The failure of all life and world, is a terrible thing. Focusing on the tragedy of human beliefs, that allow for the rise of cult worship; thereby the universities play god. Is only part of the problem, as believers make it possible; for the cult to have leaders; who refuse life, and discard the world/ sacrificing every child, with the words “NOT in my lifetime/ let every child go to HELL”/ because I won’t care. Unless its me.

So we have the leaders who scream “look at me/ look at me/ I am god over you”. And the valley of the dead who scream: “its us or them”/ and we won’t die, because of you. And Satan himself, as is every maker of genetic mutilation (lets play god)/ every physicist of lets ignite atoms on fire (lets be a sun)/ every fool who believes that CERN is not destroying atomic stability within this earth. Death of ozone (no the threat didn’t go away_ oxygen starvation coming_ a dead ocean_ poison everywhere_ the atmosphere detaches from the planet and accelerates) EVERY BIBLICAL PREDICTION OF HELL, literally coming true. Every traitor to life as is the ransacking and rape/ the ruin of everything that is life or planet; claiming not in my lifetime. Every terrorist that chooses to assassinate the future shouting “its us or them”. Every horror of insanity; that will not turn back from want; which destroys the very foundations of this earth upon which we all depend; global warming only the beginning. As the point of no return now seems certain; when this dead world begins to consume each and every one.

You were asked to investigate the reality of what you do; and as always failed. You were asked to construct and consider the cost of being wrong; and as always you failed. You were asked to accept the price of what you do is: sending the future into HELL on earth, as chaos; “the universities decision” reigns over death. You were asked to respect life, and do what needs to be done in order to save this world: “from you”. And all screamed: LEAVE ME ALONE, “ I want what I want”/ and I have every right to get what I want just like all those who came before me did do. But the world changed; as is clearly proven by 8 billion people; who add over 80 more mouths to feed over deaths; each year; even at one percent rise. And humanity has produced over a 3% rise in the past which would be a quarter of a billion more mouths to feed each year. You are dead.

Your only chance for survival is change. That is severe and true to the costs of what humans do; as is “no you can’t”. A long line of failures, to life and planet; DOES have a cost. A reality that does NOT depend upon leaders making your decision. But upon you choosing to do what you can; which will include turning off the air conditioners/ ending over half of all vehicle rides/ insulating/ recycling/ rebuilding/ repairing/ replanting/ and ten thousand more changes required; to have any chance at all of sustaining life on earth. And that is only if you stop the terrorists who call themselves “university”.

And how do you do it so glibly? By using counterfeit money; to steal all that can be stolen/ with the insurgency of manipulation, propagation, and temptation as is “university driven media”/ as is indoctrination throughout the educational systems, to believe university is god; to your shame (merely devil/ not GOD).

SO WHAT could be next? Well you have a one in a billion chance of changing into what you do need to be; we will call that, what is left of hope. Which literally means: IF NOT one in every eight people  (roughly 12%) decides they will fight for this world, and life itself; against all that is a threat which will prove our extinction is real. “Then you have no hope at all”. NO you don’t get a reward/ you get to pay the price; to return life to this earth. With all the rest complaining they want what they want/ to hell with you. If YOU believe that is too much/ then “kiss your life and child goodbye”; because the end of life and earth is all but over.

Otherwise, as is true to what you are doing: the world shall be given over to “universities rule life”, and the result is a guaranteed HORROR STORY, beyond your wildest nightmares; that will end with extinction. because lies and stealing and betrayal, and terrorism is not enough.

Otherwise GOD: will or could,  intervene to save his world/ allowing things like the Yellowstone volcano shall erupt; which will cause more volcano’s to erupt around the world; as is predicted. Which will cause tsunamis to occur; which will cause a new ice age to be formed; which will eliminate roughly 90% of all human life within 3 years; no food/ little shelter/ poisoned water supplies/ endless war/ cannibalism; rape of both male and female and child. Which will likely end most of the living examples of miracles on this planet, still left as of now. Which will make it unlikely that any of those can sustain a future; because of all the damage you did do. Saying to the future; “you chose to kill, every one; and made that come true.”

and the leaders along with its cult all say: “we are gods”/ there are no consequences for us. But they were liars and thieves, from the beginning.

The vast majority are a thief, robbing each other as in war/raping, and ruining whatever they could; by creating armies with “its us or them”. When war is done, because the hate is too much to bear/ men turn to games, and war against each other; to rob and rape and ruin with money in charge; and weapons ready. Always another portion of this world to run too; because you destroyed what you needed; without regard to consequences; so you had to steal to survive. And you wanted to rape and ruin, to prove you could; shouting “winner/ or loser, with revenge”.

BUT YOUR WORLD HAS CHANGED; 8 BILLION PEOPLE MAKE THAT SO, and there is no going back. Want war: kill a billion people, and there are still 7 billion more to go: WAKE UP, the day of men and their wars is over. Because if you fail to surrender that war; you are extinct. As is true of so many things men and their universities did do.

