The values of life; cannot be separated from the realities of ownership. The cost of ownership is, “this is your choice”/ and the realities of choice are: this is your truth. Within that assembly of ownership, are the decisions which form behavior, and either ascend to greater things “than self”; as is love / or descend into the grave as “nothing matters but self”; which results in hate.

So then the critical concept or construction of “your truth”; is based entirely upon the decisions which become the ownership of what you do, did do, or won’t do. The cost of denial is separation from the truth, and it ends in the construction of wants; so as to remove reality, and thereby believe whatever you want to believe. But belief is want, and want is the basis of every lie/ and every lie is a descent into the destruction of life; by forming the coffin of self, as if a body of time was more than a body that destroys itself by death. Life is about life/ it is not about body or time; but truth, as is the laws of living itself, govern us now; past the point of time. As is the basis of eternity itself.

We then conceive of three distinct things, which cannot be escaped, without lies, as is beliefs: what is truth/ what is ownership/ and what is life? Death will prove however: that you did not escape any of these at all; because your life holds them in evidence; for or against you, as is truth. We begin with beliefs, as the primary escape from truth: because nothing matters, if you believe what you believe is true. Truth however does not care what you believe; because it is, what it is, and it is no other than what is true. So then every belief is “an escape route/ a detour along the journey of life, that allows you to explain or experience what you want, rather than what is true. If what you believe is actually true; then you have managed to straighten the journey of living into a path that forms the decision of life.

LIFE is then, the critical freedom: that understands existence, is more than a gift. It is your decision to participate within, or violate: the foundations upon which life will depend. Truth identifies the law, and the laws of life identify what will or will not survive; as is you. Therefore life, is about whether you accept the laws which govern existence/ or deny them, and fight to remove the restrictions which enable you to survive; as is the coming of death. While some conceive of; that proves no eternity exists. The opposite of that is: eternity does not exist for you, until the body of time is removed. Therefore it is “the gate” through which we must all pass. Truth then decides if you are willing to live within the limits and boundaries of life and its honest freedoms/ or will fail, and fall into chaos. Or simply be dismissed as “dust”.

We then come to ownership; the purpose of living, that is formed in the desires you create for yourself. As is: if given the choice to create what your eternity shall become: WHAT then do you choose? Ownership is the basis and foundation of behaviors; behaviors form the law of human existence in time. Because they are, as is law: “what they are, in you”. Ownership speaks to the construction of: “yours/ mine/ or ours”: and beyond that it forms the reality of “sacred by GOD “, not ours at all, therefore “don’t touch”.

We begin with yours: as is the acceptance of limits and boundaries which are the disciplines, order, and balance; as formed by respect; to each human life. Being yours means: “I cannot touch” unless you accept my gift of honest respect, or I accept your gift of honorable value; as is the beginning of friendship. The beginning of “ours” cannot be sustained unless there is order (we choose/ not want), discipline (as reality forms trust; not want), truth (as time identifies your decisions), and balance (ends the barrier and opens the door; to what and where we can travel as one).

Into that base level conception of living. Are the endless variations as presented by “want, pride, power, hate, violence, fear, lies (a participant in them all), OR love, happiness, hope, honor, and respect (the participants of truth). Therefrom the measurement of a human mind, conceives of justice, and forms the values, that will then be owned by me. Time is a measurement/ the brain does not functionally think, but measures and manipulates the body instead. Life however thinks, by translating truth into a journey beyond self, through which we become identified by our choices, as a participant in soul. Do you see the difference?

Ownership is: the foundation of being alive; as is, I found my truth in miracles of our existence; and underline the basis for that is “OUR CREATOR” , as it is clear nothing in this world, could have aligned or created any part of life or world. These things are discovered to be: a true relationship with thought, and more: the basis of love was here. The reality of JESUS being the evidence of truth: who established without exception, “the difference between love and hate”. The guarantor, we were not simply created, and then “left behind”.

