Reality says; that life on earth, is built upon the premise, that humanity does act as a herd. Which means the vast majority gather and work for the purpose of being part of that herd (save me); because they want the presence of another life to be close by. To share the experience, and express the values and cost of living, with someone else. But it also means there are predators which keep the herd packed close together for their own protection. Because the liars (nothing matters but me), traitors (I want it more/ than you are worth), thieves (tear apart trust), cheats (let them die), bastards (anything to make you pay), fools (I believe), failures (imagination is all I need), terrorists (you killed me), and even worse (hate turned to violence and chaos); are always prowling around in search of victims. The sewer of disease that is universities play god; merely increase the number of predators/ because the end result of tempting children into major life long debts/ without the aid of what was promised or expected is: now they have a cause to hate.

So we see in war for men: the end of law; as is NOW I get to force the rules on you. We see in war for men: NOW I belong, and am considered valuable/ regardless of whatever. We see in war for men: the claim of valiant: as is “look at me/ I am superior”. We see in war for men: the claim of “women are free, and simple to get”. The end of war being: no shortage of jobs/ therefore the pay rises, and I get what I want: IF THE PRICE was not too high.

Women are different, considering life more important than war. Considering law more important than force or violence or chaos. Letting men of value, be found; to believe war is worth the price; because of you. But life always returns: to the cost of men, “who want to take it all/ and enforce the games; which history proves will return life to war.” CHANGE means ending that circle of violence/ by stopping their games, and the consequences of what it brings.

People scream: IF GOD is real/ why does HE not simply make our lives better; destroying those who hate; and GIVING ME, WHAT I WANT?

Reality replies: ETERNITY EXISTS, ONLY BECAUSE OF PURITY/ therefore all that is not truly pure; CANNOT approach or be close to the “habitations of GOD”. Which means if purity came to this earth: WHO would survive? Answer: nobody. So we are given the freedom to make our own way. The reality of this earth which does allow for the chaos of human choices to lead the way; because the end result of it is: YOU WILL LEARN/ or you will fail life itself. Up to you. Because eternity requires your choice to be LOVE or at the extreme distance opposite of that, to be HATE. Because what is in between; “matters not”.

IT SHOULD be mentioned: that no one living on this earth, can be called “a child of GOD”/ because that is not a distinction of religion or belief or any purpose or desire or design that you have. Does not come with any sacrifice or delusion of bribery you conceive. But exists only within the framework of exiting the spiritual world: WHICH WILL identify what is true in you/ what is the true desire of your life, as explained by the decisions you have made. LOVE identifies “a child of GOD”; but purity becomes the invitation beyond mercy; to complete the journey beyond time. These are devoted to: ‘the spiritual world decides”/ not you. As to me: since I do claim “a spiritual connection”; the reality is: while on this earth, the final distinctions of truth can be changed somewhat. Even the critical construction of what is “female or male”; in me; can be altered. Because the end result of it is: I am here, because of you, and the human need to realize: “your games are over”/ either change or go extinct. As was my work. As has changed into: “something to do with women”/ which I am not allowed to know. Its complicated; no longer my choice.

So how do we know when a war is coming? Answer: so long as the majority of people get what they want/ they all demand; “DON’T DO NOTHING”; because they are “content”, with what they have.

However when a large enough contingent of people, particularly identified as a group; do not get what they want: they begin to whisper, “we can take what we want/ with war, by surprising them”. When a conscientious is reached, they do that very thing; whether the majority say no or not: because hate has overcome reality.

Relative peace, has been established by raiding, raping, and ruining the future for all of life/ by taking whatever humanity wants “right now”. Which includes throwing the resources away, to keep the factories running; which guarantee: the future is dead. So the critical losers are the children, who have had their world assassinated/ their genetics mutilated/ their world inundated with the curse of “university plays god”/ and the foundation of war; which is propagation of news by media; to establish insurrection, and hate between groups/ and the result which is rebel against those who did make these decisions, or who simply got here first. Ridicule and gossip always come first; to soften the target; and make them worthless (no reason NOT to kill these). OR as with today: All shouting: the children benefit too/ while secretly assigning their lives to HELL.

