law decides


TAKING CONTROL OF SOCIETY AS SOCIETY ITSELF: REQUIRES LAW DECIDES THIS! NOT, the humanity of a few/ but the reality of us all working together to form an agreement of contract; that this is who we choose to be/ as best we can. By the constitutional construction of what our law is intended to be. The foundations of what our employees are intended to be. Which are ruined as is today in this USA; by liars, thieves, traitors, cheats, terrorists, and others whose only purpose is to play god with our lives enslaved to theirs. The first step is controlling the money by counterfeiting it. The second step is to control what the people (fear/ believe/ obey) with media and other. The third step is to remove their options for life or world, thereby making them fear: “the leaders”. The fourth step is to indoctrinate every child; into believing: “the universities are god/ saviors; hurrah”; as is the foundation of media purposes today. The fifth step is to insure obedience; by cursing anyone who fails to obey, and setting them as an example of what questioning your god; will do/ as is the evidence of covid (turned “nazi”).

TO REMOVE THAT: IS TO UNDERSTAND; that the foundation of society itself is. UNLESS we participate in allowing leaders to lead/ they will fail, but not before their weapons are used to enforce FEAR. So we review the reality of military; and find: THE CRITICAL CHOICE here is, to insure that every soldier UNDERSTANDS their job is NOT to obey the general/ but to protect this society, from those who prove to hate us. That includes “generals and others”; which means: to confront these with evidence decides not you. THERE MUST BE PROTECTIONS INHERENT in the work; as produced and defended by the public itself. No weapon is a purpose or reality of its own; the human using that weapon is the enemy or friend. Therefore if the weapon is turned against you; those who hold it to create fear are your enemies. Whereas if the weapon is turned against those who are trying to make you fear: they are friend. Without logistics enabling movements: there is no army, because it cannot be maintained; so it falls apart. The curse of an army is: they steal what they want. But the foundation of a nation is: WE PROTECT EACH OTHER, from those who hate us/ from thieves and others who choose to criminalize our world. IT IS A CHOICE, but it comes down to who do you believe: the generals who want your head cut off/ or the public who says we will protect you from the enemy of our lives? And the traitors come out; to secretly say: PAY ME, and I will fix this with lies or other means of making you the winner. So the consequence of human in society is: to acknowledge, that the law is our army; and its enforcement is defined by those who are willing to obey the law comes first, rather than “your want”. The traitor wants/ and finds the law useless, unless it protects him or her; when found out.


WHAT IS IMPORTANT ABOUT LAW IS: that we choose it together, it is our goal/ our dream of better for us/ our existence defined by freedoms and rights. By the decision we brought to our lives, by deciding: YES WE CAN GOVERN OURSELVES, by making the law our ruler/ rather than any version of human being in charge of our lives, nation, or world. Same as the right to make your own decision: is elemental to happiness itself. But that comes with the knowledge: unless you choose correctly/ bad things will happen. And that grants the construction of what is wise/ or what is easy? Unfortunately humanity always chooses what is easy; as is letting the universities choose. Which then became this true conception of life on the edge of our own extinction; because it is real. The cost of being WRONG.

HOWEVER, if we choose again: to resurrect our laws, as the basis of what living within the boundaries of freedoms/ and the limits of what a right fundamentally is; or means to us all. THEN we can redefine another chance “we hope”/ to resurrect this world from its grave; that universities and their cult of worshipers did create. Changing things without understanding the consequences or how to control them: is called “DEVIL”/ because it brings chaos into our lives. Choosing to GAMBLE with our lives or world; as is the consequences of many universities decisions: IS CALLED “SATAN”/ which literally means the arrogance (yes we can), apathy (we won’t care), and disrespect (truth be damned, we are gods now), used to end the existence of life on this world.

The rich control every government of men or women; because they fund and create the methods used by fear to control the rest. Universities now control what you believe instead of religion in other forms; because they claim to be the experts/ the superior ones who alone can decide: as media reinforces everyday. Obedience is indoctrinated into every child, by taking away their right to choose, or be prepared for life/ instead of traps as is the current USA. Obedience is controlled by taking away every option; and enforcing “only government can keep you alive”; as is the current USA. Obedience is to make them all accept: you shall not group together so as to study any form or type of problem/ but shall be separated, and controlled by that separation to believe as you have been told; as with covid/ and its costs.


the people control government: when they are not indoctrinated with fear. To alleviate that fear, you must stop believing in media; as is the priest or method of whatever form of cult wants you to accept, in order to control you. To refuse obedience REQUIRES THE EVIDENCE OF TRUTH/ not the experts who claim to be true; as every single one, can be bought or controlled by fear (death, wealth, and mutilation are all versions of that control).

To remove the curse and plague of failure that invades our entire world: we need to assess what is true/ we need to investigate, and find the values which are important to us/ and we need to remove the cult of those who claim to be the superior ones; by assessing for ourselves, the realities of what they chose to do.

As is, in this USA: by enforcing the law of our constitution, called first amendment redress of grievances. ESTABLISHING WE THE PEOPLE, SHALL IN FACT: DECIDE WHAT IS TRUE, NOW! Establishing our authority as a democracy on our employees; and removing the veil of deceit: by confronting the expert with evidence as a world being threatened with extinction.

NOTHING IS MORE CERTAIN OF THAT; than the experiments which try to bring the same fire here as is on the sun. While they call it fusion/ that was disproved by the national ignition facility in San Francisco; in 2012. but they love the power and the pride and they want to be gods; proving they can be in charge of the sun. “what, could be more arrogant” than that?

