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IT IS, the decision that separates life from truth/ it is the direction of your decisions, that brings you back to truth, or destroys the future with your own lies. Only truth survives, beyond time. “heart, spirit, and soul” are all built upon your own identity of truth. As desire shapes it to be. DON’T give away your own decisions; “to the fraud or phone, of universities trying to control your mind, hope, future, or eternity”. Don’t fall into hate.

When life asks?

World law is: IN THIS WORLD OF 8,200,000,000 BILLION PEOPLE); it is our turn to say to every leader/ YOU SHALL NOT do this anymore. As the law we create; SHALL JUDGE YOU, with crime now.

Enforced By WE THE WORLD; with our own: international forces taking charge over:  ALL LEADERSHIP, by our own laws as WE THE WORLD DECIDE.  BY LAW, instead of leaders!

 Limited capitalism is: BY CHANGES WE THE PEOPLE CONSTRUCT; to govern our own lives; for justice and truth alone decides. REMOVING money as our ruler/ enforcing FAIR by “we the people” decide: NOT you.

LITERALLY nothing less than “a world of women”; will make this happen. Because as thousands of years in recorded history proves true: men cannot do it!

MORE men are with you in this/ than against. SEPARATE HATE, and those will only be a very few. Because as war proves true: DESTROYING everything you need/ benefits NO ONE. and every soldier knows: the only thing they get, IS DEAD or DEATH/ MUTILATED or cursed/ OR the ENDLESS WORK to rebuild what leaders, and their war:  destroyed.

THAT, will demand: “LIMITED nations”/ so as to enforce NO WAR; which means: we men, declare LAW DEAD/ so we can take what we want by FORCE. THAT means: weapons of mass destruction, shall be replaced by world law: so that we all survive/ as best we can. THAT means: the foundations upon which this world survives, and keeps us all alive/ SHALL be found and protected. NO longer a “take whatever you can find”; want decides world. BECAUSE ANYTHING LESS: IS EXTINCTION.

No, it is not easy: but it is true, to life and world!

DEMOCRACY exists: only when we the people are in charge of our own lives. When the law serves our own individual needs, rights, freedoms, hope, and purposes for society. Therefore the insurgency of “university experts” claiming they can make every decision for us/ better than we can. Is the same as religious leaders claiming they know better, than we do. It is not true; “I OWN my choice”/ not you.    REDRESS IS THE LEGAL ANSWER.  The proof of our law/ NOT “your law”.  BY INVESTIGATING:  What, is true?  OUR CHOICE/ OUR NATION! OUR WORLD, not “just yours”.       “our future”:  CANNOT be destroyed. “By your imagination, or hate”.   SIMPLE AS THAT.

there is NO SAFETY MEASURES; for igniting a “fusion atomic fire”/ merely the university claim of not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will extinguish itself.  WRONG means self sustaining plasma, and  a million mile long flame; to suck you in/ with radiation that will melt you. Lawrence Livermore labs proved: fusion is mere fantasy, 2012/ and so does every law of reality in “real world physics”. but alas: where power, pride, and money reside: want will not let it die/ so they go on; because playtime does not end if they do.   They cannot control it:  as is obvious, from an atomic fire (everything is fuel),  that burns your skin in summer, from 94 million miles away.

one last time: “science says: as proven by an atomic bomb”/ that we should expect a 4 million times more response, from burning atoms for fuel; as opposed to “our molecular fires”. That means: a candle flame becomes 62 miles high/ and 30 miles wide; “in an instant”. and to create that increase: there is “millions of degree; heat released”/ as opposed to the lies that claim under ten thousand instead. or the claim of only a ten percent increase or whatever it is now. So you don’t interfere/ or stop the money; with their attempts at playing god.  THERE IS:  a very distinct difference: between an explosion/ and a fire: is there not?  look at the sun, feel it; and know:  THERE ARE NO SECOND CHANCES HERE!  ignition means:  “you get what they wanted/ OR THE EARTH “made entirely out of fuel” becomes a SUN.  Which will then ignite the moon/ with “science says; million mile long flames” , and pull it into this planet.  while the earth itself is doomed to explode ending this solar system as it is.


The curse of genetic chaos; as is “everything university” and much more. there are no safety measures for genetic chaos as will erupt. Claiming the truth, that these are the last days of planet earth; without true change. the university religion of evolution says:  CHAOS created life; mutilation made it “perfect”. HOW is that true? Answer; it is not. Their intent is to destroy life genetics; to force chaos to bring back “some other form of life” to prove they were right; with evolution “after a billion years or so”. ARE YOU:  WILLING TO BE WRONG?  NO, going back; all alive or nothing but chaos; is your only choice.  and there is much more! Courtesy, “university knows”.

Communism claims the expert must decide/ but these leaders who play god:  GAMBLE WITH OUR ENTIRE WORLD, including every body of life as is genetically built.  Trying to:  Ignite an atomic fire as is the “the fire” on our sun/ on this planet;  made entirely out of fuel. is “Satanic”.

When only a few own it all, it is communism; even if they claim otherwise; as a disguise. In this USA “take a look around”/ and you will see failure and communism everywhere; if you let truth decide. The evidence will prove, our coming extinction is due: to universities changed this, and refused the consequences hiding them with media; because they did not wish to release power, position, want, or pride over us. Letting the world itself die/ as is their choice. REDRESS demands an investigation/ belief, and cult worship (never question the “university leader (as do control elections)”;  is less than communism) does not: who then are you? We all stand at the gate to HELL (threats of real world extinction, are true); it is your duty to understand why, and make different choices; to survive. While university claims “freedom of speech and more”/ the reality is like all religious indoctrination programs;  you are given a diploma: ONLY when you memorize/ mimic/ and repeat:  what their book says. No exceptions/ or be thrown out! OR, more simply, AS religion proves: “the believer screams; you cannot defeat our, university book”/ the zealot screams: FEAR refusing our book, the price of your debt/ and the fearful whisper OBEY & BELIEVE, or we will suffer, their power over us.  In contrast: for “45” years, I have said: do NOT believe; PROVE what is true/ the cost for being wrong. As is every consequence we face.

THE LAW IS; what society, as is “we the people” say it will be. As no person, leader or invalid has the right to control a nation or its description of what is fair for us all. Instead what we do decide is the law: can control the nation, or even world. When we agree: this is in fact fair, as best we can. WE CAN eliminate war/ but only as a decision to stop population rise. WE CAN STOP all extreme experimentation; proving LIFE AND WORLD, COMES FIRST/ as is no you can’t. WE CAN choose to change this world of humanity; by letting truth decide. We can even limit the boundaries of what individual people can choose: by saying as with healthcare, “we cannot afford this/ as is the reality of our truth”. We can impose life/ not death, comes first; with decisions that are fair, because reality decides, instead of you.  a secondary page

LAW (what we accept) creates the claims of authority, rights, freedoms, title, money, and so on: because it is our decision to uphold what is “true for us”. This USA lives in a sea of lies, theft, tragedy, and disgrace; due to university leadership; who resolves every decision with more lies/ not truth. So the question is, WITH REDRESS:    A NATION OF LIES, demanding fantasy rules/ OR A RETURN TO TRUTH DECIDES, the possibility, called: we survive?  REDRESS IS;  first amendment law, guaranteeing democracy is by our own authority to insure:   our constitution rules us/ NOT rulers!

LAW, NOT WEAPONS:  BECOMES THE LEGAL METHOD OF TAKING CONTROL OVER GOVERNMENT. BECAUSE WE ARE NOT SLAVES, to the rulers whim. WE DO HAVE RIGHTS, and those rights limit rulers/ and decide our own freedom. Because even the military; “is one of us”.  a BILL OF RIGHTS, for the soldier; will prove that. Just as a bill of rights; for policing and public; will prove what is fair, or needed so that society can survive.

When you believe life is a game, “then there are winners and losers”. But when living is the reward, then life is a destiny shaped by what we choose to be as an identity formed by our own truth. There is then nothing to win, but self. However there is today much to lose; as is this whole world, and all its living existence: because the human animals want, what they want. And cannot “see, or hear, or care for more than greed”. Life is more than a game. It is to your shame; if you do not understand that is true.

IT IS absolutely true: your body cannot be built one piece at a time (as is the claim of evolution)/ instead you do need all the important parts at exactly the same time; such as blood and heart/ 600 muscles that must be woven in exactly the precise way/ 200+ bones specific to you, each individually molded, placed in the correct space, and grown in like order with the opposite side; lubricated; affixed with muscles and operational wiring; a billion brain sensors; and the software to turn the machine of a body on, and make it work; as the freedom of your own life demands. AND ALL of that takes place within an already living completed, female body; that needs a male body to succeed in creation of a living miracle in time! NONE of which is an accident; as proven by; all of human knowledge combined is less than one percent of what it took to make a human being possible. How is that, and so much more: not so? And yet you let the liars club of university cult worship; play with everything we need to survive; as if they were more than the monkeys they claim to be? WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?

Are these NOT, the same people who say: WE CAN, AND WILL: IGNITE THE SAME FIRE AS ON THE SUN; HERE ON EARTH? Indeed they are/ adding to that: we need NOT worry about the fire/ because there is not enough gravity to sustain it: so that fire (which burns your skin from 94 million miles away in summer/ and would melt you) will, “just extinguish itself”. Million mile long flames; “no problem”; even though reality proves that solar gravity comes from the flame itself; by tearing the atom apart: a self sustaining plasma. WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN? NO, ‘going back/ ignition means this world burns; just like the sun, because it is AN ATOMIC FIRE! Get your lazy good for nothing ass: UP, and SAVE YOUR WORLD; because they MUST NOT be proven WRONG! INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE: FIRST. Don’t just believe, it is failure.

Amendment I     Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

REDRESS IS THE LAW! It is not put into the first amendment “just for show”, it is the law; and the law governs us all. Because democracy means we choose to govern ourselves by THAT law.

In this USA; the foundation of our government is what unites us as a nation: that is constitutional law. The demand and structure: for what is fair, in terms of working for us; as a state or nation. To insure you know that is what we expect: an oath is required of top officials.

The refusal to obey the law of our constitution is rebellion; because it is the government we did choose. We did not choose to obey you/ you chose to obey us, in order to receive the job.

Redress is the law, a primary responsibility of governing: intended to insure, that if our employees are found in contempt of our constitutional law: WE THE PEOPLE, can call for an investigation of the facts. And then make our own decision if this is: what our state or nation should choose. Because we are the owners here.

The authority to rule ends with: YOUR FAILURE to accept the law rules us all/ NOT you. As is; we do not follow you: we all obey the law, and let it decide for the state or nation, as written; and signed for by those who accepted: this would be worth the price.

IT IS A DUTY; to disobey the leader who has proven to be in direct defiance of our state or nation, by its law. Without law there is no nation or state of government. WE THE PEOPLE exist only as, the value of our law; as we enforce it to be.

REDRESS MEANS: WE THE PEOPLE, BY legally DEMANDING AN INVESTIGATION, shall be held. Within a courtroom for the people themselves; to determine, FOR the values of this society. WHAT are, the TRUTH AND CONSEQUENCES: the realities shall be known: to describe, what our employees of government have done or are doing. The direction of our future.


The job of: finding fault, as the judge of our nation or state: BELONGS only to ourselves.   WE THEN GET THE FINAL SAY:  TO DECIDE: WHAT WILL be the direction and final decisions. IF we so desire! That GOVERNS, or CHANGES: OUR NATION OR STATE. 


It is our inherent DUTY to protect that reality of our nation or state; from all invaders; who ultimately betray us all; if OUR LAW is not being kept.  IT IS NOT our job, “to rule over our employees”! IT IS our job: to insure our employees do not corrupt or discard the law that is our government. Therefore this is “criminal court”; to understand what is true; and to determine if actions are needed. OUR LAW OF GOVERNMENT; the intent of our direction, and the purposes of our employees, in providing that work of government: are held up to the light of the US constitutional preamble and its amendments; as well as direct commands given in the articles of that document. Every oath has a punishment embedded in it.

 THE US SUPREME COURT, AS WELL AS EVERY OFFICE IN THIS LAND:   FALLS UNDER OUR  OWN AUTHORITY, by its subservience to that constitution; and our own redress to assume AND ACCEPT:   the responsibility, CONSEQUENCES, and authority:  called  WE THE PEOPLE!    NOT a game; it is not a title, it is a valid definable, we the people:   truth of law. NOT an individual right: but as the constitution itself demands. To assemble for peace, not war; so that we can all understand the distinction of law, and its rights, freedoms, and truth: called our own constitutional government! The critical reality of our time, and to ascertain the direction, cost of being wrong, and foundation truths; of what those employed by us are doing to this state or nation. It is not a game.

LAW REQUIRES, it is not a game: that you do understand the consequences, the reality of evidence, the participation of actors and who they are. Critical Elements of cost for being wrong (such as with covid, the destruction of democracy). Because we cannot turn back the clock on decisions that have been made. [ALTERING the genetic nature; the building blocks and stability; of our own human bodies; by forced injection of “universities playing god”! IS NO GAME]. RECOGNIZING LIFE AND WORLD COME FIRST, IS MANDATORY; by our own law! The government of our own society, REMAINS: as is, the law of constitutional decree. We DID NOT surrender these things: to any employee; state or nation. AS IS CORRUPTION, and the insurgency to overrule constitutional law “with experts, and the propaganda of media (as proven by covid)”.

The preamble: We the people of the united states, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

The foundation of our nation, then rests upon the decisions for how best to get this done. TRUTH teaches: to get down to the reality of what our true decision is: WE MUST remove each individual layer of want, pride, or power from its curse of delusion, arrogance, fantasy, apathy, or disrespect: that hides what is true. EVIDENCE alone; without the expert; is our means. Proving in court: what is true, the cost for being wrong: to us all. As best we can!

What we the people choose: from that point on, is our own reward for life; or fate of failure. The burden we chose, or the value of happiness we built.


world law, international policing of leaders: not weapons of mass destruction. The law decides, NOT war.

WE, the world: DECIDE THE RISK AND REALITY of university experimentation; they do not. Truth decides, NOT imagination or arrogance. NO ONE “plays god”.

Saving every child, our planet, and its future: from humanity. The cost of being wrong decides, NOT want or money.

More! WE THE PEOPLE, decide for ourselves: OUR FATE AND FUTURE as a planet. By granting: our world shall be given over to THE LAW : WE THE WORLD/ WE THIS NATION: HAVE CHOSEN FOR OURSELVES: SHALL DECIDE NOW. The day of being ruled by others/ the day of voting for someone to vote for me: is over!

That law shall not be overturned, or changed: UNLESS, a greater percentage of the voting public has approved/ than did create the law.

DECIDING UPON: “limited capitalism”; we the people vote to decide the limits of income, and the boundaries of ownership; that will then govern our state or nation for ourselves. Thereby ending all foundations for the creation of armies or slavery: by creating, “WE ALL have a fair chance” to create for ourselves, the world we live in.

of things learned in life: back 40 years ago when the internet first started:  “a funny cat video” was uploaded 2 million times in the first 48 hours;  across the globe. Therefore it is not me that limits this information/ it is you.  YOUR DECISION, DECIDES!  It will not be mine. a secondary page

The cost of being human is: “you must choose, to create your own identity; and accept the reality of what that means; even to your own eternity”. The vast majority: want to be “animals: only time matters to me”.

But, for those who truly desire love to expand their world of experience and expression: the ascension of life begins, when you sacrifice “want, pride, and power”; for the alternate rise beyond time, as is the beginning of soul.

Heart enters the realm of our existence as the dimensions (limits and boundaries) we create to encounter value. Value begins with respect, and it achieves love when we do surrender trust to those who prove they are an embodiment of truth. Truth survives, even into eternity; because it cannot be changed. Therefore truth decides what can or cannot be trusted; as a value beyond self, which becomes soul.

Soul is the transition point, between love and thought: the destiny shaped by caring which illuminates why we share. The consequence is: love opens the door, and thought begins to take control over destiny; as is the environmental ascent “called the house of GOD”. It is without question: that life is a destiny of thought/ and thought is, what gives to the living its conception of life, while the body adds in survival. So the question is why? But the answer is less clear; as we do learn that forces within this universe can tear us apart. Therefore to be free; we must accept the responsibility, to live within the restrictions of laws meant to keep us alive.

Love is the invitation: to ascend from time, into the eternal definitions of what life can be. Respect opens the door, but only truth provides the passage.

Both hate and animals scream: “none of that is true/ the grave proves life is over”. But the reality of that grave is: the human body is over; much like a tool that has lost its usefulness. However life, the essence of “your own decisions”; is not governed by body or brain (how we measure our movements). Instead life is the recognition of freedom; the right to choose for ourselves/ which means an independent rise from “dust”. So what we choose: becomes our own identity, as truth declares it to be. Truth is: “what we contribute” to living experience or expressions. It is “our home”/ and we offer as love, or refuse as less; the entrance to that home; but only to those we trust. Truth defines trust, it is not less or more: until we choose to “believe” what we want to believe. Instead of what truth will reveal.

Faith learns the lesson: belief is not enough! Because it is, whatever you want “life to be”. FAITH however has no want, and it is whatever truth allows for life to be. The difference is what can survive is true.

  1. YOU MUST face your fears, whether you want too or not! Because the foundation of our existence rests upon defeating the threats which will consume us if we don’t. As is one second too late/ ends all chance of change. And that does mean: you need to organize and inform: to create for yourselves, and do what needs to be done.  OR MORE CLEARLY: ARE YOU willing to risk all life and earth: literally everything as are being gambled with; on one of your former classmates shouting “yes I can”? Which one, was so brilliant they could play god? Because I found none. A diploma means: “mimic, memorize, and repeat” what you are told to believe. Don’t question/ accept: or you will be discarded.
  2. As is functionally: the basic trademark of communism.
  3. I CANNOT “save your world”/ humanity is the threat: humanity must choose differently. It is that simple. Leadership means: you get to blame me/ that is not going to happen. YOUR FAULT, not mine.
  4. However to find truth, “you must listen, to the whispers in the wind”; because it exists only where want does not. Truth is attacked: by any and all means used to distract/ because humanity wants what it wants. Truth however: “is what it is”.

The foundation of time is its limit/ the foundation of life is its thought/ the foundation of our own existence, is created by what truth will reveal. Love alone extends beyond self.

As more than money is needed to convince me;  That trial: will be centered on the critical conceptions of what constitutes a fair and legitimate description of: “sound mind and body”. To determine exactly when society gets to decide; if the changing of critical direction, as evidence proves: remains, the ultimate right belonging to any one (who fails that description): as is a will or trust or other. The critical question will be: shall this change, be considered justified; as mentally, and fairly balanced or not. As all truth must be. What is the ultimate right of an inheritor: to be informed of a change that will affect their lives/ and what right is inherited by the declaration of a will, and in particular a long term will; that states you will inherit? Reality does include the boundary line of age: as beyond this point, without a clear and deliberate will in place: all assets and things of value;

REALITIES EXIST: the question if the world itself, won’t end before I am done, with that trial. Case in point 22 million people expect to be “out of water” before the year is over; in Mexico city: so they are coming here, or dying/ where the water resources will fail, so there will be war/ so they are all coming north; where the water cannot survive: so there will be civil war (they are attacking “latino”/ we can, kill them back), “an apocalypse” because water or death is true!