The curse of universities know; created the cavernous abyss known as currency counterfeiting and debts don’t matter: as is always throughout history, “the intellectual answer/ just hide the truth”. However truth will not remain hidden, and as it creeps out from under their disguise of a diploma; reality sets in, as the cost of this is the poverty of being raped, by those who betrayed us all. And as was seen in president Obama day; with an economic crisis underfoot: this nation yelled, LIE/ DON’T LET TRUTH OUT; LIE YOU DAMN BASTARD LIE FOR US; DON’T TELL THE TRUTH; give us what we want. And he did. So the cost of disaster increases, and the abyss grows larger and deeper and without an end; as extinction looms near. Along with all the other extreme experimentation done and being done by universities around this world. Creating horror after horror after horror, with consequences that are terrifying, and HELL. As media screams: “our gods/ believe/ obey/ FEAR damn you FEAR”. AND THE WORLD DIES, a little more each day, to the point of no return. Because your soul (lets believe university is god) is dead, and your heart turned to stone, because of unfounded pride. As is the reality of killing this world; to prove “you could be Satan”.

IT IS, necessary to underline the choice of life is life/ rather than simply self, or its consequence that is death by chaos. To achieve this decision: you must find in the living of life, an answer to its truth of existence requires you to find happiness. Because without happiness, hope fails/ and then life will fail; because existence is not enough for us to survive, beyond the boundary that is hate.

Therefore we must learn the values of living, and they are achieved by learning how and who, to love. Limiting the risk of loving someone, to the essence of what we can afford to lose. Thereby trust becomes the definition of who we are, to all other lives we encounter. Trust constructs the boundary of how far you are limited to come “near to me”. Thereby those who are trusted come close and encounter the best of what we can become as one. While the others are held back, due to the cost of being wrong/ or the degree of want that interferes with the future of our lives as one. This is a very elemental reality of life: as the degree of “violations in trust”; form a barrier to all those who follow.

As an example of that; I was married once “for two years”/ in a complicated relationship, that formed from complex interactions which eroded into the end result which was: I cannot trust you anymore. Which became an expansion of that: to the purpose of, I will not trust women anymore/ particularly not with pregnancy in any form. A reality which shaped my own life and living and future; because trust is elemental to love/ and love is elemental to the future of hope. A reality that did not change: from 21 or so; until this very day. Although at 70 years old; definitions of risk have ended with: I am now done, with what I promised to GOD that I would do. An oath (I will fight and work against these things/ if you keep this world alive) made due to the Cuban missile crisis in the sixties. Today that is done. But the reality of isolation, rather than romance: is noted as a cost. Women do not do romance well: as the immediate demand becomes “stay”/ even if I proved I cannot. Just how it is. Although had I known an entire life in time would be spent in this endeavor; different decisions might have been made with regard to “woman/ and even child”. But life does not provide such answers as these.

It is noted: that I was not good with women either, “even running away from those, whom I found in need or desirable or loving or free or a hundred other things”/ that are hard to resist. Everybody has to choose: given the consequence of a dying world, it came first.     NO, the attraction was never about sex; always the value of a human being alive in truth, the essence of happiness which could be shaped between us. But that; can easily lead to sex; and then it is VERY difficult to say no; very difficult to limit sex; or walk away. So, I just left life; “alone”/ ending with, I cannot allow this desire to rise again; the work is more important to me. Not a good solution; but there was no good solution; as every one ended in real world tears.

It is of value to note: that all relationships between male and female are defined by age. When young, the cost of any relationship is limited and small; because we are innocent of the consequences/ the realities of want, pride, and power. Definitions of work and reality. The effect of need and more. Older means: more able to identify what is needed for your own life; and we search for the balance that is male to female/ female to male; which becomes “like an inter-meshed gears” working together for one purpose. Each contributing, to what the other does need or desire, elevating purpose by respect. While it is entirely possible and even likely “that I can love someone without the conclusion of a lifetime; as would become marriage”. That reality is not a given, until we place each other into the union that becomes “our home (what we will do as one life shared)”. No you cannot own someone/ no you cannot buy someone/ no you cannot make, manipulate, tempt, control, threaten, force, or in other ways demand someone accept your own purpose. We can only participate with each other, to value what is true, and compress what is real; from two lives, into one. Trophies, traps, and toys; “such as is pregnancy to most”; should not decide; as all intellectual games are abhorrent to the care and trust needed for a lifetime. VALUE is real, and we must share that truth; to function as one. As for me: life needed “everything” for an education/ there was little time for anyone or anything else. While the vast majority offered: “you threw away your life”. I would offer instead: I delivered the message, “as best I could”; that without change our world will be lost. The spiritual woman who joined me some 18+ years ago; balanced that, and kept me working; even to this day. So, whether I won or lost becomes irrelevant. I did do, what I could do; as was my choice.

