I am reminded: that life and living, are basically two separate things. Life is the essence of an association which proves, “I am alive”. While living is at its core, the understanding that only truth survives, and we are given the opportunity to design and decide what it is we do desire from life.

Or more simply: on this earth, life exists by the biology of nature, as time exists by the elements of our own survival. It is true of today, that the universities of Satan (the cult of people who now claim to be gods): are invading that biology, and destroying those elements of survival; on a constant and deliberate war against life itself. Soon they will succeed; as nature dies, and the planet surrenders to their war of poison and pollution and destruction and disrespect and arrogance and apathy and greed.

Therefrom it is functionally true: that what is real, and what has value, and the miracles of life which do demand respect; have been pushed aside; by the human animals, who merely want “what they want”/ and find pride their power of intellectual war against the others. Rebelling against life, by claiming “no consequences” for us. Killing the future, and every child; to proclaim “we win”.

Nonetheless, discarding the human animals/ denying hate and all it stands for: leaves us looking for those who remain alive, in the miracle of a planet beyond our understanding, knowledge, or wisdom. That comprehension: opens the door, and reveals the question that is: IF OUR CREATOR can do this. THEN, it is clear that the ascension of life beyond time; could easily be more than imagination or fantasy can conceive of. Then it is clear: those who destroy life and planet; shall indeed face the consequences of what they chose.

So we, the living: look, and we search for what is love: because love exists in the miracles of this world; and because “even I” can understand, the value of love is within itself, the greatest treasure we can share.

The satanic view of university: they will take and control everything, “evicting GOD OF LIFE” because now they BELIEVE, they are gods themselves, and will war to take everything they want. Granting nothing to love or the value of life. Because they have gotten away with murder, and believe the consequences of that; can be swept away with their garbage.

And as this world was built to be: humanity decides for itself, which side they belong on. Because eternity has no use, for those who only “want what they want”/ and believe money is their answer. While hate will earn its reward of terrors, for what you chose to do.

Insanity says: GOD is responsible for everything we hate/ and those who accept this also commit to: WE ARE responsible for everything we love. Even though none of that is true. Life on earth is about YOUR TRUTH, and as such: your truth is determined by your decisions; whether they act/ or react. Whether they care or not. Whether you have a brain, which identifies respect/ or it fails you as life sinking into the grave.

Hate “digs the hole, screaming: ME/ ME/ ME/ ME/ ME/ ME, ONLY ME”. And if you fail to stop, it surrounds you with death/ rather than life. Greed (I want yours too), then consumes.

Nature exists as a foundation; upon which you begin. It rises around you to make you understand: this is no game, and the concepts of value as are found in miracles: will prove, time is merely an opening to the soul. So the question is: do you turn around, fear and fail, or enter inside the essence of thought, which is the basis of life. The intellectual says: “thought is ours/ to HELL with the rest”. But they are foolish and blind; believing the brain is everything/ and life is to be their slave. The animals want; and are content to want, because they are constantly crying for survival OR playing the games of “I am superior to you”. While only truth finds in the creation of love, an environmental awareness of more than a body lives here. An eternity beyond “being human”; as is the evidence of MIRACLES.

So then YOUR TRUTH is tied within the decisions: that identify love/ create hate/ or just plain don’t care about anything “but self; where greed grows into hate, as the abyss of want expands”. And knowledge proves: the day of your death will come; now or never, is the trumpet of war, and violence.

My truth is: “best I can”, let love exist in me. Because nothing less, is a value to life but truth. Truth survives beyond time, because it is true. Therefore what we trust as true, what we desire as life, creates the purpose of our living. To share and care and respect the miracles which present the evidence “more than time is here”. The journey into that Creation of a living world; is then the passage that opens the door: into truth itself. To identify that decision: requires purity. To obtain purity, you must discard want, pride, and power. Because these are obstacles which turn you away from life.

I am reminded: that there is endless trouble between male and female in this world. The competition is now critical, and the delusions are many. Of things which must be dealt with; is the assumption that sex is enough for male to make a commitment; it is not. That sex can be “nothing more than male want, is important”/ it is not. That female can manipulate, tempt, lie, cheat, steal, betray, and in all ways; demand pregnancy to get a child/ and then declare that male shall pay for the next 18+ years. Or more simply the list is so long; it is not worth doing. You live in a world without reality, letting imagination lead; as is the hallmark and clear sign; of “university knows”. But they are worthless, and the death of life on earth. While in the beginning elements of value did occur/ that is no longer true for life. Only for death of our world. That too, is an endless list of failure, and the disease of fraud.

