RELATIONSHIP TESTS; “brain first” started as a relationship test site to determine what will or will not align between male and female in the search for happiness as is, “lets share this living in time”.

IN A WORLD OF 8+ BILLION PEOPLE; “WE, should have friends: everywhere”! As would be the basic reality throughout all of history past. INSTEAD: we have no friends at all/ because everyone is hiding behind closed doors, or playing with distractions that have no real value. “LIFE TO LIFE”, is a value: “toys, trinkets, and trophies are not”; completely useless unless another life is there to see it. WHY? Because want gets in the way of life. And universities exist; “to fill your wants”.

So then ELEVATING LIFE, rather than self: is a constant relationship battle. To remove the insanity of “believe what you are told: university is god/ as is a cult”. And return to living confronts us, with a choice: “life to life”/ or “believe, fear, obey”! THINK FOR YOURSELF; means search/ investigate/ examine the evidence/ decide what is true/ and identify the cost of being WRONG. Which the university never do; as their purpose is “to play god with your life and world”. To prove “they are the superior ones”; WINNER/ means YOU lose.

THIS purpose: was later changed to return to the constant threat of what universities are doing/ as is a world that is dying, and nature being mutilated into extinction. Even so: the foundation of finding the proper person to complete your own life; begins with “brain first”/ not body first as is the constant. Or more distinctly, let us understand each other; and then proceed as we choose. This then outlines a basic business site that was never completed.   you may find use for it

is the initial work of this site, because finding a way to balance human existence RELIES ENTIRELY upon fixing the problems between male and female. Because happy and at peace with life requires that we do understand the decisions that we make are not regulated by what we want/ but what is true. Therefore we must identify what can construct a valued relationship/ rather than to be toys, trinkets, or trophies to someone else. It is not “sexual”, to participate as equals. Equal requires respect; (you are cherished by me), Respect identifies who can and who cannot conceive of what is true. Sexy is not “skinny”/ it is healthy, disciplined, orderly, and balanced; with a body that proves I have value to you. Unfortunately; humanity both male and female “wants what they want”/ and unless you get past want, you cannot share the living of what is real, by caring as best you can. Therefore relationships are tested to understand: what is inside, of our future? Everything falls apart; when one decides, “what they want is more important; than your life, or its decisions to sustain you”. STOP the insanity; because if they want you as you are/ they won’t want you as redesigned by them; it is a game, without winners.

In a world that continually fails, due to university interference/  IT IS, and will remain true: that the eyes provide an elemental ride into the fantasies of whatever can be created to lure you into “believe, fear, or obey; this”. Because colored lights do hypnotize. IT IS also true, that the ears lead you to believe, in whatever delusions you hear; because the constant maze of filtering through what is being told/ can be evacuated with wants, in order to “believe, fear, and obey”. Only when we read the writing for ourselves; are there moments of pause, where we can think about what we are being told. So as to not be swayed beyond reality; into someone else s delusions, imagination, or beliefs. Even then however “to believe in what you want; includes these things”/ therefore it is a very powerful tool of insurgency against your own life. To think, requires us to accept the truth shall decide/ not want. Which eliminates the foundation of “a human animal”; who just wants/ instead of thinks, so as to decide for themselves: what is true! Because the evidence of life and world: does matter. Our existence depends upon it/ as does our love, respect, and friendships with each other. Since that is largely lacking in human society: WE KNOW, that the invasion of our lives, is real.

The universities have changed this world.

Instead of life, and respect for living among the miracles so complex we will never understand/ universities lead to evolution: “its all just an accident or chaos”. But have no evidence at all. Get a trophy from us: “join our cult”. BELIEVE damn you believe.

Instead of respecting the dignity of individual lives and thinking for yourselves. The universities provide: let us do your thinking/ we are the superior ones: just go play with your toys, as children do. “waiting for mother to feed them”.  after all: “you aren’t allowed to play outside/ where children go free”!  FEAR damn you fear.

Instead of living life; you go search for trinkets to pass the time with buying/ with driving/ with locking yourselves behind closed doors; for TV; or A/C; or internet or other. Letting the living of your own life/ the need for friends and to be a friend/ and to find romance; die, by your own hands. OBEY, damn you obey;   “don’t think”/ only your gods, “the university” can do that.

After all: “you can’t be good robots”. UNLESS you believe whatever you are told/ DO whatever you are directed to do/ FEAR, whatever we tell you to fear. And accept: we are your gods, and you must worship “the universities diploma” as your proof. As with all zealots: your religion is important to us, the cult who leads; to war. Because after ransacking, pillaging, raping, POISONING, and polluting this whole world;  destroying life and planet itself: WE HAVE TO GO TO WAR/ or die and become extinct.

Because unlike “university plays god”: REALITY DOES MATTER.

WE MUST RETURN TO “BEING HUMAN”/ equal and same. Happy to know the life in you. Rather than:  being distracted by the maze of intellectual wars used to redirect life;   “into want, what is easy/ just let universities decide; they are the superior ones”.  As is death, and ends in extinction;  the lesson is. 

In a world that continually fails, due to university interference/ the cost of playing god; the pride that is deadly, surfaces to remove all the human interactions it can.