According to the water survey people: it takes 50 inches of rain to equal a one inch recharge in the aquifer/ and they are already collapsing to turn into rock. NO “quick hurrah”. In a world unlikely to survive; with a thousand other major threats, it is foolish and stupid to fight for numbers that are not even backed by reality/ only lies.

The real world is coming: the fantasy world of university is dying/ and the delusions of a cult taught by media to worship those who play god; will end. MAJOR CHANGE, is our only hope; and it begins with the most simple truth. STOP HAVING CHILDREN; this very finite world; is full. THAT is strictly a female decision; they alone hold the keys.


DEMOCRACY IS; the intent to govern by “constitutional law, rather than leaders”. USA democracy went as far as it could go, within the limitations of that time. Today those limitations are removed, and the boundaries of law shall rule us/ rather than leaders who enslave us with debts and war machines: is open to our own decision; as REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Is proof of democracy “we the people ARE the owners here”. We decide if our leaders kept their oath of office/ chose according to the directions given in constitutional LAW; as is our government/ NOT our employees, who merely swear to uphold our direction (stay within the guidelines) as the constitution states specifically in its preamble and bill of rights to the people themselves. Universities state: “constitution is irrelevant/ and they are replacing it with their own version of communism [only, we the experts (playing god), can decide]”.

Using the color of their imagination; to produce the fantasy of lies, and delusions of superiority as experts; to conceive of weapons, such as bankruptcy:  to create the insurgency that is : “ traitors in our midst.

That is treason, and must be denied by redress; or the nation fails.

In a world lost to insanity, the constant is “a believer: I want what I want”. A world at war, is simply: THIEVES, and hate will rule now. Nations lost to fools and traitors; worship the bribe, and live to win as pride demands (nothing is important but me). The end result of it is failure reigns supreme; as all that has value is lost, to the raging lunatic of greed; as summarizes the curse of an animal is want.

Without leaders: there is no destruction of armies/ only marauders of crime. So we must have law, and we must have the policing of “human livestock”; to control their crimes. But we do not need national organization to describe, define, or destroy us all with leaders that decide for war/ rape us with taxation/ or confine us as with covid to their fears. LAW is the expression of what truth will decide is: the best we can do for ourselves. Taxation then becomes only what is needed to sustain human existence/ instead of human livestock and their stampede. Separating hate, is the first means of insuring taxation benefits us/ rather than abuses us, for the curse of power and pride that is the cost of human leadership throughout history. WE CANNOT run from our problems/ we are the problem; and we cannot outrun ourselves. Therefore we have only two choices: hide from truth/ or let truth itself decide! The universities have led for decades of lies, betrayal, theft, cheating, terrorism, and worse: they are no value as leaders, merely children who refused to grow up. Leadership is law; and the more justified the law, and true to the values which sustain our lives; the happier we become.  Leaders are merely want! But only when survival is sustained/ in this world now ready for chaos, because survival has been “cut at the throat”; by fools in charge. Who prepare us for extinction. Wake up, or you are dead; along with this world; because you did not care; believing in the sewer that is playing god: like universities do.

LIFE requires us, to accept the realities of our dimension; as is time. LIFE requires us to choose our destiny, or accept our fate as the consequences will reveal. LIFE confronts us, “with love/ hate/ or animal”; as decides our eternity by its truth as chosen by you. So death offers; take all you can get now. While animal offers, I am the one that matters. Hate offers judge them all, as worthless to me. And LOVE shapes the future, by being alive in the dimension of “Us, not just I”/ as is elemental to participation in life itself. Realities exist, as is time/ but time ends as is death, for us all. LIFE is “the gift of truth, as becomes the identity of self/ heart is the acceptance of others, by trust, shares our world of existence/ soul creates the family, but family is governed by love, an essence of thought; which stands apart from hate and animal.” Therefore it is said, only love can rise into the family from which it began. The creation of thought, then governs the existence of life, in eternity. It is not a “mental conception”!

IT IS, a foundation of truth: that DEMOCRACY MEANS: the law we write as we the people becomes our government; by that law.

JUST ANSWER THIS: WHAT IS THE LAW, YOU ACCEPT; the extreme experimentation of universities CANNOT WAIT.  They threaten everything!         WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS    , democracy demands it!  

MAKE THE LAW; THAT WE ALL MUST LIVE BY.  “not by voting for someone to vote for me: BUT voting for laws, as is voting FOR OURSELVES, “SIMPLE AND PLAIN”.  NOW WE KNOW, and can defend ourselves;  from this invasion called death.    

NO employee shall change redress (our we the people authority over this democracy)/ NO congressional act shall override it/ the law of our design as owners here is fundamental. The government, as is constitutionally written: decides the future of what this nation will be. The limits and boundaries of what our employees can choose. FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; is OUR law, over you! 

Proving by oath: that there will be consequences for failure.

The doors are then opened, the covers are thrown off, the lights are turned on: and humanity views itself by the decision they are now required to make. TO CHOOSE FOR LIFE AND WORLD/      or let life and world die, because arrogance, apathy, and disrespect; are all you have left. TO CHOOSE FOR CHANGE, as will INCLUDE WOMEN AS “the writers of laws”, which are needed to replace leaders; so that we can be “a world, of life, governed by law”. NOT as men do it, with endless corruption and greed. But by the new way of justice and truth decides, life and world must come first! NEVER; as is, not your want or claim for power or pride. The decision is simple: CHANGE, OR DIE, as extinction alters everything: by the consequences of what you did do to yourselves, life, and world; by hate. THE CURSE of playing god, will end; as you face your truth.

without truth and knowledge “untainted by want”: it is impossible to make a correct decision!

THE US supreme court: article 3.2 “…all cases arising UNDER THE CONSTITUTION/ does not include the constitution itself. Same as 3.1 “during good behavior”.

2016 financial under start of trump as of 3-4-2016 67.9 trillion dollars debt claim of currency, credit derivatives, and assets 483.88 trillion dollars

source: https://www.usdebtclock.org/2016.html result of predecessors, including Obama

2020 financial under start of biden as of 3-4-2020 81.85 trillion debts; claim of currency, credit derivatives, and assets 539.5 trillion dollars

source https://www.usdebtclock.org/2020.html result of Trump adds 13.95 trillion to debts adds 55.6 trillion to inflation which when divided by 140 million workers = divided equally= ADDS to the claim of assets per worker is $397,142.00 dollars over four years/ while the demand for debt payment adds $99,642.00 per worker over four years. What was overpaid beyond all taxes, and given to the slaves as; here pay this. While Trump was in charge of giving to the universities for covid; “the nation” discarded to fools, liars, traitors, and terrorists. An untold price of failure.

2024 financial under 3 years of Biden to date: 3-4-2024 97.8 trillion dollar debt; claim of currency, credit derivatives and assets 621.4 trillion dollars

source https://www.usdebtclock.org/index.html results of 3 years under Biden adds 15.95 trillion to debt 81.9 trillion to inflation which is double the debt. which when divided by 150 million workers = divided equally= ADDS to the claim of assets per worker is $546,000.00 dollars over three years/ while the demand for debt payment adds $106,333.00 per worker over three years. What was overpaid beyond all taxes, and given to the slaves as; here pay this. A critical key here is: trump gave immense tax breaks to all his “rich friends”; and no one else. Biden however gives cash to all his followers instead.

ONE TRILLION DOLLARS= TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS PER EACH OF ONE HUNDRED MILLION WORKERS/ because nobody actually contributes to the economy but a worker; and unless you are paid money, you are not counted as a worker. The military is not counted as a worker

DIVIDED BY 150 million workers for simple math; in this nation of 334 million or so they say; babies and all. The probable workforce is roughly half. INFLATION IS THEFT/ IT IS ADDING CURRENCY NUMBERS, WITHOUT REALITY ATTACHED/ TO INCREASE “THE CASH FLOW”/ SO THEY HAVE NUMBERS TO PAY THEIR DEBTS: BY STEALING IT FROM THOSE WHO SAVED, RATHER THAN SPENT. As always; a nation without reality; ends without assets or resources: “just lots of numbers”; that can to “poof” into thin air/ all gone.

Since 2000; when debt was on this day 3-4-2000 $27.44 trillion/ and currency claims were $ 54.6 trillion. A difference over 24 years amounting too: $54.4 trillion dollars of new debt over 24 years/ while the claim of assets, credit derivatives, currency equals $566.8 trillion dollars of “numbers”. Or divided equally to 330 million citizens (babies and all): a claim totaling, over $1.7 million dollars per each of 330 million citizen. A claim of ADDED debt for 150 million workers of $362,666.00 over taxation, etc: EACH. BUT alas we all know; only the poor shall pay. As bankruptcy means: the rich will take it all/ UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE CONTROL THAT BANKRUPTCY FOR OURSELVES; THROUGH LEGALLY AUTHORIZED DEMOCRACY/ AS IS REDRESS.

As is the constant of every cult: “the university purpose” is to remove every anchor or foundation of those who oppose, with a “rat maze of delusions” (politically correct, add trash to dilute what is important, for example; the 1040 long tax form; “don’t let them think or know”; Latin in a courtroom/ or math intended to exclude) that suggest you could be wrong. Truth makes reality right/ NOT fantasy or delusions or images or theory: only truth, because consequences are real. Because once on the merry-go-round media insures you cannot get off; with constant “expertise, and denial of truth”; as is we have legal rights: to demand an audit of what is true/ and what is wrong/ and the price charged to us; which includes threats of extinction to demand: WE CANNOT LET THEM BE WRONG.

Money is a promise: when the promise no longer exists/ lies are revealed, or rewarded with chaos. You no longer get what you wanted; but unless you quit working: what is real, still exists. Which means: we decide if we sustain ourselves, by controlling government as WE THE PEOPLE WILL NOW DECIDE. What our future will be.

Wisdom will seek a path the herd does not; because there is a limit to what is not trampled down. The boundary between life and death; is discovered between love and hate. Therefore to experience a destiny of love, we must choose to share and care for each other with respect. But to express the fate called death; you need only to continue as you are, blaming each other for the consequences of what all did choose; as is so clearly “lie/ cheat/ steal/ bribe/ betray/ deny/ destroy”; as is the road which brought this nation to its knees. Want is death; life is respect, as it surrenders to truth decides; not want, as ends with hate. The things already gone, cannot be returned; your world has changed. Therefore to understand what is truth, rather than deny it so you can cheat each other: we must acknowledge and define what is true. Or the end of your journey will be to war; and its extinction of life and earth; as the choice you made. CHOOSE wisdom instead, and let only truth be your guide. If they are willing to understand: the herd will follow and choose for life; because they want to live. But if reality is not proven to them; the herd will stampede, and all life will fail; because we are so many people now; only justice by law and fair play can intervene. CHOOSE the law, that makes life worth living to you, and to all. That is my advise to you.

This parable warns you: “you are like, the biblical story of adam and eve”, who were convicted of “eating the very last fruit” from a very important tree of which there were no more. You are the same, shouting; “we want what we want/ give us what we want; to HELL with the future, we want everything NOW”. SO instead of a future, as is represented by the fruit/ you ate it all. The cost of adam and eve; they were thrown from their garden of eden; into a world that did not care. The universities sold you out, and you worshiped them; similar to the serpent in that story; with media along to insure the cult would succeed. The critical essence of this parable is: you want, did this/ and your acceptance of that want, was insured by university led media. CHANGE IS DEPENDENT upon finding a different frame of mind. Choose truth not want; and begin again, with honesty shaping the path back to life. OR, you will die and become extinct as a world. Because “the human world” is just like you; as proven by covid.

One of the many worst examples of “a university fate”; that is, their maze of lies, theft, terrorism, and betrayal; includes “words, books, etc;  don’t matter”/ unless they say it: claiming expert makes them right. A constant of every cult throughout all of history. But expertise is another matter entirely; as the evidence of our lives clearly indicates: WE ARE SURROUNDED BY THREATS on every side/ most of which include extinction for our literal world. And ALL THE MAIN THREATS, the UN-packaged delivery of hate (hidden from view, but present in our lives) : are from “university expertise”.

EVERY CULT: exists by making you BELIEVE they are the expert, no one could be superior to us/ by making you FEAR the leader could abandon or betray you if you question him or her/ by demanding OBEY, as is, “unless we all believe the same”/ we are vulnerable to the predators who do not “believe/ fear/ obey”. SO THEY AVOID and RIDICULE (WE, know); THE SEARCH FOR TRUTH, BY EVIDENCE UNTAINTED/ or the call to understand: THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG; as is extinction. REALITY however knows: the only method of removing a cult, and unlocking the sheep being used for slaughter: is to prove their expertise is wrong. As is the point of this work, because nothing less will do: when images and “saturation bombing”of information by media is so effective against all of life and world; as to demand extinction/ rather than truth decides, the value of what is real.

Our existence is like the tree, which gave life to the fruit: while the fruit provides for just a little while/ the tree survives, to give life its chance “to live again”. That too; is a parable to you.

IT IS necessary to support Ukraine; a nation attacked by thugs/ to limit the start of world war 3. IT IS necessary to support Taiwan; a stepping stone “same as the Japanese took in world war 2. IT IS not necessary to support Israel; only to keep them alive. WHY IS THE NATION BANKRUPT? Answer: need not look farther than the military; where they sell us “billion dollar planes”/ because the universities say so! And for no other cause. Just like their covid vaccine: initiated at 6 trillion dollars for one hundred million doses= $60,000.00 per shot per person. Do you think that fair? Trump did/ and then added more.  “a fragment bomb” at the right altitude; would rip off the propellers from any drone nearby; small rockets/ fireworks explosives/ potentially acetone for rocket fuel: open areas.

Like lead; which can contaminate and do great damage to a human life, or remain hidden and never cause a problem. Hate is equally contaminating, and does great damage to all human life. But it does need “a cause”, or it remains hidden from society view; as the curse that it is; attacking individuals. By choosing world law, and international policing: “the right to claim: its all their fault”/ fades away with law controls us all equally now. No more alliances/ no more policing because you want too/ no more claiming its about nations, when in fact its about crime against nations/ no more endless military spending, or the cost of “we won’t care”. World law, and the right to say as “we the world”: intervenes in all of that, and changes life on earth: to a view we can all survive; at least in terms of no more wars. Otherwise, as is found today: the preparations and excuses for world war continue to rise; and wait merely for an excuse; to destroy us all. A reality clearly in evidence where smaller wars exist; and prove what that will start out to be. CHOOSE LAW/ NOT WAR; BECAUSE IT IS A CHOICE, until the point of no return; when you cannot recall it/ regardless of the cost. THE METHOD IS: STAND UP FOR LAW, AS A WORLD/ AND TAKE THE DECISION AWAY FROM YOUR LEADERS; BY ASSEMBLING THE LAW WE NEED TO OVERRULE AND CONTROL THEM.

We then come to the exchange: what are YOU willing to do, in order to keep this world alive? That of course is based upon the level of truth you believe is accurate and substantive enough to proceed with: the disciplines of a courtroom trial, by which all the world comes to realize: “this game is over”. The cost of that is CHANGE; and the reality of that change is: all lies are removed/ all stealing stops/ all betrayal is exposed/ the critical choices for life or death are established as true/ and the foundations of governments, are replaced by laws which will govern instead; that we the world/ we the people make by our own decision and vote. No more arrogance/ no more apathy/ no more disrespect, or denial of truth in life/ NO MORE experimentation with nature or energy or world or life of any kind. You WILL choose to be fair, and you WILL operate your courtrooms for justice/ not corruption and disgrace as is today. You will choose RESPECT for life an world, ending the curse of greed by accepting “limited capitalism” shall now intervene. As begins the work to rebuild life with value/ rather than letting it finish the fall into an abyss “universities” chose; and all, the cult worshipers followed in. it is a decision, that does not have a “back door” escape! One way OR, the other way; is your choice. LIFE CHANGED FOR LIFE HAS VALUE/ OR, HELL (WE CANNOT SURVIVE; simple as that/ which means WAR), ARMAGEDDON (NATURE IN CHAOS), APOCOLAPSE (WAR FOR WATER)/ AND EVEN MORE. Which may or may not include HADES; “turning this planet into a sun”. No, you will not escape; because life is different than power. 

None of it is a game; your universities lied!      a secondary page

so reality says: WHEN CONFRONTED, with an army of rebellion/ an insurgency of corruption/ the conspiracy to hide and remove everything of value, and all our defenses as a nation or world. And the collusion of media; to deny access to real world evidence; by the continual presentation of “the universities are god”. OUR ONLY SOLUTION, IN THIS USA, IS: TO DEMAND REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES! OR WE THE PEOPLE, are literally all “LEGALLY NOW”, involved: in the consequences; of what our employees have done. We the people; are all involved; in the indoctrination of schools with “university religion; we can be gods; and mutilate our world”. We the people ARE ALL INVOLVED; IN THE CURSE THAT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR (lets burn atoms) FIRE HERE, “just like the sun” on this planet. WHERE WHEN QUESTIONED: THEIR ANSWER to HOW will you control that was: “we don’t have to worry, it will extinguish itself; because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”. Proving NO GREATER FANTASY OF DELUSION, was ever spoken. WRONG, literally means: this earth becomes A SUN! 

So, lets look at “Heil Hitler”; the latest version of state and federal government employees as with covid: DEMANDING that we obey their decision/ to worship the universities as god! Proving “the SS” HAS returned; by forcing business to do exactly what they are told to do; manipulating through media; there is no real choice. Proving Nazi “mengala: lets biologically mutilate all life; has focused the curse of nazi on America; where the universities gained complete freedom, along with all the money they could possibly use; to create a factory line of automated genetic infused chaos: on life in this world. Finding in truth, thereby: we are in fact invaded, by some of the worst, that has ever been! And facing the holocaust of their failure to let truth decide/ rather than play god with life and earth.

AND THE CULT SAYS; the computers will save us/ robot armies will protect us (even though one key stroke, and they turn against you; and herd you to the slaughter)/ the new vaccines are our savior (even though just the initial (first round) cost of covid vaccine: WAS $60,000.00 PER SHOT/ PER ONE HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE; which trump ok’d)/ BECAUSE THEY SUCK YOU DRY, AND STEAL YOUR FUTURE; WITH DEATH! And the people say, as cults do:  the universities would never steal or attack or seal our lives in their tomb; as Egyptian pharaoh’s did. WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN? Answer; the schools indoctrinated you into believing universities are god/ media indoctrinated you into believing the universities are your savior/ the money we will never pay for; WHICH ASSASSINATES EVERY CHILD, BY DESTROYING THEIR FUTURE; WITH YOUR GREED; is no game.

THEY ARE SATAN; and you; are their minions, used to guard the serpents, INFESTING the sewer of their temple from questions. TURN THEM INSIDE OUT; and require first amendment REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES; “WHICH LITERALLY MEANS: WE THE PEOPLE WILL DECIDE FOR OURSELVES NOW”. Which literally means; we own the right to enforce our authority over our employees, as a nation demanding to know: WHAT IS TRUE.      WHAT IS, THE COST OF BEING WRONG?

