THE ANIMAL; does not know anything beyond want, pleasure, and pain/ each lives with the knowledge of life or death; understanding time will run out, as the body fails, or before. The human animal identifies this as reason enough: to assume “whatever I can take is fair/ and who gives a damn if it is not”. The consequence of hate appears, as does revenge; which establishes violence as a means to control the others with fear. The value of living adds, “friendship makes us happy”, and that ends with a choice: IS, friend or fear/ more important to you?

HUMAN ALIVE; is not an animal, and does not live to express or experience the chemicals of life and living as sex; or as pleasure or pain. The living expressions of love, the passions expressed by sex, the experience of trust, truth, value, respect, hope, heart, happiness, soul, desire, destiny, grace, and joined as one in joy; builds upon the decisions of our time. Because “hearts do break”; carefully, as best we can: it is our job as a living representative of being alive/ it is a duty to limit harm, by accepting boundaries. Love decides, only when truth is for real: as known by respect and the honor of life shared because we cared honestly/ no lies attached! Because the search for life itself, as identified by the miracles which illuminate thought; become a path beyond self, into the existence of both time and Creation. Which leads into eternity, as the conception of JESUS “a biblical story”; identifies, that we are alive for a purpose: to join eternal life, as love. IT IS very hard, to find a way, to say:  I simply must do this job, before I can be anything else, for anyone. but want is not love/ and love is not want:  it is an ever growing desire, to build more as life joined by one truth: that we are more “a miracle alive” together, than either as separate.

The DIFFERENCE is: that an animal has time, and whatever you will do with that time as a body presents experiences and expressions that are called your own. While a living human being alive; experiences and expresses the foundation of miracles, into the world conceived of by thought. To identify the passage of time, goes far beyond self; to become the decisions which identify your own chosen truth. Truth does not matter to an animal; beyond survival if necessary. Whereas truth to a living human being forms the basis of heart (love is best_), and leads to soul: the discovery of spiritual existence as is the purity of truth, becomes our home.

The QUESTION: to all of humanity, WHAT IS, important to you? Identifies animal versus human; as the truth for an animal is, “only time and body”/ or the essence of being alive as a miracle, is searching for truth, in the values of love? And the majority say: “ I WANT BOTH”. BUT, there is no middle ground/ that is a lie. Same as truth knows: the critical choice in every human decision is “either for love/ or for hate”; becomes known; as true opposites. Which can never share the same journey or destiny. It is a distinct and true choice; no second chances. The values inherent to your own truth; choose one direction or the other/ while the middle ground of human existence, fights for both. Eternity will remove that choice, and identify you as either one/ OR the other.

AND THE PEOPLE SAY; WE WANT WHAT WE WANT, WE HAVE A RIGHT, to be FREE! And eternity replies: indeed you do, and in the freedom of your choice; you did make your decision into your truth; as the evidence of your life will show. No second chances; one direction, OR the other. But mercy allows: for a few the chance to purify their love, without hate surrounding them. And for the vast majority, a chance to dissipate into nothing will be left; because you did not choose life. You chose time; and time, as you knew from the beginning; is destined to end.

It does not matter who you are in time! Eternity knows only what is your truth, and assembles the cost of your time as either hate or love. Purity of either forms the direction and your destiny as is built by love, “for all life to know joy; best we can”/ or your fate as is the consequence you chose in time; by surrendering to “self (nothing is important but ME)”.   So, for the sake of conceptions:  WHO would you choose to live with, and share life?

In contrast to that: the universities crowned themselves with “their ain’t no god/ we are all animals: its just chaos and accidents, that bring life: the religion of evolution (we believe what we want to believe. YOU can’t prove us wrong/ because we CAN’T hear you. the brain is closed.)”. So we can do anything, because we are the superior ones; which means we are “gods here”. And gave themselves the scepter of fear; by creating weapons of mass destruction. Gave themselves cult followers by identifying antibiotics and early vaccines. And with the indoctrination of every child to their religion of “university is god”/ they became not only leaders, but the curse of fools, who lead us to HELL.

Because truth has proven we are surrounded by the choices of men: with threats easily turned into extinction of life, and even the end of planet by their demand to play god with universities.