So lets just go back to reality and examine what is simple enough for you to understand. As is the competition for “marriage”. Media wants you to believe; as is the mind of a school child, “that if you are like someone/ they will be your friend”. It is not so, as friendships form out of a respect for the value of what our journey’s can do for each other. The things we can share, because we did learn to trust, that this one cares. None of that exists without respect; therefore respect begins the journey, and it is heart that decides to be friend. Hearts search for rhythm, and find in a rhythm shared, the value of our steps can be joined. Sex adds between male and female; that you can in fact do for me, what I cannot do for myself; balancing the truth of life, within the search for what does have value to me, and to you. That is not accomplished with the poverty of selfishness common to most men. Or more distinctly; if your only true desire is for the chemicals of sex/ you have no value in the woman you are using; to get those chemicals. Which means they will be discarded/ or you will. The heart seeks joy, and joy knows we make this happen between us: by adding in a love that shares life inside. Unfortunately fraud, failure, or realities of life and living get in the way of these things; and few find the true happiness of what joins male and female as one. Without balance, relationships die. Without respect, they never did exist. Without truth, you share nothing of value; and consume each other with lies. So women find in themselves: I want a child without male/ because I trust them all, NO more. Those who can go shopping for a sperm donor. Those who can’t go shopping for a male to have sex with: strictly to gain pregnancy/ and then find they need financial support. So they intend to rape that man into providing money as they want it to be; discarding male as worthless to me.

So the question is: is a sperm donor by any method, “daddy”? The answer is no. because donating sperm, is not a deliberate decision to participate as a dad. It is merely donating sperm; regardless of the reason other than rape. A dad: PARTICIPATES in the construction of human trials, that end with a child being born. A reality so far beyond human conceptions; that men literally have no idea, of what pregnancy actually means. No concept of the cost to a female body. No realization of being faced with the independent needs of an infant child. No participation; unless he literally is included in the decision, and the direction of what we can do together, to achieve the honesty of “my gift to you”.

Yes, women do need financial and other support due to childbirth. But that is a reality that begins with critical choices made. Which does include “birth control”/ rather than religious doctrine. One of the greatest crimes of this USA; was to initiate “welfare for women with child: IF, you throw the man out”/ because the end result of it is: poverty. Which falls under the universities grave of “have another child” and you can get more money. Which became; “we don’t need men anymore”. Which became women don’t want us anymore; and society began to dissolve.

I remind you: that in order for men to be fully involved, they need to know, “this is my child too”. The participation of becoming a parent of “our child”/ is far greater than any other conception of choices. HOWEVER, it is equally true; that in fact, the life of that child should not be encumbered with medical problems that can be avoided/ body issues that no one desires/ mental consequences that fail the living; or any other KNOWN example of “why did you do this to me”. When alternate solutions were known to exist. Choose for your child/ NOT yourself; because body and mind is no game. Stay as far away from “manmade chemicals of all kinds” as it is possible to do! Believe none of the claims for vaccination; beyond what was true and helpful decades ago. The reality: they believe they are gods; using arrogance as their guide/ not truth; and will fail all of life, by destroying nature: with chaos.

I remind men: that the female body “goes from sexy, to manufacturing, the body of life itself”/ a reality of truth, no man can or has ever matched. Making those who curse woman, with endless delusions; a vile conception of stupidity. But women who curse men; with their endless delusions; compete to be as stupid as possible/ because living is not a game, and they are not your slaves.

That does open the door, “to endless issues”/ but it does come down to: the life of every human being, “should be as good as we can make it for them to be”. The man contributes sperm, and becomes a parent by choice. The woman contributes everything else; and is a mother by the truth of any reality of birth. But that does not mean: without a price/ because the cost of having a child is high. Everything you can do, to understand: love needs to be returned to me too; is essential. Because without honest love, hope dies/ and if hope dies, being a true mother ends as well. Unfortunately, being male; we DON’T understand any of that/ until we see damage done. So the end result of living in time is: we do need to school each other, in what a miracle we are. But that means work, as is sharing and caring/ respect and truth decides for us all; rather than a game of want or pride. Pride is “a true terrible thing”/ but very hard to remove.

What is honest and sure is: that the decisions men have always made, with regard to life or work or living or reality/ FAILED repeatedly throughout time; as war proves true. CRITICAL CHANGE must then be aligned with life and work, so that the living does not turn to war. Nor will it fail respect; because the education of humanity includes the truth: THIS LIVING WORLD, “ALL OF IT”; ARE NOTHING LESS THAN MIRACLES; “because of female (the temple of nature itself)”. The curse of men, and their wants, pride, or power: destroy “all of it”, through the purposes of money/ and the revenge of war; as history proves men do. Making the solution for changes: must come through women.

It is, however noted: the greatest cause of war throughout human history is the overpopulation of humans/ which then causes the deterioration of life and environment. Because too many for the planet/ environment; to support honestly; will always end with war. Men have the key, but that is, their only true contribution: to the building of nature. CRITICAL CHANGE; means women change their ways too.