The critical distance between life for this planet/ or its collapse into extinction; is the truth, about you. Do YOU care or not? It is a simple question.

Those who care, share the information: that what we don’t know as human society on earth is killing us all. That we must inform ourselves through an adequate investigation of the facts/ that align with nothing more than the truth; no experts allowed, only evidence for each one to decide. In order to make that valid and as truthful and as complete as necessary; a foundation of democracy was legally formed in this USA; to do that very thing. Its called first amendment redress of grievances. Wherein WE THE PEOPLE, demand: that as owners here, OUR LEGAL RIGHT, to KNOW what is or is not being done to protect or endanger our nation or world is being done. That is a legal first amendment trial, as prepared and enforced by constitutional government; which has no alternatives but obedience to our government (the constitution is law. NOT our employees; which includes the US supreme court; as article three stipulates is true.

To understand, what we need to understand: the future CANNOT be disposed of, because you want what you want/ that is irrelevant. The reality of money CANNOT be disposed of, because the hidden counterfeiting of currency; which allows for numbers without truth/ debts without reality/ and government to fall into disrepute and destruction; because of fraud; must end. Leaving ourselves as DEMOCRACY unfolded; to prove we are the owners/ and we will decide what is to be done NOW. As our employees, proved to be “without a right, or a brain”; as is the basis of criminal “gangsters”/ not lawmakers, but lawbreakers. As decades of the same came to be influenced by “university knows” instead of truth by reality proves this is what we need. Greed overwhelmed/ traitors mutilated life/ terrorists are trying to prove they can be gods/ thieves have “cleaned us out”/ anarchy threatens every courtroom/ the insurgency of university is god, consumes our lives with debacles like covid (sure you can spend $60,000.00 per each of one hundred million vaccine shots/ destroying the foundations of democracy; and proving “NAZI is here”). The list is very long, and it spells extinction on every threat marked with “UNIVERSITIES DID THIS”.

Our world has changed, and you know it. Our world is threatened with human overpopulation 8 billion+ people even at one percent rise in population is another 80 million more mouths to feed; and we all eat “life”/ or we die; and we all need water which has been attacked; and we all need resources, which are found in your garbage mountains, and we all create heat release upon this earth which is global warming. As humanity shouts “yes we can”/ and reality screams: our world is dying, because yes you did.

You have the option to CAREFULLY AND TRULY INVESTIGATE the price of being wrong/ the understanding of what is true, and what is merely “Imagination”, the curse of university. You are dying as a world: which means we literally all have a stake in this courtroom drama of life or death for our world. Because not one of us can escape the confinement of our planet; if we kill our world as we are in fact doing/ then we kill ourselves, and end in HELL, with all its horrors and screams of terror. Just keep doing what you are doing: and that day will suddenly come; “from any of a thousand different directions”/ none of which can you stop.

LIFE AND EARTH COME FIRST/ not human want. Simple as that.

A courtroom: to prove this is “the best we could do”, to find our truth/ even if it is less than perfect, it is the best we can do; and that must prove to be so; from around the world. Because it is a trial that involves us all; life or death of planet earth and its future for all living existence: is the price, right or wrong.

By all methods of truth: YOU ARE NOT asked to believe anything! YOU ARE asked to consider the cost of being WRONG; is our extinction/ and there are NO second chances for that. Past the point of no return, we become “the living dead”/ because our world cannot be saved “from us”. No matter what you believe.

As to religion: fossil fuels which could be gathered together and buried in piles to create what we burn today; is absolute proof of Noah’s ark/ because there is no other way, and it was a very full world of life, at the time of its destruction. So do not believe; in less than reality. Do not assume, because want is not enough. Instead accept: the best we can do, is to understand and choose RESPECT for our world and all its life. The cult of universities are god; failed you. As every threat has the words; “changed by university”/ to become cause for our extinction.

WE MUST KNOW, not assume or believe; NOT let experts decide, as they did with global warming: to understand what is true/ the cost of being “further wrong”; as is extinction. No second chances; life or death for us all; which includes all future life as could otherwise come. YOU DO HAVE, “A RESPONSIBILITY”. To know: the price of “our human truth” as a world.

WE MUST USE THE LAW, AS IT DOES EXIST FOR THIS SPECIFIC PURPOSE: TO ALLEVIATE AND PROVE, “by investigation/ NOT civil war”. We will choose our future as a democracy. WE MUST ENFORCE DEMOCRACY; and not surrender it to the delusions of cult worshipers, or the insurgency of people who want more power over us; as was done with covid. WE MUST IDENTIFY WHAT IS TRUE FOR OURSELVES; AS BEST WE CAN; because life or death of our world, is our responsibility/ and that fact cannot be given away to someone else: EACH DECIDES/ because each must live with the result. Like it, or not. Reality must be enforced/ NOT want as has been done to “guide us into extinction”; as is the price of universities play god. Destroying everything they can touch, as is proven by every threat of extinction we do face.

