It is appropriate, that the elements of dating should be discussed; as the value of living is dictated by the truth of our friendships. Nothing is more true of that than the value of male to female relationships that are formed into the construction of “marriage” (not necessarily a religious definition)/ as marriage means: I will trust you with my life in time.

We bind ourselves together and commit to the future as one: based upon trust! When that trust is lost, all marriage in whatever form fails and falls apart. Because truth cannot be replaced with lies. And realities of want, are discovered to be an invasion, rather than proof of friend.

So the elemental task of value between those who choose to commit to each other; even as friends. Is to create the time it takes to establish truth between us; as reality changes to define what we each do want. It is want, that will push you into the directions that become “our home”; each as they desire it to be.

So, I will talk of my own marriage and divorce; in its most simple terms: that while love can grow, and explain what happiness means. Realities will also grow into what each person wants their own life to be. She wanted “a life like everyone else”/ and I desired a life dedicated to “the price of keeping life and earth from dying”. These are NOT the same, and as a result: the fundamental differences became a war to change the other; with love OR with the power of manipulation, etc. You cannot fix that with sex/ because sex is an element of living: that grows into trust beyond self/ or fails to trust, and relationships die. You cannot fix that with a baby; because babies need you/ NOT you need a baby to fix you. See the difference?

Nonetheless the fundamental of every relationship is: that love is “a given thing”/ which does mean in reality: that you gave your love away, and unless they return it to multiply or at least replace what you gave. You will become heartbroken; as they leave you “without the basis of hope”. Therefore it is absolutely essential: TO REMEMBER FOR CERTAIN; THAT YOU NEVER GIVE AWAY “the last of what is best in you”. YOU NEED THAT, TO RECOVER, AND BEGIN AGAIN. give it only to “ GOD “. Because HE can be trusted; IF, your “god” is discovered by truth, and cherished with respect/ not want. Want is a liar, and evades truth to “take all you can get”; which means it is not love or a value to your existence. An enemy, to be found and removed. Remembering no one is perfect, and that includes YOU.

So destiny shapes what we will accept as our own foundation for existing in this world: everyone must decide for themselves/ and everyone who refuses to decide has in fact already made their own choice; as is “an animal, of the herd (we all can’t be wrong). Which of course is never true”.

So lets define the question of: WHAT IS LOVE/ AND HOW, DO WE FIND THAT LOVE WITHIN EACH OTHER; as the value we both contribute to our time as life expressed or experienced on this earth? In terms of male and female; what is obvious is: each contributes what the other can value, but find no where else. That is the blessing of gender differences; but it comes with a deliberate lack of understanding between each sex; so that one compliments the other, and gains even more: than friends of the same gender can do.

LOVE BETWEEN THE “SEXES” IS: nothing less than respect can accomplish this! Therefore everything we need, begins with respect for each other. Respect identifies the reality: that I find in you, a truth that I can trust. Romance lives here, but it cannot sustain itself, unless. Having found that truth, love begins: but it must also provide the substance required for living with each other. Or more distinctly will you fit within my life/ and can I fit within your life; each bringing a value shaped by our love for building a bridge by which we do exchange lives as one existence formed by choices we have made.

The greatest curse is perhaps pride/ the greatest tragedy is probably power; in overall concepts of decisions cause this. Pride makes people into a game of winners and losers. While power informs the others; you are less than me, and I forbid you to be more. Which ends with judgment, and the consequences born of that.

Desire is different than want. While children want, as a method of providing the communication they need to survive and thrive. Adults want; as a completely different realm of “lets play this game/ give me MORE”. Desire intercedes in life, to remove the battleground of want; and establish the peace which comes from letting truth decide; not me or you. See the difference?

Love lives, but it is not alive; until you know the difference between living/ and the recognition of miracles. Every miracle is a gift; proving by the evidence we did not do this. The consequence of that is a recognition of OUR CREATOR did this for us/ and then did not abandon; but proved with JESUS, that love is valued enough: to present the option of living within the invitation of eternal life. Or more simply: to know and understand; by the truth of miracles; that there is more, than we know is true here on earth. Giving to life an essence that is beyond time; or more distinctly: “I am ALIVE” too! Graduated from truth, to the purity of love; which grants an expression which then belongs to me.

Love shapes our journey, and those who come to identify themselves; with value. Learn that love is the acceptance of truth, and the path of purity, along with the realities of trust, that then exemplify and create our experience and expressions called respect. To honor and conceive of: a relationship with GOD as is soul.

