female in charge


We turn to the female side of things; and examine what can be changed?

Primary to our survival, is removing most of the competition and games that men do play; as is their decision to prove who gets to be the superior one/ that then makes all the decisions for the others. The creators of war, crime, etc.

To remove the competition WE MUST; control all natural resources as “OURS”/ rather than an individual claim. That is consistent with government claiming pay our tax/ or we take it away. The difference; only a few control the resources now/ versus we all control the resources in our future change. Which means in order for the future to survive: they, the unborn; have rights too.

Primary to removing the competition to “claim it all” as is today/ the use of limited capitalism; is a primary focus to limiting and dividing what is available for humanity to use among us all, who do work. NO more armies/ because no more money to buy the army with: removed by control and separation of forces; to be realistically used by all. The game is dead; because the trophies are now limited.

Men will hate that; because the game is what they play/ and the trophies, toys, and trinkets are what they do. But that refers only to the claim of those who want to be “winners”; rather than alive, in these miracles of time; given to us. So the separation of “winners” from the rest; so life can go on: will begin.

The critical mass of human experience and expression, revolves around 3 separate things: love, hate, and loneliness! Therefore the question is: HOW, do we move from confronted to in control over these things; which do align with living life? First we define, the differences; so we can choose with clear intent and honesty; as created by the honor of respecting our own choice will matter.

Love is: all things valued by truth, to achieve the greatest joy possible in life and living; because we honor each other with respect, and grant to each other the trust that is worthy of you. Love erases loneliness, and finds happiness in being alive. Love searches for Creation itself, because eternity begins, when time ends; and there is no greater cause in existence; than to prepare for what that is to become.

Hate is: all things defined by chaos, the violence of descending from the complexity of life/ into the separation of all things apparent or not; as does create the single expression of just one thing is left. Hate is; the presence of fear/ which then becomes the intent to create fear; so as to separate self from fear, by becoming its creator by violence. Hate being all things love is not; as is the opposite of “those others”; who do live in an entirely different way.

Loneliness is: the decidedly composite view, of what life isolated from all life and living would be. As is fundamental to the grave; closed off and lost forever; unless saved by “GOD”. So the critical purpose of loneliness is to prove how valued and true life is: WITH LOVE, rather than lost to the confinement of self/ and without hope; because we are not gods. Thereby the choice is known and realized: with love and respect there is GOD / with only self, there is hate and the beginning of chaos, confined by darkness and death.

ONLY LOVE HAS VALUE: only love eliminates loneliness, and creates, “ I AM, ALIVE”. Therefore love illuminates life, and gives us hope in an eternity defined by our CREATOR; as the decisions we both make and enter into as if just one. By the essence of love itself.

To construct that in this world of time; WILL BE less than it could be; because we are not perfect, and are never going to be perfect/ but must do the best we can, with what we do have.

So the end result of that is: with law to serve us as our government, enforced by truth, rather than weapons. We begin our journey past the rules of men; who want to be our rulers. By taking away their weapons: replacing that with a world policing force/ that WILL be completely renewed every 7 years or so. To keep the vile from taking control; and enough military to insure our world policing does not rule over us; by supporting a balance; we do begin.

The value of our living is in participation with each other; because while we build, we create friendships which can survive. We create the relationships we will cherish in working together as friends. We build for our future/ or fail each other; and must do better. But the end result is we build: together, for our own lives (good or bad) as is your own choice! Its called freedom/ but that means there will be boundaries between us. Because life is not lived “by the billions”/ but by the individuals we can share our existence with. There will be limits; because we cannot grow this human population anymore; or we all die by extinction/ and its horrors. Which means there must be boundaries; so that we can enforce: you went too far, and shall not share in resources unless you change yourselves for life.

In the essence of “villages” we assemble for ourselves; within or outside of cities; the reality is we must identify those who love the best shall lead us. While those who fail that test, will be separated to “the outside” of our core existence as life, living alive by the values we have shaped to be ourselves. Therefore a contract between us shall exist. And those who find that contract “too little or too much” shall then find another group to participate within. Because not all are the same, and freedom matters. It is however true: that where love exists/ peace and justice will follow, and explain fair play as our own decision to live as one joined together for life.

As we separate those who can live by love, from those who do not wish too do so: our world becomes divided. And the expressions of hate will form in direct contrast to the definitions of love confined to us. The critical core element of protecting boundaries; is then: WHAT WORLD LAW CAN AND MUST DO.

At its core is separation, and the limiting of resources used for weapons. At its foundation of protecting borders; where needed: is the robotics anchored in/ that will not hesitate to stop any intruder: THIS IS THE LINE, and you cannot cross. WORLD POLICING; confines these people of hate, to their own lives. Any element of intrusion will be followed by 3 times the destruction for you. Which means it is VERY important who you choose to be your international policing force.

The end result is: that there will be movements of humanity in ways never before seen. There will be a complete and total re-envisioning of what law is, and how it will be used for life and justice and earth. WE WILL LEARN the value of law, and how to defend ourselves with it/ rather than weapons of violence. We will learn; to defend every miracle, and keep it safe so the future can survive.

These are the basics of change that must occur; because our human population is so extreme: nothing less will survive.