OF THINGS WHICH DO HAVE A SLIGHT BIT OF VALUE LEFT, although it is extremely worthless at this point. There is still the potential of an election that might matter a tiny bit.

So, if it were to be qualified; in order to become a fair and realistic campaign for public office. There are three things that demand change.

  1. An age limit for all candidates/ stops at 70 years old: median age for death is 76 male; female does not deserve extra time. Which opens the door for many new candidates and decisions. FAIR AND REASONABLE to all.
  2. The electoral college SHALL NOT elect the president; as that is worthless and vile to all forms of democratic election/ they decide not us: is wrong. They can, and are “bought and paid for”; believe it or not.
  3. The voting ballot is changed: NO MORE candidate on top. YOU WILL PUT THE ISSUE to be voted upon as the main topic for voting; and each candidate shall indicate how and on what about this topic he or she would vote for you. A reality that does not include changing your mind. Unless you indicate: I have no opinion that matters. And let people choose based upon that answer. EACH PRIMARY ISSUE SHALL APPEAR/ and each candidate; shall get a vote based upon their decision on that issue. All votes tallied at the end/ therefore on a ballot with ten issues/ you vote ten times/ and if the individual candidate expressing his or her decision in this matter: gets 7 of those votes: that is what will be added in. which means: it is not the party upon which you will vote/ but the decisions the candidates describe to be declare; that will be voted upon.The endless fool believes, “nothing has changed/ this world is as it always was”. Because they want what they want, just like everyone else who ever lived; to HELL with the others/ “screaming: I WANT what I want”. But 8 billion people CANNOT do, what 5 billion people could do/ fifty years ago. You have sealed your fate; without true change, and the end of want. No more games/ no more experts/ no more “shitty diapers of a university diploma leading”/ no more tantrums of “the two year old majority”; who failed life at every turn requiring an honest decision for life and a future.     BE HONEST WITH LIFE AND REALITY:  OR BE DEAD. So the critical truth is NOW: WHAT, can we do to live? Because any further failure ends with our own extinction. Alas it is limited to reality decides, by assembling what is true: among the variations of evidence that align with: HOW can we all stay alive? The obvious first steps are: STOP DOING all the things which make you extinct/ as have been evidenced in this work. BEYOND THAT; is the reality of change. Or more simply: WHAT can we do? The first answer is stop releasing all the fossil fuel energy that you do; simple as that/ STOP. Make the choice, enforce it on those who won’t obey/ and end the destruction of everything; so that it might be possible to go on. No more endless cars on the road/ no more endless trucks/ no more airplane rides/ no more military does anything it wants/ no more air conditioning/ very little international trade/ or just plain: STOP doing anything you want, just because you could; in time past. That day is dead. Make every effort to divide the work and the living and the food production; among all the people/ bearing in mind this world of life needs food too; and all the rest they need just like you. STOP BEING A ROTTING CORPSE, and dig yourselves out of the grave university has dug. We do not need to enforce compliance among the people: if they won’t participate in fair and justifiable methods of behavior/ then they will be taken apart from the rest, and given the opportunity to die, or survive based upon their own decisions. The teacher decides. But hate having been found out; WILL NOT be allowed back/ they are evicted, to their own piece of earth; all same. Hate is a disguise hiding from view/ whereas anger is shouting from the rooftops, and can be mitigated; until if falls into the sewer. Of the many variations required for a life beyond stupidity, disrespect, and disgrace: the foundation of change will rely upon community. Or more distinctly; each little group creates its own version of living in this life and time. So there will be limits and boundaries. What is nature given is to be shared. What is nature is to be protected. What is earth is our home, and cannot be gambled with: which means leadership is replaced by law rules now. Communities do best when we all share the work, and care about each other. That involves recycling and much more. But it also involves instead of every home having a full kitchen/ like the world for thousands of years: communities sharing “a restaurant lifestyle” works best. Because far less is wasted or used for refrigeration and so on. You cannot just go to the store and buy more: this is a finite world/ and your failures are immense. Independent states; where all the same group lives here; works best/ no more immigration: take care of your own. Which includes zero population growth enforced (we share nothing with you if you fail_) on all. You cannot do that unless it is the same group; because minorities will be picked on; and that leads to failure. No more blaming the other group: this is “you”. Every participation as a group can be found out through television planning. Make the change in one situation that you believe will work/ people volunteer to live it; and the various benefits and costs will be found out before we all do, what has yet been untested. Although you have no real time for that, parts and pieces can be identified and chosen by independent groups. Schooling is represented by whosoever has something of value to teach; gets to teach/ and every student learns to live and survive by truth; because nothing less survives. As is evidenced by all the lies, failure, betrayal, terrorism, cheating, stealing, cursed, and condemned realities; of these past fifty years. When the world of humanity said: I DON’T GIVE A DAMN/ I WANT WHAT I WANT; GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ TO HELL, WITH THE REST. AS IS our current situation; where greed decided, and selfishness was king of the world.

    Limited capitalism: will remove the diseased and dead from leadership/ and redefine society based upon truth; as you choose for it to be. Which means we control the courtroom, and decide the law of our future; as a democracy (by our own vote__). Discarding media; as the curse of life on earth. Rearranging that form of communication to serve us/ NOT the dead, damned, or plague of zombies which took over our lives; as the insurgent army of “university knows”/ university is god; to their shame.

