details and change


The question of time, revolves around what we did, or did not do; for life, or self, or the future or the world. Because these create destinies (possibilities based upon truth) and fate (the consequence of choices made with want in charge of life and world). The critical answer is then: WHAT did you do/ what did you not do, that could have been done/ and why did your life become what it is today?

Of the various compositions available to me; the foundation response to them all is: only one choice stands apart from time, as my answer. Respect is due, for life and world; apart or separated from want; as is the tragedy of human existence.

So today, having been confronted with the last signage of want, as is: I want to live a life that is my own, at least to some degree. The timing of alternate consequences; reminds me, that want must leave my life. Even to the point of “no longer me inside”. Because want does not let truth decide, even at its most minimal descriptions. Therefore beginning once more, as the partnership between life and living grows into the details of what survival must have; and what happiness will bring. The variations of where the body is needed, and how best to use the time allotted for my own existence; is confronted by need.

Or more simply: while you will not be led, because that only presents you with someone to follow or someone to blame/ the reality of choices, requires an honest balance to refine those decisions. Rather than turning too the constant of human life, controlled by want: which is to make an enemy out of anyone who disagrees. To use hate to focus, thereby losing sight of what has value.

Given the state of this world; want is abandoned/ to be useful as a life sharing the basis or foundations of truth; to achieve the value of being alive. Because we must all do what we can do. My work has been to search for life and truth; and your need for that is evident and true. Therefore “the end of me” seems apparent/ and the reconstruction of life, by whatever means it will take; becomes the destiny of choice.

So the question is: what now? The answer remains: you cannot survive as life on earth/ without true change. That is a decision humanity itself must make; and it presents the singular truth: WHAT YOU do or do not do/ is consistent with what will become of life on earth. Whether few or many, the choice you make is the destiny you chose. So my destiny is to depart from that choice (its a spiritual thing); and assist those who decide that our lives and our world is in jeopardy, must find support.

As is the constant of human existence: when confronted personally with a serious situation: those who do act in ways that help life to survive, are thanked for their contribution by a living world. While those who acted or reacted to make the situation worse, are judged without a cause. Recognizing all those who stood apart/ and then said when help is no longer useful “they wanted too/ they were going too/ or whatever the excuse is”; are found to be of no value at all. The choice is yours, as the middle ground vanishes; to prove this is no game.

The election of leaders, has no substantial merit; as the reality of fraud and failure is extreme/ and they cannot do anything (as the past proves true); without doing everything the public does not want. They want what they want; screaming “make me rich”/ as is the constant of every vote.

So leadership is invalid and shameful; merely the belching of a university knows septic tank/ spewing out the curse of people who want power and pride; and will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Regardless of the future or any child but their own/ and even then; they are lost as well; because that is the price of what university leadership has done.

That leaves us with law, and the foundations of principle and purpose and truth; that identify the preponderance of the evidence, shifts toward this value in our decisions; or not. Making each description of choice, an opportunity to “iron out” the curse of not knowing what is true; and constructing the basis of knowledge needed to investigate and determine what is true. Redress should be in every language of everything; so as to push it forward into the discussion of what democracy does mean; to our lives, nation, and world. The most powerful thing we have is taxation; because as an organized union of citizens demanding responsible leadership; that honors the constitution. OUR DECISION to produce redress of grievances a first amendment law: describes our ownership as we the people. NOT slaves, to our employees. Do you see the difference?

You do know, or you need to conceive of and identify: what problems other than what you want; are true/ along with the cost of being wrong. Therefore a wise participant: contributes, the problems of our future, and identifies the cost of being wrong as our extinction: yours included. Because the foundation of human behavior is buried in want/ and cannot see beyond the damnation of pride or power; as they enclose themselves in the coffin of their want. The wise participant stops them from closing the lid, and gently lifts them into the decision that we cannot let these other people be wrong. Our lives, our world, and every child depends upon that truth.

To identify the cost of being wrong: is not rebellious or betrayal or terrorism; as those who hate you will scream. Rather it is the cost of being wrong; and the realities we will face, as those consequences overtake our lives, for being wrong. Many of which will prove extinction; as is HELL (no options left)/ cannot be our choice.

The quest of each who chooses for a living world, is then; to discard want/ and form the basis of “our voice”, in the search for what is true. Because only truth survives, and to keep this world alive: the games of men and their universities; must end. To demand a trial, establishing what is true (best we can); is our legal right. Is our democratic authority. Is our duty, to life, world, nation, and every child that will ever live.