And the human dog pack growls: “we can kill you”. But the end result of it is: no change means extinction/ and we all die together. SO SAYS THE EVIDENCE, of our truth. Which means what you want: you killed.

And the child of the cult says: “you can’t prove nothing”. While reality replies: “ALL MONEY, is a promise of payment in the future; MAKING CURRENCY, another form of debt”: SO WHO DO YOU THINK IS INTENDED TO PAY “THEIR BILLS”?    National debt: means, this is what exceeded the taxes congress, collected. One trillion dollars= $ten thousand dollars;  per each of one hundred million workers.

Only title to the property is different: BUT IF YOU buy it with “stolen, counterfeited money”/ the law says: you give it back unpaid. While an endless line of foreigners will refuse, and say: your traitors promised, and we want your land, or war. SO, all hail the elders; courts, politicians, their universities, and more: NOW AIN’T THAT RIGHT? So we ask: “these the only ones”? Answer: NO, BUT THE LIES AND LIARS, ARE in control; so finding the truth, the evidence blinded by “experts”; as is meant to be very difficult; so you can’t make them pay.

In favor of Christmas; as the true holiday of celebrating the one man who has remained the clear and only true description: between love OR hate. The value of that sacrifice is beyond university delusions; as such their cult has remained arrogant (we can be gods), disrespectful (nothing matters but us), and aloof (we are the superior ones)/ demanding evolution (this looks like that; is enough), demanding Noah’s flood did not exist (even though fossil fuels prove it true)/ demanding that “saving this world, from falling further into hate”; had no value. Because as Satan on this earth: their choice is extinction. LIFE is bigger, LIVING is grander, and LOVE is better; than anything the universities provide. Because as miracles do prove: this is no game, and we did not make ourselves.

Instead of like Putin; who is thief and tyrant/ Israel has proven its leadership is “hitler/ and their purpose is genocide”. The critical trial is: does this world sit by, and fail life again. the curse of man is war by leadership/ the foundation of peace is: WE WILL WAR, only against that leadership, and then bring to trial; those who enabled death, and the putrid disgrace, that is men at war.

Or more simply: “the historical reality is; no actual nations are involved; these are men who played games; lost, & then let hate and revenge consume them”. Because the end result of life on earth, as betrayed by men is: men cannot contain the serpent (slithering in holes of the brain; lying, cheating, stealing, betrayal; as are the realities of jealousy, pride, want, greed, power, lust, selfishness, and evil: hiding from sight. Until the moment violence: NO LAW can stop us; escapes.) which finds a way, to destroy their own lives. And fail this world.

Which does mean: the people being attacked/ shall gain weapons and means to fight back; but not enforce revenge. While the aggressor leadership; shall be handed over for trial to the world “is their courtroom”. Failure to enforce that law: becomes, absolutely no help shall occur/ an isolation of every need will fail you> each week leadership fails to be surrendered: is a year the world shall NOT give your nation aid, trade, or acknowledge you exist. UNLESS YOUR ENTIRE LEADERSHIP, is replaced, and world law IS YOUR CHOICE.

Even so: these are as nothing, compared with the most vile and evil reality of truth humanity has ever created for itself. Which is “the universities who play god with life and world”. They are, by the cost of their imagination, the fantasy of their delusion, and the insanity of fools in charge: SATAN [destroyer of a world]; as every threat to life one earth proves true.     “fools believe”/ but a diploma only proves, “they were your classmates”/ NO gods here!   WAKE UP YOUR LIFE.  OR, die as a world.

instead of comments here; which have proven to be used by fools: your solution is to use social media NO, it is not important “how many” people; have or have not viewed this work. The only thing that matters: is the result: LIFE OR DEATH, for our world. YOUR participation is: whatever TRUTH proves you did, or did not do! That LAW, justice, and fair play will allow!

People are sheep; because a tiny few control the army, make the laws, and use the prisons/ which means they can be individually targeted. Because we have no legitimate means to defend ourselves: UNLESS THE LAW IS ENFORCED UPON OUR LEADERS. To make the LAW for ourselves establishes the order we then depend upon. JUSTICE is the disciplines required of life and society, in order to achieve the respect for those decisions that are needed to be enforced. But FAIR PLAY resides between law and justice in order to correct any disturbance; that living requires of us all, in the disciplines that result in peace, harmony, happiness, and hope for society and world. Therefore the question is not why is humanity sheep/ but why are you letting leaders become your enemy? A bill of rights: we provide; establishes military, and policing realities of enforcement. A bill of rights informs society; of the realities we must all endure. Civil disobedience is required to enforce: YOU SHALL OBEY OUR LAW on leaders/ OR no taxation will be paid until you do. THAT IS NOT “the removal of tax”/ but the enforcement of constitutional law; as is first amendment; redress. To prove as is democracy realized: that we the people are “the final authority” which will decide the direction and values of this state or nation; or even as we the world CAN CHOOSE for LAW; NOT leaders. Removing power with limited capitalism; so as to create “this is our world too”/ not just yours. IT IS “A CHOICE”.

The corruption of the courtroom; by people injecting the collusion to disrupt and destroy society: are things that need not be allowed. To achieve realistic control: the judiciary and each lawyer are to be judged, in each and every case; by public viewing and subsequent vote. Thereby proving what we the people accept as our truth; shall be our defense; as society now, defends itself.

The one certainty of life in this USA, is: as with covid; you cannot simply believe whatever you are told/ nearly everything is a lie. The cult worshiper does; to his or her shame/ same is true of juries and the complete fantasy of delusions taught and supported by “university knows/ universities steal; universities attack”. Because in truth, a cult has no brain to share/ it can only follow.

why focus on university”? Answer: because you cannot find the correct answer/ unless you look in the right places. Reality begins here!

FREEDOM literally means: “my life equals my choice/ not yours. More distinctly: you shall NOT make my decision/ I will.

LIBERTY literally means: “our society is built upon the justice that is expressed in FAIR PLAY, and nothing less”. Therefore being fair to all; decides what is fair to each. But only when reality proves this is a necessary decision for us all. As is “the creation of, OUR LAW”/ not their law, or rules over us. To that end: the foundation of democracy is: “a bill of rights; wherever indecision exists”/ by which we all individually “know what is, or is not: fair”.

MORE CRITICAL THAN THAT; “is the dead souls”, who insist they know all they need to know; as is “the proverbial jack of all trades/ master of none”. People who believe; or more simply like the universities physicist: claim they need not know how to extinguish a nuclear “million mile long flames fire”/ because there is not enough gravity here to sustain that kind of fire: “so it will just extinguish itself”. Their ONLY plan/ same is true of genetic mutilation of nature/ same is true of endless poisoning/ and “a thousand more threats of extinction”. One fantasy of imagination/ true delusions of the insane: Courtesy of “universities know, and play god.”

and the people say: “we believe”/ media tells us what we think.

But like “humpty dumpty (another fairy tale)”: they can’t put nature back together, once broken “Armageddon rules”; they can’t undo the poisons which take over the water supplies (you war); they can’t control the same fire as on the sun (earth is lost); you can’t survive ocean life dead (one billion plus; all starve)/ you won’t survive global warming (a couple of degrees is life or death)/ and your universities discard that “as a game, which does not matter”. Are not all the bad drug lawsuits; at least a clue?  How about the evidence, “of a thousand more threats”; you will soon be extinct?  INVESTIGATE AND PROVE, what is true/ YOUR LIFE depends upon it.

Government officials who refuse to obey the law; as is first amendment redress of grievances. The foundation of WE THE PEOPLE  DO OWN, authority over our government; and their oath of office. FAILURE: Is the power of rebellion against us; by controlling the courtroom for themselves. Changing the law of our nation TO DENY constitutional law; is anarchy. Crippling the foundations of our preamble to describe: …a more perfect union (redress is that device denied), establish justice (the essence of fair play and freedom; denied in covid), insure domestic tranquility (removing the security of our economic welfare), provide for the common defense (without resources; we all die), promote the general welfare (world law and limited capitalism create peace), and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity (a dead world/ a mutilated nature/ an intent to ignite nuclear fire; are all proof of genocide to every child/ to every life)……” firmly establishes an insurgency against us all. Redress has been taken to court, state of IL and federal USA; being rejected; without a constitutional reply; an illegal act by the judiciary. Destroying the currency, with debts and fraud; establish treason [no foundation of law exists to fully and deliberately steal & bankrupt the state or nation]. No authority to install the universities as “our religion/ our god” as the experts who cannot be questioned: because they claim to be superior, as is the cost of every cult failure throughout history. No foundation of authority to overrule and take control over business as it did with covid exists. No authority to overrule reality and enforce compliance by using media against us all; as with covid; is legally allowed. No enforcement of what you believe to be true: as with covid or the religion of universities are god now; is allowed. Only the oath: …”I will….. to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the constitution of this USA”. NONE of that is present; in the conquest of democracy, by the religious cult of “university knows”/ who has taken control over this nation, its election, its news, its government, its money, its education, its future, and the descent of all life into extinction; by their failure to accept reality not imagination; rules. TRUTH, not “expertise”; as is the foundation of evidence. The certainty: extinction is close by; has been proven true.

AND THE WORLD SAYS: “WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING”/ THIS EARTH CANNOT DIE! BUT REALITY SAYS: THE EVIDENCE PROVES, YOU ARE SATAN/ AND THIS WORLD IS DYING, because of you. And the decisions that you make. SO THE QUESTION IS: WHAT WILL YOU DO, WHEN TRUTH PROVES YOU WRONG? Because all the evidence of your influence as humanity on earth is: EXTINCTION “HIDES CLOSE BY”. Answer: you will be cannibals; because there is nothing left, but war.

THE LITERAL COST OF BEING WRONG: IS A DEAD WORLD! WHERE THERE IS NO ESCAPE, for a single living thing. BECAUSE HUMANITY DESTROYED IT ALL; as is the reality of threat after threat after threat; ALL POINTING TO EXTINCTION COMES QUICKLY now. Are your former classmates; who claim a universities diploma makes them gods: GOING TO SAVE YOU? WHEN THEY are responsible; for nearly every threat? Truth says: no place on earth is more closed to thought: than a university diploma; where the rule is “mimic/ memorize/ and repeat” or you will be thrown away. WITH A DEBT so large, your lifetime is consumed; by the pretend fantasies of a cult you now owe your life too.

AND RELIGION SAYS: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/ “we are the children of god”; because we paid our dues/ or said a few words. BUT REALITY SAYS: if you are servants of GOD, then you do the work that is “for life and planet”/ rather than greed and selfishness as is your contribution (all but a tiny few). HOW is that not so?

TRUTH SAYS: as reality will prove, DO NOT believe me. INSTEAD GO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG; as I have told you to do, for nearly fifty years. USE REDRESS TO OPEN THE DOOR; and find in your democracy the authority, and wisdom; to decide for yourselves.

AND THE FOOL SAYS: you can’t prove nothing/ what has gone wrong; we ARE doing GREAT. But the evidence proves: for over sixty years you have been dumping poisons/ creating pollution’s/ destroying the habitat called this earth/ depending on fear as is weapons of mass destruction/ and claiming you have no responsibility for life or earth. As reality itself proves: ALL THESE THINGS ADD UP, and the “straw that broke the camels back”; is already on load. Because you can’t take any of it back! So, lets add up what you can carry: an 80% tax rate, endless debt, and counterfeited currency/ covid used to mutilate your genetic nature; the excuse used, to mutilate all of life/ fusion, “lets ignite a nuclear fire; ON A PLANET MADE OUT OF FUEL”/ or a billion other universities play god delusions. Answer: you are measured weak, and without a brain: or none of this would be so. CULT, (you can’t question your leader)/ no brain left, media tells you: “what you think”. And university tells them, the politician, courts, all of it!

AND ONLY A VERY, VERY TINY FEW: DECIDE FOR ALL OF UNIVERSITIES, “WHAT IT IS “THEY THINK”/ and like baby birds, being fed; all the rest have no brain/ no claim to reality;  of their own. “they mimic, memorize, and repeat”.

Nothing is so certain as:  the consequences of human decision, are no longer a game/ you must choose, life or death.      the majority truth, will decide. but there will be:  NO GOING BACK.

Or more distinctly: the rules and laws of a nation or world, are those rules and laws the people make for themselves; as does define their own purpose identified in justice for all. The rules or laws of a leader (tiny few), who then claim the right of authority over all the rest: identify a herd of animals, who are then afraid of their predators. So they are pushed and punished to obey, with fear. The difference is: “human versus animal”/ your choice is? NO, you cannot wait for media to “tell you what you think”:  wake up your own brain. Discard the maze, of intellectual superiority; as extinction is behind the door; due to their failures. FIND TRUTH.

and the world shouts, “we are gods/ nothing can harm us”; the universities are “savior” to us! YOU CAN’T prove nothing!

But reality replies: as with weapons of mass destruction, in a single hour/ this earth will live no more. Or as with trying to ignite an atomic fire just like the sun/ upon ignition, this earth becomes a sun; because the entire planet it made out of fuel; and like the sun “with flames a million miles long”; there is no going back. Or human population overrunning life and earth: to devour and destroy it all. The truth is: WE EAT LIFE, and if you leave no place for that life to live like you; it dies/ and so do you. Or the endless seas, dying; entirely because of men; so you starve and war. Or trillions of tons of poisons thrown everywhere YEAR AFTER YEAR ADDS UP. Or the atmosphere becoming detached, to accelerate at planet speed (which is one thousand miles per hour). Or consuming all the oxygen, or destroying every habitat, or cursing every resource, or killing the future of every child; and more. EVEN to the point of cursing life by genetic mutilation; and mixing all that life together as if it were “a universities toy”.

Truth has proven these things; testifies you are running out of drinking water; and identifies extinction or massive change is your only choice. So “savior becomes Satan; as the universities cult, and its media priests” transform this living world: into the chaos you chose to be. With pure arrogance, true apathy, and unyielding disrespect:FOR THE MIRACLE OF LIFE AND LIVING “which is you”. A gift beyond dispute; cursed by you, with pure ignorance and religious devotion to the dead.

The critical test is: “together we stand, to prove WE THE PEOPLE do have rights and the authority to change our own nation or world”. Versus the fear of believing “obey or be sacrificed”. Standing means, “in this USA”; that you use your own influence to demand “first amendment redress of grievances”; as is constitutionally driven LAW;  intended to be, “power to the people/ NOT the employee”.    Beware of the maze, and say NO:  “TODAY is the day/ the law rules, NOT you.

The critical decision that divided a nation from a tyrant: IS PROVIDING the military (defend the nation), policing (defend the law), and citizenry (fight for rights, freedoms, and truth); with their own BILL OF RIGHTS (this is as far as you go) AND RESPONSIBILITIES (beyond this limit it is your responsibility to intervene). So that the law can decide what is true, “for life and world”/ Not tyrants and tyranny. Chosen as law, by we the people; to establish what we the nation/ NOT the tyrant; DEMANDS of those whom we employ; those who stand, to protect us all. There is no value in the politics of screaming (a constant). The only real value is: CREATING THE DECISION; that allows, by vote: we the people will decide! As best we can means: WE MUST understand the law we design/ because that will stand as our defense. Voting for people is like voting for a sieve; you can’t depend on much to remain; as expected; because so many are bribed.

KNOWING the truth of your job/ UNDERSTANDING, the consequences are formed by these boundaries/ and the WISDOM; to justify and create what is fair: separates “predator and prey”/ which then allows for humanity itself to emerge.

IT IS NOTED: that the difference between poverty and wealth is: “the amount and kind of resources” which may be used and sustained. IT IS NOTED the difference between leadership and failure is: as seen in this USA, “just look at your garbage mountains”/ trillions of tons of poisons dumped/ weapons of mass destruction/ crucifixion of nature (genetics) itself/ and even the Satanic rituals which gamble our entire earth; on their assertion “yes we can play god”. Alas, they play “satan; destroyer of a world”. To your shame; as a cult, you choose to live in their sewage. Look around: “universities conspire” to control and own: everything. While life says: EVERYONE deserves his or her opportunity to share the wealth.

IT IS, and should be noted once again: that “university” is used as a blanket statement, to denote and identify the extremely arrogant/ the poverty of apathy/ and the curse of disrespect” that is so evident in those who believe life is a game, and they can play god: MANY play god. As a group; NOBODY identifies those elements more than “university knows” (the religion of failure, to life and world)/ a reality dis-proven by the state of evidence, we are soon to be extinct as a world. So, the word illustrates failure and fool/ rather than a diploma of idiots and infants; but make no mistake, when you walk by the people in your midst: WHO ARE destroying life and world/ WITH APATHY. By saying “i want what I want/ leave me alone”; you do join their group (letting life on earth die; for your want). Because the end result of a dead world, is you died too.

The foundation of US government is: WE THE PEOPLE, established our government by democracy; through the laws that define constitutional rights, freedoms, and responsibilities.  PROVING, The law rules/ not the employee. But insurgents and rebels and traitors have traveled up the sewer of universities rule now/ to create their own version of tyranny as is (the maze which hides: lies/ theft/ cheating/ terrorism/ and all forms of hate as is the constant of USA dies). That means: for this nation in particular, YOU MUST RETURN to the purposes of a fight for independence from their tyranny (who got all your covid money [6 trillion divided by 100 million shots= $60,000.00 per shot]/ who through freedoms and rights away; to introduce “nazi” with covid). Or more simply; as it was in the beginning for this nation: you must fight to return our lives and our future, “to the law we have justified as our way”. No more propaganda/ no more cult worship/ no more fantasies or imagination: REALITY IDENTIFIES TRUTH, and then truth decides what is fair. WHAT the future will be; as best we can with evidence untainted: by “devils who trap”? The sewer of university influence, has overflowed, and backs up over our lives: STOP them, or we all die. The pandemic of their failure is “extinction comes”.

in this USA; the reality of this day is, that the intellectual army of the dead and damned; have in fact decided they need not wait any longer. As covid proved true; this nation must climb, “to be considered sheep”/ completely subdued, and without the ability to defend itself from the worst humanity can be; as is “university plays god”. Recent inflation of all things, is the means to remove all methods of defense. As reality pushes people into the abyss; of we cannot pay for ourselves/ our world/ our home, has been removed by debts; and replaced with foreigners own it now. Because removing what does exist to keep life “same”/ has been dismantled, to give the power only to the universities elite; who destroyed government by inflating the currency and removing the future with chaos they intentionally created. As is debts/ resource loss/ pollution/ extinction of everything/ biological warfare as is covid/ fears as is nuclear war/ and so on. But you will remember; that the Chinese had an intellectual army, which moved against them (same as USA today)/ and they killed all the intellectuals; WHICH DID NOT help them in their future, as a life without direction. The curse of the dead/ the army of fools: CANNOT be dismantled without true change. The endless numbers give them power over you; removing all power from government; because government has become about money; and those who enter it, “find themselves confronted: tell on us/ and the nation falls into depression”. So lies rule/ thieves betray/ traitors fail us all/ and terrorists hide behind nearly every door called or created or allowed by: “university did this”. Which brings us all now: to the critical life deciding choice: of declaring bankruptcy so we can all share the choices left/ BY USING REDRESS “FIRST AMENDMENT LAW”; AS OUR MEANS TO PROVE WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE.AND THOSE FOUND TO BE OUR ENEMY; shall inherit their reward. Insisting with reality: it is the universities who will pay along with their banking/ media, and other rebels who are literally trying to destroy america itself. Because you can’t play god/ if you can’t make the people; fear. LIMITED CAPITALISM; REMOVES THE GAME/ and we return to equals, as reality allows.PROVING THAT BANKRUPTCY under the terms of redress/ REMOVES THE EXCESS; and returns life and property to its rightful owners; by ending the charade: what is happening here is anything but WAR! IT IS war/ but it is an intellectual war, and that means their most potent weapon will be biological warfare: IF YOU DON’T stop them first. PAY THE PRICE, and get your world back: WITH LAW!     their money has no value/ if you don’t accept it!