ORGANIZE AND PROVE: IN THIS USA, WE SHALL HAVE REDRESS, AS IS OUR LEGAL RIGHT AND RESPONSIBILITY; TO OVERSEE OUR EMPLOYEES, AND PROTECT THIS NATION BY ENFORCING ITS CONSTITUTION AS WRITTEN. AS PROVEN BY THE INTENT: “the best we can be”. NOT cult worshipers of university or their priests of “believe/ fear/ obey” the universities are god; as is the majority of media influence on us all. STAND UP FOR LIFE, EVERY CHILD, AND OUR PLANET OF MIRACLES/ NOT their DELUSIONS.

The constant human disgrace is: that in order to justify “lying (its their own fault for being so gullible)/ stealing (we are owed more; someone has to pay)/ betrayal (you are less than me, so I can hate you; and its fair)/ terrorism (nobody can stop me, from playing god)”. Proving without an excuse, the perpetrator must accept: he or she is in fact, “the guilty one/ which makes their target innocent”. And that means: you are evil; because your judgment is death or some other crime. On those who just wanted to live their lives in peace.

So, as with genocide in every nation through history; first you must condemn them to less than you/ so that judgment is allowed by you; and that means “its ok to throw out the trash”. So says you!

Reality however proves, it is not quite as simple as that: because as with the genocide of the American Indian; the Europeans “after centuries of war”/ knew many of them would die due to their past; of having, and sustaining more children than life could support. Which always means war: pandemics intervened, but; somebody has to die or move. Which always means; someone else is going to pay, for what the past has done. Like it or not, does not matter. The world is full; and now we all have to pay/ or war to the end of life on earth. As weapons of mass destruction will be used; “your saviors, as media suggested”/ are your coffins.

Today your pandemic is greed; and those who refuse to accept truth and return to reality decides. Are the army in support of every insurgent who tries to destroy this nation. Because letting them lie (believe)/ letting them steal (fear)/ and obeying their propaganda “it costs too much to fix now”; is their weapon of choice/ and yours, for letting them do it.

In review: all you get in return is your garbage; that you will throw away/ as is your evidence proven true. The price of selfishness: lost family, lost love, lost hope, lost community, lost nation, lost world, lost nature, lost respect, lost happiness, and a world filled with nothing left but lies. The cost of that includes: “lucky to be alive today”, because trillions have been spent “trying to bring the same fire (burning atoms) to earth”. By those experts, who claim: we don’t have to worry about extinguishing the same fire that burns your skin in summer/ and produces toxic radiation from 94 million miles away! Quote; “because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire; so it will extinguish itself”. However wrong is: earth becomes another sun! SO I ASK YOU PLAIN: SHOULD YOU CARE?

So people hide from evil; and let evil take over their lives; because they want to remain hidden from the view of predators. Alas; you have hit the wall/ and the predators of this world, are driving you into chaos; as they begin “to eat” what is left of your rights, freedoms, laws, and future. And it does not matter who you are; because as a world we all live on the edge of extinction right now.

The critical question is then: can you stop being prey animals/ and enforce, you are human’s being alive in defense of your world, their lives, and the future? Reality says no; as cult followers of “university Satan”/ you are unable to break the chain of that domination in evil. As the list of threats reveal: “by universities” this is true, and extinction is its only true reward.

Your enemies will seek to degrade and define me as the enemy for this work/ because they must find an excuse; or admit to being evil. Ridicule, manipulation, propagation, temptation, bribery, gossip, “whatever works” will be the tools of the trade so to speak. Since I created the work; by using the evidence of your failures, that they did provide. I tell you plain: I AM NOT PERFECT/ but it is likely most will be lies. HOWEVER WHAT I DO TELL YOU: IS I AM NOT THE DECISION YOU WILL MAKE/ I AM IRRELEVANT; just a plain human being. Not your enemy. As is proven true: by nearly fifty years of asking you to investigate and prove what is true/ INSTEAD OF BELIEVING whatever you are told, by media; at the constant control of; universities are god.

my entire life in time lost:  because you threaten this entire world, with extinction. by changing this world, “with universities know”. who else is responsible for weapons of mass destruction/ responsible for covid and the amassing of every form of biological weapon possible in their laboratories/ responsible for chemicals/ and experts who know nothing, but are willing to sell you, and even the world itself out: “for a price”.  because they all say, “not in my lifetime”. so they don’t care!  UNFORTUNATELY extinction is very near now, and if you don’t die quickly;  the curse of life will fall on you too.

And the entire human world says: I DON’T have to do nothing/ I am innocent, this ain’t my problem!

