THE ELEVATION OF LIFE, to more than a game; requires each who makes that journey into Creation; search for justice, equality, fairness, hope, discipline, order, balance, and love. Because these represent the decision that is related to thought. Thought assembles the relationship we share with existence: to understand, being alive is more than “yes, I can/ or yes, I am”.

While the common human animal, cannot reach for understanding; they are entranced by want. The elevated life searches for truth, to achieve what is the clarity of knowledge; that will not be burdened with failures, fools, liars, thieves, traitors, terrorists, cheats, the cursed, living dead, or devil in disguises ranging from anything you can think of too “Satan is a university playing god with life and earth”.

So we abandon the human animals; because want (its curse of pride and power) is all they can be or become. Aligning ourselves with truth: and of all things on this earth; no greater truth is in evidence, than life is a miracle; nothing on this planet could or did create. Therefore we do search for our Creator; and align ourselves with the passage beyond thought, that is soul.

Soul is, built upon the cost of trust; aligned with love as both lock and key; and exists within the elements of living as the destiny we conceive of as “home”. The cost of such a decision is truth, because unless you are aligned with truth, and the laws which it creates and uses to identify what can or cannot survive; “the door is shut”/ and you cannot enter “beyond time as life alive in truth”. Therefore we must visit and construct what is true within ourselves. That identity becomes purified with participation that values, what it values; and thereby directs our existence, to “where we belong”.

The animals believe; thereby existence is whatever they want it to be/ as well as death is whatever they want it to be. Allowing for self preservation by committing life to what they want; is based upon “belief”. But belief is anything you want it to be; and as such can become either true or false, dependent upon your own acceptance of what you will believe. Faith is not like that at all: and requires the acceptance of what is truth shall decide the foundations of your life. The consequence being: life is either a path into the decisions that guide your identity by truth and law OR, it is a road that is built upon the decisions of a herd which shouts “we can’t all be wrong”. And yet they can, as history and reality, both prove true. Don’t believe it: simply consider evolution, a fools sewage; without the slightest evidence of any kind; other than “this looks like that”. So what!

Which brings us all: to the inevitable closure of life, individually or as a world. Which is, if lies, liars, and thieves shall rule/ fantasies shall decide, “we are gods”/ delusions are claimed to be knowledge overrunning truth/ and imagination is your god, reality be damned: life is a toy. Then all who do understand at least the concept of truth shall know. “the end of our world is near”.

Gender differences: explain that life is not so simple, as “yes I can/ or yes, I am”. Because reality will prove to attain the disciplines needed to become “male elevated by time, into order and balance/ requires that destiny to be shaped by female”. I can only assume the same is true for female in reverse by seeking out male. We are not whole, until we do understand the world is not built by one gender but two. Until we accept, the basis of all happiness is love; and that love cannot be fully attained; until male and female join in truth, to create the honesty that is ultimately “one life being shared”. Created and built by caring, the demonstrations of respect bind us by trust formed in truth.

Those who fail themselves, and cannot attain love; seek belief: to prove that their rules are the only ones that matter. As is “Yes, I am god/ and yes, you must obey me”; because I am god: I own the rules! Those who believe they “own all the rules”/ then try to enforce those rules on others; and those who fail sometimes go insane, and pretend they are god; in the chaos of violence they create, shall prove that true. Belief is a dangerous thing; creating situations which should not exist; but do, because they want what they want. Belief shapes relationships; most easily recognized is “romance between different individuals from different groups”; as the cause is commonly to create controversy; and shout “you can’t control me”. Instead of the certainty of love: fights stifle boredom and the cost of “no one is paying, (the right attention) to me”. Sometimes this turns into an actual romance; and all must respect that as truth, a value formed from love; is a foundation of law. Installing the certainty: YOU are not their god. But more often it is like the people who invade the communities of a different group; simply to escape their own/ or blaze a path inside theirs; “so we can steal it for ourselves”. And the animals scream: “YES, we can/ or YES, I am”; because I want too/ because I am brave and will lead the others to what is better. Instead of accepting the truth: each must build for themselves, as best you can. By not invading/ by not using or conceiving of this is all your fault: but learning how best can we survive by choosing what is true. Yes it is true: those from whatever group “was here first”/ has the advantage. But realities allow: we too can build, therefore creating what becomes our own. The alternate is hatred; as is formed when what you believe turns into what you have done. Making truth, your enemy which remembers, and can never forget.

The animals scream: YES I CAN play god/ you can’t stop me, I know everything I need to know; and I want what I want, to prove how superior: I AM. Failure or violence follows that. Families and identities are changed forever follows that. Bigotry and blame, as is prejudice form the battlegrounds; and the people use law and treachery to attack, as the intellectual insurgents build their war/ instead of their own lives. Taking, because it is easier than learning how to build your own. Because it is “exciting”: to war, and make the others your enemy; until mutilation, horrors, violence, abuse, murder, and more take the place of society itself. As history proves true.

We must participate among each other as “life without war”. That requires the boundary line of individual groups. NOT because it is the best we can do/ but because this is the human world; and few are able to do better. Because the foundation of it all is: I WANT MORE/ AND WILL ATTACK to get what I want. Which sometimes comes down to “birthing more children” in order to attack that way/ and demand WE will now get more; because we are many. Which ends with world war 2, and the like; because there is only so much earth for an overpopulated human world “to get”.