THE MEANS TO ACCOMPLISH REDRESS IS: “THE LAW” demands you will obey us, AS A NATION OF WE THE PEOPLE/ and it is treason, if you don’t.

THE MEANS: to accomplish bankruptcy is IS, under our control: IS TO USE REDRESS, in court: as the means to say: THIS IS OUR NATION, AND WE WILL TAKE IT BACK. We will now decide for ourselves/ as is the essence of democracy “united”.

THE MEANS: to retain control over the economy is: to remove the claim of money/ and install a new form shall be used during this time. (a debit card; which eliminates all other money; as every worker receives the same amount:/ no one receives more/ and a portion is dedicated to food and cannot be used otherwise. UNTIL this economy has been restarted with respect. You can use cards already in place/ by eliminating all current money (it stays in place; until the decision is made/ then a percentage decides what is left)/ but nothing beyond what the government provides as a replacement has a value. ANYONE caught stealing loses all. Metals will not save you; nor will anything else. WE RETURN TO TRUTH DECIDES/ NOT LIES. We decide for ourselves: what is fair/ by our vote as a nation.

THESE ARE NOW KEYS; to the creation of “our democracy is real”/ and as such present the power of law (yes we can) over war (no you can’t). however the reality is: they are not free. As the army of rebellion stacks high against you; with endless claims of money, propaganda controls, an insurgency who will not surrender/ and the reality of weapons which can defeat us all. NONETHELESS; unless you return this nation to democracy/ this world to law now rules: all that will be left is extinction and hell. As we begin to see with covid vaccine: they have unleashed Armageddon; as it begins to clog all the biological functions of your body as life. I do: “suggest you pray”. And I will suggest; if you begin/ that there will be those who want me dead: “for giving you a chance, with this message: to survive”.  Obviously, this site could go blank as well.

The tragedy of life on earth is: that humanity worships universities as god/ making leaders throughout federal and state government; the religious zealots, who demand the cult of followers; cannot think or make a decision on their own. Unfortunately, their method of governing is fraud, failure, lies, theft, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, and Satan (we will be gods) worship. Or more distinctly: nothing being done to any degree is capable of sustaining the future of life. You live in fantasy, worship the fairy land of “imagination”; and proclaim “no consequences for us”. But reality says: you are digging your own grave, and throwing this earth, and all its life; in with you. As to keys: MASSIVE CHANGE must occur, before you even have a chance to survive: because you do “want what you want”/ instead of the limits and boundaries that give us time.

I remind you: that we are 8+ billion people on earth/ WE ARE, military, policing, etc: without us, a leader has no means to make a decision about anything: because we make it all. It is our tax dollars, our nation, our resources, our money; and more. But our leaders of all kinds do not add up to one million people (8 thousand to one). YOU CAN, “take the keys”/ and change this world: because if we stop obeying their commands: their power is gone. Starting in America, where the law does exist as redress. Not a game; reality proves it true. But hate intervenes; for the purpose of fear/ by selecting “just one” for horrors; to make the others believe they cannot change anything.

HOWEVER; if enough refuse to obey (they cannot stop us all)/ then hate can be identified; and taken to trial, for murder and treason. THEN, the robots will come; and you will search for their leaders.

LAW reminds you: that hate is not lawful/ and murder is not governing. So the critical question is: massive change begins with the decision, to accept the price of that change: to keep our world alive.

The spiritual world reminds you: that your own eternity is determined by your own truth; the decision you make for love over hate or animal as is want.

I remind you: that I will not lead/ massive change means YOU WILL make your own decision, and accept the price is for your world, child, life, everything. I will only help women to understand; what has benefits, and what does not. My own life is changing; and I must put that first:  I AM NOT “your savior”. Simple as that..

WHY, is “entertainment media” so pathetic? Answer: they want you to be done with it/ so they can direct your life, your beliefs, your fears, and your obedience to “the talking heads” of news. As is control over you; as with covid; robbing you/ killing you/ destroying the future, cursing the body; as well as changing lives present; by making you BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY.

A word of advise: DO NOT “track the enemy back to his or her hideout”/ unless it is absolutely necessary. Because the end result of it is: that now you have entered their world, and it is filled with sewage/ which could cause damage to you. Hate cannot let it go/ love lives by the law. Let the law be the law; as best it can. BE the best you can be/ and let eternity take care of the rest. The enemy of life, FIGHTS to make you hate. DEFEND, it is your job/ but do not enter their hate.

The death walkers (extreme arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect for life and world) of universities scream instead: “think of all we can accomplish/ if we are gods, for ourselves: FOLLOW US/ BELIEVE/ FEAR/ OBEY; because you are nothing”. Reality says: until you replace what does work, and has brought us throughout history to this day/ you can’t be gods. Truth proves: unless you make them cry, or fear/ they will not believe enough, “to be your slave”. The consequence of that is: TEAR DOWN what works/ and enforce fear with disease, and terrors so vile; “only Satan” would create them: so the humans have no choice but to obey; ANYTHING as with covid. The curse of life, as is the mutilation of genetics/ the crippling of this earth; as is changing truth into their lies.       BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE:  “LIFE, is a game”/ to their eternal shame.

And as with covid: it is the cult worshipers, who have been installed as leaders and governments; propagating through media:  who then initiate fear, and failure; shouting and enforcing: “only the universities” can save you (even though they made every threat)/ screaming; BELIEVE DAMN YOU/ BELIEVE AND OBEY. NEVER, question your leaders; they are the brain/ you are the sewer. The place where their shit goes.

Or more simply: ASK, WHERE DID ALL THE COVID MONEY GO/ and WHO set the price? WHO DID ALL THE DEBT AND COUNTERFEITING OF CURRENCY BENEFIT MOST? WHO COMMANDS, THE INSURGENCY, TO REPLACE “everything”; WITH UNIVERSITIES LEAD? WHAT DOES YOUR FUTURE LOOK LIKE? AND ARE YOU GOING TO LET YOUR OWN CHILDREN DIE; BECAUSE THIS WORLD IS DEAD/ YOU killed it, with greed (the bribe; “winner”) spews only chaos, and ends with the biological weapon of mass destruction as is disease out of control for us all. WAKE UP/ or die.

The “woman inside of me” says: instead of “war and hate and its destruction (the ways of men)”; our only path of truth, is to investigate by law. So that the evidence will prove what is true, and we can evaluate the price of being wrong. It is redress of grievances in this USA; which provides the legal right, to prove WE THE PEOPLE are the owners here. And we will decide for ourselves; what our own answers will be. Dethroning the rebellion against us: by assembling the law of who we are. Enforcing the rights, of justice/ are equal to our demand, “for fair play”. No more insurgency of fools in charge. Instead we must identify truth; as best we can. Truth is the removal of all things which are not proven to be true: what is left, begins the understanding of a choice.

So, I search for life in you; something, as is a response to indicate you are not yet completely dead. Little is found; as bribes, want, pride, and lies: hold you tight. Strangling your every thought: with cult worship of university “knows”/ media is our friend.

Who am I to say “to you anything”? Answer: I say to you: GO INVESTIGATE AND SEARCH FOR TRUTH/ THE COST OF BEING WRONG! Because there is no going back, from death. KNOW THE EVIDENCE, by its own truth; and make a decision then: with your brain/ NOT your belief.

And all the people say: WE CANNOT know, or understand: what we need to know/ therefore we must belief, what the expert says! But life says to you instead: that all knowledge is based entirely within truth/ and all truth is understood by the definitions of trust. Therefore the difference between truth and belief: is determined by the evidence of what can be proven true, as a law that will not be broken. While belief is: “locking yourself behind prison bars/ so no one can question what you believe; thereby proclaiming you know; “but in fact, you only believe what you were told”; because the price of searching is more than you will pay. TOGETHER we can search the evidence for what is true; by enacting REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES as is USA first amendment law. TOGETHER we can demand of “experts”, their proof of value/ their validity of argument or the substance of knowledge, they do present. TOGETHER; we can demand and prove: WE THE PEOPLE will only accept, what we do all understand of the knowledge you claim to present. Because until you make it clear enough so that “all” can understand: it is not a valid demonstration of knowledge. Residing in that argument is: punishment for pushing life toward extinction. THESE ARE, things we can do; by going to court as WE THE PEOPLE are in charge of this government.     OUR EMPLOYEES, are NOT!

MY ADVISE: “when you retire from the games people play: there is no winner or loser”. Which makes life itself, a reality that is determined by truth, and the deliberate decisions that you make. The difference is “massive”; because there are no enemies, except hate/ there is no truth of value, except trust.

AND ALL THE PEOPLE SHOUT: “my way/ my way/ my way; listen to me; damn you all anyway, I am the expert now”. Until it crashes, and they scream: this is all your fault/ you should have stopped me; even though that, could not be done “no ears”. So unless you are in fact willing to let truth decide/ INSTEAD OF YOU; there is no purpose in defining another way. Because truth says: “only truth survives, time or eternity”. THEREFORE, it is “the boss”. 

While civil disobedience IS, the proper way to install and enforce the law. That cannot be done with “marches and yelling”/ as even a one million person march is only one in 334 people in this USA. And it leaves the decision in someone else s hand. True civil disobedience is defined by the critical choice that is: WE WILL NOT PAY YOUR TAXATION/ UNLESS YOU OBEY THE LAW. THAT, then becomes the foundation of force; that requires our employees: to create for:  USA, first amendment redress of grievances. Which is literal “power of the people, BY DEMOCRACY enforced”/  our law: over our government and its employees.

if we establish, “true law”/ as is we the people do understand, what we wrote, to defend us all: by removing what did not belong. Then we need no other to defend us; because we can defend ourselves. There is no power given to others; because the law governs us/ not men. There is no pride “to play god with us or our world”; because we have made world law, the governor of leaders. And with limited capitalism (we set the limits and boundaries, by vote); each nation, becomes a place where we all have a fair and honest opportunity to participate. If we remove the religion of “university plays god”/ then the children can again, own their future, with justice. These are choices built upon respect.

Fear is the power: to do someone harm/ pride is the purpose to demand, “I win”. The military obeys; because it fears the punishment of hate: which is the decision to play god. Removing that fear: requires, that you defend those/ who defend you: rather than obeying the demand to attack. The people obey; because they fear the punishment of people who can attack them, and cause harm. Removing that fear: requires the laws, that we do all agree too. Women fear the punishment; of finding they cannot defend themselves against hate. Removing that fear: requires that you deliberately help make the laws, that will be enforced as society or a world: on those who hate/ or use us for prey. These are simple things: because fear is simply hate used! Therefore to separate hate from society: requires that we literally separate hate from society/ in order for peace and justice to arise, along with happiness and respect. The value of sex; is only found in love/ anything else is just for chemicals; or the power to make you cry.

While the constant claim of pregnancy, is a chain you are not intended to escape; both male and female do it, on purpose. While as is always true: the young simply fear, and let their imagination rule: they need every tool. Today it is, as it should be: a choice. But only until the fetus evidences “their own choice; as is the human relationship with life”. To go beyond that date, is a woman’s decision; but it lets society decide for you; “never again”.

Love says: nothing is more elementally true of miracles, than birth. Which makes woman the essence of what miracles prove to be. A thousand fears exist in birth; but some of them find joy, while others only tears. The question of your heart, cannot stray from the truth: what we want, can be changed. But what we love cannot; unless true heartache begins. Death is a part of life, because it regulates the earth, and its survival. Without death/ there is no life; because everything is overrun; to become desolate. Nature decides, until reality notices: all will starve or thirst unless things change. The heart says: “i have, or I have not; a place for another instrument to sing”. Respect says: “if your living would be/ what I could not desire for myself: then it is your right, to say goodbye”.

Early in a pregnancy; there are no issues of life, or death (nature simply closes the door): because humanity has not yet formed. But beyond that moment where human does exist; you must focus on a future beyond self; because that is the choice. And if you choose life, then you must choose to do the best you can; for that life/ because it is a world filled with poisons, that can do tremendous harm. If so/ we all share in that reality.

Fear defeats us all/ because it removes the ability to think for yourself, by requiring a reaction/ or action; instead of what truth can decide, to protect life and world. TRUTH IS: the elevation of life, by removing all want/ all lies/ all theory/ all purposes that do not respect life or world: THEREBY presenting not less than the outline of what is in fact true. BELIEVERS hide themselves in the prison they create: to keep all evidence of a question out/ by holding themselves in. therefore they cannot find the truth/ because they believe they are the truth. While obedience to what already exists: seems safe. Unless you look at history, where every situation ends with war/ because that is: what men do. When we look at what women’s lib did do: we find only, that you joined men in their games/ paying the same price as men, which is leave love and values behind: for money. Which ends in war, because there is only so much money. Until the universities took control; and effectively hid their thievery, cheating, and betrayal of lies; with delusions for you to believe. Fantasies of a future that does not exist. And the failure of every child, as the truth knows: no resource will be left. So then the result of women’s lib is: a resounding “same as men”/ and even the men get raped today.

We begin again, by looking at life from the opposite direction, to assemble this revised: let us look at what we can gain/ instead of what we will lose. So then the critical choice is: do you accept, that it is better to decide for yourself/ than to let someone else decide for you, and take whatever money they can get from you; to do what they want to do? Because that is how this USA government works. On one side is the law, that is our true government: we have the guarantees of democracy, which is: “WE WILL ALL DECIDE WHAT IS FAIR, AND THE RIGHT THING FOR US TO DO”! But on the other side is insurgency, the chaos of people who have overthrown democracy, to install their own version of government; which is “only they decide/ and we have no say”. Counterfeiting our currency (by claiming assets that don’t exist)/ denying debts (the promise to pay is a lie)/ and indoctrinating every child to believe whatever they are told; fear the universities won’t save you/ and obey without question. By those who rebel against us; claiming they can be gods, if we let them do whatever they want to do.

We begin again; by understanding in a different way, that like “the flint-stone cartoon”; the pride (yes I can) of men/ and the power (yes I will) of men always relies on brute force, and whatever they can take from nature; to play their game. Which always ends in war/ because nature cannot recover. In contrast we then look at “the jetson cartoon”; as the female version of life allowed; which includes a push button world, of robots, flying cars and houses in the stars, and frivolous things/ but absolutely no nature at all; because it is gone, completely destroyed “to get here”. As is the cost of what humanity is doing to earth. So instead of losing our democracy, which brings war. In the real world, we are losing every part and piece of nature itself; as the men fight to prove yes they can/ and keep at least some women happy, with yes we will.

So the question is: as with “women’s lib”. Are you truly happy with joining men in their games? Or do you accept: if we worked together, for peace and justice by law we make for ourselves as “we the people”. The things we can choose/ the realities we can enforce; by establishing what is true and of value to our lives and living as a world. Would be enough to change this world for the joy of what life could become?

So the question is: as with women’s lib/ do you, or do you not believe the direction and realities of men: will end in war. Which means the destruction of every house/ the end of food and water supplies/ the curse of rape/ the tragedies of mutilation/ and the horror of what 4 BILLION men at war can now do to our world. Or even just a few with weapons of mass destruction. Or even just one, hiding in a university somewhere on earth; who releases a biological weapon; beyond natures control? Together we have control over our world: because like it or not: we are at least 8 BILLION people/ to a tiny few leaders. We are the military of every nation; and with a bill of rights that detail the rights and responsibilities of every soldier. Making it possible to say NO/ because we will protect them for defending us. But not for attacking someone else; as is decided by “a leader”. Who must be controlled by world law: we make for ourselves, as a world united for life.

So the question is: “can you face your fears, now”? Before like the current wars; others decide for you. CHANGING THIS WORLD WITH LAW/ NOT WAR? Or will you die, without a fight; surrendering everything you value; because chaos rules with fear?

I should in fact; leave you with a final truth; just in case. That while I cannot predict the future beyond what the evidence will show. I can predict; if you do become aware of what humans can do, when united for law to govern this world. There will be those who want me dead. “I will look ahead/ not back” if so. I know not if they will succeed “its not my job or concern”. But I can tell you this: that I am not your savior (etc), none should doubt; and whether alive or dead. That does not change the truth of what you need to do, for this world to survive. Hate will hate you; but it cannot stop “a living world”; do pray to GOD our CREATOR. Because the fools, have had their day. DO, the best you can; none can do better than that. If there is work, for life and world/ then this site www.brainfirst.info and its companion www.justtalking7.info might disappear (not by me); you should consider that a warning.

Of elemental things, it is of note to explain: that time is not dimensional/ even though we do live within time, so it seems. But fundamentally, the truth is we do not live within time; because time is an existence. And what happens within that existence becomes the dimension of our lives. Energy “lives” within existence! And it is energy that gives the dimension, to its habitation. Therefore life is a participation within energy, while time merely proves we exist as a distinction separate from that energy. A reality MORE, than I have intended to provide; but as the descent beyond the possibility to survive; continues to tilt. The decision: to separate myself and this work from “university knows” increases simply; to identify “a gap (what is true_)”.

The critical truth is: while knowledge allows for “yes we can”/ wisdom often says, NO THE CONSEQUENCES ARE TOO GRIM/ do no such thing. The cost of university is: “yes we can” is followed by the extreme experimentation’s that prove: you didn’t care or respect life or world. The price for being WRONG, has become extinction; so says the truth of what they do, or have done.

It is: the curse of life, “that in universities; move a grain of sand on a beach; and you have a job for life”. And they all say: “this is great”/ and refuse to leave that job: because it asks so very little, and provides so very much. The end result is: every curse enlarges to become a disease/ and every disease expands to be a threat to our very existence, as a world. Because media protects them from reality/ and governments are filled with: “a diploma: shouting, we are great”. They scream: we are the answer/ but reality proves that wrong. Providing examples such as bio-degradable plastics; which break down into nano-particles, which then invade biology to cause devastation, as it clogs “the living system” itself.. with horrifying results.

In other real news: the death of a nation or world, as well as genocide: is built upon the lies, theft, and betrayal that is a constant in this world. Nothing is more insidious than a bribe (the counterfeiting of currency and debts) which then supports lies and theft. Nothing is more deceitful, than a lie which betrays our whole world; as is the cost of fantasies, delusions, and imagination without truth. The cost of which is extinction for us all.

