carle response

the letter from Carle clinic  assoc  follows this: my response.



mail dated: 7: 24; 2023 I pick up mail: infrequently.

ATTN: MARY YOUNG/ letter dated July 11, 2023

in response to your letter, indicating that you are aware of the complaint registered against you for: “improper and unfair/ thereby conceived of as: illegitimate (for the court to decide) billing practice”; will not be denied by this disguise you have tried to create. It is a worthless tribute to the lack of justice, corruption, and disgrace of this nation and state of IL. But let’s review.

I have said to you: that this is an unjust billing for the work I received! Also: that it is unjustified and unfair for you to commit the libelous act; of putting my name into collection/ or deliberately choosing to represent me; as an irresponsible debtor, while spreading that decision to many, who control financial access; through collection (the intent to do harm).

Because your option is: to PROVE your claim of debt/ prior to that act of aggression against me. In a court of law, with a jury to decide. You chose no.

Once again you state: you are NOT going to do that/ and as such have crossed the line into libel territory and can be fined for that action. The mere fact you claim a debt is not enough! The foundation of fair play, the critical truth of substantive equality: is that I can demand of you, that you must: PROVE THE DEBT. While you may argue, that I can take you to court in order to demand that from you: the reality is you owe me that measure of dignity: AS YOU demand payment/ not me. Rather than: I owe you the price: of enforcing your compliance. I do not. The removal of NOT-OWED DEBTS; is within my right, for any unproven debt you might claim. As is the constant of legal dispute: we let an unaffected party decide. It is, up to a jury or judge to decide/ and I would only tolerate a jury, “to find the facts” and establish “equal protection under the law”. Because the judiciary can easily, be bought or threatened or manipulated. Or more distinctly having been taught by the courts, that the law does not matter; behind closed doors: “there is a reason”. I then do demand open doors, and all lights on; the very minimum of that is a jury, which I have little faith in as well. But this is the state and nation within which I live; simple as that. Alas, there are no unaffected parties in healthcare; which means the jury can feel threatened: but that too, is not yet decided.

Nonetheless, in review of the billing and your practice which clearly established: this is what you sent to me. YOU: REFUSAL to address this issue, and continued on with collection, more than once.

There is NO ACCEPTANCE of your claim to have written off the entire medicare portion of insurance paid/ you did not forget (no mention made); so this too is a disguise; an attempt at deceit.

Nor is there acceptance of your claim that due to contractual agreements with the insurance company you have no reduced the amount claimed by you: as indicated in your letter. Clearly this is: to avoid a class action lawsuit; since I have proved, it is at least a possibility. You own the business, in its entirety: health alliance, where I have the insurance/ therefore your claim falls on deaf ears: monopoly however could appear. As to the amount: while I have no interest in minor additions/ “ the courtroom can decide”. Nonetheless: you had not yet indicated you were done billing me at any stage along the way: we will let a courtroom accounting decide what was or was not done; whether this is a revenge for taking you to court years back: in accordance with billing. I did not allow you to assume or assert: that I was unwilling or unable to pay an appropriate billing. But I would agree that your current statement, for the work done; in today’s market of about ten thousand dollars; is at least tolerable. But that is not what you billed.

Your claim through the years of being “non-profit”/ falls into the sewer. As to medicare: the current claims of national healthcare reported/ excluding the military; were stated to be at $4.1 trillion when last I looked; some time back. I strongly suspect that is less than the truth, and it goes beyond, as reported in the past. But 4.1 trillion equals $41,000.00 per each and every person, for healthcare: of one hundred million people in this nation: before taxes/ and only the workers, realistically pay taxes. So the complaint that healthcare is an unjustified expense in this state and nation; finds support, for the claim an ENTIRE RE-WORK/ CHANGE of the system; is required. As the reality of: what it means to those who do not have adequate insurance to cover medical care/ and all the people the healthcare industry has bankrupted, caused to commit suicide, made homeless, and so on becomes clear. Along with the traitorous acts of “university educates”: both enslaving and controlling the competition by a debt too high for medical educations as well.

We are as a nation in need of true reform/ but that was not my intent: you insisted “don’t ignore me”/ and received your wish. Monopoly means: to control the price, in such a way as to negate the definition of “free competition”. A broken leg does that; Clayton act. While consideration is given to the ten days prior to surgery; the reality of that is: I WAS NOT led to believe; this delay would exist. Instead, I was told NO orthopedic surgeons worked on the weekend throughout the entire city/ and was told come back on “tuesday I think”/ then it was go here/ go there/ come back on thursday; which became come back on next tuesday for surgery. Having spent the week being delayed from surgery; believing no surgeon on the weekend; at that point I considered it likely going anywhere else would not end up to; “be sooner”. And I would be charged again for whatever; which includes, coding is the new hidden price fixer being used. And healthcare as an industry says: “they can’t pay, we must get high prices”/ but alas, the primary reason people cannot pay is: unfair billing, and university leadership. Nonetheless: the proof is in the literal/ not the claimed profits or losses being made. Therefore an investigation into real world income and assets is consistent with providing the truth; of what they need. And healthcare says: “we are a private enterprise”; we can charge any amount we want: with government clearly in their pocket; as proven by covid. But healthcare IS NOT a business opportunity/ it is a human need, that risks or defends a human life: which makes it a military identity for the nation. As is the demand to “defend and protect each other”. Which requires an entirely different assembly of disciplines, order, and balance to achieve “fair play”. A reality society needs to address for itself; by their own vote/ as employees have truly failed us all. REBUILDING what is fair for all.