Love creates limits; so that there is definition to “home”. Love isolates the value of our lives is bound together by trust; not want. Love balances society with peace, so that each has the opportunity to be happy. While respect understands we are all equal, as a living body of life. But we are not the same, and cannot claim there are no differences: there are, in life, work, bodies, thought, and more. The herds of human animals; see only themselves. Those not fully accepted by the others, or used, or abused by the others; seek out “different”; because they are angry. But if anger turns to hate, it is your own eternity you threw away.

Humanity needs religion to assemble a purpose beyond wants; although most religion is governed by that want; to insure “don’t ask too much”. Creating rules, so they can enforce: “this is us”. But every individual life requires its own version of truth; because individually we die to enter eternity, and form our destiny by that truth. So rules do not apply, or control; as they seek to overwhelm certain parts or people and what they do. Laws however apply equally to all, and they shall create the existence of you. Time is about change, and what you do choose to be your own self. Change is about learning, and understanding what does have value. Although few are able to recognize that value; until its gone.

As for me: time reminds me, that both mom and dad granted a lot of value to my life; although at the end: differences arose, that were not effectively dealt with; they refused. As is the constant in marriage headed for divorce. People believe, and when locked into that prison; it is almost impossible to help them change; they locked the door to truth, refuse evidence, and remain inside themselves. But in my case: I found this work to be “all consuming”; and even though few would find it true; I spent my life working, and abandoned all else to that job of: “change or this world will become extinct”. What you did with the information is not up to me: “not your god, not your savior, not your judge; etc”. I did do, for the sake of this world; what I did do, and that is my truth; best I knew how/ based upon the decisions made, or allowed by reality. The intent: to teach you to think independently of a herd, rarely is accepted; because you want what you want, and you want to be surrounded by that herd, so you feel safe. But eternity is not safe, it is an environment controlled by law and energy. If you fail to understand that; only mercy can save you. While it is true we all need mercy; it is also true, the direction of your heart leads the way to life.

Mercy is: the grace of being loved, even when we do not deserve that truth! Where there is no repentance, there is no mercy. Repentance means: I will do, what can be done, to right this wrong I have created. Making certain, as best I can; never to do “less than what is love” again. But alas, people want what they want; and instead of repenting; try to buy their way out of truth, with whatever they have, begging, or if they can steal. To their shame.

A dying world needs no other explanation: you do understand the meaning of it. While I have never asked you to believe; because that is not defined by truth. I have repeatedly asked you to identify what is true, by the evidence, and cost of being wrong. Almost fifty years later; you still refuse; even after the evidence is mounting; you still believe: “I DON’T have to do NOTHING”. Let the other bastards and fools do what needs to be done; I WANT WHAT I WANT, AND DON’T give a damn about nothing; but WHAT I WANT.

Yet as with my parents; all that was in the past, cannot save the future; from what you believe. As belief is a prison built: to insure nothing but what I want, can come in here with me. “NONE OF IT”, do you not hear me: NONE OF IT! Even though reality is clear, and the evidence of your world is: you are hiding in a “burning house”/ will not end with happiness. GO SEARCH FOR TRUTH, and let that decide what must be done; “best we can”. Or this world will go extinct; because that is what you chose, for your own child too! Past the point of no return; NO decision you can make; will matter. Because as truth proves in this world: a dead body of life/ is still dead, and will never rise again.

the cost of being WRONG: IS YOUR OWN EXTINCTION.

And the people say; “you cannot stop us from wanting what we want”!

And reality says: you cannot survive what you want, and have done to life and earth. STOP NOW, or your decision will be lost to fate; as is “you cannot change these consequences”; of extinction for life and earth.

And the universities say: “we are gods/ he knows nothing: BELIEVE IN US, as does media propagate 24/7 to insure you do.

And the men say: “this is our world/ and we won’t never give it back; to anyone”. But their only solution is war, and war is a guaranteed end to life and world; because that is what they chose. Even with better solutions at hand.

And the women say: “you cannot convince us of safety or security: IF we were to fight for this world with law, and even establish new laws to lead government”. BECAUSE MEN will never allow it.

But the reality of my own life is: being overtaken by “the female spiritual world”/ I can tell you plain and simple. Man CANNOT override or escape what life itself demands. Life will win, every single time; as is the evidence of me. The spiritual female of Revelation predictions 12 & 17 has completely overthrown my world, my existence, male, everything; and I have no say. It is still “my life”/ but more like “livestock (yes you will/ I can make you)” than man. Or more distinctly: while few understand what a fencer means; most can envision what being hooked to a taser can do. And a few thousand electrical hits; is enough to convince anybody. Their choice no longer exists. LIFE EXISTS beyond time; and it will control: unless hope for this world ends. Women are its last hope/ as once again: the only answer of men, as proven throughout history: is war. You have nothing to lose; as reality proves by the evidence more each day. Not even if you die. Because we all die: and only what happens then, actually matters “to a living soul”.

And women say: WHY, should we believe you/ men are born liars!