So, life on earth hangs in the balance; and “the writing is on the wall”; you are dead. Unless all of humanity will change itself, ‘from chaos leads life into extinction”/ to we choose life and planet, comes first. RESPECT for the miracles of living existence shall not be denied. There will be no more gambling with life or world; and we let truth decide for us, by laws; we know exist and protect us, each and every single one. With justice and fair play.

And the world of men shout: “we are gods/ and will do anything we please”. Leaving us as life on earth with, “the world of women”; who must challenge that with law and truth, to assemble a different world that will survive/ before it is lost forever. Not a game, not a joke, NOT impossible: but it does take commitment to the truth.

The most critical realities: how do we all share what we need to survive/ because wanting results in a dead future. Therefore respect must lead, love must conquer your fears, truth provides the way. But in the end humanity itself must decide that life is worth living; even without want, pride, or power. Friendship is the greatest force capable of doing that; but if you allow hate to survive with you/ that will be hard. Because hate, “wants you dead; after it takes from you everything they can get”.

So, truth says: YOU WILL, disassemble everything you have been doing/ to REBUILD a life that is valued by love. Shaping your future with truth and respect; as does grant the foundations of justice and fair play for all. In a world, that has been removed of its weapons of mass destruction.

In contrast: is to continue believing the universities are god/ continue destroying everything life needs to survive/ continue mutilating nature and trying to ignite “sun fire” here on earth/ destroying the lives of every child/ wrecking every ocean/ and in general insuring: NOBODY ESCAPES DEATH on earth; by your own chosen decisions to end this world “now”.

Such is the reality of your choice; as the evidence does prove is real. Yes, “you can all be wrong”/ as surrounded by threats of extinction; proves is true.

As to me: I have been disassembled from everything I have been or been doing already: I don’t know why, perhaps some kind of example of change is possible. Its like being turned into “ A thousand parts and pieces”/ without any directions as to how this must be or could be reassembled. Because it is not going back together as it was; that much is sure. Even so, LIFE IS WORTH the price; which grants “living within the miracles of Creation itself”. To know, hope is not tied to a gender experience/ is to express, that love is a “many faceted thing”; and it is obvious, I do not understand or know them all. Love is not to be measured: it is, or it is not. Whether enough exists to bind two people together, depends upon trust, and the path we walk as one. While several women from the past would have been “kind enough” to try. My reality was always; this work will come first, because a lost world, cannot be replaced. Which then removes all love, that would have been true. I seem to be some kind of example; but I don’t know why?

I don’t know what the future will bring, for you, as a world; or me! Its not my job to know. If you fail/ extinction will come. But if you succeed: a thousand different decisions, made by you as a world; will decide what can you be. It is a choice, but not for much longer; because time runs out.

Whatever you choose has consequences; just like discarding all reality to pretend “liars and fools” are enough. I do, hope you choose well; but it is unlikely.

What we can do together, for the benefit of everyone; as is consistent with life from the past; has the value we choose to bring into our lives as a community which shares the respect required for life. Today will be better than the past in that we are; able to do more. But failing the future means: you killed life, to be selfish. A reality that will not survive time. You kill a world to prove greed; “a winner”. You dismantle love and truth, to prove you can play god; and get away with tragedy; to your shame. One last chance is all you get; no second chances/ one decision for life and world: OR, one decision for hate and foolishness, choosing selfishness, rather than life. Simple as that.

Happiness is based upon friendship; that is based upon equally shared work and values enabling respect to identify who we can trust to enable our lives to be secured. None of that exists today, as reality proves the truth: few are not so contaminated with media frenzy (we want what we want)/ that they know life is more than a game. They don’t. So reality must come. The consequences of choices without any conception of truth and the reality of consequences that will be established; must end. Foundations which allow the future; are required, such as let nature be nature/ changing only what we must to survive; as is zero population growth in humanity. A woman’s choice: their body/ their lives/ their future; not man, until the child is born.

Freedoms will be curtailed in some ways; as truth defines what your new life is going to become. Same as me. I do, understand what that means. NO, I do not like it; but there is no choice. Reality decides.

