beyond want

It is a constant of human existence, that most all people do not think beyond want; and refuse the cost of their decision, by avoiding what is true. As is the reality of belief (we want what we want/ therefore it is real).

Belief is a tragic reality of decisions used to create an existence that does not survive; because it is not built entirely upon truth. What is true survives, and all else dies. Therefore it is critically important to know what is true/ rather than believe what you want to be true instead. The evidence of our reality is used in that endeavor; so as to remove the construction of want decides instead. One such reality is: that life is a miracle of Creation/ the other is: life cannot be built by chaos/ or accident/ or one piece at a time; as is the lies of university and its cult worshipers of fault and fraud are all we need. Therefore we measure you: to insure nobody measures us by any measure we don’t want. As the universities prove: let lies, be our god.

Nonetheless; defeating a monster serpent does not happen in a day/ it is what it is, because of the reasons it was allowed to be created in the first place. People want what they want; let the truth be damned; “we want what we want/ TO HELL, with the future of life; WE WANT IT ALL! A reality pervasive to all forms of living and religions. As is the state of life/ the reality of animals, rather than humans: in this USA, and most of the world called human as a disguise created by universities to hide their intent in your belief. As the cost of consequences is proving in/ by your garbage mountains and all other sources of threat so vile; extinction is evident and true.

So lets identify what is/ and what does a serpent do?

  1. A serpent is that which hides from view, to attack by surprise, thereby using any and all approaches to gain an advantage over what it considers to be the prey. Same in human serpents; only these are governed by the intent of hate, as it uses want, and its beliefs; to produce the games that people will play.
  2. The insurgency (hidden, blitzkrieg attack) by intellectuals, revolves around the propaganda of proving with lies; that truth be damned; all that matters is want, and the games we play. So hate insists: we will play with life, by mutilating it/ we will play with atoms, by trying to ignite these on fire/ we will play with weapons of mass destruction, to prove how vile we can be/ we will play with disease, to collect the money, and create fears/ we will play with resources and end the future of life and earth, by polluting everything we can/ poisoning the water, and overcoming this earth with humanity and no option left/ but to be cannibals. Using counterfeited currency and debts beyond imagination to resolve and prove; ‘ONLY UNIVERSITIES SHALL DECIDE”. AS IS the reality in every form of government, and those who instruct government on how they should vote, and what they should or should not do. Keeping them from truth, by the cost of all these lies “is too high now”.
  3. So then the attack and rebellion against all forms of securities to deny to all forms of citizenry; the right and means to “fight back”. Is orchestrated by covid and its costs; as decided upon by trump ($60,000.00 dollars per INITIAL vaccine unproven shot; as the universities demand: for one hundred million doses). Which then enabled the takeover and nazi style propaganda of 24/7 media enforcement by using FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY tactics until the people submitted to their takeover of government, and refusal of law and democracy. By enforcing “university is god”/ MAKE THEM OBEY, or we will attack you: as they took control over business and the rest. And then comes the demand for more; as every trillion dollars they stole/ as every portion of the disease that they released upon this world: is ten thousand dollars per each one of one hundred million people (workers pay). NO complaint is allowed/ NO value is given or allowed by media to confront/ NO OPENING exists in law or the truth of our employees; who merely believe what they are told to believe. As is the serpent who shames them, or threatens: “we have lies/ and media to consume you”.
  4. Preparations are underway: to prove you shall not be allowed to exist as humans of any kind. So says the robotic warfare being created/ and the infrastructure being built; to insure the batteries are charged up easily. With artificial intelligence; they WILL surround you as sheep to be driven into the slaughter house; by just one person at a computer. And you enable them, with your apathy and descent into despair. WAKE UP/ this ain’t no game. But make no mistake: your universities have been fighting and working to create a long list of diseases they can manipulate to keep you under control. While governments are forcing military occupation, and fear; so that you may not recognize their failures for this world or its life. Poisons all around. And the take over of life and economies and options; by consuming all private business to conglomerate everything under just one ruler; as is the constant of history, being proven again. Removing your options in every conceivable way. Destroying personal responsibility and respect in every conceivable way. Denying access in every conceivable way; and proving only IF YOU OBEY THE UNIVERSITIES DIPLOMA; shall you be given the chance “of a trophy life”.
  5. The failure of law to protect life and earth. The failure of law to protect and defend constitutional government or its democracy. The failure of currency and debts; endless theft. The failure of society and all of its business; by fools in charge. The failure of education and the realities of life cursed; by cult worship and indoctrination of that cult upon every child. The failure of religion; as they are educated in universities; and want to play god themselves; worshiping the universities/ by hiding that fact to gain money and power over you. The failure of respect in all things human, life, or world. The curse of the rotting corpse that is undermining everything life needs to survive.
  6. Rates and realities of extinction surround us, as this world dies by human causes. You fail life and world by releasing heat, and the greenhouse gases that go with it. You fail the oceans with endless poison and pollution. You fail the air with toxic waste/ ozone/ oxygen depletion (you need a critical percentage concentration to survive)/ EVEN THE MAGNETIC as is atomic stability being cursed by CERN/ ATOMS TO BE IGNITED JUST LIKE THE SUN; AND LIFE MUTILATED INTO CHAOS; as is the cost of your cult. You, as is society itself: fail the future and every child; because you just don’t care enough: to prove to the cult. STOP WHILE WE INVESTIGATE FOR TRUTH: before we all die. As is: the greatest contributor of global warming is AIR CONDITIONING; and if you don’t stop it, and the processes of failure being used; your planet will die. There is absolutely nothing of value, that is not being attacked. And there is an absolute insurgency to remove all forms of respect, particularly through media; to insure war will be the result. Discarding law, to describe: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ TO HELL WITH YOU. As is pure insanity is showing in all forms of leadership, throughout society. Because you live by enforcing lies and failure/ NOT truth.
  7. Shame on you.of the current various elements, not pandemic like those above, and those not included; that fail life and society, proving extinction will come, are:
    1. world law is your only chance to save this planet; simple as that.
    2. You cannot have your government back; unless you accept the cost of bankruptcy/ and stop lying to yourselves. Simple as that/ but make no mistake redress and we control this now; is your only solution.
    3. AI like all things universities puke out; will become an enemy quickly now/ because it can. Simple as that.
    4. You believe the universities are collecting the worst diseases ever known; in your defense. Its called “life without a brain/ the believers prison of fools”. Like covid magnified one thousand times, it is your nightmare instead. Satan rules now, as is Armageddon on earth. Add in: nuclear weapons. Add in chemical weapons spread throughout society. Add in robotic weapons and full control over everything as they have been doing. Which includes all business, food supply, EVERYTHING: as is universities are god now/ to your horror soon.
    5. 8 billion plus people an unbroken line that wraps around this planet one meter apart of living humanity at the equator 200 times. Growing at just one percent worldwide; is another 80 million more mouths to feed each year over deaths. No water/ no food/ no resource/ no options/ no life: JUST HELL.
    6. And on and on and on and on and on,,,,,,,,etc!

