with their debts because universities lied; not a benefit. We have all life in every ocean threatened with extinction; and a billion plus humans die of starvation. We have endless mutilation of our food sources; the foundation of life dependent upon the children of the devil (we can play god). All drinking water supplies ending or threatened; fools live here. Propaganda without end; as media takes over human life, commanding: BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; as is the purpose of every cult. Governments overthrown by the misery of universities know; which has proven to be a curse beyond description. All money ended/ all humanity angry/ population beyond control/ weapons of mass destruction (the gift of universities to us all)/ HELL (its all gone/ we are dead). Armageddon (nature lost). Apocalypse (war for water). HADES; “lets burn atoms here/ just like the sun”; hell, what could go wrong? University answer: we don’t have to worry/ not enough gravity here so it will just extinguish itself; even though that is pure unproven fantasy. Endless extinction of species. Endless destruction of trees and habitat; which will release the atmosphere from the planet to spin at different speeds; ending life here. The consumption of oxygen; which will end your ability to breathe. The curse of chemical concentrations; we can never escape; or more simply they gave us EXTINCTION! And demand; “we are gods, of death”/ proving it true, grants “SATAN” is here.

nonetheless: WE MUST HOPE, and that hope turns to our CREATOR “in this world of miracles; NO accident can describe”/ and must ask for help.

And how did GREED UNLEASHED, do this? Answer: you can’t be rich, the price is/ without making many others poor; as is your slave. But that ended quickly under Reagan: but the universities had a plan: SELL OFF ALL THE GOLD, claim “its just business”; the currency don’t need no damn reality attached to it; change the books and lie. THEN, we can play god with this nation and world; use media to hide the truth. LIE NEVER LET THE PUBLIC KNOW; that universities imagination has no value/ use media. CHEAT; propagate the universities are god/ use media. STEAL; don’t let the public see, that all their money goes to universities rule/ use media. BETRAY, gamble with life and energy and world; EVERYTHING hidden under lies/ use media. Etc!

WHY DID THE PEOPLE BELIEVE: because it is depression now, if you don’t. Because the universities RAPED, RUINED, AND RAVAGED: YOU.

But make no mistake; the cult followers all worshiped in the sewer of their greed, or it would not have happened; to an entire nation of fools.

HOW DID THEY DESTROY A NATION? Answer; the universities claim a diploma makes them worth at least 4 times more. Even though “we the people” have to train them when they get out and have that diploma; because in the real world, “they don’t know shit”/ and must be taught. The difference: THEIR DEBT turns them into liars, traitors, failures, thieves, cheats, manipulators, tempters, corruptions, colluding to succeed by stealing: the primary method “may the government pay”. Conspiring to create civil war; by invoking “these people owe you/ and refusing all truth or reality; so that hate can creep in; with the delusions of mass hypnosis being used.

HOW DID THEY LEARN THAT? Fifty years of universities study rats in a maze reveal: ALL YOU HAVE TO DO, IS PROMISE THE RAT; what he or she wants/ and they will work hard; disregarding everything else: to get their reward. And with control over the currency, hidden by media propaganda of lies: the theft is endless/ but the reality is not. And as truth demands: CONSEQUENCES HAVE APPEARED.

And how do you FEED THE MONSTER of greed in any nation: you create debts/ but when that fails you counterfeit currency by claiming assets that don’t exist; so that inflation can be hidden by media propaganda.

As with covid: MEDIA REPORTED NO INFLATION/ even though MANY trillions were spent; in unexpected over the top funds, that had to come from “more numbers”. Nor did they report inflation the next year, WITH ADDITIONAL TRILLIONS SPENT “for covid”;  or beyond anything collected: until the curse of pure anarchy “nazi forcing business/ removing freedom and rights: YOU are nothing: we are the power now“;  met the collapse of business as owned by “americans”. To further entitle foreigners, and remove the competition: by stealing their property. NOW media reports inflation/ so as to remove the last forms of american ownership; by those who built this nation; refusing contention and by eliminating the power to make a difference; from those who are this society. Giving full control to the insurgency of university disease; and their rebellion against this USA.

And to keep the lies going: you create an income that is pure fantasy, and disguise “the fountain of youth: WE HAVE IT ALL”. By selling derivatives: bad debts to prove “it has value”/ to those who now believe if they can just collect a little; they will be rich. Killing the future, to serve the dying: by assassinating everything a child will need to survive. As their casket is filled; with the garbage they threw away to prove; you just didn’t care “about life or world”. Making HELL, and more; the result of your own decisions too…. the cost of fools/ life itself, thrown away.

WHAT IS: the primary reward of a universities diploma, for the masses? Answer: a foreign language, by which the amount of ignorance proving you don’t know; can be hidden in words or realities they will not understand. So they cannot contest/ and must back down, or throw you out. The reality of what you can do: proves the degree of knowledge you do own. That is a REAL WORLD truth/ rather than a delusion of superiority as is claimed by the construction of: “expert”.

An “endless amount of change” is required to survive/ and you won’t like most of it; because limits and boundaries (as do elevate RESPECT) will prove “NO YOU CAN’T”. while the contrast of that is the universities who said “yes we can”/ but proved EXTINCTION IS THEIR GIFT; once HELL and all the rest that is terrifying has past. So choose: LIFE BY LAW/ or death, by the freedom of playing god, the revenge of hate, and the curse of fools? CHOOSE.