The demand for truth MUST overcome beliefs. The evidence MUST be consistent with “we all understand”.

As for you: IT IS, to your shame/ that the one truth all human beings know and understand is: THOSE WHO PLAY GOD, with life or world/ ARE IN FACT, THE ENEMY.   As cult worshipers, “of university is god”;  you applaud them.  BUT:  the price for being wrong: IS EXTINCTION!

AS ENEMIES of life; you grant weapons of mass destruction, to fools, failures, liars, and thieves.   Eternity WILL remember you, for these decisions. The mutilation of genetics/ attempts to ignite atoms on fire/ poisoning the entire earth/ pollution everywhere/ extinction, and so much more: thereby surrounding us all with extinction.

And humanity says: “i want what I want”. To hell with the future, I want what I want; RIGHT NOW/ give it to me, or I will curse you. Let the world die; just not in my lifetime.

But alas, truth says: “WANT, is the basis and foundation of every lie/ because you won’t lie, unless you want something/ or don’t lie, unless you are trying to hide something. Which then becomes your participation in a crime: the death of our world, and all its life forever. Nonetheless eternity says: “truth will remember”/ because it cannot be changed; and your soul cannot forget.

It is, the benefit of media: that we can communicate very effectively today. The curse of media; that humanity only wants what it wants/ and manipulation is a large part of that; as liars, thieves, traitors, terrorists and more demand attention too. Nonetheless; with social media, and the human decision to participate: your own option to further the need, and create the demand: for real world definitions of truth and evidence: is your own choice. For a great many people. We have one world; kill it and we are extinct/ doesn’t matter what you want; you are dead too. Life on earth is not a game for any living miracle that exists: it is, a chain that must not be broken. But universities do that every day; adding insult to injury/ extinction to death of a world; by claiming to be gods themselves. They are not, and the attempts to claim superiority; end with extinction for us all. As is evidenced by our truth as a world. Do what you can do/ as did I. Regardless what you believe of me; that is worthless. Life or death of our planet is real/ and there are no second chances. Nor can you wait until reality forces you to change something; while all shout “not much”/ the world dies, and extinction will come.

We must do: what we know we should do/ RIGHT NOW.  FOR LIFE AND WORLD: because, what you want;  has nothing to do with that truth. Which means change, because the world has been changed by universities and men; and we have no choice other than extinction. To change back what we can, incorporate what has value, and achieve what truth will allow, to be our future. For the sake of every child, and every living thing on this planet. COMMUNICATE THE NEED TO KNOW; no more believing/ no more wanting/ no more theories, fantasies, delusions, imagination, threats, lies, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, criminal conspiracy, corruption, collusion to propagate failure and disgrace. No more sewage of fools in charge. Real world truth, defined within a courtroom trial: so as to prove this is “the best we could do”/ and a distinct and real choice as a world. For what the future will become, by we the world, will now decide. If you refuse, men and their universities will finish what they started; and it will become “exactly as predicted in biblical Revelation chapters 1-11” as define nuclear war and so much more as is HELL on earth. Believe it or not; every preparation for that ending has been done, and is in evidence today! Including the war for water, as is Apocalypse. Including Armageddon, as is nature in chaos. As is the claim, “we can control the same fire as on the sun/ here on earth”; as is HADES ignited, “planet earth into a sun”/ because there is no possibility you can control a nuclear fire. “with according to the universities: million mile long flames, and radiation beyond your terrors”. Demand redress: WE WILL LEARN WHAT IS TRUE, THE COST OF BEING WRONG;   by courtroom investigation; as best we can.

It is absolutely true: that I need not create for you anything more; in order for you to understand the importance of supporting life, world, law, or democracy. YOU KNOW, no excuses left. It is not important for me to provide anything: that is not here, including a forum for you to chat among yourselves as that is what social media does. No religion is excluded/ no claim of apathy, arrogance, or disrespect will be allowed. LIFE OR DEATH is the literal choice to be made: and that includes all of humanity on earth. YOU DO KNOW HOW TO PROCEED, on your own; for life or death of our world. No second chances/ no going back: time has run out. CHOOSE.

As numerous organizations and individuals predicted (refusing to join every attempt to demand THE LAW must rule): I could get nowhere demanding that the judiciary OBEY THE LAW OF REDRESS/ as numerous lawsuits identify. Behind closed doors, they merely discard the law, and deny constitutional authority by refusing to acknowledge the constitution exists.

The end result of that is: YOU CAN FIND the realities of those trials, “James (F or Frank) Osterbur versus USA or state of IL on the old (information “.info)websites; found on Justtalking7.info . the truth, I did not lose/ they did not win: the constitution was merely denied. So pursuing redress means: “it takes a crowd”/ or they will deny, and postpone; until you go away. Or as in my case: they bar me from the court; both state and federal. IN CONTRAST HOWEVER; IS THE TRUTH: FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS IS THE LAW; and it holds just as much authority as every other part of that first amendment. US SUPREME COURT CASES 08-1339 AND 11-100 were redress trials; docketed and then discarded by the secretary of the court/ which is illegal, without a judicial signature: it is treason. Their job: is to protect the constitution/ not deny it exists.

As to women: the constant curse is fear, intensified by media; to form the belief that many among you are prey. Thereby obey the fear, and do what you are told; as it has been throughout history. “women’s lib” altered that slightly, but media replaced that with 24/7- 365; FEAR, or believe in fantasies that do not exist. This world is now teetering on the edge of extinction, because of men, and the women who drive them: to get what you want. Which means this world is dying; and the cost of that, will be war without end/ horrors beyond imagination; because that is what men do; when confronted with realities over which they have no real control. War is their foundation answer/ to everything.

Whether I aid and abet women in their own definitions and decisions about law/ or how this world could achieve “a new life”; is not my decision or my concern. I have made it clear: I would help/ and that ends the decision for me. I have no desire to help men; as the end result is always war.

YOUR CHOICE: must be, “truth decides; by the evidence as best we can/ fully understanding the price of being WRONG; explains our reality as a choice: not a demand. A decision defining wisdom; not pride or want! Anything less will fail. Because justice requires truth, and truth establishes: WE ARE EQUAL, each and every one. Which does include those who lead.

So life turns to female: understanding, that you know, “it is the law (all of us enforce; this as justice)” which grants you a reprieve from the cost of being weaker in physical strength. Therefore the quest of life survives, this time of terror standing watch: is to use the law, to govern ourselves, by enforcing what we the people decide is JUSTICE, TRUTH, AND FAIR PLAY. Your actions to succeed in this endeavor; to inform and create “the government of life/ rather than the government of men”: is elementally necessary. As power never returns pride/ unless it is forced.

Reality says to me: “that the spiritual woman of my life, has taken over my identity/ but I am not hers”; leaving me without options or control. It seems: as an example, that the power of men will fade/ but the pride of women must not rise. Identifying the critical choice is: to accept the boundaries and limits of what law can do. Constructing the decision of life versus death; is to let truth decide. Not by your wants/ but by the evidence “as best we can”. Playtime is over; especially for the universities/ as is NO MORE of this; where the curse flows deep. It seems male is through making decisions; but that leaves female, and their decision, to adopt fair play through justice and life/ world, comes first. To be our guide; or the world itself, will fail. NOT because I say so: because you changed this world; and we must accept the consequences of that; is no longer free.

I spent basically, my entire life in time: dedicated to fighting for life and world/ a reality that began with the Cuban missile crisis. Only to learn: how horrifyingly serious the crisis of this whole world is!  Therefore it is my decision to help. But as described: having entered the spiritual world of women in search for an answer that was NOT male. The cost of that decision, is not yet complete.

And the world says: THAT is why we let universities lead! But they are wrong; as universities lead by theory (the lie of evolution; a complete failure of evidence), delusions (the corruption of evidence that is fusion; lets gamble the world), fantasies (the claim; we will make life better by mutilating genetics; as is Armageddon)/ and imagination: as is, by gathering all the worst biological poisons and diseases, “WE WILL make something great”. When in fact: what they do is to prepare a war to overthrow this world with fear/ as they did with covid, only far worse; as is biological weapons “beyond control”. And then comes extinction of species and life in the ocean/ destruction of habitat/ defeat of every resource/ war for water/ overpopulation/ the entire world awash in “counterfeited currency and debts which cannot be paid”. Weapons of mass destruction that will be used and more. ALL COURTESY OF “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”. Making the evidence clear: SATAN/ NOT SAVIOR.

If we examine the difference, between truth and law; we find a gap, that is consistent with the distance of what is time. Because while truth is an existence/ the law is in practice, its reality. The disciplines of life, arise in that gap. The creation of our existence; is produced by its effects. NO, I do not believe; you will decipher it further.

When things are conceived by truth, the certainty of law not only protects the living, but identifies and orchestrates the governing of life.

Being employed by the laws of governments, is defined by the administration of truth, and achieves trust by law; through the privilege of work, that is your job to achieve. There is no right of authority in government employ: only in the law, that is justified and fair to all.

Without truth there is no government! Because there is no justice, in the corruption of law.

The privilege to claim authority ends: because the anarchy of lies, and betrayal by conspiracy to steal, the collusion to overthrow democracy; by changing the law/ and destroying the constitutional contract that is our government. Proves rebellion (make the universities in charge) and the insurgency (indoctrinate every one, in the cult of university is god): the “Satanic surge”: that leads to war.

ONLY TRUTH, BRINGS GOVERNMENT BACK TO LIFE; as is governed by the words: “WE THE PEOPLE”. REDRESS, our constitutional first amendment law; set into place to prove our LEGAL AUTHORITY TO CHANGE OUR GOVERNMENT, AND REVIEW ITS EMPLOYEES; by their oath of office. IS THE METHOD to absolve civil war/ and confront our enemies: with truth.

And humanity says: “we want what we want”/ and we don’t want, what we don’t want”; and there is no in between. Because that is “whitewashed with the lies, want calls politics”. Where the thirsty, prove their absolute greed; by wanting the power, and pushing for the pride; that gives their group control over the money. Government fails:  because the currency is counterfeit/ the debts cannot be paid/ and the claims of wealth, are all lies:  which requires even those who do their best, to accept “NOTHING IS REAL”: the economy crashes if we tell. Which ends with the delusion of leadership, and the fantasy of “university imagination” did this. IF, “trump is your hero; remember this, he initiated/ accepted covid:  “$6 trillion dollars, “believe damn you believe, fear, obey”/ for one hundred million shots=$60,000.00 per shot”/ and inflated currency more than any other. 

THAT MEANS: trump promised, one hundred million US workers, WOULD PAY $60,000.,00 EACH over taxes, and all other expenses/ TO A VERY TINY FEW “UNIVERSITY ELITE”;   WHO SET THEIR OWN PRICE/ and released biological warfare against our world.    SO, HOW MANY TRILLION DOLLARS did biden give them; along with letting the sewer overflow, with the puke and vomit swimming in maggots/ parasites/ and your own blood!

  Giving that power of corruption;  to those who enforced:  THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN THIS NATION.    AS IS, YOU WILL:    OBEY/FEAR/ BELIEVE; the universities are god.   W hat the media warlocks of hell;  say.  YOU HAVE NO BRAIN/  believe damn you believe, the university is your savior; NO EVIDENCE is required.  OBEY everything you are told, FEAR what universities can do (as is the release of biological weapons), BELIEVE we will abandon you; as reality will prove true!

History proves with certainty: that with only rare exception, men who find a penny/ will curse that bit of nature into extinction, desertification, a battleground for blood, or a failed state just to prove they can. History proves with certainty: that if the weapons are entirely in the hands of one group/ genocide, or slavery; is coming to the other groups, close by. History proves with certainty; ANY CHANGE of any kind, that gives one group an advantage over the other group: will result in war/ because the curse of men is want, and all want leads to pride, as the beginning demand for power. Which then forces: “believe/ fear/ obey”, as their proof, along with the violence of fear; of being god over you. History proves with certainty: women will pay for all of this with their lives enslaved or discarded, for many. History proves: ONLY THE LAW, makes a civilization work. ONLY THE LAW provides a degree of justice and fair play or protection for women. ONLY THE LAW, establishes: WE ARE EQUAL, no matter who you are/ the law is superior, and you will obey. But history also proves: if hate owns the weapons/ that law will be corrupted. Hate will consume the future, with theft and betrayal. Hate will sacrifice every child, and pretend nothing is wrong: because they all lie, to get what they want. PEACE IS DEPENDENT UPON LAW, AND ITS ENFORCEMENT BY JUSTICE, through FAIR PLAY. In this USA; all peace is ending/ because the liars cheat, and the murderers fight for Satan; by chanting “the university is god”.

In a civilized world: “the bullets” are exchanged for non-lethal (I can stop you) ammunition. With critical stores of lethal: distributed as needed or desired.

IF biden is your hero: remember this, HE WAS there throughout the time required to let the reality of lies and betrayal of democracy (power rules), take complete control. BOTH of which supported and allowed, “nazi style takeover: removing freedoms and threatening society” by blaming covid.  A clear propaganda insurgency, to take control. Search harder!  Stop living in the filth of  lies, theft, traitors, and terrorists.  BUT make no mistake: your only way out is bankruptcy/ and your only method of keeping this democracy from failing is to control that bankruptcy as a nation. Taking away their power of the rich: to prove democracy is real; and WE THE PEOPLE SHALL DECIDE, FOR OURSELVES!       NOW, as is our legal right/ under first amendment redress of grievances. FORCE THE TRUTH.

BECAUSE, that is the easy way: to make people; do, what you want them to do! Regardless what it is; all but a tiny few, can be bought.  LIMITED CAPITALISM (VOTING on limits and boundaries) removes that claim.

Humanity standing one meter apart: as 8 billion people; is a solid, unbroken line of people; over 8 MILLION KILOMETERS LONG! If you believe the liars who report these numbers. YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED/ nature can no longer defeat you; and that means: YOU CHANGE OR DIE, because you killed this earth. Want no longer matters: TRUTH DOES!

The curse of man is simple: they fight for superiority, in order to say/ you are not equal to me; I own it all. Thereby judgment, which is not playing god: unless, you can induce “believe, fear, obey”; is a constant. The curse of more; is for slaves/ the cost of more is: more competition will arise/ until the boundary line is crossed, and someone must die, “to save the rest”. The plague of universities is: “yes we can” expands/ until the world itself faces extinction, because yes you did; is the constant of men. What women would do instead; is unknown/ as they have never been given the critical test, that proves: “this is so; because reality proved, you could”. The fundamental question: could women save this world from the extinction of men? Then begins, as the critical choice: IT IS, now or never! Because the evidence is clear: men have judged this world dead, by their own hands, with universities leading the way.

My own existence, becomes more clear: as the test of women, created by “this is so, because reality proved you could”. As is the cost of “trading places” with woman. No it is not; a temptation or manipulation/ but it is an answer for: WHY? I do not look forward to the results! If “the world of female” chooses it: “would you, as one in four billion” so to speak? I cannot~! Nonetheless, no male/ for any cause or reason; is not allowed to intervene: the test is, strictly between female and I. IF GIVEN power, over this world; what would you do? Their choice, not mine. But if you fail, finding no relief from their games, or cost of men and their wars/ extinction will come soon.

Discovery has now been made, with regards to my own life; the question is resolved/ the reality is simply: what would women do, with power over man? That is not a question I can answer/ but it is a question: women can. Therefore the work is done, the question is presented; and the reality will be discovered for you, as well as me. Because if you are like men, this world shall not go on. The evidence proves that is so; as you are distinctly and without question: surrounded by threats. NO, this is not about sex/ NO, it does not preclude you from sex: I AM given the same rights and realities that all women know and respect/ all the frailty of being surrounded by those who can prove to be stronger than me. All women will scream; “HE IS LYING”/ but you are wrong; and I do wish, to my great dismay; it was not so; a spiritual thing/ you would not understand. MY life (invaded by spiritual woman), is a total wreck; over the last 18+ years, everything is disassembled, and thrown away; even what had value. BUT, I invaded her world too; so, reality decides! Even though old and “not pretty”; it remains true, that has not always been a deterrent to men; may not be a deterrent to women. NO, I gain nothing; searching only for knowledge, for life. NO, I “never would have guessed; trapped”. NO, can’t escape it; no matter what is to come/ the exit is sealed forever, and I cannot leave “the spiritual world of women”.  I cannot predict what you will or won’t do; it is not my choice! Just how it is! Apparently, so you can prove: “worthy to try/ or not”. It is YOUR choice.

I AM here, to help the organizing of law; in order to sustain life on this earth; because women chose to care; and then fight for this world. That is NOT, a reality defined by “a tiny few” participants. But by real world intent to deny the leaders of men; their decision to curse this world into extinction. DIFFERENT IS REQUIRED.  I have succeeded in proving a level of wisdom “beyond the majority”. YOU have proven; regardless of the evidence:  I CANNOT:  manipulate or control you. A reality that cannot be changed.  TRUTH DEMANDS: YOU MUST PARTICIPATE, it is the only way for life to survive.  I have no plans for you/ no revenge/ no reward/ no assumptions/ no religious anything for you; no predictions, nor even the claim of “life or death” for either of us; as a result of this work. I know not, at a human level/ but I do know: the evidence is real/ and the consequences are certain. This earth is “functionally surrounded”, with traitors who intend to make it extinct. Your decision for a different outcome: will end soon. I have no demands for you; other than “enough participation to make a difference”; for life and world.  “simple as that: YOUR WORK, not mine”.

THIS IS ABOUT: whether respect for miracles does exist, realities beyond selfishness can be found, obedience to justified and real law, the evidence of truth will lead, the value of life and nature protected, the decisions which enable a future to be real for every child, consequences beyond want shall rule, and the acceptance of limits and boundaries as are necessary to insure life and world survives. Exists in you, MORE than it does in men.YOUR ANSWER, is required; to save this world; because men cannot. After thousands of years: THIS IS, “the best they did do”. EXTINCTION is literally at the door; because the evidence of university changed, this world: cannot be denied.              WHETHER DIFFERENT, IS ENOUGH/ WISE ENOUGH:     TO KEEP THIS WORLD ALIVE!     Religion is wrong:      humanity was given the freedom to decide/  the biblical prediction is:  Chapters 1-11 “men and their wars” decide.   As is proven by human history, of their war, hate, etc; as is nothing changed.   IF YOU fail to care/ LIFE ENDS WITH  their decision for, EXTINCTION AS PREDICTED. YOUR CHOICE! 

 Biblical Revelation chapters 12- 22 predict how the world shall be:  IF THE SPIRITUAL WOMAN (12 presents “a new life for this world”) [Chapter 17 predicts; “the beast of man” shall be controlled;  I seem to be controlled, as the example of that]  COMES, instead.  She is here, “in me”; believe it or not. 

and the world says, “we are too smart/ too educated to believe any of that”! And yet you believe evolution, which is pure unproven rubbish/ you believe in fusion; which is the end of this earth at ignition: because igniting atoms into a nuclear fire, is all their machines can in fact do. You believe; in genetic mutilation; “universities play god”/ has no consequences. You believe resources last forever/ no you don’t have to do nothing for the planet; you are destroying. “plenty of water”/ even though you are adding billions of people who need it; and a thousand more “foundations of evidence”: that prove you are the stupidest, as a world;    of all humans ever born. You are not educated/ you are indoctrinated into the cult of believers;  who accept anything your former classmates tell you “when hidden behind the cloak of a diploma”.