    Of little things:

    you should know that the union strike just authorizes your replacement with artificial intelligence sooner than later/ ending your jobs, as universities say: this requires a different worker, and only we can do it. If you want support: take away the corporate prize of “more money for the few”/ and claim that, or return it in lower costs for the public. Pay back the loans and forgiveness of debt, and all the people who lost their savings to your greed in 2008; and more.

    Limited capitalism is how we achieve “fair play” throughout society. Because we decide the limits for all of society, by vote; and place boundaries on what can or cannot be owned by the few.

    Of AI taking control over writing, art, and more: the reality is, you cannot stop them. Your only choice is to remove the incentives by demanding: ANY FORM OF ART being used for monetary profits, by any form of business or enterprise: shall be charged a tax on that usage. Which shall not be less than the price of work displaced. That tax will then be distributed to “critical funding, for human derived works of value”. Those elements of creative pursuit as does benefit, support, or protect society and world, whether by AI or not; shall not be taxed. As they benefit and are intended to benefit all life and earth.

    Take back control over universities: and go get your covid money and more/ from those who stole it, by releasing a biological weapon. NO YOU DON’T KNOW; where it came from; because you ONLY KNOW what the universities tell you through their “cult priests” of media. Demand there is ONLY A PERCENTAGE OF INCOME DUE, from students: who did receive the benefit of their job, by the education provided for real/ no assumptions allowed. Only proof of value, and nothing more.

    Do not be concerned with their statement; “we will quit instead”. Because all their money is counterfeited currency/ and all their claim of debt was generated by unlawful use of our educational system; which granted only the tiniest few a right to make their own decisions. Setting them up for failure instead of life. Don’t be concerned with their claim of ownership; as reality will prove, you bought that with stolen money.

