REMODEL, finding a path beyond self.

It is, the elemental truth of life and living; that we inherit the journey of our gender/ rather than select it by choice. Gender then becomes the anchor of our method, to understand the dimensions of self, and identify what it is that we should be/ or should not become; as these are not consistent with the law of what gender must be.

That law is functionally set, inside the womb/ and cannot be changed: regardless of “want/ pride/ or power”; because an animal “cannot change its spots” so to speak. That is the first elevation of life, to ascend by the law which cannot be changed; into the truth decides/ not “you or me”. It is an ascension: because when truth decides for you, by elevating law is the evidence of our existence: we do begin to see and seek the miracles of what life then means.

So the critical test in this my own definition of “a fault-line”; between the critical construction of male or female! Becomes, how does the law, “when married together”/ become less stringent, than when it is completely separated and has no cognizant recognition of “different”. Other than what is physically obvious and cannot be explained in any other way. Married then comes to mean: bonded forever/ whereas the fault-line is then the final line that separates the law of gender, from the truth of life, by the formations of living within self. Or more distinctly; to remove the bond, and join lives: requires the assimilation that is “two lives/ become just one”. With leader of life, being the choice of what truth decides for both to be.

That definition of time; as only living in time can be changed: assembles the destiny of self/ has been determined by the conception of law, to be: “changed”. So the critical construction begins with: WHAT is the conception of law, that alters its own structure to identify; that change is required by truth? It is elemental and true; that the costs of a dying world of life/ is enough to warrant critical change; in a last construction of “please wake up”; to the life, and living; that is about to go extinct.

So elemental is the construction of change; that it would be hard for life to deny, this is evidence of more: “than the universities claim life is”. How you fell into their abyss; is not worth mentioning; but it is clear that religion helped you to begin, the process of “die”. As they proved worthless in even the most horror filled lie (we don’t have to care or respect life at all) of all that is worthless; then provides, “evolution, is their god”. Religion is the “pot of gold”; a tragedy to all.

Nonetheless, what is elemental to this my own struggle with definitions I do not understand: comes the realization, that I have no choice; and must do the best I can. To assemble what is true, in the essence of what is female; so that life can move beyond the limits of what time can be. There is nothing of want here/ only the essence which seeks in miracles the foundation of life and living as one completed truth.

The question then becomes: when joined as one, so “integrally laced” as to be inseparable: is there to be a difference of expression or experience/ or has one life simply consumed the other, to then be “all that is left”, is you?

I have no consistent answer for that; as reality would prove if we are truly combined; then we do both exist; even if the separation has been removed. It would seem, that loneliness is now removed as well. But beyond the boundaries of time; I have no “ultimate proof” of what that would be. Even so: every miracle of life on this earth; speaks of love. Which includes both predator and prey in balance. NOT as men reshape this world, by cursing it with their ways. The contribution or curse; of women, is far less “observable”. But make no mistake their existence is known.

We then move past the moment of change; to critically align with “WHAT IS, the essence of female”/ because man has no clue? A reality that cannot exist, until some element of law has been found. I know not “where to search”? Adrift in the forces of change, with no anchor to assemble a direction. IT IS, “complicated”.

As is: time is about accepting the dimensions of life and living, are about choosing what is to be the truth of your own life (self). While living beyond time is to recreate self into life rather than time. So in the remodeling of my self/ comes the distinction of “my time”; and the realities of changing self into an entirely different dimension of force. And while that has functionally been initiated with truth; the critical element again returns too: if truly joined to the spiritual world of female/ as allowed by living within time. Will there be anything left of male, at all? Are we to be two joined as one/ or simplified: life redefined as female, “same/ same”?

And then: WHAT is the elemental lesson to men? That we can be changed; want to or not? And that aligns with “love/ hate/ or animal”. Hate being discarded forever; but animal facing the truth of change; requires an acceptance “no more of this”/ as is the simplified decision of male history. Some ass playing god with armies; shouts charge, and men forced to accept stupidity rules their lives; race to their death, dismemberment, or mutilation of life itself. What is war must end; and that begins with those who do not question their leader: as is the cult of universities know must end. Because every leader must be questioned: to understand and define the questions of law rules us now. This world has changed; whether you like it or not, is absolutely irrelevant. The rotting corpse of leadership, must be removed; so that law can find its way. Same as me: law, must find its way.

So, elementally the quest for knowledge begins with what you do know/ so that an understanding of basic “lifts and descents” may appear as the distinction allowed by decision. Wisdom follows only when, the appearance of truth finds a way; to evidence the fact, that this is, the way law will be.