Instead of face to face/ your face is in computer games of all kinds. Instead of life to life/ your face is into media controls your existence. Instead of human knowledge and values/ your face is under the manipulation of media knows; the expert. Instead of life has value/ your face is in worship of what you believe “the university tells you to believe”. Instead of thinking or valuing the world/ your face is found buried in the corpse of the living dead, who believe they can play god too. Instead of living with romance/ you live with sex, and pass along STD’S as if it did not matter. Instead of being outside, and participating in life/ you are buried inside, with your fears, generated by media who create according to universities know how to control. Instead of living within your means, or working for life/ you in-debt yourselves to universities; and become their slaves. Instead of accepting the differences, and learning the honest values of dating/ you swipe based upon a picture of a life. Instead of believing we nearly all have some value and respecting that/ you believe media, who constantly bombards you with violence in one form or another. Instead of meeting people who are meeting people in a calm deliberate manner; so we can become friends, who are able; or teaching each other what is a value they can share. You discard each other for “entertainment, in a box”; shouting I have the best. Instead of being part of community/ you become a fan. Instead of helping each other with grace and respect/ you fight with each other, about what universities teach you to fight about. Instead of respecting life and world/ you curse them to die. Instead of living within society as equals/ you learn to hate, as war leaks out; by blaming the others with ridicule and gossip. Instead of coping with the differences which make us all human, searching for our own truth/ you despise the differences, or worship them; as is a lie created by you. Instead of truth/ you choose EASY, and claim the body for sex; of someone else, that does not require you to think or act in a balanced way.

Or more simply: the universities have been in charge of this USA for the last fifty years or so; poisoning/ polluting/ discarding/ denying/ destroying/ cursing/ counterfeiting/ enslaving/ manipulating/ controlling/ propagating/ lying/ cheating/ stealing/ betraying/ terrorizing/ ending/ and hating: to insure life cannot go on. Taking with them all the values of society, ending friendships and truth along the way: to cause our extinction. Because according to “university knows”/ being human is not enough; you need a diploma/ or you have no brain. And without a brain you are called worthless to me; which is hate.

INSTEAD OF: participating in relationships, and deciding for yourselves what will or will not be your own relationships in life. “university created media” provides an endless array of scenarios: ALL OF WHICH manipulate the outcome/ of what you are intended to believe: this will turn out to be. Taking away human interactions/ but leaving beliefs instead of life. Take a clue from the television or movies: how many thousands of hours of “violence/ mayhem/ manipulation/ lies/ thieves/ cheats/ horrors/ and so on: intentionally defining fear to you: are there. As opposed to how many hours of happiness, hope, truth, respect, and value are there instead. To let you believe life will be “fascinating and valued all on its own; by your decision/ not theirs”? Manipulation/ propagation/ temptations/ lies/ thieves/ cheats/ hate/ anger/ failure/ fools/ idiots/ terrorists/ traitors/ evil is everywhere; to back you into the corner; and make you lock the door. So that your enemies have free reign: to crucify this living world. Before you recognize: “its too late to stop them now”. AS IS; THE TRUTH OF UNIVERSITIES; truly are, playing god. But since they have no real answer other than crime; their world/ their influences: become as Satan describes: DESTROY IT ALL.

Returning to life “in a similar way to USA the fifties”/ where all the influences of “university” did not exist. Removing the cold war with laws for this world. Discarding leaders/ replaced by laws: gives us the chance to survive. Because the insanity of want as the universities provide in excess: has been destroying our home as is this earth. Displacing humanity with things, and “colored lights” of a video screen; has proven to be our enemy, as the insane and loneliness of a world defined by universities; increases fear/ therefore anger. The indoctrination of every child; “by the university god”/ to believe, fear, obey; your god the university: is, the worst society can be or become. As the failure of life on earth is accelerated by genetic destruction of NATURE ITSELF. And those who are the living breathing example of DEATH ON EARTH; try to ignite atoms on fire; to incinerate us all. Because the price for being wrong: IS THAT/ no going back. As they continue in universities delusions; to imagine that they can be god/ and do so by enslaving you; to pay for their fantasies and filth.

Completely destroying the sanity, securities, and safety of this USA, as if it meant nothing at all: beyond what the universities need or want. Because after all: “they play god with life and world”/ how great is that? Screaming: TO HELL, with you/ we alone are gods.

ARE, UNIVERSITIES: TO BE CONSIDERED THE ENEMY OF LIFE? “yes and no”! Some of it has value, and is worth having in society. BUT SOME OF IT; is the basis of “Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ apocalypse (all the water is poisoned_)/ hell (nothing is left, that we need to survive: CANNIBALS everywhere)/ and the curses that extend to all life and world (we are, the living dead_/ our world is lost, we went too far)”. Which means: WE MUST REMOVE THESE THINGS, in order for life and world to survive. And we must have a real conversation with each other to understand and know the differences which have value/ and which do not. Universities distract/ universities manipulate, propagate, tempt, and control/ universities control elections with their counterfeited currency; the essence of TRUE CRIMINAL CONTEMPT FOR LIFE AND LIVING on earth. Universities end your acceptance of value and equality: CURSING US ALL WITH “their experts”/ as with global warming, you can buy an expert for anything. As covid proved true: just make them believe/ fear/ and obey the universities are god.

In the history of this earth: there has never been, SUCH A HORRIFYING CURSE/ as is “university; and playing god” with life and our existence. As with covid: distracting and destroying the foundations of living and life/ so that it will be too late to stop them from exterminating us all: if you do not wake up now.

THE END RESULT HERE, AS WITH EVERYTHING I WRITE:   DO NOT BELIEVE!       INVESTIGATE/ IDENTIFY/ CONSTRUCT THE TRUTH BY THE EVIDENCE.   AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF, what is fair or fear/ what is true or beliefs/ what is the cost of being WRONG; because we do have to pay.   WHY, then would you believe? SEARCH and THINK for yourself.

find  a way to talk: ESPECIALLY TO THE OPPOSITE SEX/ because we balance each other out!  Making truth, much more easy to find.