But ownership in time allows for lies: as is want demands, there are no consequences for me/ if I just hide the truth, and choose to lie. Thereby getting whatever I want; by stealing it from someone else. This is the basis for animal, and it conceives of time as merely the accidental discovery of life; that ends in dust. Animal in human; lives as both predator and prey, until the decision is made to be one or the other. Which for the vast majority ends as the behavior conceived of as; “human dogs”. These want love and affection/ but will bite your hand for food they want; if not fully controlled by fear. These will pack together in the dark, and attack the creatures that are vulnerable: just to prove they can kill, if they want too. These are; the creatures which will “fuck anything available”; when hormones rise. But as with humans: if dogs could talk, they would all say: “I just want what I want/ and you can’t blame me for that”. Even if it kills “the world” they cannot see the evidence of life/ only time.

The ownership of hate is very simple: unless they “eat the life” out of someone living/ they cannot go on. Because all they have is a coffin, which has not closed the lid as of yet. Hate is a chain, that will not let go; once you pass into the delusion of playing god with life; is all that matters to you.

Conversation is the “great divider” of our lives; as the need to communicate overrules truth and reality; to form the barriers and boundaries of a game; with rules the leaders devise to trap you into being less than they.

Conversation is the “great society”; as manipulation, propagation, temptations, and repetitive disciplines to design what you should think; overrule life and truth to become the mob of a human herd: which then believes, “because it knows” what it has been told to believe. Because it takes whatever fragment of gossip as can be used; and becomes the holder of knowledge, as is, “I know/ follow me”.

Conversation seeks to acknowledge “the heart” of our desire, as we begin our search from friendship into something more; as the challenge of finding truth, becomes a respect for the identities which lift our journey beyond self. Into a world that invites through love, the rhythms we share. Romance adds in: “life with you is freedom unleashed”/ because you are to me, without flaw. But reality brings us back; into the truth; no one is perfect, and we must forgive what is not ours to control. Because freedom is freedom, and the path of life; does not make or allow, for us judge. Judgment measures; and while we do that at every beginning relationship; when heart forms the truth, “I now live within your love”/ how we care, and what we are willing to share; give to respect “its living heart”. As is the rhythmic flow, of what and how, we live as one life defined by two.

Conversation is the chaos of animals, who know they have been penned up, and fear the slaughter house is near. Because freedoms have failed, and the reality of a predator is near. So they scream, and fight among each other and fail to accept: this is more serious than that, but don’t know how to resolve the danger of being judged, trapped, and used. Policing is then asked to “control the livestock”/ which has consequences, in a society that is strained. Judiciary finds corruption is easier than justice, and descends into destruction. Politics is merely a game, which has no answers; because the end is inevitable/ and the reality of change is what none want to do: which seals their fate; as the graveyard comes near. The serpent; uses fear to control, manipulates with “blame the other group”, tempts with “nobody really matters” but you, and solicits their army of insurgents with a bribe of counterfeit money. Because as we all know: unless truth arises to bring reality back. Lies will enforce there is nothing but crime to pay the bills/ so which side do you want to be on? Do what you are told, and we will make them fear.

Heart exists: to let two share the destiny of one/ as each contributes to life, or fails the living. Love however knows, what love is; and if these can survive. So we then turn to examine the essence of eternity; and find the truth, you must accept the task of living is worth the price. You must accept the law of living, is worth the price. You must respect the reality of living: is found only through GOD , and understand what is sacred/ is sacred for cause.

Humanity as an animal/ as a university; cannot accept that price, and fails life, living, all things sacred, and seeks our extermination to play their games. But humanity worships a leader of the herd, who manipulates the game they made of living; in order to escape reality. As reality seeks truth, and humanity does not.

So the question of ownership over this world: is literally the division between “human animal or human life”? Hate will always be against life; that is, what it is/ although it wears many disguises. Respect divides that disguise; and lets truth decide. As to the animals: they only want what they want, and cannot see the future; because their eyes “like a panicked herd running”; are focused only on the ass in front of them. If they don’t, they crash and are trampled by the rest; so they must. But being alive requires truth, and the essence of law must rule us now. It requires a distinct respect for living; which cannot be done in a dead world, as is the road you chose. So says the evidence of your lives and this earth.

