As always: media insertion, in this moment, of “rabble rousing”: seeks to divide and create civil war. As the reality of “how many people die everyday, from gunshots and hate from every side; is discarded. Yet the only ones we hear of from media: “are very specific”/ and determined to divide and grind in; “hate the whites”. Equal does not know a color, but life does. The curse of color seeks a war. While fair play and truth know only the cause of justice, and the value of insuring there is no civil war. As that ends law, and gives power the curse of claiming they must, to control chaos they create: on either side, unleashed for violence. Because you claim: “make them pay”. Deliberate and true; remains the difference between right and wrong. And this world does not know the difference; so you curse them to be insane.

Failure without a cause. Because the intent is to unleash the predator.

HATE IS HATE; any other aspect of it, is merely an excuse. And the excuse doesn’t really matter; hate is the decision.

Media is your buddy your pal, your friend: tells you everything you need to know? HOW MANY TV SHOWS; do not have violence/ do not use a gun/ do not show gore and hatred/ do not tell you evolution is to be worshiped/ do not declare the universities are never wrong; etc. For the last hundred years or more: university stands for “how to manipulate and direct, the herd (yes you can all be wrong)” with propaganda.

HATE MEANS: that someone has descended into the abyss of believing “they are god/ and have every right to judge whomever they want”. That judgment then becomes violence, and at its depth of deceit even murder. Therefore belief in their own righteousness; has overwhelmed them; and they accept the delusion of “being god”. FACED with facts; that delusion cannot be supported; so they hide what they believe is their own truth!

ANGER is a screamer: “let the world hear me”; and while it looks like visible hate. What it is, lingers as revenge, or the belief; that my cause is justified/ and whatever group has been entangled in that web of failure; is now being focused upon as the enemy. Much like a soldier in war; only there is no or little support among the rest. Because they did not lose, what you believe you lost.

The “rabble rouser” uses anger to present cause, intending to instill “the circle of hate”; as is, by adding “bits and pieces”, when the circle is completed, in your memory. It is then that the human animal, inside with that intent; will not escape the decision; of what society tells him or her to do. When, He or she becomes “a believer, the circle is complete”; because the hypnotic suggestion is: we all believe this: because it keeps coming back. Therefore we are entitled to do something, to alleviate this problem. As is constantly seen: with media and its intent; to push the encircling information of anger into hate. Thereby hate (let the prey stampede), has a need to respond; a judgment to be made: no escape, for you too. So says the crowd.

One of the most grievous of all attribute’s to the human animal is: their need to fit in and have a conversation to feel connected to the rest. The circle of hate presents an easy conversation; which allows for many to join in; as nothing is easier to do than ridicule or gossip about someone else. So long as the rest join in; and if enough do; any dissension will be evicted. The consequence of that is hate moves through the herd, until a mob begins to form. Mob means: “without a brain”; as is a herd in full stampede, cannot do more than follow; which believes they now know the enemy. In humanity however; the constant enemy is “want”, as begets pride, as begets power; and becomes the seed for hate. But then comes the reality of: LIAR, FAILURE, FRAUD, THIEF, CHEAT, TRAITOR, TERRORIST, WHORE (ONLY MONEY MATTERS), FOOL, CURSE, AND WORSE. Which breaks the mob into pieces, who then try to protect themselves; by war.

only the mob is racist”, because they need a frame or reference, more than hate will allow.

Anger: is a believer, and while it focuses on a specific group or gender/ the foundation of anger is, “I believe”.

A racist focuses on: you are not equal to me; and presents a reason; so they can pretend to be “god”.

Bigot means: they believe life is nothing, but a game/ and their objective is to humiliate & ridicule you or yours; as much as possible. As with the TV show “fear factor”; the intellectual animal version of bigot offers you a “little trophy”/ in exchange for their real purpose of humiliation and ridicule as comes next. In the animal version: a fight to prove you lose, is enough. If you believe the summary of that is “winner”/ the bigot whispers, “I win”; which proves, you are a loser instead.

Bastard means: “I will fuck as many women as I can, for a trophy/ especially if I can cross the barrier line, and steal from another group.

Living Dead means: all hope for value has vanished, replaced by hate. Therefrom to survive, they need to consume the life (not body/ make them hate, by using fear), of those who remain alive.

