This business purpose is to provide:

a conversation link/ a structural definition by which strangers meet strangers, in a calm; yes I am willing to talk manner.

to provide open access and recognition; for strangers to meet strangers: as potential friends. Should EXIST; is the decision to be made here, by you?

NO, attempt will be made for introductions/ this is a service to provide access to meet.

And the badging to identify those who are willing to meet someone new.

The opportunity: At this location and time specified by membership: is the service we provide; along with your own conversational uses.


People meeting people

people meeting people for a meal, or other”: which offers through this website: both a time and place for you to meet others who have chosen the same thing.

  1. To simply be less alone, and potentially have a “common conversation” with someone new.
  2. With that membership you get to access the site; to search for information, about meeting places, time, etc. including other venues if you wish.
  3. AGREEING IN ORDER TO JOIN: to respect all involved; or be banned.
  4. THIS membership comes with a white name tag or badge; with black lettering and a color dot to indicate conversational preference.

Is this what you desire, to join? Yes or no

People needing people/

assuming sufficient numbers join to enable that to arise as a separated form of business.

IS THE potentially included: safety net formed by;

an automated phone call to insure the member is alive and doing well.

It includes access to the same meeting privileges as people meeting people above.

People who need people: are offered sign up for an automated phone call: at a time you select each day. YOU then respond with “a two digit keystroke”; to indicate you are still alive and able to respond. If you do not respond: other respondents you select who have accepted your request. Shall then receive an automated call; informing them: that you did not respond.

THEY ALONE WHO HAVE: signed up, and having accepted your request to check on them; in your area: will then be notified, to make their own decision, and check up on you or not.

Simple as that; nothing else is granted or given. Simple as that: THEY ARE your safety net/ NOT us. This service requires additional expenditures; and will not begin unless enough sign up for it.

Is this what you desire to join? Yes or no?