The cost of being alive is truth. The reality of being alive is: removing the blindfold of “universities lead”/ and accepting without change, there will be no more “living earth”. As is the choices you have made. The death march of “university Satan”; cannot go on. RESPECT IS REQUIRED, and they have little or none. Which means: an investigation to prove what has value, and is true; “without the expert” to “tell you what you know”/ as is the evidence of liars, traitor, thief, terrorist; lead to extinction.

I suppose; that it would be elemental, to include myself in the description of ownership/ as is by description; I no longer “own myself”. But its complicated and lacks clarity. Nonetheless I can testify too: spiritual female has control over me; because my heart lives in her world. Finding in men NOTHING that could save this earth from its extinction/ as a last resort, I searched for and found the spiritual door of female. Opened it, after considering the consequences; and believed that I would be able to understand/ but could not, as it is such a different world entirely. So, I am stuck here, because truth does not allow “for exceptions”/ but I am also in essence the result and reality of time; which places me between the laws which govern gender. Which means law does not control, spiritual woman does (she has the power/ I do not); and as that truth becomes more evident, my own connection with life as male is fading away. So, its complicated; its the result of a spiritual dimension which is beyond your grasp. Because the universities are your god; which places you at the mercy of what they choose. Or more distinctly: you are their slaves. But, I am without question; not free anymore either. So, I guess we live in similar worlds. Except you live in their lies/ and I live lost between the reality of: male or female is not my decision. Its complicated; but whatever is to be for me/ like it is for you: CANNOT remain this way. You cannot survive the evidence against you without true change. I cannot be owner of my own world again; unless true to male or female; as there is no dimension of life in-between.

Reality demands: that it must be included. My existence is marked by an education required of me, that allows for the transference of truth to you/ it is not dictation or any other such form of communication. Which means I must do, what I was educated to do. And having failed that 6 or so years ago, female took control; and demanded you will work, and not walk away. So, freedoms were lost; leaving only the communication required of me as are these 2 sites of mine. And I have done the best I could, to reveal the message and assure you; that it is not a game. Perhaps when whatever must be communicated is finished for women too; my life can return to what it was. But I find that extremely unlikely, as “it is completely lost”/ and I have absolutely no ideas for where to look. It really does seem “forever gone”. But life is OK, it is freedoms which are not; and it remains true, that I do accept male and female are purely equal; just different. I loved male, would not have changed a thing. But it is apparent and true of all men, that would not save this world. So, female was searched: and female searched me; to find me particularly “stubborn/ and failed the work”.  So the end result is, if I could just be one or the other; life will, I am sure return to be happy; As life itself, is not gender bound/ only the living. The difference  life is, the freedom of existence/ whereas living is, “which side of force you are on”

And the people shout: “that just can’t be true”/ therefore you are lying, as is the state of gossip in human life.      As for me, life must change or I cannot be free. So, maybe I am some sort of “first change”; to prove it is possible and going to happen, whether you like it or not. I have no clue, other than I live in a world controlled by; “no you cannot”. Bit like having a electrified fence collar around my neck; go too far, and you will regret it. Unless permission is granted. “livestock” basically. So, NO clue what my future is going to be: literally beyond my control. Time will prove whatever is going to be true/ whenever that occurs. Only truth survives or decides; but I live between the laws which decide what the consequences are. Its complicated.

And the animals all say: you are trying to manipulate us/ to tempt us into believing whatever it is, that you are trying to gain. “we know”; that media would tell us, if there was anything true “about all your lies”; as are the priests of “university is god”. But for fifty years or a little less; I have been asking you to GO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, IN YOUR OWN COURTROOM/ and in this America to enforce redress of grievances as your own method of “deciding for yourselves”/ not by any damn experts tell you what to think. Your choice: “you ain’t nothing/ you cannot do anything/ we want what we want; AND IT AIN’T; paying the price for what is wrong. Let the children “go to hell”/ WE WANT GREED. And that makes you “worthless”.