Our relationships as a society, are governed by what people are willing to believe about each other as a society/ or are willing to believe individually as either “good or bad”, about each other. Which means: “the believer” rules society and life as an individual. The constant of a believer is: “I WANT, what I want to be true/ OR, I don’t WANT what I accept to be my truth, to be real; even though I am certain it is”. Believers escape their reality of “not getting what I want/ or not being what I want”; by creating the fictitious world of being enclosed by their beliefs; so as not to be further influenced by those they live with/ or the alternate; voices inside their head take control, and become what they believe is true. Using the circle of lies, to enclose their world into; “nothing is important but me”.

The end result of that is “the herd”; because the herd is safer than being alone in life and its decisions. The conception: “we cannot all be wrong”/ but the herd lets the leaders make that decision for them, and then they applaud or growl as the proof of good or bad becomes evident to their wants. Media has become the force that makes the herd believe, and instills in the herd: “believe/ fear/ obey”; as is the constant of we lead and you will follow.

The unfortunate truth is: that leadership has wants of its own, and the thirst for power overrides life with value; to become the pride of “I play god”/ by proving that, with your lives. Want is a terrible thing; and it turns to deception, lies, temptation, manipulation, cheating, stealing, killing, and even worse (the university terrorists and traitors to life itself) to get what you want.

So then how do we defeat want? The answer is to stop believing in what you want is true! That leaves us with reality, and in that reality truth will always decide, instead of want. Because truth of life survives, and establishes the law, rather than hate: the law of death.

So we ask: WHY, do people want? The primary answer is: that life requires some degree of participation, and in that participation is the need to communicate with others so that we are accepted in their circle of friends/ or they are accepted within our own limits and boundaries of what we desire as well. That makes desire a foundation element of the formation attributed to friendship. What then is desire? The answer is: discovering the value of truth! Value identifies those things which provide a life with the nourishment of: our needs are met, be they physical, mental, spiritual, or playful! Therefore the primary element of friendship lives within these results. To attain that, or sustain that: we must accomplish the constant that is communication; in some degree of truth. While language is the most common, there are other methods of saying and appreciating “YOU” or me.

But then we come to the critical truth of what do you need; and is that something I can provide. Because in the circle of friends, letting someone else participate means: you must share, and that requires that you need to then care. There are limits and boundaries in that truth; which means, even if you are not accepted as a friend/ it many times has nothing really to do with you: “the pot is full” so to speak/ no room left.

We then return to the realities of how do we shape our society, if not as a herd? The foundation answer is: we must let truth decide, not want. We must then pay the price of survival; which is to let truth guide us to the values which will shape our needs and our future; as if we were one person working for the same as all people choose. Because without a planet to live on, that lets us remain alive/ or the diversity of life needed to construct the “chain of life” required by biology to survive: we die. Your life needs the chemical constructions provided by other life forms; which then benefit our own; by what we eat. THAT TOO, is part of the chain of life; the chemical diversity of life in existence.

To let truth decide: THERE IS ONLY ONE METHOD, which can be used to distinguish what is true. As bad as they are/ the courtroom is still required. BUT IT MUST BE ABSOLUTELY OPEN TO THE PUBLIC VIEW, IN ALL METHODS AND MANNERS AND WAYS: ABSOLUTELY NO HIDING ANYTHING. So that life knows, and humanity is involved in the process of making this understood to all. NO EXCUSES/ no complaints/ NO AVOIDING WHAT TRUTH DEMANDS. Simply finding what can be found: as best we can, without believing anyone or anything; other than what the evidence will prove true. To do that: we do need “a surface board”. As if it were a classroom blackboard: used to identify what we do find as true/ to modify each statement until the vast majority do accept this is true. Along with the collection of votes along the way to statistically identify what people are willing to accept.

When reality proves this is: as WE THE WORLD; can do! Then those resolutions of fact, do become our law/ and these shall govern our choices, rather than employees of government or others. No religion/ no assertions of facts not in evidence/ no denial of our truth as it is, and where we do decide this is what will be done.

Just the simple truth of it. No more or less.

This is then: the elemental standard of hope. To decide as is true: that by assembling the possibilities which evade the claims of believers/ to establish, “the best we can”. Grants the singular truth: that our own decision can be based upon knowledge, rather than belief. Therefore as a world involved; because we are, every single one. The decision that we all make together, for our planet and all its life: is the best we did do. Simple as that.

While religion will scoff, and claim: “their god” is all they need to know. The reality of “our world in trouble”/ without question or games; is true. Religion is about what you believe: in how life began/ and what you believe will or won’t happen when you die! Everything else, is about living the life we do have in time. Which means while religion can offer values/ it cannot sustain our world, because our world exists based upon its truth. Truth decides, is the basis of our survival. Therefore we must know and understand with honesty: WHAT IS TRUE!