My reply is simply this: I HAVE NOT asked you to believe anything! So there is no lie. INSTEAD, I have asked you to use the law, and enforce the truth WE DO NEED TO KNOW: WHAT IS TRUE OF OUR LIVES AND PLANET/ WHAT IS FALSE OR FANTASY OR DELUSION; in the things we have all been told/ AND WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG; because too damn late/ is literal extinction. So it matters, to every life on earth; not just human. That is what I asked you to do: to date your only response has been, “we won’t care”/ AND THAT will end hope, if you continue to fail. And the world shall be gone; because even if men could not/ neither could you, as women; make a decision that supported life on earth. Selfish and greed, and more; then overrode you.

I don’t know why me/ or why must I change or be changed; is a mystery. I don’t know much, in the realities no longer my world. But what I do know is “I chose to care”. Not an enemy. Never going to tempt, manipulate, control, or other. I don’t even know, what it is; I am suppose to do? Told, “its not my choice”. And even so: YOU DON’T have to accept my help in any way/ YOU ARE after all: free, to be you; and do what you can do; as individuals/ or all women on earth united for just one cause. To save this world of life, from extinction by law/ NOT war or lies. Letting truth decide what can be done, for us all. Humanity demanded to be free: the price for that is accept the consequences you chose to make. Or build a future, with decisions led by truth. Because only truth survives, by laws which create it.

I AM NOT your answer/ NOT your savior/ NOT your prosecutor, guru, priest, or whatever. If you find your own answers, perhaps I can have my life back? But make no mistake: time has run out, and true honest decisions must be made, NOW/ or our world will die. Real world enforcement of those solutions, be it good or bad: must occur, and you will need men for that. But law controls government, and money, and everything formed by justice and fair play: so choose, LAW/ or HATE? Take your pick, but hurry: like a car accident about to happen. All things seemed ok/ but reality proved to be different than you expected. “will you live or die”?

Or, more distinctly: I am choosing to say, this is the best men, and their universities, did do/ and we do stand on the edge of extinction. The cost of that is: THEY NEED TO BE REPLACED: BY LAW! Not by women; but by life and planet, comes first.. NO gambling or extreme experimentation/ no weapons of mass destruction/ NO ravaging, raping, ruining cursing our world or its future. THESE ARE: THINGS THE LAW CAN DO. They are not things governments have done. Consequent to that: WE MUST CREATE OUR OWN LAW, TO SAVE OURSELVES. And I do have “fifty years” of experience in dealing with these matters. Failed: only because you want what you want, as animals do. SO UNLESS YOU CAN DO BETTER; “THAN WANT, AND ITS CURSE”/ DON’T come to me.

NOT A GAME; to be successful, you need to CARE; organize with honesty: participate as best YOU can: pay the price whatever it is, that is honest and true; do the best you can do; and then accept: that ultimately GOD will decide. Not me or you.

YOU NEED to understand: this is not about just women, but all life/ and it will fail: UNLESS YOU CHOOSE to fight for justice, fair play, realistic equity, equal opportunities based upon reality, a job to survive with, and all the things men don’t do: because want, pride, and power rule their lives. Just like so many woman: which literally means. WITHOUT TRUE CHANGE, we are abandoned. Humanity is the treat/ humanity is the solution: CHANGE IS REQUIRED. Not want decides/ but truth for life and world. That is the foundation price of what this is. Not a game.

And like me, “you will say, but I loved my life the way it was”. But understanding that cannot remain; if this world survives: establishes whatever this is/ I AM absolutely certain: the price is less than world extinction,. And all the horror that will come with that.

And humanity says: “we are doing great/ NOTHING has changed; there is no danger; YOU are a fraud.

So, I said to you: PROVE THAT/ AND NOTHING LESS! And humanity screamed back: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ AND WE WON’T CARE; TO HELL, with this world, we know what we don’t want.

Yet I have said to you: change is: to put life first/ end extreme experimentation of all kinds/ identify justice and fair play/ remove weapons of mass destruction/ and let your children live, your world survive.. but you say NO; to your shame.

Nonetheless: did you know people are trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ a nuclear “let’s burn atoms for fuel” fire/ that literally cannot be extinuguished, because everything here is fuel for that fire: flames, said to be “a million miles long”/ with solar flares measured at 12 million miles long. That fire, with all its radiation ignited here on earth. Regardless of their delusions/ lies/ fantasies and more: when they say safe. REMEMBER THIS: THAT SUN, BURNS YOUR SKIN IN SUMMER FROM 94 MILLION MILES AWAY. THINK ABOUT IT. AS YOU BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND THESE PEOPLE IN UNIVERSITY; ARE ALSO INJECTING CHAOS INTO ALL OF NATURE AS IS GENETICS: TO MAKE IT COLLAPSE. PRETENDING TO LEARN. BUT ENDING WITH LIFE IN “ARMAGEDDON” (DESTROYED BY FOOLS).

zero population growth is MANDATORY; and that, is distinctly a woman’s right to choose: united as one: because this world has changed. But it is ALL WOMEN are required to enforce that mandate on each other/ or we die. 8 billion times 365 “a crop year”=2.92 trillion pounds for one pound a day, per person. Plus everything else: ain’t no game/ ain’t no choice: this is a limited world.

You are believers, and I cannot change that: only you can. In a world desperate to make all “believe/ fear/ obey”. So that you do not interrupt their games of playing god with life and planet and you.