But reality says: nothing but truth survives beyond time, in a universe that is governed by different laws and disciplines. Therefore the spiritual world exists: because only “what is pure enough to survive” can move on. The consequence being: it will change you, by removing every lie, and leaving only what is left; to be the identity of you. As is consistent with “eternal life”. The animals under the disguise of universities; scream, “there is no eternal life/ this is all chaos and accident; as we shout with evolution leads”. But the evidence defeats you; and the sewer awaits, as is the truth of so many things in “university is god”.  EVERY ELEMENT OF LIFE IS;   “ONLY THOUGHT” CAN DO THIS. and because it is completely superior to everything universities do; that would mean you suggest, “your brain is merely chaos/ and all your work is merely accidental and without order, discipline, balance or thought. because anything less proves evolution is wrong. and even if you are willing to be chaos and accident/ the evidence will still prove you wrong. life is not built one piece at a time/ and it is clearly not the result of  “no brain” at all.

And ALL OF HUMANITY SCREAMS: WE WANT PROOF/ just like they did, with global warming. Now beginning to prove, what you refused to believe. As experts, and your apathy, leads; to your extinction. As the tragedy of your disrespect and arrogance form the road; that will be past the point of no return, you are, “the living dead”/ regardless what you choose.      SOON to be, this world is lost!  humanity did not care enough,  “to save it from themselves”.  Their GREED;   consumed them all.

FEW deny global warming now (only the failures of life). Yet you still remain completely aloof to the reality of change is needed/ and as universities always do; contend that conversation is enough; lets just talk and talk and talk and talk and pretend the fantasies of a university led media is enough. Even when all of life knows it is not.

You cannot do even the simplest things/ and absolutely do not care; and SCREAM “not a penny” from you/ let the others pay; as always. I live in an agricultural community; and as reported to you earlier: the grain elevator here transports grain from roughly a fifty mile wide area to here. Each train load representing at least 1250 trucks making the journey instead of a train to pick it up at reasonable distances. Global warming! Trains the sit on the tracks waiting for hours, which never shut off. Global warming! As advertised; you too can re-wet grain (worship greed/ don’t care); even though it is purely global warming, and presents no benefit at all. A failure to insulate. A failure to respect the reality of sir conditioning; which is the primary cause. The curse of transportation and every decision for planning ever made by “government”. Endless international trade, as is a curse to life/ but used to hide the truth of what your insurgents have been doing to destroy this nation. Curse upon curse upon curse upon curse; but you don’t care/ because the bribe spends even though all know it is counterfeit. So the lies and the liars and the traitors, and the thieves and the terrorists all continue; as life on earth comes to its end. As shame overwhelms and takes your options away. As the Oceans are doomed to be desolate/ and war is absolute; as hunger overruns all forms of sanity. Making weapons of mass destruction “your savior”. The sewer “runs through it”/ as the evidence of your reality proves true. While reality looks to leadership, and finds the rotting corpse of university delusion; your great savior/ who led you to death. By media transference of CULT worship rather than life.

And don’t forget: a world population of 8 billion people, represents at just one percent population rise/ MEANS: THIS WORLD ADDS, 80 MILLION PEOPLE EACH YEAR; as more mouths to feed, enter the world (one more per hundred people). Or more distinctly: that means every fourth year at one percent increase; the entire population of this USA is added to this world. And if you open the door/ they all come here. Because “they want what they want”; and the world will send them here. Because they must “go somewhere”/ and the earth is full.

Then of course comes; US DEBT/ 108 TRILLION DOLLARS; media only reports what congress overspends, which is not 33 trillion dollars/ and never reports currency inflation or derivatives owed as is 632 trillion dollars. Nor do they report derivatives worldwide (which is bad or poor debts) is roughly 1.2 QUADRILLION DOLLARS. Nor do they report one trillion dollars is equal to ten thousand dollars “after taxes” per each and every one of one hundred million people. Nor do they report that wall street is so badly oversold, it is pure fantasy. Just like saying apple is worth 4 trillion dollars (forty thousand dollars per each of one hundred million people) / but with no real manufacturing of their own. Making it “virtual” money. We live in a make believe world; as is the result of “university knows how”; to steal. And cover that up with media, just like the courts: NEVER ADMIT TO REALITY.

More distinct, even that that are the elements of terrorism and traitor that have been established by “university is god”/ throughout this USA and the world. THEY HAVE: taken control over all ownership of life and world and nation and child and future and everything alive; which they kill and mutilate and curse/ as the foundation used to prove they can be gods.