Of elements that matter however: some exist in religious belief/ such as with “university religion” called evolution; they believe that all life comes from chaos and accidents, building it one piece at a time; with no brain. That is important because: with that religion they claim they can do anything with life and planet and it don’t matter; because chaos will fix it. THEY ARE WRONG, and that is true/ but the cult refuses truth. See the difference/ see the need to identify truth? Catholic religion offers: that no birth control should exist, in their rules of religion. But in this overcrowded world of 8 billion plus people: their claim is nullified and wrong; and must learn what truth will allow instead. See the difference/ see the need to identify truth? There are more; but reality knows: IT IS EVERY THREAT OF EXTINCTION, that comes first.

By vote we decide. But a vote that has no wisdom, is not a vote/ it is your claim to stampede in this direction; and that betrays what law can do. When we know as best we can/ THEN we take our vote to determine what OUR LAW is going to be. Not a vote for someone to vote for me; to make laws I must obey/ as has proven wrong. A vote of life or death for our world, and how that alters or changes the future of life and earth: into extinction/ or better, as does require TRUE CHANGE in man and woman and child. It ain’t no game. Failure is dead: the world we love is lost.

And all the people say: “we want what we want/ but we DON’T want our world to die; or life to end; or HELL to begin.

Which means: as proven by reality, your only choice is: to establish a ONE TIME TRIAL/ by which we the world identify our own choices. BEFORE there are no choices we can make; because the point of no return passes us by. Proving time on earth will soon be gone. As is the case of weapons of mass destruction/ as is the case of mutating all of nature; genetics (the building of a body of life) is nature/ as is the case of igniting atoms on fire/ as is the case of overpopulation/ as is the case of resource destruction, oceans dying, pollution becomes our nightmare, and a “thousand more”.

One chance left: MAKE OUR DECISION AS A WORLD/ because if you do not examine the realities of what we can prove true. THEN YOUR DECISION IS TO REMAIN AS YOU ARE: DESTROYING everything humans can touch.


REALITY THEN PROVES: THE ONLY WAY, is to make it a decision for every life on earth to determine: WILL WE SAVE OUR PLANET/ WILL WE STOP EXTREME EXPERIMENTATION OF ALL KINDS/ EVERY THREAT: or will we the world, let this earth die? Your choice.

Our decision: as 8 billion people have a legal right: to choose for our world. That right: belongs to no one else. BECAUSE WE WILL LIVE OR DIE; BY ITS RESULT.

While there is a wide variety of consequences for being “right”. It is absolutely clear: the price for being WRONG/ is extinction. Anyone who does not care about that result; is a fool.

IN AMERICA: THE LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE RIGHT, ESTABLISHED BY WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION/ OWN THIS DEMOCRACY, IS: FIRST AMENDMENT REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES. Or more simply: we do own the courts, and we do own the legal authority: to determine if our employees have failed their oath of office. By endangering or failing to protect our world, or its life. It is no game! IT IS THE LAW OF OUR DEMOCRACY. “the identity of a free people/ versus slaves to their rulers”.

The difference is: that contrary to merely identifying the problem/ the opportunity for every individual to actually be involved, and make a decision that matters to their life and their future and their child: MEANS, WE DO HAVE A SAY.

The difference is: by using a courtroom, that is already authorized to allow WE THE PEOPLE to govern ourselves by constitutionally reinforced vote/ as is proof of ownership here in this USA. Not only do we have a say: but we also own the undeniable right: to CHANGE THE LAWS, that are in violation of our pact as a democracy. To protect and defend ourselves, from any invasion of our nation. Those in command of this USA; are found in rebellion against our constitutional authority; because they have failed to protect and defend our lives, our world, our nation or state/ and functionally and fundamentally have given it over to “whatever the universities want”. Thereby making them our rulers/ as they use media against us, to manipulate (university knows), propagate (they are the expert), tempt (let us make the decision), cheat (as with covid, take authority over us, they do not own), steal (bankrupting our lives and nation), betray (counterfeit assets, and claim inflation is small/ when it is literally destroying every security), and terrorize (mutilate all of nature/ and so much more) this world and all its life.

WE NEED a courtroom to prove as best we can: WHAT IS TRUE, AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG!

WE NEED a courtroom to prove as best we can: THAT WE THE PEOPLE WILL VOTE UPON CHANGING OUR LAW “OUR NATION”; establishing without doubt, that we are the rulers here/ NOT our employees.