While heart is a rhythm, which combines to “sing our song”/ as no one else can. It is soul which aligns with the greatest gift we can experience in time: the union of male and female as one life shared. The end of all loneliness, because you are here with me. Until death does do us part. Which does “break your heart”; as is the reality of loss, can now be measured with truth.

Truth does not have mercy in it: it is, what it is. The end result of that is: eternity does not begin/ until time has ended; and the human body has been discarded. Therefore think not about loss; as best you can: but conceive of choices, that allow for life to be recreated without lies; only truth lives here. Consequently be truth, so that you can join and live once more in the disciplines of thought, which form in the grace of force; as does present us with energy in motion.

We are thought; not the measurements of brain. The difference is: thought is an elemental sharing of “universal knowledge” granted by the separation of order; conceived by balancing what is true, with the law it does create. That foundation of understanding is then elemental to wisdom itself. While brain is built to measure and define what is “pleasure and pain” in existence; by the choices you have made. Therefrom an education in what is love and hate and truth. Those who descend from existence; find their education in lies, deceit, theft, violence, and other similar realities.

The essence of life, which is a foundation in thought; is known only because we do transfer the experience of motion into the construction of how do we live within the force that gives energy its motion? That is expressed “with a heartbeat”; even in eternity.

We can separate humanity by age groups in dating experience or expressions.

While young love is the most innocent, allowing for decisions uncluttered by time; which grant a value without restrictions to that love. It is also a time of learning why the older people want you to go slow. As for me: want intervened, and the demand for sex was consistent/ never believe women don’t want sex too. They do.

The cost of young sex is: for females, now the circle will be, “I COULD be pregnant/ I must be pregnant/ I want to be pregnant/ this is all your fault, you accepted; even though I demanded: “and a thousand more”. Are you ready for that? If not, stay away from intercourse; and that is not enough; because as proven by me; even without intercourse the claim of pregnancy existed. Which brings another whole avalanche of emotion; as I would declare NOT me (even though we were “close”/ no intercourse)/ and her which would be, IT CAN’T BE someone else. And on and on and on; if you let it go. “a thousand more things”.

Whereas young adults have less issues, and they are far more clear: the reality of adding sex to any relationship is: you cannot escape “the bedroom” from that point on. Yes you did/ yes you can/ yes you will; no you won’t; with a ton of emotion along with that one. So the end result of dating is: that once you let sex in, your relationship will change/ and getting to know someone better is not going to happen; because sex is in the way. While you can and should understand what sex would be between you; that is for later in the relationship if you want peace and understanding between you both. But there are MANY people who refuse to wait, and want sex now. Which becomes a decision; which adds in a more critical debate about the claim of pregnancy. Beware the “special condom; likely to have a pin hole in it”; NOW, I got you. “male or female”. And then comes all the sexual diseases now evident in society; and you end up with: am I willing to risk disease/ am I willing to risk pregnancy/ am I willing to risk being claimed responsible for the next 18 or more years of child rights; payments, by the court. Am I willing to accept the tears of not choosing to be with you for my lifetime/ or theirs. Am I willing to be submerged in the trials and treachery of what you want? And more.

Older adults; face a different conclusion to their lives; as time does run out for us all. While I have no experience in this “to speak of”. I do have the occurrence of concepts which might come to fruition; but face the reality of truth. Which is: now we do have responsibility to others and to ourselves. Money and debts, particularly hospitalization, children have needs, funerals cost money, health can quickly end, moving one or the other. And the potential for sex or not; as is based upon whether the other accepts there is a value here, or not. Plus all the costs of adjustments in living that must be made.

As with all marriage between male and female: IF ITS GOOD, it is the best thing you will both, ever choose for life in time. But if its not so good or bad; it is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Particularly in this America; where divorce can be far more expensive than it was worth; as the courts become thieves, and the reality of life has now changed. Because someone else made it so.

So the elemental truth of male to female, human relationships is: we grant to each other, the opportunity to rise above ourselves, and praise the miracle that life is.

But we also deceive ourselves with want, and the cost of that will always be high; because want is the basis of every lie. And lies become thieves or worse.

So we do try: to separate life and living into the categories of safe, or not; and expect that the values and risk of being rewarded with an honest true friend is worth the trouble of being wrong. Unfortunately, media works against us all with endless violence, deceit, fraud, betrayal, terrorism; and all that is bad being available to watch 24/7 365 days a year; to make each one afraid of being wrong. So they close the door/ and hide from realities that are less than advertised/ but still exist. Even though the risk is small; even though the consequences of “homosexual”, are delivered to your door if you are not constantly “hunting sex with female”; or perhaps are. Another “one thousand things” added in, to make people stay away from each other. Because an unhappy people (no friends of honest truth)/ is an easily controlled people; who accept the cult (university, is their god). Granting the basis of reality as is “nazi (the power is ours now)” lives here.