Surrounded by threats of extinction and mayhem, chaos and destruction, gamblers and failures and fools/ liars, cheats, thieves, manipulators, disease, killers, and whores (only money matters). The constant damnation of “university rules life and world”; has proven to be, the greatest true destruction of value and truth, this world has ever known.

We acknowledge the evidence as:

  1. gamblers trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ claiming their fantasy is true; without a shred of evidence. Instead it is absolutely clear and proven true: that the sun burns the bond in atoms; which balances that state of atomic force. They want you dead; claiming “a 4 million times more expression of energy by fire”; will just extinguish itself.
  2. Killers, trying to mutilate nature into submission by injecting chaos into all the genetics that literally makes life possible on earth. Thereby worshiping evolution as their religion/ and indoctrinating every child, to the cult of university is god; to let them do it. Whatever that is.
  3. Failures, trying to claim expertise as with global warming/ but drowned out by those who want to see this earth die. Claiming WE WON’T change until you prove this world is dead. But alas, a dead world, is dead; and humanity says “we won’t care”/ until media tells us too.
  4. Fools, letting media be your priests; worshiping universities as god/ because they say, BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY; or we let you die. As rapists do.
  5. Thieves, using counterfeited currency and derivatives and debts; to completely ransack and ravage nations, particularly this USA. By the destruction of every truth, every reality of security lost, every descent into economic chaos they could construct. As is the rebellion against this nation/ and the curse of universities rule around this world. As proven by covid.
  6. Disease, as the gods of universities continue their campaign to war against all of life, by creating biological weapons to be used against us all. Claiming “we have a vaccine”/ and as with covid: trump authorizes sixty thousand dollars per vaccine shot/ per one hundred million doses; of completely unwarranted mutilation of human genetics. Because media says so, with their propaganda. Paid for by the claim of “university is god”. BELIEVE DAMN YOU BELIEVE/ FEAR/ AND OBEY. Or we strip you of your means to survive/ and cast you out. So say the toxic discharge of human sewage, that is leadership.
  7. Manipulators, using all means necessary to bankrupt and destroy the future by removing every claim of employment, and sending it away. Removing all forms of knowledge, as is the result of cult indoctrinating every child; to believe the universities are god/ TO HELL with everything life needs to survive or thrive. Discarding every form of freedom, by exclaiming “credit is free”/ but the “bear trap closes”; and you are now slave. Ten thousand things all of which is to remove democracy; so you can shout “civil war”/ and be reduced to ruins, raped, and ravaged; that someone else will now own. And humanity shouts; don’t do nothing/ the bribes of counterfeit money are good. As the slaughter house door opens, and you fall in.
  8. LIARS; all shouting, we don’t need no damn truth; “just use your imagination”/ and believe nothing can control your world, that you don’t want. While reality proves: your extinction is near/ and your gods of liar, traitor, fool, terrorist; control the trip you take to HELL.
  9. Cheater; the only thing that matters is “me”/ cast the rest into the garbage, and let them be raped, ruined, ravaged, and destroyed: because you don’t care for NO DAMN JUSTICE. All screaming: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ DAMN YOU TO HELL! DON’T YOU DO NOTHING, because we want what we want/ and the lies make it so.
  10. Whore, shouting “we got more numbers than god”/ we are rich. But as the numbers prove true: the poorest who have ever been! Ransacked, raped, ruined, and all but destroyed by your own truth. Your own decision: lies don’t matter/ just GIVE ME THE MONEY. EVEN IF IT IS A LIE “I can still spend it”; so we don’t care. As the ocean life goes extinct. Failure and corruption mount, disease explodes in your face, the earth become uninhabitable, atoms ignite and throw you into “HADES”; as the earth becomes a sun. while never fear their experts are poisoning every water supply, and the population explosion will consume all chance to survive. Is only the beginning of “university is god”/ and leads the way.
  11. As the people all scream: GIVE US WHAT WE WANT/ AND FOLLOW UNIVERSITIES LEAD TO THEIR DEATH, BY HORRORS AND HELL. Driven by pure arrogance, and complete disrespect for life and world and truth.
  12. No greater failure of human existence; has ever lived on earth, than you.    OR, this would not be so.
  13. And the people scream: “we are like gods: WE GOT what we wanted/ WE PLAYED THE GAME, and got our trophies, toys, and trinkets to prove WE WON. While the mountains of garbage WE CHOSE to throw away PROVES, we are the greatest generation to ever live. As extinction closes in, to extinguish the final score: all lost, because that is what you chose. THE REASON: life, is not a game, it depends upon truth and reality. NOT universities fantasy, imagination, delusions, arrogance or apathy to life or world. But you joined them anyway, and said; “we don’t need no damn consequences”/ we are gods, we follow evolution, and adapt to truth is for fools. As universities demand