    WORLD LAW replaces the military, and nobody gets to decide different. World choices limit the size of nations/ so that none represent a greater threat than the rest. All the same; all limited to their own group; move back, to where you belong; and make it work for you. Keep this world alive, by choices that are fair and justified/ or go extinct.

    and humanity shouts: I WANT, to play the game! I want to prove, I am the superior one, I want what I want; to hell with the rest. Just as it is with the common: arrogance, apathy, and disrespect of leadership; fighting to prove “yes we can/ yes I can”, the future cannot stop me! Regardless of the cost, such as is war. Where the losers say: “no you can’t”. and all of them: want, the game.

    Life is not a game. The essence of life and living to to learn, and establish what is true for you. That is NEVER “winner or loser”; truth instead, lives within what does survive. See the difference? What does survive are the decisions we make that balance the values and respect of living, with reality. Or what does establish death is; the chaos of failure, fool, idiot, liar, thief, traitor, terrorist, devil: as is the basis of want; its pride and power; behavioral etc.

    When the world took care of you; you could be frivolous and foolish; because it just mattered to you. Humanity destroyed that with numbers and realities of choice; that now matter to us all: even a few “over there”, can destroy us all. And that changes everything. The constant curse of leadership however has no brain; and still believes the world has not changed; as the failure of people who want to play god with life; always choose.

    Their decision is: WE CAN WAR AGAINST THE OTHERS, and take all their stuff; as is politics in this USA, both past and present. How did we get here: leaders and society, WARRED AGAINST THE FUTURE, to steal “their heart & soul”; to throw it in the trash. SHOUTING “see my trophy, toy, or trinket”: I WIN. By killing every child, and even the world itself: sure enough, “you have proven to be; gods”. Of death. And the vast majority all scream: “its THEIR FAULT”; as animals do; when reality of fears make them ignorant and blind. “they panic and run as prey” screaming, THESE, are the predators/ kill them. But the game proves: “same/ same”; all are animals: you play and then you war/ and then you repeat. Refusing to grow up, and be human: “in a world of miracles: only respect and values that support life and planet are allowed”.

    OR, more distinctly: STOP screaming, “ME,ME,ME, DAMN YOU ME”! Rather than learning life is about us, as a value shared into eternity; because loneliness is not defeated by pride, or power. Nor can life be sustained with want; only truth must decide.

    Not the plague of fools who scream “evolution is our god”; to their shame, and yours for being so vile as to let this be taught; rather than evicted for fraud, lies, cheating, stealing, betrayal, terrorism and so on.

    ALAS; we must now care for this world, or it will die because of us; and that is: our world has changed forever. You wanted to be “gods”/ so now you are: life or death of this earth, is now up to you/ and ALL THE EVIDENCE of today, proves you are devil or Satan; not a friend. To damn arrogant to know anything/ to damn apathetic to understand anything/ to damn disrespectful; to want wisdom; as that would ruin the game. Shame on you.

    I did what I could for you.  life or death of this world; is your decision. YOUR WORK NOW, not mine.

    I suppose, that I am somewhat like you: as with tinnitus, “I stayed too long in the machine which initiated this cost to me”/ made excuses, due to my 9 month old nephew had died 6 months earlier from a brain tumor. But getting out just in time, to heal much through the summer of quiet. I made excuses again, deciding I would not leave my dad to do all the harvesting of crop. But just an hour in the combine proved too much/ and failing to leave that day, ended with the neighbor turning on grain bin fans that night; which solidified the cost of tinnitus was severe; & still here forty years later. Then with few options, I decided; it was more important to “go to court” over life and planet threatened/ than leave; but failed because law does not decide. Power, and hidden behind closed doors; does. Even then, decided to life out life on the farm/ rather than leave due to global warming changing things/ but now, inundated with the curse of constant trains (no relief), as the tragedy of human failure increases to include: we don’t care about anything/ all hail power and pride. As is the constant of destroying a world, to play god with trucks. 1250 trucks compared to one, million bushel train: is a massive release of heat, oxygen, resource, pollution, etc/ that need not be.

    And for government “ag; we have a diploma; we know everything”: they decided the politicians say; ok to re-wet grain,by running fans continuously/ using vast amounts of energy/ releasing heat and so on; without benefit to any. But that costs money; so the choice will be to use a water hose, and re-wet to get the money; as it used to be. Ended by law, because this method creates wet spots, which spoil entire ship loads of grain/ and foreigners quit buying from you. Unlike government employees, I do not make foolish or tragic decisions based upon who votes or pays me.

    Problems like: horticulture, which releases endless seeds from different locations around the world; which must then be dealt with by agriculture, and its poisons. Or gardeners who buy “wild flower” seeds: only to find themselves faced with less than ten percent flower seeds, and ninety+ percent weed, and tragic seeds; which become poison resistant to agriculture, taking over fields; or city residents who spread poison everywhere; which brings us; to now at least 60 years later across the nation; and all the poisons released/ used to make the poison released/ and the tragedies which await us all. Which of course “government” denies; because money rules: CAN’T touch that.

    So, in reality: I am not a great amount different; made several wrong choices, and paid severely for it. Just like you are! But the difference is: my choices just affected me, and those who were in my circle of life; and made their own decisions. UNLIKE you, where the choices you make allow this world, to be destroyed. A cost beyond what you can imagine it will be.

    So this is a warning: the failure to heed the severity of failure/ is even greater than you can imagine. The reality of excuses; is just another word for lies; as is, you know better, but do it anyway; because you want to believe “it won’t be so”. But truth is truth, and excuses will always fail. We cannot let this world die/ there is no solution for that; other than extinction, made true.

  4. don’t make excuses: do what life and planet need for you to do.  or, your heart will cry “never ending tears”.