The reality is: it was not a life women want (or men either); no “fancy houses, clothes, money, pride or power, respect from the masses or children”; because everything went to my own life choice; with little left over for love beyond a little romance once in awhile. And that means: as is true for all, we must face our own fears with honesty; and accept the limits and boundaries of what life will allow. You cannot focus want on that, and change it; because the end result is: “this is the life I chose”. Even love is not enough; to fail a world. Life is a choice, not a freedom; beyond what truth will allow.

Nonetheless: the critical construction of a future that does not include war, or the leadership of men to their wars. IS TO DEFINE AND ISOLATE: how can we trust each other, so that love might blossom, and hate dissolve as a dead corpse does. The answer to that begins in schooling. And the foundation of that: looks directly at media and entertainment as methods used to deny and destroy trust from the beginning; with all manner of failure proving the degrees of hate this world, seems to demand. Hate is real; because hate has caused harm/ and that harm has festered into “a disease, called hate”. Which then either forgives, because it is our decision to love; by letting go/ even if they refuse to repent; it is not your job to judge. While forgiveness inside of you, then becomes an “isolation from them”/ unless they do repent. But make no mistake: endless troubles exist because of gossip, ridicule, beliefs, judgment, and so on. To the fundamental process of critical wisdom: is to teach, those who surround us/ have an impact on us; and it is not all good. Which allows or creates the “little voice inside”; as is what media or humanity in one form or another; have taught you to believe. Until you learn: to isolate yourself from the influence “of their herd”/ it is impossible to grow as is yourself, defined by your truth.

As for me

once again, I consider the work to be done; the values possible placed where you can find them; if you share. NO, I am not asking you for a reward/ NO, I am not expecting any kind of reward from “eternity”; as life is certainly worth the price, I chose to pay. NO, YOU CANNOT escape your reality, and unless you change honestly; proving without doubt that you will accept the limits and boundaries life and earth do apply. Your days here are numbered, and the living will fail. Because the evidence does prove that true.

So, the critical question is: will you share this work? To date “not so much”/ but that is not my problem. I DID deliver the message, to whomever received it; and did not run away or hide from its truth. “your job now”.

As to the spiritual woman inside; the reality is “I am owned”/ life and living turned “inside out” so to speak.

It does occur to me: “not unlike too many women have been”/ as the lessons mount up; I still do not know why? It is the curse of men/ on women; and it is horribly wrong.

A world, and a reality I would never have guessed; “so” confused, complicated, a future beyond my control or decision.  ?Adapting as best I can. At least “old age”. Nope, not a clue; a truly complete surprise. I hope for the best. For us all/ best I can do.

I am UNCOMFORTABLE; providing you with any more pieces of “life”/ as even sand accumulates over time. And a million plus, university people; have little more to do, than try to play god with our world. Or cheat you out of such things as covid/ inflation/ more did do.

I have framed “taxation”  (PAYMENT IN EXCHANGE FOR OBEYING OUR LAW:   AS IS PROVIDING REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES;    AS REQUIRED BY LAW.   as your method most simple: for demanding “first amendment redress of grievances”; because it is the law/ and only treason and insurrection stand in the way. You do, in this USA; have a legal right of authority over this government; called a democracy. Everyday your employees steal by inflation from you: because they would not adhere to the limits and boundaries set by constitutional law: as grants no authority to bankrupt the nation itself, or allow any state to do so either. Your employees proved a “religious takeover” as seen in covid: with absolute control taken without the authority of law: because “their gods” said so/ and charged the nation trillions of dollars; for their own discretion; along with “whatever you want to do” added in.

There is no government here: as the rebellion of “the diploma”/ has taken control by propaganda, lies, theft, betrayal, and other means of bribery; to believe/ fear/ and obey as you are told. To your shame the world is threatened/ to your disgrace, most of that started here in this USA; and the world joined in. Because the universities are tied together as one army standing against us all.

If you cannot wake up; as humanity on earth: casting aside beliefs/ TO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE THE COST OF BEING WRONG; what truth will reveal. Then you have no value to me. While that is a blanket statement; it is not an individual one; keep it in mind; but wake up.

As for me: “I retired from your games”/ back at 28 years old. Because if you aren’t playing, you cannot win or lose; and that makes all of life, and living equal. So I retire again; the reality being: I don’t know what comes next. Although the last of freedoms was writing; life is the creation of hope/ so I will hope.