I am NOT a believer: I have faith the evidence presents us with truth; if you do not contaminate that with wants. Accepting truth decides not me, is a foundation upon which I do live life. You want to want instead/ I cannot change that; only you can.

I literally spent my life in time, upon just one goal: that this world should not die. Honoring the truth: “life is more precious than this”, and so is this planet of our existence. Simple as that. But it takes an army to change this world. Men and their military change life little, as history proves true. LAW however does change this world: but only if we the people create it for ourselves. Therefore “for the people/ by the people/ as we the people vote to choose”; good or bad is up to you/ not them.

So, I choose to say: that if you are not willing to fight with law for life and earth/ to identify what is true, and accept the consequences of making a stand for life and earth and child. Then don’t come here, as I am not interested in games. This is not “snap your fingers and done”/ this is real world “legal war”; where the foundations of what people believe are tested for truth, and identified by cost: to decide for a world if we can survive.

Hate screams: WHO are you/ YOU ain’t nobody.

But reality defines my existence, as a messenger: presenting you with the evidence as seen throughout my work on this site www.brainfirst.info and the other www.justtalking7.info that our world, and our lives are in true jeopardy. Not because I say so; but because truth found by the evidence cannot support our survival; as we are. CHANGE must come now, or it will be too late.

I did my job, as male; and he is done.

As to spiritual demands on me: what I can tell you is, “it is not hate” that leads. Love exists, but with this world collapsing into tragedy surrounding us all: that love has to wait. I do not know, “how it all ends”/ for you, me, or this world of life; that deserves so much more than apathy, arrogance, and disrespect; as is your contribution under “universities rule”.

Stop believing: search and find what is true/ because there is no going back. Dead is dead. Dying stops: to live/ or end life forever.

So, we search for value, in identifying what can we, the people of “heart”, do? The critical answer is: that as always in the entire history of men/ there comes a time when those who win the game, can now overtake all the rest; and control the outcome of what living shall be; as is today. Your universities overtook you; as believers, a herd who fears the cost of being wrong, and obeys “the superior ones”; who claim they know. But as with all of human history, their knowledge is like a thimble full taken from the ocean; and yet they claim “we are gods”. Reality has proven they are not; but can be devils instead; as is also the constant of history, as med did create it to be; by their weapons and games. The games come first/ the winners accumulate weapons; and when the losers rise up to say unfair, the weapons beat them back with fear. Causing some to betray the others/ some to terrorize the others/ some to hide and seek revenge/ some to hate with rage/ and some to disease and control the others by disguises such as “university” and more.

Change is then none of that. Or more distinctly recognizes: WE MUST REMOVE THE GAMES, to obtain the realities of value in living, that we need to survive. So the question is: WHY, are there games? The primary answer is: people WANT, to do something with their time; so they interact and decide some will follow, and some will lead/ some will be outcast (judged)/ and some will be used and abused, because we can. But all with compete for survival and more; because we, as a society of numbers; have no other alternative than money to alter survival into whatever we want our time to be. The primary game is then: from a very early age, to determine our place in society or life; by confronting the others, “winning or losing by their game”, or doing our best to get along. Removing that game requires: that we do accept life, rather than time is the basis of our survival.

More distinctly: life is the acceptance of miracles define us as an opportunity to learn more, and achieve our own independent identity; as we define and create for ourselves, by choice; what is true of you and me. Choice is the identity we apply to our own freedom. Therefore the conclusion of choice is: I did do, what I did or did not do! Forming the basis of who we are as value creates why and how, on the inside; where the others cannot go.

Time as the basis of survival exists: as the animals do, in a search for all I can get; before the time is over, and my freedom to gain whatever I can gain is ended and gone. Before the body fails; and I can do little beyond exist. Therefore want arises (you cannot stop me, or I fail), pride fills in the gap with games to win or lose, and pride decides who belongs in my world or not. When this is limited to a very small group; some decide they can be more, by organizing the others to do what they want; with guile, manipulation, disguise, temptation, and more. Shutting out the others, by controlling what they want or need: to make them obey, fear, or believe. As is the essence required to “play god” with life.

Miracles search for truth, accepting the challenge of heart; to belong to eternity, rather than invest in time. As is the essence of love connecting us, with life itself; through soul. It is expanding beyond self, to rise into the Creation of hope through thought, and by its energy.

Time is an animal, who discards the consequence of thought; as an inconvenient choice; unless it gains what I want (searching ever deeper into self/ by locking out the rest); which is always to play god over the others, by shouting “I am the superior one”. Nothing matters but me.

Into this maze; reality defends our existence: by understanding the universe holds many things, but only one is truly a treasure to life. Beyond existence, there is love! Therefore to find love, is to fill the universe with treasure. The result of it is: that this earth exists, “to find love, for all of life”/ and discard the rest.

It is our job as human: to aid and abet the others, in their quest to learn and accept love as the destiny worth finding.

In contrast to that is hate: which is the decision to deny to all the others a life beyond time with value/ by contributing violence, abuse, ridicule, murder, and other forms of insurrection and rebellion against life itself. Even though hate uses life to escape the coffin they made (by stealing life); because their own terrors await therein.

These are the basic parameters of human existence.