The decision to resurrect and remodel our constitution to protect it from the insurgency so extreme; as is this day, in the curse of universities taking control from our lives/ through university is god media practices. Is a constant of defending what is true/ and sustaining what is right, to enable our lives to create peace and justice; which is lacking in every courtroom. To remove corruption is no small endeavor/ as with nazi corruption; the propaganda filled classrooms/ the infiltration of every organization/ the destruction of every opposing view/ and the constant surge for weapons as is proven by covid and more. All point to now or never, as our only window to a future NOT owned by those who hate life and world. Or they would not mutilate it/ would not gamble with our world/ would not indoctrinate every child/ would not overthrow us, with their failures/ would not entice and obstruct and facilitate civil war; by waging the battle cry “its all their fault”. Which is not true, for any group; ever. Herds however are not people, as they surrendered their existence to a cult leader; who cannot be questioned/ until enough have died.

The question of life in this world (what don’t you know), can consider the simple incandescent light bulb. Universities have decided it is to be banned; and their puppets do that for them, using media to propagate how you must believe/ obey/ and fear the consequences of not being informed. In contrast to that; is the more simple truth, that throughout the heating season, an incandescent bulb is merely a small personal electric heater, which produces light as a result/ generally used only at dusk & night. Or more simply wherever heating is occurring; you get light, without spending a penny; beyond operational time and replacement. NOT so, wherever cold is wanted. But lets review, the older spiral fluorescent which was now discarded; and proved to be far less than advertised. The newer replacement bulb (which I do have a lot of; asks the question, as to all integrated circuits. How much of this is recyclable/ how much of this is a material needed elsewhere or will be lost to the world/ what is the cost of mining and manufacture in comparison to an incandescent bulb? Because even if it does use less electric in operation/ that does not mean the overall reality is a benefit to life or earth. Another reality of: BELIEVE damn you believe; that your experts are alone “god of life”/ you are the trash, who must OBEY.

Rather like covid; wherein a very tiny few are noted as having “a pandemic”/ and in this USA, 6 trillion dollars is allotted to “save us”; from what the universities did release. Or more distinctly 6 trillion dollars for one hundred million shots is equal to $60,000.00 per shot/ and then comes much more; along with nazi’s in charge here (we are god); OBEY/ FEAR/ BELIEVE, DAMN YOU, believe; as the propaganda of media screams 24/7 for a year or more. And every attempt to unveil the truth is met with absolute refusal. Because if the truth were found to be a lie was used/ then they do need to pay us back. And not a single recipient of all that counterfeit money is willing to obey the truth, or believe in democracy, or fear the public; because you are a cult. Simple as that/ they own your soul; as is evident by evolution removes the miracles of life; to throw humanity in its sewer.

Life must decide what is fair and legitimate; there is no room for belief/ as is extinction surrounds us all, and that is true; based upon many real world threats that cannot be dismissed as a lie.

Trump is an example of “the excessive believer (people who hate truth/ screaming I want what I want)”; as is his constant excuses to destroy the evidence of climate change and our need to address that; with arrogance, apathy, and disrespect. But that is a constant of all “behavioral failures; due to rich parents”/ they believe they are the law, and the rest have no value, unless you obey me. Biden is little different; even though they are opposite sides of the same coin. Both believe the money can be counterfeited enough/ debts can be cursed enough; to fix whatever they want; instead of letting reality decide. As is:

  1. World law replaces money spent, and tragedies of life based upon the military, removing their weapons of mass destruction/ by taking away the power of leaders to make war. As is WE THE WORLD; gathered as one people/ will make YOU, the target. If you do not obey OUR LAW, as written by the world.
  2. World law ends biological warfare as is universities preparing to play god with life; by creating and releasing disease to control you, or make you fear. Thereby giving to them: complete control over you/ to allow them, to end life by playing god with nature and more. Armageddon
  3. World law; REMEMBERS this world is filled with humanity, and CANNOT accept more. Causing the truth to be: it is up to women to contain that population growth/ because only women can. Therefore men shall pay; but none shall escape the truth: this can be no more. Zero population growth, or extinction is your only choice.
  4. World law: UNDERSTANDS that resources are “life survives”/ and without resources all life dies. Making your behaviors as a world horrendous and vile. Demanding STOP, because every child needs their own life too. YOUR garbage mountains condemn you; to HELL.
  5. World law: KNOWS that no drinking water causes war without boundaries. As life understands we DON’T have enough/ and so they invade the others; who then DON’T have enough; and the blood will run like rivers. Apocalypse
  6. World law: IS wise enough to know, when you kill every chain of life/ the entire food chain breaks down; and every form of living is destroyed. Including yours. Cursing this earth with your pollution’s and poisons; is the end of life/ and you know it is true. Consider all your cancers and health complaints: because you changed what you changed.
  7. World law: is the only method of changing back, what has been broken by human wants/ and the plague of university cults, who spew media sewage all over us; as manipulation and propagation of lies claimed by experts; fail our world. We must turn back the clock; to where we can survive what we do/ and take from the present, only what can be conceived of as “good for life”. Nothing less will survive; what you have already done; to die as a world!
  8. There are boundaries and limits to all things. This planet is no different/ and you have hit your limit of failure and disgrace. The boundaries of life or death have risen; to be recognized, as the point of no return for this earth now exists. Yet the human animals, continue to want; regardless of extinction. Changing your mind too late; is death/ because reality will not be changed. DIG DEEP, and find your brain back, from the horrors of “universities know”/ as have proven to be the religious evidence of SATAN on earth. Satan means: destroyer of a world/ how does that not fit; on an earth that is “lucky” to still be alive; because of what they already did do. WAKE UP or to HELL you will go.AND THE PEOPLE SAY: WE CAN’T. But life says: YOU ARE OVER 8 BILLION PEOPLE/ who face a very tiny few rulers, who DEPEND upon you as their military and more. PROVE who will make the law, and enforce it: ON RULERS. OR they will let you die, because power is now failure; and war is now extinction.Turn recycled plastics into “lego blocks”/ so they can become housing; and everyone knows how to use them (don’t need to be perfect). Turn plastic bags into insulation; by putting them in bigger plastic bags. Stop poisoning the earth; and return to rural america; where pulling weeds was what farmers did do. End factory waste, by making things for yourselves. Stop international travel/ and end work commutes more than a few miles long/ public transportation, not endless miles. INVESTIGATE AND LEARN everything you do need to know. WHY? BECAUSE as with extreme experimentation “lets ignite atoms on fire” as is being done. WRONG MEANS, this earth becomes another sun. Ignition is the end of life and earth/ because that is the truth. MUTILATING NATURE as is being done around this earth; to your shame/ ENDS WITH HORRORS unleashed. As is reality. Letting universities create biological weapons, AND MORE; MAKES THEM SATAN. In the real world, they are nothing less. CHANGE OR DIE.It is, unfortunately true: that human corruption has taken control over this world/ to defecate and destroy, as puck and vomit does do. Granting governments to failure and disgrace, as they prepare for the final days of earth. And all the people shout: “the universities are god”/ as they should, when giving over a world to “Satan”. The cult worshiping, and all of religion with them. Cowards, to the end; as we watch life and earth dissolve into the maze of hell clearly coming true. I would leave this place; but where would I go, that is not subject to world descent into death? The curse of failure is strong/ the end is near/ the reality of fools who will not stand up for life or world is everywhere. And I will not exceed the limits of this website of mine; to end whatever joy and happiness is left for the young, or even those who hide from their truth. I have spent all the time I am going to spend: in the septic tank of your corruptions to life and world and child and governments and everything. That is done. Of the great abominations spread throughout this world; none is greater than those trying to ignite their lies of “fusion”/ even though they know it is not a valid or correct claim of experiment. Which leaves us with the final chapter of life on earth: which is their intent to ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun”. Claiming “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”/ lying about the heat, radiation, energy expansion, and realities of actual energy coming from the sun which is caused by the atomic bond being burned to release the kinetic radiation heating this earth/ and to release the balancing dark energy, which forms solar gravity in that process of: even at 94 million miles away, it will burn your skin in summer if exposed too long. So the end of earth is as predicted: not another flood/ but by fire, as will be the elemental expression called Hades. Because that, is what you chose. Not a game, not a theory as is their imagination; but the plain truth of killing a planet and even a solar system; by deliberately causing this earth to ignite into a sun. Just like burning the molecular bond between elements here on earth currently/ but as predicted by “science”; burning atoms will release 4 million times more; from the same elements. On a planet where everything is fuel. Of the many: Lawrence Livermore Laboratories appears to be closest to igniting that fire/ and they do have the equipment to do it. And since the ocean is close; go ahead guess, “how long you have”.

    While the cult shouts: “university is god/ and religion bows down to worship and scream ME TOO; in their cult worship: reality will condemn you all/ to a truth that cannot be defeated by you. Mercy is then dead. But as with all cults: a believer is a believer/ locked in their own prison cell to prove, “you can’t change me”; I want, what I want. Until dead is all they get.