IT IS, BEYOND DOUBT; that the power and pride of men shall shout, WE AIN’T NEVER going to release anything we want; to a damn degrading, of what we have. WE WON’T release ANY weapon of mass destruction. And WE WILL deny any form of equality, that women do not already have; throughout this world. “we are” the rulers here!

But lets review: to understand, that both power and pride are dependent upon war; because the games fail/ and then the losers want revenge. Or there ain’t enough power for leaders; so they make war, to prove they can. But in a world of 8 billion people: with resources nearly gone, and realities of extinction proven true. Your only choice is to kill yourselves: by establishing HELL, and its companions of horror and terror beyond even your own imagination; as the cost, “for you too”. Starvation is beyond question/ cannibalism is beyond question/ the end of organized society is beyond question: nothing left but to die, by the horrors you created.

As to women: without their true cooperation with regard to population control; there is no future. Simple as that/ all will die, with this finite earth; war will erupt for water/ and blood will run very high, as the truth becomes known; after two days, little fight exists. NOW, or die. And all the women say: we can’t/ but you will; as the only choice left is to let these men drink your blood and eat your limbs, as they try to keep you alive “for food”.

There are many forms of weapons of mass destruction now: genetic mutilation of nature/ air conditioning to heat the planet/ plant sterilization and the end of diversity/ pollinator losses/ pollution and poisoning: MORE. None of which you are ready to surrender: because as believers, “you want what you want/ as all cults do”. But that as no bearing in reality or its truth; and that means the war is within each of you. To respect life and world/ OR, let it die, by your own hand; establishing in eternity “what you do deserve, will come true”. Its a choice! YOU make for yourself.

You lived free: by robbing the future, to assassinate every child/ living on lies/ stealing everything you could. Terrorizing life and planet to play gods.   KILLING “A BILLION PEOPLE” WHO COULD HAVE LIVED;  in the future;   if resources did exist. The consequences have come; whether you want that or not/ is ABSOLUTELY IRRELEVANT/ as you have no choice. Truth is truth, and it cannot be dismissed; because reality knows the difference.

Reality proves life is worth living, but it is not “free”. Even so, within the limits and boundaries of real world living, truth allows, that not only will we be able to experience and express freedoms. We can be happy as well, sharing the joys and burdens that life does bring; by laws granting the destiny we choose to build with life and hope. The grace of heart building relationships with respect, the soul of love providing the disciplines and order required to balance a life; beyond self. Crafting I am ALIVE, in the symphony of a value we can all share. Because we chose to care.

In contrast to that is death: the end of everything/ you have been lost to this world. So the critical question is: does eternity exist, for the living soul: and what does it cost to arrive beyond time, as a living participant where joy can be found?

The soul requires love to exist: therefore love decides if you belong/ it is that simple. But not, the assertion of love by want/ but the realities of love by truth: a consequence of truth defined by your time. Love means joy in being with you, sharing what we can achieve together for happiness; simple as that. As to eternity itself: we turn to the existence of you, and find in this miracle of living that is a body of life. A reality of complexity, integration of wisdom by design, the flexibility of choices, the creation of elemental thought, and the ability to change into who we do desire to be. A life beyond time has risen here, confined by body to experience and express “time and identity”. To choose who we honesty desire to be. Is without doubt, a gift from our Creator/ and by no possible means of thought, the sewage of evolution. Therefore we know; that more exists here than time.

Or, more distinctly: time is mass and energy combined into an action or reaction or potential to move exists. BUT LIFE is an expression or experience identified by thought, and its process of constructing the various elements called self, and who you choose to be. These things are different: by any and all forms of conception; as life is not simply “an action or reaction determined by the law which governs them”. Does law control you; NO, not even if reality hopes it would. You have a choice, and that removes life from time. Giving to life, its existence is not governed by energy; but forces which determine how living shall be used or abused in, or through, you.