  14. .It is, an ascension beyond self, to accept the decision that is: only truth can decide/ because truth defines the law, of what can survive or not. Therefore faith is aligned with truth, and truth is aligned with eternal life. “to own the truth, does not exist”. Rather, to be defined by the truth is an elevation of life into laws that are incorporated as a living example of what life can do. Truth decides, not you; as is the evidence of an ownership, given by the laws of living; rather than the definition of who you believe you are. Belief fails life, because it allows that your decision of life and living and death and everything; is whatever you want it to be. It is not. Because wants fail life and living, by destroying whatever is in the way of what you want/ or what you don’t want; that must be true. Ownership of life, is an essence of the laws which create us. Ownership of body, is a foundation of time, that cannot depart from its beginning; no matter what you believe. And humanity says; “yes I can/ NOW, NOW, NOW/ and you can’t stop me”; to enforce their own ownership of living. But all want is built on the foundation of lies; that departs from truth to identify “an intellectual solution”/ as is lies, theft, temptation, manipulation, fear, hate, and more; thereby allowing for you to play god. Truth is the existence of reality, and it does not fluctuate or change due to wants. Therefore because it does not change further; it becomes the foundation upon which law is then erected. Ownership lives according to what law allows. Thereby it is transferred, according to what truth requires you to be. The difference between time and eternity; is wide and true/ these are not the same. The difference between what life needs to survive its reality, is a matter of laws. Time allows for changing the law that governs human existence; only if reality is forcing extinction on our world. The eternal law cannot be changed, but the essence of time is for changing into whatever your truth will allow. My truth allows for the needs of this world are not too much to ask; because a living world of creation, is far more important than me. Therefore even though ownership has been transferred; and I am the passenger now; it remains the essence of my own choice; because the law of life itself, requires a home as is this world and its time. I am not the owner of that decision or its need; I am merely the passenger, who made the choice: life and world, particularly at 70 years old; “needs, whatever it needs”. Who am I to say what that is? Answer, I have no clue, but accept some degree of value will be found/ and if not, “I did the best, that I could do”; is literally my only defense.
  15. But I would have to admit: I would never have guessed or conceived of any part: that would include, changing places with female, A complete surprise:  to see life from “the opposite view” of male. While it has benefited this work greatly, therefore a valuable addition to balancing this work. Would never have guessed, that I needed an education that allowed me to experience or express in any form; “what woman is, or must allow to survive”; or any of it, as has invaded my life. But I suppose it is in fact only fair; that those who suffered much at the hands of men/ should have “their day in court” so to speak. Putting forth the information that proves, “we have not been treated fairly”, by men. While I, as male; balance that with female is not always fair either; when there is a choice. Which means we both need to change. To reassemble what is fair, and to express the values which make us “life as one”.What I have learned without doubt is: that we owe each other the respect of miracles being shared. There is no room for lies, no room for anything but fair, and honorable, to you and me. No, the spiritual woman does not treat me that way. She is focused on making me understand how men have treated women; “by exchanging places”. And as women have endured, “there is no escape”. When it ends, I do not know. What is truly clear is: many are the women who were betrayed, and entangled by a life that was not fair. She is angry for them; even though that was never me. I guess the lesson is: justice remembers what you do, and where there is cause/ there will be no escape. As for this life; I still have no clue how it ends. The realities of force are, once separated, that cannot be put back together as one. But at the point of separation; is where “back to back”/ each force pushes or pulls as the cost of energy dictates. “an action equals a reaction”. I have been held within the middle of that; as is the balance point: “between the law of force which is either an action or a reaction”. Which means life separates into “male OR female” here; the point where creation decides: for you. But reality is now beginning to pull, as push continues to dissipate. I don’t know why, it just is. It is however true, that I have searched for “the beginning of life in Creation”; and perhaps it is closer than “i think”; whatever that ultimately comes to mean, not a clue. Life is a passage, “Creation is a moment”, that changes, as is by force: “motion into energy”/ time into life. The critical disciplines, are not for you.I am reminded: that in fact, it is tinnitus that provided “the enclosed space” of an education beyond what otherwise would have been. Defeating all my other options, to leave me alone; without any other options for relief; but to write or learn. The focus required to escape the pain; proved useful. I WOULD NEVER recommend it for anyone, ever! It is harsh and unforgiving. But the long-term, deliberate education has not been without a blessing or two, along the way. Never a plan/ whether it was intervention or not “from above” so to speak; I leave that up to you.Tinnitus, was the direct result; of consequences related to my 9 month old nephew Jason; dying of a brain tumor. Decisions were made, that would not have been made; without that catastrophe.