BE FAIR/ BE TRUTHFUL/ BE HONEST/ BE TRUSTWORTHY/ BE RESPECTFUL/ ACCEPT THE PRICE; we are not guilty, until the evidence beyond gossip proves it is so; and even then; it is largely about what people believe/ rather than what is true.

Understand “perfect” is an enemy; because it wants a degree of accountability which cannot be sustained/ and will always, “in personal space”, cause more harm than good.

Forgiveness is required: nobody is immune. We ALL make mistakes. The choice is: DO YOU desire a friend, or family; to participate in your life/ or do you NOT? Trapped on a deserted island, is no ones reality of happiness: we do need love in our lives. Even hate, because it lives by reducing your love to fear; thereby judged worthless. Do the best you can: eternity comes for us all: simple as that.

as to me; I suppose reality would testify: that my own life has been one long “lessons for a student” experience as life. The end result being: that I opened the spiritual door to female/ finding no possibility that men could save this world. And that changed everything; “much to my surprise”! Nonetheless female is “enormously different; beyond all comprehension”; so keep that in mind; in all relationships between male and female: you are not going to understand. But that does in fact make life more interesting as if “the mirror” had a face and a voice, and a body not your own; but equally important. NO woman likes “slam/ bam/ thank you ma’am” for sex/ it ain’t happening. RESPECT IS ESSENTIAL. Trust can be found back, if forgiveness is real: it takes time, it takes a desire to make this so, by participating more directly and with honesty, it takes truth, and the decisions that remove want; so you can be redefined as valued once again. Share the intimacy, respect we each own our own decisions, be intense with each other; only when truth provides the path that contributes to our own change together.

Even though it will cause you to distrust, as it always does. It seems necessary to add: that the spiritual realm of female, as predicted in biblical revelations 12,(woman standing on the moon: standing on what is foreign as is male) & 17 establish a cause (sitting on a beast; as is the realities of male to female; far too often).

Chapter 12 identifies the spiritual delivery of “a new life”: which has proven to be. THE LAW will rule over us all/ not men, OR even women: only the law we make as a world or nation for ourselves. And the consequences of that reality, as the pride of men demand NO. The power of fear, offers threats. But there is no other solution to our survival as a planet: law is our salvation/ BUT only law that is justified and fair to all grants a future. Limited capitalism aids that truth, and provides the means to limit both power and pride for any individual/ thereby no real armies will form.

Chapter 17; establishes that with control over male (the beast), there will be “treasures revealed”/ as have been done in the realities of information that do matter to life and world. Developments and decisions that offer an opportunity for wisdom to come forth. But it comes with the truth: NO MORE LIES/ NO MORE WANTS shall decide. Only truth, as is the basis for all wisdom without question. And that means: a return to reality, and all its costs; as must amend and change every threat that now exists because of decisions that leaders and people have made. Which cannot be allowed to remain on this world or in it. No easy task; but extinction if you don’t.  Therefrom the decision is, TO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE;  what is true/ and accept the foundations of life/ versus the foundations guaranteed to be your extinction:  is your choice.  YOU decide if life and earth will die;  because you did not care enough to save it, from yourselves.

Liars have ruled/ thieves have stolen the entire wealth of nations/ leaders have abandoned common sense, to worship universities/ religion wants to be University/ children are indoctrinated into the cult of universities are god/ resources are destroyed for garbage to rule over life/ pollution everywhere/ global warming is real/ ocean life dying and extinct soon, is real/ extinction of species throughout the world is real/ habitat because of urban sprawl is destroyed/ weapons of mass destruction/ robotic armies/ ozone depletion/ CERN destroying atomic balance and stability/ people trying to ignite atoms on fire/ forests gone, and the atmosphere detaches to accelerate into extinction/ human population rises by over 1% across the globe (another 80+ million with no place to go)/ water supplies ending/ hate expanding; just to start the descriptions of truth, in this our time to save this world or not. By your own choice. WHERE is your soul? Oh wait, I know: you gave it to universities, who declared themselves to be your god and savior/ and religion to all. Because they gave you evolution: as is one of the greatest lies ever told; proving nothing, but this looks like that. SHAME ON YOU. Prove what is true/ prove the cost of being WRONG; as in this paragraph above demands: is real.           and yet you ridicule me.