So lets assemble what we can do, as life which can choose to change itself/ until time ends: or soul has been cast aside.

Removing the game means to remove the money and the weapons; so that none can organize the others to war against the rest. Limited capitalism removes the extremes of wealth which alters the game into wars. Therefore limiting influence by our own vote periodically; means their war is dead. They cannot create enough influence on the others and will fail.

Removing the weapons of mass destruction, which are many; is done with world law: as in we the world define what the law which rules this entire planet will be/ and then enforce that by dragging if necessary each leader who refuses to obey; into court to determine his or her fate by that law. No excuse for massive military exists. By redefining smaller boundaries, for individual groups; no excessive form of threat shall return.

To form a value in society so that all can share honesty, and create for themselves; whatever it is they can do. The natural resources of this world belong to us all: AND THE FUTURE of life on earth. Which means we take what we honestly need/ but no more. Protecting the future for life and child. A reality you do not do whatsoever; as universities take, and took control. They design the end of life on earth, and enforce it “with experts” as seen in global warming (shouting you can’t prove nothing/ because we demand; until dead, we are alive). Until there is no option to change this back for life; nobody gets to believe; as propaganda takes control over the herd; who worships fools instead of life.

The foundation of happiness is elevated by hope. Therefore the greater your hope can be, the more you are able to conceive of a future that lives in you. The foundation of happiness is: the heart shapes our love into truths proving we do care. The consequence of respect identifies value, and value forms the path we choose to follow with life itself shouting “we are alive, within each other”. Which does expand into soul, for those who find trust in living; by love.

Justice defines the truth of who we are as a society. Fair play defines the truth of who we are as individuals. Passion lives in hope/ but purpose lives in caring; or dies in hate. It is a choice. The critical construction of “male to female relationships”; grants to those who find each other, a massive increase “in living alive”; as we search within each other to know the distance of love; is within a destiny we build. The passage between us, a treasury beyond self, which is never sealed away from each other. Not as owners of each other, but as friends formed in the grace of miracles that are shared; each providing what the other cannot have, without you. Love is not a want; as is common with lust or the desire to “get more” by whatever means are possible. Love is a desire constructed by respect, but given by truth, to those who can share “my walk” in life. Love is a destiny, and the journey is not simple or bland: life gives “heart”, and love gives soul. The quest to belong to these realities of truth, forms only in trust; and we must accept the journey in order to achieve what is given to us. Those who share the same journey, created by the same destiny; search as one. Those who walk the same path, but then divide because we must; know the difference between love and truth. Truth allows for our survival as life/ while love makes that living a joy, instead of simply a value to be earned.

More elementally: love is not a decision, it is an acceptance of values beyond self that arises from the dignity of sharing respect, within the “valley of care”. When survival is not in question (protected now); love erupts between those who do care, as a sign of what we can share. The acceptance of that quality added to living, presents us with “the home we build”. But the conception of “forever here” adds in; that we must align ourselves with truth. So that each can attain the desire that lives in “purity as joy”. Thought translates love as an adventure beyond self; to understand what we share opens the door, to where we will belong. This is a spiritual conception, rather than a physical one: which conceives of the elemental truth that will become your soul.

The essence of my own existence is now known “by the spiritual female inside”; as a destiny shaped by the search for truth, yielding to the design for love comes first. Crossing boundary lines in opposing force: the search for answers beyond male; through the narrow crevasse guarding opposing elements of force. Resulted in: Sealed in my presence after passing through; to know, I can never go back/ nor can any other come through. A surprise, I did not expect. Has altered my identity: that, which constricts me to know; these foundations exist”: is now a reality I cannot control, the law is broken. NOT male/ but NOT female either; becomes a mystery. “she says: traded places”. Confining it to love, that makes living and searching worth the price/ and it is her insistence, that my truth has changed. I do not know how that ends or what comes next; “it is however a little troubling”. But she has altered the view which grants knowledge; to what she has designed for me to be. Yet that door remains closed, to most of their entire world; “its a quandary”; beyond my control. Forces so elementally different, that I have no say. I am at the mercy of what she intends for me to be. Its complicated; but identifies the expansion of life beyond time; has consequences by your choice. Requiring you to KNOW; the consequences of your choice first; as are lessons in life. Changed by, a reality of forces which I cannot control. Thought creates by truth, but it is also an environment giving dimension to destiny as a reality of trust. My trust exists with GOD , and whatever HE would desire of me to be. As is the fundamental of my truth as life. Lost but not without hope. Alive but not as I expected to be; no clue how it ends. life: has changed/ even eternity has changed; I can feel it as true. This is a glimpse, beyond the elevations required; “past time”. So says the evidence of wisdom, governed by truth: I don’t know why me? its a mystery; numerous questions exist? No answers yet. But you: have more pressing problems, as the cost of leadership has guided you to extinction:  presenting you as a world, with CHANGE or go extinct.  So in respect for that, I offer this one conclusion:  that change is not so bad, once you stop being constricted by expectations/ and let truth allow, this is my life now, and I must adjust; as is the evidence of thought, conceived beyond self.  Or realities adjusted, because a living world faces extinction; need is greater than the cost of change.