And the entire religious world says: I DON’T have to do nothing/ I am innocent, this ain’t my problem! GOD will save me/ “let them” die.   NO, YOU ARE NOT “SPECIAL”; same as all the rest/ a dead world means you are dead too!

And the ENTIRE UNIVERSITIES WORLD says: let that damn ignorant one be killed, he ain’t nothing but worthless, and the degrading of our lives; KILL HIM.

But truth says: you cannot escape the consequences of your own choices/ your own decision “to let the universities play god” with life, nations, and even world. The evidence convicts: extinction OR true and dramatic change will come. One or the other is your fate. Killing me will only add to the violence of your future.

CHOOSE LIFE: WHICH MEANS WE ALL MUST DO; “WHAT IS LITERALLY THE BEST WE CAN DO”. For life and world and every child; as does depend on you.

So humanity screams: PROVE WE ARE GOING TO DIE/ or just go away!

In contrast, my demand is: PROVE YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE; AS THE EVIDENCE PROVES YOU WILL/ by constructing a courtroom trial, to examine and decide what is the true price for being WRONG. Because in that instance, and within that reality of choice: NOBODY gets an excuse. Hiding or not; you chose.

And media along with universities will shout: WE DON’T HAVE TO DO NOTHING/ WE WANT WHAT WE WANT. AND can manipulate the public however we want them to think. So you lose! But, truth says: CHOOSE for yourself/ and that encloses this work; with reality, and its constant companion which is called “COMMON SENSE”. OR don’t let this world die, because you did not care!

The key, to disciplined change is REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES in this USA. Because it asks the entire society of WE THE PEOPLE, to participate in an orderly fashion; by balancing the proof of evidence, with the realities of life and living as best we can. NO more blaming someone else/ or any other group. All of us decide; by organizing our acceptance of that reality; into a definition of our own decision; by our vote on what we will do as a nation/ for ourselves. NOT by want/ but by truth.

You cannot escape the lies (face them)/ you cannot escape the theft (survive by proving the choice; to accept the cost of your disgrace)/ you cannot escape the consequences of “science did this/ every threat we face”: UNLESS YOU CHANGE their claim to be gods. By proving reality itself; as is for instance: those who mutilate life/ claiming evolution will fix it “in a billion years or so”/ or those who are literally trying to ignite atoms (the only thing a tomak reactor can do); thereby bringing the same fire on the sun here to this earth. Claiming “not enough gravity here” so that 10 million degree f fire/ will just extinguish itself. Prove what is clearly a fire/ can burn your skin from 94 million miles away; at the temperatures they claim today. To keep you in the dark/ so you don’t fear, what you ought to fear; and interfere in their attempts to prove they can be gods. Liars one and all. Prove the universities are not responsible for every threat of real world extinction; that we do face. PROVE YOU CAN SURVIVE; because all you have today is the truth, “you can’t survive/ not even as an entire world; like this”. Prove what is true, and accept the price of returning to a living way; that does have a future. OR die.

YOU CANNOT return to any form of truth or government or life, that is not the putrid disease of “university interference” in all things, as intends to make us all slaves. UNLESS YOU DEAL WITH THE CURRENCY AND ITS CONSEQUENCES. As is ALL STOP/ which means; you return to reality; as is, as with all nations: there is ONLY so “many numbers” per citizen allowed. As is limited capitalism then is used to regulate how many numbers or property, anyone gets to claim; which returns us all to democracy first. While WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE FOR OURSELVES; what the future of that money is going to be: a simple federally issued (only) debit card can resolve the issues of what must be done; will this goes forward. One of the changes that MUST be made is: if you must get child support/ then if you have had two children you MUST accept “permanent solutions to no more children from you”. OR NO AID OF ANY KIND will come. Because the world is full/ and there is no more room.

The reality is: THAT YOUR LIFE, LIKE MINE; is going to change or die! You have no other choice; because everything you do, “lacks sense, displaces reality with lies/ works only by theft and fraud/ fails life and world/ and has no future other than extinction, and the HELL which precedes it”.

So, like my life: you will change, “like it or not”/ because that is what our world needs. No more endless want. No more endless heat release. No more transportation to who gives a damn. No more greed (I want yours too). No more selfishness (I won’t care). No more failure to accept your own responsibility for life and earth (you must share). No more killing this earth or throwing away all its resources. No more poisoning everything. No more games for pride. No more power to the fools and failures of our existence. No more war (replaced with world law rules now). No more toxic anything (only the best we can do). No more destroying oceans. No more denying global warming: WE WILL do what we can do. NO more playing god with anything. No more discarding people or life or world. Or “NO MORE OF ANYTHING, THE UNIVERSITIES TAUGHT YOU TO DO”; by a thousand times more or so. Simple as that, because unless you choose for life and world/ you will not survive as life and world; ending with extinction, as all the evidence proves is true, “IN YOUR LIFETIME”/ AS IS far sooner than you would care to believe. As is, you are literally lucky, this world still survives even today.