I find, life has changed more than I do comprehend at this time; but even so, looking back: the core essence of male is, to center life and living between “predator and prey”; so as to find what being human is about. Thereby we do understand human as male; is to defend the value of our existence, and the relationship given to our living; that is then female; that is then the struggle to survive and find peace. Whereas those who fail prey find fear/ and those who fall into predator, create their own violence as is the descent into death. Only “man/ not beast”; lives with love. And it is love that forms the foundation of “why life is worth living”. Nothing in this world is more evident of that; than the relationship between male and female; as it progresses from time, into the passage between our lives. Unfortunately; an endless amount of “want”; lies between life and love, because being a participant in time; creates the venue of choice. Or, what do you really want; and how will you get it becomes a reality of your own life, and all those who surround your life with their own wants. The curse of that is rape; and it exists with the demand for chemicals as is male rape/ but it also exists as female rape, with the demand for power, and pride over you; “to take what I want”; just like men do. Therefrom at its core, in both of our lives: is the educational dimension of life. To create the truth of your own true identity!

Or, life has a price, to understand the basics of what we decide to include in our living; affects the others, just as what they decide affects us; but in the end it is truth that survives, with the value of peace, friendship, and desire. The critical truth of your own life, then shapes the eternity you chose to earn. The world we do live in/ or now die in, because nothing proved to be of value to you. Only love has real value, even living does not compare; because without desire as is shared by love meets truth: life fails to accept a value beyond time. In a world devastating to love; the reality of “university knows”/ the cult of the dead; have proven to be a formidable enemy.

It is not “elements of knowledge; not even whether right or wrong” that finds its way into the tragedy of our lives: until indoctrination takes control, and religion (believe damn you believe/ fear/ obey_) is born. But the cult itself; which is the rise of superiority (you are losers), the claim of arrogance (we are winners), the stupor of apathy (nothing matters but me), and the complete curse of disrespect to everything alive on earth (I/we, SHALL be gods; nothing can stop us); that is the essence of SATAN resides here. Their filth resides in everything, because you let them counterfeit and completely destroy the nation of this USA; with their wants. By believing “in covid” and less, to your shame.

BANKRUPTCY IS: the only way out: as is destroy their claim to MORE! TAKE BACK their reward; FOR “their crime against life and world”; and leave them nothing.

Reality has chosen to discard my chosen reality of identity, by its truth. To form the relationship with female, that will not be denied or allowed to escape. The consequence being: true change, means an entirely different definition of education/ that is absolutely not the same, as everything I previously learned. Life is living, and with living comes a degree of adaption; as is “wired into the miracle of life”. It ain’t no game or accident: demand is demand, or life itself will die.

As I begin to look into the female world of living: what is increasingly apparent is the lack of choice, “to defend yourself”/ from what is, in general; a superior strength. That is threatening, and the elemental core of response is: “I don’t know what to do”? Women do what they can do/ but it baffles me why they don’t do; what will provide some protection: as is “like an exploding dye pack in money”/ to instantly respond with “you are now detected, marked, and prepared for court”. The neighborhood is warned by smell/ and your escape vehicle is identified as well. So, searching through the mist of “we won’t trust you”/ is the truth of a herd mentality, that only responds as it always has responded. As prey. But I am not good “with being prey”/ and must resolve this issue; by living with love. Hate fails love and dies inside; so we must remove that. But animals identify with love, to a minimal degree: wanting both love (life is worth living) and hate (I can kill you; fear me); which is not possible to do/ beyond the gradient called time. Time limits the boundary of life and living: to what truth will allow/ even if it is not love. We do live by truth; but humanity received what it has always asked for: which is to be “gods themselves, and make their own decisions”. Which has now been done, by “universities know”; and our world is dying, and will go into extinction/ because that is what you chose to do; with pure arrogance, complete disrespect of all things, and the apathy of religion and more who continue to scream; “I don’t have to do NOTHING”. “its GODS” JOB to clean up our mess; so say the religious/ but of course that is not true.

So, I continue to stand at the edge of “who knows what”/ forced to work among the chaos, that is not my choice/ and limited in all things, by a lack of understanding; as to what being female at its core, truly is. As life, continues to say “goodbye” to male. Its a quagmire!

I choose then: to go back beyond the edge of time, to re-evaluate the construction of what is real. Because starting at the beginning seems my only hope to redefine what is now “I”. as time passes, the question of what you will or will not be given; shall then be answered. Realities exist, beyond my grip of knowledge.

Revisiting that element of force, is a decision; with consequences. The cost of it, focuses on female as the transition point, of what will this path become/ and ends male forever. As a reality of choice; I am slightly hesitant. But the consequence of gender life is, what it is; by choices we did not make. Choices I did not make brings me here/ to the reality of choices I did choose to make. Which now aligns with change. So the difference in male thinking, is an outward force, using the body of time, to experience and express what a male body can do. While the female thinking appears to be an inward force, using the experience of body, to express and determine what life can do or be. As there are clearly: elements of female existence where the body itself takes over (from tiny decisions made; at best); as with all things “pregnancy related”. Reversing elements are never causal or safe. Extreme care must be used. I find that I am not yet ready.