As to what does that mean: I refer to JESUS, as the signature event in history, that divides life into choices we do make. CLEARLY marking the difference between love and hate/ for all of human history since to conceive of: the choices people make beyond that knowledge is literal and true, a directional choice for life. YOU KNOW what you choose, and there is no excuse. Beyond that construction of choice; is the reality of HIS teaching, which allowed, that love is the reason we are here/ and love is the reason an eternity for those who find it; can be accepted as true. We may further ask WHY? And the answer of love is: that although life is its own value, the essence of survival rests upon hope, and there is no greater hope than joy in being alive. Love presents us with that joy, the honor of sharing life, with someone who cares enough to respect the choices of my own life, are for you, as well as me. Making love a treasure worth seeking. A world worth building, to find those who will be able to live beyond self/ and seek truth beyond time; in order to share what it means to be ALIVE. As a participant in this universe. That too, is a choice; you make. No excuses allowed.

All things universities and more: want for me to be “a game”/ want rules with pride, power, lust, and the things which tear humanity down; by claiming superiority.

I am not a game. The realities of evidence, the consequences of truth, the destinies shaped by your choices which become eternal to you/ none of it, is a game. Truth decides, not your want or excuse; because reality is, what it is.

More simply you cannot defeat me by changing the rules, and conceiving of defeat by proving “I am not perfect”/ I am not perfect; but that is irrelevant, because I am not your judge, savior, etc. I am “the messenger”; who says to you, that this world stands on the edge of extinction, because of choices you humanity on earth, have made by following & believing (the prison door is locked/ you cannot make me face truth); which allows for, “universities play god”, and the indoctrination of every child into that cult of religious zeal. The message is: CHANGE THIS, SO YOU CAN CONTINUE AS LIFE AND EARTH, sharing respect, putting life and planet first/ even before yourselves. Because truth now demands it, or you die as a world. Such is the disgrace of what you chose to follow, and allow.

YOU CANNOT escape truth/ YOU cannot evade or hide or run away from the consequences of what you did do. YOUR CHOICE IS:  TO CHANGE WHAT CAN BE CHANGED, TO PROTECT LIFE AND WORLD; thereby giving back to your child/ your world of life, a future they no longer have.  PRIDE WILL scream, NEVER/ POWER will hide their deceptions and disguise their truth to invade and conquer as always. WANT will demand; I WANT, and nothing matters but ME. But if you do not defeat these;  HELL will erupt/ and extinction is then certain and horrific; because that is now, your truth.

Your want defeats you; with excess everything/ the disease of disrespect everywhere/ discipline nothing; order be damned/ and balance is for losers. Raped by universities whose rotting corpse of imagination; violates every form of respect or life or value in this planet. The cost of human dysentery “pride and power”; the plague of human beliefs (we can’t all be wrong), the disease of human want (nothing matters but me); invades our world with death.

Global over heating means: plant life will erupt into diseases, having been over-stressed by heat/ living creatures will die due to overheating/ sea life will be interrupted; re-population will stop. Trees will die; and you will begin to cry as reality takes hold. Because you believed the traitors who called themselves “expert”/ and led you to hell. To your own shame for believing what you wanted to believe; even though you knew “we cannot allow them to be wrong”. Prepare for death, or stop being insane. BIND TOGETHER as a world: it is the only way. PROVING we the world, now commands: there will not be war/ the leaders shall be removed to world court, and tried for criminal terrorism. OR we shall all come to their aid/ and your release of leadership to our own law.

Returning to life means: STOP/ NO YOU CAN’T/ YES YOU WILL/ AND WE MUST, because life demands no more disrespect.  ONLY TRUTH WILL DECIDE;  as best we can, for life first; and the planet itself is sacred;  NO MORE killing our world or its life.  CHANGE, or you will die as a world.

Some of those realities are: NO excessive heat released/ only what you need. Which ends over half of all engine releases/ over half of all air conditioning/ over half of all heating; and basically all the excess you demand; from this world; as is global warming and the death of a planet. NO MORE human overpopulation/ that is over. Rearranging society/ rebuilding life/ destroying all extreme experimentation, and reminding each “dead world, scientist”: if you start again/ YOU will die. Along with ten thousand more realities of change.

And the world screams: HELL NO.

But, the evidence proves: THIS AIN’T NO GAME!