Alas you failed to include: the claimed contract, that I signed. As to equal standing under the law: I HAD A BROKEN LEG/ which required honest and real attention. It is not a game/ and certainly NO intent existed. Since my insurance carrier is you; and since your facility was “closest” to where I had broken that leg. I ended at your door. Where I was introduced to a ten day wait with a broken leg, and various demands prior to surgery strictly for your billing purposes; as I HAD A BROKEN LEG/ appearing in “better than average health for age”; and that is where the discussion ends.

While I did sign your contract; which I am certain is a constant throughout the healthcare industry: being in no position to argue. A justifiable and fair contract extends the courtesy and claim: if this is not considered, a fair billing practice/ I SHALL demand an accounting by legal means to justify this amount. Your claim of debt does not negate my right: to contest for fair and reasonable practices/ as would be considered consistent with society as a whole; in every form of business or industry or commerce. SLAVERY HAS been outlawed: “debt however is a whip, when the ruler says; you owe, whatever I say”. History is filled with these realities: the constant is simple, “men scream: MORE, DAMN YOU MORE”/ and when they cannot; they look to the “other group” and scream; “LETS STEAL, RAPE, AND RAVAGE THEM”; as is “war after war, after war; etc” history repeats. Which examines: your billing versus your time and contributions to the work that was done; as unfair. “a 1-2 hour (screw strap to tibia bone) surgery”; plus a couple casts that were not necessary; since the “boot” was good enough for ten days. At the billed rate of roughly $66,000.00 / an amount, that indicates; “no end yet to your claims” existed. But your intent is “war/ we want more than we are owed by justice”. Sustained ONLY: If, a jury agrees. The question is: does society agree to intervene, as a democracy with “redress (affects us all)/ first amendment law”; as is their right of civil procedure, under constitutional authority, over the judiciary? Even over all forms of employee defined government; as WE THE PEOPLE, DO own this nation and state.

Discarding the reality of your decision, pretending “it was not so”/ a disguise: not only to being billed in these amounts, which are tragic and bankrupting to many/ without justification. Does not extend to “throw this away”/ blame someone else: as it does not resolve the main issue of your own billing practice: is not consistent with “fair and justified”. Which does force “society” to curse themselves/ or curse you/ or curse the nation or whatever it is, they do. This billing functionally defined as: stealing a lifetime of savings from most: does do to life and society and nation or state, a crime (unjustified). For a couple hours of your work by lets say 5 people altogether. Yes your doctors do have time in a university setting: but very few people in the past at least offered anything but, “apart from the debt/ BEST YEARS of my life”. And why not; until the debt takes hold. DISTINCT and real changes are required for that too. Or more distinctly: as with covid, “the universities decide everything: what they want/ and what we will pay; because government officials, LET THEM, demand it. As is a monopoly an overthrow of society; as governed with corruption, and compliance, by the politician.

Nonetheless: I will wait until September 1, 2023; to decide if there is sufficient support to proceed under the demand for class action against the healthcare industry; with you as the litigant representing them. In this elevation of truth in our reality as a society. YOU WERE ADVISED: of laws, of fines, of options, of consequences beyond your expectation; as is class action lawsuit/ and the construction of “redress of grievances”; during this proceeding.

Instead of your choice: for simple courtroom trial: to let the jury decide. You chose to refuse. Which has now advanced to the current level of: still fighting for: “debt collections to prove you will not change”.

The need to inform: CHANGE IS NECESSARY; now rests with the public. But I am not advertising apart from my own website: . I DID indeed try to avoid, this entire matter with realistic options and opportunities for you; but you refused. As is proven in your letter continuing to: demand “collection”, without providing any legal rights to me. Its called playing god.


SO WE WILL LET THE PUBLIC DECIDE; If not, unless you do anything that is not “realistically acceptable to me”; I will be letting the matter drop at this point. Irresponsible actions however will identify a need to go on.

Because the court teaches: no open door for the public to view, to participate; and the sewer will overflow, as is the constant threat of back alley robbery by the legal establishment. Or as previous court cases have proven true: law and constitution be damned/ the insurgents against democracy win. Which does include the pricing/ and unfair practice, of lawyers. Another “university decides the price (monopoly)”/ as the judiciary is same diploma or group. “they, (they can’t defeat us) against society”/ as always. Power rules, and we both know: you have more power than I.

I will preface that however with: we the people, have more power than you/ if any courage can be found. So it is up to them? I have no predictions.


Carle Letter