With that: “the wizard of OZ” prediction of our future comes to a close: the curtain pulled on “nothing more than a spoiled child/ pretending to be an adult” playing games is the universities. Dorothy walking in delusions and the imagination of “elves and witches”; with people who have no brain/ can’t think/ and don’t own courage as her companions.

Looking beyond; the predictions of “1984” have also been concluded with people staring at their phones/ believing anything the media tells them as with covid/ controlled without a brain of their own; etc.

CAN humanity come back to reality? Only time knows for sure.

CAN America survive; “the greatest thieves and traitors, throughout all of history”? Who wins that title? Lets see: there was kennedy; whose intent was to create world war 3/ and used media to claim: “we are just building these missiles” to go to the moon. Which was absolutely untrue. The next big thief was Reagan, the true criminal (no doubt winner); whose about face on paying the debt and returning us to reality; caused massive losses throughout the nation, as those who believed media/ were then discarded to the trash; as inflation dropped: when he sold off all the gold, and media told no one; even though they knew, because I told them. Then an endless stream, throughout government; of “we can’t tell the truth/ it means depression”. And of course: “this is great/ NO REALITY REQUIRED”. Which culminated with Trump; who added roughly $400 trillion dollars in counterfeited currency and debt to the “claim of government REWARDS the wealthy”/ and idiots respond with “we believe”. Followers who want to push out their competitors/ while believing they get the crumbs: where only parasites breed. While Biden is in fact the opposite face, of the very same coin (both want power)”: as spender “without restraint”/ he rewards the poor, so they can be his army. By proving they can be parasites to those who built the nation, and have worked hard to maintain it. While truth allows: no leader here/ reality knows this is just the prelude to war/ as media efforts to incite continue.

 Both fail government; while claiming “they can’t” tell the truth; because it ruins the game: and as we all can see/ there are people who live for that game. To prove Nazi/ or other version of power takes it all.

And then comes wall street: where much of the laundering all that counterfeit money goes. Where “it was (unaware now): that you could buy $50.00 worth of stock for one dollar”/ and they pretended: that you invested $50; which is what margin call is all about. Gambling/ not investing. Failure not “food for the future”/ a liars whim, where the truth of killing this world and all its children is buried under the garbage mountains used as a weapon.

But as with the state of ILLINOIS; thieves are everywhere/ corruption is beyond imagination/ the curse of cult worship cannot be stopped (they want the money); etc. going on for years; as witnessed by $157 million to put new air conditioning (dress it up) in the assembly hall at Urbana/ and another $129 million to build “an emperors box” on the football stadium. While media shouted “hurrah, the cult is god” as they always do/ and every single taxpayer gets ripped off; by such things as the school teacher gets to retire after 20 years. Such a hard job 6 hours a day, with all holidays and 3 months off in summer; damn, its like going to war apparently. Fantasy accounting/ debts which can never be paid: COMPLETELY unfair and failed in everything, because the universities are in charge; whether they admit it or not. An entire nation: betrayed with greed, on every side/ fantasies ruling our lives. And the absolute ban on state of IL: redress of grievances, their own fifth amendment to the IL constitution completely and utterly denied. EVEN THOUGH IT IS LAW, THAT RULES OVER THE COURT AND ALL ITS EMPLOYEES, INCLUDING GOVERNMENT.

Or more simply: EITHER STOP the fantasies/ or be exterminated; “its a choice”. But it is the only choice you have. Because the living dead; surrender their choices.

millions or billions CANNOT be led by people! Simple as that/ only the law we create for ourselves; CAN EFFECTIVELY change what we do, in order to survive as best we can. Destroying the game of money; REQUIRES that you get along as friends/ and that ends the sewage of current “educational practices”/ to demand REAL LIFE and WORLD; comes first.

As begins with: “there is little more vile, than a university diploma”/ whose primary purpose in life is to create the illusion of work or intelligence, in a constant decision to fantasize about being “the superior ones”/ as they curse all of life itself, and destroy all possibility of our world staying alive. The value of life is built upon truth, and their truth lacks any and all respect; “for miracles”/ or even existence itself. As the game is called “selfish”. As is the delusions of fools. Rarely is their claim of “great things or great help”/ not a curse. Because the end result is: they just want to spend money, and ABSOLUTELY AVOID, any description of “real work”/ cause that, is for slaves. As history proves; nothing has really changed/ only the threat of now: extinction itself/ because there is “a university”.

As are the primary cause of nearly every real world threat.

SO WHAT IS: THE REAL WORLD SOLUTION for life and living and world? Answer in fact is: ONLY TRUTH CAN DECIDE/ not the delusions, theories, fantasies, failures, imagination, curse, or tragedies of “university plays god”. OUR LIVES=OUR CHOICE/ NOT just yours! But real world evidence untainted by “university expertise”; built upon the information we share as a world, to accomplish what is real, by understanding for ourselves, the knowledge that does make a difference. So that we can then choose for ourselves; accepting the consequences we create: BELONG TO US/ not the future, unless it benefits them. No more experimentation by universities/ no more gambling with earth or life or anything: REAL WORLD RESPECT FOR LIFE AND EARTH, and CREATOR of our miracles. Because unlike the religion of universities as is evolution to start: a greater fool does not exist/ university by the evidence of threat; IS THAT FOOL.

WE MUST choose for ourselves/ and WE MUST identify real world evidence that is not tainted with lies, OR delusions, from those who want us dead; so they can play god with our lives; as is universities playing god with genetics, energy, everything: which is our own WORLD EXTINCTION (means you too).