THERE ARE: “a thousand very serious questions”, that should be answered: BEFORE any such decision is made. But I have no reference, and am unable to define them; as female is so intensely different than male. No decision can be made at this time! It is that simple, because the consequences are MANY. Wrong is not an option/ but I don’t know “what right is”. Its a quagmire: “quicksand everywhere”. And then there is the question: what will happen to me, in a female eternity/ where I remain functionally male. While that might sound “happy, to you”/ that reminds me of standing in an entire army of females, all wearing the same uniform/ and I do not (basically naked and helpless). “doesn’t sound happy to me”. Complete trust of female; has NOT turned out well: as is, I am trapped, in the back seat of a vehicle; over which I have no rights, or control. I guess: there are many women throughout history who have found themselves in the same basic place; men choose/ simple as that. So, for now; “just plain, caught”, my own body changing me;  will remain as it is; without options. No, not homosexual/ transvestite/ or other; as are escapes from reality. Not transgender: “cult worshiper, extraordinaire”/ a tragedy of its own. “just me”, faced with the dilemma:  if you truly ask what would women do/ then you must accept the cost of what do women face. “its complicated”. Even so: reality knows, that I have accomplished, “with female help”; what was needed for my life’s work/ and all the rest is up to women to do for themselves. It is not my job to be “female”: but somehow, life continues to change; and I cannot escape. I don’t, know why. I GUESS; the end result of it is: UNLESS male and female work together to achieve the laws and realities of real world change as is needed to survive. Extinction will come. Since men have had “their day/ and war is their answer”:  it is now time for women to decide, the foundations upon which our world must now survive. Apparently, it is women “as a world”;  that need something from male? I don’t know what; “not female”, just lost; “not male anymore, either”/ complicated: overrun?

Critical to your understanding of existence: is the truth, that love “packages” life into the path between us is now open. That ultimately becomes the bridge called soul. But it is the heart, which creates a rhythm to life and living; functionally playing the song, that will form into “our home”. While that is limited to “male and female joined [as is, these opposite forces MUST interact to form life]”/ love is not bound by “a song”; it is created by a choice to live beyond self, as if we were one. Eternity searches for “these ones”; because the final act of life as time is: to prove what is true, in you. Love being the greatest treasure to exist in this universe; makes you valuable. But with value; comes a life in time surrounded by thieves. So the search is real, {we must gamble ourselves, to find love; it is true} and your love can be vandalized; but give the very best too GOD , so that your true love, can never be lost. Truth survives, because it cannot be changed. Therefore truth is: the essential part of respect, the sign of a growing relationship, where trust may form.

I will remind you again: this all began when faced with fighting for this world was over; except “to war” with men/ and that was guaranteed to fail; because men are men. IT WAS searching for and entering the spiritual world of women: that returned me to the law alone is your answer. Nothing else/ nothing less: can be done, to keep this earth alive. So for all the “mayhem that choice brought to male in me”/ it was the singular answer required of “a lifetime of work”. So I do owe much, and am grateful: for the realities, and answer: that physical women utterly refused. Their answer: “fear everything, I guess”. But, there are costs. Yet the people say: “we have time/ this world can’t die”. But WRONG IS A DEAD WORLD, and that means: EXTINCTION FOR YOU TOO.       

    You know not: what, or why, or when, or where, or how, or who causes the point of no return to “explode into extinction”. You only know: WANT/ and it has no control over your existence; as death proves true.   religion shouts:  “we believe/ exactly the way universities do”; yet they have no clue.       ONLY TRUTH WILL DECIDE!

Men are men: because in every situation that requires their attention/ there are always, “those screaming HATE/HATE/ HATE; while others are screaming, FIGHT/ FIGHT/ FIGHT; while others are screaming BELIEVE/ BELIEVE/ BELIEVE; while others are screaming FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR: that your only way out to survive; IS TO BE THE ARMY I demand you to be. And they literally march into death, believing no other solutions exist/ because fear overtakes them/ and they then do obey.

So forcing men to fear/ in order to force them to understand YOU ARE KILLING THIS WORLD; only ends with armies who scream “die, damn you die”. As the general has no brain; because few among them do not enjoy playing god.

The reality played out again and again throughout all of history: as was Iwo Jima in world war 2: one out of three injured or killed. When all they really had to do: was occupy the side of the island they wanted to use/ and let the Japanese come to them.

The entire format of military training is: DON’T think for yourself/ or allow anyone else, OBEY/ LET your commander think and decide.

As to women: it seems, they are simply trained to fear everything/ and not get involved; because men won’t, or rarely do listen to anything. Because war is not law/ and law is not war.   BUT AS WE ALL FACE THE END OF OUR LIVING WORLD;  your excuses fail; and realities will be; what they will be!

The critical truth is: “ten thousand things need to be changed”, before a world reality of true peace and happiness is going to exist on this planet. Such are the delusions, fantasy of games, failures of love and respect and value that are elemental to romance builds a life to be shared.

Instead of that: media has made you hide from each other/ universities know, has unleashed a torrent of fools, each clamoring to be more stupid or reality and its consequences, than the next. The horror of power in charge rather than law. The descent of justice, into the bowels of criminal insanity. And every other version formed by universities are god; that the cult instilled through indoctrination at an early age; as is “university is your religion”/ and they insure that, by concentrating all religion under their own umbrella: to prove they can control “all of society”/ as with covid.

Fight for your life; it sits just before “the guillotine door”.