So make them prove: that by igniting that same fire as is on the sun “with by their count million mile long flames”; THAT THE COST OF BEING WRONG is not our world DOES BECOME ANOTHER SUN. which ends all life on earth forever/ by the choice, these few did make. OR the mutilators of nature, ending with Armageddon (nature in chaos). OR the soon to be WAR FOR WATER across this planet which will be an Apocalypse (war: at the extremes of death); BECAUSE there is no time to live.


THE FOUNDATION UPON WHICH ACCEPTANCE RELIES IS: “THIS LAW IS JUSTIFIED/ THIS PURPOSE IS FAIR AND CONSTRUCTED TO BE HAPPY FOR US ALL/ THIS DESIRE LIVES, in the ability of our own decisions; to choose for our own lives; as if we were rulers over ourselves. Each and every one same; which includes both male and female as equals.

Humanity MUST see, each in their own lives: that avoiding what is true/ will fail. That defining “the best we can”; is for everyone belongs; happiness depends upon it. To understand the difference: between justice and tyranny, as is life beyond self/ versus war. Is to complete the task: of becoming what life needs for us to be, to save this world from the cost of humanity playing god.

We are LIVING MIRACLES; nothing can prove that wrong! The cost of being human is: except the lies of a believer who has no brain/ evolution is one of those lies, fusion is another. Religion shouting “GOD won’t let this world die”; is another. Because HE DID give us the freedom to decide for ourselves.

So the evidence is quite clear: there is no escaping what humanity chooses to do. OUR ONLY RESPONSE is: that we must then choose for life and world come first; so that we do not go extinct/ as is the cost of what humanity does now. None can prove that extinction is not “close enough to see, in our future”. Which means: either you are choosing to save every child/ or you are choosing to kill every child with horrors? WHO, then are you?

It is, the foundation of life itself, to construct either a living with love/ or a living with hate/ or try to escape that decision by becoming an animal (you can’t make me decide, my future) driven by wants; trophies, toys, or trinkets of time.

LOVE LIFTS LIFE; into the grace and truth of miracles did do this, and we owe not less than our respect for its value of life. Therefore every purchase of love, is an existence that ascends into happiness, as we define our journey together; by the desire to be true friends. Every friend is “a purchase” of time; because every friend requires time to encapsulate who we are in this relationship; by forming within our truth, the passage that is called trust. It is trust that constructs love, and it is love that becomes our home inside each other. The place where we cannot be alone; because love lives in each of us as if we are one, joined together.

HATE destroys life with chaos; by forming self into a graveyard of nothing matters but me. Therefore I have no friends; but I do conceive of trapping or controlling all my enemies. The destiny is fear; shaped by the violence that is you. Confined by the coffin of your choice.

ANIMAL means: take all you can get/ before someone else gets it; even if you don’t want it. So they can’t take it for themselves! That then becomes the game humanity plays; in all its versions of life in time, as want does produce. Money is a primary source for proving the trophy. Whereas property is a primary source for proving the toy is mine. And trinkets which shout you can’t have one like this; push and shove, to insure you want what I have. Therefore LOSER to me. A vanishing reality, formed by the fact of time itself; will end/ unless it is renewed as something else.

The critical test is: WHY do people choose what is not love? A primary answer is: I LOVED; and I lost/ and it hurt me to lose what had true value to my own life. Therefore I hide from it, and run away to the games people play; as these are limited in what they can do; to my heart or soul.

Others shout: I WANT WHAT I WANT; and dependent upon the level of that want; redefine themselves by their choice to remove others from their life with me, or even the life they own, from living; as is the cost of hate.

Animals scream: LEAVE ME ALONE, I WANT TO WIN; LIFE IS, JUST A GAME. Or I want to hide. Or I want to run away. Or I want to be rich. Or I want to be the superior one, that others must come too. And so on. Because they believe what they want to believe, and adjust that to accommodate what they want; at this moment in time.

But the real world decision is: IS YOUR LIFE WORTH MORE, “beyond selfishness”? IS YOUR LIFE WORTH MORE, “with greed and selfishness as much as can be found”? Or, is your life WORTH; simply playing the games people play, to rid themselves of doubt, or being anxious about life or death; as comes with being born. Avoiding all consequences of truth by thought: admitting only too: “lets be animals” instead.

The choice is yours alone!

BUT the law of life is simple: LOVE builds with hope, a life that is shared beyond self, as the value of what we choose to be as if just one. Constructed by respect, defined by happiness, and conceived by desire that knows only truth; our purpose is to become the very best we can be, as trust will prove. Even for an eternity, if it is to be!

The decision is simple: to risk losing what is precious and true, to the very essence, of being ALIVE inside. It is far better to have lived, in the experience and expressions of love; than merely to have survived, as time. Value states: the evidence of truth, as is life is a miracle: grants, love will survive, and be returned beyond the moment of death. Because time cannot be eternal; therefore each must go into destiny (what we can share). “thought, NOT body” describes life. So the question is: WHAT, does a miracle truly mean?

The answer is: thought grants the perception, which opens then the door to what life or living can become. The miracle of life is hope!

HATE, destroys life because as with all forms of war, it focuses on death as the answer to removing those who hate you. Focuses on chaos as the decisions which produce fear of you. And tries to test the boundaries of obedience by making you believe whatever they can to induce your compliance as their slave.

While an animal; never leaves the game, and wants only to win or be left alone. Because winner or loser, the game is all there is; until death takes us away. That does not end, but is enhanced with greed and selfishness: to intensify the game, and take away the ending “for now”, that life finds in its grave. “dust to dust” is their solution/ take all you can get; is their purpose.