Of biblical lessons learned is: the reason Jesus talked in parables, is because the people were completely scared of the curse of hate/ who walked among them with weapons and all but no restraint by law. The parable allowed for people to talk among themselves with relative safety; because it was not constricted to real life/ which had consequences.

Your excuse to be fearful of your cult “university is god”/ is no excuse at all, because these attack your life by things hidden from view; rather than weapons you see every day. Instead of afraid for life and body/ you are afraid for pride and power and positions you want to buy with money. To your shame.

Nonetheless; that is you, and you are crawling to extinction, with the delusions of your cult in charge of life. So we must identify a means to make you stand; as life intended for you to be. We must find a way, for you to engage your mind as a human being alive/ rather than manipulated by the cult of university and its priests of media; into their fantasies that have no truth, for life/ even destroying the very planet we live on.

So, I turn back to parables; as is “lessons to the fearful”; even though you have no excuse. To realities in law, even though you want money more than law to keep you safe. To your shame.

We begin with: once there was a man, who shouted among the people, that there are those who are trying to kill us all. Yet the people said; “these are our gods”/ so you must be mistaken and wrong. However the evidence presented was true, and the realities of being WRONG; was so severe; it was clear, that life itself could be made extinct. Yet the people said: “these are our saviors/ they would never threaten our lives”; you must be mistaken and wrong. So every day, another threat against our very survival as a planet; another threat against every living thing; another threat against the future of life itself; began appearing for decades of time. And the people said: “see you were wrong”/ we have not died yet. Just as they said about the poison being dumped by the trillion ton; would not take the water away “and turn it into wormwood”. But alas; fifty years later, what was once a limited threat/ now consumes the future with costs of; “they were wrong”/ and little exists to resurrect life or world now. Even so; the people all said: “these leaders of society/ living by the rules of the university: cannot be wrong: we have stuff, mountains of garbage to prove how great we are; by throwing it all away”. Just to prove we can.

But alas the evidence now says: with competition so grim, that war is inevitable/ and resources are so limited; that you will never be able to rebuild what you destroyed (as was the past). That the planet is so overrun by human decisions that even the possibility of survival lacks hope. That your gods are mutilating the very foundations of life and body with genetic horrors/ the crucifixion of life itself. That all ocean life is in jeopardy of extinction. With the very chains of our survival threatened to break entirely. And alas “a thousand more” consequences of worshiping the cult and its conspirators. The cost of resurrecting even a chance to survive; requires a complete change in humanity. To let law rule/ to let only truth decide, regardless of what you want/ to remove weapons of mass destruction with world law/ to fight to keep the oceans alive, and protect all resources from plunder/ to become friends rather than enemies; and a “thousand more”; realities of decision you refuse to make.

So the question to you is: are these people to be applauded for their worship of the cult. Or have they made the greatest mistake in all of human history; which is to cause extinction itself. Because they refused to identify what was true. What is your answer/ because it is you?

How should you be described, for the sake of eternity: “led by children, who believe they can play with anything”; these decided that they didn’t like “going to the bathroom”/ so they just held it in. BELIEVING, no consequences for us; no limits or laws of life. But alas as all adults know: this is not a solution, and to avoid the truth of what your body and life will need for you to do: DOES have consequences. Laws and limits keep us alive; and to say it is not so: is treason! But for children; claiming to be free is true, of nearly everything/ and a people led by children, believe “they can fly” (I can play all I want/ survival is easy; only the games are hard) do. Because they have not faced the truth of their decisions/ and avoid those facts of life and living; “like the plague”. The end result; a world on the edge of extinction/ which soon will become lost forever; because unlike “real children” who conceive of love, caring, and sharing (where competition does not intervene_). The children of the dead, believe they can be gods (look at me; yes I can)/ rather than human.

Alas: the adults were so busy plundering the earth, “to feed the garbage truck”/ that they failed their own children, and life itself. But then “that is what winners do”!

YOU turned this earth from a world that lived for you/ into a world that barely survives because of you. And you should be ashamed; sacrificing a life in time to be shared/ for a life in time; with hate. Because you believed; that the only thing in this world which matters, is you. A reality that is not true, as every miracle proves.

Hate is the fuel for hate/ just as ransacking and rape of every environment is your cause for starvation and war; a reality of competition that grows with every child that must now compete. Not only are you death to every ocean of life/ tragedy to every source of drinking water/ pollution EVERYWHERE/ poison by the trillion ton/ horrifying mutilations of life/ even trying to ignite the same nuclear (lets burn atoms) fire as is on the sun. but you even go so far as to claim “weapons of mass destruction” are your saviors. Hiding from the truth, will not make it leave. You believe global warming is not important; ;so long as you can go into air conditioning (the primary cause of global warming)/but your food sources cannot, and they will die; just before you do. The list is “endless”, of your failures. Your choice; to believe nothing is important, but you.