The reality is, overthrow began as: “I have tits” that continue to grow/ that are female. I say that because: when I first received them, “I went through a tight place quickly”/ and was immediately taught NEVER do that again. a reality of clearly one time is enough; demonstrations in pain. That made it completely clear: RESPECT your tits, was no game. Therefore I would suggest to you: RESPECT WOMEN and their assets, because life is no game/ and you would not exist, if women did not exist too! Nor would anyone have survived without mammary glands until “I want easy” became the norm here with bought “factory formulas” instead. “unfortunately” as my own life suggests; having immune issues when young. RESPECT EACH OTHER; how is that not obvious and true: BOTH sexes save, each other.

It is noted and true: that in young love, “the idea” that I might not have chosen this for myself; if it had not been for you. Rises to confront each other with the delusion; “this is all your fault”/ whatever it is. INSURE that each feels free, to express and experience what they demand “is my right to be or do”. Because that is the only way; freedom is shared/ rather than crushed. Beware that when asking for a lifetime of participating with you: that each one, has the reality of choice needed to assure: this is my decision, and I make that decision for us as one. Understand, when confronting life: our decisions affect other people too. And it is necessary to consider them before you wreck their lives; with options that fail. While I do not owe you my life in time; it is my choice. You do not owe me more than your truth; so that I / we, understand the differences between us. Each life is separate, therefore it cannot be owned by another. That is true of “too much weight/ or too little/ or whatever it is”; your right to choose for your own life cannot be taken away: but neither can mine, as is fair. Disciplines show what life will be like, order shows what is most important to your world/ balance identifies the values you place on peace, truth, and justice. But respect constructs the truth of how much control want has in your life. Want fails life, by making it into a game; or war; while people shout “all is fair in love or war”; which is a lie. Only truth is fair in love/ nothing is fair in war.

You should know: that relationships can live or die, because of gossip (I believe this); even though not true at all (as I have seen for myself). Don’t do it.

Understand this: that what you believe is “a toxic environment” which leads to consequences that should not be. For instance: did you know that Parkinson’s disease/ has no definitive trademark evaluation to determine if it is real! They give more exacting tests to people suspected of drunk driving on the side of the road. But the real world effects of their drugs will produce Parkinson’s. Or that breast cancer is all but nonexistent in those under 65 years old. Or that heart disease is all but nonexistent in women under 70 years old. Doesn’t mean it don’t exist: does mean they use it to get your money, and promise your fears; “you can believe”. Same is true of dating: what you believe has no bearing on the reality of what is true. ONLY what is true, can define a path towards your future, that you can depend upon. Never believe, accept truth is your guide; even when you don’t want too, because truth by the evidence, searched out and fair; does not lie. Remember you are not judge, only law does that. But mercy lives in love; however it hates a lie. Require truth decides; not you or me; until we separate our lives from our hope, and decide for ourselves; what is our future going to be?

In the real world sexual participation can “heal a heart, drowning for acceptance and compassion” for now. But that opens the door, to needs, and realities that will expand into “more than once”/ along with every other version of people who are involved; decide for themselves; even if they have no right to do so. There is no “right answer”; but there are consequences for failing to provide mercy, as is respecting this is a life in trouble. Do the best you can; remember you cannot help anyone, unless your life is precious too. DON’T pretend:  make a true decision and accept the price whatever it is; as your own.  because that is what you chose.

It is within real world realities; to understand doctors are not perfect/ as most want to know nothing, because they prefer to believe; it keeps the fear down. But a relative recently was diagnosed by 4 different doctors, with four different things. They do make mistakes; the body is a complicated thing; simple as that. The critical truth of it is also simple: medical billing injustice is rampant; because “let the government pay” is all they know. We are “the government which pays”. But medical reality is this: takes roughly 28 years to graduate; at a cost of roughly $500,000.00 dollars. And even at that the USA universities refuse (last checked around 2000) to graduate any more medical doctors than they did in 1960. even though the population has doubled. Endless things need to be changed; as is the cost of universities play government.

What is of particular interest is: the universities charge what we pay, and make doctor candidates their slaves. Providing nothing compared to the price being charged; IT IS THE UNIVERSITIES that need CHANGE FIRST. Consider the reality: each class perhaps one hundred students at half a million each; plus all those who don’t graduate and are in debt for life= 50+ million dollars per graduating class. How is that fair/ and then they are placed in servitude positions; to do whatever they are told to gain a license residency.