    It is fair to state: that “toothless, at about 60”/ was the result of my dad could not be trusted with chemicals. The end result of that was, to move to soft drinks; and that cost “teeth”. But it also moved me to investigate the drinking water supply, and find what is the genocide of our future, by those who claim to be experts (exactly like they did with global warming; bought and paid to say, whatever power wants. While media is used to enforce “BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY”, AS ALWAYS). The critical truth is: “unlike you”/ I have always sought to be prepared for whatever would come. Part of that is clearly death WILL come/ so to be prepared is only realistic, as best we can. LIFE however, has had other plans for me; which includes you cannot be prepared for this/ and especially the spiritual woman has decreed it, “that I will not” be prepared for anything; as is she is in charge now. So life is, what life is; and it is not so important as to be prepared; as it is to accept the limits and boundaries of what life gives; as best we can/ even when it seems not fair. Because the end result of life is time will end/ and eternity will begin: as is “whatever will be true”. So truth assembles truth, and life creates the miracles of life, and who we are to be; is a decision we all make for love or hate; or as the majority say, “I would rather be an animal/ and take all I can get right now”. Each has a different ending; because they are not the same. Religion offers an insurance policy for the animals (who believe god is just like me, and can be bought)/ others do find an opportunity for love/ while the rest understand it, as a curse for hate. But the end result is: what is true will decide. Only truth survives, which means your life must be true to its desire “for love”/ or that will not be you.

    No, I cannot make you listen to any of that. But it is not my message to you; it belongs to our Creator. As my job, to deliver that message; of life or death to this earth is in your hands. The evidence shows extinction/ but if you choose to change, and accept LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST/ not want! Then life could go on. But if the reader says; “i don’t care/ or I won’t share/ or the cult forbids me” from extending that message. Then extinction is certain, because you are surrounded by threats of extinction from all sides: as humanity chose for that to be. I am a messenger; or “the mail man” if you prefer.

    Of values, and endless change: the need to address “everything needs to change” exists.

    But if you can’t come to me; then it is worthless, to talk at you.

    Nonetheless: you can put “id tags” in ammunition/ so the bullet itself can be traced back to who bought this particular bullet.  people who know they will be tracked, “think twice”. Changing to non lethal would be a very significant improvement; “but dogs (humans who want violence) are dogs”. Refusal to address the reality of weapons is foolish and blind: no personal weapons is genocide. While the reality of weapons is: a predator is not going to surprise you, and then wait for you to get your gun; he will take it instead.

    As to gun violence; mass shootings represent a very tiny fraction of the population; and reality asserts, every death is the same; no more hysteria to reinforce the intent, for mob actions: by media.


    again: in order to save whatever coral is left; you must pump water from the lower ocean onto the coral to mediate temperatures. Wave motion can provide the power/ solar cells can keep it working on a still sea.