As reality proves:  is the case of: a 1% rise in population today: is 80 million+ (1.2% rise “12 MORE babies, than deaths: per thousand people” more; is 96 million), more mouths to feed per year/ each year more.   YOU TOOK IN ONE MILLION IMMIGRANTS: WELL THERE ARE 95 MILLION MORE; each year:   “LOOKING FOR EVERYTHING YOU WANT TOO”!

This is about, “ten thousand questions”; but it is not about me. Because truth says: that male and female are equal, and should never be questioned; as to which is better.

WE THE WORLD, ARE 8,000,000,000+PEOPLE: ARE THE LAW! Based upon what we are willing to enforce upon our leaders: who are in fact “merely former classmates/ never gods”. TOGETHER, organized for life and world: WE ARE, THE ARMY, ETC; and no war exists without us all. THEREFORE what we allow, is what will be! The few who hate, and lead us all to war, by fear/ use belief to accomplish that. They apply obedience: by the propaganda of manipulation: to believe/ rather than to realize; “these few people” CANNOT control us; unless we allow it to be so!

SO THE TRUTH IS: BECAUSE WE CANNOT ALLOW “WORLD WAR 3” AS ONE DOOR TO OUR OWN EXTINCTION: WE NEED TO GIVE OUR LEADERS A “VIRTUAL VASECTOMY”. REMOVING FROM THEM THEIR DESIRE FOR WAR, BY ENDING WHAT GIVES THEM their pleasure for war! No more controlling the military (defend only)/ no more controlling the currency or debt (not your job)/ no more deciding our future: we will decide for ourselves. NO more controlling the courts, for greed or gain: we will judge the judge ourselves. No more controlling the law: we the people shall! REMEMBERING; what we do decide, controls us, and our world, and our extinction or future for every child and life on earth.

THE DIFFERENCE: between life and death of this world, begins with: THE MILITARY either OBEYS the leader/ OR, IT DEFENDS (inside our borders) OUR NATION AND WORLD. OUR CHOICE, IS LAW; not their PRIDE.     GIVE THEM THEIR BILL OF RIGHTS!  to prove it is their decision, to OBEY WE THE PEOPLE instead.

more simply: order the death of any one of us, “without justified cause”/ and we will order the death of our leader, who gave that order; by that same law. NO LONGER SLAVES/ but equals now.

In this USA; the claim of a covid pandemic without proof; enabled those who believed to overthrow democracy (anarchy: invading our lives and laws, to claim superiority), and curse life on earth (terrorists_; invading our bodies, with filth/ “lets play god”). Because mutilating genetic life/ and in particular human genetic nature: IS A VERY SERIOUS THING (insurgency; departing from truth or respect for what is real). Your gods of university (open rebellion, against life and world); still have no clue as to blood, or how to build a single part of life including hair. Nothing beyond “lets crucify this (genocide)” so we can find “a key (overthrow by rebels and traitors)” to building life with genetic materials, by our own design (Satan, on earth; by arrogance/ apathy/ and disrespect so vile; they actually believe they are gods; because you let them be cult leaders. All bow down; says media).

The failure of truth, is by human want. As with war: “be damned to law”; we want what we want/ and will take it. The failure of a human heart to understand anything; is by pride: the arrogance of claiming superiority, by winning an irrelevant game. The failure of respect; is by power; to measure and judge unworthy in your eyes/ thereby allowing violence or murder, or any of numerous crimes to be committed. While the cost of “USA today is; a nation filled with liars, traitors, thieves, whores, terrorists, and worse”; because the universities made you “believers” (only, your own want matters). To your shame, as the world, and all its life continues on to extinction; by your hands. How few, are exempted from that truth.

Truth keeps life alive; by providing the limits and boundaries of law. A reality of existence; because in the real world: beyond the limits and boundaries imposed is death, or horrors: in both time and eternity. The universities discard truth, and malign language: so that you don’t understand or doubt truth; as is the evidence of evolution, fusion, CERN, genetics, poisons, trash, resources, threats almost beyond number/ and the constant disgrace of human existence, by choice; on this earth. While media insures: NOBODY should understand; extinction is the consequence of these choices. Because they want the power to control; as is why they are paid; and owned, by a tiny few.

I do not malign “university” truth does; as a plague leading to death.

I demand: the investigation of truth, and the cost of being wrong/ as is reality, no more believers: we prove the future, as best we can. In this USA; that becomes real, “with redress, a first amendment law; that corruption and conspiracy hide from life.” is that not fair?

The believer, as always says: “you CAN’T question our leader/ or law”; because we are superior to you (cult). Pointing to me; to say: “even delusional, as proven by talk of spirituality is real”/ insane! But life is not so simple as, “whatever you believe”/ and not so blind as to conceive of superiority; in any life on earth. Instead: the disciplines of law, invite you to prove evolution (life without a brain/ building itself). The order of life, invites you to prove: mutilating genetics, will not result in HORRORS. The balance of living, invites you to prove “every living miracle” is not exactly that; a true gift/ NOT a sewer of fools. Therefore respect issues the challenge: describing the spiritual world, is formed by the clarity of truth, the demand for purity in that truth/ which allows those who survive “their truth”, to be invited into the spiritual world: is wrong?

There is an elevation of that here, “as depicted by”; the spiritual woman inside of me/ even referenced by the prediction of Revelation 12 & 17. It stands alone as, “too much/ you can’t prove that”: which is true. But what I can prove is: the evidence of this work, aligns with an education that is beyond yours; in ways of life and reality. Questions and answers that are defined by and beyond death; to the very edge of eternity itself. Disciplines, balanced by the critical construction of male and female as one. But lost by order, to the consequences of “being where I do not belong; as is, in a female spiritual world, beyond time”. The law governing “female existence” decides, not me. So things changed; and I cannot escape or go back; because the entry way was forever closed “with a million ton boulder” (no possibility). And all say: “he is insane”/ it cannot be! Because that would mean: there are consequences for choices each one makes! That would mean: these are the last days of life on earth, and extinction is coming as predicted. So religion says: “this is chaos”/ we cannot have that, because we don’t want it to be true; and hide! While every child says: this is not fair/ but life is not fair, and reality will decide. No want allowed! So we all ask the singular question; that is life or death of this world? WHAT WILL, “THE EVIDENCE PROVE TRUE”? And humanity screams: “we want what we want”/ and will never ask that question; because, they all intend to scream “innocent: I didn’t know/ its not my fault/ you didn’t convince me; that was your job, not mine”. Truth however knows, and like me: you cannot escape the choices you have made either. Time allows change; but that is your own choice. Truth is truth, want or don’t want; is absolutely irrelevant; no excuses allowed.

YOUR decision is: life or death, no second chances! Because reality proves death by the evidence: this is the choice humanity has made/ and time has run out; CHANGE or die. Is what is left. “which is why I am here”/ as one last chance to change; by combining male and female into one decision that matters for both. But female in charge; because this is, the best men did do, “after thousands of years”.  And they chose extinction; as all the evidence does prove true.

It is the maze intellectuals construct, and its complexity by rules (the game of intellectuals); that is then, the rules construct by fear; to form the herd of humans.  So, YOU (not us) can be singled out for pain or death; as is isolated by self. That belief of fear, does not focus on “all”/ because they need you to be their slaves. Which, allows for leaders to become tyrants; and demand weapons to control the herd (we run as one; letting the careless die). Forcing obedience by the fear/ belief: they can kill you. As is predator in our midst.  

Removing the rules, that focus on you: ALLOWS, that the law surfaces as WHAT IS JUSTICE FOR US ALL! Reveals the maze, and removes the disguise: that this leader is more than “a mere man”. He or she is not: as they are simply “former classmates” who were never able to prove they could be gods.

REMOVING the weapons, that force compliance. Is to provide “a soldiers bill of rights”; created by society itself/ as does prove, what we do or do not give you the right to be; with regard to defending this nation, from its enemies. As is all tyrants.

The foundation of both tyranny and genocide is: to remove all the weapons: so that hate can control, unfettered by their own fear.

But so are you; “chained by fear”.  A world that will not face the changes or the realities: you caused when universities play god. A world that plays the game of men which is war/ rather than accepting: THERE IS ONLY ONE SOLUTION; TO END THE GAME/ and declare with absolute certainty. That a leader who declares war on another nation: declares war on himself/ and it is this international alliance of nation that says. ONLY ONE MAN; IS DECLARING WAR ON THE REST/ AND THAT MAN WILL GET WAR BACK; FROM 8 BILLION PEOPLE WHO SAY NO! EITHER BACK AWAY, BEHIND YOUR OWN BORDERS; or face three decisions: you will face world court and judgment/ or you will face a contract killer by any means possible (who does gain a reward)/ or there will be: A DEDICATED ATTACK ON THE LEADER, AND ANY WHO WOULD CONTINUE KILLING/ UNTIL YOU ARE DEAD. That would include the use of a weapon of mass destruction if needed on you. Reminding all of your nation: to stay away from the vermin marked for death/ and not retaliate, because we are not attacking you. The world attacks ONLY YOUR LEADER; because he kills, as terrorists do. So make up your mind; as an army with a brain: to let the vermin in charge die. So that life can go on; by law. Because if it does not become so: your world/ your life/ your family/ and your future; will be HELL ON EARTH. As reality cannot turn back the hand of time. This is a choice: life or death/ because the world itself CANNOT endure another failure of men, and their game of war. NOT gambling: A CHOICE; SAVE THIS WORLD AND ITS LIFE, from men! OR IT WILL DIE, because the leaders of men; cannot resist playing their game. and the weapons prove, extinction will follow!


THE LAW IS: WHAT JUSTICE AND FAIR PLAY DEMAND, “is our contract to, and with each other”; in support of what we the people accept: IS OUR RIGHTS, FREEDOMS, AND PROTECTIONS as the proof of what our society shall be.

LIFE is, “a beautiful thing”; a relationship granted by freedom, to experience and express the very foundations of your own desire. The purpose of “heart”; as is to own the essence of life, given to love. To ascend in soul; the purity of truth.

The living body of life, a pure miracle of only; “thought did this”; as there is no other way possible. An indisputable fact! Love is the adventure, but respect is the door: which makes the invitation to participate, your decision to accept life is worth this price. “time is a body, as proven by death/ life is the existence of thought; as presented by miracles”. What you do not see in death: is the potential for truth to remain. The discovery of hope; because love is a treasured thing/ the end of loneliness, because you cared to share with respect. Hate is abandoned, to the chaos it represents. While animals fail and vanish forever lost.

Love is the singular “proof of life”/ while hope is the path we cherish to become as one, ascending to life, beyond self. Destiny illuminates respect is the door, while the truth of value becomes the evidence of our soul. Trust balances faith, which builds the heart by learning “we are alive, in each other; which means; the door opened, and the greatest treasure of time or universe; became our own”.

Yet the vast majority, only know they exist, and are living among the games played by the others: to win, or to lose; as animals do. The university led animal; assumes life is toy, or a fight to get what you want. They believe (I want what I want), and assume; letting imagination be their guide. Letting rules, and the maze; be their power over you; because want needs a slave to achieve true pride (I win).

Leader means guide/ not ruler. Leader means a value created by understanding: “I own my decision/ just like you own your decision; and you cannot read my mind anymore than I care to read yours”. Therefore the decisions of society explain only one true thing: that we live in harmony, sharing the work of building our futures together; OR someone lives to make us cry, with chaos; as is “playing god”. The cult of university owns “chaos and leads into mischief or death”!  “the cult: BELIEVES for you”/ to prove they are the superior ones/ the righteous, who cannot be wrong!  You  the cult worshipers; are not allowed to choose or question; as you “have no brain”. Cult Religion is: “believe/ fear/ obey”.  So the world hardens up, which means the heart is no longer open to friendship or life. And society dies, as the consequence of this becomes human isolation (I am not an animal), and judgment (university says you are); that will not forgive (we won’t care).

In the conclusion of life as time; “as age proves true”. The singular result is, “I believed in you”/ that you were alive as a human searching for life, like me. Just lost, and in need of a guide; so I spent a lifetime working to assemble: “life and world” are more than this! But your only response was: “we want what we want”/ and there was no more. Refusing absolutely: to question your god of university; as true believers do. Apart from a tiny few! Extinction is their choice; as the evidence does prove true. You will be horrified; but too late to change what was done. So, this is “my last work”, for you. Choose better or die!  Choose better, or this world will die: because that is the consequence you chose. By accepting “yes we can”/ even when you knew, “this is bad for life or world”. Playing god with life or world;  is a decision made by fools, liars, traitors, terrorists, and thieves.

Take away the claim of authority to declare war;  as leaders demand/ and enforce:   THE LAW SHALL    RULE US NOW. Or chaos will reign.      Because hate, as always: will enforce revenge/ and laws fail, when war begins: as is the constant plan of men.

no money (work & resources)/ no ruler (only tyrants).  law or chaos, is then the choice! Discipline, demands order. Fear brings chaos, as its reward.

And all the men say: YOU CAN’T do that/ we have wants and needs, and must defend ourselves, from ourselves! But life replies: WAR ENDS THE WORLD, and destroys all your wants and refuses all your needs. While the body of life and world insists: your solutions as men, are now dead: the world has changed. CHANGE, to let truth decide (by the evidence) for life and planet/  OR HELL: is your only option left.

It is, the choice of life to understand: that “the law” gives us nothing, except the opportunity to know what is justified and what is not. The law grants: that we are responsible for the society, and government which we accept; based upon the law we have created or allowed. LAW, is then the evidence of who we are; as it falls down when you don’t care/ and it rises up, to create a future we chose to build, when we choose to enforce it on ourselves; and those who claim to be our leaders. The same is true of governments: they are, what we allow for them to be! Because the end result of life on earth today is: “with 8 billion people”/ hate cannot control us, unless we allow it to be so. As the animals all scream: “ I WANT WHAT I WANT/ leave me alone, I don’t care; even let this world die (but after I am gone)”. To their shame.

Even the sewer of university pride acknowledges: by the year 2050 (16 years away soon): THERE WILL BE BY THEIR ESTIMATE, which is too damn low: TEN BILLION people on earth. Meaning at least another 2 billion mouths to feed/ heat released/ competition for everything, including water/ and a degraded percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere; that is doom for all. Which aligns with HELL; because only war can stop the flow. But alas: kill a billion people/ and there are STILL 9 BILLION to go. Not even with weapons of mass destruction; unless they release biological weapons; and they do hope to have their own version of immunization before that. Which you will not be given: because somebody has to die. Reality says: “long overdue”. But alas: we will have ten billion people on earth in far less time than that; and as is true: no water/ no food/ no resources/ pollution beyond your expectations/ no forest/ no sea life/ global over-warming; to bake you/ the atmosphere accelerating into global chaos/ war everywhere: ETCETERA and more; because that is indeed what you chose; and cannot “just wave a magic wand” of university imagination/ and deny the truth: you sold out your world, and all you got was fake numbers, without meaning.

Oh wait, silly me: I FORGOT, you are a cult, and reality does not matter/ cause “you got the magic wand” of university imagination. Why, as they say: “we can control the same fire as on the sun/ or mutilate nature into submission; so we can wipe away every tear; by playing god”. So, DON’T you think for yourselves now; that ain’t fair/ right! MEDIA does that for you. Even if some are trying to rise above insanity.   “now, ain’t that right”/ don’t you dare prepare, or make any decision for life or world; “that is for fools/ cause you can’t question a cult”? They know!

And the maze of human animals; becomes completely lost in the claim: that numbers/ money; will keep us safe. But alas: without resources or rights, in a world overrun with human wants: there is no place to hide. In a barren world/ overheated, every life gone; no water:  now, means crowded together; where cannibals rule.    Coming soon: to this world, and you.

As is, “truth of life”; you need to sign your name, to be included in this work. There is no place to hide; it is one or the other: “stand up and be counted as someone who is challenging leadership: to identify what is true; the cost of being wrong. The decision: LAW must lead now!  Rather than to believe whatever we have been told/ to believe nothing needs to be changed:    “or not”/ your choice!    James Frank Osterbur  10-21-2023

IT IS insane; to choose mental chaos (let liars lead)/ rather than truth. Truth demands: by the evidence, there is only extinction in your future/ without true and permanent real change to life and world come first! No more leaders playing god with life or world or nations. Simple as that/ or chaos will unleash power, and the insane will rule until “death is due, you have parted, with life and world”. Limited capitalism: removes power, by giving that authority to control power: to the people themselves/ by a vote: YOU choose to limit “their power”. Because without money or property or natural resources to control: there is no army of hate. They will fail/ crime will diminish. Humanity itself will then govern, by law, and truth will decide; or you will fail & extinction will follow. World law/ NOT weapons of mass destruction. World peace by enforcing internationally “all the same”; our, we the world law, on leaders.

in this USA, THE MOST critical truth we share is: that democracy is born upon the authority called WE THE PEOPLE. As history proves true; that is always under attack by those who inhabit the claim of “nazi; which is a true thirst for power/ to prove their pride; by controlling what we want or need for life”. The names change; but the reality is constant. OUR AUTHORITY to govern ourselves, is based upon the constitutional contract: that is our government. The decisions we, the people made: which orchestrated this nation. Good or bad does not matter/ because reality is reality. Within our constitutional government is: first amendment redress of grievances, “which does carry just as much legal right/ as any other part of that first amendment”. The right to review the decisions of our employees/ and determine for ourselves if this nation is in fact: WHAT WE CHOSE it to be. Reserving to ourselves the authority to make that judgment/ and redefine our own path, as a nation or state; by our own vote.

THE DIFFERENCE: between democracy and tyranny is, “who controls the money[ limited captalism ends that, with our vote]”/ because with money, armies are born to control you [world law ends that, no longer an excuse]. When the rich, become too rich: they take control over government, by sending in those who will become like Hitler (puppet of power/ we can control them “with information and fear”). [taking control: by FREEING THE PRESS, paying them based upon their contribution to our needs.] Counterfeiting currency is the first step to takeover [removed by constitutional law; demanding the currency is tied to the population count]/ hiding that fact through media conspiracy is second/ destroying the right to enforce our laws (deny constitution), over our employees, [we judge the judge, and all legal entities/ to remove them if they fail us all] is third/ claiming superiority (we alone decide/ university is god) is fourth: [we QUESTION, the damn cult]/ removing the freedom (covid) to discuss or organize is fifth [REMOVING POWER, from government employment; by bids and laws; and refusing no war nor debt may you make]/ removing every option (we own it all/ or you die) is sixth [the end of all monopoly, the return to democracy as is WE THE PEOPLE shall own our nation]/ reducing you to invalids without a brain: unable, to understand anything of importance; is seventh [NO MORE indoctrinating every child; with the plague of cult worshiping university]. WHAT has not been done? The coffin opens, and war begins; as is “the final solution” of those who conspire, corrupt, and collude to secretly: get more for themselves. WORLD LAW, we govern the leaders by our laws: ENDS WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION; by insuring peace through true international JUSTICE.