  8. you should be aware: it has been found that “universities” have banned my sites from their internet access as provided by them. so you have to go beyond that in one way or another for them to find this work.As to the realities of this USA;
    1. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; DID NOT authorize any employee, to bankrupt the nation/ as it truly has been done; that would be considered treason; and it erupts severely with Reagan. So generations have pasted.
    2. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”: DID NOT authorize any employee, to “preform policing actions” and not call it war to escape the constitutional authority of we the people. Rebellion against we the people of this nation.
    3. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people” DID NOT authorize, the courts to silence constitutional law, by remaining silent when presented with such as if to pretend it was not there. As is clearly witnessed too by court cases throughout state and federal systems by James Frank Osterbur; which includes supreme court cases 09-1337 & 11-100 and much more. That is treason/ & the clerk of the court has no right to remove a docketed case; on his own authority/ a judicial signature is required. Criminal contempt.
    4. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; DID NOT authorize any takeover and indoctrination of the children by any religion, and that includes the universities religion of evolution; as the only thing they proved was “this looks like that”. Period! Cult worship is against the law.
    5. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; DID NOT authorize the ransacking and rape/ the destruction of life, mutilation of nature, destruction of oceans, extinction of species, planet stability, resources needed by all, poisoning of water supplies and future of life or planet: to enable those who steal from their children. Or the refusal to direct and demand; WORLD LAW SHALL RULE US NOW. Criminal conspiracy to defraud, disgrace, disrespect, and destroy life, and nation and child.
    6. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; DID NOT authorize any form of aiding and abetting those whose actions are deliberately endangering the nation or world; as is the constant of “university knows”.
    7. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; DID NOT authorize a takeover of public participation in their government/ by creating a propaganda team owned by a tiny few people; to control all information allowed to be learned or heard by the public; as is media insertion of BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY. Clearly outlined by the take over of life and nation by covid worshipers/ and their decision to curse and malign/ damage and destroy this nation and its democracy as was done; by our employees. The insurgence of rebellion; as is forced to comply by the clear intent to remove all other options, as is being done.
    8. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; DID authorize: first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; as the method most likely to remove civil war and its cost from this society. The demand; WE THE PEOPLE SHALL DECIDE NOW: IS THEIR PROOF, OF OWNERSHIP/ rather than slaves of the current king.
    9. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; did not authorize; the ransacking of information/ collection of data/ invasion of privacy/ obedience (the court says: you can’t question the universities) to cult worshiping, ONLY “university knows”. THEY ARE NOT gods/ and are usually wrong. Betrayal as proven by US CONSTITUTION article one section 10. by giving the universities diploma a rank of superiority over states. Just follow the money. Betrays the purpose of democracy; by creating a barrier between we the people and our government/ as is “nobody is allowed to take this government to court, and demand an accounting”; as is so clearly needed.
    10. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; does not allow media incursion to incite riots and mob action; due to their constant and unfair depiction; this group hates your group/ the constant incursion, of violence and disrespect is the answer as viewed in media/ the incursion of BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY; as is covid cult worshiping of universities by unproven pandemic insurgency and point of rebellion against life and nation.
    11. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; does not allow: for the removal of rights, the insanity of denial, the mutilation of nature, the murder of life and earth; OR ANYTHING ELSE, that our employees gave their oath, “they would not allow”/ but have proven by facts; the opposite has been done.
    12. constitutional government, as formed by this democracy of “we the people”; DID NOT authorize the breakdown of government, by creating the division of groups/ the destruction of our economy/ the denial of free press as is “only a few decide”/ forced vaccination/ indoctrination of every child, at the cost of a real education for life and living. Or a thousand plus threats of extinction as the reality of evidence will prove true.In this USA; we are raped, ransacked, ruined, and betrayed: both as a nation and the state of IL. So says the evidence of universities play god with our lives, and our money. We begin in IL for simple: with 120 million dollars for a football stadium “emperors addition; used 6 times a year. And a 150+ renovation of the basketball stadium; which accounted for little more than a change of seats and air conditioning; at Urbana, university of IL. PROVING we the people; are cheated, and robbed. Demanding a true and real accounting of covid, currency, the claim of GDP, and real world, reality of debts. Just to start REDRESS of both state and nation: to PROVE DEMOCRACY IS REAL. You want to resolve the Ukraine war: make the rich man in Russia believe the world is coming to demand: every single penny, from the top 3% of financial recipients of income and ownership; in that nation; to ignite payment, and then move to take control over their property, and give it to the Russian people; with tax added; to pay for carnage. No more billionaires.  “the rich” control governments/ unless they allow the thug to take complete control. You want realistic population control: birth control everywhere, enforced by women over women; as they vote to see fit as a nation. BUT UNLESS you accomplish that resolve, there will no aid of any kind, to any group, who fails compliance with that fact. Remove the religious disgrace of catholic insistence upon NO birth control (an “male” intent to use population increase as their means of insurgency and the subsequent, take over of nations). You want to keep from starving: start feeding the ocean with what you do have/ dead human beings turned into fish food. Stop burning bodies; you cannot afford the heat or pollution. Neither can you afford loss of ground or resources used. Fail, and there will be war.You want trump and biden out of the political picture: REVIEW THEIR INFLATION OF CURRENCY, SPENDING, AND DEBTS CREATED; claims of GDP clearly not real. You want truth back: identify reality, and demand redress so that none can continue to lie, steal, or betray. WE DECIDE NOW/ as is REDRESS.As proven by covid: humanity does NOT search for its own information; they all believe whatever it is that media or other means of propaganda produces for them to consume. Then claiming “to know”; they vote, to produce what the insurgency wants the propaganda teams have instilled. In a world of universities run obituaries; that demand for manipulation is endless/ and the propaganda of gossip (believe here is a piece of sand to prove; whatever we say is true) is a constant. NO TRUE VOTE has ever been collected/ because no true information intended to be fair to all sides is distributed: “they want, what they want: as with all things called government”. It is controlled by a tiny few, who control the masses with “fake news”. The evidence be damned, only the expert we pay, or who pays us; shall decide. Fake news is anything that does not present a full story, with all sides heard, and the intentional discovery of what is true: by all means possible as is, “every voice may have a say”. Therefore we all participate in the collection of information, and its eventual siphoning out; of every lie, or claim beyond its ability to prove what has been said.