WE NEED a courtroom to prove as best we can: that those who are expert shall in fact appear before us all, and give testimony to the facts. Not their theories or assumptions or claims of knowledge or understanding: just the facts. And if they fail to do that properly or disguise it or other; to prison they will go.

WE NEED a courtroom to prove as best we can: to insure that we will enforce our changes in the law: immediately, and establish true democracy rather than the disgrace of cowering when told to do so; as with covid.

WE NEED a courtroom to prove as best we can: to save this world, and prove we the people CAN IN FACT change our own future; WITH LAW. Regardless of the rulers. Which includes creating WORLD LAW, to govern those leaders as a world enforcing what WE THE WORLD have chosen for them to do.

this is America:  YOU SAID,  you wanted to lead/  NOW LEAD TO LIFE, removing the shackles of death for this world.  THAT IS YOUR JOB.  because the law to do it, IS HERE.

The USA debt clock (source federal reserve); puts the claim of assets for this USA at $630.45 trillion dollars. The US population for simple accounting: will be called 330 million people. Dividing the total number of citizens into the total claim of assets means: dividing assets equally would be= every single one should have $1,910,454.00 dollars in the bank/ or 1.9 million dollars in some type of value held: each, babies and all. Divide it yourselves? Is that real money, as in you can cash it out? NO, it is not.

HOW, did they do it? “media makes you believe”/ and laundering the money in the stock market and other means; produces the illusion that you “are rich”. When in fact as biblically predicted; “you are very poor indeed”. The universities claim of accounting is: “reality don’t matter”/ all we need are numbers; and they give to themselves and their army: numbers enough to prove “they didn’t care” about life or planet. But reality is: their decision is entirely dependent upon robbing the young and unborn of their resources. Now as inflation it is robbing the old of their resources, which they sacrificed their lives and eternity to claim; gone! And so will the world itself be: without a return to truth decides now. In this USA; power controls everything/ and they seek to remove all options and choices; by destroying the middle class. Covid proved to be the ideal method of proving: “they have no courage/ they are slaves; under our complete control”. Thereby discarding democracy is simple.

HOWEVER WHAT IT DOES MEAN IN THIS USA IS; that somebody is holding all these claims of wealth over you. Somebody expects you to give them work and resources which amounts too: the claim of almost 2 million dollars per citizen; but is held by only a few/ who believe they are rich. They are not; as counterfeited money has no real value. And bankruptcy is the only method of going back to reality matters/ UNLIKE THE UNIVERSITIES WAY; which is pure fantasy is enough/ if you can manipulate society into believing it costs to much to pay this bill.

Reality proves: NOTHING has changed in human behaviors; as determined by want. As always in every kind of war, throughout all of history: those who can, STEAL FROM, or KILL those who cannot protect themselves. The purpose of power is to war/ and people want it: to solve what they want, with theft. The battle cry is: “a billion voices” arguing for what they want (to distract from truth and reality); but as always, fear/ believe/ obey; are powerful weapons; particularly in this USA cult; of university is god now. Their insurgency against all the rest, is slightly different than KILL OR BE KILLED. It is deceive, manipulate, propagate, tempt, and insure there are no leaders but themselves. No power to resist, by removing “the humanity”; for an expert you cannot refuse. As with covid.  The initial expense was 6 trillion dollars for one hundred million vaccine shots: as WAS OK’d  BY TRUMP (not your savior, just a spoiled rich child of little value). Which equals $60,000.00 per shot per each of those one hundred million people.  How is that fair/ even if you believe their fears?

IF YOU BELIEVE this is just an American problem; you are wrong; as world derivative claims (we own the debt); is at roughly 1.2 quadrillion dollars. “university knows” has taken over the world. 1.2 q divided by 8 billion people is: divided equally, every single face on earth would own $150,000.00 in assets; and that is just the debt market; reality of claims goes far beyond that. Which makes every claim of wealth on planet earth “A LIE”. BECAUSE even if you have enormous numbers: they have all become counterfeit; and that means you stole what you claim from the future. You risking your life for these numbers? Regardless you are risking life on earth, and even the planet itself; by not being true to reality.