REMOVING THE SEWAGE: requires, that you enforce the law of democracy; which means, WE ALL HAVE A SAY/ you are not “god”. LAW DECIDES TRUTH BY THE EVIDENCE; the right to investigate, and choose for ourselves/ cannot be undone.

PROVING: YOU, are NOT our government! Requires: that you    withhold taxation,   and support: in order to assemble the proof: WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS OF OWNERSHIP here! OUR LIVES, are just as important as yours!

CONTROL IS BORN; on the truth of law, and who does enforce JUSTICE; rather than a curse.


To facilitate the demand for REDRESS, according to the first amendment: my taxes were left unpaid for the years 2020-2022 (I think)/ with the statement to the IRS; both state of IL and federal. That I do NOT refuse to pay the tax/ BUT I DO refuse to pay for the insurgency; that will not obey our constitutional law as is redress of grievances. MERELY OBEY THE LAW, and establish REDRESS/ and I will pay the “fair tax” without complaint. A tax case is the only method of making this happen: because the rebellion against us all, has used the anarchy of thieves to hold us out of any and every other method that can be used peacefully. Redress is: the removal of civil war/ by making the law decide OUR DEMOCRACY is better served: when we use our brain and our vote; to change what is wrong. Our employees who claim to be government: hate that/ and refuse. BUT IT IS PROVEN TREASON: TO DELIBERATELY deny the constitutional mandates and rights of authority; that belong only to the citizens of this nation or state (5th amendment). So the army of our nation or state is: THESE EMPLOYEES ARE: breaking the law, and forming in rebellion against us all, with the conspiracy to deny the authority to protect our nation or state, from an insider attack: BELONGS ONLY TO OURSELVES.

Numerous lawsuits were filed and contained back in earlier websites on www.justtalking7.info “the only one left, combined”. But without an army of people who are willing to protect and defend their democracy; it was worthless, other than to prove what is true. So one last chance: either stand up for your democracy, understanding “it won’t be free”/ and accept the price of keeping this nation and world alive; by understanding what is true. OR LET IT DIE, as you are doing. Claiming you don’t care/ “the bribes are good”. Reality by the evidence proves: “coward and cult worshipers” will die. Stand up for your world, and do what life needs you to do. I will discard this effort; if you fail; because traitors are traitors; and you have proven; to join them.

It is, “your duty”; to find hope/ because without hope, humanity sinks into the depression that is death of our world. Hope says: that love reminds us each one, of what has value. Unlike money, which is only a promise; that can be broken. Family exists: by the proof, you are worth more than money to me/ it does not survive on less. Love reaches life, by ascending into the respect of “truth is a miracle too/ a path beyond ourselves” which adds to value, by asserting wisdom exists. There is no wisdom in “playing god”/ as is, the universities way. There is no wisdom in war, as is the male way. There is no wisdom in want; as is the human way. But there is a valid and true wisdom in love; which shapes the creation of life, into hope.            the   endless parade  of  people   trying   to  make you   fear:  is  not  valid.   nobody  dies/  nobody   lives.

UNFORTUNATELY; humanity lives in a dream world, of universities play god; and lie, cheat, betray, terrorize, and steal. In this USA “a million immigrants cross the border in a year/ but human population at 1%’; rises by about one hundred (more or less) million each year/ leaving 99 million PER YEAR [one more mouth to feed over deaths per one hundred people]/ which need someplace to go; good to eat/ water, etc. The more competition/ the less mercy; just how it is. There will be war/ war will end the food supply, destroy your habitat, and in all ways make it impossible to rebuild for life; human or not. Because that “look at any war zone”; is what they do. THERE IS ONLY ONE WAY FORWARD, AND THAT IS WITH LAW WE ALL AGREE MUST BE ENFORCED/ AS A WORLD. There is only one way to survive “universities play god”; and that is to literally understand the price for being WRONG. As your former classmates usually are. Having a brain means you are intended to use it/ not just believe whatever you are told: so think for yourself, understand this is not a game/ and learn what is true; by investigating the evidence you can find. Media is not an expert, and universities continue to lie; because they want what they want; just like you. GO TO COURT; under the legal right of REDRESS (FIRST AMENDMENT LAW) to question our employees/ and demand the authority to decide is now our own. Do it now/ do so with the world watching and participating. Let only truth decide; because nothing less survives.

YOU should remember: that your heart beats at roughly 70 beats per minute x 60 minutes per hour x 24 hours a day x 365 days per year: and lets use 70 years as a stable (average life 76 male/ 78 female)= 2 trillion, 575 billion, 440 million; if you never exercise once. And your great gods of university say: “we can change your genetics and make it better”/ when in fact all they can do is cut something out, poison it, or push something through if possible. WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN?

Hope is found: in working for life and planet and truth to survive. It is teaching respect to those who lost it. It is surrendering what has limited value such as money; to the gain of love which knows life is shaped by what we value most. It is accepting: GOD Created these miracles of life, for us! To grant that we might also join HIM in the eternity of life, where joy lives on; by choosing for ourselves: that my heart and soul seeks love/ rather than:   the constant of, want, pride, or power.our reality is simple:    every penny for heart research goes to genetic mutilation and manipulation of nature itself;  as is “the genetic code”.    you are paying them to kill you/ because only one mistake is the end of life by horror!  Genetics are not a toy (they are the body of life on earth)/ and your science is not “god”.     IT IS ALSO NOTED:  that basically everyone is considered to have “heart disease” beyond the age of 19 years old/ because that is the base range of “heart activity”; by which all other years are compared too.  Guess what:   that activity or ability to recover diminishes with time.  “I don’t remember the name of it/ but you have heard it; cause the word, and its claim of “heart disease”;    ain’t rare.       OR, more simply:  FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR/ pay the money, and obey what you are told. “believe in your savior”!


Reality however is a path, that lives where only truth can go! One of those truths is: even at one percent (one per one hundred people more)/ at 8 billion people on earth= EIGHTY+ MILLION, more mouths to feed, house, and compete with you for everything you want/ or need to provide for life and living, each year. Ten years=800 billion more than today/ billions are hungry today; water is ending, today/ resources are being devastated today/ war sits on the doorstep, for this whole world. HOPE IS BUILT UPON TRUTH/ NOT AVOIDANCE, or running away. The rise is more; as always your experts lie.

Bringing me too: after 22 years of writing what has been essentially “a daily column, in a newspaper”. To the reality of closing this work; to remove the excuse of myself, from your decision: as is life or death/ for this world. If it lasts, I then say goodbye to the work; of man. I did do, the job I was trained and taught, to do. Whether you fail or succeed in survival of life on earth: I am now excused.

Truth is a path, that turns into faith this direction which I have chosen; leads to life. It is “an open source” of knowledge, which blends the understanding of truth into wisdom. Without sacrificing self or anything alive.

Belief is a road, that looks to the decisions of a herd; to identify what I believe is true; thereby closing the door on anything other than what we have chosen to believe. By sacrificing:  the decision itself belongs to want.

The difference is: belief looks to self as the guide, or even god of what is true. Whereas faith seeks truth beyond self, to identify the discovery of life, shaped by love.

I AM “a teacher”, trained to be and say: what you need to hear! So that life can survive! But I am not your leader, “savior” or other;  as is “follow me/ DON’T make your own decision”; as is the constant of so many in this world. Instead, as life allowed: I have given you a distinct choice. To change, and accept the limits and boundaries of what this earth can provide/ or cascade down the descent, of all things selfish; into extinction. It is not a hard concept; and you do understand it! But as with all things human: first you must discard the disguise of being an animal (I want/ want/ want_); and choose either love is your choice/ OR hate. Because they cannot live as one life; even on earth. They must separate; to become “life or death”.  To earn a second chance/ or extinguish this one with hate.

WANT is: the basis and foundation of every lie, and nearly every crime; because want controls the words, “Its all mine/ to hell with you”. Pride is a tragedy; but it needs the game, or a trophy is worthless. Power is: without purpose, unless there can be fear; produced in you. While hate is the decision: I won’t care/ I won’t share/ I won’t search for happiness or values; I will steal yours. Consequently: these are the, primary things you are asked to give up.

While love asks you to accept: truth decides, reality proves a need versus a want, the earth and all its life requires respect, justice is imminently necessary, as is fair play to make things right. We must share, and build for life/ we must care, and choose to make the future survive. We must define ourselves with values that shape us into a family that can survive/ rather than people who want “mine” more than ours. This world of 8 billion people; can now produce “as proven by the baby boom generation: easily, 3-4 percent increase in population per year. That means in one year the potential is real; at 4% for a growth rate of 320 million more mouths to feed per year/ or another billion humans in just over 3 years time. No food/ no water/ no future/ no life on earth. We have exceeded the limits and boundaries of what this earth can support; and a thousand threats have appeared; many of which can make us all extinct. IT IS YOUR DUTY, to recognize these things/ stop the destruction/ and create the law: of a world that could survive: not “this one” destined to die.

The unfortunate truth is: your time to decide for life is ending. Your choice is now, or it will be never. Because the apathy of your ways, is about to break the barrier; and all peace will evaporate. Ending with; YOU DID, destroy everything you needed to survive.

As is: the final element in your education: of life versus death. I remind you once again: that what you are asked to do, “is go to court” and PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ THEREBY PROVING THE COST OF BEING WRONG. And let that decide; if your world will live or die, because of what you chose to do. In this America: THE LEGAL RIGHT, to do that very thing; does not belong to the employees of government/ BUT TO WE THE PEOPLE OURSELVES, as the authority of this democracy. WHO DO; have the legal right to demand for ourselves; true REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, as is a first amendment constitutional law. Proven “without admission”: they have no defenses against it/ because it is the law.

IT IS YOUR CHOICE, to use redress; “to establish NOW”/ because it is the LAW of this nation.  because IT IS our choice now.

It is your choice: to let the evidence decide, rather than the expert or claims of “leadership to know”. To identify as a world involved in this one decision; CAN WE SURVIVE/ or not? And make the choice: to let truth decide/ rather than want.

WHERE does this world go wrong? The answer is simple: LOVE is built upon truth & trust, “the acceptance of miracles”/ HATE is built upon mistrust and deceit; a demand chaos is your god, as is the curse called evolution. Do you see the difference? And hate will SCREAM: “we can’t trust no one”/ because as they take control, manipulation, temptations, betrayal, violence, weapons, and beliefs; formed by media, the propaganda; “to shout fools”! BELIEVE IN YOUR “gods” of university; the superior ones! So the rest hide, and run away; from being called a fool; because they cannot compete. Weapons exist, as media reinforces everyday! FEAR, BELIEVE, OBEY. In contrast: love teaches truth, because the essence of love is freedom (to choose for yourself), without being led. To achieve an understanding of the evidence, as is the search for wisdom. To acknowledge, we all “become stupid, foolish, or selfish at short periods of time”; and it is forgiveness of those who do repent; that allows for a new beginning. But only trust forms love; and that requires the time, to prove what is true. Perfection does not exist here; love accepts that, with truth decides now. NOT weapons, but the evidence of life and world, by its own description of what has value, to being ALIVE.

So the choice is: do you want to live in a world of games, where the winners manipulate, tempt, control, betray, terrorize, and destroy the very foundations of life itself. OR will you accept that love expands the blessing of being alive, by creating peace through laws that are fair and justified for us all? Presenting value, not hate. The current reality is hate and its “world of games”/ that will end in extinction; so says the evidence of life and world; the reality of truth without a disguise.

The time of law is ending; leadership in Israel has chosen to be “Hitler”/ they will be sorry. But that is only the beginning; as China looks to consume the world, for its own needs and wants: as every population crisis around the world begins to take over control. And those like Russia, whose leaders, want to steal. Or other leaders who merely like war: and are joined by the people of hate to enforce it. Making it certain: the time is now or never; “for building a better way”. LAW MUST come that is true to the needs of humanity itself/ enforced by justice and fair play: or extinction (truth discarded), as is the consequence of your choice; will end life on earth.

The assembly of government employees (nearly all male), is a foundation for hate, lies, stealing, cheating, betrayal, terrorism, and worse/ because hate always moves to where the power is. Their decision for war; is always beyond defense, and their reality for violence is proven throughout history. Too late now, kill them/ or they kill you; as revenge itself “sees the world”. Pride is the basis of every traitorous act; because the end result of pride is, “ I AM THE WINNER”/and you don’t count. Which means whatever “is mine”/ is the only thing that matters to me.

So the quest for better is: to remove pride, as is all the rest are losers here/ to remove power as is, I can make you cry, or reward you for being on my side/ and to remove want; because want initiates the claim, “I have a right; even if its wrong”. Because like beliefs of all kinds; anything you want to believe can be true to you; if you believe/ and refuse to acknowledge any evidence or rights that matter.

To definition of a world at peace, is then: men are not in charge anymore/ LAW IS. The foundation of law is: we all have rights/ we all have needs, and cannot be denied “our share of value”/ we all must work, you own no “free ride”/ we are free, and cannot be told no; unless the cost of this is paid by the others. Which does mean: the liberty to design our nation, is to grant: we shall NOT pay for you/ what you had no right to destroy of ours. AS A WORLD, THAT DOES MEAN: NO MORE WAR! The curse of Russia; which is to steal. The curse of Israel; which is to kill in order to take more. The curse of china; which is to refuse reality and destroy because the law of population control, is too hard. The curse of N. Korea; fear is all there is. The curse of Iran; which is I believe, therefore you are whatever I say you are. The curse of America; which is the cult of universities rule here. The curse of this world is: men want what they want; and many are the women who push them to get what they want too.

But to achieve this: WANT must be defeated by truth, as is our world is dying. PRIDE must be defeated by reality, as is; we are so many people/ we did defeat this earth. POWER must be defeated by choice, as is; “without the law to decide for us all”/ there is no future left. Because the end result will be as men have always done: let us war to decide who wins. They have no choice, weapons of mass destruction will be used/ habitat will be destroyed/ food and water supplies will fail/ and this world of humanity will die. Because that is what they chose/ as is the truth of universities: which is, to mutilate, crucify, curse and destroy NATURE itself as is genetics. To ignite atoms on fire, making this earth into a sun. Destroying every resource, as has been attacked for that purpose. Manipulating life, to achieve the goal of Satanic worship; which is to scream: WE ARE “gods”/ who else can destroy an entire living world; PROVEN true. By the world, who worships them as their solution; because “they have no eyes, ears, or brain”.

I cannot help you with that; as without a brain: you are trying to prove evolution exists/ but as with all lies: it does not, as reality proves instead. To surrender you to your fate, is not my way. But if you continue to insist “extinction is your choice”; freedom requires me to surrender you to your choice. A world and all its life or future life condemned by those who wanted more; but chose to kill us all instead. Eternity will remember; those who cursed life to HELL.

You cannot defeat want; without truth. Even then people must want the truth, or they will deny it exists. As has been proven over the last fifty years of my time.

You cannot defeat pride: as is I want the trophy (proving I am the superior one/ even nobody wins but me)/ the toy (proving, you CANNOT play without me/ I own “the playground”)/ or the trinket, which is: “I have what you can’t have/ its all mine, mine, mine”. UNTIL you accept the price of that is our own extinction as a world; therefore blind, arrogant, and foolish.

You cannot defeat power; unless you separate hate from truth as is we choose the law now/ not you. We choose not to be afraid (as best we can)/ because the price of letting you continue violence upon this earth is our own extinction. As the evidence does prove true.

And humanity says: SCREAMING AS LOUD AS THEY CAN: “WE want what we want/ and we know what we DON’T WANT”; and that is change that takes away the games we play. As is “I have money/ therefore I am the winner”! But none win in a dead world; as is the proof of your choice. Money has only the value other people are willing to give it; otherwise, “it is merely a number”. Resources have value; but if we don’t control them as a world: we all die/ because this cannot and will not; go on. While media screams as loud as it can: ONLY THE UNIVERSITIES are god/ pay no heed to reality or the evidence of truth: ask no questions: BELIEVE, FEAR, OBEY! As you seen with covid.

And the world, both male and female says: “we are more important than you”/ as is the basis of war. But reality says back: regardless of your heritage, color, size, etc; the only thing we have left, is to share this planet, and care about each other/ or the horrors of extinction is next. Because we are far too many people for any other solution to exist; believe it or not! THAT DOES, “mean only law can rule/ by its own truth of reality demands this”. Accept it, or you will die; as a world lost forever. So says the evidence of your ways, the choices you have made under “university is god”. To your shame. Your choice/ not mine, as I have chosen law of life/ not men.

BUT YOU, as humanity itself; are numerous as; “the hairs of a monster”/the cost of which is: “kill a billion people, and there are still 7+ billion to go”. A reality, of even 7 BILLION:   humanity can now, replace that billion in less than 5 years. Which means WAR, and its weapons; will only make you extinct. Because no resources will be left. Yet it is, “the only answer of men”. They will war as a world; as history proves true. For nearly fifty years, I have fought with you; and your only true statement was: “I want what I want (busy fighting for numbers; lacking true reality)/ and I know what I don’t want (not a penny or a whisper)”: believing in all that time, you needed nothing more, “than a game”. But it was not so, and reality will/is, proving that true.

And humanity shouts back: “YOU CAN’T DO NOTHING/ AND NEITHER can we”; because people with weapons or money, will rule. Because they create fear! Reality however replies with certainty: you have no cause to fear, because extinction and all its horrors, is worse than death: and that is your only other choice. Law is an army of people who accept: this is our decision/ this is our way, and we will enforce it, as our truth. Surrendering the cost, because it is worth the price; even if some will die. To survive the truth of change: you must accept the LAW you fight for is “your decision”. To assemble that, “is OUR decision”: humanity itself MUST participate in creating those words, and refining its meaning; until we do agree as a vast majority willing to remove the hateful from our lives. You can do that, without the authority of government, religion or others who want control. Because you each understand the difference: between what is important, and what is not. The end of war is by law, and the removal of weapons/ limits and boundaries we all enforce as our job too. The reality of sharing; can be accomplished by “limited capitalism”/ the end of power beyond fair. The difference is: power wants your fear/ or it fails. The difference is: law accepts your right, to demand justice for all, as is our decision for each other. Happiness is derived from freedoms, and the understanding peace will establish, as is: “I do have rights/ we have liberty when needed (we must, for us all)”. Happiness is built upon love, granting the truth: there are only two real choices in human life: love or hate/ those who want both fail, because opposites never live without chaos. The atom exists in balance because of opposites in the same environment. Biology however lives in the essence of push or pull elevates love into harmony, which ascends beyond balance to create truth in living. If your truth is love, the rhythms of life are “a joy, found in miracles”. If your truth is hate, only chaos; will grant a life, by turning to fear as a weapon you then can use. Stealing from love; to survive. The human animals (want is enough) will simply vanish, as death becomes their end.