      As with covid the failure to do that, destroys nations, damages lives, curses society, discards democracy, inflames those who do want to know what is true; with lies. And proves the cult of the dead; invades wherever power to decide exists. As all serpents do.

      REALITY OF GOVERNMENT THAT IS DEMOCRACY; contributes only this: that our contract unites us in our law/ NOT theirs, they are the employee. And to insure WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT destroyed by those who hate us. ONLY THE LAW WE CREATE FOR OURSELVES MUST RULE OVER LIFE, NATION, AND WORLD. AS BEST WE CAN.

      Whosoever makes the law, rules the nation!

      But only those few, who control “the news” manipulates; an election/ which cannot be trusted, because leaders are constantly proving, liars are the best at being elected. We need them not. WE NEED TO MAKE OUR OWN LAWS/ AND WE CAN DO THAT AS A PEOPLE, WHO DO THIS FOR OURSELVES; AND THEN PRESENT THE LAW WE HAVE MADE AND VOTED UPON TO ENFORCE THIS IS OUR DEMOCRACY IN ACTION. That will force our employees to make it so; any traitor who stands against the truth of democracy, is guilt of treason and insurrection against the nation.

      You cannot hold a nation with “flowers”. But you can hold onto the truth of a nation with laws, and the realities of TAXATION DOES NOT EXIST; UNLESS WE ALLOW IT TO BE SO. While taxation will exist: IT IS NOT to be paid, unless our employees obey the constitutional, and create the law we have decreed shall be so. WHEN THEY OBEY THEIR OATH; they tax is owed, until better is resolved and created by the people for themselves. That is “government of the people/ by the people/ and for the people.

      We are the military, apart from a few thugs who make it possible for a few to escape the law of life and world. We are the military, of every single nation; and there is no allowance in life: for a slavery to exist in that forum. EVERY NATION NEEDS “A BILL OF RIGHTS” THAT PROVES, “NATION FIRST/ not leader”. EVERY NATION NEEDS; a foundation for defending the nation; that does not include attacking another nation; ONLY DEFENDING OUR OWN. We are the world, and limited capitalism forbids the few from creating armies by paying them with the fraud of wealth. WE SET THE LIMITS OF INCOME/ WE SET THE BOUNDARIES OF POSSESSION/ WE IDENTIFY WHAT THE FUTURE NEEDS, AND CONTROL THOSE who have controlled us, throughout history. What pride, power, hate, and want demands: IS DEAD. If you remove the claim of government; that they rule us/ instead of we rule ourselves; as is democracy by law we create.