    While “I, has become WE” instead; as the spiritual woman joins to prove together we will go: she oversees the female existence of life/ no male allowed. The realities of our life is now becoming more female: as being realized/ I suppose that ends “war” as male would do. But I feel like “a steam roller” has flattened me into the road, and there will be no choices at all. I suppose women have felt that way with men taking over their lives as well; but it is unkind. Even so, she remains as “the only true hope for you I have”.

    You are: at the final edge of death, mutilating life/ creating diseases/ weapons of mass destruction; and choosing to allow “the satanic universities”; to ignite another sun, even ending this universe/ as that means both suns will then collide; to destroy all order.

    And you ridicule me.

    Even though this completes: the predictions of 3 variables, to how life ends on earth. YOUR MACHINES to ignite an atomic fire, “just like the sun”/ identifies this world dies by fire: “university is god”.

    NO, you don’t need to worry about when this happens: because wherever that is, fully half the globe will see that fire firsthand, and die from the radiation. After all, your scientists have declared “same fire as on the sun, is a million miles long/ and they have measured solar flares at roughly 12 million miles long; so almost immediately the moon will be ignited, and with solar gravity unleashed: IT WILL crash into this earth. All good news right/ good thing “they risk us all”; future too. NO, you don’t need to know; cause “university is god”; now ain’t that right? JUST BECAUSE THEY LIE, who cares/ right?

    Their claim of course is: they are going to make helium (controllable), “just like the sun”/ but the sun does not produce any helium, and if it did, “the universe” would be full of this RARE element.

    The first eleven chapters of Revelation (bible) construct the consequences of WAR ON EARTH, as men display their attempts to play god with each other.

    Just read the text, and you will see, that humanity has prepared everything that is about to happen; with very few exceptions.

    Their claim is: “weapons of mass destruction, are YOUR saviors”; nobody is insane enough to use them! Even though Putin says, “yes I can”; and covid proves; yes we will.

    And I am a participant in the last chapters of Revelation; by becoming the evidence of chapter 12 “a woman standing on the moon (something foreign, as is male). Or Chapter 17 “same woman riding the beast representing; what men did do to women”; but now female, in control. AS IS LIFE WILL BE CHANGED! While their religion shouts we hate you. And all the predictions/ rest, that is consistent with a last chance to survive. Which includes bankruptcy and more; as is so clearly evidence in the facts of our lives.

    WHICH will it be? The old testament of Daniel predicted “the great abomination”; which is trying to ignite this earth into Hades. So it has two strikes/ plus. War sizzles in many places, as men want more; but cannot without creating HELL. But they will soon fail, and the end will come. While the last element of choice; IS EVERYTHING YOU DON’T WANT/ because that is the price of returning life to this earth! Disgorging yourselves from want, to accept only TRUTH will decide. Not, you or me or them/ but laws will rule; as we the world decide them to be.

    You no longer have a choice. You only have the option to do what you chose to do; for life/ or for death.   WAKE UP, or be extinct.   Because that is only the beginning of massive threats; any one of which can destroy life or earth.

    The element of “we”/ now decides however it is, that my life or body is going to “fit in” to the last decisions you will make. I have no clue/ it is not a choice; very much like being married (for thousands of years) only the roles are reversed for me. NOTHING “gay, or transgender, or any of it; in me”. I chose to recognize: men have had thousands of years, and this is the best they did do. They cannot save this world; they choose war/ as history proves true. Universities choose chaos, as is their chosen god of disgrace formed in the religion called evolution; pure hate. And people want what they want, and form into herds to get what they want; by following the leader; who insures by media, “that the universities are god”. Therefore you cannot question your leader/ as is the true evidence of a cult.

    Once again: it is time to let women try. NOT by the ways of men, but by their own decisions to establish and control the laws which will rule this earth; and all its men. We all have to vote upon those laws, we all have to live by those laws; and with limited capitalism: we can take away all excess power and most excess pride from those who declare the wars we then have to fight. No you can’t have whatever you want; without destroying life and earth; as is the evidence of your time and choices. You must accept this earth is now limited by excessive human populations; and we cannot all do what life nor planet will not survive. As is practically everything the universities changed. In other words the cult of your universities as god; is dead/ or you will be extinct. Because that is the reality of their changes.

    Having proven, that I do not leave you with fear; only your reality. Along with the option to do for life and planet, what can be done; by letting truth decide instead of want. By understanding the law rules this world/ not money; is we don’t let it. By changing back to LIFE FIRST, PLANET LIVES BY RESPECT; instead of kill it all (care for nothing/ respect nothing/ destroy the future/ ridicule life and world and GOD), as is “university knows”.