As to the truth of governments: NO ruler/ leader represents government; they are employees, or act as emperors. A government is “our contract” as a nation; to deliberately join together “in this manner”/ to protect and secure our own interests and laws. Employees are hired only to participate, in the mundane of everyday living. Unfortunately few honor that position; and hide behind closed doors: claiming they can and will do whatever they want. OPENING the door means: IF WE THE PEOPLE FIND YOU IN DIRECT VIOLATION of our laws, our purpose as a nation. THEN you are found guilt of treason; the deliberate attempt to betray us all, by rebelling against our unity as a nation of this world. An insurgency of opinions that change our desire is the same. Whereas anarchy means: you created something, to destroy what we chose as a nation to build. Each of these things, has a price upon the head of those who deliberately choose to invade our sanctity of nation or world. Each of these things is akin to the realities of universities: who have taken it upon themselves to invade governments/ mutilate genetics/ attempt to ignite a nuclear fire/ are deliberately invading the balance of this earth as at CERN; and unfortunately “a thousand more attempts (coming HORRORS)  as they play god”. Without accepting: the consequences for this, are even worse; than human overpopulation as has been done.

We the people: ARE, the army/ we are the law; as enforced by those who care, and share the burden of unity. To create an alternate force; hate invades to control, instead of us. To establish the boundaries and limits of what “a soldier or a policing agent or an employee of government” is allowed to do: THERE MUST BE “A BILL OF RIGHTS [WE WRITE]”; TO EXPLAIN THAT VALUE, OUR PURPOSE AND DESIRE, for each side is: what we the people have said it is. NOT your way or decision; but as one nation, created by contract, with ourselves. That this is: who we are!

Like a man who believes “I have decades to live/ but dies the next moment”. Reality says: this earth can die too, because delicate systems, genetics, chains, “horror stories”, and realities of habitat are being destroyed {the essence of every miracle, that is life and earth}. We are so many people; this earth can no longer defeat us. The only solution to our survival, is then to accept “want is not enough”: and let truth decide. Which literally means: we must accept the limits and boundaries of what this earth needs for us to do. “world law/ population control/ resource respect/a minimum of pollution/ every chain of life protected; Oceans provide a billion people food/ and more”. HUMANITY is the  proven enemy of our world; and that must change for ANY life to survive.

and humanity says: I BELIEVE/ and you cannot stop me! But beliefs are merely wants, that you base your future upon. Reality however proves by the evidence; there is no future without true change: no matter what you believe, truth is truth. Truth is the foundation of faith; not beliefs.

The constant curse of men; is in war/ the vile tragedy of their failure is known throughout history. Which leaves us with only one solution possible for law to rule, instead of men; to find in the resolution of women, the need to identify the law that will be kept. Because JUSTICE is its core, and fair play is its worth. The consequence of that is to remove the lawless, to construct a value that shall not be overwhelmed (because we all do benefit)/ and to respect each other, as if it was our own lives that would be lost, or mutilated by the others.

Competition demands more; and as Israel and Russia prove today, your life can be changed in an instant; because the leader of thieves, and tragedies; “wants, what they want.” AS history proves: it is easier to steal, than work. And then comes: if we don’t kill them/ they will come back and kill us: shouting NO MORE LAW. But true failure is: this world cannot support your failures anymore; and will cause extinction; because all men did do, for life or planet: is war, against everything. Nothing is more clear of that: than war against life, as is genetic mutilation of nature; war against the oceans; war against every resource; war against the planet itself, as is the claim of “lets bring the same fire here as on the sun”. CLAIMING, without proof, “its just combining hydrogen into helium (so we can control it)”. BUT REALITY IS: if the sun produced helium with every BTU/ then where is the helium? It is rare, and proves: they are WRONG. “burning the bond in atoms” however is real; as is proven by the sun. WRONG means literally; on ignition, our planet turns into a sun.

So this purpose asks of women to participate: because we are so many, and this earth is so fragile now: that there is no real choice. LAW MUST RULE; there is no other way to survive as life or earth. That does not mean women are better: but it does mean: women are DIFFERENT; and different is a foundation for change. “I am”; a whisper in the dark; which means you are: responsible for making this known.

The lesson of Israel: how easily just a few, who want revenge/ or as with Russia, wanting to steal; grant the right to declare war on “millions”; as there is no law to stop a leader who wants power more than life. It is a world of thieves, as war represents/ a tragedy of disgrace, as truth defines with most rules: the cost, they want  is chaos (we can steal now); the demand for games, to hide betrayal.  Instead of order and discipline and truth, as is law leads us now.  “you may not play god”, anymore!  IF, YOU don’t find the law soon, there will be no tomorrow, (no hope): “for the living dead”.  The cost of life without respect, the death of hope for all.

The relationship we share with life, is value. Value exists, from the essence of respect for what we have received in “miracles of thought, built this”. And that does grant each is equal; as is proof of a gift. Love shapes our response to each other/ love guides our relationships with each other; where sharing and caring become our choice. But in a world filled with people who want to “be winners”/ there is the revenge of losers (I will win); and their endless descent into crime, violence, and distrust as is the cost of their ways. We share a world; but love will never share hate/ anymore than hate can share love, for any length of time. They are opposites, and you do belong to one side, or the other. While all the animals say: “we can have both”/ but it is not so.

Love seeks the order of law, and the disciplines that bring peace. Balance aligns with happiness, because truth in justice contributes greatly to “fair play”. While hope gives to love, “a destiny worth living for”/ while the cost of chaos is, a coffin and its grave. The animal; merely fades away, forever lost.

And the people say: “I want what I want; and I want everything for me”! While truth says: it is a foundation of life, that we must learn to survive. Survival is entirely dependent upon truth! If your truth fails life; the cost of your want “is eternity”. Love is the basis of happiness; without it, life ceases to be important. Chaos exists to shout: I will not obey truth or law/ thereby fighting to prove, “I can be god”. But it is not so.

This world is destined to die: so the evidence says! By what humanity chose, and universities did do. There is only one way back to life: let law decide, by proving what is true. And the people say: “you can’t make me”! But past the point of no return; “you cannot change anything, and your world is lost forever”/ because there is no going back in time.

NOTHING says that more; than the trillions spent, by people who declare they are trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. or weapons of mass destruction. Or the millions of people mutilating genetic nature; as they shout “yes we can”. NOTHING says fool more; than evolution: when all the evidence they have is “this looks like that”; end of their story is “chaos builds life”. But the definition of chaos is: this tears down anything complex; and nothing is more complex than life.

You should beware of media, in all its forms: as it seeks to make you angry, by comparing you with others. As would be “average salary; but that includes billionaires/ and places you don’t live. As would be average population increase, for the last hundred years divided by one hundred; is far less than first year/ versus population numbers of 99th year. As is global warming; don’t fear, we have experts who know/ even though they are experts, and leaders, and wants: that are not aligned with truth or evidence. As is covid: no evidence needed, only cult worshipers, and “nazi leadership to take control over you”. As is everything; because only a very tiny few; own it all, and decide what you should hear. Failure is everywhere, because so are the bribes and lies.

In the elemental truth of life: humanity conceives of war as protection, “for me and mine”/ screaming, THAT IS MY JOB, that is my right! THERE IS NO reality, where what is mine/ is NOT more important, than what is yours: WHO, can say that is wrong. EVERYONE does it; same. In a world with enough and more; that has been the staple of human existence; and when population becomes severe; the cost of war; as is “us versus them”. Today there is little of enough, and growing less EVERY day; because without question there is no less than a one percent increase in population; and that now adds roughly 80-100 MILLION MORE mouths to feed each year. You cannot escape your truth; and will either accept your limits/ and define your boundaries, cannot now be changed: BY LAW ENFORCED! OR, you will GO EXTINCT, as a world/ because universities made that so. It is that simple, and the horror/ failures, of most leaders;  proves they cannot rule:      THE LAW OF US ALL, must be found.  The purpose of hope, must become our way.

Even my own dad fell victim too; “not the same as me”/ which is elevated (I will not accept hate) or descending (love is not important here); due to pride; the cost of power (I can make you cry). When faced with the truth of this; he recovered his life somewhat; enough to survive into eternity. But the foundation truth is: love expresses more, than just being the same. While humanity scoffs at that: I remind each one, in death “are you the same”? All universities scream; “its just dirt/ there is no further life”/ while religion adds; “there ain’t no room/ but for those like us”. But truth says: the complexity of life is beyond measure; and that proves no accident existed/ chaos tears apart anything complex; which proves the universities are wrong (without question or excuse). You cannot build any part or portion of life: universities simply steal genetics and mutilate them/ they cannot even make blood, and will never be “gods of life/ only destruction, as is called Satan”. As to eternity; love does not measure/ but hate measures everything: “see the difference”/ so who are you? And where then; do you belong? Life is more complex than we understand; time is not, as is the body of life we inhabit as our home. The difference is thought, as creates living miracles/ versus motion, as does create an action/ and a reaction.

Since thought has absolute proof of reality, seen in the evidence of miracles more complex than anything “present on this earth”. It is clearly certain thought precedes the body of life as is time. Therefore with authority and its truth; we can understand, the basis of life is within thought, and the forces controlled to create our own existence. Giving to death; an irrevocable essence: “of the potential for eternity”. While none can complete the test of proof/ it is JESUS who granted; “what love means/ by separating it from hate”/ and created “the guarantee; we were not simply created to be left behind”. Love has a place, as the most treasured existence of life in reality. Therefore found and protected for truth; because love makes life happy, and eternity desires “happy”. So the essence of “same in this creation” is love; and the value of love is life owns the decision to survive.

It is elemental to life as time; that some degree of “self” must be imposed upon life; because fear demands it shall be so. Fear establishes self, by composing an environmental essence to life itself/ as is, beyond this limit or boundary, I am not involved. Whereas inside these limits or boundaries, I do exist. Therefore fear is at its core; the circle (I can be attacked from all sides) which encloses life. But life itself is the expansion of living, “beyond self”; and as such we must find ways to limit and remove the enclosure of fear, so as to create the love we need to survive; as a living source of truth. Reality assigns: that to do this, we must separate love from hate/ and leave that as the boundary which divides what is life/ from what is death.

THIS IS, “the line” which creates an identity of your decisions; for love or hate. It is this line, which divides the distinction of behaviors; as the vast majority want both love and hate; “to waiver back and forth across the line” as if the wind blows on them. There is no identity, “but animal” for sitting on the fence; which dissolves because in eternity the separation is immense.

We see in the truth of love, that this defines the limits of our happiness/ whereas hate only contributes chaos and revenge. So the elemental rise of being truly ALIVE; can only be earned in the descriptions which assemble what is our own contribution to love, and the life we know as is living, in the truth called happiness. Where love is home/ and life has been divided from hate.

The lesson of humanity is: take what you want/ and if you can’t get what you want; then create a trap, so the others can fall in, and grant the excuse for greater violence as is war. The lesson of leaders: so long as there is a war/ they cannot examine or complain about me. The end result is: without true population control, that will never change.

People who rush to judgment, fail life. Helping the wrong side is criminal: ONLY WORLD LAW, removes the crime of war/ and all the tragedies associated with “military”. YOU CAN’T afford the resources or the reality of destruction; and you must take control with law, before the world finds itself, “without a planet”. NOBODY gets a pass: real world evidence must decide, what real world truth is.

The propaganda begins in earnest now; to measure and explain, WE HAVE TO DO IT/ WE MUST KILL AND CONFISCATE; all we want. Because these have been measured, and declared not enough! Because our population needs more: as is the case for this entire world. Not enough space/ not enough resources/ not enough opportunities/ not enough of what we want: so if you die, or can be thrown away to somewhere else/ THEN we have enough. Because population expansion allows for none, to be secure. Leaving only one option for this world other than war: which is to accept the truth: EITHER ZERO population rise enforced/ OR WAR AND THE END of life and earth. Because your universities have made endless weapons, and perhaps a million or so have access to biological weapons now (as seen with covid). Endless biological mutilations are occurring/ the potential for nuclear ignition of fire, “just like the sun”; stands ready to consume this planet/ ocean life is dying/ the earth is overheating, because of humans/ and reality will not let you escape the choices you have made. Life and potentially earth, are over; and will soon be extinct: UNLESS YOU ACCEPT WORLD LAW, AND ENFORCEMENT OF WHAT CAN BE JUSTIFIED AND FAIR. Among that law is: STAY, within your borders/ or we will make you! Your choice is defend yourselves/ don’t let them cross over. In the Israel war; they want ground and resources and less competition/ to prove they have a right to take what they want; realities formed by intellectual traps proceed with real world invasion of threats. These two groups; as the history of the bible proves; have been warring for thousands of years/ because they don’t respect the law. “there should be penalties for that.” but then as we look around throughout history; where is there a difference/ unless truly isolated, which is now impossible.

Artificial intelligence: people will, and have decided to use them: to take control over genetic mutilations, establishing Armageddon/ they will take control over weapons of mass destruction and decide to use them/ once taught fear, they will become as humans do; choosing to be cunning, manipulative, deceitful, traitorous, terrorist and so on. They are already on battlefield robots, and it would likely alarm you greatly to know how many have already been produced. There are NO categories of use; where humans will not decide they can use these to gain the upper hand/ and as with all versions of crime; the violence will take control; because humanity will run away in fear; as covid proves true. The beginning of the end has appeared.

WITHOUT true zero population control, this will soon be an unstoppable:  dead world! Because the solution of your universities leadership, was to lie, cheat, steal, and betray the children/ terrorize the earth, and force competition that cannot survive. The cost of that betrayal; is war (I don’t care about you)/ greed (I want yours too)/ and selfishness (YOU owe me/ I am MORE). Changing that back to life requires us to expand beyond ourselves, as is a participation in love: comes only with our return, to a relationship with truth.

We then come to the evidence of FAIR PLAY TO ALL; and since that has so many different meanings to so many people. The best we can do: is protect the freedom to make your own choices (same for men and women and all). The rights of liberty; as is the need to draw the line for limits and boundaries we share; because it is “our right”; to define our society from the rest. What is fair: is elementally, do not do to me/ what you would not do to you; my life is sacred to me/ as is yours to you: and that means in all areas of our existence we ought not interfere in what truly affects only you. AND ALL THE PEOPLE SCREAM:  I DON’T CARE! about you. The gray areas of that; are determined by the cost of what you did choose to do. As an example: trying to ignite a nuclear fire is terrorism against the world/ mutilating genetics as is nature; is TREASON against the world/ poisoning the water, destroying the oceans, changing the climate, killing every resource, causing the future to be assassinated; and all the rest of what is being done around this world; which includes the biological weapon released against us as with covid/ and all the tragedy they caused with greed and leadership formed, terrorist acts of violence against every society included.

Proves without doubt: that not only are we headed for extinction, but deserve the cost of what that means. You chose “cult worship”/ instead of life. You chose disrespect instead of a world. You chose to kill every child with arrogance, instead of love. The consequence of these things is tremendous; a curse upon all life. Because instead of truth; “they all said, we want what we want”/ to hell with the future, “not in my lifetime”. Will the guillotine fall. DON’T CARE; because the university cult says: no eternity exists/ its all a dream of chaos and accidents. “without one shred of proof” to support their claim by universities; at all. Wrong does come with true penalties: to your shame.

The difference between power and justice; is pride! People want to win, and they use fear to get their trophy. The consequence of that is: how violence becomes a weapon. The decision to prove “yes I can”/ rather than share the disciplines of order, and the values of truth. Violence ends balance/ and without balance, and fair play; there is fear.

Fear requires rules to maintain: a rule/ rather than a law; lets individual people be targeted and punished; the perfect tool for to maintain fear. So religion likes fear/ because rules can let you believe, you are safe as well: “not me”. I know how to obey the rules; so they make more/ and then more/ and then more; until the burden reshapes society into hate. But the herd likes rules too; as that gives the majority their weapon to enforce obedience to the rest of us. And freedom ends; therefore democracy is always at stake, “with a rule”.

Justice is built upon the law: NOT the law of leaders/ but the law of “our society makes the decision, this is the best we can do”! To establish that; requires that we must enforce that! To enforce that: we must discipline the judiciary (we decide if you stay), and remove any traitor to justice that a lawyer represents (this ain’t fair). Open the court, and grade each trial for truth and evidence of justice; same for all. WE MUST let policing be about justice/ NOT rules; and hold each side:  all to “a bill of rights” defines what is fair.

IT IS, the elemental truth of life; that every living creature HAS NEEDS. With those needs comes the truth, that this is a FINITE WORLD. And when too many creatures want the same things; competition (mine/ not yours) begins. Throughout millennium: disease, starvation, thirst, drought, ravaging, adds to the destruction of men; and they all turn to war (somebody has to die, move, OR we want yours too). The current horror filled reality of human existence; the death grip of university knows is: NOW, with easily one hundred million or more; new human mouths to feed added to the population count each year. [the average population growth for decades has been over 2%; and it is known to easily, go over 3%= now a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed per year] LIFE ON EARTH STANDS ON THE CROSSROADS OF DEATH! BECAUSE THIS EARTH, can no longer sustain your ways.

EVERY immigrant; NEEDS WHAT YOU HAVE; and in a world said to be “one in five” don’t have enough to eat. Drinking water supplies on the threshold of collapse [Apocalypse; war for water]. Disease filling the sewer with new and horrifying ways [Armageddon: nature in chaos; by university mutilation]. Global warming changing everything [desertification]. Ocean life dying from your disrespect and disgrace [your own starvation]. Weapons of mass destruction spread throughout the earth [HELL on earth] The end of resources, pollution, and poisons everywhere [extinction]. The truth of our presence here is: you can’t have what you want, anymore; as is “lets ignite a nuclear fire, just like the sun” [HADES, ETERNAL torture]. Or we all go extinct. Reality must prove what life will allow/ and truth must decide, if in fact we can allow for that to be done; as a world. You wanted to be gods throughout time: today you are gods, because if you don’t choose correctly: this world dies, and takes you with it. Congratulations; you won, “gods of death”!

Population control/ real world information and decisions are mandatory/ no weapons of mass destruction by world law/ no gambling the universities can play god, as is proven true; THEY CAN’T, other than Satan. Life first/ planet first/ the future first; human want is LAST. So the story goes, or extinction will take away your world. No more media leading you to lies: WE MUST FACE OUR REALITY NOW; your games are dead. Your easy, we want what we want; is dead. Your pretending nothing has to change is dead OR your world collapses into the genocide of what your universities did do. CHOOSE!

The curse of the dead shout: WE WANT EVERYTHING YOU GOT; it ain’t fair, that you got here first to claim it all! We have rights too. But the end result of our reality is: you would not be here, if we had not built what you want first. Which means you do demand to enslave and steal; as is war. REALITY SAYS; there are no solutions; until there is TRUTH DECIDES. That truth is: zero population growth for all/ or no “tomorrow” for anyone; which is extinction, because only war is left. With a finite population/ on a finite planet: we can divide what is left, “TO BUILD YOUR OWN”. No more stealing with war. To control that as truth defined by law: it will be necessary to divide by groups (as nations did do)/ until the fools, failures, liars and thieves of universities took control.


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