Reality screams back: THEN YOU ARE EXTINCT/ and will soon know that is true. Without the ability to turn death for all; back to life.   NO “SECOND CHANCES/ ONE DECISION; THE FORCE OF HUMAN CHANGE BASED UPON TRUTH AND REALITY; PUTTING LIFE AND PLANET FIRST:     IS ALL YOU HAVE LEFT.

This ain’t no game:  put your weapons away/  OR if you pull the   “trigger” instead,    you will be extinct, as a world lost forever.  YOUR FAULT!  forever.    EVERY living thing dead, every future life; every tear shed:    because of you.

I have done, all that I can do for you! YOUR PARTICIPATION IS REQUIRED; as identified on this site. Further information is provided on my secondary site www.justtalking7.info the end result being: “sign your name/ make yourself LEGALLY heard”, and say I TOO DEMAND: WE MUST KNOW, what is true, about every threat we as a world:  because we CANNOT allow the others to be WRONG. In those threats, which harm all life, that they are doing to us all: proving no respect at all.

THIS IS LIFE COMES FIRST, ALONG WITH PLANET/ NO GAMBLING; NO “playing god” with anything. RESPECT IS OUR DEMAND, FOR LIFE AND WORLD; without exception. OURS/ not just yours.

You want a leader, “who is perfect; for what you want”! The scream never dies: that would be hitler/ who can stop us. The leader, who promised everything those people wanted: to their shame/ as is universities!  But Germany  was driven to it, by world war 1. And the cost of what all leaders do:  “don’t look at me/ go fight with them”. Blame them/ not me: let me, “play god”. Which then becomes HATE took control.  Horror and Hell are coming; with all forms of “university terrors unleashed”, that even their own imagination could not conceive of;  “because they thought they were gods”/ and you let them; play with life and earth. to form into SATAN (killer of worlds), as is arrogance, apathy, and disrespect;  now exists.

truth decides, only the law can help you now; as the insurgency of “university” ramps up to become the scourge of horror; that only “Noah’s world wide flood” could top. fossil fuel existence; PROVES without question, that Noah’s flood did exist; as nothing less could have gathered the materials together and then buried them; some under thousands of feet of debris. that is the fact/ and it cannot be defeated: Noah’s flood, was real. Which makes most of the claims of knowledge by universities;  pure sewage. When we ask WHY? apart from the religious claim: “the people went bad”/ as is most likely true. The critical construction is:  to slow the atmosphere and make it attach to this planet:  the plants and creatures that were here to do that. Were in fact too aggressive to live in a world that no longer needed to survive under harsh wind conditions. Forty days of rain means: it was a very humid planet/ and that ended with a flood that overwhelmed this earth.  A reality undoubtedly tied to a large planetary mass coming close enough, when passing by:  to cause extreme gravitational forces to exhibit control. there was no boat as you believe in; but there was a raft of living things.  A depiction of that reality can be found in “fun with Noah” ; a video chat produced by me. if interested  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZQa-XSmPNXo there are other video chats; about fire and more. None of which are entertainment; but do provide a topic of interest to be discussed.  look for video link on www.justtalking7.info

the cost of “university leads/ the ghost of hitler rises”; the new version of Nazi takes hold; as the people SCREAM: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ TO HELL WITH “THEM”.  As reality is discarded to prove:  that the atmosphere of this earth is about to release from the planet/ and instead of a thousand mile per hour + reality of motion around the equator; not having a dramatic effect on our lives. Will soon be no more; producing winds such as other planets are said to have in the 700mph plus range.  As every fire destroys/ humanity cuts, more trees.  as Every human want destroys more everything; simply by releasing more heat; with fire, machines, and air conditioning;  to cause the atmosphere to disengage from this planet.

The fundamental truth being: UNLESS, you can stop screaming: “ME, ME, ME, DAMN YOU ME”/ AND understand we are in this together as a world; because we are too many people for any other way. Just how it is! There is no hope for this earth, and you will dissolve it into chaos; as universities demand; by playing god, with realities they do not understand. As is evidenced by every threat which surrounds us all of extinction; or if you prefer; the curse of evolution, one of the greatest lies ever told. As no evidence of any real kind exists to prove anything but an irrelevant religion; which you sold your world for, in exchange for cult worshiping university; instead of the miracle that is our lives. SHAME ON YOU.