WE KNOW, USA; that the universities have engineered this: BECAUSE president Reagan, gave currency control to THE UNIVERSITIES. Because they immediately gave practically “every upper level diploma ”; a million dollar raise. It was reagan who solved the debt crisis of the time: by selling GOLD back to the american public (where do you think your gold came from?). Nothing left in “fort knox”!  And MEDIA was absolutely silent; even though they knew. Universities in charge; “nobody in government doesn’t have a diploma”; was spread across this earth/ thereby it is certain: they are the conductors/ the experts, of failure on earth.

total U.S. debt currency and credit derivatives

REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ OUR FIRST AMENDMENT LAW: IS THE METHOD BY WHICH WE THE PEOPLE/ earn the right, to take control over our government; through the investigation of facts. Thereby proving not only do we have a right/ BUT IN FACT WE HAVE A DUTY to ourselves. To establish and control that bankruptcy for ourselves. Thereby returning reality to our government; which would allow it to be functional again. while this is only “the disgrace of a nation”/ THREATS OF EXTINCTION; AS WERE ALL BORN IN “UNIVERSITY KNOWS”; are of far greater importance than money; which is only a promise between people/ and the destruction of resources to provide for their claim.

Even so: you are reminded, “an animal cornered by the threat of death (as is university plays god)/ becomes a very dangerous animal, if you fail to proceed with care”.

You are reminded: that 8 billion people, at a population rise of just one percent/ is the addition of 80 million more mouths to feed this year/ than last over deaths. Or the entire population of America added “again”/ to the world: in just over 4 years.

You are reminded that: an economy vehicle uses the same volume of air in one hour of highway driving that 30 people need for a 24 hour day. While a semi truck; uses the same volume of air in that hour/ that roughly 120 people need to survive a 24 hour day. Take a look around you: and understand, THIS IS A FINITE PLANET. And you are guaranteed NOT to survive; without true change.

The facts are horrifying: CHANGE HUMANITY ITSELF, OR you will go extinct/ far sooner than you believe is possible. Do it now!

Every resource is under siege/ every housing is under siege/ the oceans are under siege/ pollution is horrendous/ extinction of species/ poisoning of water/ weapons of mass destruction/ or more simply: EVERYTHING the universities changed: now surrounds us with extinction.   Making the statement “gods of death”;  utterly true.

Reality proves; that this world itself has not changed/ however the increases in human population have invaded and surged against life and planet; beyond the limits of what it can endure. That means all die; because the foolish human believes.

Belief is not a religious term: it is translated as “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT WHAT I DON’T WANT; GIVE ME WHAT I WANT; MAKE ME RICH”. The term in religious connotations describes the definition of religion is: what we want to believe, in terms of how life began or how life will end, and begin again? See the difference? They are similar but only one translates to life on earth; religion provides the concept of rules that aligns with what a particular group accepts is our path to “whatever it is they believe”.

Human population growth is granted by: antibiotics/ sterilization/ original vaccines nature provided/ refrigeration/ and food production; are the primary elements: nothing more or less. Universities also provided weapons of mass destruction, poisons throughout the world, plastics, and massive changes to the environment by heat release. Now proving to be: a horrifying consequence/ along with the excuses aligned with evolution (it don’t matter/ chaos built life; so we don’t need to care).

The curse of human existence is want; because by wants we invade our world, and cause it grief and destruction; just to get trophies, toys, or trinkets; to be thrown away. As is “lets go shopping”. Where factories destroy the future, and kill off every child: by ending resources forever.

Nonetheless: humanity all scream: “not in my lifetime”/ I AM GOING TO GET, everything I can! Discarding the truth: that with not less than 80 million more mouths to feed added each year; very soon, there will be no drinking water/ very soon biological mutilations will take control over crops and livestock with horrifying consequences do to universities play god. The existence of diseases will take control over life and body. The constant use of antiseptics will provide strains of bacteria; where even one left behind is fatal. The vaccines which saved lives in the past/ are now ending lives do to “university knows”; but alas they did not. The value of refrigeration turned to air conditioning; which became the primary cause of global warming: which will kill off all life on earth (an hour, at fatal temperatures) will kill anything alive/ desertification forever is all that will be left. We have every crops and creatures, inundated with genetic modifications; by university plays god; a reality with endless consequences all bad. As the descent intensifies: every nation on earth will be at war/ because there is nothing left but cannibalism and thirst. That is your future; and the people bury their head in the sand SCREAMING: “you can’t make me scared”. Even though I am not/ as these are all warnings of change or die. Yet the masses scream: I WON’T CHANGE/ LET THE OTHERS PAY; LET THE CHILDREN DIE: I WANT WHAT I WANT. And so it is, that the end of life and earth is entirely predictable; because you won’t pay the price of life: which is ultimately “just one word: called RESPECT”. TRUTH knows, but humanity screams: HELL NO. so, “you are dead”. Change means: reality controls/ not want; by the efforts and meanings aligned with truth decides now.