And the people all say: “he is a fraud”/ no one comes back from the spiritual world; that is death. But the dimensions beyond time, are not relegated to death: but only to truth as is the consequence of life. Therefore it is the essence of truth itself, that can cross the divide: but if not pure enough, you can die; or be terrorized by what you find as are those called schizophrenic. What is true divides what is real, I have been divided into what was, and what is now. The difference is true, as shaped by destiny beyond self. Which simply means: “let truth decide”, what I can be for life. Respect knows; that I would “give something back, of value”, for the creation that is “me”. It is not my job, to know what or why. It is my truth to know: “that I will live as best I can, for life”. Making mistakes, “but not by intent”, as time proves true.

As for you: the living existence of “evidence without doubt”; convicts you of fraud in countless ways; as is the constant of nearly every cult. It is your death to worship the universities as god; they are not more than “Satan: destroyer of worlds by arrogance, apathy, and disrespect” so prevalent in this USA . As universities, and all those who worship them, prove true. To remove the threats of extinction: “you must sign your name” to the work you do. So that the world can know: this is your own decision, your own choice. Accepting the challenge to do more than just die.

And the world says: change is hard, and it has a price we don’t want to pay.

But truth replies: extinction is harder, and it will come; because the evidence against you is grim. The price: beyond imagination, as is terror unleashed.

I reply: I have not asked you to change, life has! I HAVE ASKED YOU TO INVESTIGATE AND PROVE THE EVIDENCE AND ITS CONSEQUENCES; are either true of false, by the content shaped, “as best we can”. TO LEARN THE COST OF BEING WRONG; regarding every threat, and every experiment, and every attempt to play god and say; “we don’t have to prove anything”. A tragedy; as proven by global warming/ as proven by covid (even though you are believers)/ a tragedy easily recognized in overpopulation, and everything else. Or more distinctly: I HAVE ASKED YOU TO LEARN; what the evidence already proves true. Extinction for our world, hides behind many doors; claiming to be something else; but that is a lie!


You say no “hiding behind beliefs”; because you want what you want/ rather than what reality will prove true. Because that information: demands you will change.    USING ME; as your excuse, “is for little children”, a two year old throwing his or her tantrum; because they don’t want, what they must do.

NOT by fantasy, delusion, or chaos, as is the “university way” to extinction.    YOU MUST CHANGE THAT;  OR OUR WORLD, will DIE.

To assemble living in time as more than survival and how to get more! Requires love, respect, justice, values, truth, trust, foundations which rise in the passion of purpose, and desires which live in the journey of love. All of which are within your own grasp as life granted by miracles; on this earth.

The cursed such as those who claim evolution is your “god”; are a sewage of fools, who cannot see life. Only failure, which they spread as manure on you.

Three things are elemental to this work: that a vote has no true value unless it allows for “we the people” to now: CREATE OUR OWN LAWS. The law governs us all, and creates the society within which we live: thereby a vote on the law itself; gives WE THE PEOPLE the power to decide what our nation or world shall be. The enforcement of law: is by our duty, the value we transfer to ourselves by insisting on a bill of rights for soldiers, police, citizens, and more: clearly outlining what we the people have decided will be true for us all. A rule identifies individuals/ but a law governs everyone same. IN THIS USA; the power of redress of grievances, our legal first amendment right as owners here: GRANTS the power of investigation first to decide what is true/ the cost of being wrong; and who lies. WHICH ESTABLISHES OUR AUTHORITY, to make the laws we now accept: will be better for us all. Our employees are NOT the government/ the constitution is: and it grants to ourselves, the legal right “to change”; what we accept as needed by our vote.

The critical truth is: that every part and every decision and every curse upon this world, and all life on it; comes from the decision to abandon the others, and take all you can get for yourself. As is the first step, in the basis of hate. Fools get on board fighting to get all they can get/ before it is all gone; and the world collapses under the weight of thieves you cared nothing for life or values, or respect or anything that sustains life. Worshiping greed (I want it all), shouting selfishness (you cannot have anything), cursing life (to HELL with you) and world (“not in my lifetime”) with the lust (I want your body of life/ NOT you) as they scream: “I am the only one that matters”. These are the gifts of “university knows, universities lead, universities control media, universities corrupt governments, universities steal the currency and fight to overthrow all forms of justice, life, and truth. And the cult says: “we are gods”/ but reality points to the evidence of life and earth abandoned in truth; to provide “gods of Satan only”.

And the world shouts; “we can’t all be wrong”!

But lets review:

  1. fusion hawkers say; we will power the world with clean energy/ and so they try to ignite atoms on fire. Because the experiments in 2012 proved they cannot combine hydrogen into helium. Which is an outright known lie from the beginning. Because if that were in fact true: then the sun would be releasing endless amounts of helium/ and it is rare. Proving they knew; but wanted the money/ or to simply kill this world with fire “a million miles long”; by their estimate. And the people shouted hurrah; the universities are our answer/ because they have no brain. They are, as the universities shout: BELIEVE.
  2. Genetic hawkers say: we will dry every tear, repair every body, do great things to all of life. But reality knows; the only thing they can and are doing is to replace genetic information trying to make nature die. So they can discover what genetic information controls “this and that”; so they can change it, and then collect money, by making you fear; as with covid. Claiming nature exists because of chaos and accidents (evolution); so nothing matters about what they do/ and even if they destroy it all; evolution their god, will make it all better, “in a billion years or so”; say their scientists. LIFE IS; more complex than they can even imagine. More complex than you can conceive of; but fools accept evolution, and failure is the diarrhea of media that enforces their manure. Indoctrinating every child from a very young age; with sewage and disgrace. So identifying more; to the dead; is worthless. Universities shout OBEY.
  3. Weapons of mass destruction; stand ready to destroy all life on earth by horror, terrors, tragedies, failure, Satan, and more. Particularly now with biological weapons in nearly every university; ready to be released. With covid as their proof of concept: WE CAN TAKE IT ALL/ by universities shout FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR.
  4. You live by destroying the future/ assassinating every child; every life; even the world itself. As the resources required for life, try to bury you under your own trashed for a trophy disease. You have no money only lies and disgrace. You have no future, only the curse you chose. And yet you are a cult, worshiping universities as your god. The people who lead you to HELL.
  5. Every part of life and living has been discarded: to make a tiny few rich/ giving them all the power, and all the rights, and all the everything they want: to overwhelm you with death. Every job, every option, every possession: EVERYTHING BOUGHT with the counterfeit money they chose to create. Which you accepted in your greed, as the selfish way to be rich: by surrendering title to thieves, criminals, traitors, terrorists, devils, and their disease of filth and sewage shall destroy life on earth. How utterly blind, “is a herd”/ that has no brain. Only cult worship as fools.
  6. This entire earth is under attack: extinction of species/ global warming/ weapons of mass destruction/ water supplies in grave danger/ food supplies being obliterated by genetic manipulation (yes it will end)/ ocean life lost/ nano particles invading biology on every level of life/ extreme experimentation/ lies everywhere/ thieves hiding in every crack and hole they can devise/ worthless governments/ cursed everything. And yet the people shout, “we can’t all be wrong”. While the evidence of your lives says: how dare you destroy an entire world, and even your own children: for GREED (I want theirs too), AND WORSE.
  7. The universities Satan; plays with you/ destroying the ability to make any competent decision, by presenting you with things YOU DON’T want to do. Thereby you choose whatever foolish blunder can be found; to push the reality of failure down the road. So the children can pay not you. So the end of this world (because of what you did do_did not do_) will come later, when you are dead (and in HADES. Where terror lives forever). Leaving your children to die in HELL. “how great you are”/ ain’t that so?


IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE. IDENTIFY THE PRICE OF BEING WRONG. AND ESTABLISH WHAT IS IMPORTANT; by removing everything you do not need or has no value. So that what is left, can be your law.

PAY THE PRICE; AND DO IT NOW. Taking away the pride and power of failure and fools, from those who lead/ by taking away their money, their choices for debt, their ability to rule. BY LETTING LAW LEAD US NOW, and restricting those in government; to enforcement of what we the people chose. BY LIMITED CAPITALISM; which is going to remove all the excess and grant we the people have rights. BY WORLD LAW; WHICH REMOVES ALL THE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION; because we have world policing, and a world court; to identify what is going wrong/ and who will and will not, be allowed to intervene. Built upon cooperation as a world/ with logistics divided among the world; so that none have the opportunity to threaten the rest.

Or MORE DISTINCTLY: CHANGE THIS WORLD NOW, or it dies, and you are extinct.

No, I will not lead you; NO, YOU may not blame me.  The reality is as animals you don’t care, about anything but yourselves. BE HUMAN, searching in the miracles of life, for truth; and I will help you sustain a living for this planet; as best I can, WITH YOUR DELIBERATE HELP TO CREATE LAW. BY YOUR DELIBERATE VOTE: ON THE LAW, “CHOSEN BY YOU”; THAT WILL SAVE/ or end: YOUR LIVES.

As is: NO more fighting/ NO more politics/ NO more games/ NO more blaming someone else for your life, etc/ NO letting money or influence decide/ NO letting a tiny few people decide/ NO letting the military decide/ NO letting media or universities decide. OR MORE SIMPLY: WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE; and then live with our choices. Or die by them; because you cannot let the children die, paying for your debts and disgrace; anymore. FIND THE EVIDENCE OF TRUTH/ AND ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN A TRUE ACCOUNTING OF WHAT IS THE COST FOR BEING WRONG! No more believing: CHOOSE YOUR FATE/ OR CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY. Simple as that. One vote/ one citizen; it cannot be changed or voted upon again; for a minimum of four years/ it cannot be changed unless a higher percentage of voters voting; than did create the law, make it so. As is: the game is dead! Choose your future/ change or die.

No, fighting for you. No saving you (can’t do that). No anything more than information which will help guide you into realities of evidence: that decide if we can change and live or its too late; we now die as a world.

We all choose within constitutional limits and boundaries; and if you cannot do that. Then you divide the nation; so that those who will comply with these limits and boundaries which define us all: live here/ while the others live there. Before nations are divided: those with the same nationality but living elsewhere; shall be allowed to return. BUT THERE IS A LIMIT, to the competition. Because we all can’t live in the same place; and you will learn: CHOICES must be made. Or more distinctly: this is a one time/ last time division of how and why the future will change. Let the world then be solidified; because you cannot continue what you do.