Stop the insanity/ respect life and world: or disappear from time forever lost; in the curse you made this world become. Because there are consequences for that; in eternity, where you will have no end to terror; for killing this world and all the life which would have come. Had YOU not been born.

you were never asked to believe anything (for fifty years) other than the threats that do exist!  you were asked to investigate and prove what would happen if you were wrong; with everything needed to accomplish that goal.  easily done with genetics; as is injecting and forcing chaos in life. easily done with physics as is igniting a nuclear fire which cannot be extinguished. easily done with nearly every threat we face.  BUT YOU SAID NO/ because as a cult you cannot question your leaders. Because as with a cult in charge of this nation; anyone who complains; will be treated as the enemy/ regardless of a right;  the meltdown of society into chaos, has already begun. The enforcement of your fear and obedience: as is  a robotic army; will soon be complete.

And all the people say: I WANT WHAT I WANT; I WANT IT DON’T YOU HEAR/ GIVE ME WHAT I WANT! I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT WHAT I DON’T WANT; AND YOU HAVE NO RIGHT to make me afraid of what I want or don’t want. Because I am free to want whatever I want; TO HELL WITH YOU.

But reality replies: every decision comes with a consequence/ because that is what truth does for every direction life takes. Your decision was: “we don’t care/ we won’t share/ we won’t respect/ we refuse our duty to protect life and earth/ we give our world to “the universities”/ we are what we are, because we want it that way.” and reality said: even you cannot dispute extinction is coming. And they all screamed to me: “NOT in my lifetime”/ let every child fight for him or herself. Even though your stole their future; and deliberately left them to die. Without hope for survival; because as with what men always do; you raped, ravaged, ruined, killed, and stole everything you could find.

And all the men say: “not me/ I am innocent; I just want what I want/ leave me alone”. But reality says: you chose to let them create the military; because the end result of it is/ when things get tough. YOU WANT WAR TOO. As is, WE will fix this/ by killing them, and stealing what we need. Because somebody has to go to HELL/ and it won’t be us.

As is, “not in my lifetime”. As is the consequence of what you choose; throughout all of history. While the women say; “we have needs/ GO GET WHAT WE NEED”. Do it, don’t tell me how: JUST DO IT NOW. As to world war one: I do not know the details. However as to world war 2, the reality is simple: the punishment for world war one/ made the Germans poor, and without hope. But then there were the bankers; because Christian religion told them not to foreclose on those who could not pay/ forgive debts and so on. So they hired the Jewish people to do that for them; and they had no trouble “fighting for money”. Unfortunately for all: with the Germans in poverty and ruins from the first war/ now the Jews were in position to take control over the nation; one bankruptcy at a time. Where without doubt: they turned to their own group, and said you own this/ and we will then take control; throwing the Germans out. That became a rallying cry, to the entire German nation; and the fact that 6 million Jews were killed proves just how successful they were becoming. They did however learn the secret to waging war without weapons: and they transferred that decision to Palestine / thereby taking control over that nation instead; by the same method used. Regardless as all war proves true: when facing trouble, men turn to war; whether by weapons or deceit or by money. As is the case in this USA; where the entire nation is being betrayed; by those who want to own everything/ and to take away the power of those who are here. MANY THINGS are being done to remove the middle class from ownership/ from everything; because once you have no choice, the robots will get you to obey. Because you will fear them; as the universities become god in their own mind, as they already do. No it is not “every single one”/ it is the elite of universities who want to be king, so they can continue, to be gods; who destroy life and world/ without interference. They want your weapons, and they do try to incite one group against another for the purpose of civil war: to weaken you, for the landslide called a true invasion coming; to take it all.

As is the consequence of what you choose; throughout all of history. While the women say; “we have needs/ GO GET WHAT WE NEED”. Do it, don’t tell me how: JUST DO IT NOW.

WHY? Because men and women do not know how to do better, and refuse to care; claiming it is not worth their time/ because they already know what they want. When confronted with the consequences of that: they turn to the cult to make their decisions for them/ and become believers. Which in this america means: “the universities are your god (in charge of everything)”. But as reality proves true: they were even worse, “than you”. Because our entire world is facing extinction, hatred, and chaos; by what they chose. As is, proven by the evidence: true.

Even so: UNLIKE A RULER/ YOU ARE NOT asked to surrender your freedoms to choose. IT IS YOUR LIFE/ AND IT WILL BECOME “your eternity”; based upon what you choose; to be your truth!

What you are asked to do: IS INVESTIGATE THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ AND THEN LET TRUTH DECIDE; what can save this earth. BY CHANGING THE CAUSE OF DESTRUCTION: which is YOU. ARE you not in this “together”? Same/ same; forever; time destroyed, or saved: up to you.

The universities will say: “how great we are”/ screaming, we are your gods; there is nothing you can do, to remove our power.

The politicians will shout: “we know, and we understand, and you do not; because you have no brain compared to our own; because we have a diploma; and that is all we need to insure; YOU HAVE NO SAY”.

MEDIA will secretly propagate the end of life and planet with their design to hold the cult up for worship; and insure NOBODY questions the leaders of “university is god”. Intensifying their 24/7/ 365 day demand: “believe/ fear/ obey”.

And the world will say: you ain’t no democracy/ because you sold yourselves out.

So the reality of it is: being faced with the insurgents, who stole your government/ robbed you of every security you once owned, for their purposes and enjoyment/ indoctrinated every child with cult worship/ threaten you and this planet with extinction; and claim, you have no rights as a nation; BECAUSE REDRESS is just a word, and the constitution has no value left. Demanding they are YOUR RULERS/ and can enforce that if they want; by nothing less than biological warfare, if you push them too far. As is predicted.

So then the choice is yours:  “fight or surrender as slaves”.