I am confronted by change, I would never have chosen/ never even dreamed of choosing in any form or by any type of concept in me. Because that is, what this world needs: to balance male and female as equals, in order to find the best solutions of life and world for us all. AS IS REQUIRED OF YOU AS WELL. Because that is the price of life continuing on.

Freedom elevates happiness, but reality points too the cost of “discarding respect”; is high; and will require you to accept the limits and boundaries as are necessary to return this earth BACK to “an operational state of balance”. Anything less will not work; because life, in every environment, must have balance. I have no balance; because the end result of change in me is so dramatic; as to have removed respect for male; in order to release female order instead. Identifying with, instead of opposite and undefined. ITS COMPLICATED, and completely strange. While you cannot believe that; the end result is: male produced the result of “facing extinction as a world”/ and it is critically true, in order to find balance; the extreme opposite methods of challenging life and living must rise. So that in the end an appropriate level of “sharing life” will result. What is fair, is determined by what is true; and justice indicates the value of our decision. Therefore the future is defined by the justice each decision will create. The opportunities of life are determined by resources, and your own ability to use what is available to you; as best we can. As to the path by which we become better able to balance ourselves to sustain this world: you live it/ therefore you must choose it; and accept the price of failure is extinction; so don’t be wrong. How is that not true?

You are confronted by change you would not have chosen for yourselves; because the cost of letting universities play god is extremely high/ and human failures in general are ending life and world; by the disgrace of your greed, selfishness, and outright disgrace to life and world by living within lies. To your shame. TRUTH DECIDES NOW, or there will literally be no tomorrow for life on earth. That is the price, and you may not negotiate or change it: THAT IS THE PRICE. TRUTH DECIDES NOW; which means we must have a trial, to produce the greatest value of evidence we can realistically create. To allow for ourselves; the best decisions we can make; in order to save this earth. IT REQUIRES BALANCE, and that means male and female working together. But it also means; that it is female turn to try to create the laws that we need/ as men brought us here, to the edge of extinction. DIFFERENT IS MANDATORY, and that means female tries; or we all fail.

And WHAT DO I GET in return; for a lifetime of work?

The evidence is: that I did my job, because that was my choice. Responding to the truth of passion: that this world and all its miracles of life, are worth the price, to care. Worth the price to share, as best I could. Worth the price of a lifetime; because respect knows: “GOD” gave me this life in time, and I owe: the very least I can do is NOT let this world die, without a fight.

Beyond that, is really not my decision to make. But it is, and remains true: that was my choice. Male or female there is no excuse: each has a responsibility same as mine. OUR WORLD NEEDS HELP. And must find its truth/ “all lights on, no doors closed”; truth and nothing else.

Your choice is yours/ not mine. I have made mine, regardless of yours.

Whatever is to be: life or death for this earth. “I did my job”/ and it is over, for all work involving extinction; with men. YOUR job as women; BEGINS; OR LIFE ENDS. No, going back; because this is a world defined by men, and it has failed; which is why extinction is near. Truth is, as it always is: “what it is, as the evidence will prove did or did not, “in real life”; occur”. 

YOUR TURN, as women leading: TO FIND THE ANSWER, THAT WILL BECOME OUR WORLD SURVIVES!                 only by law, can this be done!     MAKE THE LAW, that works for life.

the lesson of real love is: that you cannot excuse “an important lie”/ because that extends and expands the cost of what failure means. Ending with “it hurts us both”/ and fails our purpose of what the honest desire of real love can do. To share destiny, established by trust. The decision of each heart, to honor and respect life itself in me and you. Lies prove failure is here/ love will not fix that; unless you confront it with truth. Only then, is there a chance; to repair the cost of a broken heart! Without truth, we have no relationship of value.

The true lesson of life is: you must accept the evidence proven true/ not the desire of your heart, to believe what you want to believe. That is fundamental, “to all of life”.

In this state of IL/ in this nation called USA/ in this living world ; the lack of honor and respect is fundamental to the truth: we are, “about to go extinct as a world lost forever”. All of that, is the descendant of lies, theft, betrayal, and terrorism by universities deceit/ and human greed (I want yours too). Therefore to elevate life back to its survival is possible now; WE MUST REDUCE THE LIARS by truth/ DISCOVER THEFT, and remove it/ END BETRAYAL, as best we can/ and REMOVE THE TOOLS of terrorism; so that they cannot: “make us FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OR OBEY”. Ending universities play god is a first step/ ending humanity wants to be “rich”; and is willing to step on each other; REQUIRES REALITY and FAIR PLAY. Becoming what is possible, asks for different ways than this!