WORLD LAW; means you can be small nations; because the biggest army on the planet is: ALL OF US JOINED AS IF JUST ONE, united in the purpose/ THAT LAW, AS A WORLD ENFORCES; same, on every single nation:  SHALL DECIDE; NO EXCEPTIONS! From this moment forward. ENDING forever the claim of military; that they must have whatever they want. Providing all that funding shall go to life/ rather than death.  ENDING ALL “WEAPONS of mass destruction FOREVER”;  and yes we  will risk this world:  TO REMOVE THEM  ALL FROM EVERY NATION ON EARTH.  because we have no other real world choice.

ENDING; the fantasies of universities rule/ as is NO MORE extreme experimentation; no more delusions of living in outer space. THIS PLANET, and nothing else. Your imagination is dead. IF IT WON’T BE A proven BLESSING that serves life and earth; WITHOUT RISKING life or earth. THEN IT WON’T BE DONE. People shouting lies: such as is “fusion”/ or genetic mutilation/ or resources be damned/ or “all the dead and damned of leadership today”; shall be imprisoned, or removed from this world. LIFE FIRST, and so shall be this PLANET; no excuses. NO throwing the world away; for a few. REALITY RULES, BY ITS TRUTH.

You have “ten thousand” problems; and they do not all start with the universities; who claim they are the superior ones; but lead you to HELL. As the evidence does prove true. Critical is: media must STOP, “being your brain”/ or you die. You know nothing, because all you know is what they tell you to believe. As is governed by “universities are god”. To your shame, a cult of failure, contaminated with the greed of your own shame. ALL SCREAMING: “the price is too high now”/ WE WON’T PAY; as is let this world die. Or as will be the result: CANNIBALIZE EVERY CHILD, WOMAN, AND THEN MAN; as extinction proves true.

THAT IS, the price you will pay; like it, or not. Because believing in whatever you want, or don’t want; IS WORTHLESS.

And the dead animals scream: HE IS A FOOL/ he openly says “a spiritual woman joined his life/ and religion points to that as true”. NO ONE should believe anything he says; as he is a worthless NOBODY; like all the rest, but “universities know what is best/ only the superior ones, have a brain”.

So we divide as humanity on earth; those who want an excuse, no matter how frivolous and worthless it is. OR those who accept the value of knowledge, belongs to us all; and WE WILL DECIDE for ourselves. What our law should be! What is true/ what is the cost of being wrong/ what will let us survive as a world; because we cannot afford to be wrong. As reality does prove: our entire existence; is surrounded by real world true threats. Not the least of which is overpopulated by humanity. Which means: YOUR WANT, IS DEAD. Truth must decide; as best we can.

As to the spiritual woman and me: YOU DO owe her “both respect and gratitude”/ because as the evidence of my writing exhibits. I for my part was ready to give up on humanity/ discarding you for your lack of values. For being a cult of believers; who lock themselves in a prison of want; so as NOT to look into the truth, and see what is real. SHE MADE ME CONTINUE, and to my own shame; she has proven to be correct. As reality continues to exhibit: we have no choice/ but let this entire living world die. I was wrong. She was right, and this work ends, its purpose for life on earth: only when she allows that to be true. YOUR: Believe it or not, is absolutely worthless to me/ truth decides.

There is: still a chance, that you might wake up, and identify what is true. That is her hope.

Beyond that: is the final determination of whether life will be allowed to go extinct/ or be saved from its “human self”. By causing an endless amount (by the billions) of human death; to be dissolved from this earth. Such as would happen with the eruption of Yellowstone/ and maybe even more volcano’s erupting into “a very different world”; hard to survive.

And the people say: WE CANNOT make new laws for our leaders to follow. Because they will make rules to execute us, one by one.

Reality replies: TO MAKE LAWS FOR JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY among us all: IS NOT incendiary, nor is it rebellious, nor is it criminal. It is in fact, the very essence of order in society; and establishes both discipline and balance as the result of what you do. Which few leaders will contend with; because they DO want to control you, but with their own law.

HOWEVER a society which KNOWS: that our laws, are in our own best interest, and establish both peace and security among ourselves. CANNOT be denied by any criminal leadership. Because that would mean: THEY BREAK OUR LAWS. And law enforces law, by establishing who BROKE these laws to govern us all equally. WHO gave away our freedoms and rights; for their own pursuit of greed and selfishness and power? Answer: whosoever supports the rebellion against our society; and that includes leadership.

Reality speaks: to understand, that criminal leaders surround themselves with those who hate; so as to produce the fear, which makes society believe they have no choice. Because the rulers have made rules: to murder the opposition. But truth knows: that few among the leaders recruits; worship hate/ and will follow the law of their own society instead, as it is THEIR LAW too. So the end result is: “taking names”, and identifying those whose criminal actions are at war with our society. Leadership be damned; as is criminals are not allowed to lead. Providing OUR LAW, belongs to us all: because WE CHOSE IT, for ourselves. No “former classmate (leader or not)”; is going to take that away.

As is: UNITED, we now stand.

THE LAW COMES FIRST; identified and created by society as our own choice shall rule life in this nation or world. Which applies to every soldier, policing agent, citizen, and child. IT IS OUR CHOICE, and we hold it dear: because with this law, we now stand for justice and fair play in our lives, and the living we pursue in both our nation & our world.