In contrast with that is: the criminal organization of “universities rule the world”/ the cult of indoctrination, that takes every child, and manipulates their mind to believe in whatever media says. Universities rule government (particularly in this USA)/ as is proven by the loans granted for “a diploma”. The only loan in this nation that cannot be forgiven or escaped: “they own you”/ as only governments ruled; can do. Which means: you do what you are told/ or they evict you into poverty. To keep the cult in line; “human resources” were overwhelmed to prove only/ or every job, universities want: will be given only to the diploma. To assemble the cult into power over everything: having control over the currency provided the means to take control over every bank. To prove power exists: every form of manufacturing was reduced to ruins and sent oversea: so that you have no options but to obey your rulers. To solidify power; mindless corporate entities were allowed to consume every small or independent business across this nation/ and are now being depleted of access: so that everything is controlled by a very tiny few. Just like media is. Controlling the elections with complete media propagation of whatever they want the public to believe is “elementary”. Destroying the reserves of the elderly merely requires the bait and switch of inflation; allowing the minimum reality of lies and theft to be revealed. Destroying the resources entitled to the future; has been an all-out war against life; that the masses enjoined for themselves (rich baby rich/ GET OUT OF MY WAY; RICH, DAMN YOU RICH; I AM THE SUPERIOR ONE/ listen to ME; “YOU damn losers you”)! The insurgency is nearly complete: building the robotic army who will control you is nearly done. Ending all options for life and survival: BUT OBEY WHAT YOU ARE TOLD TO DO/ is nearly done. Removing the weapons, and enlisting immigrants to be your military is nearly done. Corrupting the courts has been done; with little restraint left. “the nazi: we are the power now” war, will soon begin: because that is what a human focus on “ I WANT WHAT I WANT”/ leaves behind. The rights and realities and freedoms of being alive; all lost: to enslavement/ the universities are god.

And the people say, “saviors”/ just like they did in hitlers day. Until reality set in/ and the weapons proved to be too much to deny.  Same as has occurred throughout history, and throughout the world:  the curse of life is, “men who hate/ the tragedy of life is, men who become intellectuals, and then trap to destroy instead”. Just so its clear: my heritage is based mainly in German ancestry, or so its said. But I do not applaud them or judge them;  as with all groups some distinguishing realities exist/ but these are simply “elemental truths”; not judgments. Every group has its haters, and its lovers, and its “animals”.

HOW, does any takeover begin? The claim of knowledge, produces the expectation that we can depend upon this solution (we want it), and its outcome. Therefore we will obey, by the spread of that myth; through media knows. BUT want is an enemy, and those who provide “the solution”; know what you want, and sell to you what you want/ because that is power and pride enforced by; I am the superior one; “the expert” you will obey. “look at me”. Want leads to want/ not truth. Want is the basis of all lies, and the consequent behavior of liars, thieves, and cheats. Truth is not; it has no basis in right or wrong: it merely is, what it is. Which makes truth the basis of law and survival. While want leads to war, tyranny, and terrorism.

This world has changed, because universities exist/ and the change they brought to this world includes: a population boom so enormous, that earth can no longer sustain itself. Humanity is too great a burden; as 8 billion + people all SCREAM; I WANT MORE. And take anything they can get; just to throw most away. To your shame.

So, every herd of humans on earth SCREAM: WE WILL NOT trade in our “trophies, trinkets, and toys”; for a chance at life eternal! WE BELIEVE this is the only life that matters, and WE WANT IT ALL/ RIGHT NOW. As is the cost of being “animal”. But reality says: you do have every right, to make that decision for yourself/ as is the same with eating too much/ or being too anything that want demands.

INSTEAD OF: forcing you to make changes. My work has only been to inform you; that the choices you have already made: can be predicted, by the evidence of your world. The reality of consequences already in sight. That unless you change yourselves to what can let this world of life survive: YOU TOO WILL BE EXTINCT. As that is the price of what you have done; and reality does prove that true. Nonetheless, my only direction for you is: GO INVESTIGATE THE EVIDENCE, AND DEFINE FOR YOURSELVES WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG! SO THAT TRUTH CAN SAVE YOUR LIVES, AND THE FUTURE OF ALL LIFE ON THIS PLANET. Nothing more or less: the message is true/ and it is delivered to you. Your failure is your own.

life or death of our planet:  IS NOT A GAME.  Those who fail to understand that, are fools.